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sandman13is there a minimal CD of Kubuntu?03:24
valoriesandman13: no, but you can use the Ubuntu mini, and just install kubuntu-desktop03:30
sandman13valorie: I want very basic install like Debian and don't want the extra stuffs that come pre-installed with kubuntu03:36
sandman13the policy is keep the packages to minimum and don't install unecessary packages03:36
sandman13valorie: i have debian 7 installed but want alternative to it03:40
valorieyou can look in muon or whatever package manager you prefer to see what kubuntu-desktop install03:40
valorieit is a metapackage, of course03:40
valorieor you can get .... kde-runtime ? I think is the most minimal03:41
valorie!info kde-runtime03:41
ubottukde-runtime (source: kde-runtime): runtime components from the official KDE release. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.13.0-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1677 kB, installed size 7891 kB03:41
valorie!info kubuntu-desktop03:42
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.308.1 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB03:42
valoriebut the depends....03:42
sandman13valorie maybe kdedesktop-plasma-workspace03:43
sandman13atleast it is on debian03:43
valorieas I say, you can look at muon or synaptic or whatever you use, and look at the dependencies03:44
sandman13okay got that03:44
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jim486hi everyone05:34
valoriewhat can we help you with, jim486?05:35
jim486nothing, just saying hi05:35
valoriehello to you as well05:47
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Tesserakt   //y = y-wert der Zelle; x ist der x-wert06:36
Tesserakt  for i := -1 to 1 do06:36
Tesserakt  for j := -1 to 1 do06:36
Tesserakt  begin06:36
Tesserakt    sum := sum + a[y+j,x+i]                //sum = Anzahl der Nachbarn06:36
Tesserakt  end;06:36
unopasteTesserakt you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted06:36
valoriethat was odd06:38
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lordievaderGood morning.07:00
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salsero|2good morning evader07:04
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lordievaderHey salsero|2, how are you?07:05
TheFakeazneD525lordievader: http://37.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lnfhynQpI01qm348ao1_500.jpg07:05
salsero|2good you?07:05
lordievadersalsero|2: Doing okay here ;)07:06
salsero|2you a kiwi?07:06
lordievaderHope so. Shall we continue in #kubuntu-offtopic?07:06
luc4Hello! Anyone else unable to run kmix?07:20
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valorieluc4: what happens?07:34
valorieruns fine for me....07:34
luc4valorie: it seems to simply exit without showing any interface.07:34
luc4I'm on 64.07:35
valorieperhaps try running it from the commandline, and see if you get any useful output07:35
valorieI'm on 64 bit on this box07:35
valorielatest 14.0407:35
luc4valorie: done, I only see the usual Qt warning twice: "QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.".07:35
luc4gdb reports a process exited correctly.07:36
luc4valorie: [Inferior 1 (process 5401) exited normally]07:36
valorievery odd07:36
valorieif I had seen anyone else mention problems, I would say file a bug with the cli ubuntu-bug07:37
luc4valorie: in fact now I don't know what to do...07:37
valoriebut since I haven't, it is probably a KDE bug07:37
valoriedid you do anything unusual, like remove pulseaudio?07:37
valoriechange backends but not log out?07:38
luc4valorie: I don't think so. Actually audio is not working good here.07:38
luc4valorie: but that is probably unrelated.07:38
valoriedo you use phonon-backend-gstreamer, which is what is provided by default07:40
valorieor the vlc backend, which seems to be working better these days07:40
valorie!info phonon-backend-vlc07:42
ubottuphonon-backend-vlc (source: phonon-backend-vlc): Phonon VLC backend. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.1-1ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 82 kB, installed size 334 kB07:42
gattlerhi, i'm trying to use kubuntu 14.04 on intel valley view hardware but i can't get the internal screen to work09:05
gattlerit's a lenvovo idea flex 1009:05
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jussihrm, my calendar in Kontact has decided to take a walk. any ideas how to get it back?  (or even where to start looking)09:56
