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Logan_siretart: probably as early in the cycle as possible01:32
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mitya57cjwatson: Thanks, will try to do something.04:32
pittiGood morning05:00
pittimapreri: or try on IRC? (ping u-studio)05:01
pittimapreri: and if they don't answer soon, just upload; I can't imagine that this is that important for them, this was mostly from the ancient days of Ubuntu itself05:01
pittierk -- gnome-packagekit provides a transitional update-notifier now --- no!?05:05
* pitti removes it, but now we have to bump our u-n's version05:07
dholbachgood morning06:41
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dpmhi xnox, good morning. When you've got a minute, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/fix-1317977-openssl-exception/+merge/219037 ?08:21
dpmwe're trying to do a release of Reminders with the new design today, and that's the latest branch that needs review before we generate the .click08:22
ev_pitti: thanks for adding systemd support to whoopsie!08:28
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pittiev: heh, yw; it was the first I stumbled across, so it became my guinea pig :)08:31
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pittixnox: hey Dimitri, how are you?09:46
pittixnox: FYI, I locally fixed the insserv path in update-rc.d (that's the only delta compared to the merge I uploaded to people.c.c on Friday)09:46
pittixnox: did you change anything else since then?09:46
pittixnox: I also uploaded a pure backport of systemd support for invoke-rc.d and service to utopic-proposed, so that the full merge doesn't block the other enablement work09:47
pitti(and sent two patches to Debian's sysv-rc for invoke-rc during that)09:47
pittibdmurray: FYI, I uploaded an apport trusty SRU for bug 1282349 and bug 131684110:17
ubottubug 1282349 in apport (Ubuntu Trusty) "Crashes on invalid/broken core dumps when using "Show details..."" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128234910:17
pittiseb128: ^ FYI10:17
ubottubug 1316841 in apport (Ubuntu Trusty) "apportcheckresume does not create a duplicate signature" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131684110:17
seb128pitti, danke!10:17
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pitticjwatson: I think https://code.launchpad.net/~jibel/britney/fix_missing_results/+merge/218467 is ready to go now10:46
pitticjwatson: would you be the best person to review this, and have some time for this, or someone else from the release team?10:46
cjwatsonThat'd be me.  I'll have a look shortly, thanks10:47
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cjwatsonpitti: Would it be helpful if I merged your old test suite branch first (TBH I had basically just forgotten about it) or would that just confuse matters at this point?11:00
cjwatsonpitti: Oh, I didn't merge it because there was still a failing test11:06
cjwatson(I guess)11:06
bulletxthi, what can we do to get ExifTool package update from 9.40 (november 2013) to a way more updated one ? Newer version supports plenty of more stuff and cameras. Thanks a lot11:09
bulletxtI meant 9.46 sorry (jan 11 2014)11:10
cjwatsonIt's at 9.60 in utopic.  We don't normally do wholesale upstream updates in stable releases.11:11
cjwatsonSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates if there are specific fixes that need to be applied to stable releases - but they probably ought to be done by selective backports, not by a wholesale update.11:11
cjwatsonOr https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports is possible too.11:11
bulletxtok I guess I should ask for a backport then11:14
dpmhi, could someone with experience with licenses help us review an easy MP? It seems xnox is not around today, and we're blocking on this one to do a release for Reminders today, so any help would be welcome: https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/fix-1317977-openssl-exception/+merge/21903711:59
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pitticjwatson: it would actually help, yes; otherwise we'd need to remove the tests from jibel's branch again and re-apply it to my tests branch12:03
pitticjwatson: yes, there's a failing test; it's not the end of the world, it's just a case I thought of when writing those; but I'm fine with adding an @expectedFailure for now12:03
cjwatsonpitti: Yeah, please xfail, I don't want to merge something with failing tests in general as it'll cause people to assume the tests are broken and not run them :)12:04
pitticjwatson: pushed12:05
pitticjwatson: to https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/britney/tests/+merge/20798212:05
pitticjwatson: sorry for delay; weechat notifications apparently broke, will check after lunch12:05
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Mirvarm64 porters might be interested in "gcc: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault (program cc1)" in the latest qtbase upload12:22
Mirvit did build for trusty with the same patch for all archs, and the previous utopic upload built fine, that's why I did a direct dput this time12:22
