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justCarakasgood morning all :)06:50
Aki-ThinkpadjustCarakas, morning06:50
justCarakasHeey :)06:51
Aki-ThinkpadjustCarakas, still working on the transit app?06:51
justCarakasAki-Thinkpad: well, I won the app showdown with it so yes, not gonne abandon it :) but I have a lot of things on my head, after next weekend it will be calmer again06:52
Aki-Thinkpadwow congrats06:53
Aki-Thinkpaddid you win anything?06:53
justCarakasAki-Thinkpad: it was the HTML5 category so a Nexus 7 201306:53
Aki-Thinkpadlucky :o06:54
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justCarakasAki-Thinkpad: yes indeed :) still need to get a mail about it, someone said dpm would send it but havent seen dpm here yet07:05
dholbachgood morning07:53
justCarakasgood morning dholbach07:54
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, morning07:55
dholbachhi justCarakas, hi Aki-Thinkpad07:55
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, how goes the core app; think you are working on the calender eh?07:55
dholbachAki-Thinkpad, I'm not :)07:56
Aki-Thinkpadwhat are you working on then?07:57
justCarakasdholbach: do you know where jamesTait is ? havent seen him in a wile, I miss his morning messages :D07:57
dholbachAki-Thinkpad, lots of other things - currently looking at the documentation materials and seeing how we can turn that into training materials07:58
dholbachjustCarakas, I don't know - maybe on holidays?07:58
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, interesting. I definitely think the templates could use a bit of commentary07:59
dholbachAki-Thinkpad, which templates?07:59
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, in qtcreator, from ubuntu.08:00
Aki-ThinkpadFor example, mytype and backend are a means to get qt functionality into qml, and none of the code is explained08:01
dholbachAki-Thinkpad, ah ok - maybe you could file a bug on qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu?08:01
Aki-Thinkpadthat comes from the qml extension library08:01
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, I did,08:01
dholbachawesome, thanks!08:01
Aki-Thinkpadits sort of one of those things I guess... I am not sure how reasonable it is to expect users to understand qt and qml ahead of time...08:02
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/131321008:02
dholbachAki-Thinkpad, do you have a link to the bug?08:03
dholbachah ok, thanks :)08:03
dholbachAki-Thinkpad, maybe you could provide a few comments as to what exactly should be added in terms of explanation?08:10
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, sure08:10
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Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, http://filebin.ca/1LLZBsmGdDM4/CommentedBackendMytype.tar.gz08:32
dholbachAki-Thinkpad, I'm not the best person to comment on that08:33
Aki-Thinkpaddholbach, I already commented it.08:34
Aki-Thinkpada bare minimum08:34
Aki-ThinkpadI might create a tutorial later08:34
Aki-Thinkpadright now I want to get my app finished08:35
justCarakasdpm_: do you know when the winners of the app showdown will get an email ?08:54
dpmjustCarakas, in the next few days: we're sorting out the shipment of the devices08:55
justCarakasdpm: ok, thx08:55
dpmjustCarakas, btw, congrats! :-)08:55
justCarakasdpm: thx :) didn't expect it :)08:55
Aki-Thinkpaddpm, whens the next showdown?08:55
dpmAki-Thinkpad, lol, a bit impatient, are we? :-)08:58
dpmwe've not started planning yet, but you can probably expect one within the next 6 months08:58
Aki-Thinkpaddpm, actually its more of a question is what is the best way I can get a device to test upon, that will have enough hardware specs etc08:59
Aki-ThinkpadI doubt I'd win anyways; an apl frontend??? :P09:00
Aki-Thinkpadin other words, a really confusing calculator09:00
dpmI think right now the best chance is a N4 or a N7 (2013) from e-bay. If you're a regular contributor to e.g. core apps, you could also apply for a device from the community donations fund09:01
Aki-Thinkpaddpm, it wouldnt be a bad idea to get into core apps development09:01
Aki-Thinkpadif I could find one that really floated my boat09:02
Aki-ThinkpadI also don't mind adding some extra programming muscle if you guys were in desperate need for some.09:02
Aki-ThinkpadThe apl frontend can always wait :)09:02
justCarakasI'm very lucky, I already bought a nexus 4 for development and now I'll get the nexus 7 :p09:03
dpmAki-Thinkpad, awesome. we could do with some help with Reminders, the Evernote app. Would you fancy contributing to that?09:05
dpmjustCarakas, nice that it worked that well :)09:05
Aki-Thinkpaddpm, yah sure, do you have the lp?09:06
dpmAki-Thinkpad, awesome, sure -> lp:reminders-app09:08
dpmyou'll find the link to the project there09:08
justCarakasdpm: can you use the reminders app with a free evernote account ?09:08
Aki-Thinkpaddpm, yah I've never actually used evernote09:09
dpmjustCarakas, yes, but you'll have to use a developer account. Have a look at the README file http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/trunk/view/head:/README.md#L5609:09
dpmAki-Thinkpad, afaik, neither had our main developer :)09:10
Aki-ThinkpadFor core app development, is it basically a bounty system done with launchpad blueprints?09:10
dpmwhat do you mean with bounty system?09:11
Aki-Thinkpador should I be corresponding on a mailing list or something?09:11
Aki-Thinkpadwell, blueprint, someone submits a patch, gets it merged, blueprint done09:11
