Sivikhey all01:27
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tvossw00t, good morning05:51
w00tunfortunately so :p05:54
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cwaynedpm, ping08:49
dpmhey cwayne, what are you doing awake at this time? :-)08:50
cwaynedpm, just getting a kick start to the day :)08:50
cwaynedpm, :) so to answer your email, the scopes code can be found here: https://code.launchpad.net/savilerow08:51
cwaynespecifically unity-scope-tourism-shanghai-*08:51
mandelElleo, I need to confirm with ogra_ but AFAIK the udm is in the image and we should be able to land the browser changes08:52
* dpm looks08:52
mandelElleo, I'ld love to see that happening :)08:52
ogra_mandel, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/5.changes ?08:53
ogra_  [ Michael Sheldon ]08:53
ogra_  * Expose the download id of a SingleDownload within the QML API.08:53
* davidcalle pings cwayne from utopic.08:53
davidcallecwayne, your move ;-)08:53
dpmcwayne, cool, thanks. I'd like to file a bug with instructions on how to internationalize the u-s-tourism-shanghai scope, where do I do that?08:53
cwaynedpm, log against savilerow pls08:54
mandelogra_, I though we added the qml stuff of the download in the seeds, which is what we need to have udm expose to qml, right?08:54
dpmcwayne, cool, thanks08:54
cwaynedavidcalle, oh man, do-release-upgrade -d08:54
dpmwill do08:54
cwaynedavidcalle, starting now :)08:55
cwaynedpm, thanks, once i get instructions ill take a look today.  has the inline displayname i18n landed yet?08:55
ogra_mandel, one image later http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/6.changes "ubuntu-touch from 1.126 to 1.127" ... "New Packages: qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-download-manager0.1"08:56
mandelogra_, beautiful! :)08:57
dpmcwayne, it's been split in two branches: one landed in click scope trunk recently (but not yet in the images) and should already display the translations of .desktop files for the preinstalled click apps in the offline case - the other one is pending review and should display the translations from all app's .desktop files by querying the store when online08:57
cwaynedpm, but those are click specific, im just wondering about the scopes displayname set in the scope's  .ini09:00
dpmcwayne, ah, ok. So the scopes i18n branch(es) landed in trunk afaik, and should be in the images soon. For scopes, the next bit missing is now sending the user's locale to the scopes server for remote scopes. I was away for 2 days last week and I'm still catching up on e-mail, but IIRC mhr3 is already working on it. I'll follow up with him when he's online09:03
dpmgive me a sec to point you to the branches09:04
dpm_cwayne, these are the merged branches that add i18n support to the preinstalled (local) scopes -> https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity-scope-mediascanner/i18n-enablement/+merge/21738909:19
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cwaynedpm, cool, thanks.09:37
cwaynedpm, i thought the .ini files were going to be translated inline?09:38
dpmcwayne, IIRC from last time I looked, that's what those branches did by using intltool-merge. But in any case, whether translations are merged back to the .ini file inline or are put into .mo files is just an implementation detail, the important thing is that the translations are loaded, regardless of how09:42
mihirpopey: ping09:44
ogra_the Uk is off today ...09:45
mihirpopey: whenever you get time , could you just test ,and top approve this MR  , https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/limitFunctionality/+merge/21153609:45
mihirpopey: after considering Victor's comment09:45
mihirdpm: ping09:46
bactogra_: may bank holiday09:47
dpmhi mihir, sure, but could you add some more information in the MP's description on what this branch is bringing and what I should be looking for when testing it?09:48
mihirdpm: it is same, event bubble where you have propsed the design.09:49
mihirdpm: i will update descripition as well.09:49
dpmmihir, thanks, let me know when you've done it and I'll take a look. Also, looking at the MP, have you had the chance to address Victor's comment: "Setting an event to expire after a certain date goes on indefinitely." ?09:50
mihirdpm: you're refering to other MR.09:51
mihirdpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1308001/+merge/21768309:51
dpmmihir, no, I'm referring to the last comment of the link to the MP you've just asked me to test: https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/limitFunctionality/+merge/21153609:52
mihirdpm: yeah i have looked at it, but on machine it works without any issues.09:53
mihirand popey tested that MR and worked for him as well.09:53
dpmmihir, in that case, could you add that as a comment, so that Victor knows?09:53
mihirdpm: sure I'll do it.09:53
dpmcool, thanks!09:53
mihirdpm: the other one is almost done  !!09:54
dpmmihir, which one?09:55
mihirdpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1308001/+merge/21768309:55
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om26erHi! How do I update from image 303 of trusty to utopic 11 ?10:36
om26erdo I need to flash clean or is there a way to upgrade ?10:36
Elleomandel: cool, ken's been making some last changes to the content-hub/udm integration branch to add internationalisation to the download snap decisions, I'm away today, but I expect we'll be able to stat landing stuff within the next day or two :)10:40
