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shadeslayerScottK: I've uploaded kde workspace 4.11.9 since it has a MRE13:24
shadeslayerto trusty13:24
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mdeslaurCould someone from the SRU team release libvirt 1.1.1-0ubuntu8.10  into saucy-updates please?17:19
mdeslaurI think it's got the required verification, and I'm waiting on it for a security update17:20
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ogra_if someone is bored ^^ thats would like to see a NEW review :)19:06
robruinfinity or cjwatson: got another unity8 release needing a version bump19:52
infinityrobru: Will poke.19:55
stgrabermdeslaur: smb is on it19:59
mdeslaurstgraber: great, thanks!19:59
robruinfinity, thanks20:16

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