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nomorebugsGuest23784:  thank you :)00:06
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K`zanHi folks, trying to connect my Kindle Fire HD to my ubu 12.04, installed gmtp but get: (gMTP:7813): Gtk-ERROR **: GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported - google no help, any suggestions very much appreciated!00:06
networkadminNo problem by the way, was guest3232400:06
networkadminwhatever that number was00:07
doiocheBoa noite.00:10
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DiocheEstou com uma dúvida sobre a particação Swap do Ubuntu 14.0400:11
DiocheInstalei o Gparted, formatei a particação de ativei.00:12
DiocheAgora ela está funcionando corretamente.00:12
_blkK`zan, is that gMTP package that you installed made for 12.04 or did you just grab anything? Looks like you either need to find one that works with 12.04 or recompile it yourself00:12
DiochePorém sempre que desligo o notebook e ligo novamente ele desativa o swap.00:12
K`zanStill googling with no help so far, so many pages of issues with this and not one solution :-/.00:12
DiocheTem como deixar ativo permanentemente?00:13
_blkDioche, english or try #ubuntu-pt (if I got that right)00:14
DiocheOh sorry00:14
DiocheI formated my hardisk, and designed a linux-swap00:15
DiocheWhen i on my laptop that partition is disable.00:15
DiocheI install a gparted and formated again that partition and enable.00:16
heru-htlK`zan: you need to recompile such application.00:17
DiocheBut when i off my laptop and on again the patition is disable. How a turn enable permanently that partition00:17
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benccwhen creating a new folder and trying to name it '.ssh' it jumps back to 'Untitled Folder'00:17
benccis this a bug?00:17
benccI'm using nautilus00:18
_blkDioche, looks like you're missing an entry in /etc/fstab to automatically mount the swap partition00:18
_blkDioche, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq see "Activating the Swap Partition"00:18
DiocheOh thanks, i will see!00:19
K`zan_blk: just apt-get installed it.00:19
_blkbencc, .ssh probably already exists and it's just hidden.. activate hidden files (CTRL+H in nautilus)00:20
K`zanheru-htl: Will track down the source and give it ago, thanks!00:20
_blkK`zan, then recompiling is the way to fix it (unless you find a ppa which already distributes a fixed version). If you're not a developer this is not an easy procedure, and updating to 14.04 might be the easier path00:21
heru-htlK`zan: check the related information here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20714343/gtk-error-gtk-2-x-symbols-detected00:21
K`zanheru-htl: Got this: checking for GTK3... no00:25
K`zanchecking for GTK2... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.4.9) were not met:00:25
K`zanNo package 'gtk+-2.0' found00:25
K`zandid an apt-cache search but no gtp++-2.000:25
K`zanheru-htl: progress, but now:  Requested 'libmtp >= 1.1.6' but version of libmtp is 1.1.300:32
K`zanguess I need to make that from source too ?00:32
Wu117I don't have hexdump install in docker, does someone know in what package hexdump is?00:33
K`zanErr, never mind, this is getting too convoluted.  Sigh, booting windoz is just simpler :-(.00:34
K`zanNever thought I'd see the day when windoz was more up on devices though :-(.00:35
vinchIndonesian people please , . . .00:37
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia00:38
html_how do i get drivers for a desktop with out that it working?  istill have another ubuntu desktop00:38
xeno_Can anyone tell me how to get my Terminals to have the full set of control buttons, like full page, minimize, disappear?  All I have is the x button now for deletion.00:39
daftykins"that it working" ?00:39
vinchI am a newbie here , anybody wanna share about Ubuntu Studio experiences , . . .00:40
RippSteakfaceI'm having trouble getting Conky to start at boot in Xubuntu. I followed the simple instructions on Ubuntu's site but it still doesn't work.00:40
RippSteakfaceAnyone know what might work for me?00:40
CarlFKWu117: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/i386/bsdmainutils/filelist  /usr/bin/hexdump00:41
daftykinsvinch: this is a support channel only, so there has to be an actual question. for general discussion there's #ubuntu-offtopic00:41
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html_daftykins,  how do i get the drivers to update without an active internet working on that same pc?00:42
Wu117CarlFK: thanks, but in my standard 14.04 docker image: /usr/bin/hexdump: ERROR: cannot open `/usr/bin/hexdump' (No such file or directory)00:42
Wu117CarlFK: Do you know if hexdump is part of another package?00:42
daftykinshtml_: drivers for what?00:42
html_daftykins,  network drivers00:43
kazuhiraI am having a problem. If I do wine /path/to/win32app.exe into my startup on linuxmint 16 I start the app with the default configuration. When I click on the app, and click run in wine it works perfectly with my settings.00:43
daftykinshtml_: wireless?00:43
vinchdaftykins , I am so sory about it , cuz I might got a wrong room / channel , . . .00:43
html_daftykins,  no, desktop00:43
qin_Wu117: bsdmainutils00:44
daftykinshtml_: *blink* drivers for a wireless network interface?00:44
kazuhirathe problem is that I want my settings and not the default, so how can I start my app just as though I clicked on it.00:44
CarlFKWu117: bsdmainutils is the package name00:44
kazuhiraat startup00:44
Wu117qin_: CarlFK thank you!00:44
RippSteakfaceLooking to get conky to start at boot, instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpConky don't do it, any suggestions? Using Xubuntu 14.04 (xubuntu irc is a dead channel)00:44
kazuhiraRippSteakface: I just added it to my login startup.00:45
html_daftykins,  no. there is no wireless at all on this desktop.00:45
kazuhirakazuhira:  conky that is00:45
RippSteakfacekazuhira: I did what the instructions say on that site and it still doesn't boot at start :(00:45
html_daftykins,  no. there is no wireless at all on this desktop.00:45
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daftykinshtml_: so is it actually a situation where the wired networking isn't working on a clean install?00:46
RippSteakfacekazuhira: I have to open the terminal and type conky & to start it00:46
html_daftykins,  its acting funny00:46
daftykinsdefine 'acting funny' ?00:46
BeldarRippSteakface, what desktop are you using00:47
RippSteakfaceXubuntu 14.0400:48
RippSteakfaceBeldar: Xubuntu 14.0400:48
html_daftykins,  i installed the server then juju with a few others the desktop- when i go to the networking icon at the top-right, it tells me " device not manged"00:48
BeldarRippSteakface, Does xubuntu have startup applications?00:48
TerminalNoviceHow do I open a .x86 file in Ubuntu?00:48
RippSteakfaceBeldar: Yes, I did exactly what it says here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpConky00:49
RippSteakfaceBeldar: For Xubuntu00:49
RippSteakfaceBeldar: Is it assuming that I have some sort of script to open the terminal and run conky or something?00:50
BeldarRippSteakface, You did this, "In the Applications menu open Settings Manager and select Session and Startup. On the Application Autostart tab click the Add button. In the resulting dialog box give the name as "Conky" and the command as conky. "???00:51
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RippSteakfaceBeldar: Yes00:51
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RippSteakfaceBeldar: That's exactly what I did.00:52
BeldarRippSteakface, And no conky at all or no custom conky when rebooted?00:52
RippSteakfaceBeldar: No conky at all. I have to open the terminal and run "conky &"00:52
RippSteakfaceBeldar: I'm still a bit of a noob00:53
BeldarRippSteakface, Been awhile since I used xubuntu, not sure.00:54
RippSteakfaceBeldar: Yeah it's straightforward but I don't get why it isn't working00:54
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RippSteakfaceBeldar: I mean should I try making the command "conky &" instead of just "conky"?00:54
dioche_blk, thanks man! The swap is work now! Very thanks!00:55
RippSteakfaceBeldar: Wouldn't hurt to try I guess.00:55
_blkdioche, You're welcome00:55
BeldarRippSteakface, there is /user/bin/conky00:56
tzviRippSteakface: that shouldnt make a difference00:56
daftykinshtml_: aaaah, as in you started with ubuntu server?00:56
Beldarconky should work though that's what mine says00:57
tzviBeldar: I literally just finished re-doing my conky00:57
tzviare you using the default config or custom?00:57
RippSteakfaceBeldar: Do I do something with that?00:57
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PhlowHomeIs there a way to move the close/max/min buttons to the right in 14.04?00:57
tzvisorry that was intended for RippSteakface00:57
sup_hi, i want to install 14.04. Before i had a hard disk with 2 partitions. One for windows and one for 12.04. Now i want to format everything and make just one partition for 14.04. But i am confused with swap and all those options...00:58
RippSteakfacetzvi: I'm using a custom conkyrc that I edited00:58
RippSteakfacetzvi: It boots with terminal using "conky" but not in my startup applications in Xubuntu.00:58
tzviRippSteakface: where is the file? /etc/conky/conkyrc?00:58
RippSteakfacetzvi: One sec00:59
BeldarRippSteakface, You could try it in the command in Autostart00:59
html_daftykins,  yes, yes the sh parts work but it dont show up with the gui to mange the network00:59
RippSteakfacetzvi: It's in /home/*name*/.conkyrc00:59
daftykinshtml_: ok can you open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then do "pastebinit /etc/network/interfaces"00:59
tzviare you doing this here -> http://i.stack.imgur.com/Wchtx.png01:00
tzviBeldar: ^01:00
RippSteakfacetzvi: That's what I use yes01:00
PhlowHomesup_, it's recommended to create a swap partition about the size of your RAM, another partition (ext4 usually) mount point /, and perhaps an EFI boot partition if needed.  You can create more for other mount points as desired01:01
RippSteakfaceBeldar: What command would I use instead of "conky"01:01
sup_PhlowHome: but why do i need them? swap and one / arent enough?01:01
PhlowHomethey can be01:02
BeldarRippSteakface, You have other help now, they have made this a threesome, I don't do that.01:02
PhlowHomeyou may want another partition to share with windows, etc01:02
tzviBeldar: sorry, I'm out.01:02
RippSteakfaceBeldar: Hahaha I just want to solve it01:02
PhlowHomesup_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DiskSpace01:02
sup_PhlowHome: no i think i dont need one. Its only a 80gb ssd. But  now because i tried before to install 14.04 i see a swap and a partition with 14.04. When i press to install on the one that says 14.04 i get no root file system is defined01:04
PhlowHomesup_, if you don't need them, remove them and create them fresh01:05
RippSteakfacetzvi: No ideas eh?01:06
PhlowHomesup_, not sure I'd put swap on the ssd, that's a pretty small ssd01:07
tzviSorry no clue.01:07
sup_PhlowHome: would this be a problem? i mean i have an external drive. Do you say it because i may not have enough free space for apps and stuff or for another reason?01:08
PhlowHomesup_, space, not performance01:08
wolftuneHi, I need to update my BIOS but I have no CD/DVD drive and I tried unetbootin to make the Windows-based ISO with the BIOS update load to a USB drive and that didn't work. I have no Windows installation. Anyone help?01:08
sup_PhlowHome: its okay i guess. i had ubuntu in 35 gb total before...01:08
PhlowHome8, 16, 32GB of that ssd for swap is a waste01:08
sup_PhlowHome: i hope that i will buy a new bigger ssd soon. thanks for help !01:10
wolftuneI've been searching for answers but haven't found a solution01:10
PhlowHomewolftune, you may need to change bios settings to boot from the flash usb first01:11
dw1wolftune: should work just burn it and boot it01:11
PhlowHomewolftune, many bios have the ability to boot to a specific device right in the bios boot menu01:11
wolftunedw1: burn it?01:12
dw1wolftune: you dont need windows the ISO will be a complete bootable OS01:12
dw1wolftune: burn/write whatever01:12
wolftunePhlowHome: I'm trying to MAKE a bootable device01:12
wolftunedw1: ?01:12
wolftunedw1: my computer has no CD/DVD drive01:13
wolftuneI know I don't need Windows, but I don't know how to use Ubuntu to get the ISO onto a USB stick so it will be usable for booting01:13
dw1wolftune: are you sure youre booting it right01:13
PhlowHomewolftune, unetbootin should be able to get you running, if your system tries to boot from that device01:14
wolftunedw1: I can't even *try* to boot it if I don't have the ISO on something to tell the computer to boot with01:14
wolftunePhlowHome: ok, so let me explain what happens: it successfully boots using unetbootin…01:14
PhlowHomeor try some other options, pendrivelinux.com01:14
wolftunebut then it just says "default" and there's no other options01:15
wolftuneso nothing happens, it just sits at the unetbootin boot screen01:15
wolftunewhen I boot with the USB that unetbootin made01:15
PhlowHomewolftune, is this a recent system with UEFI?01:15
wolftuneyes, but I have secure boot turned off01:15
dw1that sounds good01:15
dw1maybe the iso is incomplete01:16
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PhlowHomewolftune, what OS are you trying to run from the unetbootin?01:16
wolftunePhlowHome: I am using Ubuntu to run unetbootin itself, I am using an ISO that is supposed to just be a self-contained BIOS update ISO01:17
PhlowHomewolftune, you probably want secure boot on then01:17
wolftunehere's the README for the ISO: http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/gduj18uc.txt01:17
wolftunePhlowHome: really? So I need to turn secure boot back on? And then I can turn it off after the BIOS update and get back to my Ubuntu install?01:18
PhlowHomeyes, you need secure boot on for uefi to properly work01:18
wolftuneso maybe turning on Secure Boot will be all that's needed to make the unetbootin generated USB drive boot fully??01:19
dw1seems to be booting fine01:19
wolftunewell, ok, yes, BOOTING is happening01:19
wolftuneI boot and get the unetbootin menu for what to run01:19
wolftunebut running something from there isn't happening01:19
PhlowHometry it and see01:19
wolftunePhlowHome: ok, I suppose there's no risk, right? I can just turn it back on… (I so wish this Secure Boot crap didn't exist, I don't trust it)01:20
wolftunedaftykins: what were you saying "no" to?01:20
PhlowHomewolftune, can probably leave it on to install ubuntu too01:20
wolftunePhlowHome: really?01:21
daftykinswolftune: PhlowHome's statement regarding secure boot and UEFI.01:21
wolftuneI already have Ubuntu fully installed01:21
daftykinswolftune: you should boot back into ubuntu and use 'dd' to write the image to the flash drive.01:21
wolftunealmost everything is working great01:21