BluesKaj'Morning all10:23
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Walexjussi: have you tried #Kontact and #KDE for that?12:07
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howlymowlyhi poeple..  does someone know if its possible to turn off smooth rendered fonts in the kate editor form kde?12:27
Walexhowlymowly: yes, someone will know for sure.12:39
Paradiseeive installed kubuntu on my new laptop, but i get a black screen, how can i solve this?12:39
howlymowlyWalex: you're so funny12:39
lordievaderParadisee: What graphics card and driver do you use?12:40
WalexParadisee: have you tried switching to console 1 to see if the text-mode console works?12:40
Paradiseei cant even press ctrl + alt + F1 to get the terminal :/12:40
Paradiseei have to go to the recovery mode and run the terminal there12:40
WalexParadisee: also, very new GPUs are not supported as <lordievader> hints.12:40
Walexhowlymowly: "anyone"/"someone" questions deserve to be answered literally :-)12:41
Paradiseeill give a look12:41
Paradiseepretty impossible to read what lspci gives :/12:42
Paradiseecant even scroll up12:42
Paradiseeits a radeon btw12:43
lordievaderParadisee: "lspci -k|grep -A2 VGA"12:44
Paradiseeit doesnt give graphic card12:45
lordievaderIt should.12:45
lordievaderIt should also show the currently loaded driver.12:46
ParadiseeVGA compatible controller: Intel Corpotation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)12:46
ParadiseeSubsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 218412:46
lordievaderDo you have a dual gpu system?12:48
Paradiseei dont think so12:48
lordievaderSince you said you had a radeon.12:49
lordievaderAnyhow, does the gui in the live cd work?12:49
Paradiseeive just tried the debian live and it works12:50
BluesKajdual gpus are usually optimus , which intel and nvidia12:50
BluesKajParadisee, can you pastebin , sudo lshw -C video12:51
Paradiseenope i cant12:52
Paradiseei have to run a live cd to do it12:52
lordievaderAnd your live cd doesn't have an internet connection?12:53
Paradiseeit should have12:53
Paradiseeactually im not on a live cd12:53
Paradiseeim on recovery mode12:53
Paradiseei have to go to work12:56
Paradiseeill join from there12:56
Irish_canonHello I am running 13.10 kubuntu and my wireless is there but disabled how do I enable it13:28
LucidGuyIs the KDE desktop still called the Plasma desktop?13:35
hateballIrish_canon: What do you mean "there but disabled"?13:36
hateballIrish_canon: Do you have a hardware killswitch which has disabled it? Or is it disabled in network-manager?13:36
Irish_canonwhen i go under the nm-tool gui its disabled and i cant enable it13:37
lordievaderLucidGuy: Yes.13:37
Irish_canonno hardware kill switch on this system ....wish it was that simple13:37
hateballLucidGuy: I think Plasma Desktop Workspace, and you have Netbook Workspace13:37
hateballIrish_canon: does running "dmesg" show anything obvious?13:38
Irish_canondisabled in network-manager13:38
hateballIrish_canon: Like a missing driver or some such13:38
Irish_canonhang on13:38
hateballIrish_canon: What chipset is it? Have you checked with jockey-kde that there are no restricted drivers pending to be installed?13:38
Irish_canonnever used jockey-kde b413:39
LucidGuySo if I were to reference the KDE eye candy look .. I would want to refer to the KDE Plasma Desktop workspace13:39
lordievaderLucidGuy: Exactly ;)13:40
Irish_canonchip set is -> Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)13:40
LucidGuyThank you.13:41
Irish_canonused jocket-kde.... nothing found13:41
BluesKajjockey has been replaced by driver manager in system settings13:42
Irish_canonHello BluesKaj13:42
BluesKajhey Irish_canon13:43
Irish_canonwats up13:43
BluesKajIrish_canon,, not much, just having some breakfast..you still having wifi troubles eh? that chip can be a pita13:45
Irish_canonyour telling me bi13:45
Irish_canononly thing is now im using 13.10 rather then 14.04 and the wireless card is showing but cant enable it13:47
BluesKajso it runs fine in 13.10?13:48
Irish_canonyes but cant enable it rfkill list shows it there but its off13:48
Irish_canonhardware and software is no13:49
BluesKajIrish_canon, check this out http://askubuntu.com/questions/419867/qualcomm-atheros-ar9485-wireless-network-adapter-not-working-on-ubuntu-13-1013:52
