theblazehensuperfly: ty01:01
Kilosoh yay inetpro is back. what time gussie?05:50
Kilosmorning everyone05:50
bdukGood morning everyone05:55
Kiloshi bduk 05:55
Kiloshi Private_User jabberwocky93 Spekko 06:01
Spekkomore kilos06:03
jabberwocky93hi Kilos06:06
* jabberwocky93 slaps Spekko with a large trout06:06
Kilosmorning ThatGraemeGuy :-)06:10
Kilosyou early06:10
ThatGraemeGuynot really, i'm just less late than usual ;-)06:11
ThatGraemeGuytechnically supposed to start at 806:12
Private_Userhi Kilos07:08
Private_Usermorning everybody else07:13
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:18
Kiloshi Golynx Rynomster 07:44
Golynxhi Kilos, Rynomster 07:45
Golynxhi Vince-007:45
KilosRynomster, is a major lurker07:45
Kilosforgets irc exists07:46
Golynx@ first i thought he was a bot07:46
Kilosno he has chatted07:47
Golynxthats good07:48
Golynxpeople are too busy these days to chitchat07:49
Kilosyeah hard work making ends meet07:49
theblazehenHi Kilos , all07:52
Kiloshi theblazehen 07:52
Golynxhey theblazehen07:52
theblazehenhi Golynx 07:53
Private_Userhi theblazehen08:02
Private_Userho Golynx08:02
theblazehenhi Private_User 08:03
Private_User* sorry I meant to say hi Golynx08:04
Golynxhappy hi ho! Private_User :D08:05
theblazehenhi superfly 08:32
Golynxhi superfly08:33
GolynxpyCharm looks good :)08:33
superflyit's the least sucky of all the Python IDEs I've used08:33
superflyit has an open source version too08:33
superflythough because of my open source project I've been able to get a license for it08:34
Golynxthe free version only have support for python though08:34
Golynxperfect for you :)08:35
theblazehensuperfly: What features does a python IDE have over a plain text editor?08:49
superflytheblazehen: code completion (for one)08:49
theblazehensuperfly: I believe vi mcan do that with addons08:49
theblazehenvim can*08:50
theblazehenRace conditions...08:50
superflyPyCharm specifically has refactoring (rename a variable and it'll rename all uses of it), an import helper (use a class, press alt+enter and it adds an import statement for the class)08:50
superflyproject-wide find/replace08:50
theblazehenok, thats really nice08:50
superflyvi's code completion is not intelligent08:51
superflyit can't tell you what methods are associated with this object08:51
Golynxon the fly code completion and error checking...etc is awesome 08:53
theblazehenDamn, big download :/09:04
Kiloshi superfly AndChat|99281 tinuva 09:45
Kilosi think this andchat be a bot10:32
theblazehenKilos: nope, android irc client10:35
Kilosah cant ping it10:36
nuvolarioh hi11:14
theblazehenhi nuvolari 11:17
Kilosmiddag nuvolari 12:07
Kilosinetpro, jy bly?12:07
inetprohi Kilos12:07
Kilosjou krag is reg nou man!12:08
Kilosai! soek jy weer my epos addie12:08
* inetpro was op tot 2:00 vanoggend12:08
inetprofun and games12:09
Kilosso inetpro is it fixed or still sorting probs?12:09
theblazehenEish, internet is slow today12:19
theblazehenI'd literally rather take 3 56K modems and load balance them12:20
theblazehenEasier than tethering my phone :(12:20
Kiloswhat is the diffs between hard and softwater13:11
Kiloshardwater comes in cubes and is used to cool your drinks13:12
Kilosthat was an answer in a varsity quiz13:17
Golynx+beer :D13:17
Golynxwhat you studying there Kilos13:18
Kilosnot me man13:18
Kiloswas in a mail my sis got13:18
Kilosonly thing i study is staying alive13:19
Golynxme too :(13:19
Kilossis will go to town this week with your dvd13:19
Kilosthen you better start earning13:20
Golynxi though you meant health wise13:21
Kilosya that too13:21
Golynxty Kilos i will do so :)13:21
Kiloslike how to get rid of gall stones and other old peeps bugs13:21
Golynxya its something we all must experience sadly13:23
Golynxbut i will love to see what kinda computers are in heaven. Must be some mindblowing tech there :)13:26
Kilosi think thats what its called13:32
