ochosimorning everyone06:25
elfymorning ochosi 06:26
ochosijust to announce that formally, i'll be travelling in a train all day today, so unless i get wifi on the train, i won't be able to participate in tonight's meeting06:26
Unit193Meeting, right.06:26
ochosias that obviously includes the xpl voting, i'm wishing y'all happy voting :)06:26
* Unit193 votes for Unit193.06:27
* elfy votes for cake06:27
Unit193Cake is bad, cookies are good (as is coffee.)06:27
ochosiyummy, coffee06:27
ochosithat is what i need next06:28
ochosihave a fun day everyone!06:28
knomeUnit193, you can't vote yourself unless you have been nominated09:35
knomeUnit193, i can do that for you though >;)09:35
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klaipedetishi all17:14
brainwashhello klaipedetis 17:21
* elfy confuses utc and bst again ... 18:05
knomenot yet!18:05
elfyknome: yea 18:06
* elfy thinks bluesabre0 is glad someone else made the mistake :p18:08
bluesabre0nah, got bored of not being connected18:09
micahg-workno meeting?18:39
micahg-workah, in 20 min18:39
micahg-worktimezones are hard18:39
elfyI didn't wake up 40 minutes ago - it was a mirage18:39
drcmicahg-work: That's why they included an handy-dandy time converter on the meetings page :)18:41
bluesabre0the google calendar also works well with tz conversion18:42
micahg-workI'm usually pretty good with them, lots of things flying at the moment18:42
Unit193bluesabre0: Yes, yes it does.18:44
bluesabre0I'm working and on irc on the way-to-the-side side, so I may not be responsive during the meeting18:50
elfya bit like normal then :p18:50
bluesabre0I try, just a terribly busy human :)18:52
elfythat's good :)18:53
elfylol brainwash 18:54
knome!team | Meeting time!18:59
ubottuMeeting time!: bluesabre, elfy, GridCube, jjfrv8, knome, lderan, micahg, mr_pouit, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, skellat, slickymaster, Unit19318:59
knome#startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting19:00
meetingologyMeeting started Thu May  8 19:00:48 2014 UTC.  The chair is knome. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.19:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick19:00
elfyI'm here19:00
knome#topic Open action items19:00
knomeelfy, did you extend the trello spec?19:01
elfyyea - as much as I could 19:02
knome#action new-xpl: New XPL/council to run a call for a new technical lead 19:03
meetingologyACTION: new-xpl: New XPL/council to run a call for a new technical lead19:03
knome#nick new-xpl19:03
knomethat was the action items19:03
knome#topic Team updates19:03
knomeanything anybody?19:03
knome#done knome sent a lot of menulibre bugreports19:03
elfy#info package and image testing has started19:04
bluesabre0thanks knome19:04
elfy#info package tracker revamped19:04
elfythey've even got results on them too :p19:05
knomehehe, good good19:05
knomeanything else?19:06
knomei guess it's still quite quiet19:06
elfynot from me19:06
knome#topic Announcements19:06
knome#info elfy is now a moderator of the xubuntu-devel mailing list19:06
knome#topic Discussion19:06
knome#subtopic Create a testing PPA common to -team19:06
knome#info Postponing19:07
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: INFO19:07
knome#info Carrying on19:07
knome#subtopic Using the project money (gathered from Linux Identity articles)19:07
knome#info Dropping from the agenda, will be used as need arises19:07
knome#subtopic Use a common area for detailed discussion notes (such as Trello)19:08
elfyknome: how much is this money? bit hard to think of ways to use it without some idea19:08
knomei think there's about 230 euros19:08
knomeor sth19:08
elfyok - ty19:08
knomei'll have to check the exact amount at home19:08
knomemight be more or less19:08
knomei really don't remember19:08
elfya roundabout figure is good enough :)19:08
knomei'll check the actual amount and post that to the new XPL19:09
knomewho can consider how it's best used19:09
knomeanyway, want to discuss trello?19:09
knomeor should we carry that on?19:09
elfyis there enough people ?19:09
knomedoesn't seem like many people are around19:09
knome!team | wakey wakey19:09
ubottuwakey wakey: bluesabre, elfy, GridCube, jjfrv8, knome, lderan, micahg, mr_pouit, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, skellat, slickymaster, Unit19319:09
elfycarry it on 19:09
knome#info Carrying on19:10
* micahg-work is here, sort of19:10
knome#subtopic More mailing list moderators19:10
elfyochosi said he'd not be here 19:10
knomedoes anybody else have motivation to moderate lists?19:10
knomebluesabre0, both?19:10
Unit193bluesabre0: Bad timing. :P19:10