justCarakasand I was also wondering if there would come an option to text from the computer on ubuntu touch, like blubphone from http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/08/20-must-have-ubuntu-showdown-apps09:11
dpmAki-Thinkpad, more or less, yes. I wished that it was just "blueprint done" :)09:12
Aki-Thinkpadha ha09:12
dpmAki-Thinkpad, this should explain the whole process, including a diagram with the workflow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide :-)09:12
Aki-Thinkpadokay over simplified09:12
dpmnote that the diagram is a bit old in the sense that we no longer do manual merges, but Jenkins (our CI system) automatically does that09:13
Aki-Thinkpado_O Automated Merging? Gah... wah? how???09:14
Aki-ThinkpadDon't tell linus this; he'll be out of a job!09:15
dpm_all Jenkins does is 'bzr merge' if all the automated tests have passed :) Of course all branches are both reviewed by humans and approved by Jenkins if the automated tests pass09:15
dpm_only then they automatically land09:16
Aki-Thinkpadah interesting.09:16
dpm_anyway, the document I linked to should explain everything, and if you've got any questions, please feel free to ping me. I'd recommend to have a read, check out lp:reminders-app and try to build it following the README.md file instructions09:17
dpm_then once you've got the environment set up and you know the workflow, it will be much easier to start contributing - we've got a few bitesize bugs that are good for a start :)09:18
Aki-Thinkpaddpm_, branching as we speak09:18
dpm_awesome \o/09:18
justCarakasgood luck Aki-Thinkpad09:18
Aki-ThinkpadjustCarakas, Come join me :P09:19
Aki-Thinkpadwell I guess you got html5 experience09:19
dpm_yes, that'd be useful as well, as we're displaying the notes as HTML09:20
justCarakasAki-Thinkpad: I have, but I'm at work at the moment :)09:20
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Aki-Thinkpaddpm_, do you mean the html from a text area?09:21
justCarakasand i'm gonne start up http://gigapps.be :)09:21
justCarakasprimary focus will be ubuntu09:21
Aki-Thinkpadvery cool09:21
dpmjustCarakas, wow, nice!09:21
dpmAki-Thinkpad, I can't remember the details, but I know we need to migrate to the new UbuntuWebView09:23
Aki-Thinkpaddpm, is ubuntucomponents 0.2 out?09:23
dpmI don't know if we've bumped the 0.1 version, tbh09:24
justCarakasdpm: will there come a posibility to link to a-click apps ? like you can add an app store or playstore link to your site ?09:35
Aki-Thinkpadmmmm I'm missing an openssl library. Openssl is installed; is it a qt one then?09:36
Aki-Thinkpad#include <openssl/ssl.h>09:37
dpmAki-Thinkpad, did you follow the instructions in the README.md file?09:38
Aki-Thinkpadwas just doing that  ~09:38
dpmthat should explain how to install all dependencies09:38
dpmAki-Thinkpad, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/trunk/view/head:/README.md#L1109:39
dpmAki-Thinkpad, if you don't have a device, you can skip the "For a device" and "On a device" sections for now09:40
Aki-Thinkpaddpm, yah, -dev version; I should have been able to guess that09:40
Aki-Thinkpad /embarrassed09:40
dpmnp :)09:40
justCarakasdpm: do you know of a posibility to link to a-click apps ? like you can add an app store or playstore link to your site ?09:43
dpmjustCarakas, I think that's in the roadmap for the software store team (i.e. we'll need an online store for that first :), but I don't know of an ETA. dholbach, perhaps you know when we're expecting to have an online store? ^09:45
dholbachdpm, beuno should know - I'm not sure when we can expect it09:45
dpmok, we can ping him again when he's online, thanks dholbach09:46
justCarakasbecause I thought it would be nice to be able to have a other apps page with links :)09:47
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Aki-Thinkpaddpm, you said that evernote needs a developer account.10:01
dpmAki-Thinkpad, yes, also described in the README file :)10:03
Aki-Thinkpadyah see it.10:03
Aki-Thinkpadgrrrrrr, I hate it when websites don't use my bloody password10:05
Aki-ThinkpadI try to make it secure using spaces and wierd punctuation10:05
dpmmzanetti, you'll be glad to hear that the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/1303746 is already on a promoted utopic image (#2) - all thanks to Mirv :-)10:06
Aki-Thinkpadbloody won't let me use spaces10:06
mzanettidpm: awesome!10:07
mzanettiMirv: thanks a lot :)10:07
mzanettidpm: seen my branches for reminders?10:07
dpmmzanetti, yes, I'm just catching up on e-mail - I took Friday off too, so I wasn't much offline since Wednesday. I'll be looking at them today, thanks!10:08
Mirvmzanetti: you're welcome :)10:09
mzanettidpm: no problem. whenever you have time. its not urgent at all.10:09
dpmok, cool10:09
dpmrpadovani, sorry to keep pinging you about this one, but it's been on our "red list" on http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/core-apps-sponsoring/ for a while. Is there anything that's blocking the fix for https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/reminders-app/18Mar14/+merge/211545 ? Or is it just lack of time? Thanks!10:11
dpmit'd be cool if we could land it soon and see the activity indicators in action10:11
justCarakasping beuno11:22
beunopong justCarakas12:01
justCarakashey, I had a question about the online click store and they told me i should ask you12:05
beunojustCarakas, sure, shoot12:19
justCarakasbeuno: well, I was wondering if there was already an Idea when I could start linking to my apps, so that if I have multiple apps so I can give links to other apps from me inside an app12:23
