ali1234so i was using the ubuntu irc logs today, as i often do, and as usual i knew which channel i wanted to search, but not which day the message i was looking for was posted.00:31
ali1234so i have come here to appeal for the log files to be organized by channel/year/month/day instead of year/month/day/channel/00:31
ali1234since this would avoid having to go up and down the tree so much00:32
ali1234i assume that the logs are organized by some script, if so i would be willing to implement this functionality - using symlinks to avoid breaking the current log locations00:32
ali1234where is the best place to propose this? mailing list? in a bug report (if so, against what?) at a meeting?00:34
joseali1234: I think ubuntu-irc@lists.ubuntu.com01:04
ali1234yeah i've just been reading the archives of that... kind of makes me want to back away slowly...01:08
tsimpsonali1234: ubuntulog is handled by Canonical, you'd probably have to go via RT01:52
ali1234what is RT?01:52
tsimpsonsend an issue report to rt@ubuntu.com01:53
ali1234ok, thanks01:56
ali1234https://github.com/fitztrev/ubuntu-irc-logs <- just found this, would probably slve all my problems01:58
tsimpsonyou can always do a google search with site:irclogs.ubuntu.com02:00
ali1234usually it's something like "what was the name of that package someone recommended last week on that channel"02:48
ali1234since i don't know the name, i can't google for it...02:48
ali1234so i have to read through the last week's logs02:48
ali1234which is annoying when they're all in different directories02:49
belkinsaHello, I have a question about the meeting bot in #ubuntu-meeting.  Can anyone use it for a meeting or should the chair of that meeting request that it will be used at that time when the chair is doing the meeting?14:14
IdleOneanyone can use it the schedule is at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar see if the time you want/need is available and take your spot. if you need assistance leave jose a pm and he can help you :)14:20
belkinsaOh, right, duh.14:21
belkinsaOkay, done and it works.  Thank you for the help, IdleOne.14:52
IdleOnemy pleasure14:52
belkinsaPeace everyone.14:52
MooDoohowdy all17:21

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