cjwatsondoko: ^-12:23
dokoMirv, can you check with gcc-4.9 please?12:26
Mirvdoko: the way for me to test arm64 would be to use a CI Train landing silo, but there are so few available that I wouldn't want to take one of those for testing as the first option.12:28
Mirvdoko: arm64 only anyhow, ppc64el/powerpc seem fine: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/qtbase-opensource-src/5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1612:30
MirvI filed bug #1318635 for it12:36
ubottubug 1318635 in gcc (Ubuntu) "qtbase failed to build on arm64 on utopic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131863512:36
dokoMirv, when did you enable pch?12:41
dokoMirv, this is something that should not be enabled for package builds, makes debugging compiler bugs nearly impossible12:41
dokoMirv, any reason to use the bundled pcre?12:43
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cjwatsonpitti: Thanks, merged that now, so I guess the next step is to rebase jibel's branch on top of that12:45
cjwatsonWe probably shouldn't have two nearly-identical test suites :-)12:45
Mirvdoko: it was always enabled, but there is an optional no_pch_architectures which currently includes armel, armhf and ia64 (comes from Debian)12:48
Mirvdoko: I'm not sure if anyone has checked pcre, usually as much of system libraries are used as can be enabled12:48
MirvI'm checking with Debian packagers if they've tried -system-pcre and disabled it for a reason12:52
pitticjwatson: jibel's branch started off from the tests/ branch, so it shuold just merge cleanly12:54
cjwatsonpitti: It appears to add a slightly different file name, tests/test_autopkgtest.py rather than tests/autopkgtest.py12:57
cjwatsonpitti: Though perhaps LP isn't rescanning it due to the "Work in progress" status?12:58
cjwatsonpitti: Can you set this to "Needs review" if it's ready to land?12:58
pittijibel: ^12:58
pitticjwatson: yes, jibel's branch had to rename it to avoid an import name conflict12:58
pittijibel: I think you ought to merge from trunk again, to pick up the exfail12:59
cjwatsonAh, if it's just a renaming I'll be fine with that12:59
pittior just bzr merge and look at the diff locally12:59
pitticjwatson: the renaming is already in teh LP MP; this is just missing the @exfail addition12:59
jibelpitti, cjwatson I merged from trunk13:02
cjwatsonThanks.  I'll meditate on the diff for a while :)13:03
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tsdgeostkamppeter: is there any change we can get http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=ghostpdl.git;a=commitdiff;h=3c4cfba8 in ubuntu packages of gs9.14 ?13:35
dokoMirv, this works for me disabling pch, at least on arm6413:55
bdmurraypitti: ah, thanks for that. maybe the changelog should reference bug 1316845?14:21
ubottubug 1316845 in apport (Ubuntu) "apportcheckresume does not contain package version" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131684514:21
pittibdmurray: ah, I didn't see a bug ref in the MP; will reupload14:21
bdmurraypitti: thanks14:22
cjwatson+            i = iter(linebits[3:])14:27
cjwatson+            for trigsrc, trigver in zip(i, i):14:27
cjwatsonjibel: ^- is that meant to be a "take two elements at a time" gadget or something?  It seems rather opaque14:27
jibelcjwatson, it is14:28
cjwatsonjibel: I don't see any reason to suppose that it's well-defined which order zip fetches from the two copies of the same iterator14:28
pittibdmurray: reuploaded14:29
cjwatsonjibel: You could use the "grouper" recipe from https://docs.python.org/2/library/itertools.html - but perhaps it would be clearer to just pop two at a time the way the previous code did?14:34
cjwatsonOh, https://docs.python.org/2/library/functions.html#zip does say the ordering is guaranteed14:35
cjwatsonMm, OK14:35
debfxScottK: the bug subscription is missing for the new backports projects14:35
jibelcjwatson, I can revert that part if you think it's clearer.14:36
cjwatsonI don't mind too much now that I've worked through it14:37
pittithanks cjwatson for the review14:44
pittiso that means, no propagations of stuff which is known-broken any more?14:44
pittiand propagating stuff with broken tests14:44
pittithanks jibel14:44
wschmidtxnox: infinity suggested that you might be interested in this:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/emacs24/+bug/131869014:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1318690 in emacs24 (Ubuntu) "emacs aborts for ppc64el in 14.04" [Undecided,New]14:49
wschmidtthanks for any help!14:50
cjwatsonpitti: Let's hope so :)15:01
cjwatsonjibel,pitti: I think we might still have tests stuck in RUNNING?  See e.g. apport under sysvinit15:03
jibelcjwatson, thanks for your review.15:03
jibelcjwatson, we still have tests stuck in 'RUNNING'. That's a problem in the reconciliation of  the results from the new autopkgtest in Utopic. I'm on it15:05
hkraalWhen having trouble rebuilding my own version of a Ubuntu package where can I drop my question better here or in regular #ubuntu?15:06