KilosMaaz, google system7613:32
MaazKilos: "System76 - Ubuntu Laptops, Desktops, and Servers" https://www.system76.com/ :: "System76 - Ubuntu Laptops" https://www.system76.com/laptops/ :: "System76 - Ubuntu Laptop - Bonobo Extreme" https://www.system76.com/laptops/model/bonx8 :: "System76 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System76 :: "System76 (system76) on Twitter"13:32
Maazhttps://twitter.com/system76 :: "System76 Support - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/f…13:32
Kilosya that store is in the gate on the way in13:33
Kilosbut they pricey13:33
Golynxso heaven is all about "Unity" literally :D13:33
Kilosno man all flavours of ubuntu13:34
Kilosunity in the front of the shop13:34
Golynxoh i see13:35
Golynxpeople still have to upgrade13:35
Kilosin a far back room is xubuntu13:36
Kiloshi tumbleweed hows things by you?13:36
Golynxso an ubuntu pc should cost cheaper in theory 13:38
Kilosmaybe if you can get someone to bring one in as a gift it wont be bad13:39
Kilosbut customs is 2k13:39
Golynxya thats true13:39
Kilosso best to get rich, go there buy one and bring it back with you13:40
Golynxi wonder how much of the worlds population have ever heard of the ubuntu OS13:45
Golynxmost of them are so used to windows13:45
Kilosbasically i think we just need a good strong marketing strategy13:46
Kilosbut then again peeps are scared of change13:46
Golynxi agree13:48
Golynxalso creativity and bold new ideas are lacking in the ubuntu world to really put a unique edge to the platform13:48
theblazehenPrivate_User: It was you I was chatting to about the mesh network, right?13:49
Private_Usertheblazehen: yes13:49
theblazehenI got connected :) To hyperboria, the worldwide mesh network13:49
theblazehenActually thinking of starting a mesh local13:50
Private_Userlekker, hows the speed and network performance?13:52
theblazehenNot sure how to judge, whole internet been slow as shit today13:52
theblazehenMaybe 10-20 % slower?13:53
Private_UserI wonder if you could combine the mesh network with the tor network? in that way stay private as well13:54
Private_UserI downloaded whonix so I am gonna try and set that up and check it out13:55
Private_Useranybody else tried whonix?13:55
Kiloswhat is that13:55
Private_Userits another Linux OS based on the TOR project13:56
theblazehenYeah, although that won't help much13:56
Private_UserI think whonix is based on debian so they say that Ubuntu commands will work on it13:56
theblazehenCJDNS does similar function to tor13:56
Private_Userok but I wondering if it will give like double the privacy and protection for anonymity13:57
Private_Userbut thats just me thinking will have to research it13:57
Kilosjust get a network going that mobile users can connect to without paying isp's then you will be a hero13:57
Private_Useryeah Kilos I would definitely like13:59
theblazehenKilos: sure13:59
Kiloslast coupla days the net has een slow14:00
Kilosmaybe its the pro messed it up14:00
Kilosgot a power cable in where an eth cable should be14:00
theblazehenetherkiller anyone?14:01
theblazehenAt least it's not just me14:01
theblazehenBut my 3g still fast14:01
Kiloslemme check speed here14:02
Kiloseek down to half speed14:03
Kilos3mb/s was 6.4mb/s last week14:03
bushtechwelcome to my world lol14:04
Kiloshi bushtech still not fixed?14:04
bushtechbetter since last night14:05
bushtechtouch wood14:05
Kilosa thats good14:05
Kilosya you havent been disconnecting today14:05
* bushtech looking around frantically for a piece of wood14:05
Private_Userbetter than me, today I have been getting random disconnects but I was thinking it could because its very windy here and maybe the signal was an issue although my software says full signal14:05
Kilostouch your head14:06
bushtechdone thanks14:06
Kiloslol it works14:06
bushtechthanks for reminding me14:06
Kilosmy dad always made me do that14:06
