pittiGood morning04:28
darkxsthey pitti04:48
mlankhor1tHello, world!\n07:27
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seb128good morning desktopers!08:04
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bigonpitti: hey, I know this might be a bit OT here, but now that gdm/lightdm/kdm are logind aware (and thus not registering a ck session anymore) shouldn't be the nox11 option be removed from the call to the ck pam module?08:22
pittibigon: TBH I don't even remember any more what that does08:24
bigonpitti: the nox11 prevent the pam module to register a session if a DISPLAY is set08:32
darkxstbigon, gdm/gnome-shell still work with ck in theory, you just loose a bunch of features08:33
bigonwell in debian since yesterday in unstable, it is compiled with logind support08:33
bigonand ck-list-session is empty08:33
bigonthat's why I think that the nox11 should be remove08:33
darkxstbigon, right, if its built with logind, ck can go08:35
bigonindeed, I'm running a ck-free desktop now08:36
pittibigon: I guess in that case we might rather remove ck altogether?08:36
darkxstpitti, seems about right, its really only need on !linux now08:37
bigonyes indeed !linux08:38
bigonand application that really require ck with no support of logind08:38
bigonso ck should stay08:39
pittiah right08:39
pittiperhaps only build CK on !linux theN?08:39
bigonthere are other pkg that are using exclusively ck that run on linux too08:40
bigonbut like I said ATM there is no session registred with gdm3 (and logind support enabled)08:40
bigonI'm wondering if it's also the case with lightdm and such08:41
bigonthat's why I was proposing to let the pam module register the session instead of the DM itself08:41
bigonI'll open a bug for this in debian BTS08:43
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seb128didrocks, larsu, pitti: is anyone having issues with the canonical sites (irc, imap server)?08:59
didrocksseb128: hum, no issue here for now08:59
seb128hum, k08:59
larsuseb128: irc works fine. I don't use their imap anymore08:59
seb128the lag-o-meter on IRC keeps increasing here08:59
larsuI've had some lag earlier today, but not right now09:00
seb128oh, just got disconnected, weird09:00
darkxsthey seb12809:08
darkxstBug 129991209:08
darkxst(the bots are dead?)09:09
seb128darkxst, hey09:11
seb128not sure about the bots09:11
seb128thanks, that's in the sponsoring queue right?09:11
seb128I saw the email, but I'm still in backlog from the w.e09:11
seb128right, it is09:12
darkxstseb128, trusty part is atleast09:12
darkxstseems merges against ubuntu-desktop don't show up in the queue?09:12
darkxstwell it is there this time though09:13
seb128not sure how the sponsoring page is generated09:15
seb128it might depends of who is set as reviewer09:15
pittiseb128: IRC works quite fine here; I don't use Canonical email; canonicaladmin also WFM09:16
seb128pitti, thanks, I'm still in lag-o-meter land on the IRC, go figure09:16
darkxstseb128, no lag here, from this side of the world ;)09:17
seb128darkxst, the issues I have are on the Canonical infra, not on the public IRC09:18
darkxstoh ok09:18
seb128well I got reconnected and now lag is to 0 again09:18
seb128let's see if it resolves itself over the day09:18
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mlankhorstmvo: it might theoretically be possible to run without the backported kernel, but it's not a supported path09:22
dpmhey morgen pitti, I read you had a nice and productive systemd/GNOME sprint :-)09:26
pittihey dpm09:28
pittidpm: I did, thanks!09:28
pittidpm: I haven't gotten around to your mail yet, sorry; last week was full of firefighting09:28
dpmpitti, no worries, it's nothing urgent atm for MAE, as we're shipping the Simplified Chinese langpack on the phone anyway, but I'm trying to get the wheels moving to have a good i18n story for the phone - thanks!09:30
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Sweet5harkhi there10:10
mlankhorstdoes unity do anything with xinput touch events?10:13
darkxstseb128, ok to bump dep on gnome-settings-daemon-schemas to (< 3.12) in unity-settings-daemon, its causing problems with our PPA's10:38
darkxstI promise I won't break anything in the updates when they land ;)10:39
seb128darkxst, what is the version used atm?10:39
seb128darkxst, we added it because the new version of g-s-d was changing keys in an incompatible way and generating abort reports that were starting ranking high on e.u.c10:41
darkxstseb128, its currently          gnome-settings-daemon-schemas (>= 3.8),10:41
darkxst         gnome-settings-daemon-schemas (<< 3.10),10:41
seb128we need a 3.10 that doesn't drop keys before relaxing that <<10:42
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darkxstseb128, which g-s-d was causing errors?10:43
darkxstseb128, there are no public 3.10 packages on trusty as yet?10:44
seb128well, ricotz had some in a ppa10:44
seb128and that was creating quite some reports on e.u.c10:44
darkxstoh, right10:44
seb128that's why I added the <<10:44
darkxsthis packages are probably just git snapshots10:44
darkxstthe packaging I did had reverted all key removals10:45
