cmaloneyHello everyone01:00
cmaloneyI know we're in the post penguicon hangover period01:00
rick_h_party party01:01
cmaloneyBut wanted to still have our meeting even though it's mostly to highlight what happened. :)01:01
cmaloneyFirst off, thank you to everyone who came out to the Penguicon release party01:01
cmaloneyIt was awesome, and I'll be posting pics from it up online01:01
cmaloneyI hope you all had a great time01:02
cmaloneyI think 14.04 will be considered on eof the better releases.01:02
cmaloneyI gave ouot all of the discs that we had at Penguicon so if you're looking to get a disc please email me and I'll send you one of the "second stash" discs. :)01:03
cmaloneyI already have one request in01:03
cmaloneyBut yeah, thank you again to the folks who came out and the folks who wanted to be there. :)01:05
cmaloneyAny feedback on the release party?01:06
cmaloneyNo worries. If anyone has any feedback on the release party please feel free to post tot eh mailing list.01:09
cmaloneyAnd again, if you would like some DVD-Roms please send me an email.01:10
cmaloneyAnything else anyone would like to cover?01:11
mrgoodcatHi cmaloney. U aren't talking to yourself01:12
cmaloneyI'm an only child. I'm used to it. :)01:13
_stink_what was the turnout to the party?01:16
bookiebothttp://is.gd/xtRNma - Mark Shreeve (Live At Emma '94) - 'Darkness Comes' - YouTube01:16
cmaloneyNot entirely sure. Over 20 folks01:16
cmaloneybut they rotated through01:16
cmaloneyjcastro was there, which was awesome.01:18
cmaloneyas was Waldo, Krondor01:19
cmaloneyheh, I wasn't trying to foist synthpop on you all01:20
cmaloneywas lookin gfor something more like this:01:20
bookiebothttp://is.gd/lShCzA - REDSHIFT at HJ2 in UK - Excerpt 2 - YouTube01:20
cmaloneyThose racks in back are hypnotic01:22
cmaloneyAnywho, if there's nothing else I'm OK with closing the meeting for now01:22
cmaloneyThere's not a whole lot planned other than the upcoming meetings01:23
cmaloneyk, thanks everyone for coming out.01:26
* tjagoda was at the release party 03:38
tjagodasuch release, much good03:38
cmaloneyGood morning10:42
brouschcmaloney: Sorry I missed the meeting last night. I was watching Sharknado11:53
rick_h_lol, well now we know where the loco is. Below sharknado11:55
brouschI would normally watchit with a tablet in my hand, but instead I got a beer12:12
cmaloneyNot helping12:22
rick_h_wow https://twitter.com/AthertonKD/status/46306034965966028812:56
bookiebothttp://is.gd/ks4VQx - Twitter / AthertonKD: The future is strange and ...12:56
mrgoodcatrick_h_: not quite sure what was going on with that github issue. i did most of that work late at night while drinking. but I do know for sure that the issue is a real issue and exists13:16
mrgoodcatjust not sure what's causing it13:16
rick_h_mrgoodcat: which one is this? sorry lots of issues flying by lately13:32
mrgoodcatummm hang on13:32
mrgoodcatpull #451 issue #44913:32
bookiebotclosed - fixed 449 and added a test - https://github.com/bookieio/Bookie/pull/45113:32
bookiebotopen - /:username/bmarks/search/:terms appears to be broken - https://github.com/bookieio/Bookie/issues/44913:32
mrgoodcati closed the pull because after rebasing my commits i realized I had actually worked almost in a full circle back to where i started13:33
ColonelPanic001I could have done work today13:51
ColonelPanic001instead I'm trying to set up todotxt13:51
ColonelPanic001thanks, cmaloney.13:51
ColonelPanic001reeeeal productive13:51
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: You're welcome. :)13:51
brouschStep 1 of GTD: Burn this manual and just do the damn thing!13:51
cmaloneyrick_h_: That's pathetic re: the rhinos.13:52
ColonelPanic001haha, oops. The config file does not honor "~"13:52
ColonelPanic001it created /home/mike/~/Dropbox/13:52
ColonelPanic001I was so confused, couldn't find it13:52
rick_h_hah on the "thanks cmaloney"13:54
rick_h_boooo on the lack of it doing a user based abspath to figure out ~13:55
ColonelPanic001doing "rm -rf "./~" made me nervous13:56
ColonelPanic001p.s. thanks for posting the slides13:59
ColonelPanic001naturally they're in python. :P13:59
ColonelPanic001of course.13:59
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: but of course. :)14:01
cmaloneyBlame me being at Pycon a few weeks beforehand14:02
mrgoodcatColonelPanic001: same here execpt i'm doing this instead of work https://github.com/kvalle/diy-lisp14:05
bookiebothttp://is.gd/dCY3dP - kvalle/diy-lisp · GitHub14:05
mrgoodcatAWWWWW YISS16:49
bookiebothttp://is.gd/B1MZ9p - Pastebin: O07cRtXO | IRCCloud16:50