justCarakasor something like that12:23
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justCarakasof link to the app from my site12:23
beunojustCarakas, so, there's a website for the appstore in development12:24
beunoshould surface in the next few weeks12:24
beunoas for linking to apps within other apps, I think you want to be able to bring up the preview within the scope12:24
beunoI'm not sure if that feature is planned, but it certainly sounds useful12:24
beunomaybe alecu knows12:25
justCarakasyea that would be amazing, hadn't realy toughht it trough yet12:26
beunojustCarakas, either way, there will be a website available to link to in a few weeks, that at least would solve the basic case for now, right?12:27
justCarakasbeuno: yes indeed thx12:28
alecujustCarakas, beuno: there's no plan currently to link into a given Dash preview for an app, since there is no current way to link to a given dash page; but I agree that sounds very useful12:28
alecujustCarakas: would you mind opening a bug for that, including all details you can imagine about your use case?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scope-click/+filebug12:30
justCarakasalecu: I'll do that12:35
alecujustCarakas: please assign it to me, thanks.12:35
justCarakasalecu: I will12:47
justCarakasalecu: I cant assign it to you12:50
justCarakasI don't get search results12:50
alecujustCarakas: no problem, I'll do it. Thanks!12:51
ahayzent1mp, ping12:56
mzanettidpm: actually, if I might ask you to do a test run on this one and give your opinion it'd be great: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/loading-property/+merge/21779212:57
mzanettidpm: the rest is covered by rpadovani12:57
mzanettidpm: I'd need this to get merged to have it easier to start a new branch for the new design.12:57
dpmmzanetti, ok, sure. Give me 2 mins. Does your loading-property branch need to land before https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/reminders-app/18Mar14/+merge/211545 ?12:59
mzanettidpm: the 18Mar14 doesn't need to land any more at all. its commits are contained in the loading-property13:01
dpmmzanetti, ok, marking it as Rejected now and testing your branch instead13:01
mzanettidpm: rpadovani already tested it but we'd like to hear your opinion on this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/loading-property/+merge/217792/comments/51831713:02
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dpmmzanetti, ok, on it13:04
mihirpopey: ping !13:06
dpmmihir, popey is on holiday today (bank holiday in the UK)13:07
mihirohh okay no issues.13:07
mihirdpm:  one question , while using date formates, which format do we use ?13:07
mihiror we just use date locale ?13:07
mihirdpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1280598/+merge/21827213:07
dakerdpm: :( no13:08
mihiri used locale + date formate13:08
rpadovanidpm: sorry, forgot to delete it13:27
dpmrpadovani, clarified it with Michael, thanks!13:27
dpmmzanetti, I've first tried this on the desktop, building a .click for the device now. Two things on the desktop: 1) I've noticed that if in the notes list I scroll down to the last note the app automatically jumps to the second note after less than a second (strangely enough, not the first)13:27
dpmwhich makes it a bit difficult to see the preview of the last notes in the list13:28
mzanettidpm: the jumping is still *the* bug13:28
dpmmzanetti, ah, ok, in that case, it makes sense, as the SRU hasn't landed in the trusty archive13:29
mzanettidpm: this is exactly the isse. every time a single item updates (in your case the note content comes in) the whole list is cleared and rebuild13:29
rpadovanimzanetti: (at uni now on phone). Do you want I take care to create the common branch for new design?13:29
mzanettidpm: which causes teh jumping and the performance issues13:29
mzanettirpadovani: no... I'm on it. just waiting for dpm to approve the "prerequisites" for it13:30
dpmmzanetti, ah, I hadn't quite grasped that the jump was also the effect13:30
dpmmzanetti, so pending on my installation on the device, the branch works well for me in the sense that it shows me the spinner before loading the full list of notes. I'm not quite sure I understand rpadovani's comment on bzr merge lp:~mzanetti/reminders-app/loading-property ?13:31
dpmIs it about showing the spinner for each individual note as it's loading?13:31
mzanettidpm: so the "issue" is this:13:31
mzanettiyou start the app, the spinner comes on until the notes have loaded13:32
mzanettiyou switch to another tab and the app starts refreshing the contents13:32
mzanettiat which point you see the spinner again13:32
mzanettiindicates that its refreshing from server13:32
mzanettiso the spinner is now directly associated to "waiting for the network"13:32
mzanettiwhich makes it appear also when we reload, not only when we load for the first time13:33
dpmoh I see, so in my case now after switching to another tab the spinner stays there forever spinning13:33
mzanettiI personally think this is correct, however with the old design the spinner is a bit irritating when coming on top of the list13:33
mzanettidpm: yeah, again the bug :D13:33
mzanettidpm: because it deletes the list and builds it up again it creates a refresh loop13:33
mzanettibecause we refresh the content preview when the note becomes visible13:34
