nonyaChrome works right00:14
plstuxhey hey! has anyone found a solution to the whole blank screen after wake from suspend thing?00:35
plstuxi installed a newer version of xfce4-power-manager from a patched PPA, but still get black screens00:36
Poisoned_DragonI ended up having to swap out light-locker for gnome-screensaver.00:37
Poisoned_DragonSeems to have cleared it up.00:38
Poisoned_DragonSo, you can revert away from the ppa, restore the previous power manager.00:38
plstuxi installed gnome-screensaver, but it doesn't show up in my xfce admin panel thing00:40
plstuxdo i have to uninstall light-locker for it to show up?00:40
Poisoned_Dragonthat's because gnome-screensaver doesn't have a config gui.00:40
Poisoned_DragonSo, no icon in settings manager.00:40
Poisoned_DragonJust go into startup and change it from light-locker to gnome-screensaver00:41
Poisoned_Dragonwant to test it now? killall -9 light-locker and use alt-f2 to start gnome-screensaver.00:41
Poisoned_DragonIf it works for you, then pull light-locker00:42
plstuxcan't find out how to configure gnome-screensaver though?00:44
plstuxor does it just blank the screen depending on when my timers are set in power manager?00:44
Poisoned_Dragonit's just a blanker00:45
Poisoned_Dragonit blanks when the power manager tells it to.00:45
Poisoned_DragonOr when the system is locked.00:45
Poisoned_DragonIt's pretty easy peasy, if you're not looking for pretty.00:45
Poisoned_DragonI would prefer to use light-locker, but it needs the kinks worked out, first.00:46
plstuxi am a simple man00:46
plstuxjust tested it out, it shows my session for a split second on resume but does lock00:46
plstuxso this is good enough until light-locker is patched!00:46
plstuxthanks for your help dude00:46
Poisoned_Dragonno prob.00:47
Poisoned_Dragonif you want it to lock, that can be controlled in the power manager00:47
Poisoned_DragonIf you're having an issue where the laptop is suspending on lid close, and you don't want that, you have to edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf00:48
plstuxsweet, yeah i did some digging earlier and discovered i needed to edit logind.conf00:48
plstuxnothing worse than suspending on lid close00:49
Poisoned_Dragonjust edit #LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=yes to LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=no00:49
Poisoned_Dragonif you changed this line, #HandleLidSwitch=suspend, change it back.00:49
Poisoned_DragonOr, just remark it00:50
Poisoned_DragonThen all will be well.00:50
plstuxoh, yeah, I changed that line00:50
plstuxis that the wrong way to do it?00:50
Poisoned_DragonNot wrong, just a bit more dirty.00:51
Poisoned_DragonI find LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=no to be power manager friendly. Gives you more control through the power manager.00:51
plstuxeasy, changed it around00:51
plstuxthanks for all the help00:52
Poisoned_Dragontest it out and let us know.,00:52
Poisoned_Dragonno prob00:52
Masterjedi688I'm here looking for some info from everyone00:52
Poisoned_DragonJust ask your question. If someone knows an answer, they'll chime in.00:53
Masterjedi688At the present time I have Bodhi Linux on my old pc and I'd like to know which is small in terms of RAM and Hard drive between them?00:53
Masterjedi688My pc is about 7-8 years of age, Dell Dimension B110, 2.53GHz, 1 GB of RAM and about 80GB of Hard drive, Intel Celeron R cpu00:54
Masterjedi688Basically, I'm just looking for an easier Linux distro.  My pc used to have windows XP on.  Just glad I got rid of XP00:56
OverboostThe laptop that I am currently using is from 04, running Xubuntu 14.04 pretty good.00:57
Guest253hello :)00:58
Masterjedi688Mine is a desktop00:58
Masterjedi688Hi Guest25300:58
Guest253fresh install 14.04 running very well on my laptop00:58
Guest253i like it00:59
plstuxit'll run it fine00:59
plstuxRAM will be fine with midori and keeping the tab count low00:59
Masterjedi688Xubu uses Midori?01:00
Masterjedi688Tab count?01:01
Masterjedi688I guess I'll keep some reasearch about Xubu and a few other Linux distros01:03
Guest253a ppa for plank? using 14.0402:27
LiquidedgeI downloaded an updated driver for my legacy wireless card.  How do I tell Xubuntu to load this new one on boot?03:20
LiquidedgeI have it in /lib/firmware03:20
vcamargohey fellas! how are you doing?05:05
vcamargodoes any of you have an useful tutorial on how to update from xubuntu 13.10 to the 14.04?05:05