mandelElleo, superb (I forgot you guys have a bank holiday in the uk, correct?)10:41
mandelElleo, I'll keep track of things but looks that everything is good from my side AFAIK10:41
Elleomandel: yep10:41
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didrocksoSoMoN: yeah, from what I heard from bzoltan1, you are going to get bug #1316057 fixed today?11:33
ubot5bug 1316057 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "webbrowser-app AP failures after UITK upgrade" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131605711:33
ubottubug 1316057 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "webbrowser-app AP failures after UITK upgrade" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131605711:33
oSoMoNdidrocks, I’ll push a workaround for it, the actual bug needs to be fixed in the UITK or in Qt itself (not sure)11:35
didrocksoSoMoN: ok, keep us posted so that we can deliver it asap11:35
bzoltan1oSoMoN: didrocks: the actual bug need to be fixed on the OSK plugin or in the QT input module ... the UITK has little to do with this issue. The cursor is blinking in the textfield and it tries to pop up the OSK... and it does not show up.11:36
oSoMoNdidrocks, well on a related note there is landing request 17 that blocks any other landings for webbrowser-app, do you know what needs to happen for the packages to be promoted from -proposed to -updates?11:36
didrocksoSoMoN: bzoltan1: do you mind updating the bug report with the correct informations?11:36
bzoltan1didrocks: sure11:36
didrocksMirv: can you track the webbrowser-app one? ^11:36
Mirvdidrocks: sure will11:37
didrocksmihir: oSoMoN: if it's a SRU, we can m&c and deliver the fix to utopic11:37
oSoMoNdidrocks, yes, it’s a SRU11:37
didrocksoSoMoN: being in proposed, that's fine, you can m&c + ignore version destination check11:38
bzoltan1didrocks: oSoMoN:  the strange things is that I have seen this issue during the Silo verification... unity8, messaging-app and the browser has test failures because of the OSK was not coming up. That is why we had a fix... that fixed unity8, messaging app and 21 of the broiwser failures.11:38
MirvoSoMoN: regardless you'll want to verify https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1302780 though as having been fixed so that the update can proceed to -updates (in 4 days from now)11:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1302780 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu Trusty) "[webapp-container] Google Apps For Business support when using an external SSO provider" [High,Fix committed]11:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1302780 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu Trusty) "[webapp-container] Google Apps For Business support when using an external SSO provider" [High,Fix committed]11:38
Mirvso many bots11:39
oSoMoNI’ll leave that to dbarth, I’ll only do the m&c myself11:39
dbarthoSoMoN: on it12:00
MirvoSoMoN: abreu's landing-003 would still need to land before a silo can be assigned for your webbrowser-app landing12:01
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oSoMoNMirv, dbarth: let’s put it on hold until after the fix lands, if that’s ok (does that mean the silo need to be unassigned?)12:04
MirvoSoMoN: however you wish. either the silo can be free:d or just a note added that it will require a rebuild after [another-silo] has landed12:04
oSoMoNMirv, cool, let’s go for the latter, as landing this fix for the AP tests should be quick and painless12:05
MirvI added a note12:06
MirvoSoMoN: so do you want a silo for your "Cleaning up backlog", or will you add another line for the AP fix alone?12:06
oSoMoNMirv, I’ll add another line for the AP fix alone12:08
Mirvok, thanks12:08
dbarthoSoMoN: do i need to disable any request, or are you now free to proceed with yours?12:08
oSoMoNdbarth, we’ll put one on hold (line 15), but I don’t think it requires any active intervention from you12:09
dbarthok fine12:13
cwaynedid the updated screenshot bits ever get merged to phablet-tools?12:24
ogra_cwayne, which ones ?12:26
ogra_phablet-screenshot should work with all promoted images atm12:26
cwaynehm, i had issues on my flo, let me make sure i have latest12:27
ogra_note it is broken against the -proposed ones12:27
ogra_(on my list for today)12:28
cwayneah, maybe i was on -proposed12:28
cwaynewhat broke it? new mir?12:28
ogra_yeah, blame Mir12:28
ogra_they broke the naming12:28
ogra_easy to hack around by adding the frequency to the filename in phablet-screenshot (not so easy to make that work on both, old and new)12:29
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mhall119bzoltan: have you been able to cross-compile Trojita yet?13:25
ogratestpretty please :)13:27
bzoltanmhall119: Yes, I have13:27
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mhall119bzoltan: may I inquire as to how?13:31
ogratesthmm, so swiching off all the suggestion, auto completion and capitalization stuff in the OSK makes it a lot faster13:31
ogratestbfiller, pmcgowan, do we have a bug for that ?13:32
bfillerspellchecking is what slows it down, turn that off for now, we're working on a fix13:32
* ogratest is plaing with his freenode app ... i was wonseing first why my flo is so much slower13:33
mhall119better turn suggestions back on ;)13:33
ogratestmhall119, haha13:34
