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darkxstMaverickPT, hi09:36
MaverickPTanyone know how to turn off fine scrolling in gnome?09:36
darkxstnot sure what you mean09:37
MaverickPTwhen i want to scroll, in gnome 3.10 if i hold the scroll bar for more than a second it enters 'fine scroll' mode which i don't like09:37
MaverickPTit's a new feature of 3.1009:38
MaverickPTeven changing the time it takes before entering this mode would help09:39
darkxstMaverickPT, if you start scrolling straight away it will never kick in09:40
MaverickPTI know but it kicks in very fast, you know of any way to change the setting?09:41
* darkxst never noticed this before, only use scrollwheel for scrolling09:41
MaverickPTby the time I select my scroll bar, then start scrolling it has selected the fine scroll option09:42
MaverickPTguess I'm not as quick with my fingers as you guys09:42
MaverickPTI've not been able to find any way to edit the setting or turn it off09:43
darkxstMaverickPT, no idea, perhaps ask on gtk+ list09:43
MaverickPTnot to worry, though it might be simple but I'll have to live with it09:44
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majodcan i use gnome software in ubuntu?18:18
majodinstead of ubuntu sw manager18:18
majodi have two user accounts, both are currently logged in...when i click "switch account", the login screen shows up...without any users...19:20
majodjust grey background with "ubuntu gnome" on the bottom19:20
majodi can only get back with ctrl+alt+f719:21
majodshould i report a bug?19:21
majodbtw the other user can't even log out...when i click "log out", nothing at all happens19:22

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