Guest23784Is there anybody here who could help me with manual compiling and installing of openssl version 1.0.0f on ubuntu compiled before heartbleed vulnerability. I have read docs but am still unsuccessful "make: *** [install_docs] Error 255". Im just really stuck and annoyed after trying 2-3 days.00:01
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networkadminAny direction anyone can point me would be great "Guest23784"00:02
tewardnetworkadmin, it'd be helpful if you had provided us with more logs00:07
tewardthe error's probably listed in those somewhere00:07
networkadminThanks, ill provide you with what I can get. sec00:07
networkadminIm going to come back with as much details as I can later. All I have at the moment is this00:11
networkadmincms.pod around line 457: Expected text after =item, not a number00:11
networkadmincms.pod around line 461: Expected text after =item, not a number00:11
networkadmincms.pod around line 465: Expected text after =item, not a number00:11
networkadmincms.pod around line 470: Expected text after =item, not a number00:11
networkadmincms.pod around line 474: Expected text after =item, not a number00:11
networkadminPOD document had syntax errors at /usr/bin/pod2man line 71.00:11
networkadminmake: *** [install_docs] Error 25500:11
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:12
networkadminSorry, ill be sure not to do that again. Before I go and investigate this a little more, since compiling openssl requires perl, should I be concerned about perl setting locale errors? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7449955/00:15
xeno_Okay, we finally got the command in, and update-manager-core is latest version.00:21
xeno_But apt doesn't see a do-release-upgrade.00:21
xeno_Direct command says no new release found.00:21
xeno_Can anyone tell me how to get my Terminals to have the full set of control buttons, like full page, minimize, disappear?  All I have is the x button now for deletion.00:41
funapt-get purge desktop00:41
funto remove it00:41
funthen install again00:42
xeno_Ok.  I'll try that.00:43
xeno_Can anyone tell me what the command is to get a full list of --config options for the present machine for update-alternativers --config?00:46
xeno_Can anyone tell me what the command is to get a full list of --config options for the present machine for update-alternativers --config?01:08
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DefunctProcessZZis there no minidlna package in the repos?01:23
pleia2DefunctProcessZZ: there used to be, looks like it was synced from debian and debian has since dropped it from testing, so it never made it over for 14.0401:30
pleia2issues here: http://packages.qa.debian.org/m/minidlna.html01:32
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DefunctProcessZZpleia2: ty01:38
pleia2DefunctProcessZZ: sure thing, I use it as well so that's good to know01:39
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Sebas_hey! :)04:43
Sebas_someone knows if there is a all-in-one openstack install other than devstack ?04:43
Maceris there anythign similar to fbsd jails in ubuntu ?05:03
Macersomething that isn't just a chroot05:03
sarnoldMacer: lxc https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxc.html05:03
Macersarnold: awesome thanks05:04
sarnoldMacer: this may be a nicer introduction: https://www.stgraber.org/2013/12/20/lxc-1-0-blog-post-series/05:04
Macerthat's great :) appreciate it05:04
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lordievaderGood morning.07:00
lordievaderHey pmatulis10:53
championofcyrodiHello.  Curious if anyone has seen this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/131632012:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1316320 in unity "Screen Lock does not prompt for password" [Undecided,New]12:37
patdk-wknope, works for me12:38
championofcyrodiI'm thinking perhaps because the ubuntu server does not have unity desktop installed, the thick client is failing to start the process(es) on the terminal server to support the LDM session controls.12:39
championofcyrodiit seems like almost all processes run locally on a thick/fat client... However, since users are authenticated on the terminal server, I'm trying to understand how the client image is supposed to authenticate users when the screen locks, etc.  Anyone know where these logs are?12:40