mhall119Kaleo: bzoltan: would we need design input for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1315884 or can it just be implemented?13:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1315884 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Allow Header style customization per Page" [Undecided,New]13:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1315884 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Allow Header style customization per Page" [Undecided,New]13:35
ogratestto bad that the app lifecycle kills the connection after a while ... the app is only usable if you keep it in foreground13:36
mhall119while writing my Android->Ubuntu converter, I've found that Android apps use the ActionBar and just change the background and font13:36
mhall119and right now there's no reliable or easy way to do that withour SDK, especially ona per-page rather than per-app basis13:36
mhall119ogratest: sounds like we need another *-hub13:37
ogratestfreenode hub13:37
mhall119but what about my oftc and moznet?13:38
mhall119just re-package an irssi proxy as irc-hub13:38
ogratestkiwi IRC lets you define a random server13:38
mhall119kiki looks nicer than the freenode webchat too13:38
ogratestbut that deals with app lifecycle even worse13:39
mhall119what does?13:39
bzoltanmhall119:  I just open the project in QtCreator, select the armhf build target and build13:39
ogratestthe freenode one can still recover most of the time13:39
ogratestkiwi disconnects ommediately when backgrounded13:39
bzoltanmhall119: after setting the -DWITH_UBUNTU=on cmake parameter in the project tab13:39
ogratestin the freenode app the OSK stops working after a while though ...13:41
mhall119bzoltan: I don't have an armhfh Kit13:41
ogratestat least if i use multiple channels and swich a lot13:41
bzoltanmhall119: what version of the qtc you are on?13:41
bzoltanmhall119: we have fresh stuff out13:42
mhall1193.0.1 from Trusty's repo13:42
bzoltanmhall119: archeology :)13:43
Kaleomhall119, sounds like this bug would require design input; and timp will be the best person to talk to (at the sprint, really busy until then)13:43
bzoltanmhall119:  get the new one from the SDK PPA or from Utopic repo13:43
mhall119bzoltan: pmcgowan: so is the plan to continue recommending the PPA for the SDK packages?13:44
mhall119not backporting to Trusty13:44
ogratestpfft, trusty ... old crap13:45
pmcgowanmhall119, yes, I am not aware of a way to SRU it13:45
ogratestuse backports13:45
pmcgowanmhall119, rickspencer3 just suggested we discuss at the sprint13:45
ogratestthats what it is for13:45
pmcgowanogratest, there is that13:45
ogratestfunny, with only one channel open o can not reproduce the OSK issue in the freenode app13:46
ogratest(and typing is so much easier on flo compared to mako)13:47
bactthe nexus 7?13:47
ogratestbigger screen ... bigger kbd13:48
bactI've found the typing on ubuntu touch on my nexus 4 quite challenging13:48
mhall119it's a bit cramped in portrait, yeah13:48
bactI've never had  much trouble with the stock keyboard on android though13:48
ogratestit is fine, but a lot more comfortable on flo13:48
mterryfginther, you poked me about unity8 unlock duration via email.  Do you mean you had problems using my new unlock-device script or using the current method?13:48
mhall119my wife hates it, because when she tries to hit the space bar she accidentally activates the bottom-edge swipe13:48
ogratesti tend to just type with only one thumb on mako13:49
kenvandinemhall119, oh that kills me...13:49
kenvandinehappens all the time13:49
fginthermterry, when the problem was discovered, it was with the method before your changes13:49
ogratestjust get a swipe robot ;)13:50
ogratestscripts ... pfft13:50
mterryfginther, well.  My new script does support changing how long we wait.  But also, with either method, there should be powerd locks surrounding the unlock that should prevent that13:50
mterryogratest, :)13:50
fginthermterry, ok, so if the powerd lock is acquired, it should not re-lock?13:51
mterrydoanac, speaking of unlock scripts -- with the difficulties we're having with testing the new unlock script.  Maybe it's worth unbundling the two changes -- 1) land new script then 2) move the logic down into phablet-test-run13:51
mterryfginther, unless you reboot yeah13:51
fginthermterry, hmm... ok, we'll need to re-investigate the issue13:51
fginthermterry, thanks13:52
oSoMoNdidrocks, landing request that fixes webbrowser-app AP tests (on line 30) is ready to publish, can you do that for me?13:52
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Guest67964Hi, question about touchpad settings not persisting13:55
sergiusensmterry: +1 on the baby steps to success13:55
cwaynemterry, heyo, has split-greeter landed yet?13:56
Guest67964really like lubuntu 14.04, but having a problem with touchpad settings on dell 620 laptop  any info available on this?13:56
mterrycwayne, I am in the business of uncoupling that from any UI changes right now (no more cool boot animation) so it will land faster13:56
mhall119bzoltan: I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/7398788/ when I try13:56
ogra_Guest67964, this is the channel for the ubuntu phone OS ... try #ubuntu-x13:57
sergiusensogra_ ogratest what happens if you switch apps? Do you lose the connection?13:57
Guest67964sorry, thanks13:57
ogra_sergiusens, the freenode app copes quite well, but has OSK issues13:57
ogra_the kiwi app doesnt cope at all13:57
ogra_only works if you are fully foregrounded all the time13:57
ogra_i went shopping on saturday and when i came back home freenode was still connected :)13:58
ogra_(with the phone in my pocket ... it even survived WLAN -> 3G -> WLAN)13:58