rpadovanidpm, I'm not sure if is good to show the indicator for every time app checks for updates, and not only on the first load, because a lot of time you switch tab but nothing new is loaded, and I think it's "ugly" to see an indicator and nothing loaded13:34
mzanettiso note visible -> fetch content preview -> preview here -> rebuild list -> note visible -> ...13:34
rpadovani(sorry, it's a bit difficult use IRC on phone)13:34
mzanettirpadovani: otoh, if you refresh a browser tab you see a spinner too even though the site might still be the same ;)13:35
mzanettiimo we'd just need to move the spinner to a less prominent place with the new designs13:35
mzanettisome sort of toolbar or into the header13:35
mzanettierr, statusbar I meant13:36
rpadovanimzanetti, Yap, but the refresh of tab is asked by the user, when you change tab on browser there isn't autoreload. But I'm agree to move it and keep the behavior as it is now13:36
mzanettibut anyways, it's dpm's call. we'll do whatever he wants :)13:37
rpadovaniSure :-)13:37
mzanettiI can hide the spinner too if there are already items in the list13:37
dpmmzanetti, hahaha, I'm happy to discuss it with you guys rather than dictating. Sorry, my N4 was completely discharged over the weekend and it's taking ages to bring it back to life...13:38
rpadovanidpm now you have a couple of ideas on how we see the spinner (but I trust in mzanetti so at the end I prefer him implementation) choose your side :-P13:40
kyleNhey kenvandine. are there c++ api ref docs for online accounts?13:41
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, regardless of this branch: we discussed a while ago showing spinners in the notes list for each image thumbnail. I can't remember the outcome of that discussion. Was there any technical limitation for doing that?13:42
kenvandinekyleN, i think there are some built with libaccounts-qt13:42
kenvandinethat's probably what you need13:42
rpadovanidpm we don't know if there will be an image13:42
rpadovaniUntil something is loaded13:42
mzanettiyep ^13:43
kyleNkenvandine, the background here is the pes team put together a scope that uses online accounts and they'd like it published on the portal.13:43
mzanettiwe could, however show a spinner while we're fetching the content13:43
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, is there a point while loading a note in which you can be certain that there will be an image?13:43
rpadovaniSo we don't know if there isn't an image because on server there isn't an image or because network is slow13:43
kyleNbut it uses c++ (naturally). so I gather we do not actually publish the c++ api docs for online accounts?13:44
mzanettidpm: how about showing a spinner while loading the content?13:44
kenvandinekyleN, i don't think we do on d.u.c13:44
dpmmzanetti, yeah, perhaps it'd be worth exploring doing that13:44
kenvandinekyleN, but there are api docs built with the package13:44
kyleNkenvandine, how much work would be involved in getting them into a publishable state?13:44
mzanettidpm: ok. I'll check again. can't remember any more at which point I know if there's an image... I'll some spinners for you anyways... :D13:45
dpmhahaha, nice :)13:45
mzanettidpm: lets do that in the new design branch13:45
dpmok, sounds good13:45
mzanettidpm: because I have a branch that makes the notes colored already13:45
mzanettidpm: but it looks goofy with the dark background13:45
rpadovaniOk, I go home, I'll return in ~45 minutes13:46
dpmyeah, I saw that one too, but I haven't tested it yet13:46
dpmok, thanks for your help as usual rpadovani!13:46
mzanettidpm: so rpadovani and me agreed to continue with small branches, but merging them into another one lp:reminders-app/new-design13:46
dpmmzanetti, seems good to me13:46
mzanettidpm: so we can switch over to the new design with one big merge, but still keep on reviewing smaller chunks for it13:46
kenvandinekyleN, not sure how much work, can you look at the docs in libaccounts-qt-doc13:46
kyleNkenvandine, I will take a look13:47
dpmgood plan13:47
kenvandineactually, mardy ^^ do you think those docs are in shape to publish on the site?13:47
dpmI've resuscitated my N4, trying to run Reminders on it now13:47
kenvandinemardy, and do you think they need docs for libsignon or libaccounts?13:47
kenvandinefor the scope...13:47
mardykenvandine: they should be in an OK state13:48
kenvandinei haven't looked at them in years now :)13:48
mardykenvandine: there have been only minor API additions, and I think I documented those13:48
kenvandinemardy, my only worry would be the transition to qt513:49
kenvandinenot sure if anything in the api changed for that13:50
kenvandineprobably not13:50
kyleNkenvandine, mardy: so pes folks really want to publish the scope tutorial that uses the OA C++ api. For that, the API needs to be published and supported, I suppose.13:52
kenvandinekyleN, can you confirm if they need libaccounts-qt or libsignon-qt ?13:52
kenvandineor both?13:53
kyleNkenvandine, not sure exactly how to make that determinat, but they do include #include <SignOn/Identity> and  #include <Accounts/Account>.13:54
kyleNso does that mean both?13:54
kenvandinekyleN, ok, yeah13:56
kenvandinekyleN, mardy: those docs are all doxygen generated, which of course doesn't use the same ubuntu styling13:58
kyleNkenvandine, well, I think mhall119's api doc importer can probably pull them in (he needs to confim that)13:59
kyleNbut he did it for scopes api docs which were doxygen13:59
kenvandinemhall119, do we have any c++ docs with doxygen that are published already?14:00
mhall119kenvandine: like kyleN said, I have that for scopes14:05
