Golesminimec: the purge is now working :) now I get the syntax in ppa-purge00:00
SquarepyNightmareLord, what?00:00
Squarepywell I did install grub on an sd card once00:01
BeldarNightmareLord, What, can you simplify that? You would just boot one into live, and use a manual install to the other, making sure grub goes to it's mbr.00:01
BeldarGoles, It is a bit confusing, good job. ;)00:02
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NightmareLordk, so no grub on harddrive,00:02
GolesBeldar: yeah, I'm purging the 'staging' ppa now, that actually prompted me about choosing a window manager, I selected gdmlight (instead of gdm) , I think that's ubuntu's default right?00:03
BeldarNightmareLord, Not if you do it correctly, if that is your goal. You are not really being contextually clear.00:03
BeldarGoles, Not sure om gdm.00:04
minimecGoles: gdm is a login manager and is not default on ubuntu. Ubuntu uses lightdm.00:04
NightmareLordI want all the install on the usb, I will have to pass by the bios to boot on the usb before getting to grub00:04
Golesminimec: yeah I chose to stay with lightdm, sorry it wasn't gdmlight00:05
GolesI just got 'confused' about the names, :)00:05
GolesI'll see what happens when the server finishes working00:05
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Golesdoes gnome come installed by default in ubuntu?00:06
Golesok, ppa was purged successfully :)00:06
Squarepynot with vanila ubuntu00:06
Golesminimec: can I now remove the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gnome3-team-gnome3-next-trusty.* ?00:07
guest98765anyone familiar with ubuntu mini?00:07
minimecGoles: They should be gone now, as you purged the ppa.00:07
Golesminimec: :S they are not... haha, this is really weird (I got a ppa purged successfully message and all )00:08
benzrfmy dad's computer messed up while updating to 14.0400:08
Beldarguest98765, Many, tell the channel the issue.00:08
benzrfwhen he boots, it goes directly to the desktop, but there is no WM running00:08
guest98765When I get to the choice for desktop choices, is lubuntu the lightest on memory or xfce?00:09
BeldarNightmareLord, What does "pass by the bios to boot on the usb before getting to grub"mean?00:10
Beldarguest98765, Use others nicks every post if conversing, you can tab complete nicks.00:10
Golesminimec: I think gnome was purged though, I see a 'login screen' (doesn't go directly to shell...), and when I try to log-in through that I get 'Failed to start a session', which could be a good thing?00:11
Squarepybenzrf, I smell an opportune moment to spin up a live cd00:11
benzrfSquarepy: how do i figure out the issue though?00:11
BeldarNightmareLord, Use others nicks every post if conversing, you can tab complete nicks.00:11
guest98765Beldar: When I get to the choice for desktop choices, is lubuntu the lightest on memory or xfce?00:11
Beldarguest98765, Soory not for you.00:11
Beldarguest98765, That is an opinion, I don't have one. ;)00:12
minimecGoles: Well now i would switch to a console and install 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' or 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure ubuntu-desktop'00:12
wickedheadachetrying to compress my bitcoin folders into a file and save it  but the gui doesn't see . folders??00:12
Golesminimec: what's the difference between the dpkg option and just using apt-get?00:12
wickedheadachehow do i do this by command line or fix the gui?00:13
Goles( just curious )00:13
tewardwickedheadache: ctrl+h00:13
basketballlhow do i set up my cpu fan00:13
guest98765Beldar:  those 2 choices would be the smallest... correct?00:13
tewardwickedheadache: it hides . files by default, you can make it show them00:13
nonyaChrome works right00:13
svemirkohello everyone, i have succesfuly booted v12.04 on my old machine, but i still cannot mount my jfs partition. anyone a clue? thanks!00:13
Squarepybenzrf, try starting x-server from the cmdline (to see possible errors), persponally I would suggest reinstalling preferably with a separate home partition00:13
NightmareLordBeldar: ok, the grub will be on the usb stick? I wont have any stuff on the harddrive, also will the usb persistent install be able to boot on other computers?00:13
wickedheadacheomg ty00:13
minimecGoles: dpkg-reconfigure pretends, that the package is already installed.00:13
tewardwickedheadache: you're welcome00:13
wickedheadachewhy did selecting show hidden stuff in the drop out menu work like ctrl h?00:13
wickedheadachenot work00:14
svemirkowhen i try fsck.jfs i get this:00:15
Golesminimec: just double checking here, but this is an ubuntu server install I guess, and I just want to be able to vnc into the machine while using an 'older' Gnome WM... should I proceed and install ubuntu-desktop?00:15
Golessorry, I don't want to screw up :)00:15
svemirkoUnrecoverable error reading M from /dev/sda3.  CANNOT CONTINUE.00:15
Rave1NightmareLord,     disconnect the hard drive on the computer that you use to do the install to the USB00:15
BeldarNightmareLord, You asked for a full install as a end goal. A persistent is on an ISO loaded usb.00:16
NightmareLorda full install on usb00:16
minimecGoles: You don't have to.. Maybe installing the 'gnome-session-fallback' package will be enough for you now...00:16
Golesthat sounds right00:16
Goleswill give that a try00:17
BeldarNightmareLord, Okay, than what is your definition of a full install, we are going in circles here.00:17
NightmareLordBeldar: a full usb install that can boot on multiple00:18
BeldarNightmareLord, Yes I understand it is a full install on the usb, you do not want this on the HD.00:18
NightmareLordBeldar: computers00:18
BeldarNightmareLord, In general a full install or a iso loaded usb, persistent or not will boot on other computers.00:19
Golesminimec: I installed gnome-session-fallback and then tried to 'startx' , got a black screen... maybe it's related to my ~/.xsession file containing 'gnome-session --session=classic-gnome' ?00:20
BeldarGoles, startx is incorrect00:20
GolesBeldar: I like that00:20
BeldarGoles, I love the ignore.00:20
wickedheadachelol no free cloud storage with 50gb free00:20
GolesBeldar: not trying to ignore :) haha00:21
minimecGoles: Try to start it with 'sudo service lightdm start', to get the normal login manager.00:21
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Golesthanks, will give it a shot00:21
hotaronohanakoDo anyone know how install the sismedia driver on 14.01 ?00:21
wickedheadachelets see how big the 21gig folder gets compressed to00:21
NightmareLordBeldar: ok, I just wanted to be sure, thabk you00:21
Golesminimec: I got 'job is already running: lightdm'00:22
BeldarNightmareLord, What might help you is knowing the iso load with the persistent has limitations on updates and filling the persistent up. The full install is cleanable and fully usable.00:22
Bashing-omGoles: I am keeping up / some what // for the current desk top identification, what returns with terminal command -> echo $DESKTOP_SESSION <-.00:27
GolesBashing-om: hey there, I was able to get the gnome-session-flashback running... however when I connect through my vnc I get a black screen (as if the lightdm hasn't automatically started)00:28
GolesLocally I can log-in with the Gnome Flashback (Compiz) or (Metacity)00:29
GolesI may try with xfce400:30
dw1Goles: could use teamvieer instead00:32
dw1Goles: teamviewer00:33
GolesI would preffer to stick with freenx00:33
dw1Goles: "I had this same problem and solved by making ~/.vnc/xstartup executable" --some guy on a forum00:35
Golesdw1: will check that out00:36
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dw1Goles: I guess you tried http://google.com/search?q=vnc+black+screen+gnome+ubuntu :)00:38
KawaiolaAnyone know how to set up a static ip within a vm in ubuntu server?00:40
KawaiolaI tried setting up a static Ip in ubuntu server like you would normally, I changed the /etc/network/interfaces/ portion to reflect a static IP Address00:42
KawaiolaWhat channel should I connect to to talk about ubuntu server?00:48
rwwhere or #ubuntu-server00:48
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Kawaiolarww, Thank you sir would you by chance know anything about setting a static ip address up on a virtual instance of ubuntu server 14.0400:50
mgolischKawaiola: man interfaces ?00:53
Kawaiolamgolisch, I changed the interface /etc/network/interface00:53
mgolischKawaiola: and it doesnt work?00:54
Kawaiolamgolisch, No it keeps falling back to dhcp00:54
KawaiolaCould it be conflicting with my domain controller It is a vm on one of my servers that also happens to be my dc00:55
mgolischhow you mean that?00:55
Kawaiolamgolisch, Also should my virtual nic be briged or nat I made it bridged00:55
mgolischyoud use bridged if you want to be accessible from your network00:56
Kawaiolamgolisch, I mean I built the virtual instance of ubuntu server on my dc server.00:56
Kawaiolamgolisch, Yeah okay that is how I have it set up but no matter how I set it up it won't be static00:57
mgolischyou probably do it wrong then00:57
mgolischwhat does your interfaces file look like?00:58
Kawaiolamgolisch, Uhhh hold on00:58
mgolischpaste to paste.ubuntu.com00:58
Kawaiola# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system00:58
Kawaiola# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).00:58
Kawaiola# The loopback network interface00:58
Kawaiolaauto lo00:58
Kawaiolaiface lo inet loopback00:58
Kawaiola# The primary network interface00:58
unopasteKawaiola you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted00:58
Kawaiolamgolisch, Did you see all of that come up01:00
wrb123im using a linux mint live usb drive to try to recover some data from a hard drive. i see the hard drive and contents, but there were also some hidden folders (ubuntu, starting with '.') and i can't see those. any ideas on how i can view them and back them up?01:02
KawaiolaAnyone know the command to restart the network interface?01:02
wrb123so my question is why wouldn't these ubuntu folders be visibile within mint, and how might i be able to save them?  ubuntu boot discs/usbs keep freezing so this is the best i could do to boot01:02
minimecwrb123: 'ls -a' in a terminal01:03
mgolischKawaiola: ifdown name && ifup name ?01:03
minimecKawaiola: 'sudo service networking restart'01:04
wrb123minimec for some reason they still aren't showing up... they could be found if navigating to / in ubuntu, which i assume is just the same main area where you also have /usr /home /etc ... they were called /.files, etc.01:04
mgolischKawaiola: and no i didnt see all you got muted, like i said paste your config to paste.ubuntu.com01:06
minimecwrb123: Check /home/<youruser>. There are no .hidden files in the root directory '/'.01:07
Beldarwrb123, This ubuntu an install form windows per-chance?01:08
wrb123minimec thank you so much, that was my problem01:08
wrb123Beldar i was looking in the wrong folder. no, i must have f***** up my installation trying to do things way over my head related to installing nvidia drivers01:08
minimecwrb123: No problem ;)01:08
Beldarwrb123, Cool, be careful with language here though. ;)01:09
wrb123oh sorry :)01:12
wrb123minimec so now i can see these files/folders, but im having an issue copying them (no permission, even if i open the folder as root)01:12
wrb123im a little confused about how i copy from one device to another (this HD im trying to save, to a usb drive or to the linux mint desktop)01:12
wrb123maybe i can do some sort of chmod for the whole directory and its contents?01:14
wrb123chmod -R, nevermind!01:16
wrb123thanks everyone :)01:16
Kawaiolamgolisch, Okay hold on posting it now01:21
Kawaiolamgolisch, Did you see it?01:24
mgolischKawaiola: you didnt post the url01:24
mgolischor am i blind?01:24
Guegs_Any reason why I can navigate to my SMB share from windows by typing in the address (\\ but not by clicking on the "Network" tab in Explorer? It doesn't even show up in the Network tab.01:24
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7F1AAIVHYworkgroup different?01:25
mgolischGuegs: or maybe you dont run nmbd at all01:25
GuegsOnly if it is case sensitive... I'll try that.01:25
GuegsI definitely did a 'suda restart smbd && sudo restart nmbd"01:26
Kawaiolamgolisch, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7396146/01:26
Kawaiolamgolisch, Just sent it01:26
mgolischKawaiola: and this doesnt work? does ifdown etho && ifup eth0 bringt any errors?01:27
beltorakhi all; i am trying to modify a package which requires an additional flag passed to ./configure - how do i get that into the package pbuilder-dist?01:28
beltorakI've tried editing debian/rules and adding those edits to the patch, but it doesn't take01:30
KawaiolaI wasn't using those commands I was using like /etc/init.d/networking restart01:31
mozzarellaguys help01:32
Kawaiolamgolisch, I will give those a try though.01:32
drKatewhois zune01:35
mozzarellahow do I launch exposé with a middle mouse button click?01:35
nestle20have another server with raid10 software on /home and for md3 its also saying   [=>...................]  check =  5.2% (614023168/11658029568) finish=178272.9min speed=1032K/sec01:37
nestle20when i run cat /proc/mdstat on my raid1 system (software), for md0 it says [>....................]  check =  4.4% (85623936/1945569088) finish=28157.8min speed=1100K/sec ? is this normal ? the system has been installed for 9 days.. i thought the check stuff was over with.. why is it checking again? I noticed it happened when i first installed the server.. but now again? and 28,157 minutes? thats 19 days ? lol01:37
trap_exitis it possible to install ubuntu on this: http://www.amazon.com/Acer-C720-Chromebook-11-6-Inch-2GB/dp/B00FNPD1VW/ ?01:40
xanguaor you could buy a traditional laptop01:41
Beldartrap_exit, Not the best deal.01:42
minimectrap_exit: Yes. There's a review about it. You can either replace ChromeOS or run ubuntu in ChromeOS in chroot environment... http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/53067/linux-your-chromebook-las-s31e03/01:42
holsteintrap_exit: nothing about ubuntu will prevent you from installing it there... consider something with ubuntu shipped, such as system76, if ubuntu support is important01:42
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mgolischnestle20: maybe it never finished?01:45
mgolischnestle20: also i think the mdadm package adds cron jobs to do periodic rechecks of your raid arrays01:48
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sophocleshow do i register into a channel with a password02:17
sophoclesjoin #python password02:17
jrib!register | sophocles02:17
ubottusophocles: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:17
sophoclesdoes not register me02:17
jribsophocles: you need to register your nick and identify with nickserv02:17
sophoclesi already registered my nick before02:17
sophoclesand got the email and reply02:18
sophoclesit work last time02:18
holsteinsophocles: you sign in again.. try now, in the server window02:18
sophoclesnow i can't get in02:18
geomphillipballew--hope you are well?02:25
geomphillipballew:  how did the release party you did down south go?02:27
mozzarellahow do I launch exposé with a middle mouse button click?02:37
Mathiasis there a way to stop ubuntu from muting the rear output when headphones are plugged in?02:40
bipulAnyone know How to do conversions of a path name to an inode ?02:41
rwwBirdman3131: ls -i02:41
rwwBirdman3131: oops02:41
rwwbipul: ls -i02:41
bipulit will list the inode02:41
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bipulrww, It will show the Inode integer numbers of file.02:42
GiddeonI'm trying to install php-fpm for the first time on Ubuntu 14.04.  I installed via "sudo apt-get install php5-fpm".  When that completes, I can run "ps -waux | grep php5" and see the php-fpm master process owned by root is running.  I tried to stop it via "sudo /etc/init.d/nginx stop", but it has no effect.  Is php5-fpm actually running?  Why can't I stop it?02:44
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willwhGiddeon: sudo service php5-fpm stop02:58
willwhit's not run by nginx02:58
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tux_good evening people03:04
tyosuananyone here03:04
tux_just checking out the chat03:05
SchrodingersScattyosuan: yes, anyone is here03:07
Giddeonwillwh: That was a typo on my start.  I tried to stop it via "sudo /etc/init.d/php5-fpm stop".03:07
supyowill ubuntu run on a pentium 75?03:07
willwhsupyo: nope03:08
wickedheadachenow ctrl h doesn't work to show .bitcoin in gui folders?03:08
viper474wickedheadache: locate .bitcoin03:09
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
willwhwickedheadache: sudo updatedb, before you locate03:09
willwhif you just added files recently03:09
willwhthat db is updated by a cron job, I forget what the default is03:10
willwhanyway :p03:10
lotuspsychjemorning to all03:10
wickedheadacheviper474: i can se the .folders in terminal not the gui folders.... but lets try sudo updateb03:10
nestle20What would we all do without unix :)03:10
willwhwickedheadache: ctrl + H, is the shortcut to show hiddenfiles03:10
willwhor click in the menu, View > Show hidden iles03:11
wickedheadacheright and this worked last time to show hidden folders03:11
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Guest83068does anyone know how to configure pidgin to use tor?03:11
willwhstrange, not sure what to tell you03:11
sephtinwicked, is it .bitcoin, or .Bitcoin?  they'll be sorted differently..03:11
willwhyou could just do, gedit whatever.bitcoin from the cli ?03:11
wickedheadacheso maybe i have it wrong and updateb was not recognised03:12
viper474wickedheadache: sudo updatedb03:12
viper474forgot the d03:12
Guest83068*farts uncontrollably03:12
wickedheadachewillwh: its a folder, i want to know their sizes and be able to work with them in the gui03:12
willwhthat has nothing to do with your gui btw, sudo updatedb03:13
willwhall that does is update the locate db03:13
viper474wickedheadache: do you see other . (dot) folders?03:13
viper474in the GUI with CTRL+H03:14
piousminionWhere can I find out why teamspeak-{client,server} don't exist in the 14.04 repos?03:15
wickedheadacheviper none earlier i swear it worked03:15
rwwpiousminion: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/teamspeak-client/+publishinghistory03:16
rwwpiousminion: "(From Debian) RoQA; orphaned, outdated (newer version undistributable); Debian bug #735029"03:16
ubottuDebian bug 735029 in ftp.debian.org "RM: teamspeak-client -- RoQA; orphaned, outdated (newer version undistributable)" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/73502903:16
piousminionrww: The bug listed doesn't have anything to do with teamspeak. O.o03:17
rwwpiousminion: what? yes it does...03:17
Anarchicpiousminion, probably because it's closed source...you can download the .run from ts website03:17
piousminionrww: Click the debian bug link.03:17
piousminionAnarchic: That has never been an issue before and isn't an issue for other software.03:18
rwwpiousminion: I did.03:18
piousminionrww: update-manager != teamspeak-client03:18
rwwpiousminion: It's not a bug in update-manager.03:18
Anarchicit's up to the makers of teamspeak how their software is distributed03:18
viper474wickedheadache: are you looking in your home folder?03:18
piousminionrww: The word "teamspeak03:19
wickedheadacheaw wtfh it just worked03:19
piousminionrww: The word "teamspeak" doesn't appear anywhere in the bug report.03:19
wickedheadacheso for w/e reaso it was finicky and took a log time03:19
rwwpiousminion: oh, the bug link on Launchpad. That's Launchpad being stupid, see the link Ubuntu made03:19
rwwpiousminion: ubottu **03:19
wickedheadachetyvm for the help guys/gals03:20
rwwpiousminion: anyways, as I quoted, it was removed from Debian at the request of their QA team because it didn't have a maintainer and the version in Debian was outdated because newer versions are not distributable. Since Ubuntu was syncing it from Debian, it's gone from our repositories too.03:20
piousminionrww: thanks. Apparently other distros haven't gotten the memo. :P03:22
rwwpiousminion: which ones?03:22
piousminionrww: arch for one.03:22
LiquidedgeI downloaded a new legacy driver for my wireless card and put it in /lib/firmware.  How do I tell the OS that I want to load that one now?03:23
rwwpiousminion: looks like they got permission from upstream to distribute it. Debian didn't ask for it, I'd assume.03:23
piousminionrww: Interesting.03:24
rwwpiousminion: (Debian got permission for v. 2, but the maintainer went AWOL, so nobody got around to doing it for 3)03:24
rwwhttps://projects.archlinux.org/svntogit/community.git/tree/trunk/PERMISSION.eml?h=packages/teamspeak3 and the end of http://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs//non-free/t/teamspeak-client/teamspeak-client_2.0.32-5_copyright are relevant03:24
Tilo15Excuse me but I'm trying to setup a GNU net node using gnunet-gtk but I can't seem to get anything to work. Would anyone here know anything about that? I tried over at #gnunet but no one seems to be there03:24
whoeverhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools  << I am using the script here to test all drives at ones and i am getting an eerr that the parameters I pased are unknown03:25
whoevercan someone assist03:25
whoeverit is for smartdtl03:25
whoeveris there  a better scrip to run then this one03:26
Radon_3hi guys, I want to upgrade from 12.04 x64 to Ubuntu 14.04 x64 now I could have googled for it, but I figured I better ask professionals about it and get official help03:31
Radon_3how can I do it?03:31
Radon_3is there a documentation available?03:31
Tilo15Well, we do not represent Canonical or Ubuntu officially. But there are a bunch of people here who are willing to help03:32
Radon_3Tilo15: wat do you mean? by "we do not represent Canonical or Ubuntu officially" ?03:33
Bashing-omRadon_3: Disable 3rd party PPAs in sources, revert proprietary graphics drivers Terminal code -> sudo do-release-update -d // done.03:33
Tilo15Well, we are just people who like Ubuntu. A community as opposed to people employed by Canonical03:34
somsip!upgrade | Radon_303:34
ubottuRadon_3: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:34
FlannelRadon_3: his point was we're not professionals (as we don't get paid).  But I don't think you meant "Professionals" in that manner anyway.03:34
Tilo15OMG Ubuntu (A blog) have an article on how to upgrade > http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/upgrade-ubuntu-14-04-12-0403:35
Radon_3yeah, I meant more like people who have got some what a lot more experience than me03:35
Tilo15Radon_3: Kk, Just wanted to make sure ya knew :)03:35
enysomeone registered my name. i hate when that happens03:35
owheny: Doesn't that mean that your password was weak?03:36
enymy passwords are weak on purpose :)03:36
Tilo15eny: Um.... That makes perfect sense03:37
owheny: So, hating is probably a bit strong then ;-) More like, it's inevitable ...03:37
eny@owh  why do you get big yellow letters?03:37
owheny: I'm special ?03:38
enyyes hating a bit strong... its annoying when that happens?03:38
enyoh. special. *church lady voice*03:38
owhLikely it's because it highlights in IRC when I use your nic.03:38
Tilo15I'm confused03:38
owhTilo15: Already?03:38
Tilo15Are people saying stuff or asking questions03:39
enyim always confused03:39
enytilo15 is funny03:39
owhTilo15: Right at the moment no-one is asking any Ubuntu questions that I'm able to discern.03:39
enyhow do I pick your nick? and make it yellow for you?03:39
enyI have ubuntu questions ! im just testing the waters of friendliness first03:40
owhI registered it :)03:40
Beldar!tab | eny03:40
ubottueny: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:40
enyubottu,  are you yellow now?03:40
ubottueny: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:40
owheny: We're friendly, we also try to help and sometimes we even have some fun along the way.03:40
Tilo15lol I remember ubottu from the release party03:40
owheny: Ask away...03:41
Beldardid she dance the night away, tillbaks03:41
BeldarTilo15, ^^^^03:41
Beldarsorry tillbaks03:41
Tilo15Beldar: What? the bot?03:42
Tilo15rww disabled her ;(03:42
Tilo15everyone kept spamming it03:43
enyhere they come03:43
Beldarjust going with the anthropomorphizing, ;)03:43
enyi dont think bots dance03:43
enyi could be wrong03:43
Tilo15I wonder if !isitoutyet still works03:44
Tilo15No clue what that means03:44
Tilo15Hey, while I'm here does anyone know anything about GNUnet?03:45
Tilo15(yes I tried #gnunet)03:45
enyi almost tried .. wait. how do you try gnunet03:46
owhTilo15: http://bit.ly/1mtD7Da03:46
Tilo15owh: I tried that03:47
Tilo15owh: wait. that's for my earlier question03:47
Tilo15owh: never mind03:48
* owh nods03:48
enywow. thats a lot of singles adds tilo1503:48
enysince when does google have half naked girls on the front page?03:48
LiquidedgeI downloaded a new legacy driver for my wireless card and put it in /lib/firmware.  How do I tell the OS that I want to load that one now?03:48
Tilo15eny: I downloaded gnunet-gtk as well as the server and client metapackage and I don't know where to go from there03:49
owhLiquidedge: I'm not familiar with that method of installing drivers. Where are the instructions that you followed to do that?03:49
sophocleshow do i join a irc as a registered user with a password?03:49
sophoclesie #python03:49
Tilo15sophocles: /join #python03:49
Tilo15i think03:49
sophoclesyeah but it says i'm unregistered user03:50
Liquidedgeowh, I downloaded it because it is an older chipset, so it's not part of the repository.03:50
sophoclesi had already registerd and did the email verification and all03:50
owhsophocles: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml03:50
Liquidedgeowh, Now I need to tell ubuntu to use this one.03:50
enyTilo15, sorry, i havent done that in years03:50
Liquidedgeowh, But it's not showing up in "Additional Drivers."03:50
Tilo15eny: Thats okay, just thought I'd ask03:50
Tilo15sophocles: /msg NickServ ident <your password>03:51
Tilo15sophocles: But i'm not 100% sure that's right03:52
sophoclesyes yes i just came upon that same line03:52
sophoclesin the faq03:52
sophocleswhere you guys from if you don't mind03:52
sophoclesi'm in lost angeles03:52
Tilo15Southland, New Zealand03:52
sophoclesoh nice, i have a friend from auckland03:53
owhLiquidedge: The firmware is not the same as the driver if I understand correctly. You also need to install a driver that uses the firmware. AFAIK it's driver dependent.03:53
sophocleshe's here looking for jobs in hollywwod03:53
enyi remember a day when it wasn't polite to ask people where they are from :)03:53
Krishnamurtiboys,is there some better tools to download ed2k resourse?03:53
lotuspsychjesophocles: plz keep it ubuntu support related mate03:53
owhKrishnamurti: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/natty/amule/03:54
Bray90820What would this command do03:54
Bray90820ls -l|sed -n '/^.....w/p'03:54
enywhat firmware are you trying to fix? owh ?03:55
owheny: Not me, Liquidedge03:55
enyim so confused03:55
amy_ /server irc.abjects.net03:55
LiquidedgeTrying to fix my Intel Wireless card firmware/driver.03:55
owhBray90820: ls -l, returns the long listing of a directory. sed changes some stuff and outputs the result.03:56
LiquidedgeGoes really, really slow.  Figured the first step was to update to the latest.03:56
Bray90820what stuff does it change tho03:56
sophocles /msg NickServ identify sophocles ifapougwsllw03:57
Krishnamurtiowh,em,i have tried amule and mldonkey,but not so wonderful03:57
owhBray90820: Just the output to the terminal of the ls command. Nothing on your file system. In what context are you coming across this?03:57
lotuspsychjesophocles: change to a new password, everybody saw it :p03:57
enynow i want to go to new zealand. see what you did sophocles?03:57
Bray90820owh: this is actually homework03:57
BeldarLiquidedge, What ubuntu release?03:57
owhBray90820: Then I've told you much more than I should ;-)03:57
LiquidedgeBeldar: 14.0403:58
lotuspsychjeLiquidedge: did you upgrade or clean install 14.04?03:59
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
BeldarLiquidedge, In 13.10 the down loadable intel app worked for updating, have you looked for one on 14.04?03:59
lotuspsychjeLiquidedge: maybe a clean install with network cable on might solve the wifi03:59
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
LiquidedgeBeldar: Nope.  I didn't even know that was a thing.03:59
LiquidedgeWould prefer not to clean install as things are set up pretty nicely.04:00
lotuspsychjeLiquidedge: i understand04:00
LiquidedgeBeldar: Can you point me to the 13.10 version?04:00
DvorovoiI had a heck of a time getting my A2600 to work, not using network cable04:00