bluesabre0I can help with moderation if we create the new list we were discussing19:10
knomebluesabre0, can you help with the current one if we decide to rather moderate that? :)19:11
knomeand what about -users?19:11
knomewe will need moderators anyway19:11
knomewe currently have 3 for each19:11
bluesabre0yeah, I can help,  with a hint of what to do exactly :)19:11
elfyknome: I thought you said -users wasn't an issue?19:11
knomeelfy, not too much19:11
elfydiscard spam mostly bluesabre0 19:11
elfyknome: well I don't mind -users as well if there is a need 19:12
knomeand if we decide to make the -devel list team only, send people email that they should send to -users as well :P19:12
knome#action knome to add elfy to moderators of -users19:12
meetingologyACTION: knome to add elfy to moderators of -users19:12
bluesabre0ok, I can add that to my morning/evening routine19:12
knomebluesabre0, so both? ;)19:12
knome#action knome to add bluesabre to moderators of -devel and -users19:12
meetingologyACTION: knome to add bluesabre to moderators of -devel and -users19:12
knome#nick bluesabre19:12
knome#topic Planning for milestone images19:13
knomeelfy, was this your item?19:13
elfyaaah 19:13
Unit193If it's just removing spam, that'd do-able.19:13
knomeUnit193, want both?19:13
knomeUnit193, -users is more about spam19:13
knomeUnit193, in the future as well, regardless what we decide about the new mailing list19:14
Unit193knome: No, I don't have anything to do with users if I can help it, might have to know some context for some messages right?19:14
knomeUnit193, not really. just approve things that don't look like spam.19:14
Unit193Fine then.19:14
knomeboth that is? ;)19:15
knomeor just -users?19:15
Unit193Can always choose to leave it to others if I don't know, both is fine.19:15
knome#action knome to add Unit193 to moderators of -devel and -users19:15
meetingologyACTION: knome to add Unit193 to moderators of -devel and -users19:15
elfymilestones - basically there was talk during the last cycle of not running all the milestones during this cycle, just wanted to get that conversation moving before it's right on top of us 19:16
knomeso, you want to discuss which milestones we'd participate in?19:16
elfyI want us to do that yes - but it can wait as there's only a few here19:16
bluesabre0we usually don't have much in the first milestone19:16
elfyit depends what people are looking to get out19:17
knomei think we'd be fine with two betas19:17
elfybluesabre0: yea - exaclty19:17
elfyknome: wfm19:17
knomemilestones just mean freezes19:17
knomeif we land new stuff, we can just decide to test specific daily images19:17
knomeor concentrate on the package testing side19:17
bluesabre0unless systemd is in at that point, then that might be a consideration for a first round of functional testing19:17
knomeso the exact day of the iso doesn't matter19:17
elfyyes - but we still call for testing at milestones specifically - I just need to know 19:17
elfyso the exact day does matter to me ;)19:18
knome#action Team: When is systemd landing?19:18
meetingologyACTION: Team: When is systemd landing?19:18
knome#nick Team19:18
elfybluesabre0: I don't think that we need to worry about that at the moment from what I've seen/read19:18
elfyand I thought that 16.04 was the plan 19:18
knomeelfy, would you take a work item to throw that question to the mailing list?19:19
knomewell 16.04 might be the target, but it needs to be tested before19:19
knomeso i hope it lands before 16.04 FF :P19:19
brainwashmore like 14.10 :D19:19
elfyyes - I realise that :)19:19
knome#action elfy to send a question about participating to milestones to -devel ML19:19
meetingologyACTION: elfy to send a question about participating to milestones to -devel ML19:19
knome#subtopic New mailing list19:20
knome#info Carrying the discussion on the mailing list, feedback welcome19:20
knomedoes anybody want to use a chance to say something now?19:20
elfyfor the record - if this just ends up being using a tag - it will not work19:21
bluesabre0I'm still in favor of the -team mailing list, particularly to support/supplement meetings19:21
knomethe latest discussion is to make the -devel list much more moderated19:22
elfybluesabre0: and keeping -users and -devel?19:22
knometo practically make that the "team" list19:22
bluesabre0that would be fine as well19:22
knomeso only allow messages from team19:22
bluesabre0we don't use the -devel that frequently19:22
knomeno, because it's full of irrelevant information19:22
knomeand the threshold to post gets bigger19:23
knomei don't want to post anything because sooner or later the threads turn to "please install libreoffice by default"19:23