sergiusensogra_ might be a case of one using websockets and the other something complicated to our advantage :-P13:58
sergiusenslike cookies13:59
ogra_kiwi is surely more fancy ... with a lot more javascript stuff etc13:59
kenvandinenot great for battery lige13:59
sergiusensmandel: how are my reviews going? ;-)13:59
ogra_well, there are certain apps weher i'd happily give up on battery life ... but tvoss wont allow me :P14:00
ogra_like an ebook reader14:00
mandelsergiusens, all of them will be done before the standup :)14:00
ogra_having to tap the screen all few minutes it super annoying14:00
kenvandinei have noticed a weird app lifecycle thing with pathwind14:01
sergiusensogra_: irc needs telepathy and indicator messages integration14:01
kenvandinesometimes when it's suspended, it wakes up and starts playing the music14:01
ogra_sergiusens, for native perhaps ...14:01
kenvandinewithout taking focus14:01
ogra_this is a website ...14:01
bzoltanmhall119:  that is a decent log .. let me see14:02
kenvandinethe other night it started playing the background music while it was in my pocket :)14:02
mhall119bzoltan: I've tried chown'ing them all and I got further, I think my manual attemps with click chroot set file ownership to root14:02
pmcgowankenvandine, is that on mako?14:02
kenvandinepmcgowan, yes14:02
pmcgowanyeah it doesnt really stay suspended14:02
kenvandinei haven't been able to reliably reproduce it14:02
kenvandineso known bug?14:02
ogra_must be your pocket :P14:02
* kenvandine doesn't worry about it then14:03
TyrfingMjolnirCan I run Ubuntu Touch on Samsung Note 3?14:03
bzoltanmhall119:  I would remove that chroot and recreate14:03
ogra_!devices | TyrfingMjolnir14:03
ubot5TyrfingMjolnir: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:03
mhall119ok, I'll report back once that's done, how long until your EOD?14:03
kenvandinei found an interesting thing with the android build though, it never gets suspended on the kindle fire, but it does on stock android14:03
kenvandinei guess the kindle does something different14:03
ogra_TyrfingMjolnir, if it is not there, you can check xda forums ... some poeople didnt add their ports to the wiki14:03
kenvandinemakes me wonder if the kindle never really backgrounds apps14:04
ogra_well, i have an ebook reader app on android where i can switch that on/off14:04
ogra_and i really really prefer it that way compared to us14:04
kenvandinesometimes, sure14:05
kenvandineso maybe on the kindle they leave that up to the developer?14:05
ogra_yeah, only for certain apps14:05
bzoltanmhall119:  I have these qt packages installed http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7398822/14:05
ogra_android does in general i think14:05
ogra_rotattion, screen blanking etc14:05
kenvandineother android devices does stop the music when it loses focus14:05
kenvandinei only saw it on the kindle14:05
ogra_i see it on android too, but only with apps wheer i enabled it in the settings explicitly14:06
mhall119bzoltan: in your chroot?14:07
bzoltanmhall119: yes14:07
kenvandineit's pretty cool example of cross platform qml, pathwind only has a few lines of code different for ubuntu vs. android :)14:07
bzoltanmhall119:  it is a trusty armhf click chroot14:07
kenvandinejust for orientation14:07
TyrfingMjolnirogra_: This one? http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-314:10
oSoMoNdidrocks, does it really take a couple of hours for packages to migrate to their destination?14:11
ogra_TyrfingMjolnir, no idea ... i dont watch the ports that closely14:11
ogra_ask in the thread14:11
oSoMoN(didrocks: thanks for publishing for me, btw)14:11
kenvandinealthough it was a real pain to juggle stuff so QtC could deploy it for android, use qrc, etc14:11
ogra_oSoMoN, from where ?14:11
TyrfingMjolnirWhat is Ubuntu Touch?14:11
kenvandineit really is much simpler to build and deploy for ubuntu :)14:11
mhall119TyrfingMjolnir: it's Ubuntu with Unity 8 running on a touch-enabled device like a smartphone or tablet14:11
TyrfingMjolnirI assume it’s a full ubuntu distro with a UI optimized for touch screen?14:12
didrocksoSoMoN: sil2100 did the publication :)14:12
didrocksoSoMoN: well, at best, it's an hour14:12
ogra_oSoMoN, if you mean from proposed to the archive it depends how many reverse deps are there for example14:12
mhall119TyrfingMjolnir: that's it exactly, yes14:12
oSoMoNogra_, nevermind, the status message in the spreadsheet changed already14:12
ogra_since the migration scripts check them all14:12
TyrfingMjolnirWill it also hook up to a screen and work as a regular ubuntu install if hooked up to keyboard, mouse and screen?14:12
ogra_TyrfingMjolnir, not yet, no14:13
ogra_TyrfingMjolnir, that will happen once we have unity8 for the desktop too ... on the road to the 16.04 release14:13
mhall119TyrfingMjolnir: eventually yes, right now Unity 8 doesn't have desktop features but those are going to start being built14:13
mhall119ogra_ must be back on a normal keyboard to type that fast :)14:14
ogra_mhall119, heh, yeah14:14
ogra_i'm also not "ogratest" anymore ;)14:14
TyrfingMjolnirI usually install XFCE for the desktop14:15
* mhall119 always considers ogra_ to be in beta14:16
mhall119TyrfingMjolnir: that won't work very well on a touch device14:16
TyrfingMjolnirIf I hook up keyboard, mouse, and screen14:17
mhall119Xfce isn't designed or built for touch14:17
mhall119well then it might, but it would be useless on the device screen14:17