theblazehenKilos: for signal?14:07
bushtechdads know best14:07
Kilostouch wood man14:07
Kilosi wonder where the bottleneck actually is with the speed prob14:08
Kilosi dont think its 8ta14:08
theblazehenKilos: maybe telkom?14:09
theblazehenor saix14:09
Kilosor the undersea fibre14:09
theblazehenGonna try figure it out14:09
Kilossome sites open fine and others take forever14:10
bushtechundersea cable prob stolen14:10
Private_Userjust performed a CTCP ping to my nick and got a reply of 12 seconds14:14
Kiloshow do you do that Private_User 14:17
Private_Useryou type /ping (nick)14:17
Kilosin here?14:17
Private_Userin you case /ping Kilos14:17
Kilosits nearly instant but no time given14:18
Private_UserI just did one to you14:18
Private_Userthe time will come up14:18
Private_Userdid you get the one I sent you now14:18
Private_Userbut I did not get a time response yet14:19
Kilosat 16.08.0314:19
Kilos15.18.03 sorry14:19
Kilosneed to turn on the light14:19
Private_Userok but seems like you getting my chat messages in here quite quick so it probably fine14:20
Private_Userjust did another one to myself14:20
theblazehenPing on mesh net around 500 ms, normal ping is 290 ms14:20
Private_Userlooks like the speed here is not stable14:22
Private_Userperformed one at http://speedtest.mybroadband.co.za/14:22
Private_Userfirst test server: Johannesburg ping: 151ms download speed: 545kbps upload speed: 20kbps14:22
Private_Userperformed a second test now14:23
Private_UserDownload Speed: 2217 kbps (277.1 KB/sec transfer rate)14:23
Private_UserUpload Speed: 22 kbps (2.8 KB/sec transfer rate)14:23
Private_UserLatency: 122 ms14:23
Private_User5/5/2014 4:26:46 PM14:23
Private_Userjust performed a test to a Cape Town server14:25
Private_UserDownload Speed: 2520 kbps (315 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 25 kbps (3.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 162 ms 5/5/2014 4:29:36 PM14:25
theblazehennice speed Private_User :)14:26
theblazehenDownload Speed: 146 kbps (18.3 KB/sec transfer rate)14:26
theblazehenUpload Speed: 351 kbps (43.9 KB/sec transfer rate)14:26
theblazehenLatency: 31 msDownload Speed: 146 kbps (18.3 KB/sec transfer rate)14:26
theblazehenUpload Speed: 351 kbps (43.9 KB/sec transfer rate)14:26
theblazehenLatency: 31 msDownload Speed: 146 kbps (18.3 KB/sec transfer rate)14:26
theblazehenUpload Speed: 351 kbps (43.9 KB/sec transfer rate)14:26
theblazehenLatency: 31 ms14:26
Private_Userok let me check the international one now14:27
theblazehenHoly fuck my upload is faster than my download..14:27
* theblazehen is also checking14:27
Kiloslanguage theblazehen 14:28
KerberoDownload Speed: 8085 kbps (1010.6 KB/sec transfer rate)14:28
KerberoUpload Speed: 31580 kbps (3947.5 KB/sec transfer rate)14:28
KerberoLatency: 5 ms14:28
Kilos\you too young to use that word14:28
theblazehenhehe, yes Kilos :p14:28
Kerberomy international is <1mbps both up and down :(14:28
theblazehenDownload Speed: 182 kbps (22.8 KB/sec transfer rate)14:28
theblazehenUpload Speed: 362 kbps (45.3 KB/sec transfer rate)14:28
theblazehenLatency: 197 ms14:28
Private_UserKerbero: your speeds are awesome14:28
KerberoPrivate_User, ja, but only sometimes14:29
Kerberoif noone is misusing our adsl14:29
Private_UserKerbero: what type of connection do you have14:29
Kiloshow do you get that info off speedtest.net14:30
Kilosi cant copy paste it14:30
Private_Usermy results for the international test14:31
theblazehenKilos: was using mybroadband test14:31
Private_UserDownload Speed: 952 kbps (119 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 13 kbps (1.6 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 327 ms 5/5/2014 4:34:45 PM14:31
Private_Userand your line speed Kerbero?14:31
Private_Usercause I am using 3G14:31
Private_UserKilos: http://speedtest.mybroadband.co.za/14:31
KerberoPrivate_User, my office gets a 10mbps downlink chunk from the university's 10gbps local fibre connection14:32