enyLiquidedge,  just curious, why do you think its the firmware of your intel chip on the nic and not your drivers for wireless connection?04:00
lotuspsychjeLiquidedge: maybe the intel drivers website can get you updated?04:01
BeldarLiquidedge, https://01.org/linuxgraphics/04:01
Liquidedgeeny: Covering all bases.  I'm not sure what it is.04:01
lotuspsychjeDvorovoi: so you fixxed it at the end?04:01
Dvorovoiyeah the A620004:02
owhLiquidedge: You could boot a Ubuntu LiveCD and test the setup on that. It would tell you if it works out of the box, or if there is an issue with your specific setup.04:02
lotuspsychjeDvorovoi: how if i may ask?04:02
Liquidedgeowh: Pretty good idea.04:02
lotuspsychjeowh: good idea04:02
enyyes. mines slow but its because my isp throttles me and other stuff. slow wifi could mean a whole lot of htings04:03
Dvorovoifound an older set of drivers. mine came with bcmhlhigh6, upgraded to bcmwlhigh63, the older version i foudn on the net was bcmwlhigh5 in a zip fole labled A6200 for Linux04:03
lotuspsychjeDvorovoi: sounds like a real quest :p04:03
Dvorovoiabout 10 hrs of fiddling with ndiswrapper04:03
LiquidedgeIt's the only computer on my network that's slow, I know it's no my isp.04:03
Dvorovoimy first linux experience04:03
lotuspsychjeDvorovoi: lol those are the best, self finds :p04:04
lotuspsychjeok worktime, cheers guys04:04
Dvorovoinow im questing to gifure out how to make my desktop icon font and launcher font larger. its too small after switching from native driver to my nvidia drivers04:04
enyi tried fiddling with ndiswrapper once. i lost.04:05
Dvorovoiit took some time04:05
Dvorovoii didnt really get the hint until i learned about dmesg04:05
eny what does this do?04:06
enythat's fun04:06
enyвхат ис цыриллиц ?04:06
Dvorovoiit shows some info from the kernal ring buffer04:06
Dvorovoiw/e that is04:06
enyi found the right click button04:06
Dvorovoii just know it showed me errors from ndiswrapper failing04:06
enyhow do i filter everyone that is leaving and joinging and leaving and joining? i cant find the conversation.04:07
ianorlineny we need to know which irc clinet you are using04:07
DvorovoiCTCP VERSION reply from eny [~eny@24-119-100-82.cpe.cableone.net]: xchat 0.3.0 Linux 3.2.0-60-generic [i686]04:12
Dvorovoiis what i got lol04:12
enysorry but this is too funny >>> Your_Dog has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)04:12
Dvorovoicheck that eny04:16
ianorlinalthough if you are helping people out and staying that can be confusing as you end up talking to people that have left04:17
* owh shows the leaving messages, not the rest.04:18
enyi did not know xkcd had a wiki help page.  i learn something new every day04:21
Dvorovoii usually just went for the comics04:22
enyDvorovoi, thanks04:22
Dvorovoino problem04:22
=== jason576 is now known as ys0serious
enyi sometimes laugh till i cry at xkcd comics, and then someone will come by and I show them and they always say "i dont get it"  makes me feel strange.04:24
enysorry but sometimes i think i come to chat rooms just to see this .. <-- SweetMuffin has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)04:25
enyokay i'll be serious.  anyone have a hard time checksum their ubuntu?04:25
Dvorovoii checked mine from windows prior to install04:26
Deihmosis there a way to eneable the middle mouse button04:26
holstein!md5 | eny04:26
ubottueny: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:26
enyi dont think i even know how to do that in windows. or do you mean cmd/04:26
Dvorovoii used a program from the web04:27
holsteineny: the link i gave gives examples in windows04:27
enyi do try to verify them. i guess i should have been more clear.  the md4 checksum fails.04:27
Dvorovoilol i think i found it by following the HowToMD%SUM links04:27
owheny: That means that the file on your computer isn't the same as the one on the website.04:28
srockthe  muffins dead04:28
enyright. why is that happening all of the sudden?04:28
holsteineny: the link i gave should share ideas about what to do if the sum fails04:28
enyomg. muffins are never dead.04:28
enyokay thanks. i will go read holstein .04:28
holsteineny: your internet.. or, your drive... please use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for chat.. thanks04:29
enymd5 is off topic ubuntu?04:29
enyoh. the other chat.04:29
Artemis3eny, there are windows apps to check md5sums you have to search for one04:30
holsteinArtemis3: http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:30
enyok. i dont have windows. well, i have a broken windows.04:31
Dvorovoiis what i use04:31
enyso i need to install windows to check my ubuntu checksum?04:31
Deihmosis there a way to enable the middle mouse button04:31
holsteineny: no04:32
owheny: What are you currently using to talk to us?04:32
holsteineny: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM04:32
Dvorovoimd5sum ubuntu-11.10-dvd-i386.iso  is the example from  http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM04:32
Dvorovoiit works for me when i supply a valid file04:33
anxietyi'm having an issue with make04:34
anxietyi've set up PATH to a directory make needs to find a bin file04:34
anxietyi can type the name in bash04:34
anxietyand it runs the program04:34
anxietyhowever when running make04:34
anxietyit can't find it04:34
anxietyanyone have idea's?04:35
nadavin order to install irc server on my ubuntu-server, I just need to install ircd-irc2, configure it, and add a irc.domainame.com DNS record for my server?04:35
Dvorovoianxiety: so when you actually 'make' it cannot find the directory?04:35
anxietyDvorovoi: i'm building newlib. I run make. It tells me it can't find arm-none-eabi-ranlib04:37
anxietyDvorovoi: but if type arm-none-eabi-ranlib in bash, i get ranlib giving me output04:37
enyholstein, thanks for the second link. it has more in depth info. i'll try that again.04:39
silv3r_m00nhi there04:39
silv3r_m00ni installed the nvidia drivers, and now the terminal that comes up with ctrl+alt+f1 is in low resolution, how to fix this ?04:40
Sven_vBsince i wrote a very strange partition table to my harddisk, my live system from USB kernel panics at startup, shortly after printing an insanely long list of "sda"+numbers, looking like it tried to list partitions. i remember cfdisk warning me that there were too many partitions, too. is there a way to make the USB live system ignore the partition table in sda and still let me write to the device as a whole?04:40
Sven_vBi tried the "check disk for errors" option in the live system startup menu, but it also panics04:42
owhSven_vB: You could probably boot into DOS and use fdisk to "fix" it.04:44
Sven_vBowh, so i should make a DOS (freedos?) live USB?04:45
ndmy pc is unable to make sound ive tried evrything i can04:46
owhSven_vB: If you cannot boot, that would likely work. You might also be able to start a linux stick in rescue mode.04:46
Sven_vBowh oh right, i'll try that first04:47
ndive tried installin uninstalling ulsa  but on typing alsamixer it says no directory found04:47
Slartsilv3r_m00n: I'm not so sure you should.. I vaguely seem to recall something about nvidia not supporting higher resolutions in tty.. but that was some time back and my memory might be faulty04:48
owhnd, If you start from a LiveCD, does it work?04:48
ndeven i installed alsamixer from software centre in gui04:48
ndbutit wont start04:49
=== ashok is now known as Guest71549
ndcan anyone help please04:49
Slartnd: open a terminal and run   alsamixer    What happens?04:50
ndit says no directory found04:50
owhnd, If you start from a LiveCD, does it work?04:51
Slartnd: is that the full error message?04:51
ndyeah it works from live pendrive04:51
ndits working in live puppy slacko04:52
Slartnd: it's not something like  cannot open mixer, no such file or directory?04:52
vonsyd0wnd, try typing its full path: /usr/bin/alsamixer04:52
ndyeah it says no file or directory04:52
ndcannot open mixer04:54
Slartnd: can you pastebin the results of     cat /proc/asound/cards04:55
Slart!pastebin | nd04:55
ubottund: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:55
Deihmossometimes ubuntu lock up. How do I find out why?04:56
ndit once again say no such files or directory04:56
SlartDeihmos: sometimes you get information in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/kern.log but other times theres almost no trace of what caused it to crash/hang04:57
DeihmosI see04:57
Slartnd: ok, pastebin this then    ls /proc04:58
ndok im new here can take sevral minutes04:58
SlartDeihmos: usually you try to force the system to hang.. to see what might affect it.. can be things like overheating, bad memory, bad graphics drivers etc04:59
Slartnd: try running this command         sudo apt-get install pastebinit      enter your password and let it finish.. then write    ls /proc | pastebinit     give us the url it prints out05:00
Slartnd: saves you the copying/pasting by hand05:00
ndok  thanx installing paste bin05:02
Dvorovoiis there a way to get an automated eclipse unstall on Ubuntu 14.04 that will not install OpenJDK?05:03
Dvorovoiinstall not unstall05:03
Slartnd: what version of ubuntu are you running?05:05
ndits saucy salamnder05:06
nd13.10 i guesss05:06
Deihmoswhen i uninstall firefox things lock up05:06
Deihmoscan't i uninstall firefox?05:06
Slartnd: it seems you either don't have alsa installed or it's not running..05:06
SlartDeihmos: sure you're supposed to be able to uninstall firefox05:07
Deihmosthunderbird locks up05:07
ndno i have alsa it says alsa is already latest version05:07
ndbut its not running i guess05:07
macgyverfeverUbuntu Vs. Red Hat for maximum customization flexibility: Anyone biased towards one more than the other?05:08
ndwait i typed sudo apt-get install alsamixer it says unable to locate package05:09
owhmacgyverfever: That's like emacs vs vi. Horses for courses.05:10
Slartnd: there might be more problems behind this.. not sure why you can't install alsamixer.. but I have to go to work now, try asking about it again in the channel05:13
ndok thanx :)05:13
ndsaucy is full of bugs any one who too thinks it is ?05:14
owhnd, the package is called alsa-utils05:14
owhnd. so the command should be apt-get install alsa-utils05:15
ndyeah its installing it05:15
enynd, i had that problem once. it turned out that when i updated my drivers it erased my alsamixer.05:16
ndit says alsa utilis is already the newest version05:16
enyat the command line the program was not found but it was listed in the software centre. did you check the centre for alsamixer?05:16
ndu mean purge alsa and then again reinstall it05:16
ndit was working before but i install mpg123 player command line player from softwre centre05:17
ndand since then its not makin sound05:17
enyand also,, no one is offtopic chattin gin ubuntu=offtopic. why do i always get banished to the quiet room?05:18
owheny: That would be because you're in the wrong room. #ubuntu-offtopic, not #ubuntu=offtopic.05:19
owhnd, did you have a question?05:20
ndowh should i purge alsa and rinstall it again?05:20
owhnd, I seem to recall a compatibility issue. Something about OSS and ALSA not playing nicely if you install a legacy application. I suspect, but don't know, that mpg123 is based around OSS, not ALSA. I may be wrong. I am not sure, it's been a long while.05:21
Dvorovoiis there a way to force the launcher to reload without logging off?05:22
Dvorovoii changed something with Unity Tweak and all my launcher icon disapeared05:23
ndowh so wt should i do05:23
Stritwhat did you change, Dvorovoi ?05:23
Dvorovoinot sure. i changed quite a few things. disabled webapp content and how workspace switching works and that switching between apps happens across all workspaces.05:24
Dvorovoinow unity tweaks tool wont launch lol05:24
BeldarDvorovoi, You can reset unity, look for one on your release.05:24
StritDvorovoi, sure it's not on another workspace? :)05:25
Dvorovoiit might be hidden behind my eclipse which is busy doing some work05:25
BeldarDvorovoi, You can do the commands form a tty if needed.05:25
ndstrit can you help me ? about no sound issue05:26
DvorovoiBeldar:  yeah i tried that tty thing someone mentioned earlier and got stuck in a fullscreen terminal. had to reboot lol05:26
Stritnd, what sounddriver du you use?05:26
ndive hp 431 notebook05:27
Stritnd, ALSA, PULSEAUDIO or JACK?05:27
ndstrit ive hp 431 notebook05:27
ndits alsa05:27
ndstrit how can i know about my sounddriver05:28
Stritnd did you try restaring ALSA?05:28
DvorovoiStrit: I just typed unity and its all fixed with changes applied05:28
ndstrit you mean force reloading05:28
Stritnd yes.05:28
ndstrit yeah ive tried that05:28
StritDvorovoi, Great. :)05:28
ndstrit it says  none loaded none reloaded05:29
Stritwhat if you start ALSA or PULSEAUDIO then?05:30
ndE: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.05:31
ndE: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.05:31
warmheartHowdy guys. Im attempting to install Ubuntu on around 15 computers at once. I was wandering if I could use my laptop as a "server" (just to host the iso from a usb) the connect to the rest of the computers via ethernet. Is this possible?05:31
ndstrit above was the output05:31
cfhowlett_!install|warmheart yes indeed.  the LTSP project wiki has one option05:31
ubottuwarmheart yes indeed.  the LTSP project wiki has one option: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate05:31
ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project05:31
Dvorovoihttp://i.imgur.com/5dj8XT7.png  see the size of the font on my icons? Ive been messing with unity tweaks and the scaling factor to no avail. trying to make it larger05:34
Dvorovoiscaling factors worked for the font in the launcher icons05:34
Dvorovoibut not in files05:34
ndyacks  my alsa mixer is not working ive tried evry thing reloading reinstalling05:40
ndregis can u help me regarding no sound issue05:40
bopper1_hello all...this is my last resort to come in here for help because I find anything on the internet.05:44
bopper1_I set up a file server using samba, ubuntu 14.04 LTS, command interface only. I can't access my server from win 8.05:46
shakirI'm running Ubuntu 14.04, and i have a problem with VLC installation.05:47
=== Infierno|zZz is now known as InFierno|Coding
bopper1_I use the same smb.conf file from last known good05:47
bopper1_it works earlier today then when I install transmission and config some files, then I can't connect to it05:48
anonanondawgfuck you all05:49
anonanondawgrun nigga run05:50
shakirplease check this out : http://pastebin.com/NUwUyuyM05:50
=== goeo_ is now known as hax
anonanondawgyour stupid05:51
unopasteanonanondawg you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted05:51
bopper1_shakir: have you try sudo apt-get update?05:52
rwwsomeone's unhappy05:52
rww!guidelines | anonanondawg05:52
ubottuanonanondawg: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:52
anonanondawgfuckyou rww05:53
anonanondawgfuckyou unopaste05:53
bopper1_can anyone help me with samba file server?05:53
anonanondawgfuckyou rww you cunt head05:54
bopper1_I set up a file server using samba, ubuntu 14.04 LTS, command interface only. I can't access my server from win 8.06:02
ubottubopper1_: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server06:03
Dvorovoinautilus is not the same program that shows the icons on the "desktop" is it?06:07
=== root is now known as Guest71184
bopper1_this channel is dead06:10
Guest71184How to change nickname in irssi?06:10
rwwGuest71184: /nick nicknamehere06:11
=== Guest71184 is now known as hdtune2k
cfhowlett_!patience|bopper1_ 106:11
ubottubopper1_ 1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:11
hdtune2kThanks for helpping06:11
hdtune2kDoes any one here?...06:14
ubottuhdtune2k: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:15
Voyage:/var/log$ cd tomcat7/         -bash: cd: tomcat7/: Permission denied            moez@keyvps1:/var/log$ sudo cd tomcat7/         sudo: cd: command not found06:15
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:16
hdtune2kThis channel is dead...06:17
cfhowlett_hdtune2k social channel this is not.  social chat is elsewhere06:17
bazhanghdtune2k, did you have a support question? #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat if not06:18
silv3r_m00nhi there, i suddenly got this message in tty1,  CPU3: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 1)06:23
silv3r_m00nwhat does it mean ?06:23
rwwthat one of your CPU core's temperature is too high and the speed on it was decreased to try and fix that06:24
rwwor, in other words, your computer's cooling sucks06:24
silv3r_m00ncooling sucks ...... ? its a rainy day today06:24
rwwokay. and?06:24
silv3r_m00nand never got this error even on some of the most sunny and hot days06:25
rwwnevertheless, you have it now06:25
silv3r_m00nis it the processor ? or the graphics card ?06:25
power007hi everyone06:26
power007how to create own linux distro using installed arch system with gnome env?06:27
=== build is now known as payne
rwwpower007: ask ##linux, we don't support non-Ubuntu distros here06:27
Voyagethis should work as a crontab, right? */02 * * * * 'curl http://google.com' > /home/moez/temp.txt06:31
Sven_vBsilverf0x, your fan efficiency might have lowered due to dust accumulating ;)06:32
Sven_vBsorry, meant silv406:32
fasdfasanyone can guide me to install ubuntu and win 7 in same machine..06:41
fasdfasTried many times..06:41
fasdfasended up in balck screen with blinking cursor06:41
=== Codmadnesspro is now known as Codmadnesspro|af
cfhowlett_!dualboot|fasdfas 1. install windows  2. install ubuntu06:44
ubottufasdfas 1. install windows  2. install ubuntu: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:44
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
=== Codmadnesspro|af is now known as Codmadnesspro
fasdfasTY :)06:46
CodmadnessproHow comes i cannot edit vpn in network connections?06:46
geomfasdfas  Please let us know what worked and didn't work on the dual boot Win 7 and Ubuntu.....OK?06:47
fasdfasYa sure..06:49
=== stella is now known as Guest84087
dw1there are no recently opened files in gedit - anyone know the fix?06:53
alinmearhey guys, i have a question regarding networking; i have 2 ubuntu server and 1 win7 pc. my first ubuntu server starts a script to copy data from my win7 machine to the second ubuntu server. does this mean that all packages are sent this way: first ubuntu server --> win 7 --> first ubuntu server --> second ubuntu server??06:53
dw1whatever you programmed your scripts/comps to do is what happens..06:55
robertzaccourHow do I remove Unity entirely?06:56
dw1you could just leave it and install and use another window manager06:57
dw1removing might break stuff06:57
dw1i use gnome-session-flashback06:58
dw1then choose gnome (metacity) at login screen06:58
ni431209hi ppl06:58
robertzaccourdw1: I want to install Mate and then remove Unity.06:58
bazhang!info mate-desktop06:59
ubottumate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-1 (trusty), package size 17 kB, installed size 95 kB06:59
bazhangrobertzaccour, ^06:59
dw1robertzaccour: lots of results on google for: ubuntu remove unity06:59
ianb65Hi, Have installed Mythbuntu 14.04 on ION2 hardware as Frontend only. The splash screen is Ubuntu (not Mythbuntu like backend) and the menu buttons are super tiny. I selected the Nvidia driver at install time. Anyone else seeing same ?07:01
dw1robertzaccour: personally i just leave it in in case other window manager breaks, and it has happened07:01
CodmadnessproHow comes i cannot edit vpn in network connections?07:03
cfhowlett_ianb65 mythbuntu not supported here.  sorry.07:04
duallyinb65: try specifying dpi in xorg.  I think this is a result of the graphics driver not recognizing the display.07:07
ferzwhich is the package name that contains deb command?07:08
ferzI'm with trusty distribution07:08
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ferzbazhang: I've to execute this command: sudo deb http://apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/apt/ trusty-pgdg main07:11
bazhangferz, whats the ultimate goal here07:12
Flannelferz: No, you're not trying to run that ("deb" isn't a command), you're likely being told to add that as a package repository.07:13
Flannelferz: If your guide tells you to run that command, assume the people making it are idiots, and find a different one.07:13
cfhowlett_ferz this ^^^07:13
ferzbazhang: the ultimate goal is not to learn a workaround and be able to follow instructions ( https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt )to add that repository07:14
ferzFlannel: I dont' think that postgresql guys are idiot07:15
qin_ferz: that's not a command only repo line...07:15
Flannelferz: I never said they were, I said that if your guide is telling you to run that as a command (which it's not), then...07:15
* moonk1 07:15
Flannelferz: Why are you trying to add that, may I ask?07:15
qin_ferz: READ CAREFUL: Create /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgdg.list. The distributions are ca.....07:15
ferzFlannel: it could be usefull if someone from ubuntu community will fix that guide.07:16
Flannelferz: There's nothing that needs fixing in that guide.  Why are you trying to add that repository?  What does it provide that the postgres in the official repositories doesn't?07:16
ferzqin_: thank you, I've not understood that it has to be inserted in the file07:17
Flannelferz: Why are you trying to add that repository?  What does it provide that the postgres in the official repositories doesn't?07:18
ferzFlannel: the latest postgresql 9.3.307:18
qin_ferz: SO we determined that PostgerSQL people are nor idiots, now Flannel question, what is so wrong with installing it from Ubuntu repos?07:18
ferzand next update as soon as they will be available07:19
Flannelferz: Trusty has 9.3.4, so..... I'm not sure why you need that other repository?07:19
ferzsorry, I was looking for 9.3.4 some days ago and it was not  available from official ubuntu repository while it was on apt.postgresql.org07:20
Flannelferz: According to the changelog, 9.3.4 has been available since March 18th.  It could be wrong, or your mirror may have been grossly out of date or something, but postgres will definitiely get timely updates07:21
Flannel(available in the Ubuntu repositories)07:21
ferzFlannel: thank you07:22
GuyThatNeedsHelpCan anyone help me with desktop customization?07:25
railsbroi'm running ubuntu 14.04 LTS on vmware 9 and i'm using a windows keyboard. a ton of functions i want to use require the 'meta' key but my keyboard doesn't have one. how do i remap the meta key?07:27
MannerManGuyThatNeedsHelp: Check out https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/unity-tweak-tool/07:28
GuyThatNeedsHelpI know about that07:29
GuyThatNeedsHelpfor an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8hOqWse7Ig07:29
GuyThatNeedsHelpI know he's using vim and talking about Vundle, what do you call that theme he has?07:30
nodedfreeme mu online will not be able to run on ubuntu via wine?07:32
MannerManGuyThatNeedsHelp: Looks like he's using something like "Awesome" for window management/desktop env, it's called a tiling window manager07:32
GuyThatNeedsHelp@MannerMan thanks07:33
Artemis3nodedfree, there is a database of programs running in wine at appdb.winehq.org07:51
Sven_vBhow can i check partition alignment (4k sectors advanced format) before starting ubiquity?07:51
Sven_vBis it just checking whether the partition start byte offset is divisible by 4096?07:52
nodedfreeArtemis3, thx. there's another mssql problem..07:52
CodmadnessproHow comes i cannot edit vpn in network connections?07:54
Artemis3Sven_vB, its good, you don't really need to worry :) not only they use 4k its usually like 1024k boundries07:54
owhSven_vB: I'm not sure what you're asking.07:54
Krishnamurtiis there anyone use lmule?07:55
KrishnamurtiCodmadnesspro:I don't know how to use vpn either07:56
CodmadnessproIts so frickin hard07:57
Sven_vBArtemis3, well, can't see how it is "good"; to fix pre-seeded auto-install, i have to predict partition tables that won't make ubiquity ask me to re-align them07:57
CodmadnessproIm banned from a site i wanna get into lol07:57
Sven_vBCodmadnesspro, it might be edit-locked due to being currently connected07:57
CodmadnessproIts got nothing in it07:58
Krishnamurtino one use lmule?07:58
Sven_vBat first it seemed so easy, ubiquity didn't want the / partition within the first 3072 bytes, so i put another partition in front, but now it claims that / is 512 bytes in front of the minimum even though /tmp is in front with entire 512 MB assigned to it07:59
Artemis3Sven_vB, that doesnt make much sense, did you install something and then want ubiquity? ubiquity will make the partitions using at best parted, and parted uses 1m boundries.08:00
Sven_vBArtemis3, my auto-install script makes ubiquity re-use the existing partition table (prepared manually with gparted, restored in auto-mode with with sfdisk)08:01
Sven_vBubiquity is launched after sfdisk has managed the PT08:02
Sven_vBso i'd like to check right after sfdisk, before ubiquity, whether ubiquity will like it08:02
Sven_vBand if not, call an admin before ubiquity even starts (because some other bug prevents it from exiting when asked to)08:03
Artemis3Sven_vB, not sure about sfdisk, at least cfdisk and gdisk align at least at 2k08:03
Artemis3aligning at 512bytes reminds me of old fdisk, do start your partition at 4k if its your recipe08:05
CodmadnessproHow comes i cannot edit vpn in network connections? Its not connected to anything.08:05
Sven_vBsfdisk just writes whatever i tell it to, and i use it to restore the PT that i made with gparted. i tried cfdisk as well, no luck in aligning.08:05
* [gnubie] waves08:05
[gnubie]# uname -r && lsb_release -rd && sysctl -a | grep -i swappiness08:06
RubixRexcould somebody point me towards some free security tools for ubuntu?08:06
[gnubie]Description:Ubuntu 14.04 LTS08:06
[gnubie]vm.swappiness = 1008:06
Sven_vBArtemis3, with "do start your partition at 4k", you mean each partition start offset has to be divisible by 4096, right?08:06
Artemis3Sven_vB, also you might as well pre-seed using debian installer, you know the thing that is launched by ubuntu-minimal using the very same preseed file using the standard recipes there08:06
[gnubie]given the above information, i'm wondering why my system is already swapping when i still have around 50% of physical memory that is still free..08:07
[gnubie]# free -m08:07
[gnubie]             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached08:07
[gnubie]Mem:         16013       8484       7529          0         91        29708:07
[gnubie]-/+ buffers/cache:       8096       791708:07
[gnubie]Swap:         3905        123       378208:07
[gnubie]any idea?08:07
Sven_vBlast time i checked, preseed options for partitioning had to replace the entire partition table, that's no good in my use cases.08:07
Artemis3no the recipes allow keeping previous partitions08:08
RubixRexcould somebody point me towards some free security tools for ubuntu?08:08
Sven_vBwow, they really grew better then.08:09
Sven_vBi'll just give that 4k divisible approach a try, and if it works, just assume it's what ubiquity wanted me to do08:09
Artemis3Sven_vB, the recipe thing is documented somewhere but can't recall atm you gotta search a bit08:09
Aki-ThinkpadWhat is a terminal command to eliminate the first line in a text document?08:10
Sven_vBArtemis3, maybe some time. for now i try and get the existing installer script to work. it has some other neat features as well (like avahi detection) for which i'd probably keep it anyway ;)08:11
Artemis3Sven_vB, well you might as well do that, just the first partition start at 4k and you are done (the sizes will match 4k (or more) boundries using proper partiioning tools such as cfdisk) but check the docs just in case08:11
SpeirosHi folks.  I'm wondering why on the upgrade page there is no information to upgrade from one LTS to another.  Do I need to go through each upgrade individually?08:13
SpeirosI currently use 12.4LTS08:13
jaTTim on 13.04 and i need to know how to disable ubuntu one,  i think uninstalled it but the cloud icon keeps showing up on the bar08:14
Artemis3Sven_vB, even if you miss, and fdisk uses 512bytes or 1k or 2k, only at the border youll get some ineficiency, ie read 512bytes but drive has to scan 4k because thats the min its not terrible as there are only few borders between partitions 2k, 1k, halfk will land nice inside 4k sectors08:15
Sven_vBArtemis3, i'm not even worried about efficiency, mostly just about ubiquity asking about it. which makes me think, maybe i can preseed the answer as ignore.08:16
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Artemis3Sven_vB, but the ideal is to tell your partition tool to use 4k as min, tho parted uses 1024k so you are pretty much covered08:16