mhall119TyrfingMjolnir: we don't plan on running sepearate shells for phone and desktop when you plug it in like that, it'll be the same shell (Unity 8) , same process, etc14:18
TyrfingMjolnirunity8 could still run on the device screen, no?14:18
mhall119TyrfingMjolnir: Unity 8 would run both, from the same instance of Unity 814:18
ogra_once Mir supports two screen output on the phone, yes14:18
ogra_but then you would have the prob that xfce wont run on Mir (yet)14:18
TyrfingMjolnirI ordered Ubuntu EDGE back in the day14:18
mhall119it won't be like Unity 8 on the phone screen, something else on the external screen14:18
* ogra_ too :) 14:18
TyrfingMjolnirAnyone know if that will happen at all?14:18
ogra_no, it wont14:19
mhall119TyrfingMjolnir: if which will happen?14:19
TyrfingMjolnirOr is 100% blown to stardust?14:19
TyrfingMjolnirUbuntu EDGE14:19
TyrfingMjolnirIt looked like such a nice device.14:19
ogra_currently all our resources are focusing on getting a normal phone OS ready14:19
mhall119oh, yeah, not likely no, hopefully some enterprising OEM will build something like it though14:19
TyrfingMjolnirI ordered 2, but it got cancelled14:19
ogra_at some point phones will be as powerful as the edge was planned ... by then the docking mode should be there too14:19
mhall119there are already octo-core chips out, I think the big thing that Edge had going for it was RAM and internal storage14:21
mhall119also the size/shape, which felt *so* nice in your hand14:21
TyrfingMjolnirWith 19nm technology, x86 processors should fit inside a handheld14:21
mhall119hmmm....I don't think x86 has caught up with ARM yet in terms of mobile efficiency14:22
stgrabercwayne: sorry for the delay, I finally got your extra aliases setup14:22
cwaynestgraber, lovely, thanks14:23
ogra_TyrfingMjolnir, sure, but they wont be like desktop CPUs ...14:25
TyrfingMjolnirI find it weird that new TVs dont have a build in Amiga14:25
ogra_the x86 phones today wont "just run" any desktop x86 OS14:25
TyrfingMjolnirHow can I make my own ubuntu Touch for Note3?14:25
ogra_see the channel topic, there is a porting page14:26
mterrysergiusens, doanac: I've moved just the unity8 unlock script change into a new branch: lp:~mterry/ubuntu-test-cases/use-unity8-unlock  -- I'd like to land this first.  Will proceed with testing it myself more locally, but would love a review/testing on your side14:27
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doanacmterry: ack. i'll try it out today in the lab14:27
TyrfingMjolnirogra_: how advanced is this?14:30
TyrfingMjolnirSimilar to compiling the linux kernel?14:31
ogra_not trivial ... i wouldnt suggest that for someone unexperienced with building OSes14:31
ogra_kernel building (and modifying) is one small part of it14:31
oSoMoNMirv, sil2100: can I haz a silo for line 22?14:49
sil2100oSoMoN: let me lookie14:50
sil2100oSoMoN: ok, will do once the previous silo finishes cleaning up14:51
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Saviqdaker, sorry for your slider branch took so long, but it's finally in, it's already in utopic, will be in the next image15:09
dakerSaviq: \o/15:10
oSoMoNsil2100, any idea why the status of silo 5 still says "cleaning", while the job has finished more than 15mins ago?15:14
sil2100Oh, indeed :|15:14
sil2100Seems to be some bug, I'll try to look into that after the meeting15:15
Saviqogra_, is there a TestPlan for ubuntu-touch-session?15:18
ogra_Saviq, boot and see if the session comes up ?15:19
Saviqogra_, good enough! :D15:19
Saviqwill try and land it today15:19
mhall119bzoltan1: how do I run Trojita on my device?  Run button give me:15:22
mhall119Starting /home/mhall/projects/Ubuntu/sdk/trojita/upstream/trojita-ubu...15:22
mhall119Failed to start program. Path or permissions wrong?15:22
mhall119/home/mhall/projects/Ubuntu/sdk/trojita/upstream/trojita-ubu exited with code -115:22
mhall119bzoltan1: pmcgowan: btw, did you see somebody wrote an Android 9-patch image to Qt .sci BorderImage converter?15:24
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pmcgowanmhall119, somebody has huh15:40
cantstanyais touch still using surfaceflinger for the display server or is it on Mir already?15:49
ogra_Mir since forever :)15:49
cantstanyaIt used to use surfaceflinger at one point, iirc15:50
cantstanyalike a year ago?15:50
ogra_SF was only available as a fallback if you explicitly forced it15:50
ogra_it always used Mir by default15:50
ogra_on grouper Mir worked badly though and people tended to use SF15:50
ogra_(now grouper isnt supported anymore)15:51
ogra_on maguro Mir was slow as hell and people switched back to SF there too15:51
cantstanyawelp, my fault for believing phoronix15:51
ogra_(same thing, we dropped maguro from supported devices)15:51
Tassadarfor some time sf was default and you had to create /home/phablet/.display-mir though, right?15:52
ogra_the very first images that only had demo crap and no apps etc were using SF15:52
cantstanyalol phablet15:52
cantstanyaTassadar: you're a phablet15:52
ogra_Tassadar, onyl for like the first three months before we had an actual image15:52
Tassadarthat's the username15:52
ogra_(MWC image in quantal)15:52
Tassadarcantstanya: so you're a phablet too, if you use ubuntu touch)15:52
ogra_we're all phablets :)15:53
Tassadarthat article is from 22.2.2013, was MIR even announced back then?15:53
ogra_shortly before ...15:53
ogra_i think we announced in december or some such15:54
Tassadarthe article only mentions X and Wayland, which is kinda weird15:54