mrgoodcatgave that bitch an abstract syntax tree16:50
mrgoodcatbitches love abstract syntax trees16:50
cmaloneyChecked my work mail. Automated process sent out a note that a file was missing17:19
cmaloneyThey put in the file, and the process completed, yet I got another note saying "Craig is out and this thing says bad things will happen Waaaaah!"17:20
cmaloneyApparently one of my new life-skills will need to be writing threatening letters that spark action but don't elicit panic.17:21
bookiebothttp://is.gd/ZUdz4i - Wikimedia Foundation selects CyrusOne in Dallas as new data center — Wikimedia blog20:21
rick_h_moar power!20:22
greg-g:) :)20:23
mrgoodcatfull load at wikimedia must be pretty badass load20:26
greg-gtop 4 or 5 site, depending on how you count/the week.20:26
mrgoodcatmust be quite the datacenter to handle the entire load20:27
bookiebothttp://is.gd/7DbRzm - Limn20:28
greg-gI can't disclose gbit/sec numbers or anything like that, unfortunately :)20:29
rick_h_:P but but open20:29
mrgoodcatrly? i thought wikimedia was supposed to be all open20:29
mrgoodcathow is gbit/sec proprietary?20:29
mrgoodcatyou can give me visits breakdown by region but not gbit/sec? seems a bit backwards20:30
greg-gA) we disclose everything in our setup other than our passwords/private ssl certs (and the maxmind geoip lookup database, which is proprietary but the only real choice)20:30
greg-gB) re bandwidth: DOS related reasons20:31
rick_h_ah good stuff20:31
greg-gB-subpoint-1) But you can look up our peering relationships and do some math, though that doesn't tell you our transit20:31
mrgoodcatnot worth it20:31
bookiebothttp://is.gd/0GoSTv - operations/puppet.git - Wikimedia20:32
mrgoodcatwhat happened in july 2008 in china?20:32
mrgoodcatdid wiki get banned?20:32
greg-gyeah, it happens20:32
mrgoodcatfor most of a single month it looks like20:32
greg-gthey block specific pages (Tinnanman square etc)20:32
mrgoodcathopefully they spell it like that when they try to block it20:32
greg-gwell, take those numbers with a huge grain of salt20:33
greg-gthose aren't varnich/apache numbers, they're via comscore20:33
bookiebothttp://is.gd/5JLzkx - WMF stats20:34
mrgoodcatwonder if i visited a random 1000 pages and calculated the average size per page would i be able to guess gbit numbers within any reasonable tolerance.....20:39
mrgoodcatnot worth it20:39
mrgoodcattime to go home20:39
greg-gno :)20:42
greg-g(I believe that the page size of our popular pages isn't exactly random/normal dist)20:43
greg-geg: Russia and Barack Obama, they're big ones :)20:43
greg-gBarack Obama's page routinely breaks because editors put too many citations :)20:43
greg-gwell shit: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=gjkivAf320:44
bookiebothttp://is.gd/9enBZb - text/plain; charset=utf-820:44
greg-gsure hope it's fake20:44
jrwrengreg-g: no DDoS mitigation system?20:54
greg-gjrwren: well, bandwidth isn't really a problem, honestly. From what I heard from our former network lead was that when she received emails threatening DDOSs she mostly just laughed20:56
greg-git's intelligent DDOS'ing that's our problem20:57
greg-gie: doing this one expensive API request over and over or whatever20:57
bookiebothttp://is.gd/nX3Hg6 - Peering Networks Detailed View21:00
greg-gTraffic Levels 20-50 Gbps21:00
tjagodaBam!  I'm here two days in a row!  That's a record for 2014.22:01
rick_h_I'm going to start throwing rocks at anyone that looks like they might have ever worked for ATT22:03
tjagodaAre you an angry Uverse customer or an angry wireless customer?22:11
tjagodaI dont really understand how you can have that much fiber infrastructure and still deliver bad service to the endpoints22:12
rick_h_angry uverse customer22:13
rick_h_it's more customer service at this point. I've tried two phone calls, a trip to the store, and now an online chat in order for me to throw more money at them22:14
tjagodaThe experience of attempting to unlock my att wireless phone was so frustrating that I literally just went out and bought an unlocked phone22:15
gamerchick02i'm sorry22:21
gamerchick02but in good news, two-factor auth is enabled for both my google accounts22:21
tjagodaDo they use Duo?22:22
tjagodaOr is it all hidden behind google branding?22:22
gamerchick02i downloaded an auth app22:25
gamerchick02like the battle.net one with shorter numbers22:25
gamerchick02oh and evernote22:26
cmaloneyrick_h_: I probably shouldn't mention who I worked with at Alcatel Lucent.23:50

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