Artemis3Sven_vB, yes but don't start your first partition at some odd place like windows xp at byte 63 or such08:17
PotatoHead0077Hello, can someone tell me what the channel for idle talk is? :)08:18
sjd_zeus#join centos08:18
Artemis3lol sjd_zeus08:19
PotatoHead0077plez tell meh :P08:19
* PotatoHead0077 begs you08:19
=== gcollura is now known as gcollura|afk
SpeirosThere is chatjunkies instead of coming on freenode...08:20
SpeirosNot too sure if that will help PotatoHead007708:20
SpeirosSomething like that.08:20
PotatoHead0077no i want ubuntu people :P08:20
Artemis3well there is #ubuntu-offtopic i think08:20
PotatoHead0077ah thanks :)08:20
vlt!ot | PotatoHead007708:20
ubottuPotatoHead0077: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:20
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demonIs your cellphone a supercomputer yet?08:21
demonclick on the link. all ports and workarounds.08:21
demon...gain access.08:21
daedelothso, anything related to autocomplete in any software I'm using, is slow08:21
SpeirosIs anyone able to help with the upgrade from 12.4lts to 14.4 lts (or even if it's recommended?)08:23
geirhadaedeloth: Are you talking about bash-completion, or programs using readline in general?08:23
webgenhello guys I cannot mount my second hard drive, says I need to shutdown windows properly without hibernation file or something, I did shutdown though, anyone knows whats the deal ?08:24
daedelothgeirha, I don't really know to be honest, it feels like it's everywhere, in crhome, in phpstorm, in bash, ...08:24
Artemis3webgen, try restart instead08:24
webgenArtemis3 hmm ok will try thanks :)08:25
geirhadaedeloth: And it's not a general sluggishness in everything, it's just various forms of completions that are slugish?08:26
james0rhaving transmission crash on me for the first time ever. only thing i'm doing different is downloading huge files. movies packs upwards or 30gb. have plenty of space though.08:27
SpeirosSee you folks, I'll come on later to see if someone might know...need to go to a meeting:D08:27
james0ri'm noticing that one of the torrents resets every time transmission crashes.08:27
daedelothgeirha, it might be general sluggishness, but it's most noticable in completions08:27
daedelothI was looking at system monitor and ownCloud uses 12% of the cpu... but well, even then :)08:27
daedelothmy pc "feels" slower than before 14.04 :)08:28
james0rahh. tailing /var/log/syslog i see errors after launching transmission but don't know how to interpret them --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7397464/08:29
geirhaCould be a crappy graphics driver08:29
daedelothI've tried both the open source as the ones provided by ati, feels the same08:30
daedelothit's also hard to explain: "it feels sluggish" isn't really very technical :)08:30
james0rcrashed again. this is what i get from syslog when it crashes ---> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7397475/08:31
geirhajames0r: A segfault caused by a bug in either transmission-gtk or libcurl-gnutls it seems. Regardless it should be filed as a bug against transmission. segfaults should never happen.08:32
james0rgeirha, gotcha. thanks. i'll file it.08:33
Bray90820What would this command do08:34
Bray90820ls -l | grep '^[^d]' | awk '{"print $5, $8}'08:34
geirhaBray90820: possibly a broken attempt at listing filesizes08:35
Conlist files that match a pattern but only print two columns of the output08:35
=== gustav__ is now known as gustav___
owhBray90820: I see you're still doing homework ;-)08:36
DreadlishBray90820: delete '"' from awk argument and it should work.08:36
geirhaBray90820: It's very bad code, and should only serve as an example of what not to do.08:37
Bray90820geirha: it's what my teacher gave me08:37
owhBray90820: Why are you not running these examples on a terminal on your own computer to see what they do?08:37
geirhaBray90820: and?08:38
Bray90820I don't know what it does08:38
geirhaBray90820: Here's a more indepth explanation of why that code is bad: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/ParsingLs08:38
peterrooneyBray90820: your teacher is telling you to parse ls - which is bad08:38
owhBray90820: So, fire up a LiveCD and try it on that. It won't harm your computer.08:38
lblumeBray90820: Microsoft and AOL have reported this is a potent VIRUS that will DESTROY your computer.08:38
owhlblume: Not helpful.08:39
Bray90820Ha Ha08:39
owhlblume: Funny, yes. Helpful, no.08:39
lblumeowh: So? I don't quite get how the Ubuntu channel is a substitute for asking one's teacher to do one's homework.08:40
owhlblume: Fair call.08:40
lblumeIt's not even an Ubuntu question.08:40
peterrooneyBray90820: grep and awk in the same pipeline makes lhunath cry.  /join #bash08:42
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svenxwhy does trusty's Packages.bz2 list 'dmidecode' as priority 'standard', while the package itself (INFO, and debian/control) list it as 'important' (and thus installed by default)?08:54
aarobchave you accepted vim as your editor and file savor?08:57
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Slartgeirha: nice info on that wiki.. never thought about the problems listed there. Thanks09:05
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
geirhaSlart: Aye. If only that wiki was among the first google hit for "bash", instead of the horrible ABS guide; maybe the majority of bash and sh scripts wouldn't be so horrible. :)09:18
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sam_iam unable to open network documents in ubuntu ltsp server or individual ubuntu system also09:23
sam_is there ant soluation for that09:24
owhsam_: Do you have Internet connectivity on the machine?09:24
owhsam_: Which documents?09:25
sam_.doc or .odt file09:25
owhsam_: I do not understand your question.09:25
sam_iam using samba for sharing in my company for sharing documents09:26
owhsam_: Can you see the files on your samba server?09:27
sam_in that sharing iam not opening a document directly from the server always copy to desktop and open it is getting big problem09:27
sam_yes it is there09:27
owhsam_: So you can copy it and open it locally, but you cannot open it straight from the server?09:28
hdtune2ki want to know about more IRC commands..09:28
ntg-workisnt the gnome-power-manager supposed to have its own binary? http://p.ntg.cx/tekegijiye.bash09:28
sam_it is a time wasting procedure is there any alternative way09:28
owhsam_: Can you please answer my previous question.09:29
sam_what is the question09:29
Stanley00hdtune2k: try type /help , and look in there. And by the way, that's off-topic here :D09:29
owhsam_: So you can copy it and open it locally, but you cannot open it straight from the server?09:29
hdtune2kok i am moving to offtopic09:30
sam_iam using nautilus to conncet to server09:30
qin_sam_: use irssi (or any good client) any scripts or trigers to open whatever however ;)09:31
owhsam_: Can you copy the file from the server to your local computer?09:31
sam_qin:irssi is the toll ehat is that09:31
sam_yes it is open locally:owh09:31
owhsam_: Can you open the file directly from the server?09:32
qin_hdtune2k: /help in your client09:32
sam_it is not opening from the server just blicking the libreoffice09:32
owhsam_: What is "blicking" ?09:33
sam_just loading in 2 seconds after that closing09:33
Krishnamurtiexcuse me,who know how to use neoloader?09:33
owh!ot| Krishnamurti09:34
ubottuKrishnamurti: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:34
owhsam_: If you change the file locally, can you copy the file back to the server?09:34
Krishnamurtiubottu:sorry,i'm new here09:35
ubottuKrishnamurti: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:35
sam_we have apply only copy access to that file we can write permissions on that floder09:35
owhsam_: Hold on, one step at a time.09:35
owhsam_: If you change the file locally, do you have permissions to copy it back to the server?09:36
owhsam_: Which version of Ubuntu and which version of LibreOffice?09:36
sam_lubuntu 12.10 and libreoffice nautilus 3.1.409:37
LambCWould anyone know why font hinting is not working on 2nd monitor of a dual head system? It only works on the primary display.09:37
sam_lambc:your board is support for the dual moniter09:37
owhsam_: It *appears* that you also need to install libreoffice-gnome to have gvfs support. This is what Nautilus is using to show you the file.09:38
LambCsam_ I can't understand that.09:39
owhsam_: When you copy the file to your local computer, Nautilus is doing the work. When LibreOffice is trying to open the file, it doesn't know how to find the file.09:39
owhsam_: Think of it like this: Nautilus knows how to read gvfs://path/to/file, but LibreOffice doesn't.09:40
sam_iam sorry idid n't get you09:40
owhsam_: Install libreoffice-gnome09:41
sam_it is majorly libreoffice gnome problem09:41
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owhLambC: I can see some reports, but no fix.09:43
owhLambC: This might be a wild goose chase: http://askubuntu.com/questions/70606/how-to-enable-sub-pixel-hinting09:44
LambCowh: We probably have to buy an Ubuntu core dev a 2nd screen. Dual monitor support has been terrible for ever. :-(09:44
owhLambC: I know. It used to be better, then it got worse. I "fixed" it by running VMware on multiple monitors and running Ubuntu as a guest.09:45
LambCowh: Thanks. All that seems to only work on the primary display however.09:45
owhLambC: Bigger screen instead?09:46
owhLambC: I'm using 5 monitors here. Seems to be ok.09:47
LambCLet me guess, server monitoring?09:48
=== gian is now known as Guest75593
owhLambC: Software development.09:48
LambCmore than I expected for that, but I can see how it might be useful09:49
owhsam_: How did you go?09:49
LambCpity it isn't video driver development haha09:49
owhLambC: I had to give up independent side-by-side desktops on dual head, so this was the next solution. I've been there too ;-)09:49
owhLambC: I actually think it's a Gnome "feature", rather than a driver issue.09:50
owhLambC: But I'm happy to be told I'm wrong.09:50
LambCooh.. a non-gnome ui might work. I'll try it. Thanks.09:51
LambCI can't use KDE but it will narrow down the scope of the problem should it work.09:51
owhLambC: Try a LiveCD.09:54
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sgronbloHello, brought out my old netbook with an old ubuntu install and tried to do a sudo apt-get -f install10:02
owhsgronblo: The suspense is killing me...10:03
sgronbloThis seems to fail because of dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-longversion.deb (--unpack) unable to create some .ko file while processing some other .ko file: No space left on device10:04
owhsgronblo: So your drive is full.10:04
sgronblodf -h tells me I should have like 4.2 GB free on /10:04
sgronbloIsnt that enough?10:04
owhsgronblo: What about on temp?10:04
imdeaHi.. where could I find info on how do I do in order to create a "custom timezone" in my ubuntu machine?10:04
owhimdea: How custom? There are lots to choose from.10:05
imdeaowh: custom = one customized..10:05
sgronbloWell /tmp is not shown as a separate entry of df so I supposed its under / as well?10:05
imdeaowh: yes but for a specific requeriment I would need to use a custom one instead of the "official" one..10:05
owhimdea: I mean, I'd be surprised if your timezone didn't already exist.10:05
Ben64sgronblo: pastebin output of df -h10:06
imdeaowh: It does, but for a special requirement I need to create a custom one.10:06
geirhasgronblo: df -h /tmp   will show just the filesystem where that directory is10:06
sgronbloYeah df -f /tmp shows Avail 4.2G mounted on /10:07
Ben64sgronblo: ok.. so pastebin output of df -h10:07
owhimdea: You don't create timezones, they exist. You select one.10:07
BoozeWoozHi, I've having horrible booting times (2min), created bootchart, can someone take look at it please? http://i.imgur.com/iNP82Jl.png10:08
imdeaowh:  your answer is very "helpful"10:08
owhimdea: I'm not trying to be difficult. Can you give an example where selecting an existing timezone doesn't work?10:08
imdeaowh: It's a long story, I just want to know whether it's possible and how to do it or where to read about it.10:09
owhimdea: The timezone files live in /usr/share/zoneinfo/10:10
owhimdea: I see no reason you cannot create one or more for yourself, but I'm unsure if that's really what you want to do.10:10
geirhaimdea: man 5 tzfile  probably10:10
sgronbloBen64: pastebin.com/kyxPYR8h10:11
imdeaowh: basically I have a server in Chile and for some reason chile's government seems to choose arbitrary dates for DST, and I'm not sure whether official Chile's NTP server is propagating the right time. So I was wondering whether it was possible to create a custom tz with "custom rules" in the sense that once DST changes are announced I'm sure the time will change effectively and not be doubting whether the NTP server is giving the right time10:12
Ben64sgronblo: what version of ubuntu?10:12
Ben64imdea: how about using a different time server?10:13
sgronblouh let me see if I remember which file to check for that10:13
Ben64sgronblo: cat /etc/issue10:13
sgronblo12.0.4.4 LTS \n \l10:13
innocent95does sudo apt-get upgrade works both for ubuntu and debian ?10:13
llutzinnocent95: yes10:14
owhimdea: I get it. Western Australia did a similar thing. The best way is to lodge a bug report when the times are known. The NTP server will continue to give out UTC.10:14
k1l_innocent95: depends how sudo is confiured on your debian. but debian works with apt-get , too10:14
innocent95llutz, and both do an upgrade for the system, right ?10:14
llutzinnocent95: read "man apt-get"10:14
innocent95k1l_, Yes10:14
k1l_innocent95: not of all packages, see the manpage. and see apt-get update first10:15
imdeaowh: sorry for my ignorante, but to ledge a bug report to whom? to the owners of the official NTP server or to whom? could you please give me more info about this?10:15
k1l_!apt | innocent9510:16
ubottuinnocent95: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)10:16
innocent95k1l_, Ok, i'll read it because i still can't differ between update and upgrade10:16
sgronbloSo 4GB is not enough to unpack these kernel files?10:16
owhimdea: No, the bug report goes to Ubuntu. The NTP server gives out UTC time. Your local server translates that into local time.10:16
sgronbloIs there something weird with my apt-get or should I be trying to figure out a way to increase the size of the partition I'm using for Ubuntu?10:17
k1l_innocent95: apt-get update just gets a list with new packages. but doesnt change anything. but that list is needed for the upgrade10:17
owhimdea: Here's an example of such a report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tzdata/+bug/103183610:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1031836 in tzdata (Ubuntu Hardy) "Wrong timezone data for Port-au-Prince, Haiti: DST offset is ignored" [Undecided,Fix released]10:17
innocent95k1l_, hmm, But i see it takes a long time working some times, what it does ?10:18
k1l_innocent95: it asks the repos you activated in your system if there are new packages available10:19
innocent95k1l_, and if there is they'll be installed in the next upgrade command, right ?10:20
k1l_with apt-get upgrade. but that doesnt install all packages. see the docs there is explained what and why10:20
innocent95okay :)10:20
imdeaowh: but how does solves my problem?10:21
Alquimericothere's a way to make the side buttons of my Mouse Logitech G600 work in ubuntu?10:21
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juju_does anybody having problem setting grub2 timeout to 0?10:33
ix_juju, it's very easy, just edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg10:33
juju_but should not it be done by editing /etc/default/grub?10:34
ix_juju_, you can do that too10:34
hdtune2kI wanted to know the offtopic channel..10:34
ix_juju_, don't forget to do sudo update-grub10:35
AviMarcusI'm on a fresh install of 14.04 and my resume-from-suspend I think always doesn't work. I get back a screen, but it usually chokes on some video-related thing.. sometimes it's just opening a drop down in chrome. Or opening Totem to play something. I google around but didn't notice anything particularly helpful. I have an nvidia card, but I'm using standard nouveau.. ideas?10:35
ix_and that should be it10:35
sgronblocan i ignore unmet depdendencies when doing apt-get install?10:36
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juju_ix_ i have done the same, but when setting to 0 it still countdown to 10 but when i set it 1 it takes 1 second correctly, is it bug introduced in 14.04?10:37
geirhasgronblo: That'll get messy quicker than you can say "oops!"10:37
sgronblowell, i wanted to try to increase the size of my partition so i can retry running apt-get -f install, but i dont have gparted and cant install it because of unmet dependencies10:38
ix_juju_, I haven't tried it myself, but it should work, it works on other distros10:39
juju_sgronblo use a live cd to use gparted10:39
LambCsgronblo: boot from livecd?10:39
sgronblowouldnt it be so much easier to just install it?10:39
ix_sgronblo, why would it have unmet dependencies?10:40
sgronbloix_: i got no clue10:40
LambCsgronblo: You dont have to reinstall, just boot and use the tools10:40
sgronblowell first i need something to boot10:41
sgronbloand i dont really have any unused usb drives lying around10:41
juju_ix_, I checked /boot/grub/grub.cfg, it also updates the value to 0, but its still not working, also can't find any related bug filling10:41
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ix_juju_, I don't know, sorry, maybe it's a "feature"10:42
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lpapphi, what is x-terminal-emulator on ubuntu? Is it a script or binary?10:43
ix_sgronblo, if you want to increase the size of your / partition, that's a bad ideea without reinstalling10:43
lpappah, it is running a script10:43
juju_ix_, well i am filling a bug report10:44
sgronbloix_: without reinstalling what?10:44
Roland-hello, how do I create a partition with parted to use all drive?10:44
ShawnMcCoolwhen i run wine in 14.04, it brings up the app behind other windows. so i have to like.. minimize it, or select it to brintgit forward. anyone know anything about this?10:44
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ix_sgronblo, if you want to increase the size of the / partition, I suggest reinstalling Ubuntu10:44
sgronbloix_: ah its that bad?10:45
AviMarcusanything about 14.04 resume from suspend?10:45
Ben64sgronblo: can you do this? sudo dd bs=1M count=100 if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test10:45
ix_sgronblo, but I don't understand, why would you need a bigger / partition?10:45
LambCsgronblo: He means resizing the OS partition is unsafe. Sometimes it will break in a weird way. In my personal experience it's worked when I've done it, but perhaps I am was lucky10:45
ix_did you install too much software?10:45
sgronblobecause apt-get -f install fails because "No space left on device"10:45
sgronbloWell what is too much software10:46
sgronbloI have 4.2GB available10:46
sgronblodont see how that is not enough10:46
ix_sgronblo, it should be enough10:46
Ben64sgronblo: try the command i suggested. if that says no space left on device you have a problem10:46
LambCcheck disk? fsck?10:46
sgronbloBen64: the dd invocation worked fine10:48
ix_sgronblo, so, basically, your problem is that apt-get -f install gives an error10:49
sgronbloix_: this is correct10:49
sgronblook i was able to sneak in gparted by installing it using synaptic10:50
sgronbloi got the same error the linux-generic and headers packages but at least it installed gparted before crapping out10:50
deltis there a way to keep the menubar always visible, and not just when the mouse is over it?10:50
ix_sgronblo, ok, so synaptic works fine, but apt doesn't10:50
Ben64sgronblo: then why do you need to do -f10:50
sgronblono synaptic also gets the same "No space left on device"10:51
juju_delt, can't confirm but try unity tweak, may be it has this in option10:51
deltjuju: thanks10:52
sgronbloWait, do I have to unmount a partition to resize it in gparted or something or why is the option greyed out?10:52
ix_sgronblo, you obviously have to unmount a partition to resize10:52
sgronbloyeah it would probably be quite difficult without doing that, but i wont be able to run ubuntu without mounting / right?10:53
ix_sgronblo, if you have enough space on it, you don't need to resize it10:53
Ben64sgronblo: can you pastebin all of "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"10:53
sgronblowell apparently "No space left on device"10:53
ix_you can run df -h in the terminal10:53
Ben64ix_: already been done. http://pastebin.com/kyxPYR8h10:53
sgronblothanks Ben6410:54
sgronbloshouldnt i be doing upgrade instead of dist-upgrade?10:54
ix_sgronblo,  ok, you should have enough empty space, unless you're trying to install anything bigger than 4 GB, which I doubt10:55
Ben64dist-upgrade does a bit more10:55
sgronbloyeah but why would i try more if i already fail when trying to do less?10:55
k1l_sgronblo: dist-upgrade is not a ubuntu version upgrade from 13.10 to 14.0410:55
k1l_!apt | sgronblo10:55
ubottusgronblo: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)10:55
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.10:56
bazhangsgronblo, ^10:56
sgronblowow, so dist-upgrade does not mean distro upgrade?10:57
k1l_yeah, that factoid is better10:57
llutzsgronblo: it means, but that doesn't mean VERSIO upgrade10:57
k1l_sgronblo: nope. ubuntu uses update-manager or do-release-upgrade fo that10:57
Sven_vBArtemis3, thanks, partitioning works now. i use gparted to arrange a draft, add 1 sector to partitions after which gparted had left a hole, and apply it with sfdisk as always. i just wonder, is there a reason why gparted would leave one sector unused at the end of only some partitions? it looks like a rounding error in determining the number of sectors to use.10:58
sgronblollutz: what would be different between a version upgrade and a distro upgrade?10:58
k1l_sgronblo: package Version upgrade.10:59
sgronbloif distro upgrade didnt mean upgrade the version of the distro what would it mean? upgrade from debian to ubuntu?10:59
llutzsgronblo: distro  is what you already have, new version is different10:59
Sven_vB(most partitions are n*8 sectors, but some are 8*n+7)10:59
CheekioWhat is the console available at ctrl-alt-f1 called?10:59
k1l_sgronblo: dont mix debian into that, they use that differently11:00
sgronbloI'm just trying to make sense of how these apt-get subcommands are named11:00
k1l_sgronblo: apt-get does in no way make a 13.10 to 14.04 upgrade on ubuntu.11:00
bazhang!tty | Cheekio11:00
ubottuCheekio: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution11:00
llutzk1l_: no they don't. they just use different version schemes and longer cycles11:00
k1l_sgronblo: they are named back in the days when apt-get was used to make all upgrade. now its only used for the packages.11:00
ix_sgronblo, dist-upgrade cannot install a new version of Ubuntu unless you modify the repositories11:01
LambCSven_vB: the extra sector allows for tnermal expansion of the disk platter when it gets hot11:01
Ben64LambC: don't make stuff up11:01
Sven_vBLambC, haha! :D11:01
sgronblomm, yeah actually i knew that, but i had somehow always in my head equated dist-upgrade with upgrading the version of the distro11:01
ix_sgronblo, may install new packages or remove installed packages if that is necessary to satisfy dependencies.11:01
k1l_sgronblo: not on ubuntu. there are other distros that use that way. but again: not ubuntu (explained some minutes ago already)11:02
Sven_vBLambC, i don't think that's needed however, as i'm using really cool labels on all my ext3 FSs :o11:03
sgronbloanyway, sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade seems to be installing a ton of packages11:04
llutzsgronblo: don't use -f11:04
sgronbloso for ubuntu do i basically always want to run dist-upgrade instead of upgrade?11:04
sgronblollutz: dist-upgrade told me to use -f11:05
jpentlandIs there any way to create a ddable disk image file with various partitions and filesystems, without having to have a real partition first?11:05
llutzsgronblo: if so, it told you to use apt-get -f install      not -f dist-upgrade, didn't it?11:05
sgronbloActually it gave me slightly conflicting advice11:05
anoopndell laptop not working after hibernate11:06
karab44is there any known proper solution for xrdp usage already provided? I mean using gnome, without any additional window systems11:06
sgronbloBoth "You might want to run 'apt-get -f install to correct there' and at the end 'Unmet dependencies. Try using -f'11:06
llutzjpentland: dd if=/dev/zero of=disk    to desired size, then "fdisk disk" t create partitions inside that image file11:06
k1l_sgronblo: put the output into a pastebin11:07
llutzjpentland: for size, you use bs=xxxM count=yyy  option (man dd)11:07
sgronblok1l_: For -f install?11:08
jpentlandllutz, ah so i can use fdisk on my new file like it was a block device?11:08
llutzjpentland: yes11:08
k1l_sgronblo: for all. we dont see what you see there11:09
jpentlandllutz, hmm, is it possible to mount the partitions afterwards?11:09
llutzjpentland: sure, needs losetup for the offset11:09
jpentlandllutz, ok I will try to google this11:10
llutzhttp://www.andremiller.net/content/mounting-hard-disk-image-including-partitions-using-linux jpentland11:10
llutzhttp://madduck.net/blog/2006.10.20:loop-mounting-partitions-from-a-disk-image/          better jpentland11:11
jpentlandllutz, thanks! this should really help11:11
sgronbloThis shows the output of -f install that shows the offending No space left on device part11:12
ix_sgronblo, it basically says that it cannot create the directory11:13
ix_sgronblo, what version of ubuntu do you have, anyway?11:14
k1l_sgronblo: what could "no space left on device" mean? :)11:14
llutzsgronblo: "sudo touch /forcefsck" then reboot, "sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" after reboot11:14
k1l_sgronblo: give a "df -h" and a "df -i" in a pastebin please11:15
sgronblok1l_: well what could it mean when df -h shows that there is ~4GB available?11:15
ix_k1l_, he has enough space11:15
llutzix_: space, yes but inodes?11:15
sgronbloTons of inodes, 122060811:15
sgronblooh wait11:16
k1l_sgronblo: please pastebin11:16
sgronblothat was the total column11:16
sgronblo2582 free11:16
sgronblothat doesnt sound like a whole lot?11:16
ix_sgronblo, what version of ubuntu do you have?11:17
sgronblo12.0.4.4 LTS \n \l11:18
philinuxsgronblo;~ if no one has posted this take a look. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoverLostDiskSpace11:18
karab44guys anybody uses rdp/vnc with 14.04 and gnome?11:21
xguruanyone in here working with Canonical North America?  at home administration?11:22
assistentehi to all! howto print a image with ristretto?11:24
Wiz_KeeDWhat are the new tasy features of 14.04?11:24
Wiz_KeeDMore support for different hardware?11:25
sgronblo2582 free inodes sounds low right?11:25
llutzsgronblo: check the "IUse%" column11:26
mazaywhois mostly11:26
sgronblollutz: 100%!11:26
llutzsgronblo: time to move some stuff away.11:27
demozHello, in this bash line "chown -R `echo $1 | sed 's/\./\-/g'`:504 /home/$1/" - is number 504 group ?11:27
llutzdemoz: yes11:28
innocent95does the command apt-get dist-upgrade upgrades ubuntu to the next release ?11:28
llutzinnocent95: no11:28
innocent95llutz, What's the command line to upgrade it ?11:29
demozllutz if i change that to 728 is throws me an error "chown: invalid user: `perica:728'" is 728 valid group number?11:29
llutzinnocent95: do-release-upgrade11:29
k1linnocent95: use: do-release-upgrade for that11:29
llutzdemoz: getent group 72811:29
demozthat throws me nothing :o11:30
llutzdemoz: so there is no group gid=728 on your system11:30
llutzdemoz: as chown already told you11:30
demozllutz thank you very much,i appreciate your help :)11:30
chaosmakerhello, good morning11:31
chaosmakerI have two network cards with two separate networks'm trying to make a routing (http://pastebin.com/0sqcsKzq) but unfortunately it shows this error (http://pastebin.com/cyxBDg2k). I believe I am not by setting the variable that is link1 and link2, could help me telling me where I can put these variables?11:31
innocent95llutz, I got 'No new release found' message11:31
k1linnocent95: which ubuntu are you on?11:31
llutzinnocent95: you try 12.04 -> 14.04?11:31
llutzinnocent95: do-release-upgrade -d11:31
innocent95and why is that happening ?11:31
k1linnocent95: the 12.04 to 14.04 upgrade will be opened on 24th july11:31
llutzinnocent95: or wait until june, when 14.04.1 is out11:32