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bzoltan1mhall119: Yes, i have heard about it16:02
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mhall119Kaleo: who's the designer working on the new header?16:36
Kaleomhall119, I don't think there is one anymore16:38
Kaleomhall119, maybe ask Olga16:38
mhall119oh, right, holiday in the UK16:41
mhall119I'll ping her tomorrow then16:41
mhall119got a new Click package of Trojita: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mhall119/trojita/17:02
mhall119if anybody wants it17:02
mhall119bzoltan1: is there a way to script the version used in the package from within qtcreator? I have a script that get's it from `git describe`17:03
bzoltan1mhall119: not sure if I fully understand you17:04
beunobzoltan1, I think mhall119 wants a plugin that'll look into git and suggest the version for the package17:06
mhall119bzoltan1: yes, that17:06
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beunoprobably asking if it's possible, rather than adding a task for you  ;)17:06
bzoltan1beuno: mhall119: I see... why not. Sounds cool17:06
* mhall119 would never *dream* of adding a task for bzoltan1 :)17:07
bzoltan1beuno: mhall119: please file a bug17:07
bzoltan1mhall119: that is actuall a cool idea17:07
beunooooh, I have enough launchpad karma17:07
beunoI'm just translating mhall119 from cool to english17:07
beuno(I majored in cool)17:07
bzoltan1beuno:  I want to apply to the same univ... finally I could pick up chicks like other cool dudes did17:09
beunoI think it's run by cats now17:10
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mterrydoanac, testing my unlock-device changes and I'm getting tired of hearing the music-app tests  :)17:54
bact              the ever changing surface of the sea?17:56
doanacmterry: i you don't like hearing about that dude's "love of free open source software.... yeah" :)17:59
mterrydoanac, I liked it the first time....17:59
doanacmterry: sometimes i'll do runs overnight and that guy wakes me and my wife up while we are sleeping. it can turn very creepy!18:00
mterrydoanac, haha.  I bet your wife loves that18:00
doanacfyi: i'm running your MP here: q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/andy-smoke-daily-test/12/console18:00
mterrydoanac, cool.  I'm going strong locally so far.  Into sudoku18:00
doanacyeah. things look good in our lab also18:01
pmcgowanseb128, where do I find the system settings log?18:02
pmcgowanseb128, nm18:04
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ogra_mhall119, bah, new trojita sorts oldest first ...18:51
* ogra_ looks at a mail from 2002 ... and over 34000 to scroll down to see something recent :(18:52
mhall119ogra_: there's some kind of bug18:53
ogra_well, one can see how it improves ...18:53
mhall119ogra_: if you rm -r ~/.config/net.flaska.trojita/ it'll sort properly and pull the latest, but only once, after you start the app again it goes back to misbehaving18:53
mhall119DanChapman: ^^ ogra_ is getting the same thing18:53
ogra_it also shows 32152 mail in my inbox while evo only shows 32038 ...18:55
ogra_it invents mails !18:55
DanChapmanogra_: when you first populate the list view is it sorted correctly "newest first" and then each return to the mailbox it is  oldest first?18:56
ogra_DanChapman, no, it was oldest first since i tried the new click package today, i havent wiped the config dir yet though18:57
DanChapmanmhall119: that's strange removing ~/.config will cause it to sort properly18:58
* ogra_ wipes his config dir ... lets see19:00
ogra_DanChapman, still wrong order for me even after wiping the dir ...19:08
ogra_but much nicer than before (apart from this)19:09
robotfuelbfiller: when I use click-buddy --dir . --provision on the gallery app, it won't open in autopilot, I get apparmor denied, when I try just opening the galleryapp (without autopilot) a black screen is displayed, it never launches.19:09
bfillerrobotfuel: don't think gallery works with click buddy, sergiusens is that true?19:11
mterrydoanac, yup local smoke-tests passed19:12
bfillerrobotfuel: typically I build the click from jenkins, specifying the branch http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/click/job/gallery-app-click-from-branch/build?delay=0sec19:13
bfillerrobotfuel: then I pkcon install-local it on the phone19:13
robotfuelbfiller: ok I'll try that thanks19:13
doanacmterry: yep. things seem good on my end also. i'll know pretty soon. I think we'll be able to get this merged pretty soon19:13
bfillerrobotfuel: then to run the autopilot I do this: phablet-click-test-setup --click com.ubuntu.gallery && phablet-config autopilot --dbus-probe enable && phablet-test-run -v gallery_app19:13
mterrydoanac, sweet, thanks for your help19:13
doanacsorry its been such a pain19:14
sergiusensbfiller: not gallery, I need to check again; but it didn't crosscompile for me last time19:15
mterrydoanac, no worries19:15
sergiusensdoanac: I'm making you a member to get phablet-tools stuff in faster19:15
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bfillerpmcgowan: any idea where to find the bug where creating a new google account switches away from the UI after pressing submit? can't seem to find it20:05
pmcgowanbfiller, in online accounts?20:06
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oSoMoNrobru, hey, can I haz a silo for the landing request on line 22 ?20:37
robruoSoMoN, I dunno, webbrowser-app is already in silo 3...20:38
robruoSoMoN, I guess dbarth is EOD; will you test & publish this silo today?20:39
