popeypenguin42: yeah, can do00:09
popeyali1234: irc ops team, dunno who runs the log server though00:10
popeypenguin42: I'm convinced it's chrome00:10
popeybut the web browser shouldn't be able to take down the entire stack.00:10
popeypenguin42: alt-sysrq works, ping responds, nothing else does, i left an ssh running last night but it just timed out when the box became unresponsive00:11
popeywill leave a vmstat running tonight00:11
penguin42popey: Yeh, the vmstat should show if it swaps itself to death, which is the only thing chrome should be able to do to be nasty00:13
popeyI suspect GPU killing stuff00:13
popeynot swapping00:13
popeyI cannot believe 8 tabs will cause swap on 16GB machine00:14
penguin42yeh I'd agree with GPU, and chrome might easily do something different to it00:14
* popey ssh's in and runs "vmstat 5 | tee -a ~/vmstat.log" in byobu00:15
popeythat way if ssh drops out it will still be running00:15
penguin42popey: netconsole is worth a try, if alt-sysrq responds then the kernel isn't entirely dead, and netconsole could get you log messages00:16
popeynetconsole looked complicated ☻00:16
daftykinsheh you guys ever encountered programs that scan a filesystem quicker when minimised due to not needing to show the file path progress? XD00:16
penguin42popey: Yeh, only for bugs that don't respond to being shouted at00:17
popeyalso file transfer gonig faster when minimised00:17
popeyrsyncing a directory full of tiny files00:17
daftykinsalmost suggests a blocking progress bar00:17
penguin42you get dumb things like guis that force a refresh on each file, so that with lots of files it redraws everytime00:18
popeyhello compiz!00:18
popeyclearing out disk space...00:21
popeyVID_20140305_171330.mp4 which is a video of daftykins cycling along the path00:22
popey\o/ 6G freed up00:22
daftykinsshould get my disks and enclosure this week00:25
daftykinsi'm torn because i know now would be the ideal time to jump ship from my current NTFS array00:25
daftykinsanyone had any experience with some good HDD burn-in methodology?00:27
popeywhoohoo, deleted another 15G of crap00:27
popey/home/alan/.Private  224G  195G   29G  88% /home/alan00:27
popeymuch better00:27
penguin42yeh copy your critical data to the drives, get comfortable that they're stable, and then turn the other system off - then it'll fail if it's going to00:27
daftykinsmm but last build i did i had a disk or two die pretty early on00:28
daftykinswhich was quite a shock given they were/are RAID edition ones from WD00:29
daftykinsgranted the RAID5 build process on a 3ware works them out by going through everything first time, but i could probably do with hitting them a little harder00:29
penguin42I think the RAID edition stuff is primarily to do with thermal recal times and longgevity, not young death00:29
daftykinslast time was controller to controller, this time it'll be unit to unit on the same card00:29
daftykinsnot sure i follow?00:30
penguin42daftykins: OK what is a 'RAID edition' ?00:30
daftykinsa specific subtype of WD hard disks certified for higher MTBF00:31
daftykinsthey have 5 year warranties typically00:31
penguin42are you sure it's primarily about higher MTBF?00:31
penguin42I'm just saying that there are other things that are desirable for a RAID00:32
daftykinshmm, not really - more so just certified for 24/7 operation00:32
penguin42daftykins: There are some things in drive firmware that some of the drives that claim being good for a RAID do differently; in particular limiting the length of time they retry on a soft error00:33
daftykinssounds like that TLER function00:33
* penguin42 googles - yes00:34
popeyBed. Nn00:34
daftykinsi should really do some reading before i set this one up00:34
daftykinsmay be some functions in the firmware that are advised against or what not00:35
penguin42daftykins: also I'm not sure that better lifetime is anymore of a prediction of whether a drive will fail in it's very early life00:35
daftykinssure, but i hadn't ever had new disks pop so soon before :)00:36
daftykinsit's funny that i'm upgrading but yet again i'll actually be reducing power consumption00:37
penguin42daftykins: sometimes you do get bad ones, maybe they had a rough ride somewhere between the factory and your desk, who knows00:37
maps|wrkeveryone off work tomorrow i take it?01:00
daftykinsseems so01:12
KrenairIs gedit broken on 14.04?01:17
KrenairOn my laptop everything on each menu is disabled01:18
Krenair... I was about to say all of it's menus are gone missing entirely on my desktop, but seems that applies to all programs I have open :|01:19
KrenairAlso on my desktop I can no longer click on the icon in the top right to get to system settings/shut down/lock/etc.01:23
NykyrianI'm in need of some help01:28
daftykinsKrenair: you really ask at the worst times :)01:29
NykyrianOh really?01:29
daftykinsNykyrian: oh but it's 2:30am... consider here or #ubuntu01:29
Krenairyeah I know :/01:29
Krenairthink I'll just try restarting01:29
NykyrianOh wow, I'm in California01:29
Nykyrianit's 6:30 pm01:30
daftykinsKrenair: backup your data and clean install, your install was really busted the other night :)01:30
daftykinsNykyrian: how come you came into a UK channel then? :)01:30