knomenow that i don't have any "real" responsibilities, i'd like to do that even less19:24
knomebut anyway...19:25
Unit193Easier not to send to the list at all, but that's because I don't like lists.19:25
elfyand as sure as eggs is eggs I get less interested in posting things there that get ignored19:25
knomei think i'll draft a proposal19:25
elfyUnit193: well what do you like to keep in contact with people - because it's not trello :p19:26
knome#action knome to draft a proposal about the mailing list changes and post it to the -devel ML19:26
meetingologyACTION: knome to draft a proposal about the mailing list changes and post it to the -devel ML19:26
knomeanything else on this?19:26
elfyknome: not from me19:26
knome#topic New Xubuntu Project Lead19:26
knomewe have two candidates: Simon Steinbeiß (ochosi) and Sean Davis (bluesabre)19:27
Unit193elfy: Trello is closer, but partly don't like the site, format, or something.  Partly don't want to brake your page, and not 100% sure I know how to use it.19:27
knomethose are the candidate pages19:27
knomeas the nominations were made relatively early, i hope the team members have read them already19:28
elfyI did19:29
jjfrv8-workme too19:29
bluesabre0I'm surprised nobody else applied19:29
knomemicahg-work, well, you will have time now..19:29
micahg-workknome, reading :)19:29
knomei've thought about the following procedure for voting:19:29
knome1) start voting on the meeting19:29
* micahg-work thought about applying19:29
knomeif either candidate gets 9 votes (>50% of the team) during the meeting, end the vote and announce the new leader19:30
knomeif not, ...19:30
knome2) continue the meeting on the mailing list. those who didn't vote on the meeting can vote by sending an informal mail which clearly states their vote19:30
micahg-workshould we be having the vote with one of the candidates in absentia?19:31
knomehe's noticed us of that and is okay with it19:31
knomei've told both ochosi and bluesabre i could have proxied a "final word" for them if they were not around19:31
knomeneither gave me to say anything for them :)19:31
bluesabre0but we were both too lazy to offer anything19:32
knomei don't think it's an issue19:32
knomeif we had 12 nominees, imagine how hard it would have been to run the meeting...19:32
knomeif we go to the mailing list, the voting will end at 19UTC tomorrow.19:32
knomethat gives everybody 24 hours to vote19:33
elfywhich it will I guess because there's not many of us here now :)19:33
knomedoes anybody think we want to enable private voting on the mailing list?19:33
knome(elfy: yep)19:33
elfywell ... 19:33
elfythere is the ability to vote privately to meetbot here 19:34
knomewe can decide of a trusted person to receive private mail votes.19:34
knomeand to tell what their totals were when the voting is over19:34
Unit193GPG signed/encrypted to Pasi and Pleia?19:34
bluesabre0then nobody will vote19:34
knomebluesabre0, i'm saying if somebody wants to vote non-publicly19:35
bluesabre0I was responding to Unit19:35
knomei think we can't force gpg sign/encrypy19:35
knomebut me and pleia2 works for me.19:35
bluesabre0works for me19:35
Unit193Well, not forced, but a good option IMO.19:35
knomeok. let's vote on the process19:36
knome#vote Process for voting: first IRC, then mailing list. Private votes to knome+pleia2.19:36
meetingologyPlease vote on: Process for voting: first IRC, then mailing list. Private votes to knome+pleia2.19:36
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)19:36
knome-team can vote19:36
meetingology+0 received from knome19:36
meetingology+1 received from elfy19:37
knome(abstaining from my own proposal, don't want to skew it)19:37
meetingology+1 received from bluesabre019:37
meetingology+1 received from micahg-work19:37
meetingology+1 received from jjfrv8-work19:37
meetingology+1 received from Unit19319:37
knomei think that's it.19:37
meetingologyVoting ended on: Process for voting: first IRC, then mailing list. Private votes to knome+pleia2.19:38
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:119:38
meetingologyMotion carried19:38
knomeUnit193, can you flip a coin?19:38
knomei've secretly decided who's heads for +119:38
knomeif it's heads, that person is +119:38
knomeif it's tails, that person is -119:38
knomeactually, forget that19:39
knomejust let's do it like this way.19:39
knome#vote Simon Steinbeiß (ochosi) for new XPL?19:39
meetingologyPlease vote on: Simon Steinbeiß (ochosi) for new XPL?19:39
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)19:39
knomeonly +1 votes matter.19:39
knomeothers are ignored19:39
knome-team members can vote :)19:39
meetingology+1 received from knome19:40