mhall119but I had to hard-code a lot of stuff, because doxygen didn't give me enough info to figure everything out at runtime14:05
mhall119so we can copy the script and tweak it to your specific needs14:06
kyleNmhall119, a question for us is: where would we place c++ online accounts api docs on the site.14:06
mhall119kyleN: very good question, since we don't have any C++ apps documentation at all14:06
kyleNthis cracks open the door to c++ as an officially supported language14:06
mhall119kyleN: kenvandine: is this to support apps or scopes?14:06
kyleN(other than scope c++, which we do have but that is in its own area)14:06
mhall119yeah,not apps14:07
dpmmzanetti, so I got your branch running on the device. I think I agree with rpadovani that I'd hide the spinner on refreshes and perhaps just show it on the initial loading of the notes/notebooks lists (when they're empty). However, given the fact that the branch is a huge improvement already, and that the placement of the spinner might change with the new designs, I think we should go with your implementation, so top-approving, thanks!14:14
mzanettidpm: its close to no efforts to hide it when there's already something in the list14:15
mzanettidpm:  if you want I can quickly do that before you top approve14:15
dpmmzanetti, oh, if that's the case, that'd be cool, yes14:16
dpmmzanetti, oh, wait14:16
kyleNkenvandine, mardy, so it may be an acceptable short term solution (until we can get c++ api docs published) to tell devs to check the docs in the pkgs. So we need to have confidence those docs are complete and correct.14:17
dpmmzanetti, that'd mean that if I lose network connectivity once the list has been fetched, I won't get any spinner and thus no indication of flaky/no-network connection, correct?14:17
mzanettidpm: yep...14:17
mzanettidpm: again, I would keep it to inform the user when something is loading... but also not really in the center of the page14:17
kyleNkenvandine, mardy: if c++ API for system services like online accounts are officially supported, we will also need to figure out how and where to publish them on th eportal14:18
mzanettidpm: lets keep it as is, gather some experience with it and ask Lucas to find a nice place where tho show it in the future14:19
kenvandinekyleN, yeah, not sure where that best fits14:19
dpmmzanetti, ok, I agree, thanks!14:19
dpmtop-approving now14:19
kyleNkenvandine, the question for you guys is are the api docs in those pkgs complete and correct14:19
kenvandinekyleN, i can't say with confidence, we need mardy's opinion on that14:20
dpmhi fginther, would it be possible to retrigger Jenkins on this branch? I think it might need some configuration renaming by looking at the error thrown by the first Jenkins run -> https://code.launchpad.net/~gang65/ubuntu-docviewer-app/ubuntu-docviewer-desktop-improvements/+merge/21086614:30
mardykyleN, kenvandine: I would say that they are indeed officially supported14:31
mardykyleN, kenvandine: I think that the documentation is complete (that is, all methods should be documented) but it may be that more work needs to be put on an overview page, to give a better idea of what are the most useful classes14:33
fgintherdpm, one moment14:34
kyleNmardy, great. So i think the first step is some kind of "official" statement that the ref docs are complete and correct and ready to be published.14:34
kyleNmardy, I think that can occur before the overview page if necessary.14:35
dpmmzanetti, another thing I've noticed with the current Reminders is that if I've got a list of notes with a lot of image thumbnails, the scrolling is pretty awful. Do you think this is due to the size of the images, or perhaps related to the SDK?14:36
mzanettidpm: might be a bug of mine..14:36
mzanettidpm: I'll check it out14:36
mardykyleN: they are correct and complete :-)14:36
fgintherdpm, by the way, the tests appears to be failing because it can't find a package "ubuntu-docviewer-app : Depends: file-qml-plugin but it is not going to be installed"14:36
dpmmzanetti, ok, let me file a couple of bugs with another couple of things I've noticed to keep track of it14:37
dpmfginther, oh, hadn't noticed that. This sounds like the qml plugin has been renamed in the PPA? Let me check14:37
mzanettidpm: awesome. thanks14:37
fgintherballoons, is there a launchpad team for core-apps test developers?14:38
dpmfginther, it seems that the file-qml-plugin package is indeed available in the core apps PPA. Is Jenkins looking there or in the archive? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily/+packages?field.name_filter=file&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=14:39
fgintherdpm, the ppa is being used, perhaps the package is uninstallable. I'll have to investigate further14:42
dpmfginther, ok, thanks. Let me know if there is anything we need to fix on our end14:43
kyleNmarcdy, ack the correct and complete notice ;)14:50
kyleNmardy, so these are correct and complete for the 14.04 framework, to be complete, yes?14:51
dpmmzanetti, ok, filed bug 1316172 and bug 131617614:51
dpmbugbots seem to be sleeping today :)14:52
kyleN that's a pedantic question, but api docs need to be under specific frameworks, so that connection mustbe explicit14:53
dpmkenvandine, for development purposes (i.e. to add content hub support to filemanager) does content hub work on the desktop?14:54
kenvandinedpm, not as well as on the phone :)14:55
rpadovanidpm: hey, I'm back :-)14:55