llutzjuly? ooops, july then11:32
k1linnocent95: that is when 14.04.1 will be released and the stable LTS upgrades are opened11:32
sgronblotrying to run some command now to figure out which dirs use all the inodes11:32
innocent95llutz, it works when adding -d flag, what the d stands for ?11:33
k1linnocent95: development11:33
k1linnocent95: as stated befor, the official LTS upgrade is opened in july11:33
innocent95it's not official then11:34
philinuxinnocent95;~ have a read. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/upgrade-ubuntu-14-04-12-0411:35
innocent95philinux, Okay11:36
innocent95what's the alternative for debian users, i mean do-release-upgrade ?11:38
llutzinnocent95: change sources.list, run update/dist-upgrade11:38
kruxusualy chage sources11:38
llutzinnocent95: more info in #debian11:38
OerHeksi think " sudo apt-get install update-manager-core  && do-release-upgrade " should work for 12.04 lts to 14.04 lts, or am i wrong?11:40
k1linnocent95: please ask in debian for their specific upgrade solutions11:40
innocent95k1l, Yes i do11:41
k1lOerHeks: its opened in july when 14.04.1 is released.11:41
k1lOerHeks: until then there will be no new LTS version offered11:42
OerHeksk1l, i know, but for those who cannot wait?11:42
llutzOerHeks: do-release-upgrade -d11:42
k1lOerHeks: they can use the development LTS upgrade path11:42
k1lbut if you want a stable LTS system that should not be the way to go.11:42
WildSoftHello =) I'm having trouble accessing the windows partition. The machine is dualbooted with Windows 8 and even though I shut down Windows properly I can't access the Windows partition. Using Lubuntu11:42
k1lWildSoft: switch the fastboot thingy off in windows11:43
WildSoftk1l: Thanks, do you know how I do that?11:44
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k1lWildSoft: somehwhere in the power settings in system settings, irc11:49
pucashi, I want to run xrandr on startup. where do I put my commands so they will run on startup?11:49
pucasI am using LXDE.11:49
pucasI tried adding the lines to /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart but that didn't work.11:50
pucasI want the xrandrs to be run for every user.11:52
Armag3dd0n1hi, in the top right it says I can shut down or logout. is there a way I can put hibernate there? I have to use terminal to hibernate :(11:58
LambCArmag3dd0n1: I have seen some of the tweak tools that do it, but I do not remember which they were12:02
LambCArmag3dd0n1: So yes, it is possible.12:02
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Armag3dd0n1what's the bar called at the top? I'll google. :)12:03
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vozhyk_can I map right alt to Alt (not AltGr) with dconf (/org/gnome/desktop/input-sources/xkb-options)12:04
sgronbloIt seems like I have a lot of old linux-headers-version files in my /usr/src isnt there some automatic way to clean this out yet?12:08
LambCif they were installed autpmatically you can apt-get to remove them, or perhaps try bleachbit12:11
sgronbloLambC: how do I uninstall them using apt-get?12:12
sgronblonot manually I hope?12:12
OerHeks!info autoclean12:12
ubottuPackage autoclean does not exist in trusty12:12
k3hi when i browse network and open windows pc it does not show sharing...though it is already shared i am using ubuntu 12.04 LTS12:13
LambCapt-get autoclean12:14
llutzsgronblo: for header in /usr/src/linux-headers-* ; do apt-get purge -y $(basename $header);done12:16
philinuxsgronblo;~ to remove old kernels see this. Do the dry run in step 6 first though. http://tuxtweaks.com/2010/10/remove-old-kernels-in-ubuntu-with-one-command/12:16
llutzsgronblo: well, after that you'd have to install the actual headers again12:17
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llutzsgronblo: or to remove all kernel+headers but the actual running one: dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge12:19
sgronbloI dont think its so awesome to not have a system-provided automatic way to get rid of the old headers12:19
llutzsgronblo: problem is, devs could not know if you wont need old kernel-versions12:20
sgronbloyeah but there could be some dialog like "do you want to get rid of all header files older than 6 months"12:22
sgronbloi think the case where you actually need the old kernels must be incredibly much smaller compared to not needing them12:23
vozhyk_Is there a way to map right alt to Alt without having to reapply from time to time (as is with manually running/autostarting xmodmap/xkbcomp) ?12:24
k1lsgronblo: there are a lot usecases for older kernels and headers. but if you think that is not important write a patch and submit it to the update routines to remove older kernels and headers12:25
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sgronblok1l: i didnt say there were few use cases, i just proposed that the number of users who need them must be very low.12:28
k1l!cn | amiao12:30
ubottuamiao: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:30
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WildSoftk1l: I turned off Windows fast boot and rebooted into Lubuntu - Still can't access the Windows partition -_-12:36
DarkStar1hi all. I want a user that isn’t allowed to login but can execute commands12:39
DarkStar1is that adduser —nologin ??12:39
llutzDarkStar1: usermod -s /usr/bin/nologin username12:40
llutzDarkStar1: usermod -s /usr/sbin/nologin username12:40
drusanI can't maximize windows by dragging to edges. Anyone experience the same problem with Trusty Tahr?12:41
DarkStar1think I found it. Thanks llutz. sudo adduser —disabled-login12:41
k3samba share shows windows share empty but it shows it mounted12:48
compdoclots of tweaks needed for samba, sometimes12:49
compdocneed to read the smbd and nmbd logs in /var/logs/samba. and the other logs in there12:51
k3i tried a lot and change settings but does not work12:54
k3it only remounts when i restart windows pc12:54
demozcan anyone please tell me how can i grant specific user right to launch command "useradd" ?12:54
llutzdemoz: "man sudoers"12:55
demozllutz thank you :) i didn't know what to search for,thanks for directing me :)12:56
geirhademoz: use adduser rather than useradd12:57
demozgeirha thank you,do you know how can i grant regular user "adduser" permission only without making it sudo with all permissions12:58
sgronblooh man wtf, i cant purge these old kernels because apt-get starts whining about packages with unmet dependencies12:59
sgronbloshould i use dpkg instead or something?12:59
geirhademoz: sudo visudo   and add a line like    username ALL=(ALL:ALL) /usr/sbin/adduser   at the end of the file13:00
demozgeirha thank you :)13:00
rAg3when i am connecting my external display, my screen shows up during the boot process , but my external monitor is not detected after i log in13:02
rAg3what should i do13:02
silv3r_m00nhi there13:02
silv3r_m00ni can find a xorg.conf my ubuntu, and am using the nvidia drivers, where exactly is the system configured to use the nvidia driver ?13:03
john_doe_jrI don' t want to have to enter my password in each time for a command how do I do that?13:03
rAg3john_doe_jr: u should put in sudoers file !!13:03
rAg3john_doe_jr: sudo vim /etc/sudoers13:03
rAg3and then at the end of the file13:03
Picijohn_doe_jr, rAg3: you really should use visudo13:04
rAg3<your_username> ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL13:04
sgronblowhee now the old kernels are going out13:04
rAg3Pici: whats the difference in using visudo or any other editor13:04
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john_doe_jrrAg3: well, sudo vim /etc/sudoers opens the file in read only13:04
PicirAg3: visudo makes sure that you don't save anything that would break the sudoers file.13:04
rAg3john_doe_jr: u can override it !!  but as Pici said , please use visudo !!13:05
rAg3Pici: thanks !! :) !!13:05
rAg3Pici: can you help me with this ? when i am connecting my external display, my screen shows up during the boot process , but my external monitor is not detected after i log in. what should i do ?13:06
silv3r_m00nhi, why this error, http://pastie.org/9142527  ?13:07
PicirAg3: I'm afraid I haven't really touched the GUI part of Ubuntu in some time.13:07
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john_doe_jrrAg3: I don't get it…I'm a member of the sudoers group but why do I have to enter in my password each time?13:08
Somayahow can i install a program in ubuntu?13:08
john_doe_jrSomaya: sudo apt-get install X13:09
john_doe_jrSomaya: where X is the program you want to install13:09
Somayain terminal?13:09
john_doe_jrSomaya: yes13:09
sandis_LOL :)13:09
philinuxSomaya;~ do you want to use a gui rather than terminal?13:09
SlartSomaya: you can use the Software Center as well.. it will do the same thing but with a gui13:10
isver123so... is there anything like wubi for windows 8.113:10
john_doe_jrWhy isn't there a sudo vimsudo instead of sudo visudo?  I love VIM13:10
llutzjohn_doe_jr: EDITOR=vim sudo visudo13:10
Slart!software | Somaya13:10
ubottuSomaya: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents13:10
john_doe_jrllutz: your the man!13:10
philinuxSomaya;~ what version ubuntu u running13:10
ladkiwiI would like to share a directory between ubuntu an a windows guest VM. I set up the VM using kvm and virt-manager13:11
ladkiwiI look at this post http://troglobit.com/blog/2013/07/05/file-system-pass-through-in-kvm-slash-qemu-slash-libvirt/ but I do not know how to mount the directory on windows ?13:11
philinuxSomaya;~ 11 series is at end of life13:12
john_doe_jris the visudo page tab delimited?13:12
Somayawhich version is newer?13:12
philinuxSomaya;~ latest is 14.04 which is an LTS release13:12
bhaveshIn Ubuntu's document viewer "Evince", when I go fullscreen with F11, it still see the top bar, how to I hide it?13:13
ladkiwibhavesh, try F5 insteed of F1113:13
lacrymologyhow can I make sure updates / new installs work with very slow and highly unreliable connections?13:13
lacrymologyas in: is there a way to make apt keep retrying and not panic when something gets lost?13:14
bhaveshladkiwi: and then how do I zoom in the page?13:14
Somayaand also i can't connect to net with ubuntu13:15
ladkiwibhavesh, actually F5 is for presentation so you cannont zoom in the page13:15
bhaveshladkiwi: okay.13:15
ladkiwisorry :(13:15
bhaveshnevermind, I'd search for another document viewer or a PDF reader from the software center :) ladkiwi13:16
Somayacan u help me?13:16
LordDeathis a flashing caps lock an indication for a kernel panic?13:16
Slartlacrymology: not sure if there is anything you can do with apt but perhaps using something like rsync to copy the packages over.. rsync will at least try to restart and not do the whole thing over13:16
Slartlacrymology: there was some talk of apt over torrent a while ago.. not sure what happened with that but it should work better than normal apt for this13:17
Somayahow can i connect to the internet with ubuntu13:17
lacrymologySomaya: wat13:17
lacrymologySomaya: uhm.. plug a cable in?13:17
sliktsSomaya: you can't, ubuntu is offline only13:17
sliktsit's for security13:18
lacrymologySomaya: please describe your problem13:18
lacrymologyslikts: don't troll the newbie13:18
Slartslikts: don't be silly13:18
Somayai am using modem13:18
lacrymologySomaya: a dial-up modem? a 3g modem? an external fiber optic modem?13:18
Slart!modem | Somaya13:18
ubottuSomaya: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up13:18
Somayabut i can't connect13:19
lacrymologySomaya: you're talking to us here over the internet..13:19
Somayai am in windows OS13:20
lacrymologySomaya: ok, so again. What kind of modem? dial up?13:20
sliktsis it appropriate to report a bug for ubuntu in launchpad if there's a problem with dota 2 on steam with it minimizing constantly, and this doesn't happen in desktop environments other than unity?13:20
sliktsI currently have to switch to openbox to play13:21
Somayait is not dial up13:21
lacrymologySomaya: then what kind of modem13:21
rAg3john_doe_jr: if u see the configuration for sudoers group , the nopasswd parameter isnt defined , it means u can run all programs requiring super user access but you'll have to enter password13:21
Somayais a modem,in modem sim card13:21
lacrymologyok, a 3g modem13:21
LambCslikts. I would report it to both unless you can positively identify the source13:21
Somayaso can you help me/13:22
lacrymologySomaya: yes, let me type, this'll take a while13:22
ladkiwiIf anybody has got an idea about kvm, I ask the question on askubuntu : http://askubuntu.com/questions/461114/how-to-share-a-directory-between-ubuntu-host-and-windows-guest-with-kvm13:24
Somayathis r the commands?13:25
Pici!msgthebot | lacrymology13:26
ubottulacrymology: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".13:26
Somayalacrymoloty:i asked are these the commands?13:27
lacrymologySomaya: no13:27
Somayaso what r that?13:27
lacrymologySomaya: ok, ubuntu comes pre-configured for connect data for most mobile data providers for most countries. This SHOULD work for you. I'm assuming you have ubuntu with unity. On the top right, there's a bunch of notification icons. The network is one of them. It usually looks like two arrows, one up and one down. Click on it, and select "edit connections". You'll see a window that says "network connections", click on "add", select "Mobile Broadband" a13:28
lacrymologySomaya: you can find out the values from your windows setup as well, but I don't know how, exactly13:29
lacrymologysomewhere in network configurations, I assume13:29
Somayalacrymology : tnx13:31
CranktrainHi, I've got a USB issue. New Ubuntu 14 install, all updated, but the USB 2.0 slots don't work. The USB 3.0 ports do. On Windows 7, both work fine... any ideas?13:34
john_doe_jrCranktrain: drivers13:35
thomistichi all, easy question whenever you run out of space in ubuntu which file is it that you need to add more space to?13:35
thomisticis the root folder?13:35
john_doe_jrthomistic: you would have to mount more space13:35
compdoceverything is stored in /, unless you changed it13:35
john_doe_jrthomistic: or delete something13:35
thomisticI have plenty of space13:35
thomisticits the folder is full13:36
thomisticbut I am not sure which one to expand on gparted13:36
Slartthomistic: df -h    will tell you more13:36
john_doe_jrdf -sh13:36
llutzjohn_doe_jr: nope13:36
john_doe_jrllutz: sorry du -sh13:37
fridaynexthow do I add a service to boot? (want to add gcloudprint every time I turn my server on)13:37
Slartthomistic: you can put the result in a pastebin and give us the url13:37
john_doe_jrfridaynext: create a cronjob13:37
Slart!startup  | fridaynext13:37
ubottufridaynext: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot13:37
llutzfridaynext: add it to /etc/rc.local or create a upstart-job in /etc/init/13:38
thomisticyeah right now I am on gparted on that hard drive :(, can't login anymore I used to be able to.13:38
fridaynextubottu: running ubuntu server headless.13:38
Slartfridaynext: perhaps the !boot factoid might be better in your case13:38
ubottufridaynext: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:38
fridaynextubottu: thank you, robot :)13:38
ubottufridaynext: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:38
fridaynextllutz: so in /etc/rc.local, I would just put in there 'sudo service gcloudprint start' ?13:39
llutzfridaynext: without sudo, but if there is already a upstart or sysV-init job (service yourjob), change it to automatic start13:40
llutz Info about upstart at http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/   fridaynext13:40
sebsebsebok so I got a XP lap top to switch over to  Linux later on tonight :).  well that's the plan :).  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS make that if it installs ok, since I also don't feel like upgrading a distro version every 18 months or so on there.   However I haven't installed Ubuntu for quite a while, but if I remember correctly the installer will even detect settings from Windows such as for example email account setitngs for Outlook 2007?13:42
Somayahello everybody13:47
techhi Somaya13:47
=== InFierno|Coding is now known as InFierno|AFK
Somayahow can i install a software in ubuntu13:51
hebz0rlSomaya, via the software center or via the terminal with apt-get install13:52
Somayain terminal i should type apt-get install just?13:52
hebz0rlSomaya,  and the name of the software you want to install you can search for software via apt-cache search13:53
Somayaok tnx13:53
vltHello. My local file:// links won’t open anymore since the Ubuntu update to Firefox 29.0 on 12.04 LTS.  Did the syntax in about:config change?  How to fix that?13:56
blingblingvlt: are you really using two '/'?13:57
vltblingbling: Yes. Like http:// or ftp://13:57
Somayahow can i locate the installed program in terminal hebz0rl13:57
=== z_ is now known as Guest94313
vltSomaya: `which <command>`13:57
blingblingvlt: does it work when you paste 'file:///etc/issue' in your URL line?13:58
Somayayou mean i should write "which<command>13:59
vltblingbling: If I have a file:// link in a local HTML file it works just fine. But for file:// links on pages fetched via HTTP it doesn’t. In FF prior to v29 I just had to edit some “checkloaduri” config values. How to achieve this with FF 29?13:59
vltSomaya: Example: which cat13:59
htmlcoderHaven't used linux in 5 years. What did I miss?13:59
blingblingvlt: sorry, never used this conversion.13:59
hebz0rlSomaya, exactly just use which programm but you should be able to just run the programm without the full path14:00
Somayahebz0rl,when i install a program it say you can locate the program,how can i?14:01
Abuhvlt: security.checkloaduri is still in about:config for me.14:02
hebz0rlSomaya, what programm did you install?14:02
sabestionhi all14:02
htmlcoderuse grep Somaya14:02
sabestioni got a problem14:02
htmlcoderhi sebestion14:02
sabestionsystem crash14:02
sabestionProblemType: Package14:02
sabestionDistroRelease: Ubuntu 13.1014:02
sabestionPackage: python3.3-minimal 3.3.2-7ubuntu3.114:02
sabestionProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 3.11.0-12.19-generic 3.11.314:02
unopastesabestion you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted14:02
sandis_poor sabestion14:02
vltAbuh: And does it work?14:03
htmlcoderbye sabestion14:03
Abuhvlt: I'll check. Gimme a sec14:03
vltAbuh: Thank you.14:03
htmlcoderso bored..what should i do?14:04
sabestionm i unmuted now?14:05
sabestioni need help14:05
htmlcoderrestart computer.14:06
sabestionso why am i keep getting this message everytime i restart14:06
Stritsabestion, my guess is that your python package is borked. Try reinstalling it.14:07
htmlcodersudo update14:07
htmlcoderdelete descrepehsies14:08
Abuhvlt: It doesnt!14:08
sabestionso how do i do that?14:09
htmlcodersudo update python14:09
asdwhy can't i open run dialog when i type alt+F2? I just upgraded to 14.04.14:09
htmlcodernot sure though, havent used computers in a while.14:09
sabestioncommand not found?14:10
Stritsabestion, I think it's "sudo apt-get reinstall python3.3" But not sure :) you can probably google for it. :)14:10
htmlcoderyes thats it14:10
htmlcoderremove python/delete python14:10
=== Codmadnesspro|AK is now known as Codmadnesspro
htmlcoderthen reinstall ..guessing14:11
asddont remove system python14:11
asdits a bad idea14:11
Strityou can remove it first, and then install it afterwards, but if the reinstall works, it should do the same.14:11
sabestionwhat is the command for reinstall?14:11
sfgsfdgsfgim going to make a bot for this channes14:12
htmlcodersudo apt-get remove python && apt-get install python14:12
htmlcoderim gonna sleep14:13
=== Guest73155 is now known as Neozonz|Disc2
User766http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Sterling - Homo?14:14
LambCi dont think you want to remove python, im sure you will break ubuntu14:15
LambCwhat was the question?14:15
StritHe has an error with his python package. So if he shouldn't reinstall it, how should he fix it then?14:16
sabestionit's in the process of removing now14:16
mistawrightcan someone help my find rsyslogs log file location? I am trying to send certain logs and need to see why rsyslog isn't picking them up14:16
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest13105
sabestionif it breaks my ubuntu, what do i do to reinstall them?14:16
LambCwhat was the error, and was it python2 or 3?14:17
Stritit was python3.14:17
User766stu "d!ckless" lantz betrays all;  trannys & queers(chaste Homos/a$$holes), rule; hubert andrews jenkins aka andrea hylton/tranny14:17
LambC3 is probably ok to remove14:17
LambCubuntu uses python internally14:17
sabestionso after that i'll have to reinstall?14:18
User766https://twitter.com/AmberPeach , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renae_Cruz , http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2577369/ , andrew simpkins/queer14:18
LambCI am not even sure you can remove python2 without also removing ubuntu-desktop14:19
StritSomeone please do something about User766 ....14:19
User766https://twitter.com/_EricaLynne , shelly sterling, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:American_Reform_Jews , http://www.mikatan.com/ , paloma vargas14:19
sabestioni'm removing python 3.314:19
StritDid it remove other pacakages along the way?14:20
LambC3.3 should be safe in 13.10 i believe14:20
sabestioni dunno14:21
sabestionwell.. if i still remain in the chat then probably no other package was removed?14:21
Yelucould someone please apt-get PURGE User76614:21
blingblingAny experts for unattended install via gPXE here? - There are no problems with fedora, but only ubuntu's kernel and initial ram disk are pulled - the preseed is not (http://pastebin.com/4rH1hdGG) - Any ideas?14:23
dooxtersabestion, you must purge your system14:24
sabestionhow to purge the system?14:25
LambChrm apt-daemon depends on python3. "apt-cache rdepends python3.3" shows it/14:28
cuyotteSo...who can tell me about FTP?14:28
LambCas does unity depend on 'python3' but i assumr you also have 3.1 or something?14:30
sabestioni dunno14:31
yangsanyone use nokia N900?14:33
glsmaxxanyone know the channel for linux mint 16 support?14:36
yangsanyone use Nokia N900?14:39
KamarisDoes anyone know any guides for decreasing / minimzing the Unity visual effects? I've already got the checkboxes unmarked in compwiz, but there are still other visual effects that slow down over VNC I'd like to turn off, but I'm unsure which specific values will impact them.14:39
yangsi do not know14:40
yangsit is so boring14:41
yangsi have to leave14:41
vltAbuh: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=99594314:41
ubottuMozilla bug 995943 in Untriaged "local (file://) links don't work with firefox 29" [Normal,Reopened]14:41
silv3r_m00nhow to regenerate initial ramdisk ?14:53
luc4Hello! Is there gst-play-0.10 in 14.04?14:58
ubuntuser13ubuntu showing graphic VESA: 01 instead of amd radeon.14:59
adamkubuntuser13: Pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.15:03
kzillaHi all. I can't get Virtual MIDI Keyboard or JACK Keyboard to work on Ubuntu Studio 14.04. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong, please?15:03
dukeraji am getting [Errno 5] input/output error - The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk, any help ?15:06
ubuntuser13adamk: Thanks15:08
adamkubuntuser13: You're welcome, but I haven't done anything... We need to see your log file to figure out what's wrong, so use a service like http://pastebin.com/ to paste the Xorg log file, and give us the URL for it.15:10
dukeraji am getting [Errno 5] input/output error - The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk, any help ?15:12
=== tonytt is now known as tonyt
dukerajwhr i eveyone15:17
ubuntuser13adamk:this is a minor error in about option,who is unable to recognize my graphic card.by using lspci | grep  VGA it shows amd radeon hd 5430 series.15:19
dukeraji am getting [Errno 5] input/output error - The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk, any help ?15:19
=== jake is now known as Guest72148
lonedogI need to find out my version of linux I used uname  and idoes not tell I am resonaly cetain it is maveric 10.10 but would like to be sure also the name is blackbuntu and is ther any way to get the source code for this os to upgrade it or another os similar15:20
Slartlonedog: try running    lsb_release -a   in a terminal15:20
adamkubuntuser13: Again, pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.15:20
minjaanyone study for compTIA Linux + certification15:21
ubuntuser13adamk: ok within few minutes.15:21
ldiamondis there a way to see the progress of an ongoing unattended upgrade?15:24
ldiamondjust plugged an old PC and I want to distupgrade it but the upgrade has the lock and I have to wait.15:24
ubuntuser13adamk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7399271/15:26
Matt_von_MisesMy desktop file is not displaying the icon in the unity launcher. From what I read online unity expects an executable desktop file? But this breaks the debian package guidelines.15:26
Matt_von_MisesThe icon displays fine in debian and SolydXK.15:26
lonedogslart no command lsb found15:28
dukeraji am getting [Errno 5] input/output error - The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk, any help ?15:29
adamkubuntuser13: Your video card is properly recognized and the drivers appear to be installed fine and working. Exactly where are you seeing it this line about "VESA"?15:29
druid_anyone using vmware on windows with ubuntu 14.04 as guest?15:30
druid_since update from 13.10 -> 14.04 compiz  seems to crash alot15:30
ubuntuser13adamk: system settings>>details>>overview15:31
doomlord_compiz seems slow for me, i stick to XFWM15:31
lonedogslart: ok I got it  thanks15:31
doomlord_geforce 650 / 3 screens, ... originally i thought i was getting slowdown from an awkward T shaped monitor array, but even on just 3 screens side by side its slow15:32
adamkubuntuser13: Then don't worry about.  It's probably talking about the vesa framebuffer driver being used.15:32
lonedogany word on the rest of my question about geting the source code15:32
doomlord_maybe it would be ok on 215:32
lonedoggeting the source code for  ubuntu macerick release 10.1015:33
druid_doomlord_, using vmware?15:33
druid_vmware with 3 x 30 (7680x1600) is fine15:33
druid_or was in 13.0415:33
ubuntuser13adamk: again thank you very much my friend15:33
druid_it's just crashing sometimes15:33
doomlord_no just normally :(15:34
_1_ahmedi am  arabc15:34
doomlord_but i'm happy with XFWM, i like some of the other tweaks  like getting the old desktop indicator back15:34
Pici!sa | _1_ahmed15:34
ubottu_1_ahmed: For the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية15:34
doomlord_XFWM has compositing - its giving me dropshadows - and its noticably smoother than compiz/unity15:35
doomlord_i've just got a new mac aswell and am blow away by the tweaks in osx maverick... seperate desktops per monitor - its the best desktop manager around. i hope something on linux gets this functionality eventually15:36
doomlord_(heh i suppose i can always get seperate machines and use synergy, then id' have seperate desktops per monitor, and of course its much easier to get several boxes running linux than closed osx)15:38
lonedogdoom lord how many monitors15:38
Slartlonedog: I think maverick is end of life.. but check the package archives.. there should be source code there15:38
doomlord_dropped to 3 now, i did have 415:38
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.15:38
murliwatzhey guys. is there a supoort for programming with c++?15:39
doomlord_what you could improve over the way OSX works, IMO, is if each monitor could scroll between the same 'pool' of desktops15:39
Picimurliwatz: the channel is ##C++ but you need to be registered with freenode to join.15:39
doomlord_murliwatz, get QtCreator for a great C++ IDE on linux15:39
alketHi, I added a ppa which clearly isn't working, every time that I update it gives me an error: W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/.... , When I look at /etc/apt/sources.list , it isn't there ? How to remove that error ?15:39
Pici!register | murliwatz15:39
ubottumurliwatz: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode15:39
lonedogslart: is that on ubuntu webcite15:40
SchrodingersScat!ppa-purge | alket15:40
ubottualket: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html15:40
Slartlonedog: yes, they have a repository with old packages.. when a distro gets too old the packages are moved to this location15:41
=== Roberto is now known as Guest54099
sharif_can you help me my ubuntu 14.4 not shutdown15:41
Slartlonedog: this should be it http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/15:41
Slartlonedog: you should be able to find source code there as well as older binary packages15:42