championofcyrodi(for LTSP clients)12:40
gigirockHi all. I have a 64 bit server 14.04 updated. I need ssh login as root. I already edited sshd_config with 'PermitRootLogin yes' but nothing is changed ,since i have always 'acces denied' trying to login from a putty client on win7 machine on the same lan network12:51
championofcyrodigigirock:  is there anything in /var/log/syslog ?12:52
championofcyrodisorry, /var/log/auth.log12:52
gigirock..mmmmh meeting12:57
lunaphyte_hi.  i have a number of computers on which i've noticed that i can never get /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail higher than 4067.  i'm wondering how i might be able to figure out why this is13:28
lunaphyte_the symptom is that, when using haveged with -w 4096, haveged ends up consuming 100% cpu13:29
patdk-wkhmm, the kernel only has 4k entropy buffer13:32
patdk-wkso >4000 is basically 100% full13:32
lunaphyte_ah, interesting.13:33
patdk-wknormally, I just shoot for 2k full13:33
lunaphyte_yeah.  i was just playing around, experimenting13:33
lunaphyte_where is there documentation of the kernel's entropy buffer, specifically its size?13:35
bitbyte_hey guys, im trying to figure out how to rename files in bulk to take out “pt “ any ideas on where to start13:36
remix_tjbitbyte_: man rename13:37
lunaphyte_cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/poolsize says 4096 here13:37
lunaphyte_"The read-only file entropy_avail gives the available entropy.  Normally, this will be 4096 (bits), a full entropy pool."13:37
lunaphyte_"The file poolsize gives the size of the entropy pool."13:37
xerxasHi all ! I want tu mkfs.btrfs a block device but I get "Device or resource busy"14:33
xerxasthe device isn't mounted, lsof doesn't see any open files on the device14:33
xerxasthe device is for now an ext3 and was mounted , the only thing I find is a kernel thread named [jbd2/xvdb-8]14:33
xerxasis it the culprit process for the device being busy ? how do I stop it ?14:34
BLZbubbais it part of an mdraid or anything like that?14:40
BLZbubbaok what is the fastest way to transfer a file between two machines, that isn't painful to set up?  I have a 40 gigabit network but my usual transfer methods like scp, wget, even netcat are CPU bound due to being single threaded14:42
BLZbubbaso far nfs is the winner, believe it or not, but it is annoying to go through that when I just want scp14:42
patdk-wkwell, ya, nfs should be the fastest, expecially if you support nfs/rdma14:45
tomixxx7hi, i have two nics in my server pc: eth0 and eth1. i have only configured eth1 in "etc/network/interfaces", however, i get my ip and i-net access always from eth0! how is that possible?14:45
patdk-wkother options is ssh+hpa14:45
patdk-wkBLZbubba, and did you properly tune your tcp stack at both ends?14:45
rbasakBLZbubba: that's a good question. I imagine something like netcat that can use sendfile(2) would be the fastest. I don't know of any such tool, though.14:47
rbasakSounds like it could be a useful addition to socat.14:47
BLZbubbapatdk-wk: yeah it works pretty well with things like iperf and nfs14:48
BLZbubbatime to google for socat14:48
rbasaksocat is sort of like a multilingual netcat on steroids.14:48
geniitomixxx7: Probably because you still have the stanzas in there like "auto eth0" and possibly "iface eth0 inet dhcp"14:53
tomixxx7genii: no, definity not. i have only configured "auto eth1 \n iface eth1 inet static ... "14:54
tomixxx7genii: now i have removed the cable from eth0 and now everythings works fine with eth114:54
tomixxx7genii: strange, not? ^^15:04
geniitomixxx7: It's unusual, yes.15:05
DenBeirenI am trying to configure a bond on my 12.04 server15:08
DenBeireni'm using this config : http://pastie.org/9168848 but it doesn't seem to work15:08
DenBeirenany hints on where i am going wrong?15:08
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patdk-wkDenBeiren, bond-slaves none15:23
DenBeirenon the last line?15:24
patdk-wkI guess15:24
patdk-wk but as the whole thing is commented out, not likely to work15:25
DenBeireni know,.. but i have two scenario's in my conf file,.. one is failsafe, one is testing bond :-)15:25
DenBeirenpatdk-wk: tried and restarting network15:32
DenBeirenpatdk-wk: works!!15:33
