deshackmhall119: ping09:23
mihirmhall119: ping !17:23
mihirmhall119:  i am getting errors while trying to make summit website on my local machine17:27
mihirmhall119: something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7358890/17:28
cjohnstonmihir: does your connection potentially block anything? I think we figured out with daker that his connection had the ability to block sites17:29
mihirNope i guess , i don't have anything that blocks17:29
dakermihir: try : env/bin/pip install —allow-external lazr.authentication lazr.authentication17:33
* daker didn't tested that command17:34
mihirdaker: trying17:39
* mhall119 really hates lazr.*17:43
mihirdaker:  that didn't work but pip install —allow-unverfied lazr.authentication lazr.authentication did work17:44
dakergood good17:44
mihirdaker: now will try to make this run , am I supposed to make this run in virtuanlenv?17:46

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