wolftunedaftykins: oh ok thanks!01:21
PhlowHomeI couldn't get ubuntu to even install on a recent MSI laptop without secure boot enabled01:21
wolftunedaftykins: have a link to simple instructions for using dd in this case?01:21
daftykinswolftune: it's a terminal application so first put your flash drive in and run "sudo fdisk -l" to tell us which device your flash drive is, probably /dev/sdb01:22
wolftunePhlowHome: well, that's all irrelevant to me, Ubuntu is fine, I'm just trying to update my BIOS01:22
wolftunedaftykins: ok01:22
PhlowHomefair enough01:22
hoylemdHey, I don;t think my php-fpm service is running, but I don't know how to check / fix it. Help?01:23
wolftunedaftykins: I think it is /deve/sdc (sdb is the other part of the hybrid drive that's built in I think)01:23
daftykinswolftune: ok, its size should match up with what you know of your flash drive. next up, "sudo dd if=/path/to/your/downloaded.iso of=/dev/sdc"01:24
dw1hoylemd: try #ubuntu-server or ##php01:24
eflynndo you prefer serving files out of /srv/www or /home/user/public_html ?01:24
daftykinswolftune: it won't give any progress whilst it's writing, but it will be... so just watch and wait and it will eventually complete and return to the prompt without echo'ing anything01:25
wolftunedaftykins: thanks!01:25
wolftunelooks like it did it, so now I'll reboot and that should work! Back in a bit (I hope!)01:25
daftykinswolftune: no problemo, careful with the update!01:26
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CheekioI'm getting a really strange error where my wireless card will surrepitiously reassociate with the AP, once a second or less.01:27
wolftunenope. Darn.01:27
CheekioEventually it just sort of flattens out and doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.01:27
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wolftuneThat time I selected USB and it didn't boot01:28
wolftunePerhaps I *do* need secure boot on?01:28
wolftuneOr perhaps dd copied the file but didn't make the USB bootable?01:28
wolftuneOr perhaps I need to fully erase it first or take some other action?01:28
wolftuneis there a later make-bootable command I missed?01:28
Cheekio^^ Any ideas?01:29
CheekioThat's kern.log.01:29
dw1Cheekio: doesnt look bad, why01:29
CheekioWell it scrolls like that constantly for pages01:29
CheekioI end up with delayed or dropped packets across all my apps01:30
dw1Cheekio: are you running custom router firmware01:30
CheekioNo, it's a regular old airport01:31
daftykinswolftune: make sure the ISO isn't corrupted01:31
wolftunedaftykins: good point, but aside from that, perhaps there's a boot-flag or format issue for the USB also?01:32
PhlowHomewolftune, rabbit hole...  unetbootin should have been just fine01:32
wolftunemaybe the ISO was indeed bad…01:32
PhlowHomeit happens01:33
daftykinswhat's this BIOS update you're doing anyway? )01:33
daftykins* :)01:33
PhlowHomecan also get weird behavior if the ISO gets fragmented on the drive01:33
wolftunedaftykins: http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/gduj18uc.txt01:33
wolftunedaftykins: I had a problem with not staying suspended and reported a bug report and was told I need to update my BIOS and verify if it is still an issue01:34
heru-htlburn ISO on proper speed (i.e 8-speed) to reduce fragment01:34
daftykinswolftune: did you confirm your current version?01:34
wolftunedaftykins: I know that I'm out of date, yeah01:34
daftykinsheru-htl: lol, that doesn't make sense on any possible element whatsoever.01:34
daftykinswolftune: hang on a tick01:35
heru-htl:D my apologies men hehehe ...01:35
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shane_I'm trying to get a binary "djtgcft"(for programming fpga's) to work and I wondering how to get it to find a set of shared libraries a slightly different verison number then it looks for.  1 example is it looks for libdabs.so.2 and i have libdabs.so.2.11.1 but it doesn't find that one.01:35
daftykinswolftune: are you using the boot menu of this system to select the flash drive?01:36
daftykinslike hitting a key to get a boot device menu01:36
wolftunedaftykins: yes01:36
PhlowHomeare there two entries for the drive?  one for uefi and one not?01:36
daftykinswolftune: ok try entering the BIOS and going to the 'boot' page and see if it lists two boot entries for the flash drive, as PhlowHome is suggesting01:37
wolftunedaftykins: ok, I was going to try to check that the ISO is good, but I couldn't find an md5 listed anywhere01:37
wolftuneI could try redownloading just in case, maybe several times and check that the md5 is always the same…01:38
wolftunethat make any sense?01:38
daftykinsindeed it does01:38
daftykinscan you also open the flash drive and see what the contents looks like?01:38
dw1wolftune: why do you need UEFI bios update with no windows anyway? :) you could just put it in legacy mode and use grub-pc instead of grub-efi.. :)01:40
daftykinsthe system's firmware is called the UEFI01:40
daftykinstherefore it is a UEFI update01:40
dw1wolftune: you are using grub-efi right01:41
daftykinsit doesn't matter whether the OS boots as UEFI or legacy ;)01:41
wolftunedw1: maybe? I never see grub directly as I use ONLY Ubuntu and no dual-boot anything01:41
Blue_Knightis there any disadvantage of installing as legacy?01:41
wolftunein this case, I'm not going to grub at all, as I'm not *installing* any OS01:42
wolftuneI'm only trying to update the BIOS01:42
dw1wolftune: yeah but without grub-efi its not even using efi01:42
dw1wolftune: it would just fall back to legacy anyway01:42
daftykinsdw1: did you not read my messages where the relevance of your question is shown to be non-existant? :)01:43
wolftuneI don't know what you mean "it" here. This is booting off a USB drive and has nothing to do with the OS01:43
dw1wolftune: the boot process01:43
daftykinswolftune: he means well but is wasting your time, don't worry.01:43
dw1bios boots, bios looks for bootable OS in UEFI.  if not using grub-EFI there will be no OS there01:44
dw1-> fallback to legacy01:44
wolftunewell, I redownloaded and got the same md5sum, so I guess that's good01:44
dw1so updating UEFI in that case would be pointless01:44
PhlowHomewolftune, not neccessarily, but that's probably not your problem :)01:45
daftykinsdw1: can you please stop talking now, you're showing a clear misunderstanding of the task at hand01:45
wolftunedw1: I'm not installing GRUB at all because this is not running any grub-related OS in this case01:45
wolftunegrub is installed and working on my internal Ubuntu install01:45
dw1daftykins: possibly a pointless task01:45
wolftunedaftykins: alright, anyway, contents of the USB is the important thing here01:46
daftykinswolftune: yep what does it look like?01:46
wolftunedaftykins: gparted shows no partition table for the USB at all right now01:46
daftykinsthat's not a good sign01:46
wolftunethe contents are blank otherwise01:47
wolftunemaybe I should make a partition table and then try dd again?01:47
daftykinsdo you see the contents opening the ISO?01:47
wolftune(incidentally, I used the same USB to install Ubuntu, and that worked)01:47
PhlowHomego back to a bootable flash software, no reason to stick your junk in a blender01:47
daftykinswolftune: yeah and if you would, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit" so i can look at your drives too01:47
dw1sudo dpkg -l | grep grub-efi shows packages? :)01:47
daftykinsPhlowHome: lol. it's really not that big a deal01:48
PhlowHomethere's software that makes this an automated process01:48
PhlowHomeno need to worry about dd offsets, alignments, etc01:48
daftykinsi've seen unetbootin screw up on many a situation01:48
wolftunedaftykins: sure, but first question: how do I "open" the ISO image?01:48
daftykinsdw1: please stop talking, you are wasting time trying to answer what hasn't been asked.01:48
Churchwolftune: if from comand line, you mount it via loopback01:49
dw1daftykins: if his grub isnt in EFI theres no point in updated UEFI01:49
daftykinsdw1: you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, please stop now.01:49
Churchwolftune: eg. mount -o ro,loop isofile.iso /mnt/somedir , and then you can see it's contents in /mnt/somedir01:49
daftykinswolftune: as Church  says ^01:49
PhlowHomedw1, he's updating his bios... it's more than just UEFI support01:49
dw1PhlowHome: m01:50
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dw1PhlowHome: k01:50
daftykinsdw1: now why didn't you understand that the first time i told you =|01:50
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dw1what inspired this update anyway01:52
dw1just wanna be bleeding-edge01:52
daftykinsdw1: ok, we've been over this, this isn't a general chat channel01:52
daftykinsSTOP. TALKING.01:52
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wolftuneChurch: thanks01:52
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PhlowHomedaftykins, http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/gduj18us.iso01:53
PhlowHomeI'm assuming that's the iso01:53
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daftykinsPhlowHome: heh, looks blank here - must be obfuscated somehow01:54
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wolftuneI tried sudo mount -o ro,loop gduj18us.iso /mnt/somedir01:55
wolftunebut it said01:55
wolftunemount: mount point /mnt/somedir does not exist01:55
PhlowHomeI see a [BOOT] folder, a Bootable_HardDrive.img in it01:55
Blue_Knightwolftune: mkdir first01:55
PhlowHomebut, just looking at it in 7zip01:55
_blkwolftune, /mnt/somedir must exist01:55
wolftunethanks :P01:55
daftykinsPhlowHome: ah i was using winRAR which had no idea and mounting it01:55
jezi22i am having chown: invalid user while installing01:56
=== VoidWhisperer is now known as Guest28454
_blkwolftune, if it's not en empty dir, the content will be hidden by the mount untils it's unmounted01:56
jezi22what is the problem?01:56
wolftunewell now: mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/mnt/testdir’: Read-only file system01:56
wolftuneeven though I did sudo01:56
_blkjezi22, be more descriptive. While installing what? Does it require you to be root?01:57
jezi22_blk: wait im gonna paste it.01:57
vashiduso im trying to upgrade a production box to 11.10 and im getting thishttp://ix.io/cgj01:57
_blkwolftune, sudo mount -o remount,rw / (or, unlikely, /mnt)01:57
daftykinswolftune: i'm going to have to head off now - good luck though!01:58
vashiduany thoughts on how the heck im gonna upgrade this box?01:58
wolftunedaftykins: ok, thanks, quick confirmation: I should try making a partition table on the USB?01:58
daftykinsvashidu: 11.10 is dead, you can't. clean install time01:58
wolftuneappreciate the help!01:58
bsdbanditanyone using cgroups ?01:58
jezi22_blk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7450244/01:58
daftykinswolftune: nah no need for any of that, dd'ing the ISO onto it would've made any necessary filesystem as long as you chose "/dev/sdx" and not for example "/dev/sdx2"01:59
ridethespiralI just reinstalled 14.04 and had to use nomodeset. Now my display looks like it is set to a low resolution but in display settings it shows 1280x76801:59
=== Blue_Knight is now known as woof
wolftunedaftykins: k01:59
wolftuneI'll keep trying01:59
=== woof is now known as woof-woof
ridethespiralerr nvm it is set to a low resolution, 1024x76801:59
xangua!eol | vashidu you can as minimum upgrade to 12.0401:59
ubottuvashidu you can as minimum upgrade to 12.04: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:59
vashidudaftykins: i just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.0402:00
vashidudont tell me about EOL crap02:00
daftykinsvashidu: drop that attitude02:00
daftykinsyou're running a dead OS. clean install time!02:00
ddsssweird issue: when I turn monitor off and on again -> it says cannot find signal and I can't get picture back on -> so I have to restart computer in those cases. Any ideas?02:00
woof-woofvashidu: I support old releases!02:01
bsdbandithey vashidu whats your issue ?02:01
ridethespiralAnyone? How can I get my resolution corrected after installing with nomodeset.. I'm using the intel i5 graphics and have my ati radeon disabled02:01
woof-woofvashidu: Go to #OLD_RELEASES02:02
ridethespiralfresh install of 14.0402:02
jezi22i am trying to install nginx and this is the problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7450244/ i tried googling with no luck.02:02
talsamonhello - how to downgrade icedtea-plugin from 1.5. to 1.42 (lubuntu 14.04)02:02
vashidudaftykins: sorry m8 a clean install isnt possibru02:03
_blkjezi22, not an expert on nginx but it looks like it's not setting up the required users correctly. Google might know.02:03
vashiduwoof-woof: how the heck then?02:03
jezi22_blk: i don't think it is nginx specifig... it is a problem in apt-get or dpkg.02:04
woof-woofjezi22: What's the issue?02:05
vashidubsdbandit: cant update from 11.04 to 10.10 to get to 12.04 or 13.0402:05
vashidubsdbandit: cant update from 11.04 to 11.10 to get to 12.04 or 13.0402:05
_blkjezi22, most certainly not. It seems to be a problem with the "acct" package script. try `apt-get -f install`02:06
jezi22woof-woof: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7450244/02:08
_blkjezi22, ..or remove the "acct" package, if that's possible (dependency-wise): apt-get remove acct02:08
jezi22_blk: is there a way to reinstall a package?02:09
vashidubsdbandit: i used to use cgroups but decided it wasnt worth it02:10
hjkhljezi22: sudo apt-get install --reinstall package02:10
bsdbanditoh wow02:11
vashidulike on my new shell server i just went no cgroups because of the amount of power i have.. but it just depends on the situation02:12
bsdbandithey vashidu just wanted to pick your brian for a second im setting up cgroups and i keep getting this error when trying to restart my apache server Invalid command 'CGROUP_DAEMON="memory:/http"', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration02:12
daveeejri cannot get my computer to show hibernate in the gui.  i can hibernate through the command line with "pm-hibernate" but followin the instructions of editing /etc/polki... have not worked.  it worked at one point, but no longer has any affect.  also, for a brief moment, when i first start up my laptop, a restart option is also in the power menu for about 10 seconds, but then dissappears02:13
daveeejrany advice? i am using 14.0402:13
AustnealI just installed NVIDIA drivers, and now Ubuntu will not boot :/02:13
vashiduAustneal: can you get into the recovery?02:13
AustnealI'm in root terminal now02:14
vashiduput up networking and replace nvidia with mesa02:14
AustnealHow would I do that?02:14
AustnealAlso, my only internet access is wireless... will that do?02:14
somsip!info php5 precise02:14
vashidui might get shun'd for the way i would help you..02:14
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.11 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB02:14
