holsteindreamy_: if you like, use the /topic command to see the topic of the channels you are in01:35
holsteindreamy_: this is the ubuntustudio support channel, though other music related topics are welcome01:35
coelebsa friend of mine who's musician called me and asked what distro to pick up for music production04:27
coelebsso i recommended him ubuntu studio04:27
holsteinhopefully you have time to help him get it running04:27
coelebsoh i got time04:27
holsteindepending on what he's coming from, there is very little "click and run" about linux audio.. or pro audio in general04:28
coelebsbut that might have for some of his friend too04:28
coelebshave been*04:28
coelebsfor me ubuntustudio has worked pretty well out of the box04:29
coelebswith fedora i had to do all sorts of things04:30
holsteinit works as advertised. im just saying, one cant just click on the ardour icon and make a record04:30
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deltgaah this bug again :( term windows (xfce4-terminal, rxvt, xterm) act as if the state of either CTRL key is inverted10:39
deltthough alt+delete doesn't do anything, and ctrl+alt+delete works as expected10:40
deltresetting my keyboard layout with xmodmap doesn't fix it, neither does choosing a layout in the xfce control panel10:47
delt(i usually leave it to "use default" and set the keyboard layout with xmodmap)10:48
deltmenulibre isn't in the repos?11:25
cubThe indicators on my 14.04 installation is not working that well17:46
cubFirst the dropbox icon disappeared. Yesterday the wifi indicator didn't show up.17:47
cubI'm not sure what to file as a bug, if there is one.17:47
nishanthow to open citrix receiver on ubuntu studio18:40
nishantany one18:40
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OvenWerk1delt: synaptic shows menulibre in the repos.18:51
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Guest54512How do I change on my Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS a directory recursively? Also, there must be a similar command line for a single file.  I want to convert the directory from read-only to read/write18:59
Guest54512How do I change a file or a directory from read-only to read-write?19:16
OvenWerk1Guest54512: chmod +rw filename19:18
OvenWerk1recursively would be chmod -R +rw directoryname19:18
OvenWerk1But that will change not just the directory but also all files inside19:19
Guest54512OvenWerk1: The full path name?19:20
OvenWerk1if you are in the directory where th directory you wish to change is no.19:20
OvenWerk1Also, be aware that to make full use of a directory you may need the exec bit set as well19:21
Guest54512OvenWerk1: No need to use "sudo", or a version thereof?19:21
OvenWerk1It depends on if you own the file or not.19:21
Guest54512OvenWerk1: Exec bit?19:21
OvenWerk1each file has three bits read write and execute19:22
OvenWerk1There are actually three sets of these bits too. A set for the owner a set for group and a set for all.19:23
OvenWerk1Most people use numbers to set them... 740 for example would make the user have full access (rwx) and group be able to read and no one beable to see it.19:25
OvenWerk1This is different than dos/win which uses an extension for execute instead.19:27
OvenWerk1if you type "man chmod" in your terminal it will explain things better than I can.19:28
Guest54512I can't seem to succeed19:28
Guest54512I'll look into that19:28
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Guest95353so anyone upgraded to 14 yet? a bit scared last time things broke...21:11
Guest95353forgot everyone lives in US and is ASLEEP now... night21:14

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