Private_UserKerbero: ah cool stuff14:33
Kerberoif i use the main university internet my speedtest will likely do >400mbps download14:33
Kerberobut a test will cost me around R100 then14:33
KilosDownload Speed: 3897 kbps (487.1 KB/sec transfer rate)14:33
theblazehenKerbero: How much does it cost per GB from main connection?14:33
KilosUpload Speed: 2315 kbps (289.4 KB/sec transfer rate)14:34
KerberoKilos, thats good. Are you still on 3g?14:34
Kerberotheblazehen, 1c/MB14:34
Kilosya 8ta with telkom d-link modem14:34
Kilosits normally double that14:34
theblazehenKerbero: Nice:) What do you have to do to get that kinda connection?14:34
Kerberothose telkom dlinks are nice routers14:34
Kerberotheblazehen, be a student on campus14:34
Kilosno the 3g modem i have14:35
Kerberoor staff14:35
Kiloscomes as a starter pack for R39914:35
Kerberodidn't know dlink made those14:35
Golynxthese universities has the best connections :-/14:35
Kilos3.75g usb modem14:35
KerberoGolynx, yes, but they rip us off with the price14:35
Private_UserI miss T3 lines :( , I worked at a company that had T3 lines once and there was a guy there who got fired for downloading 3 TB of non-work releated data in apparently like a day which I still have trouble beleiving wel the in a day part14:36
Private_Useractually the amount of data was more14:36
Private_Usercannot remember the actualy amount but that is why I could not beleive the amount14:36
Private_Userand I remember at that time another colleague use to download porn and he was like dude this guy did not even download porn yet he got fired I better stop it cause now they gonna be very strict and monitor the network very closely14:38
Kiloshows things going Kerbero you been quiet14:42
Private_Userbtw theblazehen connecting via the mesh network once you connect do people connect via you as well or is that something seperate which you need to setup caue I wanna try it but worried about data usage?14:43
theblazehenPrivate_User: they only connect through you if you set it up that way14:43
theblazehenBut then you need to port forward and shit, so no14:43
Private_Usertheblazehen: ah ok great14:44
theblazehenWhen you wanna set it up?14:44
theblazehenErm.. Any linux pros here?14:46
Private_Userwell not sure just busy with some other stuff for now maybe closer to the weekend or maybe during the weekend14:46
Private_Userand I am also gonna try and setup the whonix14:46
theblazehenPrivate_User: ok. Gimme a /msg when ready14:46
Private_Usertheblazehen: sure thanks14:46
Private_Userwhonix uses your existing OS, you use via a virtual machine14:47
Private_Userbut lots to be aware of in order to get the most out of it14:48
Private_Userand they say ubuntu is quite secure so best option as HOST OS but thats just something I read on another site not on the whonix site14:49
theblazehenI'd just use tails14:50
theblazehenMore people use it14:50
Private_Useryep I have that as well have not tried it out though14:50
Private_Userthere is alot I have downloaded but have not got around to test or try out14:51
Private_Userman I gotta start writing down these things like sort of a plan or checklist cause as we all knowyou can download a software today and tomorrow it would have a new version and your downloaded version is then outdated14:52
Kilosbushtech, may i ask what you do there on the reserve14:59
Private_Useranybody here android developers or anybody that downloaded and using the SDK ADT bundle from http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html?15:01
Private_Usersorry url = http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html15:01
Kilosi tried android sdk here to try get whatsapp going but used a months data in a day trying to set it up15:02
Private_UserI am having issues with the software I updated it and all the updates downloaded but the application still states its the old version?15:02