jamesdsharif_: ubuntu will never die, don't shut it down its designed to run forever and a day.15:42
=== alpha is now known as Guest86527
alketSchrodingersScat: it sin't working15:43
lonedogslart: are these the compiled packages for the os or the original unchange15:43
ubuntuser13sharif_:in terminal type  power off15:43
=== mgodzilla is now known as ausmomica
Slartlonedog: those are the packages as they looked when maverick went out of support.. afaik15:44
Slartlonedog: for ubuntu maverick.. not sure what you are running though15:44
=== ausmomica is now known as mgodzilla
lonedogin the past on distros I have found that they dont compile out of the box is why I ask  couse this os is penatration softwware and it as a lot of custom tweeks I beleive I relaly like ths os would like to keep for newer computers15:46
lonedogI am running maveric 10.1015:46
lonedogright now15:47
compdocno wonder they call you lone dog15:47
lonedogwel I have not found another like this any ware15:47
lonedog\it works for me15:47
lapionI have an xserver crash in the middle of an upgrade, the upgrade is still running and I can ssh into the system.15:49
lonedogdoes antone know why this distro went out of support end of life what ever maverick 10.10 ubuntu15:50
daftykinslonedog: i'm afraid that version is unsupported and we won't be able to assist with any problems regarding it15:50
lapionis there any way to hook on to the installer and get a frontend using ssh as the conduit ?15:50
SchrodingersScatlonedog: why == time15:50
daftykinslonedog: because times move on and the focus must be kept on current things15:50
Picilonedog: because non LTS releases are only supported for 18 months.15:50
sebsebsebPici: well 9 months now :d15:51
lonedogslart: not haveing any problems other then if I go to another computer with a diff harware config if wont work15:51
SchrodingersScatlonedog: and you're probably not getting updates15:52
Picisebsebseb: yep, but it was 18 when Maverick was released.15:52
sebsebseboh ok15:52
lonedogthat seems kinda silly and contricting to move to somthing  els and forget aboutn  others imho15:53
OerHeksseems kind of silly to pentest with such old ubuntu15:54
daftykinslonedog: it's actually not in software development terms. however unfortunately this channel is for support questions only, so i'm afraid you'll have to join #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd like to discuss the pros and cons of OS support further.15:54
lonedogis there another ubnutu version that is current and simalar to it15:54
daftykinslonedog: you may get on with xubuntu or lubuntu15:54
lonedogok thanks15:54
sebsebseblonedog: not  quite, but you can intall   things that look similar to the old  GNOME 2,  XFCE/Xubuntu ,  Lubuntu/LXDE  etc15:54
lapionanyone ?15:55
lonedogsebsebseb: I realy need the funtionality not the look I dont care what it looks like15:55
sharif_wmv video file not open ubuntu 14.4 but why?15:55
daftykinslapion: you might be able to X-forward the installer from another system i guess15:55
lapiondaftykins, the installer is allready running.15:56
OerHekssharif_, some .wmv are encrypted, some are not15:56
sharif_slove help me15:56
lapionI need interactivity with the install from remote mid-install15:56
lapionfor now all I have is the log file.15:57
=== wycats___ is now known as wycats
lonedogbut agaisn thanks15:57
daftykinslapion: has something gone wrong with the actual host installing?15:57
lapionthe xserver had a hang-time-out and crashed.. however the upgrade is still well on itś way.15:58
=== No is now known as Guest55747
sharif_anyone help me15:58
OerHekssharif_, sorry, no go, if the wmv is encrypted with drm15:58
daftykinslapion: i think you're out of luck - i'd have thought the update processes died with X though15:59
Somayawhen i install a program in ubuntu  it says you can allocate the program , how can i?15:59
lapiondaftykins,  only the frontend is not available.. the dpkg logfile is at full swing15:59
Somayacan you answer me?16:00
daftykinsSomaya: what do you mean 'allocate' the program?16:00
lapiondaftykins, I am quite content to have it finish this way, however the interaction at the end is going to pose a problem.16:01
dukecorehi, how do i solve errno 5 - input/output while installation ?16:01
dukecorei am unable to install ubuntu on my pc16:01
LambCI have formatted a drive with MBR and FAT but Windows 7 is seeing it as unknown primary partition. I know this probably a windows thing BUT is there anything I forgot to do on the Ubuntu side?16:01
daftykinslapion: you've already answered user details etc though no?16:02
LambCI used the ubuntu disk admin tool to do the job.16:02
dukecorewhy no one replying me16:02
Somayadaftykine: it means i should save my program , my question is , which command should i write?16:02
OerHeks!patience | dukecore16:02
ubottudukecore: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:02
daftykinsSomaya: sorry but your question doesn't make any sense. upon installing a program, it's there - there is no allocation needed, unless you're not running a proper installation?16:03
lapionit is an upgrade the only question is if you agree witht the upgrade.. however after the upgrade finishes it will ask if I want to delete the leftover files.. and sometimes it should also ask if I want to stop certain processes16:03
lapiondaftykins, I am upgrading from 13.10 to 14.0416:06
daftykinslapion: i'm sure once it stops doing things you can just reboot and do those manually if need be16:07
pepijndevosI have some boot problems with linux on my mac http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/129419/how-do-i-get-my-dual-boot-to-behave-correctly16:07
daftykinslapion: you'll just have to watch patiently for disk activity to die off! :)16:07
lapiondaftykins, I need to know if I can start the frontend and hook it to any pipe used by the upgrader16:07
daftykinslapion: well if you can, that's beyond me i'm afraid. but as i say i don't think you're in any danger.16:07
lapiondaftykins, ok I am allready doing so.. I am logged in through ssh and I can use X over ssh and tail the dpkg logfile16:08
Somayasorry i was wrong when i install the program it says : unable to locate the package16:08
lapionthe X over ssh is unrelated to the tail of the dpkg.log16:09
daftykinsSomaya: can you open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" ?16:09
Somayadaftykins: ok i will16:10
Radon_3Hi guys, I am experiencing a somewhat serious problem, simply put I can't update, and here is what happens:16:11
=== lukas_ is now known as Guest89437
Radon_3Also there is a red circle sign in the righ upper corne of the screen telling me about an error asking me to run apt-get update16:11
Radon_3is there anything I can do to correct this problem?16:12
daftykinsRadon_3: looks like you've added a repo that's non-standard there - mirrors.us.kernel.org , any thoughts?16:12
LambCRadon_3: Unsure but have you tried a different mirror?16:13
Tasab hello , /home/tasab  how i can  change tasab folder to any name without any defect to my home folder , thanks16:13
Radon_3not really, ok, I am going to try a different mirror16:13
daftykinsRadon_3: i'd recommend reverting to the main ubuntu one if issues are being had16:13
k1lRadon_3: you are aware you are using a 3rd party repo?16:14
k1lRadon_3: and that 3rd party repo changed their key. so run" sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B5"16:14
Radon_3what the.... I wanted to change my mirror using update manager I get this error: http://tny.cz/c8cca71516:15
daftykinsk1l: think it's worth nuking the file mentioned in the above?16:16
Radon_3k1l: is it safe to do that?16:16
k1land for the other error: "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -rf" and then "sudo apt-get update"16:17
Somayadaftykins: i don what you said but again it says unable to locate the package16:17
k1lRadon_3: i dont know if that 3rd party repo is safe for you. its your choice to use that16:17
daftykinsSomaya: what did the first half of the command output? can you paste it to paste.ubuntu.com and share a link?16:17
Radon_3k1l: what is 3rd party repo guys????16:18
k1lRadon_3: that repository is not from ubuntu. so we dont know what packages you get there.16:18
Somayai can't share a link16:18
Radon_3then what repository should I be using?16:18
daftykinsSomaya: is that system offline? :)16:18
maheanuuI have 7 USB Pen Drives that are now read only after plugging them into my USB  Ports to copy information back to a hard disk and then to load them with more information to use in class16:19
k1lRadon_3: you should know why you added that 3rd party repo to your system. it doesnt come included16:19
daftykinsmaheanuu: i'd have given up after the first 3 times myself16:19
Somayano it is online16:20
daftykinsSomaya: how come you can't share a link though?16:21
maheanuudaftykinsI had no idea that they would automatically be refigured as read only, how do I get out of this mess?16:21
maheanuudaftykins, the above was for you16:21
daftykinsmaheanuu: well if you'd like to pop one in and open a terminal, could you run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "mount | pastebinit" and share the link?16:22
Radon_3k1l: which repository did I add to my system? kernel.org you mean?16:25
daftykinsRadon_3: yes16:25
k1lRadon_3: yes16:25
Radon_3well it is listed in the list of update-manager16:25
daftykinsRadon_3: right, which means it was added.16:26
Radon_3oh, I see, I am a totall dummy, ok so how can I use an official one?16:26
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maheanuudaftkins,  I did the sudo apt-get installpastebininit then tried the mount | pastebininit and ittells me command not found16:27
k1lRadon_3: ubuntu ships own kernels. why do you want/need the kernels form kernel.org?16:28
whoeverhi all, I had a 160Gb drive that i made an image of using clonezilla, the drive died and i replaced it with a 1tb, and restored an imaget to it, now gnome thinks it is a 160GB  drive not the 1tb that it is. is there a wab i can expand the partion so thatit is the 1tb that it should be seen as  without loassing my data16:28
Somayadafykins: is it ok?16:28
Radon_3k1l: no reason, I was actually just thinking that kernel.org was also hosting ubuntu files.16:29
maheanuuI need these for a class that I am teaching in basic electricity today16:29
daftykinsSomaya: ah, you are running 11.10 which is a very old unsupported release. you should upgrade to a newer version for things to work again, you can't find programs as the repositories are no longer available to get software16:29
cactuswizardubuntu software center started crashing suddenly, although it's not active... O.o16:29
daftykinswhoever: sure, boot a liveCD and use a program like gparted to resize the partition to the full size of the disk16:30
Somayahow can i upgrade my ubuntu?16:30
maheanuubrb off for a cuppa coffee, I cannot think without caffiene16:30
whoeverdaftykins: ah, gparted, and expand ?16:30
cactuswizardsomaya, what version do u have?16:30
daftykinswhoever: yes sir16:30
k1l!eolupgrades | Somaya16:30
ubottuSomaya: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:30
whoeverdaftykins: i fell dumb newer realized that solving sendmail issue with isp could kill my brain :-)16:31
joaoHi guys. I want see my documents on list with columns, but, in this version, it's not possible. Remember on ubuntu 12.04. So... is because my desktop style? I use gnome flashback, i don't like unity or gnome 3x...16:32
whoeverjoao: what version are you on16:34
daftykinsjoao: depends what file manager that uses16:34
whoeverjoao:  i am using 14.04 and the option is there16:34
joaoWhoever - i use ubuntu 14.04 and gnome flash back metacity16:34
whoeverjoao: so it is possable in the unitity16:34
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joaoit's because i don't like unity, my computador is old16:35
joaoand the unity is slowly16:35
whoeverjoao: if you have't screwed with unity, it should be there in the top right corner there a view icons16:35
daftykinswhoever: he's running a gnome fork, so that won't be relevant16:35
whoeverjoao: did you just do an upgrade16:35
joaoYes, i use a fork16:36
cactuswizardi was wondering btw, can't u create program shortcuts to desktop?16:36
daftykinsjoao: you could just change your file manager.16:36
joaobut i don't like the news desktop interface16:36
whoeverDevrim: thx , i just realizd he may have upgraded16:36
xanguadaftykins: joao fallback mode is not a fork16:36
whoeverand i had the same speed issue he is complaining of16:36
joaoohh... but i don't see the option16:36
maheanuuIs there anyway to change these USB pen drives back to read/write?16:37
=== kiall_ is now known as Guest5223
maheanuuUsing Ubuntu 12.04.216:37
daftykinsxangua: i was referring to gnome flashback16:37
whoeverjoao: your using a gnome fork ?16:37
daftykinsxangua: however the distinction of whether it is or not does not help the question asker16:37
joaoNo, i install a gnome flash back metacity16:38
joaoit's my default interface16:38
=== Guest5223 is now known as Kiall2
daftykinsjoao: so try a different file manager!16:38
whoeverjoao: have you tried to restart just for the hell of it16:38
maheanuuWill Ubuntu continue to make all  my pen drives read only????16:39
daftykinsmaheanuu: did you link me to the output of the previous commands yet?16:39
joaors i will try... but i don't like the news interfaces16:39
joaothe old is best16:39
daftykinsjoao: try xubuntu or lubuntu instead then16:39
maheanuuI cant I tried and wrote to you above that it would NOt work16:40
joaoI can install xfce ou lxde no?16:40
=== Codmadnesspro is now known as CodmadnessproAFK
whoeverjoao: or lightdm change your ui there16:40
daftykinsmaheanuu: ah yes i see it now, it did not highlight me. so what does this do? "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebininit"16:40
joaoYes, is a good ideia, i will try16:40
maheanuu daftykins It told me command not found16:40
joaoThanks guys16:40
maheanuudaftykins, I will try it again16:41
daftykinsmaheanuu: ty16:41
whoeverjsamuel: may the windows 8 disk be with you B-)16:41
daveeejri have not been ablet to get hibernation to work on 14.04.  even after adding the file /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/com.ubuntu.enable-hibernate.pkla16:42
daveeejrany suggestions?16:42
majodanyone can suggest good dc++ client except linuxdc?16:43
daftykinsdaveeejr: is your swap partition equal to or greater than your RAM size?16:43
BrianHello (:16:43
daveeejrdaftykins: yes, pm-hibernate does work16:43
=== Brian is now known as Guest42083
geomSomeone earlier was asking for support for C++ on IRC.  I found this on freenode ##c++ in case you are still looking.  Sorry if too late16:43
daftykinsdaveeejr: ah ok, that's me out of ideas then16:43
daveeejrthanks for trying daftykins16:44
daftykinsnp :)16:44
Guest42083Iam not an exp user of any linux versions, i would like to host my own ircserver and be able to use my own .com domain for it. What roles do i need to install on the box?16:44
daftykinslet's see if the bot has something useful16:44
daftykinsnope seems not16:44
daveeejrit was working a little while ago, but after an update, just stopped appearing. the update had deleted that file. so then i added it back, but it didn't do anything16:45
daftykinsGuest42083: you need to pick an IRCd and install it. the rest will be down to your home networking and registering a domain to point to your home IP address. however, i'd advise you that you'll need to be quite experienced to keep an IRCd running well, it'll be a big undertaking16:45
Guest42083I want to use irc as a chat channel from in-game to outgame, i will use it for a gameserver. But these things are kinds new to me16:46
DaRRk0hello can i ask for help?16:46
whoeverGuest42083:  do you own a domain16:46
Guest42083Yes i do16:46
Guest42083Do i need such thing as bind9 ?16:47
geomGuest42003:  I looked into that awhile ago as I was interested also and found out what daftykins was saying, it is a big undertaking and mostly takes a lot of disk resources the more channels you host.  A good one though if you just want to learn.16:47
whoeverGuest42083: ok do you have your mail accounts configured16:47
DaRRk0who help me ?16:47
Guest42083Yep via outlook16:47
maheanuudaftykins, when I try to to the sudo apt-get  install pastebininit, it tells me "Unable to locate package pastebininit16:47
Guest42083I added the records in the table of my domain16:47
daftykinsGuest42083: not BIND no16:47
daftykinsmaheanuu: what about the "sudo apt-get update" before it?16:47
DaRRk0i have ubuntu 14.04 and i have steam and dota 2 always when i open dota 2 i have eror opengl is not responding but dota 2 work how fix this eror16:48
lapiondaftykins, upgrade had finished, used recovery console to clean up the install and now the system appears to be running correctly, but only time will tell..16:48
daftykinsmaheanuu: actually, just type "mount" and manually copy and paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com to share instead then please (with one of those flash drives in) - at the same time, please also include the output of "sudo fdisk -l"16:48
maheanuudaftykins,The update ran perfectly16:48
daftykinslapion: very good, perhaps a 'sudo apt-get -f install' and a 'sudo apt-get autoremove' could be worth a run16:49
whoeverGuest42083: so you only need to know how to make your own irc channel16:49
xanguajoao: you can also try nemo, a fork of the old nautifuls right before the gnome team started to take features out of it http://www.webupd8.org/2013/10/install-nemo-with-unity-patches-and.html16:49
whoeverGuest42083: here is a step by step http://www.wikihow.com/Set-up-Your-Own-IRC-Channel-on-Freenode.Net16:50
DaRRk0pls help me someone16:50
sgronbloSo now I cleaned out my old kernel headers + kernels and reclaimed most of the inodes and was able to proceed with my apt-get -f install16:50
daftykinsDaRRk0: you have to ask a question first16:50
joaoxangua - i will install. But, i like the gnome 2x. So... it's boring don't have a column view option, only list and icon view16:50
Guest42083Yes, but then im not using my own domain. Or can i CNAME it or something?16:50
DaRRk0pls help me someone16:50
DaRRk0i have ubuntu 14.04 and i have steam and dota 2 always when i open dota 2 i have eror opengl is not responding but dota 2 work how fix this eror16:50
skinuxHelp with a few XSession Errors I don't know how to fix: http://pastebin.com/6AwuXZXt16:50
whoeverGuest42083: it not your domain ?16:50
daftykinsDaRRk0: you said the same game twice16:51
sgronbloHowever now it fails at linux-headers-generic-pae depends on linux-headers-3.2.0-58-generic-pae however [that package] is not installed16:51
DaRRk0daftykins yes bro bot no answer :)16:51
DaRRk0can u help me for this eror?16:51
Guest42083Well, getting irc channel is not the problem . I would like to own my own irc server with my domain name. I dont wont any other ppl on it exept my players16:51
daftykinsDaRRk0: keep up, i told you an issues with your question above ^16:52
whoeverGuest42083: you only need that domain to send email to if you want to use those email address to get mail16:52
DaRRk0daftykins where i dont see post can u replay me?16:52
whoeverGuest42083: what is your channel16:53
joaoxangua - after install i need log out to work?16:53
Guest42083Mail ? Mail is all good, no problem with mail :P16:53
daftykinsDaRRk0: scroll up and look for my nick16:53
Guest42083I dont have a channel, i want irc.demoniz.com #gameserver... That is what i need16:53
Guest42083Demoniz.com is my domain wich i already own16:53
Radon_3k1l: you still around?16:53
xanguajoao: unless is a kernel update you don't need to restart in linux16:53
k1lRadon_3: just ask the channel. if someone knows the answer he will tell you :)16:54
daftykinsGuest42083: sure, so you need to setup a subdomain with your domain provider called "irc." and then install an IRCd (IRC server)16:54
joaoall right, thanks16:54
dtigueMy system smoked when trying to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 and I've got it to come up to lightdm login screen but I can't click on the user and can't use the keyboard. Had an error about udev and was told to purge hal, I did that and rebooted but still no mouse or keyboard16:54
maheanuudafttkins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7399742/16:54
Guest42083Alright, and what do i need to create a subdomain that is pointing and talking with my own linux vps16:54
DaRRk0daftykins i chek and scrpll up and dont have nothing can u help me for opengl fix?16:54
Radon_3k1l: no, I have tried the commands that you gave me and now the thing is that it is downlowding everything from kernel.org, now I want things back to nrmal, wouold running the same commands after setting the servers to main ubuntu ones, solve the problem?16:55
whoeverGuest42083: so follow that link how to setup aa channel, then use your domain email addresses on your registerd nics16:55
daftykinsGuest42083: this is beyond the scope of this support channel, so we can't help here i'm afraid. you need to look up setting up a subdomain for yourself16:55
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daftykinsDaRRk0: you said DOTA2 does work then that it doesn't, which is which?16:55
rezzur2292hello is anyone free to help16:55
daftykins!ask | rezzur229216:55
ubotturezzur2292: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:55
k1lRadon_3: please put into a pastebin "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" and "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d"16:56
DaRRk0daftykins yes dota 2 work but all time i have eror Opengl is not responding16:56
Guest42083I just need some terms i can google on, i have no clue what do google for now. I only have the idea in my had but i dont know what software or keyphrases i need to google for. That is my question, not a whole tutorial, i like exploring on my own16:56
DaRRk0foraquit or wait16:56
whoeverGuest42083: so why your doing this on linux when it is a game server16:56
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
DaRRk0*forcequit or wait16:56
Guest42083Cuz my gamesever runs on linux16:56
whoeverGuest42083: and i would guess that you may want to share thing that are game realated16:57
William88Can i get some help with apt-get?16:57
whoeverGuest42083: ah, good point16:57
rezzur2292!ask :  basically tried crunchbang server no help, just gone back to linux, everything is fine except every video is laggy, so do i need to update my video card driver? it's an acer aspire one, had an asus eee pc ages ago and #! worked fine..16:57
ubotturezzur2292: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:57
whoeverGuest42083: so are you seting up your channel as we speak16:57
BeldarWilliam88, State the actual issues to the channel, for help16:57
=== giovanni is now known as Guest27991
DaRRk0daftykins can u give me solutions for fix this eror maybe is small eror16:58
daftykinsrezzur2292: with such an old netbook you would be better off trying something like lubuntu if crunchbang no longer works, but netbooks are just at the end of their life now really so i wouldn't expect many things to work well.16:58
Radon_3k1l: http://tny.cz/510bbb3b16:58
Guest42083Yes, its an learning process16:58
daftykinsDaRRk0: what graphics card/chip do you have? what driver do you use?16:59
William88How can i change the apt-get so it installs on a other hard drive?16:59
Beldarrezzur2292, An acer aspire is not a very powerful hardware set up I know I have one.16:59
rezzur2292thing is i like crunchbang only issue is youtube ect is slow, thats all :/16:59
DaRRk0daftykins ati radeon hd 667016:59
whoeverGuest42083: if you want to auto reply to things posted in channel look for irc or channel bots16:59
rezzur2292but it was fine on windows16:59
k1lRadon_3: well yes. you did put just kernel.org in there by hand. i would suggest you restore the official sources.list16:59
rezzur2292just thought id go back to linux again16:59
Beldar!who | rezzur229216:59
ubotturezzur2292: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:59
maheanuudaftykins, I must leave here,  I have 2 Dr.s appointments and bill paying as it is the first of the month here in French Poly  and Bills MUST be paid16:59
DaRRk0daftykins use driver for atiradeon site16:59
Guest42083Can u run scripts on freenode ?17:00
rezzur2292speaking to everyone in general17:00
whoeverGuest42083: yes17:00
daftykinsGuest42083: no offence but if you are struggling with the setup stage, an IRC server will be a serious headache.17:00
Radon_3k1l: no I did nothing by hand to the file, I just changed it using GUI version of update-manager17:00
Beldarrezzur2292, This is not chat state your issue, and do not keep commenting.17:00
maheanuuI will be back later, and would dearly like to have this pen drives usable for my class tonite17:00
DrGrovHello hello17:00
whoeverGuest42083: look for config of your client and there will be info how to run scripts17:00
k1lRadon_3: well, then revert back to the main servers17:00
DrGrovI am having some volume notification issues. Can not seem to find out what it is. Even got a new keyboard just in case.17:01
mewayI want to share this computers internet via ethernet cord to my windows machine. How do I do this?17:01
whoeverGuest42083: whein i join deamoniz, i am the only one there17:01
rezzur2292well all im asking is, does anyone know how i would go about updating or checking my video driver so i can see if it needs updating ...17:01
Radon_3k1l: ok I have done that in update-manager now, and I want to run the exact set of commands you gave me earlier, will that do it?17:01
DrGrovThe notification shows that the volume is full but I can not seem to find out why it would want to display it once every 10-15 minutes or so.17:01
aiFrantzHi. Just wanna say hi. My friend wanna see how does an IRC looks like17:01
tailcalledfor some reason, my computer seems to only use one core. does anybody know how to fix that?17:01
BeldarDrGrov, "volume notification" meaning exactly what?17:01
aiFrantzgimme me "hi" back17:02
dtigueaiFrantz: Hi17:02
DrGrovBeldar: It keeps popping up in the upper right corner as a notification showing the current volume17:02
k1lRadon_3: if update-manager works again just run "sudo apt-get update&& sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"17:02
aiFrantzthanks dtigue. see ya later17:02
BeldarDrGrov, That is a bit strange, sorry I missed your description while typing. ;)17:02
DrGrovBeldar: No worries :)17:02
daftykinsDaRRk0: you may want to update, which ubuntu are you on?17:03
DrGrovBeldar: It sure is strange. Got a new keyboard today, a Logitech k320 wireless just in case if it would have been a keyboard issue.17:03
DaRRk0daftykins 14.0417:03
Radon_3k1l: but after running apt-get update the last time in terminal (cause i removed the folders you told me to) it downloaded a huge set of files from kernel.org, will it be alright to just change to main servers in update-manger and just run apt-get update?17:03
DaRRk0daftykins maybe someone driver missing17:04
Radon_3and yes update manager works again thanks to you man17:04
k1lRadon_3: yes17:04
DaRRk0daftykins how chek this17:04
DrGrovBeldar: I did check the HDMI cable between the computer and TV and it seemed fine. But the issue has been missing before and coming back from time to time. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot it?17:04
daftykinsDaRRk0: well, like i say, try updating to a newer version17:04
daftykins!ati | DaRRk017:04
ubottuDaRRk0: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:04
Radon_3k1l: thank you a billion times.17:04
BeldarDrGrov, Not really myself, kinda a strange one to try and find on the web, not sure the foo17:05
DrGrovBeldar: Could it be some sound settings interfering due to the HDMI setup I have? That it keeps picking up the "wrong" HDMI and checking it again and again?17:05
DaRRk0daftykins Is not this the latest version?17:06
DaRRk0daftykins 14.0417:06
BeldarDrGrov, I have not messed with hdmi, I have the TV, but the computer is to old.17:06
DrGrovBeldar: Ok :)17:06
tailcalledDoes anybody know why Ubuntu might not recognize all the cores of my computer?17:07
DrGrovBeldar: I just got a strange feeling that I did some volume setting changes last time it occured and got rid of the notification popping up.17:07
DrGrovBeldar: The problem is... I can not remember :)17:07
DrGrovBeldar: Is there any way to completely disable keyboard shortcuts like volume buttons and such?17:08
DaRRk0daftykins VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Turks XT [Radeon HD 6670/7670]17:08
DrGrovBeldar: But I can not imagine it is due to that either to be honest.17:08
DrGrovtailcalled: Running 32-bit or 64-bit?17:08
tailcalledDrGrov: 6417:08
tailcalledDrGrov: 13.1017:09