rbasaklutostag: fancy taking a look at bug 1318660? Seems to me it might be a good bug to get started with maas packaging.15:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1318660 in maas "trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/apiclient/__init__.py', which is also in package python-googleapi 1.2-2" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131866015:52
lutostagrbasak: sure thing15:53
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zop_I have just aquired a HP microserver g7 nl5417:06
zop_and i was wondering if ubuntu 12.04 server would work on it?17:06
zop_Also HP seems to provide some BIOS update17:06
zop_It seems to only fix something related to windows server, so i woudnt be needing that right??17:07
sarnoldheh, I've already visited a newegg.com page about that little machine. probably one of my pals bought one to run ubuntu on it. looks promising.17:08
zop_So yay?17:13
zop_I say one forum post saying it runs so i am just curios17:13
sarnoldprobably yay :) if 12.04 LTS doesn't work 14.04 LTS really should work.17:13
zop_what about 12.1017:14
zop_Is it even out?17:14
sarnold12.04 is slightly complicated by the different point releases that have been made since initial release, those include newer hardware enablement kernels; the first 12.04 images didn't support secure-boot systems, but newer ones should..17:14
sarnoldzop_: 12.10 has only supported for another four days17:14
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sarnoldme english good :)17:15
sarnoldzop_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases17:15
zop_Oh wow17:15
zop_Thanks for that!17:15
zop_So wait17:15
zop_How do i find out if my box has secure boot?17:15
sarnoldyour best choices are 12.04 if you're relatively conservative or 14.04 if you're a slight touch more adventurous or don't want to upgrade again in another two years.. :) hehe17:16
sarnoldzop_: probably it'll be an option in the bios that you can turn on or off; not all systems let you turn it off, so those may not put it in the bios..17:16
fridaynextwhen ubuntu says a system restart is required, are the kernel updates that necessitate that usually security related?17:16
zop_Ok thanks17:17
zop_I would love to install libre boot on it17:17
zop_since i dont trust whats in there17:17
sarnoldfridaynext: I suspect every kernel update includes security updates, but I'm not 100% positive of that. of course different bugs have different chances of exploitability, but iirc the most recent kernel includes an update for a vulnerability with an exploit already available17:20
fridaynextthanks sarnold.17:20
fridaynextJust wondering when the best time is to reboot my server, since most of the sites on it get pretty good traffic, especially at night.17:21
fridaynextand it seems there are more and more kernel updates lately.17:21
zop_While on topic, would it be possible to install 12.04, on a fresh box, with no screen?17:21
zop_i.e: do the actuall install headless?17:21
sarnoldzop_: does that little machine do someting like integrated lights out or some other mechanism to e.g. serial console or vnc to it?17:22
dasjoeThe N54L does not come with ILO17:22
sarnoldzop_: there may be other options but I know even less about those...17:22
dasjoeIt's an optional PCI(e?)-card17:22
zop_i dont think so17:22
sarnoldfridaynext: best would be to have multiple machines you could update in a rolling fashion..17:22
dasjoezop_: Why do you want to install 12.04 when 14.04 has been released by now? :)17:22
zop_So i am best of just sticking a cable in it and doing it by screen i guesss17:22
zop_sarnoldyour best choices are 12.04 if you're relatively conservative or 14.04 if you're a slight touch more adventurous or don't want to upgrade again in another two years..hehe17:23
dasjoezop_: I have had good success with my N54L, as a matter of fact I'm working on it right now17:23
fridaynextsarnold: interesting.17:23
zop_Because of that17:23
zop_Did you do the BIOS update?17:23
zop_The one on the HP website17:23
dasjoeYes, I applied that update17:24
zop_The one that needs to go to a USB key yes?17:24
zop_Also are you using 32 bit or 64 bit?17:24
dasjoeAll HP BIOS updates I did installed from a USB key, yes17:24
dasjoezop_: I'm running a 64 bit 14.04 on a ZFS / on it, I've got 4 GB RAM in the box17:25
zop_Do you know what the bios update actually fixes?17:25
zop_yes i am sticking 8GB in it17:25
sarnolddasjoe: zfs / ? ooooo17:25
zop_so i should go with 64 bit?17:25