mappcant u just run th do-release-upgrade cmd05:06
vcamargoi'm new to xubuntu and i'm really excited to try this new version05:06
cfhowlett_mapp not until point release 14.04.105:06
vcamargomapp, i tried that but it didn't worked05:06
vcamargoshould i download it and install it from a cd maybe?05:07
cfhowlett_vcamargo torrent 14.04.  verify the ISO with md5sum.  make a USB.  verify the USB.  boot your computer from USB.  Install.05:07
vcamargois that the only way?05:07
vcamargocfhowlett_, thanks for that, but would you have any other alternative?05:07
cfhowlett_vcamargo wait until july and sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade05:08
vcamargocfhowlett_, it would overwrite my current installation right? i do not intend to do so05:08
vcamargocfhowlett_, oh, ok then05:08
vcamargocfhowlett_, thanks!05:08
cfhowlett_vcamargo happy to help05:08
vcamargocfhowlett_, is that the only way right?05:09
cfhowlett_vcamargo upgrade or clean install are your options.05:09
vcamargocfhowlett_, i mean, wait for a new version and then use do-release-upgrade05:09
cfhowlett_vcamargo OR download the ISO now and clean install05:10
vcamargodo you know why do-release-upgrade is not working now?05:10
vcamargois there any specific reason?05:11
cfhowlett_vcamargo because it doesn't kick in until point release 105:11
vcamargocfhowlett_, right, thanks ;)05:13
xubuntu495hi everyone05:42
xubuntu495i need to know where can i find a list of supported notebooks for the xubunto operating system. i need this before try to install it because with an older version of ubunto i had problems with the display of my Packard Bell EasyNote LJ 65. Can someone help me? tks05:47
cfhowlett_xubuntu463 dell xps 13 developer edition06:01
xubuntu463I need help with xubuntu 14.04 lightdm login window.  I have to change my uid to 201 because I use NFS and all other computers in the network have this uid for me.  However, when I do this, the lightdm login no longer shows my username.06:02
xubuntu463I tried editing /etc/lightdm/users.conf and set minimum-uid=100 but it didn't help.06:03
xubuntu463It's annoying to have to select "Other" from the menu and type both your username and password every time the screen saver activates.06:03
Name141Can Xubuntu be true LTS? I think there was one that wouldn't let you stay LTS?06:11
cfhowlett_Name141 14.04 is LTS06:12
cfhowlett_Name141 and if it's LTS it STAYS lts ...06:12
Name141cfhowlett_: I think Lubuntu you can't stay LTS?06:13
Name141and have to roll ?06:13
Name141or I could be wrong06:13
cfhowlett_Name141 what do you mean "can't stay".  LTS is LTS.  that doesn't change06:13
bazhangLTS stays that way06:13
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deltyou mean when the support expires?06:20
Name141XFCE might be a little more harder to run on old system than Lubuntu?06:30
Name141XFCE runs pretty decent06:40
bazhanglubuntu is quite a bit lighter06:41
bazhangtry it and see06:41
bazhanglubuntu-desktop is the package06:42
Name141ah I done went and reinstalled06:42
Name141it was a new setup anyway06:42
bazhangyou can have multiple DE's on a single machine06:57
bazhangthen choose between them at login ; ubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop etc06:57
Name141Yeah, but I didn't want to be using up more space06:58
Name141with a new install anyway06:58
bazhangif space is at a premium there are smaller 'core' packages07:00
Name141ah not that much, 500 GB WD Blue I think is in the dell07:00
Name141I doubt there was worth messing with the 64 Bit OS vs 32 bit with an E2160 and 2 GBs of RAM?07:01
bazhangmight you upgrade ram sometime in the future?07:02
bazhangthere's really no reason to not run 64bit if your machine allows07:03
bazhanganother advantage to tje 'core' packages is they dont bring in multiple clients, office suites, etc07:04
Name141no, I'm not messing with DDR207:06
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sharewhat Xfce theme looks better with Numix09:08
shareoops it's numix09:08
deltdo environment variables get expanded in /etc/environment?09:44
delt(i don't feel like rebooting to find out so i'm asking here =) )09:44
sharewtf my terminal key shortcut stopped working10:03
BoozeWoozHi, I've having horrible booting times (2min), created bootchart, can someone take look at it please? http://i.imgur.com/iNP82Jl.png10:06
sharebootchart is ugly10:08
BoozeWoozwhat to use instead?10:08
sharesystemd-analyze blame10:09
sharebut bootchart is also useful10:09