seb128could have been https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/data?h=gnome-3-10&id=1709bf58a60b76bce77038bb804991447d215f4910:46
seb128the issue is that we can't tell yours with the revert and ricotz's one appart :/10:46
seb128well I guess users running a ppa with git snapshot get what they opted in for then10:47
ricotzseb128, hi, i dont remember doing a snapshot of g-s-d for quite some cyclesand my ppas doesnt contain one, do you happen to find the offending package?10:49
seb128ricotz, it was maybe simply a 3.10 version from upstream10:51
seb128they dropped keys from their schemas there10:51
seb128e.g https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/data?h=gnome-3-10&id=1709bf58a60b76bce77038bb804991447d215f4910:51
ricotzseb128, i know, i am curious where the package came from10:51
seb128I don't remember, one of your ppas10:51
ricotzi guess it could be gnome3-team/gnome3: gnome-settings-daemon - 3.10.2-0ubuntu1~saucy610:53
ricotzdarkxst, ^?10:53
darkxstmaybe, that had http://pastebin.com/U69RM6ww10:58
darkxstwhich I suppose never made it into u-s-d in the end10:59
darkxstsame patch is likely in our 3.12 packages11:00
darkxstalthough the actual key in seb128 link was likely fallout from the ibus update11:05
darkxstwhich shouldnt affect u-s-d?11:05
seb128was the issue iirc11:07
seb128gnome-settings-daemon-schemas [origin: LP-PPA-gnome3-team-gnome3-staging]11:07
seb128ricotz, ^ they had stuff with "origin: LP-PPA-ricotz-testing" but the g-s-d-s was from the gnome3 ppa it seems11:09
seb128but it has been some time I don't remember the specifics11:09
ricotzseb128, yeah, i see, i was assuming that11:12
ricotzdarkxst, this suggests that the problem persists with the latest g-s-d upload then11:13
darkxstyes its related to the upower port11:13
* ricotz didn't look at those links since it requires some u1 login again11:14
darkxstricotz my first link was unrelated11:15
darkxstI think this is what is the issue11:15
seb128yes it is11:15
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bigonif I'm correctly looking at lightdm, it both create a logind and ck session when available11:54
bigonis this correct?11:55
mlankhorsthm looks like i can produce a lot of xorg-server spew by simply using my touchpad through evdev instead of synaptics12:06
Fudgedarkxst:  glib-2.0 finally came to the party but now something weird that I dont understand with pygobject, just amd64 https://launchpadlibrarian.net/174588843/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-amd64.pygobject_3.8.0-2%7Evinux1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:07
Fudgeif you're busy though, I understand :)12:07
darkxstFudge, test_add_watch_no_data (test_iochannel.IOChannel) ... /bin/bash: line 4:  2884 Segmentation fault      PYTHONPATH=..:../tests:${PYTHONPATH:+:$PYTHONPATH} LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./.libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH GI_TYPELIB_PATH=.:$GI_TYPELIB_PATH XDG_DATA_DIRS=$XDG_DATA_DIRS:/usr/share MALLOC_PERTURB_=85 MALLOC_CHECK_=3 G_SLICE=debug-blocks TESTS_BUILDDIR=. /usr/bin/python2.7-dbg -Wd ../../tests/runtests.py12:15
Fudgedarkxst:  forgive me if that is a solution as I dont understand how to implement it12:32
darkxstFudge, that is the error12:35
darkxstI have no idea why its crashing!12:35
Fudgeoh right, always something for me, things love to crash :D12:36
darkxstFudge try running the tests locally and see if you can get a backtrace!12:36
darkxstit may just be a missing dep, but can't really say from the log message12:37
Fudgethank you for taking the time :), I'll try tomorrow12:39
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bigonpitti: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=747071 << if you care about the ck-ectomie13:16
pittibigon: I'm not quite sure how to do that in CK -- the session needs to be registered by a CK client, i. e. PAM-ck or the DM13:18
pittibigon: IMHO DMs should use CK on !linux and logind on linux, and we stop supporting CK on linux?13:18
bigonGDM is not registring the session, looking at lightdm code, this one is still doing so13:22
bigonnot sure about KDM13:23
bigonif we only want to support ck on !linux then indeed things are way more simple13:24
pittibigon: hm, reconsidering -- I think it makes more sense to do that dynamically and ignore the platform13:28
pittibigon: i. e. try logind, and if that fails, fall back to registering a CK session13:29
pittibigon: that mirrors what e. g. g-settings-daemon is doing, and opens the possibility that the logind API gets a shim (or otherwise implemented) in bsd13:29
bigongdm is doing that too13:30
bigonwell gdm is registering a logind session and then falls back to ck13:31
bigonbut not both13:31
pittithat seems fine?13:31
mlankhorstok that XI bug is annoying :P13:32
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Sweet5harkseb128: around?16:06
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Sweet5harkAnyone from bugcontrol here? Could you please nominate bug 1316243 for precise?17:54

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