somsip!info php5 trusty02:14
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB02:15
Austnealvashidu as long as it works, IDC :P02:15
danitetuscantoma: Eres español?02:15
Austnealvashidu, I just dont have a wired connection02:16
vashiduAustneal: it should be fine02:16
Austnealvashidu Ok, I'm in the recovery screen. Select networking?02:17
vashidui mean if your on irc network is already up02:17
AustnealI'm on a tablet here02:17
Austneala windows tablet of all things :P02:17
vashiduhmm hangon02:18
AustnealI actually kinda like it lol02:18
jezi22i am having chown: invalid group: `root:adm' when installing02:18
Austnealvashidu, root terminal doesn't seem to be able to remove the NVIDIA drivers btw...02:18
vashiducan you do cat /var/log/dmesg | less02:19
vashiduthere should be a dmesg log inthere from your last boot02:19
vashidujust read the log and figure out why it didnt like it02:19
AustnealTONS of text02:19
vashiduyeah just goto the end and work your way up02:19
_blkjezi22, did you try removing that "acct" package that's causing this configuration error?02:20
vashiduits going to be after the current boot though02:20
AustnealI have no idea which one is the current02:20
vashidudo ls -l /var/log/dmes*02:20
vashiduitll probably be the .002:21
AustnealOk... I have the .0 open02:21
vashiduscroll down to the bottom02:22
vashiduwhat is the fail02:22
AustnealNothing about xserver or lighted02:22
AustnealWindows keyboard -.-02:22
vashiducan you run startx from the recovery console?02:22
AustnealYeah, got an error though02:23
vashiduwhats the error about02:23
AustnealServer terminated with error (1). Closing log file.02:23
jezi22_blk: yes and still no good... i am thinking there is something wrong in dpkg of this machine02:23
AustnealNo screens found02:23
jezi22i am running it on a server provisioned by someone not me02:23
vashidudo cat /etc/issue02:24
ridethespiralAnyone? How can I get my resolution corrected after installing with nomodeset.. I'm using the intel i5 graphics and have my ati radeon disabled02:24
_blkjezi22, so acct is gone, then "apt-get -f install" should run cleanly.. which would mean nothing wrong (anymore)02:24
vashiduwhat version of ubuntu are you running02:24
Austnealvashidu, empty02:25
vashiduuname -ar02:25
AustnealUbuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l02:25
vashiduk hangon02:25
vashidulsmod|grep nvidia02:26
Austnealok, found one02:26
AustnealNVidia 11334886   002:26
Austnealvashidu, NVidia 11334886   002:27
=== pakair is now known as pavlos
wolftunehey folks, I tried a bunch of things but I can't get a successful boot of my BIOS update ISO off a USB…02:28
vashidualright so all i see Austneal is that the drivers in ubuntu 14.04 are bugged and there is a bug report on it02:28
wolftuneI used dd to make it, also tried unetbootin, and I tried with secure boot on or off02:28
AustnealIf I can just uninstall these, that'd be great >.<02:29
AustnealI cant boot02:29
wolftuneall I can think is that I should BUY an external USB DVD drive and burn a physical disk02:29
vashiduyou probably have to replace them with whatever you installed them over02:29
AustnealI didn't install them over anything02:29
vashiduso you cant do apt-get -f remove nvidiadrivergoeshere02:29
wolftuneI can't figure out how to verify at all that I actually am getting anything correct on the USB when I try to move the ISO over…02:29
AustnealI was just noticing massive youtube lag with 720p video and thought "Oh, I never installed the NVidia drivers"02:30
daveeejrmy policykit doesn't seem to be working.  can anynone help with that?02:30
Austnealvashidu, Nope, it wont work02:30
daveeejrinformation doesn't seem to be read from some of the files02:30
vashiduAustneal: ive been getting that for months on my latest install of arch that boots in 2 seconds...02:30
Austnealoh wait... I think its working now02:30
dw1wolftune: interesting that mounting the .iso with "disk image mounter" in nautilus shows no files02:31
module000wolftune: if the ISO wasn't designed to be usb bootable, it's not going to boot without you tinkering with it first02:31
wolftuneHmm, I figured out how to mount the ISO and it appears empty02:31
dw1wolftune: yea02:31
=== TheDrums is now known as DalekSec
wolftunemodule000: it is designed to be bootable02:31
module000wolftune: most of those(like HP & lenovo) ISO BIOS updates run FreeDOS, and you can repack those with syslinux to boot from usb instead of CD02:31
Austnealvashidu, So its not a driver issue? because youtube is practically unusable02:31
wolftunemodule000: hmm…02:31
wolftunethat's sounds promising02:31
dw1wolftune: i was just going to try running freedos and copying the files from the .iso myself but no files in the .iso :)02:32
wolftunemodule000: it's this one:  http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS03211802:32
wolftunedw1: yeah, crazy, so what is that ISO? Why can't I see any files in it? Is it no good?02:32
PhlowHomeit has an internal fat filesystem, 7zip sees it02:32
dw1wolftune: its the same with version 1702:32
Austnealvashidu, Removed the NVidia drivers. Rebooting now.... and it works \o/02:32
wolftunedw1: version 17?02:33
wolftunePhlowHome: hmm ok02:33
dw1wolftune: yeah if you change the url from 18 to 17 you can get the older version02:33
_blkwolftune, the bios update doesn't rely on a filesystem that's why it appears empty02:33
wolftunedw1: but you're saying that doesn't help, right?02:33
dw1wolftune: right02:33
Austnealvashidu, I take that back.... now its hanging after the login screen02:33
wolftune_blk: ok thanks02:33
Austnealsooo glad I have all of my dev tools on windows xD02:34
module000wolftune: searching that Twist model & "usb bios update" gets this...it sounds like you aren't the only one: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-Edge-S-series/ThinkPad-S230u-usb-boot/td-p/97546702:34
ridethespiralJust installed 14.04 and had to use nomodeset to boot the live usb. Install went fine but now my resolution is really low and I can't change it. I've disabled my radeon discreet graphics and I am using the graphics of the intel i5...02:34
dw1PhlowHome: can you get the files with 7zip then ?02:34
vashiduAustneal: im not sure, im not running ubuntu as a primary anymore because of issues like these...02:34
module000wolftune: that doesn't have a good solution though, it ends with the poster just explaining how to disable secure boot.02:34
ridethespiralneeed halp lol02:35
PhlowHomedw1, not really02:35
wolftunemodule000: :( thanks though, damn02:35
module000wolftune: i have a lenovo x1 carbon at work, i had the same issue. i ended up burning it to a physical CD and booting it with a usb dvd drive02:35
wolftunemodule000: so I should just get a USB DVD drive I guess02:36
Austnealvashidu, Still not working. As soon as I log in I get "System program problem detected. Do you want to report the problem now?"02:36
AustnealThanks for that detailed info Ubuntu :/02:36
dw1wolftune: i dont see it making  difference when we cant even see the files in the .iso02:36
PhlowHomeit doesn't look like a uefi bootable image, so secure boot off, legacy boot on, and booting to the device as non-uefi should get you in02:37
limbo_everything but my cursor is frozen on my display? Any ideas what's causing this? killing Xorg fixed it last time, but that's no better than rebooting.02:38
dw1ive been trying in legacy mode nothing works02:38
daveeejrusing ubuntu 14.04 and the polkit doesnt seem to be working properly02:38
daveeejrcan anyone help me with that?02:38
rsawctrl+alt+f6  and f702:39
limbo_rsaw: are you talking to me?02:40
limbo_OK, I'm inside of tty1 at the minute02:40
limbo_ctrl+alt+f1, at least02:40
rsaw ctrl+alt+f702:41
rsawpress ctrl+alt f1 and ctrl+alt f7 it will fix freez02:42
limbo_that just brings me back to unity, with everything still frozen, except for the mouse cursor.02:42
limbo_the system doesn't seem to be frozen. it's just that nothing but the mouse cursor is being updated on the screen.02:45
=== Jake0720 is now known as Jake0720_
limbo_I can still start aplications and close them, as well as click on things.02:45
dw1wolftune: there are .exe versions on that page. i ran one with wine and it 'installed' and wanted to run a windows-based update utility02:46
dw1wolftune: http://support.lenovo.com/en_CA/downloads/detail.page?&DocID=DS03200002:46
dw1wolftune: unfortunately i dont see any DOS apps that might be run in FreeDOS made with unetbootin02:47
wolftunedw1: thanks02:48
=== TheUltimate|_| is now known as UltimateNate
AustnealAfter uninstalling and reinstalling NVidia drivers, when I log in, I get "Program problem detected" And lose the ability to click on anything.... any ideas?02:48
dw1wolftune: http://imagebin.org/31030202:49
limbo_Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing my problem? I don't know what exactly causes it, so I'm kind of at a loss for filing a bug report.02:51
dw1wolftune: :) http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/can-i-run-windows-7-from-a-live-usb-drive/02:51
wolftunedw1: will try those suggestions thanks02:54
dw1wolftune: if you have an extra hard drive you could install windows to it temporarily.. :/02:55
=== david is now known as aum
wolftuneugh :P02:55
dw1dont know whats up with the .isos :(02:56
dw1email them maybe02:56
aumhi - I'm trying to connect to an X server on a remote machine on my LAN. I can SSH into that machine, I have executed "xhost +" on that machine's terminal within X, but when I set DISPLAY and try to run xterm, I get "xterm: Xt error: Can't open display: <ip addr>:0.002:57
PhlowHomessh needs X11forwarding on I believe, that on?03:00
pavlosaum, I think you need to pass the DISPLAY parm in the ssh string. google for example.03:00
Douglas_someone can help me??(PT-BR)03:02
CarlFKaum: ssh -X juser@va03:03
nick0r0So I been having a really hard time with Epson and their printers. For some reason they stopped supporting Linux systems03:04
pavlosaum, http://askubuntu.com/questions/175902/remote-x-server-with-ssh-x03:04
nick0r0I have an Epson XP-310 series that suposedly has drivers available online to mitigate some of Epson's Ubuntu hate03:04
aumI am trying to set up Xdmx, and I don't think that can use ssh, it needs to be able to make direct TCP connection to a remote X server03:05
nick0r0Unfortunatley after downloading (directly from Epson site), "nothing" works right. Can scan but can't print proper03:06
nick0r0Using terminal, how do download and setup the necessary drivers to operate the printer properly?03:07
aumhow do i start up X server so it listens on a TCP port?03:08
nick0r0Also if you notice the site lists MULTIPLE packages that make the process more difficult than it needs to be http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/searchModule03:08
wolftunedw1: thanks for the help, I'm gonna try one last thing: turning to ONLY Legacy (I already tried UEFI only and "both" as settings)03:09
wolftuneif that doesn't work, I'll have to get a USB DVD drive…03:09
wolftunemaybe there's some way to borrow one if I can find someone who has one03:10
bsdbanditok im trying to setup cgroups and i noticed that i will have to add the CGROUPS_DAEMON= to the /etc/sysconfig/httpd.conf file where is this located on ubuntu linux ?03:12
bsdbanditi know where it is located on redhat linux03:12
nick0r0I'll take some suggestions now03:12
nick0r0Can someone please help?03:18
bsdbanditwhats up03:18
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akurilinHey, what's a good command-line based mp3 player for quickly playing individual files? I use cmus for my playlist, but it's not convenient since it's invalidated as soon as I move the files03:25
rypervencheakurilin: moc03:28
rypervencheakurilin: and run the mocp command to run it. I use it as my only music player.03:28
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
LonnieI have to agree with mocp Its the only music player I use as well03:30
pavlosbsdbandit, did you find it? I dont have the httpd package but can install and find the path03:36
lotuspsychje!info moc03:37
ubottumoc (source: moc): ncurses based console audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.5.0~beta1+svn20131120-1 (trusty), package size 213 kB, installed size 728 kB03:37
aarobcI hate having to reboot whenever I want to play something. Ugh.03:38
lotuspsychjerypervenche: tnx for this package hint :p03:38
morph__could someone help me setup a mail server on ubuntu server 12.0403:39
aarobcI'd have to charge you for it.03:40
morph__i can reciprocate with my advice aarobc03:41
morph__im quite amiliar with PHP and debian based distros03:42
morph__just never done this03:42
morph__ideally im looking for a deb package03:42
=== francesco_ is now known as frank92
morph__or umm03:42
morph__i can offer u a little hosting?03:42
ubottupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer03:42
morph__im more than happy to offer any server advice or seedbox etc etc03:43
morph__or give u some hosting03:43
morph__comes with ssh access03:43
pavlosbsdbandit, location is /etc/apache2/httpd.conf03:44
daveeejri am dying to get hibernate back in the menu.  please help.  it was there at one point but now has disappeared. pm-hibernate works. i have added the correct file to /etc/polkit-1... and I am using 14.04.  Can anyone help me?03:45
ice9is there a patch for wine to run windows games better?03:51
lotuspsychjeice9: you know playonlinux?03:55
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | ice903:56
ubottuice9: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.2-1 (trusty), package size 1107 kB, installed size 4208 kB03:56
ice9lotuspsychje: thanks I didn't know about it03:56
lotuspsychjeice9: if you have your best graphics driver for ubuntu, you will run best on wine03:57
lotuspsychje!appdb | ice903:57
ubottuice9: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:57
lotuspsychjeice9: also steam improved alot on gaming for ubuntu03:58
lotuspsychje!steam > ice903:58
ubottuice9, please see my private message03:58
brad__ /nick sencha03:59
=== brad__ is now known as sencha
ice9when I run a windows game using wine I get this error: Unhandled privileged instruction at address04:01
lotuspsychjeice9: did you check if you have correct graphics driver?04:01
ice9lotuspsychje: it's the one installed already in Ubuntu, I believe it's correct04:02
holsteinice9: see if there is a proprietary option for your hardware04:02
ice9holstein: no there isn't, I have Intel HD 400004:03
_blkice9, ubuntu comes with open drivers which may be the "best" but not the most performing ones04:03
_blkice9, oh yeah, no proprietary drivers for intel gfx04:03
holsteinice9: ok.. refer to wineHQ and see if there is helpful tips on how to run the unsupported application04:03
lotuspsychjeice9: not sure intel graphics will perform high end games04:04
morph__okay so i'll give some hosting with ssh access or help with other debian/ubuntu things if someone can help me set up webmail04:11
