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Sebas_hey! somebody there?03:38
Sebas_jose or lazyPower take a look at this video at the time 1:15 http://hemingway.softwarelivre.org/fisl15/high/41f/sala41f-high-201405070913.ogv03:40
Sebas_I talk about juju and Drupal03:40
joseSebas_: Cool! I'll take a look :)03:44
Sebas_jose \o/03:44
Sebas_actually was unexpected called to the stage hehe03:44
Sebas_so I didn't prepare anything, but was alright hehe03:45
joseis it in 1m15s or 1h15m?03:45
Sebas_jose: that was in the FISL 1503:49
joseis that this year?03:49
Sebas_yes! actually last wednesday03:50
Sebas_yeah! \o/03:50
Sebas_I talk with all kind of people about juju03:51
Sebas_for example redhat people from openshift03:51
josetell them to switch to Ubuntu!03:51
Sebas_hehe they where really shock about what juju can do03:52
Sebas_haha yeah!03:52
Sebas_sadly ubuntu doesn't appear in the event03:52
josemaybe next year?03:53
Sebas_debian, redhat, opensuse, fedora and others03:53
Sebas_yes of course03:53
Sebas_I'm thinking in talk about juju next year03:53
Sebas_also talked with some guys from openstack community03:54
Sebas_they didn't know about openstack bundle, and the maas integration03:55
Sebas_they are using foreman03:55
Sebas_and puppet03:55
joseI assume they do now?03:55
Sebas_but I didn't use already juju to deploy os, because I wanna to deploy it only with lxc containers03:57
joseoh well03:57
Sebas_i only have 1 dedicated server, and i really doesn't wanna to deploy openstack in VMs03:58
josewell, you can use the EC2 free tier03:59
Sebas_free you say?03:59
sarnoldfor tiny and slow machines :)03:59
sarnoldbut wonderful for testing things04:00
Sebas_ohh nice04:00
joseI do all my charm development/testing on EC2's free tier :)04:00
josehi sarnold :)04:00
Sebas_ahh ok04:00
sarnoldhey jose :)04:00
Sebas_yeah but I was trying to avoid kvm's hehe04:01
joseit's not kvm04:01
joseor well, I'm not sure04:01
sarnoldprobably xen04:01
sarnoldthe best part is you mostly don't care :)04:01
Sebas_yes probably xen04:01
joseyou just use it04:02
joseor well, at least I do04:02
Sebas_do you already tried openstack with juju ?04:03
Sebas_jose or sarnold hmm let me rephrase that, do you already deploy openstack with juju?04:04
sarnoldSebas_: not me, I don't have enough machines to make use of openstack, heh04:04
Sebas_sarnold: same problem here04:05
Sebas_i was trying some openstack all-in-one04:05
Sebas_but i don't know if it is something like that in ubuntu04:05
Sebas_like RDO from redhat has04:06
sarnoldahhh :)04:07
joseI don't use OpenStack :)04:10
Sebas_ohh, jose, you use other thing?04:11
joseyes, I use EC204:12
Sebas_ahhh ok04:12
sarnoldSebas_: hrm, in the jujucharms.com there's a bundle for deploying openstack on a machine with nested KVM04:12
sarnoldSebas_: but I do'nt know the manage.jujucharms.com website well enough to find that bundle again04:12
joselet me try and do that for you04:12
Sebas_ohhh thanks!04:12
sarnoldI've done nested KVM before when testing MAAS systems; it's a bit slow, but it got the job done..04:13
sarnoldbut nothing you'd want to use long-term04:13
josesarnold: who created that bundle?04:14
joseis it http://manage.jujucharms.com/bundle/~james-page/openstack-on-openstack/openstack ?04:14
sarnoldjose: that's the one! ah. it's for testing on clouds that already exist. :)04:15
Sebas_hmmm im getting a look04:16
Sebas_"The Ubuntu Server Team use this bundle for testing OpenStack-on-OpenStack."04:16
Sebas_hehe nice04:16
Sebas_the thing is to use openstack to manage the vm's with lxc04:17
Sebas_like the juju local does04:17
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zchanderGood morning (GMT+2 over here…). Is anyone around who provide some additional information about juju-gui together with a HAProxy based gateway?08:59
rick_h_zchander: never tried it but what's up?10:30
zchanderI am (re)trying my MaaS cluster, but had to reinstall everything. I would like to access juju-gui from within our schoolnetwork, but our MaaS is in it’s own network.10:32
zchanderI have a seperate server, with two network adapters, one connected to our schoolnetwork and one to our MaaS network. I would like to use the SSL enabled environment (Had the non-secure option working)10:33
rick_h_zchander: ok,so you could haproxy the 80 but not the 443?10:37