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dobeyhkraal: #ubuntu-packaging perhaps15:15
hkraalalright, gonna try there, thnx15:16
ScottKdebfx: Fixed.  Thanks.15:23
bdmurraybarry: could you add some SRU details to bug 1317660?15:32
ubottubug 1317660 in pexpect (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Bug: AttributeError: 'error' object has no attribute 'errno'" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131766015:32
barrybdmurray: yep15:32
bdmurraybarry: thanks, let me know and I'll accept it15:32
pittijodh, xnox: ah, so in bug 1312836 I discovered that we generally don't call update-rc.d to enable rc?.d/ symlinks for init.d scripts when there's a corresponding upstart job15:34
ubottubug 1312836 in ifupdown (Ubuntu) "[systemd] /etc/init.d/networking not enabled" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131283615:34
pittijodh, xnox: in this case, we don't have an S??networking to call /etc/init.d/networking as there's /etc/init/networking.conf15:34
pittijodh, xnox: would upstart try to run /etc/rc*/S??foo if there's an /etc/init/foo.conf?15:35
pittii. e. could we add these init.d symlinks without harm, or would upstart then run both?15:35
mmazingdoes unity in 14.04 still use dbus for the panel icons?15:38
bdmurraysuperm1: Do you want to use bug 1309553 (referenced by a mythbuntu-common uploaded) instead of bug 1290460 for the bytes password issue?15:39
ubottubug 1309553 in mythbuntu-live-autostart (Ubuntu Trusty) "Mythbuntu Installer Crash enabling VNC" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130955315:39
ubottubug 1290460 in mythbuntu-common (Ubuntu Trusty) "Mythbuntu Installer Crashes: File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/mythbuntu_common/vnc.py", line 58, in create_password ValueError: Password should be passed as bytes" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129046015:39
superm1bdmurray: either way is fine with me15:40
bdmurrayrather, than change the upload I'll mark bug 1290460 as a duplicate of the other15:40
pittixnox, jodh: I posted the question on that bug and sub'ed you; probably better to keep the disussion there15:41
pittijibel: ah, shiny colors on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html :)15:45
pittijibel: is the wrong "running" a result of that ordering fix? it seems unlikely as this sohuldn't affect the format or writing of the results files15:45
pittijibel: I uploaded two sysvutils this morning in relatively quick succession and they both triggered half of the world; that might have confused it?15:47
cjwatsonpitti: 16:05 <jibel> cjwatson, we still have tests stuck in 'RUNNING'. That's a problem in the reconciliation of  the results from the new autopkgtest in Utopic. I'm on it15:50
pittixnox: I did the first testing/followup on bug 131671216:13
ubottubug 1316712 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "systemd unit support needs testing from -proposed" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131671216:13
cjwatsonjibel: For autopkgtest regression detection, do we carry over history from series to series?16:21
jibelcjwatson, no, that was one of the comment from pitti, it must be done manually when opening a new release.16:22
cjwatsonMight be worth putting that in NewReleaseCycleProcess16:23
jibelcjwatson, right, I'll update the wiki16:23
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ogra_slangasek, do you happen to know why resize2fs just blindly resizes images even though its manpage claims it will not touch underlying partitions ? ... i.e. why does something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/7453165/ work without resizing the physical img ... is that a bug or a feature ?16:44
slangasekogra_: well, you have no partition; if resize2fs knows you're working with a file rather than a partition, why should it refuse to extend it?16:47
ogra_dunno, i find the manpage entry confusing then16:47
ogra_The resize2fs program does not manipulate the size of partitions.  If you wish to enlarge a filesystem, you must make sure16:47
ogra_       you  can expand the size of the underlying partition first.16:47
ogra_effectively the img file is a partition in my view16:47
ogra_(i mean, it is nice that it works, but it would even be nicer if the manpage would tell me about it :) )16:48
slangasekit's not a partition, there's no partitioning16:49
ogra_ah, so it recognizes that ? ok16:50
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sergiusensis it possible to rebuild in a different builder? seeing a weird trace while building on ross https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nuntium/0.1-0ubuntu2/+build/600215117:45
ScottKsergiusens: retry the build and see if you get lucky.  They only way to reliably do it is to shut down the builder.17:46
sergiusensit's already been rebuilt once; failed the same way; seems the gccgo-go tool is crashing17:49
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ScottKsergiusens: Running on adare.18:01