NykyrianNo one in usa01:30
daftykins#ubuntu is 24/701:30
daftykinsanywho must sleep, nn \o01:31
daftykinsmaps|wrk: have a good shift01:31
maps|wrkcya daftykins01:33
maps|wrkKrenair: fixed?01:34
Krenairmaps|wrk, well the issue on my desktop is gone01:35
Krenair(I simply restarted that)01:35
Krenairlaptop's gedit is still broken01:35
maps|wrkwhat about removing gedit and try reinstalling01:36
KrenairThe following packages will be REMOVED01:39
Krenair  gedit ubuntu-desktop01:39
KrenairThat doesn't look like what I want to do01:39
Krenairmaps|wrk, how do you remove gedit without touching anything else?01:39
maps|wrkah not sure :(01:39
maps|wrklets see01:39
maps|wrkIf the user is experiencing problems with gedit, it may be preferable to first reset the user's preferences by removing the user's .config/gedit folder rather than attempting to remove the entire application and the ubuntu-desktop metapackage. Learn more about Ubuntu's MetaPackages.01:41
Krenairmaps|wrk, ran "mv .config/gedit .config/gedit_old"01:41
Krenairopened gedit, same issue01:42
maps|wrkcan u take a screenshot of it01:56
Krenairnot easily01:56
Krenairtaking a screenshot closes the menu01:56
Krenairoh, I can delay the screenshot. one sec01:57
Krenairmaps|wrk, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10971457/Gedit%20menus%20disabled.png01:59
maps|wrkah no02:00
ali1234what's actually wrong?02:00
maps|wrkApplication Blocked  Access to the application you were trying to use has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is in error.02:00
ali1234all menus are disabled?02:00
ali1234try disabling global menus02:00
ali1234quit all gedit windows, open shell, run the following command:02:01
ali1234UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=no gedit02:01
ali1234gedit menus should be inside the window like in a normal desktop02:01
ali1234see if they now work02:01
ali1234although this might cause gedit to go into "funky gnome shell mode" in which case something else might happen to the menus, but in any case, they won't be in the top panel, and they might start working02:02
ali1234Krenair: ^02:02
ali1234also you might need to run "unset UBUNTU_MENUPROXY; gedit"02:03
ali1234i'm not sure how the variable is handled internally02:03
ali1234or possibly "UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 gedit"02:04
Krenairali1234, yep, they work with UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=no set02:04
ali1234good. so you've found a bug in ubuntu's global menu02:05
ali1234do you have ubuntu-gnome installed?02:06
ali1234this sounds like bug 127788802:06
lubotu3bug 1277888 in Ubuntu GNOME "In most apps all menu items are gray / unclickable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127788802:06
Krenairali1234, aptitude says it can't find that package02:07
Krenairso no02:07
ali1234it isn't a package, but in any case, you'd know if you had it02:08
ali1234perhaps you have the affected library installed without having all the whole ubuntu-gnome02:08
ali1234any PPAs?02:09
KrenairFor some reason I don't get this issue on LibreOffice (the example in that bug you linked), just gedit02:09
ali1234hmm... well, sublte variation on the same thing02:10
ali1234did you upgrade or clean install?02:12
Krenair(very very unclean upgrade. as in the system was unbootable for a while until daftykins helped out)02:13
ali1234any idea why that happened?02:13
KrenairSome failure part way through the process, then recovery mode insisted on running fsck before doing anything02:15
Krenairbut fsck just got stuck02:15
ali1234so my recommendation is to disable all PPAs and verify all repository information02:15
Krenairsome other issues which I forget, but I ended up completing the update by mounting the drive from a live cd and running the package manager under chroot02:16
ali1234it may be easier to just do a clean install02:16
Krenairthen I could boot and finish updating some remaining bits02:16
KrenairEnded up with a few issues - two lock screens (fixed by removing gnome-screensaver), gedit menus disabled, weird white box around the login prompt, weird white box on the alternative clocks below the calendar02:17
ali1234right, it sounds very much like you have some bits of ubuntu-gnome installed that you shouldn't have02:17
ali1234so at this point a reinstall is almost certainly going to be easier, but if you want i'll walk you through verification steps02:20
KrenairFor relatively minor issues like these I'd prefer to avoid reinstalling...02:21
ali1234well, okay, first step: check if there are any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:21
Krenairfew things e.g. dropbox, chrome, google-talkplugin, steam...02:23
Krenairnothing mentioning gnome02:23
ali1234okay, next step, sanity check /etc/apt/sources.list02:24
ali1234every line should say "trusty" and not "saucy" or "raring" or anything like that02:24
Krenaireverything in there is for trusty, except some commented lines02:24
ali1234what do the commented lines say?02:25
Krenairoptional lines for Canonical's 'partner' repository02:25
ali1234okay, that's fine02:26
Krenairwasn't enabled beforehand so wasn't touched by the upgrade process02:26