zchanderrick_h_: Yes. using port 80 has worked (and before).10:37
rick_h_zchander: hmm, looks like we do send the port as 443 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui-charmers/charms/precise/juju-gui/trunk/view/head:/hooks/web-relation-joined#L29 if secure is on10:40
zchanderMy problem/issue is with HAproxy. I cannot seem to get a proper connection from my client (using SSL) to juju-gui (behind HAproxy)10:42
rick_h_zchander: looking at haproxy it seems it'll only pick up the port it's told if it has a service_name http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/haproxy/trunk/view/head:/hooks/hooks.py#L82310:42
rick_h_zchander: oh hmm, yea I'm not sure how the ssl pass through would work there.10:42
rick_h_at that point haproxy is playing a man in the middle attach almost to the client.10:44
rick_h_hmm, everything I'm seeing is having you setup haproxy to be the ssl endpoint10:45
zchanderI am also trying it with Apache2 as the reverse proxy, but here I get some I/O error issues. Might be related….10:51
rick_h_zchander: yea, looking for docs/notes I did run across http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.haproxy/15689 which seems to imply that it should be possible10:54
rick_h_zchander: the charm just might not support that complex a config ootb10:55
zchanderThe HAproxy server isn’t part of our juju environment. It is a seperate Ubuntu based server with 2 nics10:56
rick_h_zchander: oh ok, then yea. I think it should be possible just a matter of getting the right ssl handling config into the haproxy server I think.11:22
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rbasakHow do I generate a release tarball from the bzr branch (specifically 1.18)? I don't see any instructions anywhere, and the two are quite obviously different.13:01
marcoceppirbasak: ask sinzui13:05
sinzuiBe aware the answer might not make sense.13:05
* sinzui still needs more coffee13:06
rbasaksinzui: I want to test the latest 1.18 branch against packaging in Utopic13:06
rbasak(since there's no release of the last few commits yet)13:06
rbasakSo I tried to generate an orig tarball based on the bzr branch, which failed, and then I noticed that they aren't the same.13:06
sinzuirbasak, that is because devel/network broke juju devel and stable :)13:07
rbasaksinzui: yeah it's the fix for bug 1314686 I'm trying to verify13:08
_mup_Bug #1314686: Please add support for utopic <packaging> <juju-core:Fix Released by wallyworld> <juju-core 1.18:Fix Committed by wallyworld> <juju-core (Ubuntu):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1314686>13:08
sinzuirbasak, CI is catching up to devel at this hour. Next hour I will force a rebuild of stable if a new rev doesn't automatically trigger a build.13:08
sinzuirbasak, If you cannot wait a few hours, then you can build it yourself with lp:juju-releease-tools13:08
rbasaksinzui: OK, thanks. lp:juju-release-tools sounds like what I needed. I can wait though, but if I do, where do I get the orig tarball from after that? The orig tarball from the stable PPA?13:09
sinzuirbasak, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-qa/juju-release-tools/trunk/view/head:/README.md13:09
sinzuirbasak, make-release-tarball.bash -1 lp:juju-core/1.1813:10
rbasaksinzui: ah, great. Thanks!13:10
sinzuirbasak, make-package-with-tarball.bash stable ./juju-core_1.18.4.tar.gz \13:10
sinzui        'Full Name <user@example.com>'13:10
sinzui^ that can be installed13:10
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rbasaksinzui: thanks - I got a release tarball now I think. Do you accept MPs for juju-release-tools? I have a trivial fix, but it looks like it has only one revision fed from somewhere else.13:25
sinzuirbasak, We will accept fixes thanks13:25
sinzuirbasak, was the '-1' a problem. I often use the actual revno instead of an index13:26
rbasaksinzui: https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/juju-release-tools/hg/+merge/21918813:27
rbasaksinzui: ah, I missed the -1. I read the docs and looked up the revno.13:27
sinzuiThank you rbase. I will get that merged ina few minutes13:27
rbasakBTW, it gave me juju-core_1.18.4.tar.gz which doesn't quite seem right as there are more commits on top.13:28