BluesKajhey genii13:52
Irish_canonwill check be back soon13:52
* genii slides BluesKaj a new coffee13:53
* BluesKaj accepts it with gratitude :)13:54
BluesKajIrish_canon, has atheros wifi probs Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)13:54
Irish_canonyes I do... pain in the ass so far13:56
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Irish_canonwhen im in /etc/modprobe.d and run sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi it tells -  ERROR  missing module name. -  FATAL: Error running remove command for iwlwifi14:01
dubis_hi all, When  I launch Okular my Xserver is blinking and my cpu is uper14:04
dubis_the screen configuration is apering14:07
hmgrayhi, does kubuntu support activities ?14:08
ovidiu-florinhmgray: yes it does14:08
hmgraycool, activities changed my life, what a cool concept14:09
hmgrayany way short of chroot to keep activities siloed ?14:10
TheFakeazneD525hmgray: How siloed you want?14:11
TheFakeazneD525In theory, I guess you could go for a VM :P14:11
TheFakeazneD525It depends on the situation14:11
hmgraythunderbird only to open links in firefox in activity only, not across other activities.14:12
dubis_sudo skill plymouthd fixed my problem ???? any advise14:14
ovidiu-florinhmgray: I believe that is eighter a option or a bug14:16
dubis_I've to sue acrobat reader now ...sni snif14:17
hmgraywell, guess i'm forced to go with chroot for those activities I want siloed....bummer14:25
hmgraythanks for the answers bye14:25
LucidGuyHow would you refer the little alt+f2 drop launch window ...14:35
LucidGuyquich launch bar?14:35
lordievaderLucidGuy: That is krunner.14:35
LucidGuylordievader, thanks ...14:36
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rvdvHow to configure kubuntu 14.04 software manager, so that I can update the system without sudo password?16:35
rvdvonly ask password when I install new software16:36
BluesKaj!info sudoer16:37
ubottuPackage sudoer does not exist in trusty16:37
BluesKajrvdv, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers16:38
Krajianyone having troubles with teletaphy-kde?16:38
rvdvLooking in the settings of the software manager ... but can not find a something for pasword less upgrade of installed software ... will take a loot BluesKaj16:39
rberg__you can configure in "Software & updates" to automatically install packages instead of notifying16:39
rberg__ohh actually thats just for security updates16:39
BluesKajrberg__, rvdv the sudoers file can be setup to avoid using the pw while updating and upgraing, also one can use alias commands in ~/.bashrc to shorten the commands as well16:43
rvdvSeems I need to make a command alias to muon-updater ... and allow my user to use that without password16:43
BluesKajrvdv, I'm talking about the terminal here16:44
rberg__yeah I am familiar with sudoers,  you would restrict it to apt-get update and apt-get -y upgrade. that way install wont be allowed16:44
BluesKajthe -y option is dangerous in some cases , it's best to be able to review the changes before upgrading automatically16:45
rvdvBluesKaj: I was talking about muon-updater which ask a password for normal upgrades ... Opensuse has it out of the box setup that for these kind of actions no password is required16:45
BluesKajrvdv, I find it simpler to use the terminal , personally16:46
rvdvBluesKaj: I just find it more comfortable to do two clicks with the mouse without typing anything ... not open a terminal if not needed ...16:49
Jagshi people16:50
Jagscan anyone help me with updates through termina16:51
BluesKajpersonal preference i guess, sudoers combined with alias commands mkes updates and upgrades pretty simple and easy16:51
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Jagsi am not able to download any update through sudo apt-get command16:51
Jagsgives an error16:51
BluesKajJags, post the error16:52
Jagswait a sec, i'll post it16:52
BluesKajin 3 lines or less16:52
BluesKajotherwise pastebin16:52
JagsE: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/16:54
Jagsi wanted to install adobe flash player plugin for mozilla through this command sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer16:54
BluesKajJags, do you have a package manager open as well ?16:54
Jagsnone open16:55
Jagsi got same error when i tried installing vlc player through terminal16:56