ali1234right, next step: sudo apt-get install apt-show-sources02:26
ali1234sorry, apt-show-versions02:26
Krenairone thing disabled on upgrade to trusty: mariadb repo for precise02:26
ali1234did you go 12.04 -> 14.04?02:26
Krenairno... hm, what?02:27
ali1234precise to trusty02:28
Krenairwhy did I have a precise repo listed while I was on saucy?02:28
ali1234i don't know02:28
ali1234what was the first version you installed?02:28
KrenairPretty sure it was saucy on this machine02:28
ali1234sometimes you just have to use the old PPAs because they don't get updated02:29
Krenairyeah, was probably that02:29
Krenairokay, I have apt-show-versions02:30
ali1234so now "sudo apt-get update" if you haven't recently02:30
ali1234then apt-show-versions | grep 'No available version'02:31
ali1234apt-show-versions | grep 'No available version' | pastebinit02:31
ali1234and then post the link02:31
ali1234hmm..... no smoking guns in there unfortunately02:34
ali1234maybe we're overlooking something obvious here. have you tried creating a new user account, and logging in with that user?02:37
Krenairali1234, made a new user, logged in, same issues02:40
ali1234okay, well here's the next step, but it will take ages02:41
maps|wrkhave you tried the forums?02:41
maps|wrkoften find someone else had same issue and theres help on there02:41
ali1234i googled it, found not very much02:41
ali1234except that this happens if you have the wrong gtk version02:42
ali1234so anyway: sudo apt-get install debsums02:42
ali1234sudo debsums | grep -v OK02:42
ali1234this will take ages. it will verify that the installed files in the filesystem actually match what is inside the debs02:42
ali1234if it outputs nothing then all is OK02:43
ali1234of course there's always a chance that you have extra, untracked files... but that's the next step02:44
maps|wrkhmm has he gone02:50
ali1234probably it is taking ages like i said...02:50
ali1234it's going to md5sum pretty much every file02:51
ali1234won't be fast on a laptop02:51
Krenairam still here02:53
ali1234takes about 30 seconds on a quad core system with SSD and 16GB RAM02:53
Krenairoh, looks like it finished02:53
Krenairlists 'FAILED' next to /boot/vmlinuz-3.11.0-12-generic02:54
ali1234huh, that's *really* fishy02:54
Krenaircouldn't open some files due to too many levels of symlinks02:54
ali1234that is also really fishy02:54
Krenairbut that's it02:54
ali1234can you pastebin the output please?02:54
ali1234hmm. just some sendmail junk. not harmful at all. vmlinuz is a bit more suspicious02:57
ali1234what does uname -a say?02:57
KrenairLinux alex-laptop 3.11.0-20-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 1 20:40:25 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:57
ali1234hmm, well that's wrong for starters02:57
ali1234but it isn't the broken one02:58
ali1234unless the filename is wrong02:58
ali1234trusty should get you 3.13.0-8-generic #28-Ubuntu02:58
Krenairali1234, wow, I just checked the software updater. A lot of packages to update...03:00
ali1234hmm.................. well update them!03:00
KrenairI thought it was all done :/03:01
ali1234if you interrupted the install, it probably still has to install loads of packages03:01
ali1234i assumed you'd already done this ...03:01
ali1234thi is almost certainly the problem03:01
ali1234although to be fair the "apt-check-versions" step was supposed to check this, but i guess it doesn't work quite how i thought03:02
ali1234interrupted upgrades can also put you into a "partial update" situation, where not all updates can be installed in one go03:03
ali1234that's probably what happened here03:04
Krenairali1234, I thought I had done this too.03:04
Krenairali1234, yeah everything seems fixed03:36
Krenairalthough I am getting the odd 'System program problem detected' dialog03:37
ali1234it can mean things crashed in the past and the report is still in /var/crash03:37
ali1234and if it is huge it will never upload properly and just keep showing the error03:37
Krenairso rm the file in /var/crash and see if it still happens?03:38
ali1234if it keeps on doing it for the same program, yeah03:39
ali1234or if there's loads of old crashes in there03:39
Krenairhmm... seems okay now03:40
Krenairthanks ali123403:40
ali1234cool. i'm going to bed then03:40
shaunoI thought it was meant to be May :/  miserable out there05:18
mappits sunny here06:00
mappbit cold though06:00
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=== Richard is now known as Guest71016
Guest71016hi I am having a problem with M compaq presario V400008:10
Guest71016it say that hardware switch is disabled08:10
Guest71016so I have no wifi08:10
Richard_hi I am having a problem with My compaq presario V4000 it say that hardware switch is disabled so I have no wifi08:17
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
jussiRichard_: does your machine have a wifi switch? have you tried changing its position?08:20
Richard_yes i have tried that still the same08:21
Richard_i have also tryed to enabled it by boting from a cd08:22
Richard_and reset the bios to default08:22
jussiIve heard some need the windws driver to reset the firmware or so, b ut no idea if that applies to you...08:23