poisonarmsHello everyone. I'm running the latest desktop version of Ubuntu and I'm having trouble playing DVDs. I've installed these packages listed for DVD support here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/171026/how-to-install-all-existing-media-codecs and VLC and mplayer and xine. I still get errors in VLC like "VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/dvd1'." and xine times out. Anyone got any ideas?04:17
holsteinpoisonarms: timing out wont be the code error.. did you install what is needed?04:19
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:19
xuzaxhey everyone04:20
holsteinpoisonarms: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs specifially.. did you do those 2 commands?04:20
poisonarmsholstein, I ran: sudo apt-get -y install libdvdcss2 libdvdnav4 libdvdread4; sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh04:20
xuzaxpoisonarms: what are you getting when you do that?04:21
poisonarmsI'll try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras suggested by ubottu04:21
poisonarmsxuzax, that it's already installed04:21
holsteinpoisonarms: the guide states rebppting may be necessary..04:21
poisonarmsI did reboot04:21
xuzaxthats usually to ecrypt dvds04:21
holsteinpoisonarms: restricted extras is more.04:21
=== sc_ is now known as Guest4046
holsteinpoisonarms: the error you are stating reads that you are accessing the incorrect location for the DVD04:22
xuzaxi see, now04:22
=== inaddy is now known as tinoco
poisonarmsholstein, oh04:24
poisonarmsWell that explains it04:24
poisonarmsAaaaaaaaand it's actually working04:24
poisonarmsI'm a dumbass.04:24
dannni have very odd audio problem, im running 14.0404:26
=== geowany_ is now known as geowany
dannnby default my speakers and headphones make basting noise, like dial up, if i disable loopback in alsamixer it mutes all audio, if i re-enable loopback it works correctly04:28
poisonarmsHis speakers are turkeys.04:28
holsteindannn: did it ever work? with some other kernel/alsa/linux versikon?04:28
dannni have only tried 14.04 - it works fine in windows 7though04:29
dannni have to diable and re-enable loopback every time i turn on my computer04:29
holsteindannn: sure, and thats irrelevant, since you were promised windows support, but not linux support.. and linux is a different scenario, and cant always take advantage of your hardware manufacturers support04:30
dannni understand, just trying to point that i dont think its hardware issue04:30
holsteindannn: you should be able to find a way to script that, if you find that workaround is making your audio acceptable04:30
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=== No is now known as Guest45982
sing101singDoes anyone know how to promgram in java or c++ in ubuntu or linux04:36
holsteinsing101sing: try a programming channel..04:36
rwwFor Java, you'd want the package default-jdk. For C++, build-essential.04:37
sing101singholstein: what is a good programming channel that has a lot of people in it04:37
rwwApart from that, ##java and ##c++ should be helpful.04:37
someHumanHow do I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu? They are both already installed.04:38
holstein!dualboot | someHuman04:39
ubottusomeHuman: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:39
holsteinsomeHuman: if they are both installed, you should have installed windows first, and then ubuntu, then grub would have automatically offered to boot windows as well as ubuntu.. is that the case?04:40
holsteinsomeHuman: if not.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:40
sing101singDoes anyone know how to make a php server in ubuntu am trying to get into html programming but I need a website stand alone to make it.04:41
ubottuPHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. A command-line only version can be installed in Ubuntu with the "php5-cli" package. See also !lamp for integrated server PHP. The Ubuntu server PHP5 guide is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/php5.html04:42
morph__sure sing101sing04:42
holsteinsing101sing: just install it.. though, you may prefer something like http://www.turnkeylinux.org/lampstack to play around with.. or just use ubuntuserver in virtualbox, so you can save snapshots04:43
morph__apt-get install php5 php5-cli php5-common php5-dev php5-mysql php5-fpm php5-mcrypt php5-memcache php5-memcached04:44
morph__shoudl do it04:44
morph__or apt-get install lamp^ might do it04:44
morph__cant remember04:44
sobocanecbenHi, where can I find a version number of my installed pinguy OS?04:45
holsteinsobocanecben: ask the pinguyOS team.. usually uname -a will tell you a kernel version that can help04:45
pavlossobocanecben, lsb_release -a04:45
pavlossobocanecben, uname -a04:46
sobocanecbenThank you..04:46
babinlonstonHi all, I have setup-ed a Local DNS in Centos , masterdns.arrivu.local and while ping from ubuntu its not replying for masterdns.arrivu.local , I have added dns-nameserver in /etc/network/interface too but its not working, Any one guide me to fix the issue05:03
dw1babinlonston: think a local hostname would be need to set up in a DNS zone or /etc/hosts05:05
dw1babinlonston: why not just use
dw1babinlonston: i use dhcp, so i installed bind9 and added nameserver to the end of /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head05:08
dw1babinlonston: and added my 2 dhcp-provided nameservers and as forwarders in named.conf.options for good measure05:09
not_phunyguybabinlonston, as far as your dns server setup in CentOS is concerned, which is where I suspect the problem is, we may not be able to help you much with that05:10
dw1oh yeah, not ubuntu :p05:11
not_phunyguywinxplague, please don't do that.05:11
not_phunyguythis is not the channel for it.05:12
babinlonstonOk i have installed DNS in with hostname masterdns.arrivu.local. And my client machine , now I'm pinging from client machine to dns using ping masterdns.arrivu.local its not replying for ping and if i run dig masterdns.arrivu.local the query was successfully, so what may be the issue05:12
babinlonstonnot_phunyguy: Ubuntu was my Client machine and im facing issue in ubuntu machines not in centos05:12
not_phunyguydoes centos have a firewall?05:13
babinlonstonOnly one server here it build with centos and other are client machine there are 30 client machines with ubuntu 12.0405:13
dw1babinlonston: how is the client supposed to find out that hostname05:13
babinlonstonnot_phunyguy: no its disabled05:13
not_phunyguybabinlonston, well if the client is resolving it, but ping isn't... that leads me to believe it's the ping that isn't working... not the lookup.05:13
winxplaguei know not_phunyguy , sorry05:16
winxplaguewon't happen again05:16
not_phunyguywrong channel I assume?05:17
babinlonstonnot_phunyguy: Please have a look here http://paste.ubuntu.com/7450775/05:17
winxplagueon a more relevant note, do any of you actually use rhythmbox05:17
winxplaguei find it rather inadequate and buggy05:18
dw1babinlonston: ping the ip. if it doesnt work then its not dns issue05:18
babinlonstondw1 u right its pinging for IP05:18
babinlonstondw1: yes its pinging for ip but while i ping for hostname its not replying , what may be the issue , but other Distributions can ping with hostname and ip only i have issue in ubuntu05:19
dw1babinlonston: and host returns the ip ?05:19
babinlonstondw1: sysadmin@localhost:~$ ping
babinlonstonPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.05:19
babinlonston64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.482 ms05:19
babinlonston64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.454 ms05:19
dw1babinlonston: host <hostname> returns the ip ?05:20
babinlonstonsysadmin@localhost:~$ ping masterdns.arrivu.local05:20
babinlonstonping: unknown host masterdns.arrivu.local05:20
not_phunyguywinxplague, please take offtopic banter to #ubuntu-offtopic05:20
babinlonstondw1: sysadmin@localhost:~$ host masterdns.arrivu.local05:21
babinlonstonmasterdns.arrivu.local has address
babinlonstondw1: yes its giving05:21
dw1babinlonston: hmm05:21
babinlonstonWill provide the interface entry05:22
babinlonstondw1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7450789/05:23
dw1babinlonston: you might want to ask in ##networking05:23
dw1babinlonston: i am far from expert :)05:23
babinlonstondw1: ok fine thanks05:23
hmmwhatsthisdo|LAnyone have any experience rescuing a dying single-partition NTFS volume using raw-copy utilities like dd/ddrescue?05:24
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: no, but you might try http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk with sudo apt-get install testdisk05:25
winxplaguei thought that was on topic because it ships with ubuntu currently sry im gonna go rtfm05:27
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldw1: does that have error-recovery tools, such as re-reading "bad" sectors?05:28
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: "If there are read errors, TestDisk might hang. Stressing your hard disk can increase the amount of bad sectors. Would it be possible to clone your disk?"05:31
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Damaged_Hard_Disk05:32
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldw1: fwict the issue is with the PCB of the drive, not the platters - however, I don't want to run standard dd et. al., which would just write 0 for any bad data unless it's really bad05:40
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Damaged_Hard_Disk#The_best_method:_Antonio_Diaz.27s_GNU_.27ddrescue.2705:41
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: dont know if it writes 0 or whatever sorry05:41
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: not sure the best recovery for PCB05:41
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: http://google.com/search?q=data+recovery+failing+PCB05:47
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: g/l05:47
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: maybe try ##hardware05:47
meek_geekhow to auto start dnscrypt-proxy on every reboot ?05:50
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldw1: thanks05:53
hmmwhatsthisdo|LI was able to get the drive to present to BIOS and boot to it, but by the time I realized "holy shit it's working" and rebooted into my LiveCD to start recovery it was gone05:54
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lmy guess is the PCB is causing it to fail to initialize05:54
VoyageI am following this tutorial http://www.installationpage.com/selenium/how-to-run-selenium-headless-firefox-in-ubuntu/  and getting this error (nothing happens and it keeps stuck on this) http://pastie.org/916758105:54
=== veebull is now known as veebull_away
xhadAfter a install my BIOS freezes when my ssd is connected.06:05
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: "ddrescue does not truncate the output file if not asked to. So, every time you run it on the same output file, it tries to fill in the gaps." http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/ddrescue/06:21
VoyageI am following this tutorial http://www.installationpage.com/selenium/how-to-run-selenium-headless-firefox-in-ubuntu/  and getting this error (nothing happens and it keeps stuck on this) http://pastie.org/916758106:27
=== bodhi32 is now known as obobobok
vedicHey guys, I am running 12.04 64bit. I can play audio file youtube video but I can't record my own voice. I tried arecord test.wav and then tried playing back test.wav there is no audio in it.06:32
=== fira_ is now known as fcl4
fcl4hi, i am new to linux. is there a way to lock the ip config so it will ask root password for every change?06:37
dw1fcl4: maybe if you set up the connection manually and remove network-manager06:39
fcl4dw1: is that the only way?06:40
fcl4can standard linux account ( non admin ) change the ip configuration via network manager?06:40
fcl4i am not in front of my linux pc right now06:41
dw1fcl4: http://askubuntu.com/questions/283142/how-can-i-restrict-users-fom-changing-network-settings-and-adding-new-connection06:41
dw1fcl4: yes06:41
dw1fcl4: its for users to change the network06:41
dw1fcl4: "in order to achieve what you want, you should disable NetworkManager and use the init system to restrict the connection"06:41
fcl4dw1: big thanks06:42
fcl4going to read that and try06:42
=== vaios is now known as Guest34441
VoyageI am following this tutorial http://www.installationpage.com/selenium/how-to-run-selenium-headless-firefox-in-ubuntu/  and getting this error (nothing happens and it keeps stuck on this) http://pastie.org/916758107:02
dw1Voyage: take that first line starting with [dix] and put it into google.  see results. :)07:03
Voyagedw1,  http://pastie.org/916769807:08
dw1continue your google Voyage http://google.com/search?q=Xvfb+Xlib%3A+extension+"RANDR"+missing+on+display07:09
meek_geekdnscrypt-proxy would not uninstall07:09
xeonid_hi guys07:10
dw1meek_geek: why not07:10
salsero|2hi heliumid_07:10
meek_geekdw1, http://dnscrypt.org/07:11
meek_geekinstalled using these steps07:11
meek_geeknow apt cannot find it07:11
dw1meek_geek: custom compiling and installing cant really be supported officially07:13
artexis it possible to get help here?07:13
dw1meek_geek: i would google uninstall dnscrypt07:13
meek_geekdw1, what 2 do now?07:14
StarOnDHello, is there a software for ubuntu which will allow me to see Dlink ADSL modem lights on my screen?07:14
dw1artex: possibly07:14
dw1StarOnD: no07:14
dw1StarOnD: unless you put a webcam up there and monitored it :p07:14
artexi'm at work and my ubuntu won't start07:14
salsero|2define wont start07:15
StarOnDshould not be 2 difficult to write such software07:15
artexthis is the error, it's scrolling over my screen07:15
artex[x.x] nouveau E[ PFIF0] SUBIF00: ch 1 [DRM] subc 0 mthd 0x0000 data 0x0000000007:15
artexthe [x.x]  is increasing all the time07:15
dw1StarOnD: yes it should.. youd have to customize the modem firmware07:15
dw1StarOnD: plus it still probably wont be possible07:16
salsero|2tried using nvidia drivers?07:16
artexproblem started after upgrading to latest lts07:16
artexi am using nvidia drivers07:16
artexbut they seem to fail after the upgrade07:16
dw1StarOnD: its a simple device not really for serious programming or networking tasks07:16
dw1StarOnD: it just reads, transforms and passes the signal07:17
xeonid_artex: did you update the drivers ?07:17
artexhow can I update without being able to boot?07:17
xeonid_artex: check with nouveau if work , nvidia.com download latest driver for linux07:18
Ben64you shouldn't install nvidia from their website, that is unsupported here07:19
dw1StarOnD: if its a modem+router combo you might be able to get more information with an automated login to admin area script07:19
xeonid_artex: ctrl+alt + f107:19
xeonid_artex: so try to install from apt07:19
dw1StarOnD: like this guy did http://coredump.matthewsmith.id.au/2013/11/use-curl-to-log-adsl-modem-status/07:19
artexi'll try07:19