rbasak"git describe" does something sensible here, by appending a suffix describing the extra commits (in git's case, the number of commits and the HEAD commit hash).13:28
rbasakMaybe that's appropriate here too?13:28
rbasakOr maybe just a "~bzr{revno}" if the tag doesn't exactly match.13:29
rbasakActually "+bzr{revno}" would probably be more accurate.13:30
=== lazyPower changed the topic of #juju to: Welcome to Juju! || Docs: http://juju.ubuntu.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://goo.gl/9yBZuv || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP || Weekly Reviewer: lazyPower
Sebas_lazyPower: thanks for the answer :)14:04
lazyPowerSebas_: o/  anytime14:04
lazyPoweri'm puzzled why your bug isn't showing up in the rev queue14:04
lazyPowerglad i saw the mail or your bug would have gone unnoticed.14:04
Sebas_lazyPower: take a look at the description i made in the bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/131542814:05
_mup_Bug #1315428: Review needed: Drupal Charm <drupal> <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1315428>14:05
Sebas_lazyPower: there are some of the questions14:05
lazyPowerhttp://manage.jujucharms.com/tools/review-queue -- feel free to check ~ 15 minutes after you've opened a bug, it ingests every 15 minutes (so max wait is 30 mins) - and as you see its not in there.14:05
Sebas_lazyPower good to know that the mail helped hehe14:05
Sebas_lazyPower nice, I sow it yesterday, but didn't see my issue hehe14:06
mbruzekHey lazyPower there are more than one drupal charms out there.  I remember reviewing one recently.  What do we do with multiple requests for the same charm?14:11
marcoceppiSebas_: lazyPower there's no linked bracnh14:11
lazyPowermarcoceppi: ah, so the fact it's in github is the blocker for it getting into the queue. ok.14:11
lazyPowermbruzek: it'll require collaboration between the two charm authors i'd say. Drupal and ElasticSearch are both subject to this at the moment.14:12
marcoceppimbruzek: none are in the store yet14:12
lazyPowermbruzek: that or may be the best charm win? (i really dotn know, this is a first to me)14:12
lazyPowerIdeally we'd want both authors working together toward teh same goal, building a high quality charm that implements best practices from both branches. But that's my 2 cents.14:13
mbruzekSebas_, for reference the other drupal charm is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/129063614:14
_mup_Bug #1290636: New drupal charm submission. <Juju Charms Collection:Incomplete by dweaver> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1290636>14:14
Sebas_mbruzek: ooh i see, opening here...14:14
mbruzekSebas_, It uses apache2, and yours uses nginx, I would say that is pretty different.14:14
Sebas_mbruzek: it uses nginx with perusio configurations14:15
mbruzekSebas_, but see if there is a way the authors could agree on something.14:15
Sebas_mbruzek: yes we can do a merge14:15
mbruzekEither that or race his charm to the store...14:15
lazyPowerSebas_: its ok to be opinionated in your charm, we encourage that. With that being said, extending one or the other - based on a user config (use_apache: type: boolean, default: false) would make it really nice...14:16
lazyPowerto auto-tune the configuration to your given preference in httpd14:16
Sebas_mbruzek: there's others diferences too14:16
Sebas_there are other things like, importing an existing project, compass install, etc...14:23
Sebas_the thing is this charm is good practices oriented14:23
Sebas_a drupal boilerplate is used14:24
lazyPowerdweaver: ping14:24
lazyPowerSebas_: you two should talk :)14:24
Sebas_lazyPower: yeah definitely14:25
TugHi everyone14:28
mbruzekHi Tug14:28
TugI'm having an error with debug-hooks14:28
Tug$ juju debug-hooks mongos/014:28
Tugcan't create socket: Permission denied14:28
Tugany idea ?14:28
Sebas_lazyPower: my questions about scaling are in the description of the issue, do you think thats enough?14:29
lazyPowerSebas_: occupied atm, can i get back to you?14:29
Sebas_lazyPower: to schedule our school charm :)14:29
Sebas_yes!! of course!14:29
Sebas_lazyPower: thanksss14:29
lazyPowerIf you're not around when i circle back i'll reply to the thread.14:29
lazyPowerthanks for your patience Sebas_14:30
Sebas_lazyPower :D14:30
dweaverlazyPower, pong14:30