robruoSoMoN, I mean if I give you one, can it be fast?20:39
oSoMoNrobru, yeah, but we agreed with dbarth and Mirv to put that one on hold and have line 22 go first, line 15 has a comment that states it20:40
robruoSoMoN, oh ok, I missed that20:40
oSoMoNrobru, it has to be fast, as I want to go to bed asap :)20:40
robruoSoMoN, ok, building for you in silo 5: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-005-1-build/38/console20:41
oSoMoNrobru, thanks!20:41
robruoSoMoN, you're welcome!20:42
mandelelopio, hey, I can give you a hand with those tests20:49
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oSoMoNrobru, landing request on line 22 tested and acked, would you mind publishing for me?21:57
robruoSoMoN, of course!21:57
robruoSoMoN, ok, done.21:58
robruoSoMoN, not sure if you're aware, but if you join #ubuntu-ci-choo-choo, we have a bot that can ping you when the package hits the release pocket and the silo is ready to merge.21:59
robruyou're welcome21:59
oSoMoNrobru, yeah, I know, I’m there already21:59
robruoSoMoN, oh heh, didn't see you in the list.21:59
robrureading fail21:59
oSoMoNm&c will have to wait until tomorrow, gotta get some sleep22:00
elopiomandel: awesome. What tests are you talking about? RSS?22:00
SamTab101Hello. I'm curious about the current or planned level of support in Touch for standard Android apps. I've heard conflicting things. ..22:06
daniel31hello all. I want to buy an android phone which I can install ubuntu for android onto. (not ubuntu touch as I understand that isnt ready for primetime yet). has anyone been following u4a at all? I had heard from some sources it had been cancelled. I hope that isnt the case. I find it hard to get practical information on u4a without it being confused with canonical's marketting drive to the telcoms or information on the still upcoming ubuntu touch phone22:55
bactiirc ubuntu for android required co-operation from manufacturers or somesuch and was put on hold22:57
daniel31I was under the impression developer builds had been released..22:57
daniel31I even read a comment somewhere saying it could be installed from the google app store or something :-S22:57
daniel31I dont have an android phone atm so I'm not familiar with the current state of play..22:58
bactdaniel31: this article has a statement from canonical, http://www.androidauthority.com/ubuntu-for-android-limbo-374454/22:59
daniel31here, from the comments - Q: Does anybody know how to get Ubuntu for Android on your phone? A: Safe way is installing multirom from Google Play23:01
bactI use multirom, and its offers ubuntu touch23:02
bactsomeone is probably confusing the products23:02
daniel31I'm surprised there isnt a small but thriving community predicated around u4a atm actually. I guess everyone is waiting for ubuntu touch..23:02
daniel31I'm very sorry (my last phone was an iphone but its dead now thanks to apple). what is multirom?23:03
bactmultirom uses a modified version of the twrp custom recovery to allow for multiple android/firefoxos/ubuntutouch installs23:03
bactso you reboot and pick what you want to boot into23:04
daniel31oh right. that's cool. but I guess I want to stay away from ubuntu touch until its ready for shipping. right now I need a new phone and I don't know if I should look for something I can install u4a onto (even tho as you say it is in limbo) or look for something that is future-proofed with a view to getting ubuntu touch on it.. what do you reckon?23:05
bacta nexus23:05
daniel31thats a good suggestion. shame about the price and lack of waterproofing tho.23:06
daniel31I take it you have a nexus?23:06
daniel31they are quite expensive no?23:06
daniel31oh maybe I am mistaken23:06
bactthe nexus models are usually half the price of similar flagships23:06
daniel31oh that's good23:06
bact$300 vs $60023:06
bactgoogle sells them close to cost23:07
daniel31very good. actually totally affordable thats the amount I was looking to spend.23:07
cantstanyaUbuntu for Android != Ubuntu Touch23:07
bactcantstanya: we are aware23:07
daniel31we are just discussing the differences :-)23:07
cantstanyaHas the reverse been attempted by anyone?23:08
bactdaniel31: https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_5_black_32gb23:08
cantstanyaDalvik on Ubuntu Touch?23:08
daniel31thanks bact :-)23:08
bactcantstanya: sailfish os licenses myriad's alien dalvik23:09
cantstanyaOr is that being highly discouraged due to a desire for more applications native to the platform?23:10
daniel31ouch.. they're £339 from google in my country.. that's close to 600USD. £270 on ebay tho.23:10
cantstanyabact: okay, but no efforts on ubuntu-touch?23:10
cantstanyaisn't alien dalvik proprietary?23:10
cantstanyaor am I mistaken23:10
bactcantstanya: which is why I said licenses23:11
cantstanyait could be dual licensed23:11
cantstanyaand sailfish just lazy23:11
bactbut it shows its possible, if canonical wanted to reproduce the functionality I'm sure it's within their capability, but like you said.. its a matter of whether they'd want to23:11
cantstanyaI didn't wanna assume23:11
cantstanyaso no known current efforts basically23:12
bactwhy don't you ask them tomorrow23:13
cantstanyawell I don't just mean canonical/the official Ubuntu-touch team, but other independent people testing out/working with Ubuntu-touch23:13
cantstanyain fact, I'd expect more of the latter possibly toying with the idea23:14
cantstanyamaybe I should search around to see if anyone's been bored enough to attempt to get this going23:15