GolynxPrivate_User which version of android emulator you using15:06
Golynxrevision i mean15:06
Private_Useryeah I hear you Kilos I used lots of data around 4GB15:06
Private_Userluckily I used my nite surfer data15:06
Kilosits a waste of data unless you actually need it for something15:07
Private_UserGolynx: let me check15:08
Golynxi use it for developing phonegap apps. Not really waste time downloading apps15:08
Private_Userok its not starting could not load JVM15:08
Private_Usergonna have to restart15:09
Private_Userok no just needed to close a few applications15:10
Private_Userthe application states v 22.3.0 but I downloaded the update i.e. 22.6.215:11
Private_Userand if I click check for updates it says not updates15:12
Private_Userbut each time I start it it states that I need to update the software15:12
Golynxrevision 22 is enough for me15:15
Golynxhi drussell15:15
Private_Useryeah but I am trying to go through the Android Developer training on the site and I don't get the options they get yet I downloaded everything via the SDK manager15:17
Private_Userany ideas on how to resolve without having to download again?15:17
theblazehenGolynx: how is PhoneGap?15:18
GolynxPrivate_User you mean you want to compile android apps as in .apk15:20
Golynxtheblazehen its great , a free world at last :)15:21
Golynxjavascript is everywhere, so many possibilities with it15:22
Private_UserGolynx: yep wanna try and writ my own apps15:22
GolynxPrivate_User i used http://netbeans.org/features/java/ in the past to compile android apps. 15:24
Golynxthere is a plugin to connect it to the android emulator so you can test your apps. 15:25
Private_Userok but I am also a newbie at developing android apps so I am trying to go through the training at http://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.html15:26
Private_Userso I downloaded their SDK ADT bundle15:26
Private_Userit uses eclipse15:27
Golynxi always used netbeans though15:27
Golynxnever used eclipse before15:28
Private_UserI do have Netbeans IDE as well but since I have already downloaded this bundle which used up 4GB of data since I decided to download everything under the SDK manager to see if that will solve the issue but it downloaded everything fine and states it has the latest version except that the Android ADT still states its at 22.3.0 and not 22.6.215:33
Private_Userso I am wondering if I need to change a setting or configuration file somewhere?15:35
Kiloscheck if they have an irc channel15:36
Kilosthen rev them15:36
Private_Usergood idea Kilos, let me check15:40
Kilosor maybe a forum or support channel or something15:41
Kilosis there no help block in the app when its running?15:41
Golynxthere maybe an answer here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7852823/eclipse-wont-let-me-use-android-sdk-wrongly-claims-my-adt-is-out-of-date15:43
Private_Userchecked the help Kilos no real help there15:59
Private_UserGolynx: thanks looking at the link now15:59
Kilossometimes they put a link in the help section16:00
Private_Userdamn that ADT bundle folder is 11.7GB16:23
Private_UserI am definitely not deleting and downloading again16:24
Private_Useralthough the zip file is only 408MB16:24
Private_Userand the updates used only 4GB of data16:24
Private_Userso wondering how is that possible unless that zip file is really compressed to its max16:25
Private_Userlol Kilos yeah and I almost used the peak data luckily I cancelled it16:26
Private_Userand continued again after 00:0016:26
Private_Userspeaking about enjoy I think its time for me to go enjoy some dinner16:27
Kiloshaha better move16:27
Private_Userbe back later16:27
Golynxit took me around 300mb to set up my whole android dev environment, when i started experimenting with android16:37
Golynxbut that was 3 years ago and with netbeans16:37
nuvolarinaand oom Kilos 16:41