rpadovani It's a couple of days that I have a strange error with SDK: when I try to launch any core app with CTRL+R I have this error: Could not open desktop file for reading. Any idea on how to fix it?14:55
kenvandineyou do need to install the packages you are trying it with via click14:55
rpadovanikenvandine, ah ok, thanks14:56
dpmrpadovani, which apps14:57
dpmthis might be a known bug14:57
rpadovanidpm, I tried with reminder, clock and calc14:57
dpmrpadovani, not sure with reminders, I cannot reproduce it on the SDK PPA. It runs fine on the desktop, and on the device, the desktop.in file needs to be manually modified as described in the README file14:58
dpmfor the other two apps, perhaps it's that bug where the .desktop file needs to be manually put into the source tree?14:58
mardykyleN: I think also for 13.10, they haven't changed much since then15:01
rpadovanidpm, for reminders I have no problem on device, only on desktop, and  I just tried and have same problem also with weather, so I think is a problem of mine15:02
rpadovaniI tried to delete qtcreator folder from .config but doesn't resolve the issue15:02
dpmrpadovani, are you using Qt Creator from the trusty archive or from the PPA?15:08
rpadovanidpm, trusty one, I suppose15:08
rpadovanilet me check15:08
rpadovani pool/universe/u/ubuntu-touch-meta/ubuntu-sdk_1.126_amd64.de15:09
rpadovanirpadovani, yap, trusty one15:09
rpadovaniMhh, I'm bit tired, I mean dpm yap, trusty one15:11
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mzanettidpm, rpadovani: happens to me for every app15:33
mzanettidpm: rpadovani: I think stored sessions mess it up. as in. opening a project the first time gets it right. closing and reopening messes up run configuration15:33
nerochiarobfiller: just sent you an email with the patch and link to the test app branch15:34
dpmmzanetti, sdk from archive or from PPA? I've not seen that one, but I haven't been running other apps with QtC than reminders and filemanager for a couple of weeks15:35
rpadovanimzanetti, mhh so it seems isn't only a my problem. Possible that no one else has noticed it?15:35
bfillernerochiaro: thanks, will try15:36
mzanettidpm: archive15:36
mzanettirpadovani: dunno... I'm sure some poeple noticed it, but so far not the right ones I guess :D15:36
bfillernerochiaro: do you have the resultant deb for qtmultimedia with the patch applied so I don't have to build?15:37
dpmso this might have been fixed in the PPA, which is the one that I'm running15:37
bfillernerochiaro: or maybe you can push to amanzi-team ppa?15:38
rpadovanidpm, nope, I just tried with PPA and doesn't work either15:38
mzanettirpadovani: well, once your project is in that state it'll stay like that I think15:39
mzanettirpadovani: try removing CMakeLists.txt.user15:39
nerochiarobfiller: i havent't built a deb. i built in place and then symlinked the resulting plugins instead of the original ones, so i could test, change the source, rebuild very quickly15:39
nerochiarobfiller: is there a branch for qtmultimedia already in lp ?15:40
bfillernerochiaro: guessing so, let me check15:42
bfillerMirv: ^^^^15:43
bfillernerochiaro: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtmultimedia-opensource-src15:43
bfillerMirv: nm15:43
rpadovanimzanetti, you're right, I tried to download and run reminders-app again from lp and works as expecetd15:44
bfillernerochiaro: probably this one for trusty lp:ubuntu/trusty/qtmultimedia-opensource-src15:44
nerochiarobfiller: i'm pushing it to https://code.launchpad.net/+branch/~amanzi-team/+junk/qtmultimedia-opensource-src-caps-query15:53
bfillernerochiaro: ok15:53
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bfillernerochiaro: your branch won't build, you need to apply your changes as a patch rather than modifying the source directly16:23
nerochiarobfiller: ok, i hadn't tried that branch. let me fix it16:24
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kyleNmardy, what are the two pkg names that have the online accounts docs - for publication on portal? libaccounts-qt-doc and?16:43
dpmkyleN, mhall119, looks like we already published those docs for 13.10 - http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/cplusplus/16:52
dpmmhall119, if you look at the 13.10 entry in the config file for the app publisher on the d.u.c server it should tell which ones are required16:52
dpmso that entry can just be copied over and the docs will automatically be published, daily, IIRC from the cron job16:54
kyleNdpm, cool, so we need them as 14.04 too16:55
dpmyep, it should be just a matter of changing a config text file on the server16:55
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nerochiarobfiller_afk: added my changes as patches in debian/patches. i pushed to the same branch overwriting it, so please delete and re-branch.17:07
nerochiarobfiller_afk: just tested and builds here. I think i am also very close to finding a way to make it work without breaking the viewfinder. I'm EOD now, will finish that tomorrow morning17:08
mardykyleN: my VM is shut now, but IIRC libsignon-qt-doc17:11
mhall119will signon-qt work for scopes?17:13
kyleNthanks mardy17:14
mardymhall119: sure, we already have a scope written with the -glib variant of the library, I don't see why a Qt one wouldn't be possible17:15
mhall119mardy: are the APIs the same?17:18
mhall119specifically what I'm asking about is whether signon-qt is the right API to publish and recommend17:18
rpadovanidpm o/17:28
rpadovaniyap, no dpm17:28
rpadovaniok, try again :D17:28
rpadovanimzanetti, o/17:28
mzanettirpadovani: hey man17:28