BoozeWoozok, i'll use the blame thing, once give it 2min to boot :)10:10
shareyou don tneed10:10
shareBoozeWooz: if you are using systemd you just run the command after booting10:10
deltcan you install stuff from the ubuntu repos in linux mint?10:13
deltand/or in linux mint debian edition?10:13
BoozeWoozshare: it says: "Systemd-analyze" command not found..10:14
brainwashBoozeWooz: ubuntu does not use proper systemd yet10:17
sharethere you go10:19
shareand it's not Systemd10:20
brainwashthe bootchart looks very strange10:22
BoozeWooztheres a 75s delay before anything happens, its what conserns me mainly10:22
brainwashcan you also upload /var/log/dmesg?10:23
BoozeWoozata1 from 6 second to 71second..10:26
brainwashmaybe your hdd is not properly connected10:27
deltcan you install stuff from the ubuntu repos in linux mint and/or linux mint debian edition?10:27
brainwashlinux mint is basically ubuntu10:28
BoozeWoozits CD rom caddy, i put harddisk inside it, will check connections again, thanks for looking and helping!10:28
brainwashthe debian edition is based on debian, so it will cause trouble10:28
brainwashBoozeWooz: at least we got a hint now :)10:29
BoozeWoozyes, in worst case i can recompile kernel and remove these annoying thing (to fail on 1st try)10:29
deltgaah this bug again :( term windows (xfce4-terminal, rxvt, xterm) act as if the state of either CTRL key is inverted10:39
deltthough alt+delete doesn't do anything, and ctrl+alt+delete works as expected10:40
sharethe problem with Numix xfwm theme is nvidia10:40
deltresetting my keyboard layout with xmodmap doesn't fix it, neither does choosing a layout in the xfce control panel10:59
delt(i usually leave it to "use default" and set the keyboard layout with xmodmap)10:59
sharedelt: what does ctrl alt del11:13
deltshare: i mapped it to show the logout window11:14
assistentehi to all! howto print a image with ristretto?11:24
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brainwashassistente: not possible as of now11:32
assistenteok thx11:33
brainwashyou can use gthumb to print images11:34
brainwash(needs to be installed manually in xubuntu 14.04)11:34
brainwashor any web browser11:35
counter_hi, which mpc client can be integrated at the xubuntu sound indicator?12:47
JustanickHello, where I can find the option to disable the automatic lock/logout of the session on idle? Xubuntu 14.0413:03
JustanickAutomatically lock the session  is set to never13:05
brainwashcounter_: I suggest that you test them all, it's not very likely that someone here knows an answer13:11
counter_I already tested several clients, none appeared at the indicator, is a manual add required?13:13
brainwashif the clients don't support the required interface, then adding them manually won't help much13:14
brainwashbut it's still worth a try13:15
brainwashbtw are you talking about terminal based or graphical clients?13:16
counter_gui clients13:16
counter_all clients: http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Clients , I am not sure what this is, maybe what I need? "mpDris2 - Background client that exposes MPD to D-Bus via the MPRIS2 interface, e.g. for the gnome / ubuntu sound menu. "13:20
brainwashexactly, that's needed13:21
counter_brainwash: you know where can I find this after install?13:24
shareI see an awful black background on that page with mediterranean light14:04
star_pronedoes anyone knows how can I backup the notes on xubuntu?14:24
elfystar_prone: .local/share/notes14:27
star_proneI found it14:29
star_pronethank you14:29
star_proneanyone knows how can I make a bootable stick under xubuntu?14:30
star_pronewhat app can I use?14:30
elfyI use unetbootin for my needs14:30
elfyin the repos14:30
JustanickOr just dd the *ubuntu iso to the stick14:32
LaxIs there a difference in the power management settings between Ubuntu and Xubuntu 14.04?  I just installed Xubuntu last night but my PC wont hibernate after inactivity, and the button is greyed/disabled.  This feature did work with Ubuntu 14.04 however, so Im curious if I am missing a config setting somewhere?14:34
ffafardI cant set my mouse sensivity under xubuntu, I tried user the xset commands but it does not work16:02
ffafardDoes anyone have suggestions^16:02
GridCubetried the mouse settings?16:03
ffafardyeah in the GUI right?16:03
ffafardI select the the device and and then try to modify the sensivity16:03
ffafardBut it does not have any effect16:03