Richard_it is a serious bug in the ubuntu kernel08:24
Richard_a lots of people are having this hardware switch disabled08:24
jussiRichard_: Ive no idea to be honest where the bug is. most likely with the manufacturer not makingg certain specifiactions available08:25
Richard_it must be a way to enable the wifi or Ubuntu become useless on a lots os machine08:27
Richard_well i guess I will have to try linux mint to see if it recognise the wifi08:29
foobarrytheres an askubuntu article about this09:11
foobarrywhat is the wifi card Richard_09:13
Richard_how do I found out09:26
Richard_how would i know whatis my wifi card09:27
popeyRichard_: does "rfkill list" show the wifi as blocked?09:28
Richard_here it is09:30
Richard_0: phy0: Wireless LAN09:30
Richard_Soft blocked: no09:30
Richard_Hard blocked: yes09:30
popeyseen that?09:31
popeyhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/151098/wi-fi-doesnt-work-hard-blocked also09:31
Richard_ok thk you, hold on i am trying the steps09:34
Richard_ok I have done the steps, i am rebooting to see if it work09:38
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:06
=== Richard is now known as Guest68048
Guest68048ok ihave done all the steps in http://askubuntu.com/questions/151098/wi-fi-doesnt-work-hard-blocked10:24
Guest68048Richard   and still hadware switch disabled10:25
Guest68048so no wifi10:25
Guest68048anyone has a solution10:25
Guest68048wifi is disabled by hardware switch10:26
DJonesHmmh, Different Dave Walker, but seems relevant http://davewalker.cc/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/my-various-hammers-1024x822.gif10:28
Guest68048ok is there a solution i am so fuming for the last three days i am trying to solve this10:32
Guest68048and frankly i have enough10:32
Guest68048maybe i should go back to windows10:32
directhexand that is broadcom's gift to linux.10:34
MooDooit's all soooo quiet shhhhh sshhhhhh12:14
* nigelb plays Gangam Style to make some noise12:15
Richard_Richard       hi I am having a problem with My compaq presario V4000 it say that hardware switch is disabled so I have no wifi12:45
Richard_I still have problem with this12:46
Richard_is there anyone on this channel12:46
brobostigonbe patient, if someone can help, they will answer.12:47
directhexRichard_, what did you try *exactly*?12:50
Richard_I have reset the bios to original defult setting, then I have done rfkill list, rfkill unblock 0 and 112:51
Richard_then Ihave restarted with the cd, and enabled networking still the same12:52
Richard_deos it have to do with this  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216202612:53
Richard_Realtek RTL8188EE Laptop Wi-Fi12:53
directhexRichard_, to confirm, it's a 2005-era laptop with Intel wireless?12:59
Richard_do you have a bin i can paste the info13:02
directhexum... paste.ubuntu.com?13:05
directhexor literally any pastebin on the internet13:05
Richard_ok here is the result13:05
directhexright, so intel 220013:06
directhexi think i need to see all of dmesg. you should be able to run "dmesg | pastebinit" to automatically throw it online13:10
directhexi don't see a physical wifi disable switch on the side of that model, but there may be a Fn-key combination with a little antenna on it. let me find a photo of the keyboard13:12
Richard_ok hold on13:12
Richard_no actualy there is no combination key, but i have a wifi button13:13
directhexon the plastic, above the keyboard, to the left of the power button13:13
Richard_i have tryed without success13:13
Richard_yes i have tryed that13:13
directhexokay, the dmesg output should be informative13:13
Richard_well it say that E: Unable to locate package dmesg13:15
directhex... what on EARTH are you typing?13:15
Richard_dmesg | pastebinit13:16
directhexmmmmm, no. your error wouldn't come from that13:16
directhexthat's an error from apt-get13:16
Richard_when i typed that dmesg | pastebinit  it say that i should try with sudo pat-get13:17
directhexsudo apt-get install pastebinit13:18
Richard_this is the info i get13:18
Richard_ok let me try that13:18
Richard_ahhh it is installing13:19
Richard_ok it has finish13:19
directhexnow actually run dmesg | pastebinit13:20
Richard_thk you for your help much appreciated13:20
Richard_ok hold on13:20
Richard_yes here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/7398655/13:20
directhex[   20.786447] ipw2200: Radio Frequency Kill Switch is On:13:21
directhex[   20.786447] Kill switch must be turned off for wireless networking to work.13:21
jussiseriously, whose idea was this one... http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-birmingham-27275300 ?13:22
directhexit really really believes that you've hardware-disabled wireless13:22
Richard_sorry guys i am lost13:23
Richard_i am not an ubuntu expert so go easy on me13:24
robotninjajussi, a swimming pool the colour of urine in honour of Wolves? My dad (a life-long West Brom fan) would be crying with laughter at that, thanks for the link :)13:24
directhexRichard_, your BIOS is telling ubuntu that you have disabled wifi13:24
jussirobotninja: Im sure he will. :D and you are most welcome!13:24
Richard_ok so how would I re enable it13:24
directhexRichard_, typically this is a BIOS bug. is there an updated BIOS available?13:25