rpadovanimzanetti, I was looking to new bugs reported by dpm17:29
rpadovanimzanetti, I think https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/1316176 is caused by17:29
rpadovanior https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/122621317:29
rpadovaniWhat do you think?17:29
mzanettisounds reasonable.17:30
mzanettibut I wouldn't exclude that I have a bug in reminders.qml too17:30
rpadovaniI looked to the code and I see nothing, but this doesn't excluded that there is. Just to inform you.17:31
mzanettik, cool17:34
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mzanettirpadovani: here we go: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/color/+merge/21831717:47
mzanettirpadovani: its proposed for merging into the new common branch17:47
mzanettifeel free to approve it and propose your own new-design changes to be merged into that17:47
rpadovanimzanetti, hey, you forgot to rename accountpreference.{cpp,h} to preference.{cpp,h}17:58
mzanettirpadovani: good catch17:58
mzanettirpadovani: pushed18:01
rickspencer3Kaleo,  hey around? I need a bit of advice18:03
Kaleorickspencer3, shoot18:03
rickspencer3Kaleo, ok, so I want to put a list of information into a popover18:03
rickspencer3repeater seems about right18:03
rickspencer3but, the list can be pretty long18:04
mardymhall119: the APIs don't map 1:1 with the glib ones, but almost18:04
rickspencer3I don't need to show eveyrthing in the list though18:04
rickspencer3for example, I could show only 5 things18:04
Kaleorickspencer3, if it's supposed to be a small and finite list18:04
mardymhall119: I think that for scopes, we can recommend either version, depending on whether one likes Qt or Glib better18:04
rpadovanimzanetti, qtcreator is dead :/ I go to dinner, after dinner I'll test your branch and propose merge of mine18:04
Kaleorickspencer3, how long?18:04
rickspencer3Kaleo, it is 0-20 items18:04
Kaleorickspencer3, Repeater is fine18:04
rickspencer3but only the first 5 or so are interesting to the user18:04
rickspencer3Kaleo, so how do I tell the Repeater to only show 5 items?18:05
Kaleorickspencer3, you'll need to put that into a Flickable18:05
rickspencer3Kaleo, in that case, should I not just use a ListView?18:05
Kaleorickspencer3, make the height of an individual item to be 1/5th of the height of the popover18:05
Kaleorickspencer3, you can18:05
Kaleorickspencer3, for 20 items it will not make much difference18:05
mhall119kyleN: what do you think about recommending 2 sets of singon APIs?18:05
rickspencer3Kaleo, so, the popover seems to size itself based on the children18:06
Kaleorickspencer3, the biggest advantage of a ListView is that it does not *instantiate* most of the invisible items18:06
rickspencer3so height: popover.height/5 would be recursive, right?18:06
Kaleorickspencer3, let me check that18:06
rickspencer3Kaleo, ok, so if I go ListView, what is the best way to set the height and width if it's in a popover?18:06
Kaleorickspencer3, there is a 'contentHeight' property18:06
Kaleo"Use this property to override the default content height."18:06
Kaleothat should help you18:06
rickspencer3Kaleo, so set the content height and width of the popover18:07
Kaleorickspencer3, actually the height problem will be the same regardless of what solution you use18:07
rickspencer3then I can set the listview height based on that?18:07
Kaleorickspencer3, so, summarising:18:07
Kaleo1) using a Flickable + Repeater, setting the height of the Flickable to be 5 * units.gu(5) and the delegate in the Repeater to be height units.gu(5)18:08
Kaleo2) using a ListView, setting the height of the ListView to be 5 * units.gu(5) and the delegate in the Repeater to be height units.gu(5)18:08
Kaleorickspencer3, no need to touch 'contentHeight' I believe*18:08
xhoch3hello everybody, I am experiencing a strange bug on my ubuntu-touch phone18:08
* rickspencer3 tries18:09
kyleNmhall119, two sets?18:09
xhoch3I think it's critical and maybe there is some experienced developer here, so we find out what's the cause18:09
xhoch3it seems to be an overheating issue that drains my battery very fast, obviously because there is some process running in the background18:09
xhoch3strange thing about this, it just happens when battery life is below 50%18:10
kyleNmhall119, in the short term, the example uses qt, so I need qt api ref docs on the portal anyway.18:10
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rickspencer3thanks Kaleo18:11
rickspencer3seems to do the job18:11
Kaleorickspencer3, yw18:11
Kaleorickspencer3, glad to hear that18:11
rickspencer3now i just need to figure out how to make it work with my Icon header :)18:11
xhoch3the application using most CPU all the time (~15%) is called apport18:11
xhoch3this is the bug report app isn't it?18:12
rickspencer3Kaleo, is Listitem.Header still supported?18:13
Kaleorickspencer3, I do not see it in the documentation, let's check18:14
rickspencer3Kaleo, it's in the 14.04 but not the 14.10 documentatin18:14
mhall119kyleN: ok18:14
pmcgowanxhoch3, yes that means a process crashed and it is gathering data18:16
pmcgowanxhoch3, see what file you got in /var/crash18:16
xhoch3oh, I have turned it off now, I will give you the data, wait a minute18:16
Kaleorickspencer3, it is still installed and exported as a public API18:17
Kaleorickspencer3, seems like a documentation glitch18:17
xhoch3so far I am VERY impressed18:17
rickspencer3Kaleo, yeah, it works, just wanted to ensure you hadn't deprecated it :)18:17