sarnoldzop_: yeah, 64bit is probably the best choice these days, it enables so many cool CPU features that the slight size increase of pointers is usually outweighed by better performance all around17:27
zop_Also why would i want ZFS? Never heard about it, just reading about it now17:27
dasjoezop_: there's no reason not to use 64 bit software on machines which support it17:27
zop_btw, this is basically going to be a torrent/media box17:27
zop_download stuff and serve it up to my raspebery pi17:27
dasjoezop_: ZFS is a "next-generation" file system with integrated checksums and other nice stuff. I've been using it for a while, but you're probably better off with a normal Ubuntu Server installation, as in / as ext417:28
zop_ahh yes17:28
sarnoldzop_: zfs helps protect against bit rot and dead drives by providing redundancy and checksumming, and because it is a copy-on-write filesystem it can cheaply provide snapshots and sending and receiving filesystem updates. it's pretty cool stuff, but since it is an add-on module for linux, it isn't easy to use it for root filesystems17:28
zop_Yes i am just reading about, sounds nice! i think il skip it for this box17:29
zop_hey dasjoe does 14.04 require any tweaking or fixing on the microserver?17:29
dasjoezop_: no, a plain install worked out of the box17:30
zop__Hello sorry my conection got reset17:31
sarnoldzop__: you may have missed ths: < dasjoe> zop_: no, a plain install worked out of the box17:31
zop__So is there any reason why i shouldnt use 14.04?17:31
sarnoldzop__: I intend on using zfs "soon" but I don't think I'll go to the effort of using it for the root filesystem; I'll just use it for a pile of storage mounted after the system is up and running. it isn't as awesome as it could be but it feels like it'll be far easier to maintain over the years.17:32
zop__Be aware that i have been using linux not for very long :(17:32
dasjoezop_: if you want to play with ZFS: install Ubuntu 12.04 or, better, 14.04 on a USB stick that's plugged into the on-board slot and use ZFS on your data disks17:32
sarnoldzop__: I'd start with 14.04 myself; it's newer and nicer :)17:32
zop__Does it have all that amazon/canonical crap tho?17:32
sarnoldzop__: what's that?17:32
zop__Something about sending your searches out?17:32
dasjoesarnold: we're in #zfsonlinux if you need any help or want to discuss about that ;)17:33
sarnoldzop__: you can turn off the internet searches if you wish -- and as a server user, you wouldn't see it anyhow :)17:33
sarnolddasjoe: oh thanks for the reminder :) my pandaboard died and I forgot to re-join the zfs channels in my laptop's irssi config...17:33
zop__Ugh what a shame that Ubuntu sold out :(17:33
zop__Is the crapeware present in the 12.04 also?17:34
dasjoesarnold: oh right, I thought I knew your nickname17:34
sarnolddasjoe: and likewish I figured I only knew you from here. go figure. :)17:34
dasjoezop__: Ubuntu has not "sold out" any more than Mozilla did. You can easily deactivate the amazon stuff. Also, I'd go for a pure server installation, so there wouldn#t be a GUI anyways17:35
zop__Yes i know about Mozilla (Moving away from that too, what a shame). Yes i going to go for a v light GUI anyways17:36
zop__Is it easy to remove the one there is an install another one?17:36
sarnoldzop__: imho the idea behind a 'smart search' button is pretty cool, but the first release should have shipped with ten search providers rather than just amazon. it'd have been harder to hate a 'search internet' button.. :)17:36
zop__Yeah, no sorry i think its crap and i dont know why you would ever want something integrated like that.17:37
zop__Hey dasjoe, what did you choose from here17:38
sarnoldzop__: if you do put a gui on you can easily install new ones; e.g. apt-get install ubuntu-desktop or apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop or apt-get install kde-standard or apt-get install lxde or whatever you want17:38
zop__Yes lxde is what i was after17:38
zop__Simple and light17:38
sarnoldor just 'apt-get install ion3' or dwm or whatever if you don't even want the overhead of a "desktop environment"17:39
zop__What do you mean by overhead?17:40
dasjoezop__: you could just use Xubuntu's installation medium if you wanted Xubuntu. Or Lubuntu's iso. But that's not really "Ubuntu Server", which names a very specific installation medium17:40