Richard_by the way there is 1000 in my situation from thei nformation i GATHERED FOR THE LAST THREE DAYS13:25
Richard_well i do I update my bios from ubuntu13:25
Richard_because it works on windows13:26
Richard_i read that it is a bug with the NDISWrapper13:26
directhexno, it isn't13:26
Richard_ohh ok13:26
directhexyou're not using NDISwrapper (a layer to load a windows wireless driver in linux)13:26
directhexyou're using ipw2200, the official intel wireless driver written by intel13:27
Richard_ohh ok !!13:27
Richard_is there anyway i can try to spgrade or update my bios13:27
directhexcheck the compaq site.13:28
directhexit's not uncommon for BIOS issues to not manifest on windows, due to workarounds - for example when my laptop was first released, the brightness control didn't work in linux, until i did a BIOS update13:28
Richard_yes actualy i have this brigtness problem on my hp 6245 laptop with lubuntu on it13:29
directhexa lot of laptop companies are TERRIBLE at writing BIOSes13:29
Richard_ok let me check if compaq can help13:29
Richard_Ithink that I might have found a solution for the problem13:59
directhexyour laptop has Intel 2200BG wireless14:01
directhexinstalling a driver for a Broadcom wireless chip is not going to work14:01
* p42phone waits for this train to go some where14:16
Richard_ohh ok so what do i need to do14:17
Richard_i have find this answer from the ubuntu forum14:19
Richard_No, you cannot. To sort of disable it you can phsically block or remove the hardware switch. There is no way to override the hardware disable button if rfkill shows hard blocked that is feasible for most people.14:19
Richard_When you unblock it, if it gets stuck in some inconsistent state your best bet is to:14:19
Richard_sudo modprobe -r iwl3945 && sudo modprobe iwl394514:19
Richard_I have an hpdv7 and the wireless a)uses the same driver and b)hardware toggle works for me.14:19
Richard_can i remove the hardware switch or de install it14:20
Richard_i do not need it because i have the button to switch on and off my wifi14:20
directhexthat *IS* the hardware switch14:23
Richard_yes can i remove it or de install it?14:24
Richard_ohh i see14:24
Richard_so my only solution is bios flash, can i use flashrom14:25
directhexhave you found a newer BIOS?14:26
Richard_still looking14:32
Richard_yes i have it14:35
Richard_but is  the bios for xp os14:36
Richard_which was install on the laptop before14:36
Richard_it is a winflash containing the bios for my laptop model from HP website14:38
Richard_ richard14:59
SuperEngineerJust been trying 14.04 on test partition.  A lot a like. Alot prohibits me from moving away from 12.0416:00
SuperEngineer[like over 50% of apps I'm adding fail]16:01
SuperEngineeroh well, ho hum... knew I should have taken time off to test it beefore release ;)16:01
daftykinswhat kinds of fails are they?16:01
* SuperEngineer still loves 12.04 to keep as main desktop for now... will try 14.04 again with fresh install16:02
SuperEngineer[at some time later in my 2 weeks off]... ooops did I just make anyone jealous by that "2 weeks off" bit?  ;)16:03
SuperEngineerdaftykins: choose an app in software centre... ends with package install failed :(  synaptic showing no errors.16:05
daftykinshow rude!16:06
SuperEngineertoo many tried to report bugs now... need to narrow it down to *what* is the cause [rather than report un-needed bugs for a lot of apps]16:06
SuperEngineer- it's obviously something wrong at a "higher" leel16:07
p42phoneSuper engineer: back to the code face for me after a bit more than a weekoff16:07
* SuperEngineer hugs 12.04 partition16:07
SuperEngineerp42phone: I'll try to keep you in mind while Ienjoy me next 2 weeks.... NOT!16:08
p42phoneBah, still been a nice rest16:09
SuperEngineer[probably bettere for you than mine will be - mine is 2 weeks sick leave [post-op on knee]16:10
daftykinsold injury?16:10
SuperEngineerdaftykins: years & tyears & years of knee damage... too many incidents of damage to one knee for surgeon to put in box  marked "specific cause".  ;)16:11
p42phoneSuperEngineer: good luck with the op, getting cyborged?16:11
SuperEngineerlet's just say life has been full, interesting & [mostly] rewarding16:12
daftykinsmight we have to consider you SuperDuperEngineer now if you've been upgraded?16:13
SuperEngineerop done 4 days ago - 2 days og great pain after - things now getting better  [been checking for any signs of Cyborg implants ever since... none found]16:14
SuperEngineer...but I do seem to have an annoying habit of stopping conversations half way and telling people...16:14
SuperEngineer"you will be assimilated"16:14
shaunoI guess you'd need bupa to get borg nanoprobes :/16:15
SuperEngineer...but that's ok isn't it?16:15
SuperEngineerIt was BUPA.16:15
daftykinsi just heard the Doctor's voice from Deus Ex 116:16
SuperEngineerHigh recommendations for the food as well... thinking of the hospital via kickstarter & opening a restaurant there16:17
SuperEngineer*of buying16:17
SuperEngineerdaftykins:  History of the doc on beeb3 tonight [repeat of course]16:18
daftykinsas in, Who? i don't watch that16:18
* daftykins ducks in preparation16:18