DrGrovtailcalled: Then that is truely strange. What processors you got?17:09
BeldarDrGrov, I see this controller from a ppa, probably not the best answer. Both have up to trusty support. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/05/configurable-notifyosd-bubbles-for.html17:09
BeldarDrGrov, Just a guess here, just a heads up.17:10
tailcalledDrGrov: AMD FX something something which I will look up17:10
DrGrovBeldar: I have managed to get the notification to show up just for one second. Can that really disable it completely or?17:10
lolmausHas anyone got the Windows key working in Ubuntu?17:10
DrGrovtailcalled: You have tested if the cores show up while running htop from a terminal?17:10
Beldarlolmaus, For?17:10
tailcalledDrGrov: AMD FX 815017:10
tailcalledDrGrov: yes. they don't seem to17:10
lolmausBeldar: being able to use it as a modifier for custom shortcuts.17:10
tailcalledDrGrov: cat /proc/cpuinfo says I only have one17:10
DrGrovtailcalled: Been checking up in the BIOS if there are any restrictions set on some of the cores?17:11
lolmausFor anything. The Windows key just won't work by default, it can't be mapped to.17:11
Beldarlolmaus, Ah, Windows key looked like running say word in wine to me, not sure on your actual issue.17:11
tailcalledDrGrov: well, I got it working some time ago17:11
DrGrovBeldar: I mean, is that bubbles configuration able to get certain notifications completely disabled? Might be an XFCE bug as well perhaps. Will have to look into the possibility that it might be XFCE causing it.17:12
tailcalledDrGrov: do you have anything I should look for?17:12
tailcalledDrGrov: also, cpuinfo in case you want to know http://pastebin.com/anUDj1jG17:12
daftykinsDaRRk0: sure that's just a card model though, doesn't say anything about the driver17:12
William88How do i change the apt-get install location?17:12
DrGrovtailcalled: Not directly but I will look into that pastebin you posted.17:12
Beldar!details | William8817:13
ubottuWilliam88: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:13
BeldarWilliam88, Why and your end goal would be helpful.17:13
anonynimityhey, does anyone know if aptana studio support is on freenode17:14
DrGrovtailcalled: Unfortunately that pastebin did not share any light on me on what might be the issue.17:14
xangua!alis | anonynimity  you could also check the site web17:14
ubottuanonynimity  you could also check the site web: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:14
DrGrovBeldar: Would it be a good time now to switch already from 13.10 to 14.04?17:14
William88I have installed ubuntu on my ssd and its now full and i wounder how i can change the apt-get location to a other disk17:15
BeldarDrGrov, Depends on what you need I suppose, I can't say what you need, it goes eol in july I believe.17:15
DrGrovBeldar:  Yes, that is my main concern. That I will not be able to get it installed as fast as I need before 13.10 reaches the end of line.17:15
=== Ricardo^ is now known as El_Gallo_May0
=== El_Gallo_May0 is now known as Ricardo^
BeldarWilliam88, Not really a logical process. How big is the ssd, what all is there as in other OS..etc.17:16
William88My ssd is  on 120gb17:17
skinuxIf I remove ubuntu-desktop, will it remove "Gnome" session as well?17:17
DrGrovBeldar: I think I might have figured it out. The Analog Output is still acting like a ghost there even though I am not using it all. Perhaps that is the key. It was acting as a fallback,. I hope it is gone now. Monitoring and analyzing what is going on.17:17
BeldarDrGrov, I never upgrade, I save app lists and repos and keys and fresh install load these and have a upgraded install in less than an hour, not the 4 for an upgrade.17:17
xanguaskinux: ubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage, so it won't remove anything17:17
LambCskinux: why are you doing this?17:18
skinuxI've been having problem(s) referenced http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=849089&page=2, and so far I haven't found a way to resolve it. If I login to "Gnome" session instead of "Ubuntu" then system works fine except for no desktop icons.17:19
DrGrovBeldar: Okay, then I will just wait a bit and see how 14.04 evolves :) Still got a few months.17:19
=== brat197 is now known as brat|away
DrGrovBeldar: And knowing myself it will be at the last second I manage to install it ;.)17:19
BeldarWilliam88, So ubuntu is tiny compared to that, any other OS? read the questions please, and use nicks when responding to a person.17:19
kolkoprthi. spellcheck doesn't seem to be working for me on ubuntu 12.0417:19
DrGrovBeldar: Now I think the issue is resolved. I managed to completely turn off the Analog Output profile to "Off" in the Sound Settings.17:19
kolkoprti have hunspell, aspell and lang.pack isntalled17:20
knownasilyais it safe to use visiblepw for sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified when using ssh -A user@server 'bash -s' < myscript.sh17:20
BeldarDrGrov, cool, be backed up is all if you ride the 3rd rail. ;)17:20
daftykinsWilliam88: "sudo apt-get clean" would remove all downloaded package files. what's taking up your space is likely elsewhere or in your /home directory17:20
DrGrovBeldar: Yes, backup is a must for me. I can not take any certainties since I know myself. Everything I touch goes sideways eventually :)17:21
LambCskinux: were you the person who removed python3 earlier?17:21
knownasilyanot sure why ssh doesn't pass my agent/creds with ssh -A option when running the above command: ssh -A user@server 'bash -s' < myscript.sh17:22
cactuswizardis there any driver for turtle beach headsets?17:22
DrGrovBeldar: Is it easy to set up a virtual machine so I can give 14.04 a test spin? The hardware I have is plenty so I thought why not use it to some good?17:22
BeldarDrGrov, Sure I use virtualbox when needed, it has it's own drivers in general. I find ubuntu to run a bit clunky in a virtual is all, maybe my older computer.17:23
BeldarDrGrov, If you have the room I would dual boot iit.17:24
DrGrovBeldar: Do I need any pre-earned skills to get it spinning?17:24
DrGrovBeldar: The dual boot that is.17:24
BeldarDrGrov, vbox has it's quirks but there is this chanel and #vbox17:24
=== jake is now known as Guest44116
DrGrovBeldar: Luckily then I would not be left completely alone ;-)17:25
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
DrGrovBeldar: That could end up as a complete disaster ;-)17:25
squeakytoyHey all. Total newbie. I read an article before, but lost it know. To do an update, whats the best command for that? apt-get install && apt-get upgrade ?17:25
BeldarDrGrov, Multibooting has it's issues, but a image/clone of what you have will save any bad mistakes from being catastrophic17:26
xanguasqueakytoy: secutiry updates will appear in the update window when they are aviable17:26
=== dummy is now known as Guest87488
DrGrovBeldar: So multiboot vs. VM? What is the more sound choice of these two?17:26
squeakytoyxangua, im on server17:27
aurelio58ciao a tutti!17:27
Beldarsqueakytoy, This a in the release update/upgrade yes those commands work with a sudo, or the upgrade gui17:27
xanguasqueakytoy: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade to install Secutiry Updates17:27
squeakytoyoh its update, then upgrade, ok17:28
Beldarsqueakytoy, there is also sudo apt-get dist-upgrade for kernels. Always check if any packages are held, this is a partial upgrade and not a good idea to run.17:29
BeldarDrGrov, Either are as sound as the user, I prefer multibooting.17:30
DrGrovBeldar: Roger that Mr. Multiboot :) I will need to gather some courage before I step out in the wilderness and attempt such a bold move.17:30
BeldarDrGrov, I have been multi booting for years though and know grub pretty well, so that helps.17:31
BeldarI also clone all installs17:32
=== brat|away is now known as brat197
Alex_______How do I install a driver which was lost during updatation??17:32
squeakytoyI just created a droplet at DigitalOcean, and I notice the keyboard layout its not (obviously) not Swedish. I am really new at Ubuntu server editions. How can I check what language keyboard layout the server has?17:32
DrGrovBeldar: Wow, hold on now. I skip the whole procedure now. This will take ages it seems, care not to make a terrible mess out of the whole setup ;-)17:32
BeldarAlex_______, THe same way you did originally17:32
squeakytoy"sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" maybe17:33
=== kiall_ is now known as Guest13963
Alex_______I have downloaded it via update manager but am unable to install it.17:33
karoljoin apollo17:34
hank_!ask: the driver is as listed : Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)17:34
BeldarAlex_______, This a proprietary graphic that was lost in a kernel upgrade or a whole distro upgrade?17:34
ubilli8http://paste.ubuntu.com/7399971/plain/   this my issue with update...17:34
=== ulrich is now known as Guest32170
Beldarhank_, What is the issue, graphics are in the repos I have a toshiba using one of those.17:35
Alex_______My WIFI driver and AMD graphics is lost. I have downloaded the WIFI through update manager but I cannot install it.17:36
Alex_______What should I do??17:36
Beldarubilli8, Use a pastebin not need a password17:36
Beldar!pastebin | ubilli817:36
ubottuubilli8: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:36
DecusHello, I know there is a Kubuntu channel but nobody says a thing :P17:37
DecusI have a finger print reader and I would like to get it working on Kubuntu! I searched a little and I found something that says: «Please note that Fingerprint GUI doesn't work with kdm and kscreensaver because of a bug in these applications (see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=105631).»17:37
ubottuKDE bug 105631 in general "fully support alternative authentication methods" [Normal,Confirmed]17:37
Beldarubilli8, THat link comes up with a cross scripting warning from noscript, what are you doing here?17:38
ubilli8try this one now...17:39
Beldarubilli8, No dice, really describing the issue first here is best.17:39
ubilli8ok the red alert on the top of my window that i there is some issues with dependencies...17:41
BeldarAlex_______, Helpers knowing the hardware is key here, lspci will list these if internal lsusb will list what is plugged in.17:41
Beldarubilli8, Can you run sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and copy and paste all of it to. http://paste.ubuntu.com17:43
Alex_______The 1st :http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=30920517:45
Alex_______The 2nd:http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=30920617:46
Alex_______What should I do??17:46
BeldarAlex_______, Can you run sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and copy and paste all of it to. http://paste.ubuntu.com17:47
Alex_______Sure just hold on17:48
aurelio58ciao a tutti17:49
=== The is now known as Guest91974
Beldarubilli8, Cool, thanks that update/upgrade shows the issues, missing keys, if available, can be added with sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "key here"  The wine issue I'm not sure with17:51
Alex_______Hold on. Here I am using wired network. It is a bit slow because there are many users online.So please bear with the speed.17:51
ubilli8so how do i get the server...17:52
Beldarubilli8, Not sure what you mean.17:53
ubilli8so how do i get the keyserver17:53
ubilli8i mean..???17:53
=== method1 is now known as method_overload
Beldarubilli8, On the upgrade portion of your post there are three keys missing, use the command I gave, and insert you keys shown missing.17:54
ubilli8how do i get the keys....???17:55
Beldarubilli8, http://askubuntu.com/questions/308760/w-gpg-error-http-ppa-launchpad-net-precise-release-the-following-signatures17:56
Beldarubilli8, Don't just repeat yourself, if you do not understand, be specific where. ;)17:57
=== CaveJohnson is now known as SpaceCore
=== tcpman is now known as Guest70198
ubilli8thanks beldar i will follow your link...17:59
method_overloaddoes anyone use tor to connect to this IRC server?17:59
Beldarubilli8, Sure, hope it gets that portion working the wine issue is another is all.18:00
Slartmethod_overload: yes, I believe so.18:00
Beldarmethod_overload, There is tor info for freenode on their info page18:00
method_overloadSlart Thanks for the response. :D I tried but was banned automatically by the IRC server18:00
plmHi all18:00
ubottufreenode blocks connections from Tor users on its regular servers. Users registered with nickserv can connect to freenode's Tor hidden service instead; see http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor for instructions. For help, ask in #freenode.18:00
Slartmethod_overload: there might be some extra required steps18:00
method_overloadBeldar I read some of that - some was helpful I guess18:01
plmAre there a way to do a link of "arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc -V" to "arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc -v" ?18:01
method_overloadubottu thanks I will try asking there18:01
ubottumethod_overload: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:01
Beldarmethod_overload, Seems like a waste of time, but that is my bias. ;)18:01
Beldartor is slooooooow18:01
OerHeksmethod_overload, banning or not allowed to join with an unregistered name?18:01
method_overloadBeldar yes I wasted at least a couple of hours experimenting with the experimental not completely secure anon onion router thing18:02
kulusHi all18:02
method_overloadOerHeks I took a screen shot of my ban let me review - hold on18:02
kulusI am having trouble booting into Ubuntu and Win7...only Debian 7.5 works properly from the Debian boot screen18:03
kulusI tried the recovery portion of ubuntu boot screen and am now in Ubuntu18:04
Beldarkulus, What is the OS at the top of the grub menu, and what OS are on the computer?18:04
FlasbadIs there a way to install other packades to other disks with apt-get?18:04
kulusDebian is on top, followed by windows 7 followed by ubuntu14.0418:05
method_overloadthe ban said checking ident no ident response banned from server i have a host listing in EFNET RBL check it18:05
Beldarkulus, So what hapens when you just pick ubuntu, not it's recovery?18:06
Beldarkulus, Use nicks here, you can tab complete them.18:06
kulusthere is a jumble of colours in the top left corner and some ascii letters but no login screen18:06
kulusBeldar, thanks for the tip18:07
Beldarkulus, So the recovery option does what exactly?18:07
Beldarwith what choice from it's menu?18:07
kulusIt boots me into Ubuntu but when I reboot it goes back to the Debian Grub18:07
method_overloadClosing link politkovskaja.torservers.net18:08
kulusBeldar, All of the options are there, Win 7 boots to a black screen with cursor in top left corner18:09
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
Alex_______excuse me, how many headers are there??18:10
Beldarkulus, Hmm, we are getting away from just my questions, windows issues are for ##windows possibly. What do you choose in the recovery menu that gets you a good boot to ubuntu?18:10
=== andrew__ is now known as PixelSmack
kulusBeldar, recovery options are too many to remember, one option is recover grub , but that goes back to a Debian BI upon reboot18:11
=== christian is now known as Guest82364
Beldarkulus, Well, a straight boot does not work, but the recovery does, however you can't tell us what you choose in that recovery, not much info to help you with. We in general need just the facts.18:12
kulusI may try it again and see what it says.  #debian suggested the #ubuntu forum because the grub2 is more advanced than debians18:12
Beldarkulus, You can have ubuntu control the grub boot if you like.18:13
kulusBeldar, I think the option is called recover grub, I will try again just to make sure.18:13
knownasilyawould love it if anyone with ssh experience could have a look http://askubuntu.com/q/461283/3385918:13
kulusBeldar, how do I do that,,, (very interested)!18:14
majodwill there be .deb for mesa 10.2?18:15
Beldarkulus, Get into 14.04 in the terminal run  sudo grub-install /dev/sdX X is the hard drive not a partition, than sudo update-grub18:15
Beldarkulus, I am assuming you do not have a gpt table...etc18:15
Alex_______This is for Sudo apt-get update:http://paste.ubuntu.com/7400163/plain/18:17
=== NyanCat is now known as Konata
FlasbadHow can i configure software centoer to install the packages to other disks?18:18
kulusBeldar, I just completed the install of grub...it said it was on an i386 when I have a AMD64.  Will this cause problems?18:18
Beldarkulus, should not, not an error right?18:19
kulusBeldar, do you want the results of my fdisk -l ?18:19
kulusBeldar, no error message18:19
Beldarkulus, sure18:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:19
kulusBeldar, where can I paste them?18:20
Beldar!paste | kulus18:20
ubottukulus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:20
tailcalledMy computer only seems to register a single core18:21
tailcalledDoes anybody know how to fix that?18:21
kulusBeldar, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7400205/  I am hoping this works!  I will get back to you...18:22
kulusBeldar, I only have this computer so it may take a while to test the 3 different OS's18:22
kulusBeldar, Thanks for your help.18:23
Beldarkulus, Cool, hopefully this makes a difference, if you had to hand build the grub legacy in debian, that might have been the error18:23
BeldarGoing to the store anyone need anything. ;)18:24
=== kdsebastian is now known as baste27
Alex_______I am now going on with the other command.18:26
Alex_______but it is taing lot of itme.18:26
Joel___running 13.10, how do I get redis to start on boot?18:27
s3an2tailcalled > is this an AMD?18:27
tailcalledAMD FX 8150 iirc18:27
tailcalleds3an2: whoops, forgot to write your id18:27
s3an2are you currently running 3.13.0-24-generic18:28
tailcalledprobably; how do I check?18:28
s3an2uname -a18:28
s3an2apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && reboot18:29
oncaI want to use this backup program in ubuntu, but I want to set up a custom location what is the best option if my server where I want to store the files is running linux and I can setup anything on it?18:31
Alex_______This is for the secomd command:http://paste.ubuntu.com/7400290/plain/18:33
Alex_______What should18:33
tailcalled_s3an2: well, that didn't seem to fix it18:33
Alex_______i do next??18:33
tailcalled_but I'm still running 3.11.0-19-generic18:34
=== RaptorJesus_ is now known as RaptorJesus
Joel___Installed the redis package on ubuntu 13.10, but it wont start at boot. calling service redis start works, thoughts?18:34
tailcalled_I don't seem to18:34
tailcalled_maybe it's out of space in the boot partition again18:34
zubuntucan u pls help me about this?18:38
zubuntui am googling around but i couldnt enable windows boot loader for dual boot18:38
daftykinszubuntu: that doesn't count as ubuntu support i'm afraid18:38
ZtaI've position an icon on my desktop using gvfs-set-attribute -t string "$f" metadata::nautilus-icon-position $xpos,$ypos but it doesn't move instantly.  It seems like I have to restart Nautilus first: nautilus -q ; nautilus -n18:38
ZtaAnyone know of a way to make Nautilus reload the gvfs metadata and refresh the desktop?18:39
zubuntu_it counts since i am using ubuntu also18:39
zubuntu_sorry but i really want to use windows boot loader instead of ubuntu's loader18:40
fa7adGuys im having a really weird problem all of a sudden. Until today i was using su successfully without any prob forst i had to set a root password using sudo passwd and then it was all ok. Today however its saying authentication failed everytime i try to run su. Sudo and ssh and login from console mode all work fine but the su command is not working. So i tried to change the password using sudo passwd but didnt make a diff. Any suggestions?18:41
Alex_______Helloooo?? Can someone guide me???18:43
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:43
vanishingcan you tell us what you need guiding for18:43
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest49847
fa7advanishing: my sudo is workng fine just not su18:48
jaylWhy are all computer geeks so left-wing when it comes to politics?18:54
SerialDreamerHi, can someone help me with wine please ?18:54
fa7adJayl: no politics. Channel rules18:56
ZtaAnyone know how to force Nautilus to refresh e.g. ~/Desktop from shell?18:56
module000Zta: killall nautilus18:56
module000Zta: you can also use nautilus --quit, but i usually just kill it (it will restart a moment later)18:57
f00dMonstais there any way of making ubuntu look more "polished"? It kinda looks tacky atm18:57
Ztamodule000: -q never restarts here.18:57
compdocI often use a soft rag to polish18:58
=== stew_ is now known as Guest90974
Ztamodule000: There's no other more elegant way?  Perhaps send it SIGUSR or something?18:59
module000Zta: not that I know of, but the man page is really short...doesn't list much18:59
knownasilyahow does ssh-askpass work?19:01
knownasilyacan it ask for sudo password from ssh connection initiator?19:02
dupingpingHow are you?19:02
dupingpingplease help me.19:02
Picidupingping: You should ask in #ubuntu-app-devel19:03
=== InFierno|AFK is now known as Infierno
dupingpingPici: Oh, thank you.19:03
ldiamondI'm having issues installing ubuntu 14.04 server from USB. I created the usb drive using usb-creator (for some reason unetbootin didn't work). After I select the keyboard language, I get a blank (purple with one gray line at the bottom) screen.19:08
ldiamondI dropped to busybox and found out in /var/log/syslog that "modprobe: invalid option --'l'"19:08
ldiamondand "mount: mounting /dev/sdc on /cdrom failed: Invalid argument"19:09
daftykinsldiamond: did you create it on an ubuntu system?19:09
ldiamonddaftykins, yes19:09
daftykinsldiamond: check the MD5 hash of your download to confirm it's good, then remake the flash drive using "dd if=/path/to/file.iso of=/dev/sdx" where sdx = sdb or whatever you flash drive device is19:10
ldiamondyes I did that and the md5 is correct19:10
ldiamondI tried using dd, widn't work19:10
daftykinsit's not possible for it not to work19:10
daftykinsit'll need sudo in front19:10
ldiamondyea well, the command worked and all19:10
ldiamondjust not the resulting drive19:10
daftykinsand it was definitely the main device not a sub partition such as /dev/sdb1 or so on?19:11
ldiamondof course19:11
daftykinsldiamond: ok, well you could dd zeroes onto the first couple of hundred MB and try again19:11
daftykinsbut i'd definitely say that one sounds sketchy. or you could try it with another computer i guess19:11
calimero8282i've problems with audio, i don't listen anything19:12
ldiamonddaftykins, yea well, that's the one I need ubuntu on :p19:13
ldiamondI remember having an issue like this before, the drive wouldn't mount properly for the installation. I guess I could ctrl-alt-f2 before choosing the keybd language and mount to /cdrom manually19:14
=== wessly is now known as Guest98893
Beldaralex____,  This post does not have all the info, did it finish okay? http://paste.ubuntu.com/740029019:15
=== WLM|weg is now known as WLM|eten
daftykinsldiamond: right, but this is called 'diagnosis' :)19:17
=== calimero8282 is now known as nonsonoalpc-cali
ldiamonddaftykins, actually, I just tried again and /cdrom is properly mounted this time19:22
ldiamondstill freezing though19:22
ldiamond(not entirely freezing, I can press keys and they show up at the bottom)19:22
etropeclear all19:22
ldiamondoh well, it just randomly started now.19:23
daftykinsldiamond: worth memtesting the machine?19:23
ldiamondcould do. it's an old piece of junk19:23
guest98765I have installed ubuntu mini and apparently lightdm is not working. How do I uninstall --purge lightdm and install gdm? I have no desktop but I have alt + F2 terminal up.19:27
new0hey, where do i found my apache conf files and the vhost?19:27
Drake_g.evening everyone19:27
Drake_need some help installing ubuntu server 14.04lts on HP Proliant ML310 G5. It seems ubuntu cant find embedded raid controller :(19:28
Bashing-omguest98765: Minimal install -> did you install xorg ?19:30
=== WLM|eten is now known as WolfLambert
magicflakesIs it possible that my machine supports 4 slots of RAM but only have an actual slots of 2?19:31
=== Guegs__ is now known as Guegs
guest98765Bashing-om: how can I check in terminal?19:33
guest98765Bashing-om: Xorg does not show up in top19:35
Bashing-omguest98765: Terminal command -> dpkg -l xorg <- .19:35
mgolischDrake_: it doesnt see your disks or what?19:35
Bashing-ommagicflakes: I read it as 16 gigs could be installed (max) and that presently one of those 4 slots has a 2 gig chip installed.19:36
Drake_i have array configured in controller, but ubuntu setup cant find any disk to install to or create partition19:36
Joel___is echo -n supoosed to be valid in an init script in ubuntu?19:37
mgolischDrake_: what controler is that?19:37
magicflakesBashing-om: I opened the machine and it has only 2 slots. I wonder where the other 2 are...19:37
guest98765Bashing-om:  last line says >> ii  xorg  1:7.7+ubunt i386 xorg window system19:37
mgolischmagicflakes: maybe it doesnt have more19:38
mgolischmagicflakes: it might be that the chipset supports more but your specific board doesnt19:38
mgolischmagicflakes: maybe look at the user manual to find out how many slots it actualy has19:38
Bashing-ommagicflakes: 2 slots with double capcity ( side by side) to give ya a total of 4 (??).19:39
magicflakesOkay I'll check the manual..19:39
magicflakesThanks guys.19:39
Bashing-omguest98765: OK, xorg is installed, What Desktop invironment ( again) did you install ?? > see what it takes to start that gui from terminal.19:40
guest98765Bashing-om: All I selected was the lubuntu minimal install. I caught lightdm using top in terminal.19:42
Drake_spec says only that it is a HP embedded sata raid controller (chip is adaptec)19:42
trekker123Hello, is anyone on?19:42
Bashing-omguest98765: OK, Lubuntu mimi is somewhat different than a "minimal" install. Any way, presently you have lightdm and GDM installed ? correct ?19:45
Jordan_Uguest98765: What do you mean by "lightdm not working"? What happens when you try to boot?19:46
mgolischDrake_: can you do a lscpi?19:47
mgolischDrake_: no sure if the installer has that19:47
guest98765Bashing-om: Do you want me to try startx? No GDM as of yet. I want to try and remove lightdm >> sudo apt-get purge lightdm*  and install GDM without reloading.19:47
Bashing-omJordan_U: Hello, A besst of day to ya ! Good to read ya once more.19:47
=== Shane is now known as Guest5227
kulusHi all, just an update, I got all 3 OS's back up and running on my main desktop19:49
Beldarkulus, Cool, what worked?19:49
guest98765Bashing-om: I get to the screen that says "Lubuntu" then the dots appear under lubuntu it tries to go to the desktop, blinks for about a quarter of a second then goes back to the lubuntu splash screen and does it all over again.19:49
kulusBeldar, the program I downloaded to repair boot disks19:50
Beldarkulus, bootrepair?19:50
Jordan_Uguest98765: That's most likely a problem with X starting rather than a problem specific to lightdm. I expect that GDM will therefore have the same problem. Please pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log .19:50
kulusBeldar, boot-repair-disk-64bit.iso http://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/19:51
zykotick9guest98765: you might want to login from console (ctrl+alt+f1) and do "ls -l .Xauthority" if it's owned by root, that might be your problem (this can be caused by using sudo, instead of gksudo, with GUI apps)19:52
Bashing-omguest98765: Now that sounds like it is hunting for a Display Manager, and not finding one.... do you know how to boot "text" mode from the grub menu ? Let's see what results with starting the GUI from terminal.19:52
kulusBeldar, It isn't perfect, there is still a bit of static when booting Ubuntu but Win7 and Debian also boot fine now19:52
Beldarkulus, Great tool, I never need it bit we suggest it all the time, or just the bootrepair app to ubuntu, it kicks out a bootinfo summary that is quite helpful, good job.19:52
=== The is now known as Guest48248
kulusBeldar, thanks, 6:30am til now...whew!19:53
Joel___13.10 - will it not start init scripts with echos in them on boot?19:54
Drake_mgolich: lspci found that i have intel 82801 controller in raid mode19:54
kulusBeldar, L8R Beldar, I'll recommend this channel to other Ubuntu users!19:54
Beldarkulus, This is a great place for help.19:54
kulusBeldar, Agreed!  :)19:55
kulusBeldar, Bye now!19:55
guest98765Bashing-om: All I selected was the lubuntu minimal install. I caught lightdm using top in terminal.19:55