sarnoldzop__: well, apple's "siri" and google's "google now" are quite popular features :) so I'm not surprised we're offering something similar but much more configurable -- users can turn on or off individual search backends or write their own. try that with siri or google now :)17:40
dasjoezop__: I've used a direct link, this one http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib2/software1/pubsw-windows/p1657370250/v93269/SP64420.exe17:40
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zop__Well, all i am trying to do is download torrents, do some renaming (bash scrypts+chron), server the movies to two raspery pies17:42
zop__Is an ubuntu server 14.04 install excessive then?17:42
zop__I am also thinking of setting up and FTP or HTTP transfer, so friends/familly can log in and download (or stream??) what they want17:43
zop__What do you think?17:43
sudormrfHey guys, not sure if this is the right place for this, if not please forgive me, but do any of you guys have a recommendation for a web based administration type software of ubuntu server?17:43
dasjoezop__: no, it's just an installation that's tailored to server tasks17:43
sarnoldzop__: the 'server' install will be nice and small, anything else will be extraneous to server tasks :) but from any of the installers you can get to more or less identical outputs, it's just a matter of apt-get installing or apt-get purging different packages.17:44
sarnoldzop__: Avoid FTP. it's horrible. httpd is alright, and if you want to allow people to upload to you, I'd recommend using sftp instead.17:44
zop__No on upload just download17:45
sarnoldsudormrf: most seem to be a vector for remote exploits. I'd avoid them all.17:45
zop__Yes i am still looking at my options atm17:45
sarnoldzop__: cool, that's easier. :) apache or nginx for simple, owncloud if you want something fancier..17:45
sudormrfsarnold, suppose said server was not exposed to the internets?17:45
sarnoldsudormrf: that helps :)17:46
sudormrfsarnold, lol.  so suggestions for something that will do this?  I don't mind using the CLI, but for simple tasks it is easier to just click a link than ssh in issue commands.17:46
sarnoldsudormrf: do you have ssh keys and ssh-agent configured? that might make using ssh less distasteful..17:47
dasjoesudormrf: that depends on what you want to do from the web, I'd not use one at all but if you absolutely must use one: check out Zentyal or Webmin17:47
sarnoldsudormrf: sorry, no suggestions -- my distaste is strong enough I never looked at their actual merits :)17:48
sudormrfdasjoe, looking at zentyal now.  I hear webmin isn't supported :).17:48
sudormrfsarnold, no worries :).17:48
sudormrfthis is just a home media server.  so not really doing a whole lot with it17:48
dasjoesudormrf: Zentyal comes as a complete package, though. So you're (probably) better off doing a fresh install using their installer (which is based on 13.10, as of now)17:49
zop__I think i am going to go with 14.04 Ubuntu17:49
zop__and then remove the stuff i dont need and install lxde17:50
sudormrfdasjoe, yeah that is what it was looking like.  Which I kind of want to avoid.  oh well :).17:50
zop__Just because i have never used Lubuntu and "Unlike Ubuntu, Lubuntu 12.04 is not a LTS, this version will be supported for 18 months. However, a lot of work has been done to improve the stability of the system"17:50
dasjoezop__: you could install a normal Ubuntu Server, then use tasksel to add Lubuntu or Xubuntu17:52
zop__That is news to be, i think i have some more reading to do :/17:53
zop__never hread of tasksel17:53
zop__Looks neat tho17:53
dasjoezop__: it's just a nice helper to install some packages17:54
zop__So i would just do a regular server install and then use tasklet to customise it?17:55
sudormrfdasjoe, with Zentyal you can install normal ubuntu packages, right?17:55
zop__Does it matter that Lubuntu only goes up 12.0417:55
dasjoesudormrf: yes, it's based on a normal Ubuntu17:55
bekkszop__: Lubuntu goes up to 14.0417:55
xibalbawhat can i use, thats lightweight, to fire off emails form the command line? the apt pkg `mail-utils` seems to install everything until the sun17:56
zop__Well i am gonna start by doing that BIOS upgrade, let see how that goes :)17:56
zop__Is it littarly: Make the USB, plug in and turn on and go threw the options?17:57
zop__for the BIOS upgrade that is17:57
sudormrfdasjoe, cool.  I am going to toss it in to a VM and see how I like it.17:57