daftykinsdiddledan: hi sir o/16:18
shaunolol, sure, wake dan up - that's a rather cunning distraction16:19
* SuperEngineer sends daftykins loads of virtual Dr Who theme tune hummings16:19
diddledanoo wee ooo16:20
daftykinsshauno: 8D16:21
daftykinsshauno: spares me getting burnt at the stake as a non-Whovian16:21
SuperEngineerYou will be assimilated!  [ooops - sorry] ;)16:27
daftykinsno, you're Richard!16:40
Richard_Richard Hi  i have removed the wifi card and plugged a belin wifi usb and it work but ikeep loosing the connection16:41
daftykinsi see, which version of ubuntu is this?16:42
SuperEngineerRichard_: you are not the only one here... there appears to be a few others... perhaps explaining this morning might help16:43
Richard_Ubuntu 13.1016:43
Richard_ohh boy, well it is all about wifi hadware switch is disabled16:45
Richard_i have tried everything and i start to give up, maybe linux mint will work??16:46
daftykinsyou're certainly welcome to try any distro you like16:46
daftykinswhat claims the hardware switch is disabled exactly?16:46
SuperEngineerwifi hard blocked - wifi soft switch not blocked if I recall correctly?16:47
SuperEngineerI forget the command that was used16:47
Richard_yes wifi had block16:47
SuperEngineer[it was beyond me - so I did not join in]16:48
Richard_rfkill list16:49
daftykinshmm i've heard that one before but i don't know what causes it16:49
Richard_sorry  rfkill list all16:49
Richard_well i guess that is going to drive a lot of people of ubuntu16:52
Alex______I am using a Wifi which is a bit slow so please bear with me .16:52
neurowhat's happenin', dudes?16:54
Richard_well hardware swith is disabled16:54
Richard_and drive me crazy16:54
Richard_has no wifi16:54
daftykinsRichard_: i sincerely doubt that your one issue is going to stop hundreds of people from using an OS, no offence16:54
Alex______I am an ubuntu 12.04 user. Once I updated my software and my WIFI isn't working since then.16:54
Alex______What should I doo???16:54
neurobuy a mac16:55
neuroI'M KIDDING16:55
SuperEngineerRichard_: sudo-threats do not work here. You have already found another distro didn't help... and another method [different hardware].  Have you tried your google-fu to solve this?  Have you looked in Ubuntu Forums / Ask Ubuntu / manufacturers comments [etc. etc.]16:55
Richard_ihave tried ubuntu forum. not ubuntu manufacturers comment16:56
penguin42Alex______: It doesn't work at all - do you get any error or indications ?16:56
neuroSuperEngineer: yay, monday evening shenanigans!16:57
neurohow many laptops have hardware switches for radios these days anyway?16:57
* penguin42 thinks his thinkpad still does16:58
daftykinsevery one i've owned16:59
neuroi like the way you say "still"16:59
neuroas though it might run off one day16:59
penguin42neuro: It might!16:59
neurohmm, a compaq laptop user, eh?16:59
Alex______I have no Wireless option. I am now using a wired network. I tried to get updates. It got downloaded but it is unable to install.17:00
Alex______Firmware for Linux kernal drivers.17:01
daftykins!paste | Alex______17:01
lubotu3Alex______: Pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)17:01
daftykinswould you like to share the error?17:01
Alex______I am unable to install it.17:01
neurohmmm, walkers have a weird idea of what constitutes "meaty" crisps in a multipack ... cheese and onion?  meaty?17:02
SuperEngineerneuro - no the labelling was referring to cheese & chive crips!17:03
neurono cheese & chive in here17:03
SuperEngineermmmm........ meeeeeeeat.17:03
diddledanneuro, you need a cow to make the cheese17:03
neuroprawn cocktail, cheese and bacon, cheese and onion, smokey bacon and roast chicken17:03
neuroyeah but that doesn't count :)17:04
neurothat's like saying eggs are meat cos you need a chicken to make it17:04
diddledanprawn isn't exactly "meat" either. it's fish or crustacean17:04
penguin42neuro: No, you need an egg to make the chicken17:04
neuropenguin42: no, you need a chicken to make the egg17:04
Alex______Is it only for UK folks??17:04
neuroAlex______: technically yeah, but paste the error as advised and maybe someone will be able to help17:05
daftykinsif you're a real devil you can use paste.ubuntu.com17:05
penguin42Alex______: Don't worry, we're friendly17:05
daftykinswell, me and penguin42 are17:05
* diddledan eyes penguin42 .. speak for yourself!17:05
SuperEngineerYou will be assimilated!  [ooops - sorry] ;)17:05
neuroresistance is few-tile17:06
diddledanneuro, my bathroom has that problem17:06
* penguin42 guesses that's SueprEngineer's new knee-jerk reaction17:06
neurosomething you're not telling us SuperEngineer?17:06
SuperEngineer[or laugh my family friendly channel off]17:07
diddledanhi sue</squeaky voice>17:07
diddledanis that a new chant17:07
SuperEngineerneuro: I have developed an interesting / curious /worrying Cyborg reflex since an op17:07
diddledanneur.. o! neur.. o!17:08
neuroI say "no", you say "survivors"17:08
neuroyou all suck :)17:08
SuperEngineerbut we are not sheep!17:09
Alex______hey how to I install a driver?17:09
diddledanAlex______, most "drivers" come inbuilt17:09
neuroand come with instructions17:09
Alex______My wifi drivers lost!!17:10