xhoch3I mean I installed Ubuntu because I am an Ubuntu fanboy (I honest here), but it turns out to be better than I expected18:17
Kaleorickspencer3, actually, the documentation still exists: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Components.ListItems.Header/18:17
Kaleorickspencer3, strange18:18
rickspencer3mhall119, kyleN looks like a small doc generation bug ^18:18
Kaleorickspencer3, FYI we are not allowed to deprecate any API :)18:18
Kaleorickspencer3, (and we have a semi automated way to ensure that)18:18
rickspencer3Kaleo, wfm ;)18:19
mhall119rickspencer3: what bug?18:19
xhoch3pmcgowan: there is a lot: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7400181/18:19
rickspencer3Kaleo, one more question ... Can in specify line wrapping in ListItem.Standard?18:19
Kaleorickspencer3, not that I know18:19
rickspencer3oh fudge18:19
Kaleorickspencer3, but if you want 2 lines, there is "Subtitled"18:20
rickspencer3Kaleo, well, the strings are just long18:20
rickspencer3let me try to make it work with Subtitled, though18:20
Kaleorickspencer3, it is not wrapping automatically?18:20
xhoch3pmcgowan: is it generally a bad idea to do update, upgrade and dist-upgrade on Ubuntu Phone?18:20
rickspencer3Kaleo, no, it's truncating18:21
Kaleorickspencer3, there is an interesting example in Subtitled's documentation:     ListItem.Subtitled {18:21
Kaleo        text: "Multiple lines"18:21
Kaleo        subText: "This is a multi-line subText.\nUp to 5 lines are supported."18:21
Kaleo    }18:21
mhall119rickspencer3: FWIW, I sub-classed ListItems.Base when I needed to force wrapping18:21
rickspencer3hmm, actually, Subtitle is cute :)18:22
rickspencer3I'm using that :)18:22
Kaleocute is good18:23
mhall119kyleN: mardy: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-14.04/cplusplus/signon-qt/18:23
kyleNmhall119, thanks!18:27
kyleNmhall119, and we need this but for 14..04: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/cplusplus/accounts-qt/18:27
pmcgowanxhoch3, yes you cannot mix apt updates with the system image updater18:31
pmcgowanalso apt will not get updates to android lower level stuff18:32
mhall119kyleN: it's there for 14.0418:36
mhall119oh, accounts-qt too18:36
xhoch3oh okay18:38
mhall119kyleN: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-14.04/cplusplus/accounts-qt/18:47
kyleNmhall119, thanks a bunch!18:47
mhall119I don't know how to automate it like dpm suggested though, so it's a one-time thing18:49
dupingpinghow are you?19:04
dupingpingplease help me19:04
rpadovanimzanetti, mhh, it's the third time I try to compile your branch with QtCreator, it finishes to compile then QtCreator freezes. When I restart QtCreator I have the same error of this afternoon :/19:04
mzanettirpadovani: hmm. well, you can compile it via command line for now19:10
rpadovanimzanetti, this would be great. Which are commands to compile and run it from command line?19:10
mzanettirpadovani: mkdir builddir19:10
mzanetticd builddir19:10
mzanetticmake ..19:11
mzanetticd src/app19:11
rpadovaniwonderful, thanks19:11
mzanettirpadovani: pass -jX to make, where X is the amount of cpu cores you have +119:11
rpadovanimzanetti, ok, works as expected, but there are two warnings during compilation. Do I approve it? Then you (or I) do another MR for compilation warning?19:15
mzanettilet me see19:15
rpadovanimzanetti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7400531/19:16
mzanettirpadovani: hmm... I'm not sure you got the right branch19:16
mzanettirpadovani: I did a push --overwrite.... so my bad19:16
mzanettiI completely messed up with rebasing it on trunk, sorry19:17
mzanettior well, rebasing it to the new-design branch and then merging trunk into it...19:17
xhoch3pmcgowan: ok, I have reflashed the device and everything's okay again19:20
xhoch3thank you19:20
pmcgowanxhoch3, great yw19:20
xhoch3also, while installing QML apps, everything went fine, but I am rather interested in native apps with Qt (for games). But when I choose build and run on device with native Qt apps, it says it can't find dh_make19:34
xhoch3also, for QtQuick btw19:34
pmcgowanxhoch3, check the approach using cmake in a chroot19:50
pmcgowanxhoch3, you want the latest stuff from the sdk ppa19:51
pmcgowanbzoltan1, right? ^^19:51
xhoch3pmcgowan: do you have a link? The point is, I want to learn how to do it the "right" way, even it is a bit more complicate. I am looking forward to the end of the year and want to develop for the Ubuntu platform commercially19:53
xhoch3we already develop on WP, Android and iOS and personally, I would love to see our apps running on UT, too19:53
xhoch3I do this in my private spare time19:54
pmcgowanxhoch3, awesome19:55
xhoch3of course, you know, in order to show something cool to my company I have to invest some personal effort first..19:56
kenvandinexhoch3, that's excellent to hear :)20:01
pmcgowanxhoch3, so the official docs are not up yet but this blog post explains it http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2014/05/building-cross-platform-click-packages.html20:03
xhoch3pmcgowan: pretty cool, thanks20:05
kyleNmardy, does our OA api support using a key (keys) the dev provides (that they got from the site)?20:05
mardykyleN: yes20:06
xhoch3ok, for today I am running out of time to check it out, but I will definately have a try tomorrow. Thank you, see you later20:06
kyleNmardy, in c++, QML and Javascript?20:06
mardykyleN: yes, any of them (also on the -glib APIs)20:10
* rickspencer3 waits for applicatin scanner20:35
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