daniel31Am I right in thinking a big problem with either u4a or ubuntu touch on current generation devices is not being able to have USB and video out over the same port?23:20
cantstanyawhat about slimport23:20
bactcantstanya: I think he means, while the port is supplying video it won't be able to act as an ordinary usb port23:22
bactin one video there is a dev using the devices screen as a trackpad23:23
bactand you could use bluetooth mice/keyboards23:23
cantstanyaisn't there a hub like thing for it23:23
daniel31basicly I am trying to shop around to buy my way into the ubuntu edge experience because I dont want to have to upgrade my phone in 6 months when the first ubuntu touch phones start coming out..23:23
daniel31bact: bluetooth, that's a good point..23:24
daniel31I need to buy a new phone now, but I want it to be future-proofed with regards to ubuntu touch or (better with current generation) u4a23:26
daniel31is this a hopeless endevour?23:26
bactI think the nexus 5 is a safe bet23:26
daniel31yeah, I think you might be right abotu that bact..23:26
daniel31I just keep on getting distracted by silly things like this: http://www.asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/PadFone_Infinity/. Normally I would never consider it. but with ubuntu touch right around the corner..23:27
bactubuntu touch is hardly around the corner23:27
daniel31you reckon? I thought the first shipping devices were a few months away..23:27
bactpeople come in here all the time asking for desktop mode etas and they get back.. like ubuntu 1623:28
bactbecause they want to use unity8 or something23:28
bactI'm not sure23:28
daniel31I see23:28
bactI think it's far off23:29
daniel31I guess one reason people think its closer than that is because shuttleworth was demoing desktop mode u4a (which many people including me would settle with for now) back in november..23:30
bactbut then edge never happened23:31
daniel31le sigh23:31
daniel31he did seem to imply the only thing holding it back was phone specs..23:31
daniel31well thanks for your help bact, you've been most enlightening. I was hoping to get a cheapo chinese android but I guess that may not be an option just now.23:36
bactdefinitely don't do that23:37
bactthose devices with the mediatek chips never get updated versions of android23:37
daniel31yeah and at the very least if I cant go ubuntu on it I would want cyanogen..23:38
bactI mean, go for a oppo device for sure23:38
bactI think even meizu is partnering with canonical23:38
daniel31the problem with oppo is their latest model is just too damn big. I'm not aware they do smaller ones..?23:38
bactI believe their parent company owns a sort of oppo spinoff which just launched a 'one plus one' phone23:39
bactthat might be smaller23:39
daniel31haha yeah you're right. I entered into oneplus' competition last week (you cant purchase them at retail yet). something about smashing your current phone in interesting ways. I lawfully purchased an iphone on ebay several years ago and have been a loyal and faithful apple user since then. then out of the blue apple decided to remotely lock the phone. I call that vandlism personally. there are many ways I would smash it right now. unfortunately I dont t23:41
bactI found that competition quite disgusting actually23:42
bactit's so dangerous to tell consumers to actualy crush their phones23:42
bactthe batteries could explode23:42
daniel31yes, there is that aspect true..23:42
bactplus, so wasteful23:42
daniel31yes, that too23:42
bactiic I think they backtracked on the smashing part23:43
bactthey want you to donate them to medic mobile instead23:44
daniel31I see. Well I have a few mobiles lying around I can donate to them which would be more use than the old iphone thats for sure..23:45
bactI think its likely we'll see a meizu ubuntu touch phone soon23:45
daniel31do u know how soon?23:45
bactthey were demoing it in february23:46
daniel31and you dont reckon it'll have desktop mode when its shipping?23:49
bactwho knows23:49
daniel31well I still am not much closer to deciding because for £150 I can get a high-specced rugged android but with not much chance I guess of cyanogenmod and even less chance of u4a/ubuntu touch :-S23:53
bactwhich phone is that?23:53
daniel31like 100 of them: http://www.chinavasion.com/search?q=rugged23:54
daniel31to be honest atm I am really undecided between that, waiting a bit as you say for the first ubuntu touches, or getting a nexus.. really could go either way..23:54
bactAll I can say is.. don't ever ever ever buy a mediatek23:55
daniel31thanks I'll keep that in mind lol23:56
bactand those are mediateks23:56
daniel31are they? ah.23:56
bactyou could probably get a second half nexus 4 for under £15023:57
bactthe first one I looked at didn't list the cpu but the £150 one listed MTK6577 which is a mediatek soc23:57
daniel31price isnt nessesarily an issue. I'm all about the bargain, but I am also happy to plunk down for a nexus 5 if I'll be looking at hopefully running desktop mode ubuntu off of it.. like an investment in my next desktop lol23:58
daniel31lol I figured23:58
bactwell, sure it may be cheap now, but 6 months down the line you'll maybe be wanting the next shiny version of android23:58
bactthe nexus 5 is high spec'd enough to last you a long while23:59
daniel31makes sense, yeah. if I dont break it before then. this is one problem with shuttleworth's convergent vision :-P23:59

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