BluesKajhmm, try this command, sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a16:56
Jagsokay, and then16:57
geniiI think there's a factoid for this...16:57
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:57
BluesKajJags, then try the install16:58
Jagsok, will try16:59
Jagsstill the same.17:00
Jagswill security updates help solve thsi issue17:00
Jagscuz there's pending update17:00
BluesKajthen the package manager is open17:00
JagsStrangely i dont see any package managers up and running17:01
Jagscould they be hidden and run in background17:01
BluesKajpending makes it active, run the update in package manager17:02
Jagshmm guess will do that17:03
dbromtrying to remove virtualbox when apt-get remove doesnt remove all files17:03
rvdvOh btw ... Thank You!  BluesKaj ;)17:05
BluesKajrvdv, yw17:05
Jagsthanx buddy @ Blueskaj17:06
Jagswill try updating first and theen carry on17:07
BluesKajok Jags17:07
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ThatGuyhow do i changed my name?17:14
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Riddell** kubuntu meeting in 5 minutes18:56
LucidGuyAnyone know how to disable desktop effects from startup .. via a conf file?  Google doesnt seem to have the answer for me.19:21
toni_Hello everyone19:39
toni_i'm using kubuntu since 10.04 lts and in this 14.04 lts i found an excesive battery consume, it's remarkable that i've just buy a new pc with a bigger processor and a nvidia gt 740M graphic card19:40
toni_but, i've windows 8.1 also in this pc, and using kubuntu the battery can extends its life maximum 1h 30 min19:42
toni_with windows 8.1 may be 2h 30 min19:42
TheFakeazneD525I was going to recommend the xorg-edgers fresh crack19:54
TheFakeazneD525or whatevs19:54
wuschLORneed some help kde just killed all the umlaut (ä ü ö ß)19:56
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ahmad_hey , can i ask one question ?20:52
BluesKajahmad_, ask away20:54
ahmad_blusfish text editor stopped working suddenly , how can i open it ? i removed it and installed againd , but i faild to open it !!!20:55
BluesKajahmad_, sorry, not at all familiar with bluefish20:57
ahmad_ok , no problem , i have another question !20:58
wuschLORahmad_: don't ask if you can ask a question just ask the question21:08
ahmad_don't ask !!!???21:09
wuschLORpls ask21:10
wuschLOR@ ahmad_ i thought you had another question ?21:17
ahmad_yes , how can i use ubuntu repository inside kubunty ?21:18
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thelionroarsdoes anyone know where the host keys are kept for dolphin? I've installed a new SSH server with the same IP and port as previous and it complains every time I try SFTP21:19
geniiahmad_: All of the *buntu flavours like Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu all use the same repositories21:20
wuschLOReasy kubuntu is part of the ubuntu ppa21:20
wuschLORyou shuld be able to install everything from ubuntu with apt-get21:21
wuschLORor the softwarecenter21:21
wuschLORor aptitude21:22
geniiMuon is the default package manager in Kubuntu, but getting used to apt-get is best because it works on all *buntu no matter their individual package managers21:22
rberg__thelionroars: ssh host keys are in ~/.ssh/known_hosts21:22
wuschLORand apt-get is faster;)21:22
thelionroarsthanks rberg__21:23
ahmad_i want to install skype for kubuntu21:28
wuschLORthats nonfree software you need to activate the canonical partner ppa21:29
wuschLORopen muon21:30
wuschLORfind the software sources21:31
wuschLORnavigate to other software21:31
wuschLORcheck cannonical partner21:31
bonk3rzzis there a way to remove the desktop wiget "thing" in the top left corner of 14.04 i no i can move it but i really want it gone21:43
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geniibonk3rzz: Add a new widget from the bar, choose Get New Widgets... Download new Plasma Widgets.... search for Py-Cashew and install it21:52
bonk3rzzi dont want to add more... I want to remove the desktop tool box (its stupid)21:54
geniibonk3rzz: That's the plasmoid that lets you do that.21:59
bonk3rzzah i see thx22:00
bonk3rzzok its installed but how do i remove it22:02
geniiDrag the Py-Cashew widget off the widget window onto your bar then you can open it from there and get rid of the desktop cashew22:07
geniiBeer O Clock!22:07
bonk3rzzya nothin22:12
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