dw1StarOnD: basically youd be logging in browsing web pages and parsing the data07:20
artexjust apt-get install nameofDriver07:20
artexsudo probably07:20
artexi'll get back07:20
xeonid_artex: apt-cache search nvidia07:20
xeonid_artex:  this will show all packages of nvidia07:21
Ben64usually the package is nvidia-current, but you should use the hardware drivers tool to install them07:21
xeonid_Ben64: without X11 is it possible?07:21
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Ben64without x11 why would you need nvidia drivers?07:21
artexX11 won't start07:22
artexso how can I use hardware drivers tool07:22
artexthis is the error on boot:07:22
=== Sway is now known as Sway|away
artex[x.x] nouveau E[ PFIF0] SUBIF00: ch 1 [DRM] subc 0 mthd 0x0000 data 0x0000000007:22
artexx.x keeps rising07:22
Ben64oh, jockey doesn't exist in 14.04 anymore07:23
artexhow to fix it?07:23
xeonid_maybe better way is to  boot from ubuntu 14.04LTS cd/dvd and install without deleting /home/user07:23
xeonid_if you can't access to shell07:24
artexi can do that, but it would cost a lot of work07:24
Ben64artex: try "ubuntu-drivers"07:24
xeonid_artex: or any live cd and chroot to ubuntu then install drivers07:25
artexchroot, long time ago :-)07:25
artexwill need to look it up07:25
artexThanks guys07:25
dw1artex: http://tinyurl.com/ubchroot #3-707:25
Ben64or just use ubuntu-drivers tool? :D07:25
artexwill post back07:25
artexoh, good link07:25
JC_Yanghi, all. I need python-bzutils package, but the default repository say it's not found. where can I get it safely?07:26
JC_Yang14.04 LTS here07:26
dw1JC_Yang: seems not to be found in trusty... you could try the saucy package if theres no conflicts http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/all/python-bzutils/download07:27
xeonid_JC_Yang: or build it from source :>07:28
Ben64using packages for a different version of ubuntu is a bad idea07:28
dw1no warranty* :p07:28
geirhaJC_Yang: Go virtualenv + pip, maybe07:29
dw1JC_Yang: hmm it is on launchpad https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+package/python-bzutils07:30
dw1JC_Yang: but was deleted from repos for some reason07:31
=== falk is now known as Guest76144
JC_Yangthank u man, I'd like to try to build it from source, hope I can make it07:39
dw1JC_Yang: just use the launchpad or saucy .deb - they are the same :P07:39
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meek_geekanyone knows how to uninstall dnscrypt-proxy07:48
kdzdid you install it via apt-get meek_geek?07:49
meek_geekkdz, not via website instructions07:50
fishspongedoes anyone know how to get the number of inodes used and available on a BTRFS filesystem over NFS? Usually I type "df -i", but with a BTRFS filesystem over NFS it's showing "0" for everything... any ideas??07:50
VoyageXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":99".07:50
kdzmeek_geek did you install from source?07:50
geirhameek_geek: If you still have the build dir, and the project's makefile has an uninstall target, you may be able to uninstall it by cd-ing into that dir and running sudo make uninstall07:51
kdzyeah wat geirha said07:51
meek_geekkdz, yep i download tar and then make install07:51
geirhafishsponge: run df -i on the host that actually has the btrfs07:52
fishspongeI can't SSH into the host, sadly... it's a ReadyNAS box with SSH disabled...07:52
kdzthats sad07:53
kdzssh is your friend07:53
meek_geekgeirha, kdz would the config files also go with this command ?07:53
fishspongeOn my ReadyNAS Duo, over NFS I can see the inodes... but my ReadyNAS 104 seems to be running BTRFS filesystem, which isn't telling me the number of inodes over NFS...07:53
kdzmeek_geek only if you add the remove all command witch geirha will explain07:53
fishspongersync is enabled on the ReadyNAS... but there's no way to get inodes over rsync protocol of course... so how do I do it over NFS with the BTRFS filesystem on there?07:54
geirhameek_geek: Likely not07:57
meek_geekgeirha, after uninstall can i remove the respective share dir ?07:57
geirhameek_geek: If it's still there, then there probably wasn't an uninstall07:58
=== mike_ is now known as Guest99876
fishspongedoes anyone know how to get the number of inodes used and available on a BTRFS filesystem over NFS? Usually I type "df -i", but with a BTRFS filesystem over NFS it's showing "0" for everything... any ideas??07:59
meek_geekgeirha, but its empty unlike before07:59
=== harsh is now known as Guest99639
meek_geekGuest99639, hi08:03
dw1meek_geek: for the future you may want to look into 'checkinstall' which creates packages out of source compilations http://bootpolish.net/home_howto_uninstallapplicationsinstalledfromsource08:05
dw1meek_geek: to remove it is also possible to re-run the install with checkinstall then uninstall the package08:09
dw1meek_geek: instead of doing it manually08:09
meek_geekdw1, so checkinstall create a deb package ?08:09
dw1meek_geek: yeah08:09
meek_geekdw1, how to use it ?08:10
meek_geekmake install ?08:10
BluewolfAnyone know if there is a program that will operate my Canon Pixma MG1240 scanner, I have a program called scangearmp which is not running the gedit file?08:10
dw1meek_geek: its there at the link08:10
dw1meek_geek: checkinstall make install08:10
dw1Bluewolf: scangearmp works for me08:11
dw1Bluewolf: but it doesnt seem to save options .. what gedit file ?08:11
metalbrickHow can I set the swappiness correctly in Ubuntu08:11
dw1metalbrick: http://askubuntu.com/questions/103915/how-do-i-configure-swappiness08:12
metalbrickI set it using `sudo sysctl vm/swappiness=1`08:12
cloudy_nzBluewolf: I used to use XSane08:12
metalbrickhowever the swap still was used immediately when the RAM is over 80%08:13
Bluewolfdw1: It also worked for me on Mint 14, now that I have moved to Ubuntu 14.04 it won't run. The packages I downloaded have a number of addon packages and a file which has the scangear but it has an INSTALL file which can be opened with gedit, that file is supposed to open int the terminal to run scangear which its not.08:13
metalbrickand `cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness` will output `1`08:13
Bluewolfcloudy_nz: I recall trying it and id did not work.08:14
dw1Bluewolf: i just run scangearmp & at terminal08:15
dw1Bluewolf: dont know bout that INSTALL file08:15
dw1Bluewolf: cant remember how i installed it...08:16
Bluewolfdw1: Sorry not sure exactly how to explain the package to you other than naming them, the .sh files are not running as they should and I have ticked the box in properties?08:16
Bluewolfdw1: Do can I run a command to run that INSTALL file in the termianl?08:17
CornishPastyBluewolf: INSTALL files are instructions on how to install08:18
CornishPastyThey're essentially a more specific README08:19
dw1Bluewolf: find the debian package on canon's site.. like http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/contents/ASIA/EN/0100302702.html but for your printer08:19
BluewolfCornishPasty: dw1: This is what is in the install file but I'm not sure what it means or what to do - http://pastebin.com/GUKkJjYF08:20
dw1Bluewolf: i dont see your model at http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/?personal08:22
dw1Bluewolf: for a manual install you would follow the INSTALL and run the 3 commands... but a .deb package is preferable08:23
=== Timmy_ is now known as Guest88005
Bluewolfdw1:  .deb package is preferable, There are .deb packages that install the drivers?08:25
dw1Bluewolf: canon may have them08:25
dw1Bluewolf: choose your model and click software/drivers08:25
fishspongedoes anyone know how to get the number of inodes used and available on a BTRFS filesystem over NFS? Usually I type "df -i", but with a BTRFS filesystem over NFS it's showing "0" for everything... any ideas??08:26
dw1Bluewolf: at the last link i sent08:26
PhlowHomeWhy does each user also have a group with the same name?08:27
kdzPhlowHome i also thought it was strange but its a great feature. special with jailing on proftpd08:28
Bluewolfdw1: It appears they don't have it - Canon Pixma MG124008:28
dw1Bluewolf: are you sure.... nothing on google for that model08:29
dw1Bluewolf: are you sure thats the model08:33
Bluewolfdw1: So far nothing there ether, strange as its not as if I have not had it working in Linux. I have been on linux for years and have been running this printer fine. The packages I have work, there was only one package which would not install through the Software Center, maybe it is the reason it is not running?08:33
hmmwhatsthisdo|LDoes anyone know how to get a RAID 1 array managed by an Intel ICH-10R chip to show up as one device in Ubuntu?08:35
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: hardware raid should handle all that and make it seem like one device, no?08:35
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: <- noob08:36
=== ePirat is now known as Guest74590
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldw1: so it would seem08:36
hmmwhatsthisdo|LI'm not sure if it's hardware raid or "hardware" raid08:37
kdzaint raid1 mirror ?08:37
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: well software raid wouldnt need a special 'chip'08:37
kdzso what are you mirroring08:37
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldw1: hopefully the windows install on another drive08:37
=== Guest74590 is now known as ePirat
kdzdid you setup your bios to use "raid"08:38
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lonce I get the drives to sync up I'm going to dump the old drive onto the array08:38
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lkdz: yeah08:38
=== airon is now known as Guest9600
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lkdz: what?08:39
* Spidernet is away: The Spider always crawls08:41
* Spidernet is back (gone 00:00:03)08:41
hmmwhatsthisdo|LFWICT the only way to use a raid array like this on both Windows and Ubuntu AND boot windows off of said RAID is to use hardware "raid"08:41
k1l!away > Spidernet08:41
ubottuSpidernet, please see my private message08:41
fishspongedoes anyone know how to get the number of inodes used and available on a BTRFS filesystem over NFS? Usually I type "df -i", but with a BTRFS filesystem over NFS it's showing "0" for everything... any ideas??08:43
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lkdz: any help?08:48
hmmwhatsthisdo|LI'm guessing dmraid is needed, but I have no idea how to pilot this thing08:48
kdzhmmwhatsthisdo|L oh i was just asking questions08:49
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Bluewolf dw1: When I try and install this package cnijfilter-mg2100series in the Software Center is saying - Dependency is not satisfiable: libtiff4. Just installed the Scangear on 12.04, so it looks like this is the package needed to get it working?08:51
aumhi - having trouble with Xdmx. I can run it ok, there are no font path issues, but when I open up program windows, they show up without any text displaying08:51
gry-what is apparmor and can I turn it off?08:52
dw1Bluewolf: well you can get the package here (64bit) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/amd64/libtiff4/3.9.5-2ubuntu1.608:53
dw1Bluewolf: scangear might be a separate package - not sure08:53
dw1Bluewolf: oh you install it nm08:54
dw1gry-: google should tell you what it is... i have never needed to turn it off, myself.08:55
dw1gry-: which is why i know very little about it :)08:55
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lkdz: I found a driver for the firmware RAID chip my mobo uses, but the drivers are for RHEL and SUSE08:56
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lwhich is more like ubuntu?08:56
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: prety sure RHEL uses RPM08:57
Bluewolfdw1: Yeah I installed it on my laptop which has Ubuntu 12.04 (No problems and just like Mint), But now in 14.04 it wont install that one package in the software center which I think is essential to getting it running. How can I install it through the terminal?08:57
dw1Bluewolf: which package08:57
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: http://google.com/search?q=Intel+ICH-10R+ubuntu08:58
gry-more like rhel indeed08:58
gry-but i wouldnt expect drivers to be hard to repackage if theyre already coded08:58
gry-like theyre already using some linux-ey stuff.. probably already compiled or something08:58
gry-yadda yadda yadda do.. asking everyone to google is not good but i wont complain much, i know this folk will yell if its useless08:59
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldw1: I have drivers up to RHEL6.108:59
dw1Bluewolf: http://askubuntu.com/questions/449571/dependency-is-not-satisfiable-libtiff4-when-trying-to-install-lightworks-on-ubu08:59
hmmwhatsthisdo|Land SLES1108:59
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dw1Bluewolf: looks like you have to install the saucy package if you want libtiff409:00
=== Float is now known as string
dw1Bluewolf: no guarantees...09:00
Voyage$ xrandr -d :9909:00
VoyageRandR extension missing09:00
Bluewolfdw1: I see that, let me give it a try :D09:01
fishspongedoes anyone know how to get the number of inodes used and available on a BTRFS filesystem over NFS? Usually I type "df -i", but with a BTRFS filesystem over NFS it's showing "0" for everything... any ideas??09:01
dw1gry-: most of what i do is google to help people.. but if i teach them how to help themselves it serves them better.. :)09:06
dw1gry-: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AppArmor09:06
Bluewolfdw1: Is this the package I am to install? - Tag Image File Format Library (TIFF), transitional package  libtiff4-dev:i38609:06
dw1Bluewolf: no09:07
dw1Bluewolf: http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/amd64/libtiff4/download09:07
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=== Htbrdd1 is now known as Htbrdd
dw1gry-: basically its a wrapper that locks down programs from doing certain things09:10
VoyageRandR extension missing09:10
VoyageXvfb :21 -screen 0 1024x768x24 -extension RANDR &09:10
Voyageany help?09:10
dw1gry-: so even if a program contains an exploit it may not be able to do as much harm09:10
Bluewolfdw1: Okay it worked!, the package is installed. Sadly the other package has decided it has an issue with life - Dependency is not satisfiable: scangearmp-common (>=1.80)  what now?09:13
dw1Bluewolf: get scangearmp-common and install it :)09:13
Bluewolfdw1: I'm confused - scangearmp-common_1.80-1_amd64 is the package which is installed?09:15
gry-this internet is crap09:15
gry-https://pastee.org/dxfzz in dmesg, internet keeps hopping, what to do?09:15
dw1Bluewolf: hmm, that should satisfy it09:15
dw1Bluewolf: you are on 64bit and all packages are 64 bit right09:16
dw1Bluewolf: amd64 wont satisfy an i386 package09:16
CornishPastygry-: blame demon :P09:16
smoxhey guys, I have a new Laptop with an Intel Iris pro 5200 and have some little graphicbugs, is here anyone who knows how I can update/patch my videodrivers?? :)09:16