lazyPowerdweaver: Sebas_ is the other community member working on a drupal charm. You guys should coordinate, as there's awesome work in both charms.14:31
Sebas_dweaver: hey man!14:32
dweaverlazyPower, Yes, I saw there was another submission.  Hi Sebas_14:32
Sebas_dweaver: we should work together on this charm, what you think?14:33
Sebas_dweaver: if you can take a look at the charm to see what is doing14:33
dweaverSebas_, I'd be happy to combine our resources.14:34
Sebas_but my goal is to deliver a best practices and enterprise charm ready14:34
Sebas_dweaver: \o/14:34
Tugit was working fine until now :'(. Please, do you guys have any tips to start debugging the issue ?14:35
Sebas_take a look at the charm later please :)14:35
mbruzekTug I haven't seen that before.  Can you run:  juju ssh mongos/0 ?14:36
Sebas_dweaver: we need to put apache option as webserver in the other charm14:36
Tugmbruzek, yes I can14:36
dweaverSebas_, That's a great goal and I'm happy to help.  Time is the problem for me, I don't have much spare, but I should be able to review the charm later this week and let you know what I think so far and some suggestions on how we can combine .14:36
mbruzekTug, and you connect OK?  It looks like debug hooks failed on creating a connection.14:36
Sebas_dweaver: that would be great!! thanks :)14:37
Tugmbruzek, yes it connects fine. Then I can run $ sudo tmux attach-session -t mongos/0 and I also have can't create socket: Permission denied14:37
lazyPowerTug: looks like something detached you from teh session and there's  possibly a permissions problem. I ran into this before, but didn't think much of it - it wasn't production and i destroyed/redeployed14:39
lazyPowerhere's a bug that shows what i found: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=59733514:39
Tugthx lazyPower, my error is even weirder as I'm running it with sudo14:41
lazyPowerah, thats no fun :(14:41
Tugnot sure which process I could kill/restart...14:44
TugI have 3 jujud14:44
mbruzekTug, I believe lazyPower means to destroy-environment and restart this14:45
mbruzekjuju destroy-environment14:45
mbruzekTug, you should not need to kill individual processes14:46
Tugok mbruzek, I'll try to destroy the service first I think14:46
Tugmaybe even remove juju from the machine and add-machine later14:47
mbruzekTug what environment are you using?14:47
Tugmachines were created manually14:48
mbruzekTug, I see14:48
marcoceppihey stub got a second?15:50
mbruzekIs the 'HOME' environment variable not available in a hook environment?16:01
mbruzekin python I mean?16:01
mbruzekI am writing a charm in python, os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'], 'Liberty') that line fails.16:01
mbruzekBut when I ssh to the charm 'HOME' is set for both ubuntu and root user.16:01
marcoceppimbruzek: it's not set16:03
marcoceppinot in a hook at least16:03
mbruzekmarcoceppi, ah I see.  Is there a good reason for not setting HOME ?16:04
lazyPowermarcoceppi: since you're working with trusty testing, i've validated a MP works against a charm in series trusty - shoudl i go ahead and push it to trusty or wait for you to do it?16:04
marcoceppimbruzek: probably, I mean what would HOME be?16:04
mbruzekI can just use a tmp directory or something.16:04
lazyPowermeaning - it was targeted at precise, but works on trusty.16:04
marcoceppilazyPower: link?16:04
mbruzekmarcoceppi, I would expect HOME == /root16:04
marcoceppimbruzek: I would expect HOME to be $CHARM_DIR16:04
mbruzekYou are after all the root user16:05
marcoceppijust because you're root doesn't mean you want things to end up in the HOME directory16:05
marcoceppiit makes people think about what they're doing, since services installed by charms should not run as root16:05
mbruzekThat is fine, I was just trying to get a scratch area to do some work in, I thought HOME would be the place to do that16:05
mbruzekI can do it in temp.16:06
mbruzekor tmp16:06
marcoceppimbruzek: tmp is a better place16:06
marcoceppior $CHARM_DIR16:06
marcoceppilazyPower: there's not elasticsearch charm in trusty16:06
lazyPowermarcoceppi: i'm aware, thats why i asked.16:06
lazyPowerthis works on trusty16:06
marcoceppilazyPower: there's not tests though16:06
mbruzekWhat would happen if a bash charm did "cd"  what directory would pwd return?16:07