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barrybdmurray: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pexpect/+bug/1317660/comments/118:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1317660 in pexpect (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Bug: AttributeError: 'error' object has no attribute 'errno'" [High,In progress]18:05
sergiusensthanks ScottK, sadly it still fails; I wonder how it worked on the first package  build :-/18:08
ScottKNo idea, but at least you know it's not buildd specific.18:08
bdmurraybarry: are the files supposed to be attached to the bug or are they part of the upload?18:08
sergiusensyeah, no I only need powerpc hw :-)18:09
infinitysergiusens: You have access to a porter machine.18:10
infinityDoesn't look like gccgo-go has changed in that time either, so I'd guess it's GCC itself that's introduced some new fun.18:14
infinityBut I'll try building it on the machine where it worked last time for kicks.18:14
sergiusensin the last 3 days though?18:14
sergiusensit would be surprising if it worked :-)18:15
infinity3 days?  Oh, it really was only 3 days.18:15
sergiusensyeah, it may have worked out of luck, but now I get stuck on proposed (at least that's what I read from excuses)18:16
infinityNot a big fan of the idea that that only works sometimes because we're lucky. :P18:17
sergiusenswell it was the first build ever on powerpc, so it was 50/50 :-)18:18
barrybdmurray: d'oh!  attached18:18
infinitysergiusens: Built fine on sagari.  So, other than being a much newer machine, the most obvious difference there would be 24G of RAM instead of 2G.  Is it possible that process was OOMing on ross and adare?18:20
sergiusensI am seeing that the gccgo-go tool has been stripped which may be the reason I see a panic on panic in the build18:20
sergiusensinfinity: the stack trace is incomplete to know, but it seems the gccgo-go tool was trying to access/deref some nil pointer18:21
infinitysergiusens: Fun.  Well, worth experimenting with some time, but you're unstuck for now.18:21
sergiusensthanks, I'll see if I can get better traces from these crashes18:22
sergiusensrsalveti: ^^ built fine with more ram btw18:23
infinitysergiusens: Well, "more RAM" is a guess, it could also be the type of CPU.  Maybe gccgo on ppc is making faulty assumptions about the port baseline and compiling things for POWER7 instead of older CPUs.19:06
infinitysergiusens: Though, one would expect a SIGILL in such cases.19:07
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bekksOut of curiousity, I want to know how automated (since I doubt that THAT number of packages is being built manually almost JIT) package building for utopic actually is being managed/done?20:51
mwhudsonis it the case that the ubuntu and debian packaging of libvirt are very diverged?20:54
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dobeybekks: what do you mean exactly?20:56
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bekksI guess building the packages for any new release is being done automagically somehow. The sheer number of package (>30k) would make it impossible to "edit the build instructions manually, compile the package, package it, release it) while utopic isnt event in beta state would take ages.20:58
bekksSo I assume this is being done automagically, while taking trusty as "base", and automagically "port" the trusty packages to utopic, so further work on them can take place.20:58
Unit193bekks: If the package isn't blacklisted and contains no Ubuntu delta, it's sync'd from Debian.20:59
dobeyright, the base is debian20:59
bekksSo in first place, the "debian upstream" is taken, automatically adapted to the new release. And all packages containing ubuntu deltas are being built/adapted manually?21:00
dobeyno, packages that have ubuntu deltas are not automatically synced from debian21:09
dobeythey are copied from the stable release to the new development release when the new dev archive is opened21:10
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bdmurraypitti: ltrace version 0.7.3-4ubuntu5.1 is missing from ddebs21:43
cjwatsonbekks: For the majority of packages, no "adaptation" is needed - the source package from Debian builds without modifications on Ubuntu21:52
cjwatsonThis is indeed rather essential for us being able to scale21:52
cjwatsonbekks: And we don't rebuild everything from trusty to utopic - if there's no new source package then it isn't rebuilt21:53
cjwatsonbekks: Our archive (like Debian's) supports having the exact same source+binaries published in more than one place - so for trusty, utopic, etc.  Some rarely-modified packages are published at the same versions all the way back for many releases21:55
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bekksdobey, cjwatson: thanks for the information :)23:41
cjwatsonbekks: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-tools/trunk/view/head:/auto-sync is the top-level script we run every six hours (when not frozen) to copy non-Ubuntu-modified packages from Debian, although of course that relies on a bunch of other infrastructure in Launchpad23:45

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