penguin42Alex______: Go back a few steps17:10
penguin42Alex______: When was it working, what did you do which made is stop working?17:10
Alex______Updated my OS.17:10
penguin42Alex______: Still on 12.04 or you tried to update from/to something elsE?17:11
SuperEngineerAlex______: from... to...17:11
Alex______I had 12.04. I just updated available updates from update manager.17:12
penguin42Alex______: OK, so if you boot and select the previous kernel does it help?17:12
Alex______My WIFI and AMD graphics is not working.17:12
Alex______How do I do that??17:12
penguin42Alex______: When you boot it should give you a menu , and I think it's an advanced option lets you choose the previous version17:13
Alex______I am planning to upgrade it to the latest Trusty Tahr.17:13
penguin42Alex______: OK, well that may or may not fix your problem17:14
SuperEngineerAlex______: when you turn on machine do yopu get a selection of what to boot... if not - please press [shift] on reboot once the POST disappears17:14
Alex______But I have Downloaded the driver and am unable to install it.17:14
SuperEngineerpenguin42: Grub actually gives an option srtarting with the word "Previous"17:14
penguin42SuperEngineer: Ah that's easier17:15
Alex______Only if I could install it I think the error would be solved17:15
SuperEngineerAlex______: have you considered a hardware failure?17:15
penguin42Alex______: It's best not to fight drivers unless you exhaust all other otpions17:15
penguin42Alex______: This stuff should just work in Ubuntu, you shouldn't need to download drivers/firmware outside of the ubuntu packages - sometimes you have to but lets see first17:16
Alex______So what is the best option to do??17:16
penguin42Alex______: Try the previous kernel as me and SuperEngineer suggested - see if that gets you going17:16
Alex______Guide me step-by-step17:17
MooDoohello all17:21
Alex______Hello please help17:21
penguin42Hey Popey17:23
SuperEngineerAlex______: when you turn on machine do yopu get a selection of what to boot... if not - please press [shift] on reboot once the POST [memory info etc.] disappears17:23
popeypenguin42: didnt crash last night ⍨17:23
penguin42popey: such is life17:23
Alex______okay then?17:24
penguin42popey: Does it crash while you're using it or only when idle or both?17:24
SuperEngineerdo you now see a selection list / a "menu" titled GRUB or anything>17:24
SuperEngineerAlex______: : ^17:25
popeypenguin42: both17:25
Alex______I am chatting on my laptop.17:26
penguin42popey: Nod17:27
penguin42popey: Have you considered the possibility it just crashes when it feels mean?17:27
Alex______But if you hold on I can try all the procedures you say.17:27
Alex______Will it crash??17:27
* daftykins memtests popey17:28
SuperEngineerAlex______: thank you the privilege of waiting to help you - I feel soooo honoured.17:28
popeydaftykins: good idea.17:28
* popey reboots to memtest for the lols17:28
daftykinspopey: is it a particularly exotic setup? or just a misbehaving one?17:29
* SuperEngineer looks for "this bloke is a troll" button17:30
daftykinsSuperEngineer: i had my same concerns17:30
popeyhuh, well thats odd17:31
popeycant get the grub menu to appear17:31
daftykinshow rare!17:31
popey\o/ other shift key17:32
popeydaftykins: no, nothing exotic. Lenovo X220 with 16GB RAM, 2xSSD..17:32
popeyin a docking station most of the time.17:32
daftykinsnice spec :O17:33
popeyi7 Sandybridge17:34
popeywill leave it running memtest overnight, just to eliminate that, good suggestion, thanks17:34
daftykinsmy pleasure :)17:35
Alex______How do I install it?/17:36
daftykinsAlex______: you mentioned upgrading to trusty... why don't you backup your data and do a clean install of that before going further?17:38
penguin42hmm, we seem to have a regular fox - always about 3am17:39
SuperEngineerThe fox will be assimilated!  [ooops - sorry] ;)17:42
Alex______But I can upgrade it only through WIFI.17:44
Alex______SO I am planning to first install the driver and then Upgrade it.17:44
Alex______The 1st:http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=30920517:47
daftykinsAlex______: wired works? so place it beside the router temporarily?17:47
Alex______The 2nd:http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=30920617:47
Alex______What should I do ??17:47
daftykinscan you open the details of that and paste it to us via paste.ubuntu.com ?17:48
* SuperEngineer closes & restarts IRC to activate new addition to ignore list17:48
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popeyoh my gosh18:04
popeythat looks lovely18:04
ali1234is there a UK version?18:05
daftykinslooks like it's almost trying to be18:06
daftykinsquick two key swap and you're practically there18:06
daftykinsor not XD18:06
popeyANSI and ISO versions18:07
popeycoolermaster Novatouch18:07
popeythe font is very reminiscent of the vt10018:07
daubersSo the best way to sell something to popey is to make it look like a vt100?18:09
daftykinsdaubers sir, i'm updating the ol' 3ware array with 6 x 2TB WD Red's :O18:10
daubers /o\18:10
daftykinsdo not like?18:10
daubersLast time I played with 3ware I wasn't impressed18:11
daubersI changed jobs, so don't have much to do with RAID's anymore18:11