lazyPowermarcoceppi: there are when you pull elasticsearch and merge this in.16:07
marcoceppilazyPower: ah, cool I'll keep that in mind16:07
marcoceppimbruzek: probably either cwd or /16:07
marcoceppilazyPower: if you want to give it the +1 and merge precise16:08
marcoceppiI'll do the promulgation to trusty16:08
lazyPowermarcoceppi: already merged precise. pending your validation of trusty.16:08
marcoceppilazyPower: ack, ty16:08
Sebas_i'm trying to deploy openstack all-in-one with juju in one dedicated server, so I'm going to try to deploy some charms that must be out of an lxc container16:08
Sebas_like the compute-node16:08
marcoceppiSebas_: you really need two nodes to do that16:09
marcoceppione for juju bootstrap (and all other services in LXC container)16:10
marcoceppiand a second one for nova-compute16:10
Sebas_marcoceppi: second dedicated server?16:10
Sebas_marcoceppi: i was thinking something like all the os charms in lxc, but! the compute-node (with lxc libvirt type) in the 0 machine16:12
marcoceppiright, everything can go in LXC excet nova-compute16:12
Sebas_marcoceppi: i'm triping ? hehe16:12
marcoceppiwhich I guess you /could/ put on node -16:12
marcoceppibut it just seems like it'd do better on it's own machin16:13
Sebas_marcoceppi: \o/16:13
marcoceppiyou also can't use ceph with this setup16:13
Sebas_of course, but i have only 1 machine hehe16:13
Sebas_marcoceppi: instead of swift ?16:13
marcoceppiwell you couldn't have any ceph backed anything16:14
Sebas_marcoceppi: well, i'm going to try that approach adapting the openstack bundle16:20
marcoceppiSebas_: good luck!16:20
Sebas_marcoceppi: thank you!!!16:20
qhartmanIf I destroy a service, should I expect juju to remove the associated packages from the machine it was deployed on?17:08
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qhartmanalso, if I have all of my charm config in a file, and I run "juju set --config=config_file.conf the_charm" should I expect the_charm to get the updated config from there?17:10
hatchqhartman no it won't remove the associated packages, you'll have to account for that in the charm if you don't want to tear down the machine/container and create a new one (recommended)17:16
hatchqhartman when the config is updated the config update hook will be executed, from there, you do with the data what you wish17:16
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Sebas_what's the best serie for deploying local juju ?18:51
Sebas_trusty ?18:51
Sebas_or precise ?18:51
Sebas_somebody? :P18:53
Sebas_i'm asking because i'm planning to deploy a nova-compute-node charm into the 0 machine18:54
cory_fujose: Did you see my comment on the tracks charm?18:58
josecory_fu: yep! I just came back from university18:59
cory_fuOh, ok.  :)18:59
cory_fuIt's so close!  :)18:59
joseare you sure I should do -lt?18:59
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cory_fuYeah.  Apparently, < does lexigraphical ordering instead of numerical ordering19:00
joseoh, ok19:01
joseI should change that everywhere, right?19:01
cory_fuWell, you could also use double parentheses instead of double brackets19:01
cory_fuI think everywhere you're comparing to a number (i.e., port)19:02
joseeasier to do -lt :P19:04
cory_fuYeah.  :)19:04
josecory_fu: pushed!19:05
cory_fuAwesome!  Let me take a look19:05
cory_fumbruzek: Here's an example of my super simple upstart script (writer) for Apache Allura: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~johnsca/charms/precise/apache-allura/refactoring-with-tests/view/head:/scripts/write-service19:09
mbruzekThanks cory_fu19:09
lazyPowerjose: there's a problem with owncloud on default deploy. I've got a recent revision of the tests here - bazaar.launchpad.net/~lazypower/charms/precise/owncloud/refactor_amulet_tests/19:09
lazyPowerthat should be the last issue to resolve and its g2g for your dependent branch merge19:10
lazyPowers/owncloud on default deploy/ the port configuration code on default deploy/19:10
cory_fuI wrote that write_service script but it would be easier to have a files directory with the .conf files already created and just copy them into place with install or charmhelpers.core.host.write_file19:10
joselazyPower: ack, taking a look19:10
cory_fumbruzek: ^19:10
mbruzekcory_fu, yeah good idea.19:11