xibalbawhat happened to just `mail -s foo bar@example.com`17:57
sarnoldxibalba: 'mail' requires a MTA such as postfix or exim or sendmail to be installed and properly configured; if you don't have that yet, it will look like the entire world is being installed..17:59
xibalbai have other boxes already running my MTAs, I dont need another MTA on this box :/17:59
dasjoezop__: the BIOS update is even simpler. Run their installer to put it on a USB stick, plug it into the N54L, start it and wait until it's completed17:59
zop__Ok thanks!17:59
xibalbai just stumbled on `sendemail` that may be a suitable fit17:59
zop__Well i am off to try it out, thakns for the help and patience!18:00
sarnoldxibalba: your MTA on that machine may just hand off to the other mcahine..18:00
sarnoldzop__: have fun :)18:00
xibalbayes, but its uncessary18:00
sarnoldoh nice, sendemail on my system didn't drag in any other dependencies18:01
xibalbathis is sufficient, root@sh:/var/log# sendemail -f reza@lethalnetworks.com -t reza@lethalnetworks.com -u foo -m bar -s zcs18:02
dasjoexibalba: check out nullmailer18:02
xibalbadasjoe, cool i'll take a gander18:02
zop__Hey dasjoe18:13
zop__I always get bad volume label when i try and use the utility to make the USB bios thingy? any ideas?18:14
zop__I renamed it already, the usb is formated to a primary partition in FAT3218:14
dasjoezop__: use a fresh USB stick? It'll delete all data18:14
xibalbadasjoe, thanks. think i'm going to stick w/the `sendemail` pkg18:14
zop__Yeah i did18:14
dasjoezop__: Let HP's software handle the stick. Remove the stick's partition table, plug it into your Windows box and give it to HP's tool? Iirc that's what I did18:15
xibalbadasjoe, you work as an IT Admin?18:16
dasjoexibalba: yes, you could say that18:17
xibalbathe domain you're coming from is a good organization18:18
zop_I still get bad volume label :s18:19
zop_any ideas?18:23
zop_Changed USB device stiill getting bad volume label18:24
RoyKzop_: are there any data on the thing?18:25
zop_The first one i cleared it18:26
zop_the second one there was stuff18:26
Tazmainhi all how do I enable the mod_proxy for apache2 ? I do no see it in mods-aviable18:27
xibalbamaybe the pkg wasn't installed18:28
zop_ugh tried NTFS nothing still18:28
wastlzop_ as far as it got assigned a device you could try overwriting it with zeroes or random18:30
wastlzop_ like dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/yourusbstick18:30
zop_I am on windows atm musing minitool partition18:30
wastloh ok18:30
wastldidn't see that18:30
dasjoeTazmain: "a2enmod proxy" should work18:30
zop_I can boot from my linux but i rather not imo18:31
wastlwhat do you want to do with your stick?18:31
zop_Trying to install the BIOS upgrade utilitx provided by HP for my G7 microserver18:31
wastloh ok18:31
Tazmaindasjoe, I keep getting no protocol handle was valid. if you are using a DSO version of Mod_proxy make sure the proxy submodules are included.18:32
dasjoeTazmain: a2enmod proxy_http?18:33
Tazmaindasjoe, did that as well18:33
RoyKzop_: try to create the filesystem from linux after doing a wee bit of dd'ing18:33
zop_Is there no way to do it under windows? i dont really trustmyself on it lol18:34
sarnoldTazmain: do you need to apt-get install a new package for it?18:35
RoyKzop_: from linux, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/yourdev bs=1M count=1k # that'll nuke the fs from the stick18:35
Tazmainsarnold, cant find that package18:35
RoyKzop_: then mkfs -t vfat -n yourlabel /dev/yourdev18:35
dasjoeNo need to mkfs, HP's tool will do that18:36
sarnoldTazmain: ah, sure enough the mod_proxy_*.so files are in apache2-bin .. sorry18:36
wastlmaybe you could use something like hdshredder to zero it zop_18:36
wastlthis is available for windows too18:37
wastlor bootable as standalone18:37
RoyKdasjoe: just wondered if linux and HP disagreed on something, and therefore suggested making the fs from linux18:38
dasjoeRoyK: he wants to flash a new BIOS, and he's on Windows right now. HP supplies BIOS updates as windows binaries which write FreeDOS and their flashing tools to a USB stick18:39
RoyKdasjoe: ah - missed that18:41
RoyKcan't most bioses read from usb sticks directly these days?18:42
wastlheh I knew IBM Server which you had to boot from a cd and then supply bios updates on a stick to it xD18:43
wastland those donÄt have only one bios to update18:44