Bashing-omguest98765: Understood - see Jordan_U 's request also - good to know ! // Have you ever had this Lubuntu minimal install booting to the desk top ? - are we installing, or repairing  for this issue ?19:57
Drake_mgolisch: and when i go to detect disks it says: "one or more drives containing SATA RAID configurations has been found. do you wish to activate these RAID devices?" at this point it doesnt matter will i say yes or no i get partiton disks screen but no disks to partition19:57
mgolischDrake_:  you might want to consider using linux software raid instead19:58
mgolischDrake_: this page might contain some more tips on using such a fake raid controler : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto19:59
guest98765Jordan_U: I only have terminal up on this machine, so if I do the command and >>  >info.txt >> send it to a file. I only have one USB slot on this machine and I do not know if it will work.19:59
Jordan_Uguest98765: Can you connect this machine to the internet via ethernet?20:00
=== brad_ is now known as sencha
guest98765zykotick9:  no such file or directory20:01
Radon_3Hi again, I have just installed clamav and now I don't know if 'freshclam' is running in the background or not, how can i check for that?20:01
zykotick9guest98765: and you're in your home directory?  you can type "cd" by itself to get there quickly20:02
Drake_mgolisch: thanks for help, even though hp website states that ubuntu is supported, there is no driver for it. looks like im gonna use ubuntu raid instead.20:02
Jordan_Uzykotick9: They've never started X as their user, so it's not surprising that they have no ~/.Xauthority.20:02
NapoleonWils0nradon 3 -  ps aux | grep freshclam20:03
zykotick9Jordan_U: if Xorg isn't even starting, then nomodeset might be an issue...20:03
guest98765Bashing-om: boot to the desktop..  no...   I have done everything for installation. Removed CD and rebooted never getting to the desktop.20:03
NapoleonWils0nchromium browser disappears when you switch workspaces on xubuntu20:04
NapoleonWils0nanyone else have problems with chromium20:04
Radon_3NapoleonWils0n: I got this : http://tny.cz/584cada3 what does it mean?20:04
guest98765Jordan_U: connected by WIFI .20:05
someHumanHow do I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu?20:05
someHumanI already have them both installed.20:05
Bashing-omguest98765: // Jordan_U .. graphics driver ? // we do need to look at your  "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" file.20:05
NapoleonWils0nhi radon the first line means clam is running freshclam20:06
NapoleonWils0nradon 3 so freshclam is running20:06
Radon_3sorry, hi20:06
NightwalkerkgsomeHuman, sounds like a grub problem.20:06
Radon_3what does the second line mean?20:06
=== WolfLambert is now known as WLM|zzzzz
guest98765zykotick9: i am in the root directory... VMLinuz is the last entry in the list20:06
someHumanNightwalkerkg: IKR.20:06
someHumanBut how do I do it though?20:06
zykotick9guest98765: do you mean / or /root?  who are you logged in as?20:06
NapoleonWils0nthe second line is showing what you just searched using - ps aux | grep freshclam20:06
NightwalkerkgBecause if you already had one of them and installed the second one after,when you boot the pc it should give you an option to select which one you want to boot.20:07
Nightwalkerkg*turn on the pc20:07
guest98765Bashing-om: I can get there but I do not know how to get it off the machine?20:07
someHumanNightwalkerkg: I have to press F9 just to boot into Ubuntu.20:07
Radon_3NapoleonWils0n: thank you so much man20:07
someHumanLoads Windows by default(if I just leave it).20:07
NapoleonWils0nradon 3 you can stop fresh clam by using the number next to clamav20:07
NapoleonWils0nif you want to stop freshclam make a note of the number next to clamav20:08
Radon_3I want it to update, I don't want to stop it, I was actually asfraid if it was running two process and just wasting my bandwidth20:08
NapoleonWils0nthen run - sudo kill 330820:08
NightwalkerkgsomeHuman, Try to reinstall it,but when you get to the partition part,on the botom there is an option for grub,just make sure to select the right one.20:08
Radon_3I mean updating twice20:08
guest98765zykotick9: I am in the root directory with no SU or SUDO...  just regular me.20:08
NightwalkerkgOr you can try the boot-repair.20:08
zykotick9someHuman: did you install boot to the MBR of the first drive, or did you change it's location?  I'm assuming F9 on your machine is a "boot selection" of some sort, which would suggest - grub isn't installed in the right place, for _normal_ dual-booting.20:09
someHumanzykotick9: Yeah.20:09
someHumanzykotick9: Nope I haven't done anything with boot.20:10
Bashing-omguest98765: sudo apt-get install pastebinit , cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit : relay the resulting url back to us. As you have internet connectivity, the file will be uploaded to our pastebin.20:10
zykotick9guest98765: well, .Xauthority is in your home directory, not root.  but, by what Jordan_U said, if Xorg has never been started, then he's probably right - you wouldn't have the file yet...20:10
someHumanzykotick9: Hopefully I don't have to reinstall either OS.20:10
NightwalkerkgsomeHuman, try the boot-repair then.20:10
NapoleonWils0nradon 3 heres a list of all my tips - https://github.com/NapoleonWils0n/cerberus20:11
someHumanNightwalkerkg: I am in Windows by the way.20:11
NightwalkerkgsomeHuman, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows20:11
Radon_3NapoleonWils0n: wow20:11
Radon_3bless you man20:12
NapoleonWils0ncool radon you can download all the files with git20:12
zykotick9someHuman: sorry, i meant to type, "did you install grub to the MBR of the first drive.."20:12
NightwalkerkgNapoleonWils0n, cerberus. I think there is a RAT with that name. xD20:12
Radon_3thank you,I am going to bookmark the page20:12
NapoleonWils0ncerberus is the dog that guards the gates to the underworld - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus20:13
someHumanzykotick9: I'll try the link, sounds legit.20:13
zykotick9someone: fyi, whatever link you are talking about, it wasn't my suggestion...  so i can't confirm/deny it's legitimacy20:14
=== jake is now known as Guest76892
Radon_3ok, thank you everyone, I have to go sleep now20:14
guest98765Bashing-om: pastebinit  is there a colon after it?  pastebin :  with a space?20:14
Radon_3It was a very good memorable day with ubuntu20:14
Radon_3love you all chao chao20:15
Radon_3see you all tomarrow20:15
GooseIsLooselo room20:15
jsmitsnlafter upgrading to 14.04 from 12.04 my amavisd-new is not running in normal (background) mode. only in foreground or debug mode. Any pointers?20:16
NightwalkerkgNapoleonWils0n, lol,i know who Cerberus is. I am talking about the RAT Cerberus. :P20:17
NapoleonWils0nonly rat i know of is is roland rat from back in the 80s20:17
NapoleonWils0nchromium brower windows dissapear when i switch workspaces20:19
NightwalkerkgNapoleonWils0n, RAT - Remote Administration Tool. xD Cerberus is a client used to make a backdoor.20:19
NapoleonWils0ni have heard of ratting20:19
NapoleonWils0nalso heard of dogging20:20
NapoleonWils0nno one else have problems with chromium20:21
Bashing-omguest98765: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" is one command to get the tool ; "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit" uploades the file.20:21
OperaGhostkvI am going to download windows8.120:21
NapoleonWils0nhalf the window disapear when i switch workspaces20:21
hexafractionHi, I installed the fglrx driver using the ATI .run installer, without using the distro-specific package option.20:21
NapoleonWils0nseems to be a year old bug, must be a fix by now surely20:22
OperaGhostkvbut wtf//so large. 3.4GiB?20:22
hexafractionI had an issue, and tried to uninstall it using /usr/share/fglrx-uninstall.sh20:22
bekksOperaGhostkv: Ask ##windows20:22
k1l!ot | OperaGhostkv20:22
ubottuOperaGhostkv: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:22
bpromptNapoleonWils0n:   I run lxde... .and windows are workspace-specific, unless launched otherwise, so in lxde if I want a google-chrome window to show on the other workspaces, I'd set that in the window-title-context menu20:22
hexafractionAnd now I'm stuck on llvmpipe, and unable to reinstall the open-source driver for Trusty.20:22
guest98765Bashing-om:  i can not download it... I tried update but it is not going anywhere.20:22
hexafractionI can't really purge fglrx as I never installed via apt or dpkg20:22
OperaGhostkvem sorry20:23
bpromptNapoleonWils0n:      so.... what you described, is normal window behaviour20:23
hexafractionI'd appreciate assistance if anyone is knowledgeable with ATI video drivers20:23
NapoleonWils0nbprompt no its not20:23
OperaGhostkvI know20:23
OperaGhostkvI use ati card20:23
zykotick9hexafraction: i believe there is an ##ati or #ati channel for support of their foo.run driver (it isn't here)...20:23
NapoleonWils0ni mean the chromium window only shows bits of the window20:23
NapoleonWils0nand then the desktop underneath20:24
bpromptohh.... half-chromium window....hmmm20:24
OperaGhostkvclose source driver?20:24
hexafractionzykotick9: I am not trying to use that driver. I'm tring to get Xorg to use the FOSS one now20:24
Bashing-omguest98765: Serious problems ? What results from terminal command -> sudo apt-get update <- ??20:24
bpromptNapoleonWils0n:    sounds like videocard drivers issue20:24
NapoleonWils0nyes bprompt - i have to mouse over the page to make it redraw20:24
zykotick9hexafraction: IMO, once you installed that foo.run you broke your install - my suggestion, reinstall, and don't make that same mistake again.  best of luck.20:24
nathanesau1im trying to make a shell script in ubuntu. i made a script called my_script in ~/bin and used chmod on the script. how do i run it globally20:24
OperaGhostkvopen sources drive in auto configured when you install ubuntu20:24
NapoleonWils0nseems to be a bug that goes back a year20:25
guest98765Bashing-om:  failed to fetch? Can I check WiFi at command line and turn it on?20:25
hexafractionzykotick9: Logically, there should be a config file that selects which driver to load, that will then leave the other driver as a bunch of non-loaded files. Where is it?20:25
OperaGhostkvin /etc/X1120:25
hexafractionI have doubts that Xorg just "decides" to permanently use fglrx and doesn't have some config file it reads.20:26
bpromptNapoleonWils0n:    are you running stable version?   maybe if you changed versions20:26
hexafractionAnd I do not have xorg.conf at all, as it seems Trusty didn't need it to load the open-source driver20:26
Jordan_Unathanesau1: "my_script". Note that if you have not logged in since you created ~/bin/ then it hasn't been automatically added to your $PATH, but will be added to $PATH the next time you log in.20:26
Bashing-omguest98765: Sorry, I have never used WIFI, I have not the experience to advise. Definitely the 1st priority ( if you have no wired ability !).20:26
NapoleonWils0njust regular version via apt-get20:26
hexafractionOperaGhostkv: Yes, I know. I tried to install another one and wish to go back. The original never got uninstalled20:27
guest98765Bashing-om: The light is green/on on the router?20:27
hexafractionIs there a way to reinstall the Ubuntu system over an existing set of user directories/configurations?20:27
nathanesau1ok thanks jordan_u. i guess it hasn't been added to the path yet20:27
guest98765Bashing-om: for the NIC20:27
OperaGhostkvhexafraction. there is a script to uninstall close source driver20:28
hexafractionOperaGhostkv: Which I have run already.20:28
hexafractionIt completed "normally" but did not actually put me back at the previous configuration.20:28
bpromptguest98765:     what does "iwconfig" say?20:28
Jordan_Uhexafraction: Yes, Ubuntu's installer can re-install preserving /home/, but not preserving "system" directories (basically, anything outside /home/).20:28
OperaGhostkvok ..you need to configure your open sources driver again.20:28
hexafraction /home is on the same partition as /20:28
hexafractionOperaGhostkv: Yes, I know. I'm asking how to do that.20:29
hexafractionI'm not on fglrx now. I'm on llvmpipe.20:29
Jordan_Uhexafraction: Ubuntu's installer doesn't require /home/ to be on a separate partition to preserve it during install.20:29
Jordan_Uhexafraction: Though you need to be explicit about doing so.20:29
guest98765Bashing-om:  no lo and no eth0 extensions20:29
zykotick9Jordan_U: really?  that's kinda cool... TIL20:29
hexafractionExplicit at which stage?20:29
Bashing-omguest98765: One can look at "networks" -> sudo lshw -C network , lspci | grep Ethernet . Get an idea of what is not taking place.20:29
hexafractionI'd also back up and restore the set of installed packages but I'm afraid video drivers will get dumped into there.20:30
hexafractionI'm trying to first salvage this install.20:30
OperaGhostkvdid you get a mesa error or something?20:30
hexafractionNo, I'm simply normally running, but on llvmpipe which is stuck at a pathetic screen resolution and does not offer acceletaion20:31
maheanuuI really need some help, all my USB Pen Drives are being set read only when I plug them into a USB socket on the computer or the hub, I am running Ubuntu 12.04.2, and this all seems to have happened in the past month since I did an extensive update20:32
Jordan_Umaheanuu: Please pastebin the output of "dmesg" after inserting a USB drive.20:33
OperaGhostkvdid you try to see that20:34
hexafractionYes, I've already looked at it multiple times20:34
OperaGhostkvthen what problem you meet?20:35
hexafractionSimply, as I've stated, I'm still stuch on llvmpipe after reinstalling Radeon20:35
guest98765Bashing-om: no out put... I think it is time to reload....20:36
hexafractionI'm still on Gallium on LLVMpipe20:36
hexafractionI'm using an IRC bouncer, so I can try reboots just fine20:37
=== [O]UltimateNate is now known as UltimateNate
guest98765Bashing-om:  thanks for your help...20:37
Laxdoes Ubuntu have an sshd service or only ssh?20:38
rodney77Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me, I upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 and nautilus barely works20:38
rodney77it's super slow and unresponsive20:38
=== JohnDory_ is now known as JohnDory
maheanuuJordan_U,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7400960/20:38
nerpLax: openssh-server20:38
ailanme deben disculpar pero tengo un problema con logiarme en mi maquina y no se a quien preguntarle y la internet que tengo no es mucha20:39
nerpLax: and openssh-client20:39
Bashing-omguest98765: Maybe best, ya get no output at all from those commands ? something is very badly broke !20:39
Laxnerp: Thanks, Im on a fresh 14.04 install, looks like I need to install the openssh-server as for I dont find a sshd_config file anywhere on the server20:39
k1l!spanish | ailan20:39
ubottuailan: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:39
guest98765Bashing-om:  yup I agree20:40
chillpill_ Translation failed20:40
jhutchinsLax: Might not be installed by default, or might just not be started.20:40
nerpLax: Yeah, I dont think the desktop edition has the server out of the box20:40
Laxjhutchins nerp: Thanks!20:40
jhutchinsLax: Yeah, sudo apt-get install openssh-server20:40
Jordan_Umaheanuu: Please pastebin the contents of /proc/mounts .20:41
Bashing-omguest98765: Wish there were a better alternative, - next, md5sum the .iso file and "check disk for defects".. try again.20:41
guest98765Bashing-om:  done all that... Reloading and trying full Lubuntu... maybe it will ask if I want GDM?20:42
Bashing-omguest98765: Nope, Lubuntu runs "lightdm" .20:43
maheanuuJordan_U, I am getting command not found20:43
guest98765Bashing-om: I think it loaded open something ... open box?20:43
guest98765Bashing-om:  so what does xfce run?20:44
cyphasehmm, i got an email with an invoice for an ubuntu 13.10 vps that i didn't buy. it has a zip file attached with a pdf inside20:44
Bashing-omguest98765: probably "fluxbox" in that minimal lubuntu install, as the display manager.20:44
k1lcyphase: ubuntu doesnt sell vps20:45
Bashing-omguest98765: Well, I tell ya like this, I run a true minimal install, with xfce4 as my DE and install only the application here I do so want.20:45
=== root is now known as Guest68376
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.20:45
cyphasek1l, it's a vps with ubuntu as the OS (supposedly). i didn't mean it was from canonical20:46
* zykotick9 notes Fluxbox is a Window Manager, and not a Display Manager... as Bashing-om states above... guest98765 20:46
k1lcyphase: so what is the ubuntu support issue there?20:46
Bashing-omguest98765: xfce4 is a complete desktop, lacking only a web browser.20:47
OperaGhostkvwho using irc as a root?I thought irc client wouldnt start in you are root20:47
bekksOperaGhostkv: thats a wrong assumption.20:47
OperaGhostkvwhy ?20:48
Bashing-omguest98765: I happen to  run Lubuntu on the wife's graphic station, and I must say it runs well.20:49
jjavaholicis there an app out there that can move my notify box around?20:49
bmhatfieldDid something recently happen with the precise-security mirrorset?20:50
guest98765Bashing-om: zykotick9  I know there is a windows manager and a display manager. I am trying to put linux on a p2 300 with 512 megs of ram using the minamal disk. do far not happening... I was thinking lightdm did not jive with the install but it might be openbox or what ever you call it...20:51
bmhatfieldOop, nevermind, apparently when they published https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/1.0.1-4ubuntu5.13 they removed 5.1220:52
maheanuuJordan_U, do I need to put anything in front of "/proc/mounts"20:54
k1lbmhatfield: see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2192-1/20:54
guest98765Bashing-om: maybe using this web site and installing nothing... Then installing the stuff after the install might work.   >>http://www.maketecheasier.com/install-a-minimal-ubuntu-on-old-laptop/20:55
zykotick9guest98765: oh my, that's a retro system.  i wonder if that supports PAE even (which might be an issue with *buntu)?  BEST of luck, you'll probably need it.20:55
skinuxDoes ubuntu-desktop package include Unity or is it only Gnome?20:55
k1lskinux: it includes the ubuntu standard. that is unity20:55
skinuxCan it be removed and installed again while Unity is being used?20:56
Beldarskinux, Heh, that is unity, which is a plugin compiz which sits on gnome 320:56
=== SPQN is now known as AndreiCurelaru
mohamed_ubuntugood day20:57
skinuxCan I remove and reinstall ubuntu-desktop while Unity is being used?20:57
bmhatfieldk1l: thanks!20:57
Beldarskinnymg1, the ubuntu-desktop is unity20:58
guest98765zykotick9: PAE is not needed until after 2 Gig is reached. My Lappy that croaked had 4 Gigs on it and yes I needed to DL the PAE version.20:58
mohamed_ubuntui am new to ubuntu, and have been searching google like its no body's biz, i cant seem to get my printer (canon) to work,  i followed all the instructions but when i click print no print page20:58
Beldarskinux, the ubuntu-desktop is unity, what is your end goal here.20:58
zykotick9guest98765: i'm just not sure if *buntu supports non-PAE systems... i suspect it does not, but could be wrong!20:59
skinuxI want to restore to default configuration settings.20:59
Beldarskinux, You can reset unity, look for the commands for your release21:00
guest98765zykotick9:  I had 10:04 in this machine.21:00
skinuxI already reset Unity specifically.21:00
Beldarskinux, Did you reboot than?21:00
partitionissuesi have ubuntu 13.1021:00
partitionissuesi want to upgrade to 14.1021:00
Beldarskinux, use nicks.21:00
mohamed_ubuntuanyone :) help printer issue21:00
partitionissuesbut it always fails claiming too many 3rd party packages21:00
partitionissuesi have nvidia drivers21:00
Beldar!ppa-purge | partitionissues21:01
ubottupartitionissues: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:01
partitionissuesand owncloud installed21:01
partitionissuesi have full disk encryption21:01
partitionissuesbut no seperate home partition21:01
partitionissueshow do i seperate my home partition on an full disk encryption21:01
partitionissuesi tryied searching google21:01
Beldarpartitionissues, YOu mean 13.10 tp 14.04 right?21:01
partitionissuesand all of it is either while installing21:01
partitionissuesor without encryption21:01
partitionissuesBeldar: yes21:01
guest98765Bashing-om: does lightdm also have network support built in like gdm?21:02
Beldarpartitionissues, STOP, slow down and read answers, and don;t just post away!!!!21:02
zykotick9partitionissues: fyi, also you can't skip releases, so you'd have to upgrade twice, 13.10 -> 14.04 then 14.04 -> 14.10.  YOu might want to _consider_ fresh installing...21:02
partitionissuesi am considering a fresh install21:02
partitionissuesbut i have an full disk encryption21:02
partitionissueswithout a seperate home partition21:02
Beldar!enter | partitionissues21:02
* zykotick9 suddenly realizes partitionissues would need a time machine to get to 14.10 ;)21:03
Beldarpartitionissues, Don;t use the enter as punctuation, and read the posts to you.21:03
dtiguepartitionissues: i would backup all my files and stuff in home (if it wasn't already backed up ) and then do a fresh install and make sure I set /home to a seperate partition21:03
partitionissuessorry i see now, im looking to partition a seperate home dir on my full disk encryption21:04
partitionissueswhat do i need to back up , i read i need to copy sources and my home folder and do something to get a list of already installed stuff21:04
skinuxOkay, I've reset Unity (and rebooted), however, desktop background is still black, still no icons, and still no right-click.21:04
partitionissuesalso is it possible to move my home partition to a fresh install of fedora and have it work out?21:05
Beldarskinux, Any history leading up to this and what you did already to fix missing here?21:05
skinuxI upgraded to latest Ubuntu version21:05
Beldarskinux, Did you reload any graphic drivers you had loaded before?21:06
dtiguepartitionissues: IF your home is on a seperate partition then you could theoretically move it to any distro that supports the filesystem, you might need to weed out some distro specific config files but I've done it many times21:06
skinuxI didn't have any custom graphic drivers to reload21:06
Lingo__what does the Ubuntu default desktop look like these days... haven't used it in a while21:06
NightwalkerkgUnity. :D21:07
partitionissuesno im sadly not on a seperate partition that is what im trying to do but i use full disk encryption21:07
Beldarskinux, use nicks here it is how we know your talking to us or whom you are talking to. Did the upgrade go okay, was the desktop broken on the reboot?21:07
ianorlinlook ubuntu 14.04 screenshot in google images Lingo_21:07
OerHeksLingo__, search for screenshots or try the live iso21:07
guest98765Is there some place on the internet that shows what windows manager goes with what desktop manager for ubuntu mini?21:07
Beldarguest98765, THe mini just loads a basiv cli setup, you add what you want.21:08
OerHeksubuntu mini iso has no desktop, just a text installer21:08
skinuxBeldar: Actually, upgrade was stopped half-way through because ran out of disk space. I had to do apt-get clean and remove some other files to finish it.21:08
zykotick9guest98765: the whole point of a DM is to select from multiple windows managers/destop environments.  they shouldn't be "linked" really...21:08
dtiguepartitionissues: if I were you I would back up all of my important files and all of my important config files (if any) and do a fresh install, when doing that install make sure you set the home on a seperate partition this time, and then tell the installer to encrypt your home partition21:08
CodmadnessproHey how do I stop an application to stop going to a emulator terminal and make it goto a terminal?21:09
Beldarskinux, Ah, hmm sounds like more than I can help with. In the future that is pertinent info include it from the git go. ;)21:09
guest98765zykotick9: I was trying to eliminate lightdm to troubleshoot.21:09
partitionissuesdtigue: what do i need to backup?21:09
aarobchow do I evaluate a function in bash in an if statement?21:09
skinuxBeldar: It is stupid that desktop background, icons, and right-click functionality are only issues, yet seem to be so difficult to fix.21:09
k1laarobc: maybe ask in ##bash?21:10
guest98765Beldar: mini gives you a choice to install an enviornment.   >> http://www.maketecheasier.com/install-a-minimal-ubuntu-on-old-laptop/21:10
CodmadnessproHey how do I stop an application to stop going to a emulator terminal and make it goto a terminal?21:10
bekksCodmadnesspro: Can you be more specific please? Which application does what exactly?21:10
Beldarskinux, Not sure your point, sounds more like a rant of frustration to be honest, and a comment on your skills.21:10
gezichthi there, I have a HP tc4200 and for whatever reason i can't get the headphone jack to work, no matter what I've tried.  Yesterday I reinstalled the entire os because changes I made crashed something.21:10
zykotick9Codmadnesspro: a "terminal emulator" _is_ a terminal?  what are you asking?  can you phrase it differently?21:10
CodmadnessproOk so theres 2 terminals for some reason21:11
CodmadnessproOnes called terminal emulator and the other is just terminal21:11
ianorlinCodmadnesspro: you can have even more if you really wanted to21:11
CodmadnessproHow do i make the app to only goto the terminal and not the emulator21:12
bekksCodmadnesspro: which app?21:12
dtiguepartitionissues: really all you shuld need to backup is any files you want to keep, so stuff like, documents, pictures, music, videos, any thing you've put on your desktop, if you want to keep them, and if you have done a lot of application specific configuration setup then grab that apps .config file, it will be hidden, generally most people that I deal with have no need to back up even there config files. If they do n21:12
Beldarguest98765, There is no window manager on the mini it is a cli net install, I have used it many times. What you seem to need to know is what will be installed when you choose from the many options.21:12
CodmadnessproWait no21:12
CodmadnessproIts bandwith monitor21:12
partitionissuesdtigue: what about my sources21:13
partitionissuesand all my apt-get checked items21:13
bekksCodmadnesspro: And why is that vital which terminal emulator application is used?21:14
noiro_Can someone help me with Ubuntu and Praat? For some reason I get PortAudio cannot open sound output: Device Unavailable. It worked a few minutes ago on the same file. What happened?21:14
dtiguepartitionissues: I would suggest you install the application aptik and use it, i've heard it is really easy to use and can restore all your installed apps quickly after a fresh install21:14
CodmadnessproI don't know ill screenshot it21:14
dtiguepartitionissues: check out http://www.tecmint.com/aptik-a-tool-to-backuprestore-your-favourite-ppas-and-apps-in-ubuntu/ and/or http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/01/reinstall-apps-on-ubuntu-fresh-install21:14
panta7aimonHi, how do I install recent ffmpeg in Ubuntu 14.04?21:15
zykotick9Codmadnesspro: are you sure they aren't the same already?  try "echo $TERM" in each of them, which one do you want to use?21:15
Codmadnesspro_Heres the screenshot21:16
guest98765Beldar: ok... you are correct... Is there a place where this is documented?21:17
bekksCodmadnesspro: So when you open "Terminal" or "Terminal Emulator" and start bmon in it, it will stay in exactly that window.21:18
mohamed_ubuntucan someone please assist me setting up my printer21:18
Jordan_Umaheanuu: /proc/mounts is a file, not a command.21:19
xanguaCodmadnesspro_: yes, that is the xfce terminal emulator, if you don't like it displays direfent names in the menu you can edit it21:19
Codmadnesspro_No when i goto apps>internet>bmon then it opens up terminal emulator but i want it to goto the real terminal21:19
zykotick9Codmadnesspro: <REPEAT> are you sure they aren't the same already?  try "echo $TERM" in each of them, which one do you want to use?21:19
bekksCodmadnesspro: Both are real terminals. Why do you want that - why is it important to you?21:19
Codmadnesspro_No i find the emulator just stays blank21:20
Codmadnesspro_I cannot type anything in it21:20
Codmadnesspro_Just rebooting my vps one second im still here21:20
Codmadnesspro_I don't know why the emulator shows nothing21:21
Beldarguest98765, Only in the sense of what you choose on the mini, you have choices of servers....etc, desktop....etc. You would need to find the exact package list on any of the specific choices.21:23
zykotick9Codmadnesspro_: what does "echo $TERM" say in "terminal" (the working one)?21:23
Codmadnesspro_One sec21:23
Codmadnesspro_it says xterm21:24