Sebas_yaiks!! juju-gui is not deploying, WARNING juju.worker.uniter.charm git_deployer.go:200 no current staging repo19:24
Sebas_with precise serie19:25
joselazyPower: what's the problem with the owncloud charm?19:27
joseI cannot seem to find it19:27
lazyPowerports aren't exposed. Run the test with --set-e and --timeout 15m19:27
lazyPowerthen inspect the environment after the test runs.19:27
joseok, trying now19:28
lazyPowerjose: charm test -e amazon --set-e --timeout 20m 100-deploy.py -o test19:28
lazyPowerthat way you've got a) logs being piped after the run, b) an inspectable environment, and c) only running the test in question, nto waiting for the setup script to run.19:29
whithazmat, bcsaller, setup completes, but hangs on the login19:30
whitthis is aws single node19:31
jose(my amazon environment is named ec2)19:31
bcsallerwhit: did you bootstrap with the proper constraints19:32
Sebas_wow! juju-gui is not deploying any more :(19:34
marcoceppiSebas_: this is a juju-core issue not a juju-gui issue19:35
marcoceppiSebas_: 1.18.2 ?19:35
Sebas_let me check19:35
Sebas_marcoceppi: do you think I must report a bug?19:40
marcoceppithis has been fixed in 1.1919:50
marcoceppiSebas_: they removed the git requirement all together19:50
Sebas_marcoceppi: 1.19 is stable?19:55
marcoceppiSebas_: no, 1.ODD are devel releases, 1.EVEN are stables19:55
marcoceppiSebas_: but it's been a known shortcoming for a while in juju-core, using git as a state server for charms19:55
Sebas_ooohh marcoceppi i get it19:56
Sebas_marcoceppi: do you know a workarround for this?19:56
josemarcoceppi: did you get my comment about the wp mp?19:56
marcoceppijose: no, link?19:56
marcoceppiSebas_: for now just ssh in to the server and install git, then deploy again19:56
Sebas_hehe marcoceppi i was just going to do that19:57
Sebas_thanks :D19:57
josemarcoceppi: https://code.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/wordpress/fix-1309980/+merge/21656819:57
marcoceppijose: oh, yeah, as long as it's still in the review queue it'll get looked at19:58
marcoceppi(it's still in the review queue)19:58
joseI know, just wanted to let you know19:59
Sebas_humm thats strange "Could not resolve 'archive.ubuntu.com'"19:59
joseSebas_: juju resolved unit/# --retry20:00
Sebas_jose: will try20:00
Sebas_jose: the thing is it isn't in a error state20:01
joseoh, where is that error?20:01
Sebas_*an error state20:01
Sebas_jose: i cant access internet from the machine20:02
Sebas_so the apt isn't finding the repository20:03
marcoceppiSebas_: so there's your problem20:03
Sebas_marcoceppi: yep20:03
marcoceppiSebas_: why git wasn't installed (it should be installed when a machine is provisioned)20:03
marcoceppiSebas_: is this maas?20:03
Sebas_marcoceppi: it's juju-local20:03
Sebas_just that20:03
marcoceppiSebas_: ah, can you run this?20:03
Sebas_in a trusty20:04
marcoceppiapt-config | grep -ri "proxy"20:04
marcoceppiinside the unit20:04
Sebas_marcoceppi: ok20:04
marcoceppisudo apt-config dump | grep -ri "proxy"20:04
marcoceppisoryr, let me give you the real command20:04
Sebas_.profile:[ -f "$HOME/.juju-proxy" ] && . "$HOME/.juju-proxy"20:04
marcoceppiSebas_: can you pastebin the output of sudo apt-config dump ?20:05
Sebas_marcoceppi: of course20:05
Sebas_marcoceppi: http://pastebin.com/j81bVttQ20:06
marcoceppiSebas_: is that on your machine or the node?20:07
Sebas_marcoceppi: ubuntu@ubuntu-local-machine-2:~$ sudo apt-config dump20:08
Sebas_marcoceppi: why, it's wired? hehe20:08
marcoceppiwell, I don't see any proxy lines in there20:09
marcoceppiso that's odd20:09
Sebas_its a fresh install of trusty and juju20:09
marcoceppiyou should just be able to apt-get update/upgrade without issue20:09
Sebas_marcoceppi: yep, thats the first time that happen20:09
Sebas_marcoceppi: well, i think i'm gonna try to re install everything again20:17
Sebas_well, i tried with another version 1.18.1 and didn't work again, so the proxy isn't working20:48
Sebas_i don't know why :(20:48
lazyPowerjose: i'm about to EOD21:50
lazyPowerhow's the owncloud discovery going?21:50
=== sputnik1_ is now known as sputnik13net
joselazyPower: as I said, I didn't find out anything obvious, so if you could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it :)23:43

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