RoyKhaving to use DOS in 2014 is somewhat wierd :P18:44
sarnoldI'm sure any day now they'll start sending along disk images of a linux 1.2.13-based system to do their firmware updates :)18:45
wastlIBM and HP do use linux on their update cds18:46
wastlyou boot from those and get an X gui :D18:46
sarnoldoo :)18:47
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RoyKsarnold: [offtopic] my first linux was 1.1.59, slackware 2.1 IIRC. Not *very* stable ;)18:58
sarnoldRoyK: nice! :D18:58
wastlmine was a slackware with kernel 1.018:58
wastlbut already ELF18:59
sarnoldheh, that was my first thought, you guys probably saw the ELF transistion; it was well underway by the time I joined up18:59
qman__One of my new boards has a feature in the bios to go online, download the latest one, and install it19:02
qman__No OS or media required19:02
qman__You can also use local media if desired, really well thought out design19:05
zop_Still getting the damn bad volume19:14
zop_tried dd tried making it NTFS, FAT32 nothing19:14
zop_anyone got any ideas?19:14
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user_Hey, anyone have had experience with snort ?20:41
BLZbubbai set it up once a few years ago20:44
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sarnoldzop_: fat16?21:26
sarnoldqman__: dang that does sound convenient :)21:26
sarnoldqman__: .. and a bit scary21:26
sarnoldzop_: you're not having success with fat32 or ntfs, maybe fat16 would work okay?21:26
zop_dasjoe gave me an image i got it working21:26
sarnoldcool! :)21:27
zop_wel i have not tried it just yet21:27
zop_no VGA cable....21:27
zop_so stupid21:27
zop_While on topic21:27
zop_I was looking for a GPU to stick inside21:27
zop_So far everything seems to point to21:27
zop_Any thoughts/reccomendation? It has to be kind of cheap, supported, and small ish to fit inside21:28
Patrickdkyour in the wrong channel?21:28
Patrickdkwe don't know about video cards in here21:29
Patrickdkthough, I will say, I use several of these21:30
BLZbubbahow cheap and what features21:30
BLZbubbai just got a 650 gtx for $100 and it rocks21:30
BLZbubbahtpc has a 210 which is fine for vdpau21:30
Patrickdkyuk, vdpau21:31
BLZbubbacompared to what?21:31
Patrickdkcpu based decode21:31
Patrickdkvdpau has lots of limits, and if the video stream isn't perfect, well, like atsc21:32
BLZbubbai have been using vdpau for a long time and it works very well21:33
PatrickdkI used it for a week or two, went back to cpu only decode21:33
Patrickdkalso don't think vdpau supports 10bit yet21:33
BLZbubbano way my cpu could decode h264 1080p21:33
Patrickdkwhy? it's not that hard21:34
BLZbubbaatom 33021:34
PatrickdkI'm currently using core2duo's21:38
Patrickdkbut they will probably get upgraded soon21:38
zop_no is my card compatible with ubuntu?21:56
Macerwow. lxc is awesome22:02
ciastekit is22:03
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xibalbawhats lxc23:34
sarnoldxibalba: lxc is a lightweight linux containers mechanism, similar to solaris zones, fbsd jails, openvz or linux-vservers23:36
xibalbaah, i know jails23:36
xibalbais it akin to docker?23:36
sarnoldxibalba: I haven't looked much into docker, sorry23:37
sarnoldI believe docker does use some of the same underlying linux systemcalls though23:37
xibalbaare you near okalahoma city sarnold ?23:37
sarnoldbut I don't know if docker works above lxc or has no relationship to lxc.. hehe23:38
sarnoldxibalba: no, near portland oregon23:38
xibalbaah man, one of the places i want to visit23:38
xibalbahow's the tech industry up there? plenty of jobs?23:39
sarnoldwhen you do, check out multnomah falls :)23:39
xibalbah o m g23:39
xibalbaty, book marked that23:39
sarnoldxibalba: portland feels like a center of linux, between ibm and intel out here there's a large linux focus. iirc puppetlabs is also in portland, and ora (often? always?) hosts their Open Source conference here23:39
xibalbaim in hot sandy eggo23:40
xibalba92F now23:40
sarnoldthe land of always-nice weather? :)23:40
sarnoldnot so nice23:40
xibalbanice most of the time23:41
xibalbaneed more rain23:42
xibalbathe closer you get to the coast the nicer it is23:42
sarnoldahhh if it's rain you want.. :) (actually, this winter had surprisingly long stretches of wonderful weather; normally november-june is all rain.)23:43

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