Beldarguest98765, The link you showed was a "REMOVE THE BLOAT" which is a joke to me, however is that the issue here?21:24
zykotick9Codmadnesspro_: if xfce has a menu editor of some sort (i don't know if it does or not), then just change the command for bmon to be "xterm -e bmon" instead of what's there now...21:24
Codmadnesspro_Do i just type that in terminal?21:25
zykotick9Codmadnesspro_: no, is there an xfce manu editor?21:25
Codmadnesspro_It worked lol21:25
Codmadnesspro_I typed it in terminal and it came up perfectly21:26
Codmadnesspro_Thank you21:26
skinuxOkay. I've posted my problem to UbuntuForums with detailed information. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222171021:26
zykotick9right, but that doesn't change the menu!21:26
Codmadnesspro_idc ll21:26
Codmadnesspro_long as it works i dont mind21:26
ronaldsmazitiswassup ubunties21:27
Jordan_Umaheanuu: Either "pastebinit /proc/mounts" to pastebin it directly, or "cat /proc/mounts" to display it in the terminal, or "gedit /proc/mounts" to display it in a text editor.21:27
zykotick9Codmadnesspro_: fyi, you could just start "terminal" then type bmon as well...21:27
ronaldsmazitisgive me tips to make thumbnails appear with nautilus 3.10 in 14.0421:27
ronaldsmazitisI tried rm ./thumbnailcache21:27
Bashing-omguest98765: I am playing catch up here, Also active other places, back to you as soon as I have read up.21:27
ronaldsmazitisor something like that21:27
ronaldsmazitisbut they don't load21:27
ronaldsmazitisthats very sad21:28
pythonistaTrying to change data directory for mysql server, having issues: http://askubuntu.com/questions/461350/error-changing-mysql-data-directory21:28
ronaldsmazitisbtw offtopic check my video on syte http://skatetunes.sytes.net/en/youtube.php?link=59921:28
ronaldsmazitisI configured it for apache 2.421:29
Beldarmmm spam21:29
ronaldsmazitisdamn right?21:29
ronaldsmazitisno thumbnails but you get video21:29
ronaldsmazitisnautilus must be bug21:29
s3ri0uscan anyone recommend a package that will allow me to automatically delete log files21:35
rodney77Could someone please help me resolve my nautilus issue? I tried removing configuration files and it wouldn't even start. thenk I reinstalled nautilus but it's still slow and freezing up. I'm geting 100% and even 115% (?) CPU usage for it21:37
rodney77However, I created an alternate user and I can open nautilus just fine21:38
mgolischsomething messed up with your users config files then id asume21:39
guest98765Bashing-om: ok still here... and reading.21:39
rodney77mgolisch, I Would think so, too, and I would like to just reset -- but I'm unable to even do this21:39
Derpwhy is steam buy in ubuntu store lol21:40
mgolischDerp: no idea just get it from their website21:40
Derpi know haha i just found it funny21:40
kike_it's buy but... it's free. It weird to me too21:41
FladaCan some one tell me how i can change the snappshot folder from virtualbox to another hard drive? :)21:42
Bashing-omguest98765: Hey, I agree with bekks , the link you followed does not build you an "unbloated" system. Would you like to build ligh and fast ? I truely like xfce, and is what I am accustomed to using now. Start all over ?21:42
=== blindsight is now known as Guest23751
mgolischFlada: you can change it per vm in Virtualbox gui21:44
kike_Derp, I think i've found an answer http://askubuntu.com/questions/319091/why-do-i-have-to-sign-into-ubunto-one-in-order-to-install-steam21:45
guest98765Bashing-om: yes ... light... I thought lubuntu would be the ticket... light... top showed almost 150 megs free.21:45
Fladamgolisch will try that :)21:45
mgolischrodney77: tried removing ~/.config/nautilus and ~/.local/share/nautilus ?21:45
guest98765Bashing-om: trying to troubleshoot and thought to try the easiest... Change lightdm to gdm.21:46
guest98765Bashing-om: if that worked then great...21:47
Bashing-omguest98765: waht makes "light" is the Desktop Environment and the applications one installs, the kernel is the kernel is the kernel. I have buildt light on both boxes, and I can attest it is FAST .21:47
designbybeckInstalling 14.04 64bit on a Dell Studio 17 laptop Core Duo2 4GB RAM... I get the Gave up waiting for root device / Busy Box error21:47
designbybecknot finding much on this21:47
designbybeckI've tried nomodeset21:47
guest98765Bashing-om:  but this lappy is so old, i was just trying something.21:48
zykotick9designbybeck: i'd think that error is suggesting it can't find your HD... ?21:48
designbybeckthis system dualboots win721:48
designbybeckit had 13.04 on there just fine21:49
designbybeckwe have 12 of these laptops like this zykotick9  I was going to try to update them all to 14.0421:49
guest98765Bashing-om:  it was trying to load the desktop, blinked, and then went back to trying to load the desktop.21:49
guest98765Bashing-om:  i figured it was either the DM or the WM.21:50
Bashing-omguest98765: p2 should fly, it ran 10.04, and with the wifes station from 10.04 ubuntu -> lubuntu 12.04 was much faster. I propose to you to start over, all we will install from that basic install is xorg, xfce, and your choice of a web browser. BUT you must have a wired internet connection to do this.21:50
zykotick9designbybeck: you realize, you'd need to first upgrade 13.04 -> 13.10 then 13.10 -> 14.04 right?  perhaps trying a fresh install on one (with data backed up) would be interesting?!?!  Best of luck regardless...  i certainly don't have any insights...21:51
guest98765Bashing-om:  allready reloading.21:51
Bashing-omguest98765: a DM is needless overhead !21:51
zykotick9Bashing-om: while _i_ personally agree, i doubt many others would...21:52
guest98765Bashing-om: doesn't lightdm and gdm have networking inside these packages?21:52
designbybeckzykotick9, was trying to do a clean install on this21:52
designbybeckbut thank you21:52
zykotick9designbybeck: ahhh, well, i'll repeat - best of luck!21:53
Bashing-omzykotick9: Yeah, ain't open source wonderful. Build it like ya want it !21:53
guest98765Bashing-om: ok... I am listening.   but only WIFI right now.21:53
skinuxWho had been trying to help me ~30mins ago?21:53
designbybeckBashing-om,  I think it is more to do with the ATI card in these things21:53
zykotick9Bashing-om: 100% agree :)21:53
designbybeckon these laptops21:54
zykotick9Bashing-om: well, s/open source/free software/ and i'd 100% agree ;)21:54
Bashing-omguest98765: NO can do with WIFI, must have a wired connection, and will work right out of the box, maybe a real pain to get WIFI up and working !21:55
Bashing-omguest98765: OLD ati card no problem, I run an old ATI card here also.21:55
guest98765Bashing-om:  that is how I am installing the packages right now...21:55
Bashing-omguest98765: WOW, outstanding, if it works it works .. who am I to knock it .. surprise surprise surprise.21:56
guest98765Bashing-om:  this USB WIFI network card has worked on all linux distros when plugged in...21:58
Bashing-omguest98765: Most often WIFI is a problem getting a driver installed. As the kernel can not support every driver known. Generally must install the proper wireless drivers.21:59
guest98765Bashing-om: when I get to the place where I choose a choice of desktops. you want me to choose XFCE?22:00
Bashing-omguest98765: I do not expect from a minimal install disk that there are any options ! I expect us to have to make every decision.22:01
mitch-_does anyone know the nano channel? i have a very specific nano editor question22:02
Bashing-omguest98765: We are building light - I thpoght - from a "core" install, all else must be added in this type of install, - I like it ! -22:02
zykotick9!alis | mitch-_22:02
ubottumitch-_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:02
guest98765Bashing-om: http://www.maketecheasier.com/install-a-minimal-ubuntu-on-old-laptop/  >>  scroll down to 13... that is where I am at.22:03
petrovhello, i have 2 hdd's of 3TB (raid 1) what's the best file system? ZFS or ext4?22:05
Bashing-omguest98765: OK, and this is the source of your .iso ? -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD <- // lookin at 13.22:05
Bashing-omguest98765: Best I recall there is an option "nothing" ! yes ?? for step 13.22:06
jamesdpetrov: ZFS22:06
guest98765Bashing-om: yes... 14.04 i38622:06
jamesdbut itsn't supported out of the box, but is easy to add but booting off ZFS is more work, best to have another smaller drive to boot22:07
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
naptasticWhere does Ubuntu store its firewall configuration? I need to set up a computer for SSH access, and it has no keyboard, so I have to mount the filesystem on another computer and fiddle with it.22:07
petrovjamesd: why not ext4 of xfs?22:07
guest98765Bashing-om:  did you go to my link?22:07
Bashing-omguest98765: Your source is good, same same as I have been using.22:07
naptasticSSH appears to be active, but it doesn't even respond to pings, so I'm thinking there's a firewall involved.22:07
wickedheadachefinally got minerd working in ubuntu22:07
Bashing-omguest98765: Yes I have been there see mu XX:13 response. we want to choose nothing.22:08
jamesdpetrov: silent data corruption, snapshots, clone, in-line compression....22:08
zykotick9naptastic: ahhh, you can't ping ssh... just sayin'22:08
naptasticzykotick9, right, I mean telnet 22 of course :-)22:08
guest98765Bashing-om: Manual package selection ?22:08
zykotick9naptastic: ok, just checkin'22:08
guest98765Bashing-om:  last thing on the list.22:09
petrovjamesd: ok, it's for in raid 1. what's better software raid or bios raid :d22:09
naptastic'tis a good thing to check.22:09
jamesdpetrov: zfs does raid handles it all.. one command to configure... zpool create mydisk mirror disk1 disk222:10
viper474naptastic: you checked for /etc/ssh/ssh_config ?22:10
Bashing-omguest98765: Maybe "manual" is what is on my mind. should be same same. Let's try it and see.22:10
viper474naptastic: may not be that one..22:10
naptasticviper474, yeah; it says it should listen on port 22. There's also an appropriate symlink in rc5.d.22:10
naptasticS20-sshd or like22:11
guest98765Bashing-om: manual package selection is checked, and we are off and running.22:11
zykotick9viper474: i believe it's sshd_config for the server isn't it?  naptastic22:11
petrovjamesd: ok, thx for the info !22:11
naptasticit's /etc/ssh/sshd_config22:11
viper474zykotick9: naptastic sounds more correct.22:11
Bashing-omguest98765: OK ! We are in control, It is on us what gets installed, 1st up is -> sudo apt-get install xorg <- .22:12
naptasticI do this for a living, but mostly on CentOS.22:12
viper474naptastic: did you restart the service or pc after making changes?22:12
Guegsnaptastic, make sure that you have the port forwarded / open in your router too.22:12
guest98765Bashing-om: I do not know what I am looking at but i got something.22:12
naptasticviper474, I haven't actually made any changes yet, and I can't attach a keyboard to the computer.22:12
Bashing-omguest98765: should be at a teminal, log in, and password ,22:13
naptasticGuegs, yeah, I'm inside a trusted network, so I know it's not an internal firewall. It has to be in the OS someplace.22:13
* naptastic thinks22:13
naptasticMaybe I need to scan differently...22:13
Guegsalso, in terminal, type do you have ufw enabled?22:13
Guegssudo ufw status22:13
Guegsand if you need it enabled, try sudo ufw allow 2222:13
viper474naptastic: could you ssh localhost? I'm guessing not since you have to mount the drive.22:13
naptasticGuegs, I can't attach a keyboard to this computer, and I can't SSH in. I have no terminal.22:14
cowlicksIs there a way to check what version of ubuntu I will end up on if I do `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`?22:14
cowlicksI'm on 10.04 now22:14
guest98765Bas nope...  installed packages on the top level... packages on your computer 272 installed.22:14
naptasticI have a monitor, that's all :)22:14
guest98765Bashing-om: nope...  installed packages on the top level... packages on your computer 272 installed.22:15
Guegsa mouse?22:15
naptasticlooking at it now, I think I might be scanning wrong. Lemme try this again.22:15
naptasticGuegs, no input devices other than the network.22:15
viper474naptastic: nmap would list if open, right?22:15
Guegsheh, shot. :-P22:15
LaxIf I wanted to run two versions of Firefox on my PC (current and older) where is the best place in the filesystem to put the older version? /usr/bin ?22:15
Bashing-omguest98765: are you now at a terminal ?22:15
naptasticIt sounds like a contrived interview question for an admin position, eh?22:15
naptasticviper474, unless I was doing it wrong, which is possible. I'm going to boot the machine and try again.22:15
kbrosnanLax: /opt/firefox or $HOME/firefox are options22:16
Laxkbrosnan: Thanks.22:16
Bashing-omguest98765: reading the tutorial prior to step 13, see if I can see where there might have been a problem, brb.22:16
guest98765Bashing-om: console... yes ... ls works22:16
skinuxHow do we set Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart X? I put 'setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp' in .xinitrc, but it still isn't working.22:17
guest98765Bashing-om: F2 thingie...22:17
guest98765Bashing-om:  my opinion is the default install when you make the choice in 13... the Blue screen.22:18
guest98765Bashing-om: at console22:19
Bashing-omya did the step 15, installation is complete, and have rebooted into a terminal, and have now logged into the ystetem .. all yes ??22:20
naptasticHAH! I was just scanning it wrong! ssh WAS open!22:21
DrackerThey need DELPHI Programmer / VB / JAVA / PHP for Blackhat Hackers group of ARMAGEDDON. Interested contact by Skype: NioCollHacker22:21
DrackerThey need DELPHI Programmer / VB / JAVA / PHP for Blackhat Hackers group of ARMAGEDDON. Interested contact by Skype: NioCollHacker22:22
maheanuuJordan_U, Sorry for the delays, and sorry for not knowing very much...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7401376/22:22
guest98765Bashing-om:  no it took me to a screen I have not seen before.22:23
=== akim_ is now known as akim
Bashing-omguest98765: YUK ! The install did not complete ? your attention is invited to step 15, you were not prompted to reboot ?22:25
DrackerThey need DELPHI Programmer / VB / JAVA / PHP for Blackhat Hackers group of ARMAGEDDON. Interested contact by Skype: NioCollHacker22:26
FiremanEdDracker: Please stop spamming.22:26
guest98765Bashing-om: nope... I can quit this screen... I can take a picture of it and post it...22:27
Bashing-omguest98765: Yeah, a picture might tell me something, but to be honest, I have yet to encounter a failed minimal install.22:28
ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK applications to read from ~/.XCompose in Trusty?22:29
guest98765  Bashing-om This is not failed...I do not think...22:30
lucasttis there a command to show the desktop?22:31
Bashing-omguest98765: I just can not imagine where you are in the install process. should be do it, wait, will complete the core install, and -> installation is complete, remove disk and reboot.22:31
hehehey folks I got box with many ips 1 system ip, how I can bind server to some spare ip?22:32
heheI get socket.error: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address22:32
guest98765Bashing-om: http://imagebin.org/30924722:32
fridaynexthehe: /etc/network/interfaces22:33
fridaynexthehe: make some new eth0:1, eth0:2, etc22:33
hehethen restart box or not needed?22:33
fridaynextno, just restart networking22:33
Bashing-omguest98765: Looking at '47 .22:34
fridaynextprobably service networking restart, or /etc/init.d/networking restart22:34
OerHeksObsequiousNewt, maybe this page is any help http://askubuntu.com/questions/305706/some-entries-in-xcompose-are-ignored-how-can-i-fix-that22:34
fridaynexthehe: I jsut figured this out for myself the other day doing some new IP's for SSL cert purposes on my linux box.22:34
hehedo I auto eth0-1 iface eth0-1 inet static ?22:34
fridaynexti did iface static22:35
fridaynextbut to be honest, I don't know the difference22:35
fridaynextI also did auto22:35
ObsequiousNewtOerHeks: That's oudated. I've used it in the past, but the process changed in trusty.22:35
krt47hi, i have a sansa fuze+, when i go to eq it doesn't go back to menu.22:35
fridaynextauto eth0:1 eth0:2, and the on the individual IPs, iface eth0:2 inet static22:35
Bashing-omguest98765: Looks like the installer is awaiting an input. with the "installed packages (272)" highlighted, hit the enter key, let's see what results.22:36
krt47hi, i have a sansa fuze+, when i go to eq it doesn't go back to menu.22:37
guest98765Bashing-om: I say q: quit and see what happens22:37
guest98765Bashing-om:  a small list... Admin  (50)22:37
guest98765Bashing-om: and more.22:38
hehefridaynext: done, yet to show22:38
hehedid u restart something?22:38
fridaynextjust networking22:38
ObsequiousNewtkrt47: A sansa fuze is a music player. This is the support channel for an operating system.22:38
Bashing-omguest98765: Welp, nothing lost if we have to try something else. However, the goal is to get to a completed install.22:38
fridaynextservice networking restart22:38
fridaynextno need for reboot. You only need to reboot if you're running Windows :)22:38
fridaynextgreat thing about linux is you just reboot services. only need to reboot for kernel updates.22:39
hehewindows is mad22:39
hehebut nice22:39
ObsequiousNewtLinux is like windows but without the dows.22:39
fridaynexthehe: meh - i'm a mac / *nix guy.22:39
Furehow to kill these pid22:39
Fure 30 ?        S      0:00 [rcuob/21]22:39
Fure   31 ?        S      0:00 [rcuob/22]22:39
guest98765Bashing-om: ok I went down to x11 and hit enter... Plymouth and xkb-data are listed.22:39
jamesdwindows is quite possibly the same, except no one bother doucmenting the service restart thing... they just do the full box out of force of habbit, and why not reboot it may cover up other bugs in windows core.22:40
fridaynextonly thing i'd love to figure out some day is how to forward X to X11 on my Mac running 10.9. That would be awesome.22:40
fridaynextjamesd: true.22:40
Bashing-omguest98765: HUH ?? none of that should even be installed ! ..22:40
hehewindows u can to cmd - then winsecret help show all22:41
fridaynextthe winsecret = use a mac or linux :)22:41
fridaynextor both22:41
fridaynextor hackintosh.22:42
guest98765Bashing-om: let me see if I can get out of this screen...22:42
Fure  131 ?        S      0:00 [rcuos/57]22:42
Fure  132 ?        S      0:00 [rcuos/58]22:42
Fure  133 ?        S      0:00 [rcuos/59]22:42
Fure  134 ?        S      0:00 [rcuos/60]22:42
Fure  135 ?        S      0:00 [rcuos/61]22:42
Fure  136 ?        S      0:00 [rcuos/62]22:42
unopasteFure you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:42
Bashing-omguest98765: k22:42
hehefridaynext: http://pastebin.com/Kr0U4qHe something is yet to work22:42
jamesdspent 5 hours on a con-call because i only restarted the service on a windows box instead of rebooting, finally did the full reboot and it came backup, the first question out of the IBM tech's mouth when we he came on line, was "Have you rebooted the box" I said yes becuse we restarted the application numerous times.... ended up being a windows authenication bug.22:42
hehe#/sbin/ifconfig shows 1 ip so far22:43
GiddeonCan anyone tell me what the mysql-client package adds?  I've  read the package description, but it's not clear what it actually provides.22:43
fridaynexthehe: need to use a colon - not a dash.  so eth0:0 and eth0:122:43
jamesdGiddeon: the mysql command so you can commicate with the server backend... perhaps others.22:44
guest98765Bashing-om: ok   q = quit... It said it was Aptitude so I guess I could hav installed software there.22:44
fridaynexthehe: and where you've got auto eth0 at the top, you need to put 'auto eth0 eth0:0 eth0:1' etc.22:44
guest98765Bashing-om:  installing 27 packages...22:44
Bashing-omguest98765: Aptitude is good, but, my experience is with apt .22:44
Giddeonjamesd: Thank you22:44
fridaynexthehe: use eth0:0 instead of eth0:1 for the first one after eth022:45
hehesoo messy linx!22:45
fridaynextwell i'm glad to help, as i remember how frustrating it was figuring it out my first time.22:45
fridaynexthehe: if that doesn't work for you, i'll pastebin my working config22:46
heheyes what would be good22:46
FureGotdman it google better this place22:47
heheFure is kinda like Furer lol22:47
OerHeksFure,  that odd service looks like ipays - exploit?22:48
fridaynexthehe: http://pastebin.com/JLtkua2z22:48
daniel31hi guys. I want to buy a phone that I can install ubuntu for android on. has anyone been following this at all? is there a list of u4a developer-approved android handsets?22:49
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ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:51
fridaynextdaniel31: what i'd like to do is install ubuntu on a phone with verizon LTE, and then run a web server off of it and serve sites at LTE speeds. that would be awesome!22:51
sartanHullo; 12.04 LTS used to have ia32-libs so I can run standard 32-bit elf applications.  Seems there may not be a replacement for 14.04 - someone throw me a bone?22:51
daniel31ubuntu touch is not ready for primetime yet as I understand it; developer builds only. I want a useable u4a phone now, which means I wont be getting ubuntu touch. you know, what last years crowdfunded phone was supposed to be. I suppose I could ask in #ubuntu-touch if that would be a better place hto..22:52
daniel31fridaynext: cool idea but couldnt you do this already, minus the the ubuntu-touch-ness of course..22:53
fridaynextI guess I could.22:53
fridaynextWould be even cooler to have a CLI only phone.22:53
fridaynextbut not really. :)22:53
hehenearly works it shows extra ip and then when i want to bind it sayings socket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use22:54
hehebtw if u want to be happy never listen to parents, gf, wife22:54
heheI find my mates are best at advicing22:54
fridaynexthehe: The only other thing I can think is that you need to actually have the IP address.22:55
heheubuntu way better than android22:55
fridaynextI have my host (Linode) provision the IP to me, but I don't knwo what your setup is.22:55
heheI see it the IP22:55
fridaynexthehe: works?22:56
hehe#/sbin/ifconfig shows it22:56
heheI have to see whats uses it22:56
guest98765Bashing-om: getting to the end... installing Grub22:56
daniel31hehe: yes well of course I would snap my fingers and get an ubuntu touch phone if I could but I need a new phone just now and ubuntu touch isnt shipping yet! :-P22:57
heheyes ubuntu!22:57
heheand fck google22:57
fridaynexthehe: I love my Nexus 10. Recently got rid of my iPad mini for it.22:57
heheI can imagine google stock goes down  when ubuntu touch is out22:57
hehethey cant save all u data easily then22:58
Jordan_Umaheanuu: So "New\040Volume", "Kens\040BU", and "Kens_BackUp2" are all labels from USB drives?23:00
guest98765Bashing-om: rebooting... What next?23:00
Jordan_Umaheanuu: Please pastebin the output of "touch /media/New\040Volume/test_file" (if any).23:01
hehehow i can see what is using my box spare IP?23:01
hehenetstat -a wont do23:02
fridaynextno idea really... I thought /etc/network/interfaces took care of IP's23:02
ComviqHelptyi need help getting my 3g Modem to work in backtrack 523:02
ComviqHelptyI will pay 0.05 BTC to whoever that can get it working23:02
maheanuuJordn_U, I get "No such file or directory"23:03
hehethey did fridaynext but now soft i want to use saying new ip is been used already23:03
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ComviqHelpty0.05 BTC not enough to get help with something this small?23:03
fridaynextlol - i wouldn't even know how to receive, much less use, BTC.23:03
fridaynexthehe: hmmm... not sure...23:04
ComviqHelptyi can pay paypal also23:04
OerHeksBT 5 is EOL, and not supported here in #ubuntu23:04
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)23:04
guest98765Bashing-om: logged in, ran top, 180664 mem used... I like that...23:04
hehelol geeks here so silent23:05
Bashing-omguest98765: OK, get the xserver stuff install (xorg) so we can get the Desktop on that layer. Now do terminal command -> sudo apt-get intall xorg <- .23:07
maheanuuJordan U, I am thinking I should change Ubuntu to a more recent version  I have been having real problems for the past 6 weeks and I am really on shakey ground23:08
ComviqHelptyanyone know how to work usb_modeswitch I offer 0.05 btc to get it to work on a ubuntu clean install23:08
ComviqHelptyi really not sure what I am doing wrong23:09
hehetry odesk23:09
hehemight be faster23:09
guest98765Bashing-om:  just >>   sudo apt-get intall xorg23:09
hehemany geeks here think people should learn hard way23:09
Bashing-omguest98765: yup23:09
ComviqHelptywhats odesk?23:10
guest98765Bashing-om: 128 megs to install?23:11
heheor try #hardware23:12
ComviqHelptythat doesn't seem much faster if i find someone here that can teamview me :D23:12
OerHeksComviqHelpty, read http://www.backtrack-linux.org/downloads/ and read ubottu's info23:12
Bashing-omguest98765: Yikes ! sudo apt-get install -> **install typo .23:12
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heheComviqHelpty: u already wasted ages here23:12
ComviqHelptyaight thx guys i guess23:12
ComviqHelptyill keep on loking23:12
OerHeksthank you for visiting our helpdesk :-)23:13
fridaynextComviqHelpty: I have no idea, sorry23:13
Bashing-omguest98765: Yeah 128 megs sounds about right.23:13
guest98765Bashing-om: double checked my fat fingers input... ok23:14
pay03hi guys23:15
Bashing-omguest98765: ready for the Desktop ? -> sudo apt-get install xfce4 <- .23:15
guest98765Bashing-om: Can I change repo location... us.archive.ubuntu.com is not up on this machine.23:16
joaoHi guys, i install the gnome 3.10 but i don't like. how i can remove all configs and fonts.23:19
joaoI'am using the gnome flashback metacity and now the configs of gnome 3.10 are in my ui23:19
Bashing-omguest98765: Not easily, can be done with a sed command, not done it so can not really advise.23:20
Bashing-omguest98765: just verified, "http://us.archive.ubuntu.com" is up and functioning !,, is there a problem on your end ?23:22
Bashing-omguest98765: DO -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade ,_ .. sheesh, how could that have slipped my mind ? .23:23
guest98765When I said y to the xorg command it failed to fetch.23:24
guest98765Bashing-om: rebooting...23:24
wingnut2626I'm running Lubuntu and I have a strange problem.  The enter key does not register in any terminal in X23:24
wingnut2626any ideas?23:25
guest98765Bashing-om: failed to fetch.23:25
krisitnei need help, i just installed now ubuntu 12.04 on this notebook, but now, the brightness is too low and i almost cant see the display on the screen, when in live usb, everything is fine but this. how can i fix this? adjusting the brightness doesnt work....23:27
Bashing-omguest98765: terminal command -> ping -c3 <- see if we have an internet connection at all.23:27
guest98765Bashing-om:  network is unreachable.23:29
Bashing-omguest98765: WIFI is not in my range of experience. But for sure we got to get it back up. But I do not know !23:30
viper474guest98765: Bashing-om sudo ifconfig wlan0 up  ?23:31
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Bashing-omviper474: thanks ! .. As I have no idea.23:34
guest98765Bashing-om: did viper474 command then ping ... No go.23:35
viper474guest98765: what's this show: iwconfig23:35
krisitnei need help, i just installed now ubuntu 12.04 on this notebook, but now, the brightness is too low and i almost cant see the display on the screen, when in live usb, everything is fine but this. how can i fix this? adjusting the brightness doesnt work....23:36
Bashing-omguest98765: I bet ya do -> ipconfig <- there is no 'inet addr' returned . try and see what does result.23:36
LecterKhanhow to use unetbooting to make a full install on usb instead of a livecd usb?23:36
Bashing-omguest98765: s/ipconfig/iwconfig **23:37
daftykinskrisitne: there's some help online regarding changing a backlight parameter, check out - http://askubuntu.com/questions/128463/how-to-control-brightness23:37
guest98765viper474: wlan0 IEEE 802.11bg  ect23:37
viper474guest98765: you wifi use a key?23:38
guest98765Bashing-om:  ipconfig .. command not found23:39
viper474guest98765: your*23:39
guest98765viper474: wep login... yes23:39
=== s3ri0us|away is now known as s3ri0us
viper474guest98765: guest98765 sudo ifconfig wlan0 down23:41
viper474guest98765: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces23:42
guest98765viper474: done23:42
viper474guest98765: you'll need to add info in this. I'll pm for fewer messages here23:42
daftykinskrisitne: any luck?23:51

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