tewardahh, so that's the consideration00:04
tewardand this early in the utopic cycle the consideration isn't necessary yet...?00:04
amigamagicteward, I changed the bug description to follow that template, but being that I'm not too good in english (I'm italian), could you check if it's all right?00:35
Fudgej_f-f:  thank you09:45
amigamagichi guys10:11
amigamagicsomeone has the abiword package installed?10:12
Fudgeamigamagic:  yes11:07
FudgeSetting up abiword (3.0.0-4ubuntu1) ...11:08
amigamagicI would like to thank teward for the diffpatch of yesterday on that abiword bug. I applied the patch, compiled the sources, reinstalled the updated packages, and now the program works very well (the only negative aspect was the fact that to generate ~35MB of deb files, the compiling process for abiword was very long and it used more than 1GB on my hd, but, hey, you can't have everything!). ;)14:22
karab44Hello I found funny bug16:09
karab44Ubuntu shows only two of four workspaces but after reenabling workspaces it shows four again16:09
karab44I don't know when and how that happened I just observed by accident16:10
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