meetingology+1 received from jjfrv8-work19:40
bluesabre0assuming we can vote for both19:40
micahg-workwell, knowing who is +1/-1/+0 might be interesting, but I guess I should've proposed that before :)19:40
knomeyou can't.19:40
knomemicahg-work, vote +1 if you want to vote for simon19:40
knomeafter this vote, i'll do another one for bluesabre19:40
meetingology+1 received from micahg-work19:40
knomeerr, sean. :)19:40
knomeso you CAN'T VOTE FOR BOTH! :)19:41
knomeonly one vote allowed.19:41
meetingology+1 received from elfy19:41
meetingology+1 received from bluesabre019:41
knomeUnit193, you done for this vote? :)19:41
knomeanybody else?19:41
meetingology+0 received from bluesabre019:42
knomebluesabre0, hmm? :)19:42
bluesabre0keep it interesting19:42
knomebluesabre0, hehe19:42
meetingologyVoting ended on: Simon Steinbeiß (ochosi) for new XPL?19:42
meetingologyVotes for:4 Votes against:1 Abstentions:119:42
meetingologyMotion carried19:42
knome#info Simon Steinbeiß (ochosi) has 4 (four) votes.19:42
knome#vote Sean Davis (bluesabre) for new XPL?19:43
meetingologyPlease vote on: Sean Davis (bluesabre) for new XPL?19:43
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)19:43
meetingology+1 received from bluesabre019:43
knomenote: if you voted for simon, but now vote for sean, your vote will be for sean.19:43
meetingologyVoting ended on: Sean Davis (bluesabre) for new XPL?19:44
meetingologyVotes for:2 Votes against:0 Abstentions:019:44
meetingologyMotion carried19:44
knome#info Sean Davis (bluesabre) has 2 (two) votes.19:45
knomewe still have 8 members to vote19:45
knomeso it can go any way :)19:45
knome#action knome to send an email to the -devel list for email voting19:46
meetingologyACTION: knome to send an email to the -devel list for email voting19:46
knome#topic Other business19:46
knomeanything else?19:46
bluesabre0I don't have anything to add19:47
bluesabre0... except a calculator19:47
knomewe will need it19:47
knometo not make a mistake19:48
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu May  8 19:51:28 2014 UTC.  19:51
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2014/xubuntu-devel.2014-05-08-19.00.moin.txt19:51
knomewill send the mail ASAP19:51
bluesabre0thanks knome!19:51
knomethen be away for ~1h19:51
elfyty knome 19:51
knomecan somebody quickly confirm the mail is good and accurate?19:59
knomei'll boot this laptop now, brb19:59
rowboatnickyes it checks out20:08
knomerowboatnick, ta21:02
knomewe a bit longer away21:02
knomehome now21:02
elfybut apparently the mail didn't make sense ... 21:03
elfywho's rstreeter21:03
knomeor people just don't read.21:03
elfyon the other hand they cared enough to vote :)21:04
knomeyeah, but everybody is interested in power21:04
knomeas long as it doesn't come with responsibility21:04
knomemy 1-year old niece would also vote if give the opportunity.21:04
elfytry and see the positive side :)21:05
knomecan we do that?21:05
elfyI think that somebody else's 1 year old is entitled to power - just not any of mine :)21:07
knomewhat if i had, say, a 15-year old here?21:07
elfysame applies 21:07
knomewould i have two votes?21:08
elfyjust not mine ;)21:08
knomewell i'm obviously talking about a rum bottle21:08
knomewhat'd you think :P21:08
elfyI think that you might see two votes - or anything else you might look at :D21:08
Unit193Two more.21:21
* drc checks the bottle....21:21
elfygot some real ones as well 21:35
elfyand no answer in -offtopic :p21:36
knomemaybe they don't read anything i write21:37
knomeyou can load instantrimshot.com now21:37
elfyI have that hidden in my mails to the list :p21:37
drcYou made it too hard, you used paragraphs, capitals and a link (in case you were not sure).21:38
elfyknome: so - at some point there'll be a new XPL - just want to say thanks for what you've done for Xubuntu 21:38
* knome bows21:38
knomeyou're most welcome :)21:38
Unit193knome: Now get ouuuuuuut!21:39
Unit193knome: Yep, thanks.  Think you did well.21:39
* elfy wanders off now - night all 21:39
* drc thinks he did well also, but wonders what his Golden Parachute is (noting that the talk about the Project Money this timewas short and sweet :)21:43
knomeUnit193, drc: you're welcome as well21:46
Unit193Thank goodness it was, that really was good at grinding the meetings to a halt.21:46
ochosievening everyone21:53
ochosimissed the whole day :)21:54
knomehey ochosi 21:54
ochosii'm about to doze off after a day of travelling21:54
ochosijust returned home21:54
ochosiso somehow it's good that nothing is decided yet, cause i won't really be online again before sunday or so22:01

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