Bluewolfdw1: I'm sure there 64 bit, scangearmp-common_1.80-1_i386.deb is also installed?09:17
gry-CornishPasty, what do I do to it for it to work? i can't even load couple web pages without it resetting09:17
dw1Bluewolf: hmm09:18
dw1Bluewolf: are you sure they're installed?  dpkg -l | grep scangear09:19
CornishPastygry-: Is it WPA2-enterprise?09:20
gry-CornishPasty, absolutely no idea09:20
CornishPastyAlso, this is gonna sound stupid, but have you tried rebooting, gry-?09:21
Bluewolfdw1: I take its not installed09:22
Bluewolfdw1: There are two packages which are not installed out of the 8 I have, the one is coming up with Dependency is not satisfiable: libtiff4 again. Though the other package that said that is installed?09:22
gry-i know it is wpa2 but the rest is greek to me09:22
CornishPastygry-: Are you at home or an office? Do you log in with username/password or just a pre-filled password?09:23
dw1gry-: its possible a neighbour is sending deauthentication packets trying to capture your login handshake to crack it :)09:23
CornishPastydw1: looks like it's a local deauth09:24
dw1Bluewolf: hard to say .. keep fiddling :/09:25
CornishPastyHmm, OUI looks like it's a Netgear09:25
* CornishPasty has found the problem09:26
gry-CornishPasty: home, only password, it's not prefilled09:26
Bluewolfdw1: That package you gave me to download is amd64 I think I need i386.deb?09:26
BluewolfDon't I?09:26
dw1Bluewolf: possibly09:26
dw1Bluewolf: but if yoru system supports 64 you should use all 6409:26
CornishPastygry-: I'm afraid I don't really know of any other suggestions. According to the deauth reasons, it *could* be the router09:27
Bluewolfdw1: Ah where do I find it because there is nothing on that site you gave me, I try to but lack of knowledge about lots of things (Linux in general does not help :D)09:27
dw1Bluewolf: just replace the amd64 with i386 in the URL: http://packages.ubuntu.com/eo/saucy/i386/libtiff4/download09:28
Bluewolfdw1: Okay trying now :D09:28
parapanhi fellows > can someone recommend an application to keep track of different changes in softwares , versions, but also private data ?09:29
gry-CornishPasty, works fine for 2-3 other computers09:29
parapanit doesn't have to be extremely complex ..just to do the task ...09:29
dw1Bluewolf: try not to end up with duplicates of everything. :)09:32
dw1Bluewolf: i would try for all i386 or all amd64 with related stuff09:33
dw1Bluewolf: otherwise parts of the driver may not be able to talk to each other :/09:33
Bluewolfdw1: I fear that is the foolish mistake I am battling with, Confirm with my 64bit requires i386 packages installed?09:34
dw1Bluewolf: you should do one or the other ideally09:34
=== DrJae is now known as Jae
Bluewolfdw1: Understood, now my Software Center has gone funny. Its like frozen halfway through an install and when I close it an start it up its still the same? - Why do my computer issues get worse :)09:37
hmmwhatsthisdo|LGod, I feel like a fool09:37
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ltrying to run make for ddrescue, and getting "c++: command not found"09:38
BluewolfTry me :D09:38
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lgcc is installed09:38
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: sudo apt-get install gcc++09:38
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lsays it's selecting a ton of packages for regexes09:39
hmmwhatsthisdo|L"E: unable to correct problems, you have broken packages"09:39
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: hmmwhatsthisdo|L maybe its g++ i forget09:40
hmmwhatsthisdo|LNow I really feel like a fool for not trying that09:40
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lthought it would have come with gcc09:40
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: yeah it doesnt09:40
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lat least the drive is presenting itself to the computer now09:40
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lhopefully I can pull everything off of it and onto the RAID09:41
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
SaeedullahHello All friend09:43
Saeedullahi hope u are all fine & doing well09:43
gry-Hello. How can I help you?09:43
Saeedullahi want to share folder in ubuntu 12.0409:43
Saeedullahhow can possible to share it?09:43
PhlowHomewhat's the ubuntu version of /usr/libexec ?09:43
Bluewolfdw1: After installing the package successfully my Software Center does not acknowledge that is installed as there is still an install button, why?09:44
Saeedullah12.04 version09:44
dw1Bluewolf: and it shows in dpkg -l | grep <package> in terminal as installed (ii at left column)09:44
gry-Saeedullah: Ah. Give me a minute.09:44
Saeedullahokay friend09:45
Saeedullahgry brother09:45
dw1Bluewolf: ?09:45
PeErLesSwhats the command that tells me whats the largest folder (in terms of content) in the current path?09:45
Bluewolfdw1: Yeah it does?09:46
gry-Saeedullah: install samba and install smbfs, then you can share folders by right-click I believe.09:47
dw1Bluewolf: sounds good.. :/09:47
gry-PeErLesS: "ncdu" is really good for this.09:47
PeErLesSgry-: thanks09:47
gry-PeErLesS: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-_MZMwAVJYoA/TqwarN6O7eI/AAAAAAAABcE/qXAiqDA6hss/s1600/folder-size-ncdu.png09:48
cactuswizardis lubuntu light enough to run smoothly on netbook?09:48
gry-PeErLesS: No problem.09:48
dw1cactuswizard: yeah09:48
gry-cactuswizard: Depends on the specs.09:48
Saeedullahgry- brotheri samba on the internet or unbuntu already have builitn09:48
dw1cactuswizard: pretty happy with it on a weak acerOne09:49
gry-Saeedullah, both samba and sambafs are installed, but you do not see 'share' option by right-click?09:49
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lnow, better question09:49
hmmwhatsthisdo|LAnyone used ddrescue to clone a drive?09:49
hmmwhatsthisdo|LI need to know what options I should use/add if I'm reading to/from /dev/sdX and /dev/mapper devices09:50
Saeedullahi share but i want to access from windows xp give me this information message you don't have permisssion09:50
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lthe manual mentions something about possibly specifying the size if it's a raw device, but I'm not sure if those are considered raw devices or something else09:50
Saeedullahhow can solved this problem09:50
Voyage. how to setup proper env vars?     I mean for all consoles?09:51
gry-Saeedullah: Oh. I see.09:51
cactuswizardgry-: i don't remember the specs atm, been about two years without any use but maybe i'll give it a try anyway09:51
rameshdahiyaCan anyone tell me, I updated the openssl version using download and compile, do i need to recompile apache to fix the heartbleed issue ?09:51
Bluewolfdw1: Yeah they all have ii on the left column and are all i386. The INSTALL file is still not running. libtiff4 there are two amd64 in the terminal.09:52
dw1Bluewolf: the 3 commands in the INSTALL file would be run manually, but shouldnt be needed because you installed a package version of scangear09:53
dw1Bluewolf: so what happens when you type scangearmp09:53
Bluewolfdw1: Belive it or not but it runs :D. But why does it have to be typed in the terminal?09:55
hmmwhatsthisdo|LAnyone? I don't want to botch this and break the drive09:55
dw1Bluewolf: you can add an icon to run it if you like09:55
dw1Bluewolf: or alt-f209:56
rameshdahiyadoes the recompilation of apache is necessary after upgrading the openssl version09:56
Bluewolfdw1: I see, I have locked it to the unity bar and it works fine. How do I add an icon?09:57
dw1Bluewolf: but as far as i know it doesnt automatically add a menu item09:57
dw1Bluewolf: good question :)09:57
dw1rameshdahiya: you shouldnt have to compile apache ever09:59
Bluewolfdw1: Yeah, I have a thing about making things worse :D. That file that is running is not from my INSTALL is it?09:59
dw1rameshdahiya: its available as a package in the standard repositories09:59
Voyage file  /etc/environment    making and entry in this file of      DISPLAY=;99 would make an env var for all consoles        no?10:00
dw1Bluewolf: as far as i can tell you never ran the commands from the install file you just looked at it10:00
dw1Bluewolf: or did you run that make, make install stuff in terminal?10:01
hmmwhatsthisdo|Loh. my. god.10:01
hmmwhatsthisdo|LI think it's working10:01
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lddrescue is saying it's not finding any errors yet10:01
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: maybe its just a loose cable :p10:02
hmmwhatsthisdo|LI think the issue is PCB-related10:02
Bluewolfdw1: No all I did was type scangearmp in the terminal and it worked, when I try and double click the INSTALL file it just opens up in gedit and thats it.10:02
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lit wasn't identifying itself to the bios and was making some nasty clicks10:02
dw1Bluewolf: yeah then its running from the package10:02
dw1Bluewolf: the INSTALL is just a readme file telling you what commands to run.  reading it doesnt do anything10:02
hmmwhatsthisdo|LI think it was the PCB thinking it couldn't initialize the disk and urgently parking the heads10:03
dw1Bluewolf: a lot of source packages have an INSTALL file that is just a readme10:03
dw1Bluewolf: its not meant to be executed10:03
dw1Bluewolf: you read it to find out what to execute. :)10:04
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lcan anyone think of a safe way to check whether or not the output disk is actually getting data?10:04
hmmwhatsthisdo|Land not just all 0s?10:04
Bluewolfdw1: Yeah but on the Ubuntu 12.04 the INSTALL file is how I was running it, it was being executed because I set it in properties?10:04
dw1Bluewolf: that sounds impossible..  the INSTALL file wouldnt run even if you made it executable10:05
dw1Bluewolf: unless it had a #!/bin/sh at the top line telling it what shell to use10:05
dw1Bluewolf: and you would notice a bunch of errors10:05
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldw1: I've seen INSTALL files that were scripts10:05
dw1hmmwhatsthisdo|L: more often its install.sh10:05
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lthere were manual build instructions that were commented out10:06
VoyageI want to set DISPLAY=:99 for ALL users/ apps and consoles. How can I set it up. ? (using export DISPLAY=:99 only gives me that for current console session) .10:06
Bluewolfdw1: I'm telling you because its working now in my Ubuntu 12.04 and there is no bash! at the top (I can put everything in that gedit file onto pastebin for you to see) the only file that has bash! at the top is called autogen.sh.10:07
Bluewolfdw1: And there were no errors ether?10:07
dw1Bluewolf: go into the folder with INSTALL in terminal.  move it to its own isolated directory (mkdir x; cp INSTALL x) then make it executable (cd x; chmod +x INSTALL) then try to run it (./INSTALL) see what happens :)10:09
Bluewolfdw1: Ah yeah you lost me, but seriously in 12.04 thats how I was running it bu the INSTALL file after installing those packages10:11
dw1Bluewolf: strange :)10:11
SaeedullahHello All friend10:12
Saeedullahi share puble folder now i access from another computer give me this message You might not have permission to use this network resource10:12
Bluewolfdw1: I found strange results appear when I am combined with a computer, it must be a talent of mine which are mostly bad :D10:13
Saeedullahhow can possible to access to open this folder from another system10:13
=== zokko_ is now known as zokko
Saeedullahi shared folder in ubuntu10:13
dw1Bluewolf: haha :)10:13
dw1Bluewolf: only way to learn :)10:13
SaeedullahYou might not have permission to use this network resource10:13
Bluewolfdw1: And I'm still learning, this is whats in the install file as is nothing changed- http://pastebin.com/VGtjHWa010:15
dw1Saeedullah: http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch09.html10:15
professor_soaphello people10:15
dw1Bluewolf: none of those commands would actually run the program, so i dont think its related to starting it10:15
Saeedullahi installed samba and share the folder10:16
SaeedullahYou might not have permission to use this network resource10:16
Saeedullahwhen access the share folder give me this message You might not have permission to use this network resource10:16
dw1Saeedullah: you will likely need to authenticate with a user that has permission10:16
professor_soap(Novice question, need general directions) Trying to get my Ubuntu Server 14.04 to connect to my HP printer. I have apt-get installed hplib, which seems to be the drivers. But how do I actually print a page?10:17
dw1Saeedullah: it is not the easiest thing to do :)10:17
dw1Saeedullah: i usually just use dropbox :)10:17
Saeedullahwhy dw110:17
Bluewolfdw1: That my be the case but thats what it did when I (In my wisdom double clicked it) after I excecuted it as a program. Perhaps I did something which I am unsure of but I highly doubt it. the file type is - installation instructions (text/x-install)10:19
Bluewolfdw1: Anyway Now that the scangear is working how do I change the icon on the dash or is that asking to much :D10:20
dw1Bluewolf: right click -> properties maybe10:20
Bluewolfdw1: On the dash, that does not work?10:20
dw1Bluewolf: i dont use unity myself.  might have to hold alt and/or the windows key at the same time to get right click menu10:21
dw1Bluewolf: could be more complicated http://askubuntu.com/questions/80627/how-can-i-change-the-icon-of-an-application-in-the-unity-launcher10:22
Armag3dd0n1how do I install flareget from the software centre in ubuntu 14.04? it's only saying I can "buy" it ????10:22
Bluewolfdw1: I guessed it would be complicated - After I ran scangear from the terminal I locked it to the bar so I don't know where the run file is located ether :D10:23
dw1Bluewolf: in terminal you can do 'which scangearmp' to locate the bniary - it will be somewhere in the system path (echo $PATH)10:23
Bluewolfdw1: Yeah thats getting complicated again :D, I will have to look into10:24
dw1Bluewolf: its in the system path, so you can run it from anywhere, and dont need to know where it is anyway :)10:25
ikoniaanyone what ?10:26
Armag3dd0n1how do I install flareget from the software centre in ubuntu 14.04? it's only saying I can "buy" it ????10:26
saeedullahauthenticate with a user that has permission10:26
Armag3dd0n1i can install other stuff fine10:27
dw1saeedullah: you will find samba experts in #samba10:27
Bluewolfdw1: So I could make my own shortcut of sorts with a gedit file? but I would need the path10:27
dw1Bluewolf: in terminal do which scangearmp10:27
Bluewolfdw1: Got it :D10:29
saeedullahhow to permission to folder in ubuntu give me esay way for this issue10:29
saeedullahhelp me all friend10:29
ikoniasaeedullah: what do you want to be able to do ?10:30