ffafardActually the Acceleration parameter works fine16:04
ffafardIts only the sensivity16:05
ElderDryasffafard: Is there anything special about your mouse (multiple wireless setup, keyboard and mouse use same connector, for example)?16:06
ffafardWell, I use a KVM switch but both keyboard and mouse have their own USB port16:07
ffafardAnd they are wired16:08
ElderDryasNot a solution, but I'd suggest taking the kvm out of the picture.  If things work then, we know it's something with the kvm and work from there.  If not, then we look at something else.16:09
ElderDryasone variable at a time :)16:09
jorgeI'm new on IRC chat... Firts, sorry for my english ;-(18:41
jorgeIm trying to install xubuntu on my Acer Laptop! and it's horrible the UEFI system...18:42
jorgeCan anybody help me a little?18:43
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:44
David-Ajorge: ^18:44
jorgeThanks... I readed some info but I don't understand at well18:44
jorgeAt the moment, I disabled secure boot and the installation is finishing...18:45
jorgeBut later, I dont know  what to do18:46
jorgeThe installation just end now... Im going to try... Thanks to all again... I hope to visit this channel again, I like it!! ;-)18:48
David-Ajorge: ok, you are welcomed back. if you get a problem. or even if you succeed. happiness is good too.18:49
NapoleonWils0nchromium browser disappers when you switch workspaces19:59
NapoleonWils0nseems to be a bug going back a year or more any fix out there19:59
DomiXHi, does xubuntu use a "clipboard manager" ?20:21
NizzaDomiX: Not like klipper under KDE so far i know.20:23
DomiXok, because I've an issue with capture and pasting into abiword it takes a long time http://bugzilla.abisource.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1363720:24
ubottubugzilla.abisource.com bug 13637 in Copy/Paste "Paste screenshot from clipboard very slow" [Critical,New]20:24
xanguaDomiX: diodon is a simple gtk clipboard manager21:06
kingplusplusplease how do i exit magnifier mode in xubuntu... i think i pressed some keys d my all screen changed the windows are controlled by mouse. Its like full screen but bigger21:32
David-Akingplusplus: I dont know what magnifier you have, but if it behaves like the on in compiz it may be controlled by the mouse wheel plus a modifier key. e.g. alt+wheel, ctrl+wheel, super+wheel or something like that.21:36
kingplusplusDavid-A: i dont use compiz... i touch some key combinations mistakenly and i do not know them. screen just changed and i cant see full size of window not even the status bar above.... i have to move mouse up, down, left, to be able to see any part21:38
David-Akingplusplus: another hunch. ones upon a time, resolution changes could be performed with the + and - keys on the numeric keypad in combination with modifier keys, e.g ctrl-shift-minus or alt-ctrl-minus or alt-shift-minus or something like that.21:43
kingplusplusDavid-A: fixed it by change resolution up and down21:45
kingplusplusand back to normal21:45
kingplusplusthanks for your concern though and attempted effort to help21:46
David-Akingplusplus: then there probably is a key combination to change resolution. but we will never know what it is. :)21:48
xubuntu654 22:18
chuyinrCan you help me?23:09
chuyinrThe windows loses title bar when maximixe them :/23:10
nomnyceAnyone have a guide for using software raid and EFI with xubuntu 14.04?23:20
chuyinrnevermind, i solved it23:21
drcchuyinr: and the solution was...?23:21
drcand now we'll never know :(23:24
sheeranyone know how to hide a single indicator from the indicator panel?23:45
sheerredshift-gtk is getting on my nerves23:45
ochosisheer: just right click the plugin on the panel and go to properties and hide it from the list23:46
ochosior uninstall the indicator23:46
sheerit only hides all application indicators as a category, not individual applications23:46
sheerdistinct from the notifications panel, which does allow blacklisting processes23:46
drcsheer: right click on indicator plugin (it can be done :), Properties> Known indicators> click Hidden.23:48
drcor go thru panel preferences>items23:49
sheerit seems to throw all applications in the one category: http://i.imgur.com/fytnC8h.png23:49
drcah, I see what you mean.23:50
ochosiyup, didn't know it was an app indicator23:55
ochosialthough there is a way to hide even that23:55
ochosivia an apparmor profile23:55
ochosiif you're willing to go there23:55

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