nuvolarihello Private_User, Golynx 16:41
Golynxhi nuvolari16:42
Kilosnaand nuvolari gaanit?16:42
nuvolaridit gaan ok dankie oom Kilos, en met oom?16:42
Kiloshoekom is jy so skaars seun??16:42
Kilosek lewe nog dankie16:42
nuvolariwerk maak my lusteloos16:42
Kiloslol en wat does jy dan16:43
nuvolarikom net by die huis en is dan nie lus vir ander goed nie16:43
Kilosjy moet hier kom huil man16:43
nuvolaridit sal nie help nie oom :P16:43
Kilosdit help altyd om goed uit te praat16:44
nuvolariag maar wat moet ek praat oom16:49
nuvolaridie mense hoog op voel 'n veer16:50
Kilosdis altyd so seun en sal altyd so wees16:51
Kilosjy moet aanpas daarmee en nie laat dit jou onstell nie16:51
nuvolarimy CV lê en brand - vra om opdateer te word16:52
nuvolaridink dit is tyd vir nuwe weiveld16:52
Kilosstuur dit uit maar moenie dink dinge gaan sommer verander nie16:52
nuvolariek het dalk kontakte vir ierland16:53
Kilosdis koud daar man16:53
nuvolarioom, as ek net 'n plek kan kry waar daar meer as 6 developers is behoort dit al anders te wees16:53
nuvolariek sal maar vir my goose kry om warm te bly :P16:53
Kilosdaai engelse meisies is vol nonsens16:54
Kilosi go eat16:59
smilehave a nice meal :)17:19
Golynxhey smile17:22
smilehi Golynx 17:28
Kiloshmm... now ill make it through the night17:28
Kiloshi smile ty17:28
Golynxits good to have a full tummy on a cold night :)17:29
Kilosyeah i need it17:30
Kilosadded lotsa chili curry powder and pepper17:30
Kilosim very warm inside now17:30
Golynxlol 17:31
Golynxthat stuff make me run for the loo a few hours later17:31
Golynxlike that Schuster movie :D17:32
Kilosi spent half my life eating durban indian curry so its habit now17:32
Kilosi love hot foods17:33
Golynxthe one that guy went "Gloriaaaa!" 17:33
Kilosi havent seen that one17:33
Golynxits an old one, from 1995 or older i think17:34
Kilosoh then maybe i have17:35
Golynxyeah some people got stronger stomachs17:35
Kilostalk to AndChat|99281 17:36
Golynxits called Panic Mechanic ya17:36
Kilosmaybe i have it here on ians external17:38
Kiloswill take i lifetime to watch them all17:38
Kilosi think 300+ movies and series17:38
Golynxhe got alot of movies17:39
Golynxnothing on dvd ?17:39
Kilosnope all on external 2TB drive17:39
Golynxya thats probably worth a lifetime of movies17:40
Kilosi dont even get to see one a day17:40
Golynxif you watch too much it make s you lazy lol17:42
Kilosi was born lazy and got worse since then17:43
Golynxsomtimes its medical though. If you got a bad heart with a weak pump, one have no choice but to be lazy17:47
Private_Userhi nuvolari17:47
Private_Usersorry was away eating dinner then relaxing after a good meal17:47
Private_Useroh yeah Golynx, and the acha, with red pepper, green pepper, black pepper and come free with toilet paper17:50
GolynxPrivate_User hahaha 17:53
Golynxthat was funny :D17:54
Private_Useryeah that movie was funny back in the day17:54
GolynxMr Padaman17:54
Golynxthose movies were forced on us really, with all the replays of them17:56
Private_Useryeah Glooooriaaaaaaaaaa en Padatjie17:56
Private_Useralthough I think Panic Mechanic was the only movie that was not too bad cause many of them are just stupid17:59
Private_Usercause its like prank version of porn there is no real story line just stupid pranks, but I am speaking about some of the movies not all of them18:01
Golynxyeah, most of the acting versions of his movies are hopeless18:08
Golynxbut they are cheesy comedies afterall, meant to be eaten like a packet of chips then thrown away18:10
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:16
KilosMaaz, watch them18:16
MaazOK Kilos I'll keep an eye on them for you18:16
inetprogood night Kilos18:17
Golynxnight Kilos18:17
Kilosnight my pro. sleep tight18:17
Kilossee you all tomorrow18:17
theblazehenhey, I used to use chatzilla19:08
theblazehenlike 5 years ago19:08

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