=== dean|away is now known as dean
latiarmv -r /*folder* /dev/null10:31
ikonialatiar: ?10:31
latiarIt's for permissioning10:31
Bluewolfdw1: You are a bright Star in the sky, Thank you very much for your time and help :D10:33
dw1Bluewolf: shortcuts may be a little tricky. try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2080065&p=12334469#post1233446910:33
djbeirutHi.. i am new to linux and i am having major packet loss to my ubuntu 14.04 vps. i don't think it's an issue with my vps provider. i think it's in my configuration. how can i troubleshoot this in ubuntu?10:33
dw1Bluewolf: you're welcome. going to watch tv for a bit.  g/l :)10:33
ikoniadjbeirut: how are you measuring the package loss10:33
djbeirutikoniai am pinging my server10:34
djbeirutPackets: Sent = 339, Received = 116, Lost = 223 (65% loss),10:34
ikoniadjbeirut: so that could be many things - why do you feel it's a problem with the VPS10:34
Bluewolfdw1: Yeah I have done that before, Once again thanks. Going to eat - Enjoy your viewing.10:34
djbeirutIt is NOT a problem with the vps. i think it is something with the ubuntu configuration or an attack.10:35
ikoniadjbeirut: how do you know this ?10:35
ikoniadjbeirut: what is your process or diagnosing this10:35
djbeirutikonia i don't know for a fact. like i said i am really linux noob. what do i need to do to narrow the problem down10:37
ikoniadjbeirut: so why do you think it's not a problem with the vps ?10:37
ikoniaor why do you think it's an attack ?10:37
djbeiruti said maybe.. it's just a wild guess.10:37
ikonia11:35 < djbeirut> It is NOT a problem with the vps.10:38
ikoniathat is you stating with caps it is NOT a problem with the vps10:38
djbeirutikonia because that's what they told me10:38
ikoniayou appear to be changing what you are saying10:38
ikoniait's pretty hard to work with someone who is changing what they are saying10:38
djbeirutthey said it is not a problem with the connection to the vps. attack is a wild guess from my side. another wild guess is configuration in the ubuntu. is it clear now?10:39
ikoniadjbeirut: test other hosts, see if it's just that one host, or others10:40
ikoniathen narrow it down10:40
ikoniabe systematic10:40
djbeiruti am pinging the server not from the server10:40
ikoniadjbeirut: I know, from a client10:40
ikoniaso see if your client drops packets to other hosts, or just that one server10:40
djbeiruti am pinging the server from two different locations. home and work. same result10:41
ikoniaso that suggests two different routes are dropping packets10:41
ikoniaso the one common thing is the server / route into that server10:41
ikoniaso that would be the starting point to work back from10:41
djbeirutikonia another thing is that when i reboot the server the ping to the server is stable and nice for a little while and then it starts dropping. that makes me assume that there is a service or something that is causing this. maybe maxing the bandwith or something10:44
ikoniaI'd talk to whoever manages the VPS/network10:44
djbeirutis there a command that stops all the services?10:46
InFiernowhat network is the server hosted on?10:46
InFiernoTrust me you dont want to stop all services :)10:46
djbeirutok.. where do i start troubleshooting then10:47
InFiernoDo some tracert routes - see which hop you pkacet drop on10:47
ikoniadjbeirut: talk to the people who manage the VPS/VPS network10:47
ikoniadjbeirut: that is the common factor here10:47
InFiernoAnd or go for a better host if they cant fix it10:48
djbeirutwhat if it wasn't a vps. what if it was my own server at home. how would i start troubleshooting?10:50
Breaking_PittI got  a problem with landscape with the motd in ubuntu10:50
ikoniadjbeirut: it is a VPS10:50
ikoniadjbeirut: so talk to them10:50
djbeirutalready did... they are just too slow to answer!10:50
Breaking_PittSome advice please http://paste.ubuntu.com/7451807/10:50
djbeiruti don't want to wait :P10:50
ikoniadjbeirut: ok, then wait for them to answer10:50
ikoniadjbeirut: then escalate it10:50
Voyage I want to set DISPLAY=:99 for ALL users/ apps and consoles. How can I set it up. ? (using export DISPLAY=:99 only gives me that for current console session) .10:56
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geirhaSounds like you're asking the wrong question10:57
=== spinx is now known as spinx^
efazatihi i want use http://askubuntu.com/questions/69804/how-do-i-change-the-keymap-of-a-single-device-logitech-presenter to change zoom keys in my keyboard to page down page up but there is not /lib/udev/keymap. what i can do?11:01
minimecefazati: Is this a USB keyboard? Otherwise, this would not work. Do the 'zoom' keys give some keycode (open 'xev' in a terminal, put the mouse cursor in the 'xev' window, press the 'zoom' keys and check the output in the terminal'...11:07
efazatiminimec, yes its usb keyboad11:08
efazatiminimec, say nothing11:08
efazatiminimec, but with sudo evtest /dev/input/event3 say Event: time 1399892942.572261, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 419 (KEY_ZOOMOUT), value11:09
minimecefazati: That's ok then. That means, that the system can see the keys.11:11
murosaihow is the apt-cache search list sorted? it currently seems completely random11:11
efazatiminimec, how map it zoomkey to pagedown?11:13
=== Sway|away is now known as Sway
minimecefazati: I do such stuff with the 'xbindkeys' software. I use that software for keyboard shortcuts for my webcam and so on... http://www.butlerpc.net/blog/2011/01/using-xbindkeys-on-ubuntu-linux-to-remap-key-commands/11:14
efazatiminimec, tnx11:15
efazatiminimec, what is page down action?11:19
timhI am getting a new nvidia card but my old card is nvidia... I know the procedure for installing with the nvidia driver but what should I do for the old stuff?11:20
timhif I want to try the latest driver11:21
minimecedwardly: xev output for 'page-down': keycode 117 (keysym 0xff56, Next)11:26
philinuxtimh;~ revert to the nouveau driver before installing new card I would say11:27
pirxhello! i upgraded to 14.04, and a bunch of keyboard shortcuts have disappeared (for window management specifically, like maximizing and closing windows etc). i cant see those shortcuts in system settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts anymore11:27
pirxanyone recognizes this?11:28
philinuxpirx;~ press and hold the Win key to see all shortcuts11:30
timhphilinux: really?11:34
timhso uninstall nvidia packages from the repo and then install nouveau?11:34
timhso, that means, the nvidia installer will black list nouveau during the install?11:34
timhit's been a while since I've installed that way11:34
philinuxtimh;~ you could leave system as is and just put new card in a boot up see what you get11:37
timhwell, it's an older driver version - legacy11:37
timhphilinux: I had to use it because the current card was only supported up to a certain (legacy) ver. driver11:38
philinuxtimh;~ and the new card is?11:38
timhgtx 75011:38
ubuntu-newbiehello together, can someone help me ? i have installed ubuntu 14.04 unity 2 days ago. now i have seen that my notification envelope is not in my panel. after a restart it was gone. :(11:39
Lulziferalguien usa xubuntu?11:40
philinuxtimh;~ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221480511:41
Lulziferhablais español?11:41
DJones!es | Lulzifer11:41
ubottuLulzifer: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:41
Lulziferoh muchas gracias!11:42
philinuxtimh;~ looks like a little bit of work to get that card up and running11:42
guest3456734installed ubuntu 14.04 but its missing pvh support for xen any one tried xen's new pvh11:43
Voyageif tomcat is launched as system service, can it see system enviremnet variables?11:44
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timhphilinux:  not sure why that guy had so much trouble11:45
timhphilinux:  it should work with Ubuntu 13.10 even11:45
philinuxtimh;~ you'll soon find out. pretty easy to pop old card back if you need to11:45
timhphilinux:  but, it's so easy for driver conflicts.... :)   I updated my driver by mistake recently with my old card11:46
philinuxtimh;~ hope it goes well.11:47
timhoops = should say upgraded11:47
timhphilinux: thanks11:47
timhphilinux:  I know the steps for installing, just not uninstalling and what to remove :)11:47
philinuxtimh;~ me - I would probably install the nvidia-current-updates or whatever it called now. Then shutdown an swap the cards and reboot11:48
* philinux is a bit gung ho though11:48
philinuxtimh;~ recovery mode to fix stuff if borked11:49
Seannieack. software updater runs, downloads AND installs all without asking me for my password... how come?11:49
philinuxSeannie;~ normal behaviour now11:50
philinuxSeannie;~ unless say a new kernel is being installed for instance11:50
Seanniebut... buttt... but i thought processes could not run without you supplying root password11:50
philinuxSeannie;~ not needed now for updates to already installed software11:51
Seanniefine. as long as its canonical i guess. good to know that my machine hasn't got the first instance of a linux virus11:52
philinuxSeannie;~ happened a long time ago. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Update_Manager_doesn.27t_prompt_for_security_updates11:52
timhoh, cool... I found instructions... yes11:52
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philinuxSeannie;~ new software would need password. Like a new kernel11:54
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fearnothinghi guys, quick question about hardware12:00
fearnothinglspci isn't very specific about my NIC chipset12:00
fearnothingit says RLT8111/8168/841112:01
fearnothingI need to identify precisely which one of those and which version12:01
fearnothingcan I do that, and if so how?12:01
salserolspci -vvvx ?12:01
fearnothingp.s. booting from livecd if that makes any difference12:01
salserolspci -vvvx -d [<vendor>]:[<device>]12:03
fearnothingok, that's really weird12:07
fearnothingusing lspci -nn12:07
fearnothingit gets me the vendor/device as [10ec:8168]12:07
salserofear nothing when using the command12:07
fearnothingbut the specs on the manufacturer's website say the NIC is 8111E, not 8168, and various other sources are telling me it's 8111G12:08
fearnothingso now I'm really confused.12:09
fearnothinganyway, what were you about to say salsero?12:09
salseronothing, I already said what I had t say12:10
salserofear nothing when using the command, use it to the full12:10
fearnothingif you mean the exact command as you wrote it, I thought I needed the vendor and device ID hex for it to work?12:11
aceofspadesdid anybody ever fix the chntpw package ???12:13
aceofspadesseems broken in all distros12:13
fearnothinganyway if I type12:13
fearnothinglspci -vvvx -d 10ec:816812:13
fellicityhey guyz..12:13
fearnothingpart of the info it gives me is that it's using kernel driver r816912:14
fearnothingwhich is another chipset again12:14
fearnothingso  this exercise to narrow down exactly what it is that my board's running hasn't been very successful :P12:14
philinuxfearnothing;~ what does sudo lshw reveal12:18
cancerhi, i want to install ubuntu on win 8. I am not sure of UEFI/CSM thing, Coz i have installed windows 8 again and its working in CSM | Non-secure boot. Now i want to know which ubuntu version with what bits need to be downloaded for installation. i want to make dual boot....12:19
philinuxfearnothing;~ I use the package hardinfo to look at the pci stuff. Nice gui12:22
fearnothinggive me  a minute philinux12:26
fearnothingjust restarting12:26
pirxphilinux: is that (pressing and holding win-key) a unity thing? i use gnome...12:27
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
=== cancer is now known as shan
shanhi, i want to install ubuntu on win 8. I am not sure of UEFI/CSM thing, Coz i have installed windows 8 again and its working in CSM | Non-secure boot. Now i want to know which ubuntu version with what bits need to be downloaded for installation. i want to make dual boot....12:31
six86Hello. I'm working on a automativ installation witht the 14.04 DVD image. It worked fine with the atomic recipe, but when I use a custom expert recipe, I have to Click "Install now" to proceed. Is there a way to automate this?12:33
shanUbuntu/kubuntu.... etc are all same. i mean, is it different to ask question in other channel or same staff/user there.12:34
kdzsix86 i think custom/expert was designed not to be automatic12:34
shanam i visible!!12:35
six86kdz: they're in the official debian docs?!12:35
DJonesshan: Generally you can ask questions on any of the UBuntu releases here, although sometimes you may get more specific help in the kubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu channels for those releases12:35
kdzsix86 what is?12:36
fellicityI need a command for checking the internet or connection speed on the terminal..12:36
six86kdz: ?12:37
shanDJones | So, any suggestions regarding my question!!12:37
DJonesshan: I'm not sure, I've only done one install alongside Win 8, I used Ubuntu 14.04 for a fresh install after disabling secureboot (I think), and it worked without any issues for me12:39
fellicitysmbdy should assisst me with the above command..12:40
shanDJones | ok. so latest release is working fine. does dual boot work fine.12:40
fearnothinghe quits just as I get the lshw info12:42
shanUbuntu 14.04 << does 32/64 bits matter?12:42
DJonesshan: Dual boot works fine for me, the only issue I've had once was in a Win 8 to Win 8.1 update overwrote grub, but that was solved running a grub install command12:42
fearnothingfor anyone who fancies helping me with this chipset problem12:42
fearnothinglshw gives me the same info as lspci -12:42
kdztheres no easy way to check inet12:42
minimecfellicity: Basic information... 'nm-tool | more' in a terminal12:42
fearnothing"product - RLT8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller"12:42
fearnothingkdz - so what's the hard way?12:43
fearnothingor any hard way if there's more than one12:43
kdzfearnothing installing gui, download chrome and running speedtest12:43
shanDjones | any suggestions about 32bits or 64bits download....! : )12:44
DJonesshan: I've not had any issues with 64 bit12:44
fellicityThanks minimec...it worked just fine...12:45
DJonesshan: I haven't tried 32 bit on this hardware12:45
shanDjones | i'm not sure of 64 bits, coz i tried to install an application of 64bits and i think they never worked.12:45
minimecfellicity: no problem12:45
fearnothingwait what? how's that going to help me?12:45
fellicityminimec: btw I was wondering if there is a way of reducing the number of hops....to reach a given server...12:46
DJonesshan: I've been using 64 bit for about 2 years, I've not had anything fail to work so far, but I'm only using things from the official repo's12:46
shan32 bit should work fine on this machine type.12:47
fearnothingkdz - how does chrome and speedtest help me determine my NIC chipset?12:48
fearnothingif it's not found by lspci or lshw12:48