daftykinsguess i can't bore you with such talk anymore18:11
daftykinsthat 9650SE has done me well since 2008 though18:11
daftykinsjust my disks are out of warranty and hit 6 years spinning18:11
daftykinsnot to mention full18:12
daubersI try and keep up a bit, but I'm trying to get my head around a new bit of the industry as well now18:12
daubersIch, 6 year old drives18:12
daftykinsWD1001FYPS Re's18:12
daftykinsfunny part was i didn't want to upgrade, i just ordered a single 1TB WD Red to fix the current one - but received this: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ogvzz7615wrvwz0/yHWSmQJVfm18:13
mappsafternoon all18:48
mappsbig day today]18:48
mapps8pm est18:48
brobostigonevening mapps18:49
mappsevening mate18:49
mappshow is everyone18:50
brobostigonmapps: generally good day, and you?18:51
mappsyea not bad...excited for 2418:51
mappsdouble ep:D18:51
mappsbut il be at work so cant watch till 5am arghhh18:51
brobostigon24, oh that,18:51
mappsyou dont like it?18:52
brobostigontheres better things i would rather watch.18:52
mappsnoone cares but me?18:58
daftykinsi would, but i'm a few seasons behind and i kinda promised a lady friend i'd only watch them with her ;)18:58
mappsbest series ever19:00
daftykinsnah that's The Sopranos!19:01
mappssopranos was good i agree19:02
mappsand the wire?19:02
daftykinsstill never gotten around to19:02
mappsamateur hour19:02
daftykinsthough i was recently told season 1 was intentionally shot in crap quality, so at least now i know not to try and find a 'good version'19:02
daftykins'tis what a mate said anyway19:03
mappsi didnt know that19:03
daftykinscan't seem to find any corroboration to that19:05
mappsvicious rumours19:06
daftykinsy'know Sopranos was so ace, yet HBO have still yet to release anything besides season 1 and season 6 on bluray19:07
daftykinsit's a real shame - that's the #1 must own on my list19:07
daftykinseven though i couldn't even play them directly! :D19:07
mappsplay directly19:07
daftykinsi don't own a bluray capable device19:07
mapps1 and 6 what about in between19:08
daftykinsjust standard DVD19:08
mappsaint that strange?19:10
daftykinsnot exactly news, nor are those bullet points at the top19:13
daftykinsbut then the domain tells all19:13
dwatkinsindeed, why not just write "couple interrupted"19:23
popey53% memtest19:31
popeymemtest takes ages with 16GB RAM. who knew!?19:32
dwatkinsI tend to leave it running over night, popey.19:33
popeyyeah, i plan to19:33
popeyhere's an odd thing.19:36
popeyI use terminator19:36
popeyif I press CTRL+ALT+T it starts a "root terminal"19:37
popeythe icon in the launcher wants sudo prompt to run it19:37
brobostigonselby to win,20:05
diddledan<insert family-unfriendly humour here>21:44
diddledangolly, I'm a n0rty person21:44
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dogmatic69_I have a cifs mount which is mounting as my user. How can I make it use a different user or allow www-data to access it?22:19
daftykinsin fstab?22:20
daftykinsor are you doing it manually?22:20
daftykins-o umask=xxx,dmask=yyy are options i've seen before, might be the one?22:20
daftykinsno idea how you get those 3 digits though :D22:21
dogmatic69_I was trying with -uid=www-data according to what I see in man22:21
dogmatic69_maybe I need forceuid..22:21
diddledandogmatic69_, you can do it with either -o uid=www-data or -o gid=www-data,umask=027,dmask=02722:22
dogmatic69_027 is?22:22
diddledanthose masks are bitmask against 77722:22
diddledanso 027 will default to providing read and execute (5) privilieges to the gid of www-data (uid=)22:23
daftykinsoh it's fake apparently, ignore22:23
dogmatic69_I had, sudo mount -t cifs //server/path -o credentials=/path/to/pwd,sec=ntlm,uid=www-data -rw22:24
diddledandogmatic69_, that looks ok22:25
dogmatic69_I am getting .mount: line 6: -o: command not found22:25
diddledanif it doesn't work then maybe uid= is wrong and it should be user=?22:25
diddledanuid might require the numeric22:25
dogmatic69_man says string / id22:26
diddledan(which on debian systems for www-data is 80 iirc)22:26
dogmatic69_id -u www-data is 3322:27
diddledanmaybe it's gentoos that use 80 then22:27
dogmatic69_ok, no error with 33, but still not monted as www-data22:27
dogmatic69_seems it wont umont ether :/22:28
diddledanwhat does ls -ld show?22:29
dogmatic69_oh, its done it now22:29
dogmatic69_I thing it was just not umonted when I tried again22:29
dogmatic69_now to figure out why the site is still not working :/22:30
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
dogmatic69_with cifs mount, is it possible to have some files executable?22:53
diddledandogmatic69_, cifs can expose permissions - how is left up to the user - windows share hosts need specific ACL entries e.g.22:55
dogmatic69_well its a little NAS, not windows22:57
dogmatic69_I was reading that it can either all be execute or not, is that true?22:59
diddledanit depends on the implementation22:59
diddledancifs has a posix-compliant permissions model if it wants to use it22:59
diddledananyone know how to tell apt that a package is "installed" wihtout actually installing it?23:59

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