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jarkko3.13.11 is the last 3.13 kernel, when i can accept to get new maintained by ubuntu?04:03
mlankhor1tHello, world!\n07:27
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apwjarkko, our team will be continuing maintenance there for some time, updates will come out on a similar cadance to before11:19
jarkkoapw: i got ralink wifi device, it spams dmeg, dropping packets...any idea if it ever gets fixed?11:28
jarkkoit was better on some 3.8 serie kernel11:28
sforsheehallyn: do you expect any issues with cgmanager on a 3.15-rc kernel? I'm getting errors from lxc-start when setting devcgroup permissions.15:25
hallynsforshee: i do not expect any, no15:33
hallynoh, well you might have an issue logging in, from pam audit, but otherwise no15:33
hallyncan you do lxc-start -n name -l trace -o outout and pastebinit outout ?15:33
hallyni've not run 3.14, let alone 3.15 at all15:33
sforsheehallyn: I've already got the log, just a sec15:35
hallynwell aren't you just ahead of the game :)15:35
sforsheebut I also have local changes, so just wondering if it was expected or if I might have broke something15:35
hallynthere have been massive cgroup kernel changes lately so i wouldn't be surprised if it's one of those15:36
sforsheehallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7399324/15:36
sforsheehallyn: I'm building now minus my changes, so I'll see if that works15:37
hallynsforshee: lxc is running fine, init is exiting early15:39
hallynsforshee: might add '--debug --verbose' to init's args (lxc-start -n container -- /sbin/init --debug --verbose (or is it a single -?))15:40
hallyni'm gonna run and make an unwise purchase, biab15:40
sforsheehallyn: what about this:15:41
sforsheelxc-start 1395072106.113 ERROR    lxc_cgmanager - call to cgmanager_set_value_sync failed: invalid request15:41
sforshee      lxc-start 1395072106.113 ERROR    lxc_cgmanager - Error setting cgroup devices.allow limit p115:41
sforshee      lxc-start 1395072106.114 ERROR    lxc_cgmanager - Error setting devices.allow to c 10:237 rwm for p115:41
sforshee      lxc-start 1395072106.114 ERROR    lxc_start - failed to setup the devices cgroup for 'p1'15:41
sforshee      lxc-start 1395072106.136 ERROR    lxc_start - failed to spawn 'p1'15:41
sforshee      lxc-start 1395072106.137 ERROR    lxc_commands - command get_cgroup failed to receive response15:41
sforsheebut yeah, I see what you're talking about there15:44
hallynsforshee: certainly is disturbing16:02
hallynsforshee: it sounds like i'll have to do some debugging.  Can you put some straight 3.14 kernels in a ppa?  I'll test tonight or tomorrow.16:03
hallyn(will be in flight soon)16:03
sforsheehallyn: you can get builds here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/16:04
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sforsheenote that I'm using 3.15 tho, not 3.1416:05
hallynsforshee: and is kernel-ppa 3.14?16:06
sforsheenot sure16:06
sforsheehallyn: sorry, misuderstood. That's not really a ppa, it's just where we stash mainline builds for testing.16:08
sforshee(I don't know why it says ppa in the name)16:08
hallynthat has confused me in the past actually16:08
sforsheehallyn: I get the same results with the 3.15-rc4 build from there16:09
hallynsforshee: does this block you?16:11
sforsheeI can rebase onto an older kernel, so no, probably not16:12
hallynsforshee: ok.  obviously it's still urgent, but good to know.  I"ll look into it.  thanks16:12
sforsheehallyn: ta. Safe travels.16:13
argessmb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/131058621:46
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