kdz[14:37] <fellicity> I need a command for checking the internet or connection speed on the terminal..12:48
fearnothingoh lol12:48
kdzoh lol12:48
kdztab error12:48
fearnothingso... you got any tips for me?12:49
shanDJones | thanks for the info. i'll try 32bits for now. will post here with results.12:49
fearnothingbut don't call me felicity :P12:49
DJonesshan: This might be worth a read http://askubuntu.com/questions/392719/32-bit-uefi-boot-support I don't know if it still applies, but seems to suggest that 32 bit doesn't work with uefi installs12:49
fellicity#kdz  you can use nm-tool | more or nm-tool | less12:49
minimecfellicity: I guess that is in the hand of your provider.12:50
DJonesshan: Or at least isn't a simple install12:50
me-1hi...how can I check free space on my hard disk12:50
dino82df -h12:50
fellicity#me-1 you can use df -h12:50
shanDjones | yes, but i'm not an expert on this case. i have disabled secure boot, fastboot/startup and uefi from Bios. what else i need to make it confirm about UEFI type....12:51
me-1thank you12:52
DJonesshan: I'm as much in the dark as you, probably best seeing if anybody else in the channel knows, as I said, I think I struck lucky getting it working first time & I'm still not 100 certain whether it was fastboot or secure boot I disabled12:52
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
gallois__hello... I am using a realtek rts5227 sd card reader and it won't recognize my sd card. If I get the same sd card in an usb card reader, it works flawlessly. I've seen some launchpad issues regarding the rts5227 kernel module in previous releases, but could find nothing about the problem I am going through. Any hints?12:53
shanfastboot and secure boot is to make usb/dvd work for boot, that's all i figured.12:53
gallois__Actually, it recognizes the sd card, but won't mount it. dmesg says mmcblk0: unknown partition table12:55
shanDjones | i think win 8 is 64bit. but i can't boot into win 8 when options are set to "Secure boot" and "UEFI" from BIOS. i can currently Boot into Window 8 with CSM option in bios.12:55
shanDjones | i have repartitioned the drive last days and win 8 which came with laptop is removed, so i have installed fresh win 8 and it's not installed with uefi option set.12:56
fearnothingkdz - any more ideas on how to determine exactly which chipset is in my box?12:56
DJonesshan: All I can say is good luck, seems like your more experienced with it than me12:57
=== newbie is now known as Guest41065
shanDJones | atleast you are running Ubuntu. so it doesn't make me more experienced anyway. Thanks for your support. : ).12:58
DJonesshan: No probs, good luck12:58
kdzuh goto bios, get motherboard manufacture and google :P12:59
six86So preseeding still stuck at ubiquity partition page... Have to click "Install now" to proceed... Any ideas?13:00
riverloophi, anybody using unity tweak? I cant start that thing now. :(13:00
shankdz | isn't CPU-Z/G works in ubuntu?13:03
minimecriverloop: try to launch 'unity-tweak-tool' in a terminal. Maybe you get an error indicating why the software fails to start.13:04
Picifearnothing: have you looked at the output of sudo lshw | less   ?13:08
=== Grexeo is now known as Grexeo2
fearnothingPici - yes13:09
Grexeo2Is it possible to create a RAID 1 array at installation time with only one drive? (I intend to add the other drive later)13:10
fearnothingand the information in there conflicts with both the other pieces of information I have so far13:10
fearnothingwhich also helpfully conflict with each other.13:10
fearnothingok, here's the rundown13:10
foofoobar2Hi. My backup tool did a wrong synchronisation attempt and deleted my whole Picture folder (!!!). The files are on a SSD disk and were instantly removed. I have now booted from livecd and mounted the disk as RO. I already tried extundeleted, but this does only find about 1% of all files.13:11
fearnothingShuttle's website says the Z87R6 has a Realtek 8111E NIC13:11
foofoobar2PhotoRec does find more, but also only a minor subset (5%). Is there something else I can try ?13:11
fearnothingwhich should work with vmware esxi 5.513:11
Grexeo2Does Ubuntu allow you to create a RAID 1 array during installation with only one drive?13:12
fearnothinghowever, the LAN won't work with esxi, and when I search for answers, vmware geeks tell me that model is actually using 8111G13:12
fearnothingbut when I do lspci, it tells me the NIC vendor/hardware ID is 10ec:8168, and it's using the 8169 kernel driver13:13
=== tedg is now known as ted
fearnothingso now I'm really confused - the symptoms of the problem match the description of 8111G, the manufacturer is telling me it's 8111E, and the hardware is telling me it's 8168.13:14
dfrank_hi guys. A question about apt-get: I have put deb package (firefox_27.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_i386.deb) into the /var/cache/apt/archives , but 'apt-cache madison firefox' does not return that I can install version 27. I also tried to call 'apt-get update', no result. I know I can just install deb package with dpkg, but I'm wondering how to make apt-get to know about the package? Is there some special command to rescan cache? Can't find in man apt13:20
CodmadnessproCan someone help me with this error when I open terminal getpt failed: No such file or directory13:21
ted20dfrank_: You want come back to firefox without "new design"?13:21
Priceydfrank_: You'd have to add it to an apt repository that you checked.13:23
dfrank_ted20: I want =), but I already did it with special plugin for firefox29. Well it is not perfect, but it's better to have latest firefox because of security reasons. My question is not directly related to firefox, it is just for example. How to make apt-get to know about the package I manually put in the cache?13:23
ted20dfrank_: Yeah, Look at midori13:24
ted20drean: http://midori-browser.org/13:24
ted20drean: i'm sorry13:25
ted20dfrank_: adblock, noscript, ghostery are included ;)13:25
dfrank_ted20: wow, adblock, ghostery and so on - sounds interesting. Why is it better than just firefox, then?13:26
kdzadblock + = love13:26
dfrank_ted20: I mean, I already use adblock+, ghostery and so on, in firefox13:27
CodmadnessproCan someone help me with this error when I open terminal getpt failed: No such file or directory13:28
dfrank_Pricey: you mean, if ubuntu developers remove some particular version from its server, but this version IS in my cache, I anyway can't install it with apt-get, right? dpkg only?13:28
ted20dfrank_: Because it's faster than firefox, creaded by open source community, check yourself ;), Ah, add this repo before download http://midori-browser.org/download/ubuntu/13:29
Priceydfrank_: apt always tries to install the latest. Actually you might be able to do "apt-get install package=version" but i might also be just getting mixed up with yum..13:29
PiciPricey: you can, but only if version is in the repos.13:30
Priceydfrank_: I doubt that'll work if you've just cp'd it to your cache and it isn't in the repos though..13:30
dfrank_Pricey: I hoped there is some special command to rescan the cache, or something like that. Then yeah, I would write 'apt-get install package=version'13:30
ted20dfrank_: I don't recommend use old firefiox version, it maybe has a errors13:30
dfrank_ted20: Agree. But, I'm tired of browsers changing the design13:31
dfrank_ted20: Actually several years ago I was a huge Opera fan, but after several redesigns with no way to return "as it was before", I switched to firefox13:32
CodmadnessproCan someone help me with this error when I open terminal getpt failed: No such file or directory13:32
Priceydfrank_: Might as well dpkg -i it and then apt "pin" it if you're that worried.13:32
ted20dfrank_: Yeah, it's uncomfortable...13:33
dfrank_Pricey: tried, doesn't work13:33
Priceydfrank_: Error?13:33
dfrank_Pricey: nope, it just still unaware of this version13:34
Priceydfrank_: (Oh and of course... when you're exploited because you were intentionally running an old package it's your fault)13:34
Priceydfrank_: dpkg -i /path/to/.deb ?13:34
ted20dfrank_: If you want firefox, so, maybe firefox-esr?13:34
dfrank_Pricey: oh, I mean, yes, it IS installed with dpkg, but apt-get is still unaware of this version13:34
Guest47470how do I shutdown x, not just lightdm on xubuntu13:35
Priceydfrank_: apt listens to the repositories.13:35
dfrank_Pricey: got it, thanks.13:35
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:35
Priceydfrank_: ^13:35
k1lGuest47470: if you stop lightmdm it will stop the x13:35
Codmadnessproomgawd can someone help'???13:35
CodmadnessproCan someone help me with this error when I open terminal getpt failed: No such file or directory13:35
Guest47470k1l: amd proprietary driver installation says x is still running when I enter service lightdm stop13:36
dfrank_Pricey: yeah I know about it, but what I want is to easily return to the previous version of the package, if I don't like new version for any reason.13:36
ted20dfrank_: Ah, midori looks like firefox http://linuxcritic.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/midori_screenshot_cannot_connect.jpg13:36
k1lGuest47470: are you on tty1? why dont you use the fglrx packages from ubuntu?13:36
dfrank_Pricey: it's usually too late to 'pin' it, when it is already upgraded, and there is even no old archive in the cache13:36
Priceydfrank_: apt just wraps dpkg, use dpkg to install the old version. Pin it if you don't want to update it.13:37
=== qstrahl` is now known as qstrahl
Priceydfrank_: This is one of the reasons we have the cache.13:37
ido370Codmadnesspro: did you change something in fstab file?13:37
goeo_so I have an install USB made with unetbootin13:37
CodmadnessproI just installed xfce gui13:37
Guest47470k1l: the fglrx is the package I have installed but it won't use it. I tried ati-config --initial to set it up but get the error about x13:37
Codmadnessprothats all i've done13:37
dfrank_Pricey: I'm not sure why, but after I upgrade system, old packages are removed from the cache.13:37
qstrahlIs there a way to add, for example, upload to dropbox/imgur/etc to the screenshot tool?13:38
goeo_And when I boot from it, it goes straight into the13:38
ice9is it possible to direct application sound to a certain speaker like right/left, or internal speaker and headphone?13:38
goeo_grub's shell mode13:38
dfrank_ted20: yeah thanks, I already checked screenshots of course, I'll try it soon!13:39
ido370Codmadnesspro: itś got to be something in your fstab file which is messed up :)13:39
goeo_any idea what is wrong?13:39
mmazingice9, are you using pulseaudio?13:39
ted20dfrank_: I don't remeber look at settings ;)13:40
CodmadnessproOk ill look into it13:40
CodmadnessproTheres no files in fstab.d13:42
ice9mmazing: I think 14.04 is using it right?13:42
CodmadnessproCan someone tell me why there is no files in fstab.d13:44
dfrank_Pricey, ted20, thanks for help guys13:44
CodmadnessproCan someone tell me why there is no files in fstab.d13:46
PiciCodmadnesspro: Why do you expect files to be in /etc/fstab.d/ ?13:47
mmazingice9: try looking into pulseaudio volume control, there's some neato options in that, it might be able to do what you're asking13:49
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CodmadnessproI have an error when I open terminal13:49
fidel__Codmadnesspro: feel free to post the error-message ;)13:50
CodmadnessproLet me open irc on vps13:50
ultyI am experiencing difficulty on my desktop with 12.04.  I have no wired or wireless connection recognition.  I attempted to remove the program that is not compatible with my OS but to no avail.  Help.13:50
=== gebruiker is now known as Guest80365
Codmadnesspro_Ok so when i open terminal i get getpt failed: No such file or directory.13:51
Guest80365what do we discuss here today13:51
ido370Codmadnesspro: check /etc/fstab13:52
=== string is now known as SunilJoshi
Codmadnesspro_Theres no folder like that the closest thing i could get to is fstab.d13:52
Codmadnesspro_but there is nothing in it13:52
DarkStar1just a qq. the service scripts in /etc/init/*.conf are they regular bash scripts?13:52
ultyDarkStar1 are you directing me?13:53
Codmadnesspro_So how do i fix getpt failed: No such file or directory.13:54
DarkStar1ulty: IU don’t understand13:55
rundll32 /j freebsd13:55
ultyMy internet connection for my desktop with 12.04 is INOP.13:56
DarkStar1ulty: I want to know since the scripts in there don’t seem to have the shebang .13:56
Codmadnesspro_So how do i fix getpt failed: No such file or directory.13:56
hmmwhatsthisdo|LCan someone recommend a hex editor/viewer?13:59
ultyIs there a command that can give me what you want *(Shebang) in terminal?14:00
Codmadnesspro_So how do i fix getpt failed: No such file or directory.14:00
Codmadnesspro_So how do i fix getpt failed: No such file or directory.14:03
=== foofoobar2 is now known as foofoobar
Codmadnesspro_So how do i fix getpt failed: No such file or directory.14:08
Onlinerhello there, i installed a 64bit desktop on an amd , but the registered kernel comes as "generic", anything i should do to run on native 64bit os?14:08
geniiOnliner: If the result of command: uname -m  says "x86_64" then you're using 64bit14:11
Codmadnesspro_So how do i fix getpt failed: No such file or directory.14:13
Onlinergenii: output is "i686"14:14
geirhaCodmadnesspro_: it means /dev/pts/ is missing for whatever reason. Possibly udev isn't running14:14
Codmadnesspro_hOW DO I RUN IT?14:15
Onlinergenii: am trying to install a package that only comes in 64 bit, that s how i noticed my install is not running 64bit, apt complains about wrong architecture14:15
Codmadnesspro_Woops caps14:15
geirhaCodmadnesspro_: sudo service udev start14:16
foofoobarHi. I was here some hours ago because a script did an accidential rm -rf on my images folder. I'm on a SSD with ext4. I already run extundelete, which only found about 1% of the files.14:16
foofoobarIs there anything else I can do ?14:16
Codmadnesspro_How do i run udev btw its xfce os14:16
geniiOnliner: First check if your cpu is 64 bit:  What does result of command: sudo lshw -C cpu| grep width     ..say?14:16
foofoobarI also run photorec which found a bit more, but still less than 5%14:16
Codmadnesspro_How can i run that as command if i cant open terminal14:16
dw17/last onliner14:16
geirhaCodmadnesspro_: Alt+F114:17
geirhaerr, Ctrl+Alt+F114:17
Onlinerits an amd six core, its 64bit, output you request is 64bits14:17
Codmadnesspro_Nothing comes up and i cant open terminal because of that error14:18
Onlinergenii: confirmed, its 64bit cpu,14:18
dw1Onliner: generic is the normal kernel14:18
mmazingweirdest crap ever .... my lock screen would not take my password, thought i was going crazy, and it wasn't caps lock14:19
mmazinghad to reboot, and then password magically works14:19
Onlinerdw1: the one i have is the wrong architecture14:19
dw1Onliner: so you didnt install 64bit desktop.......14:19
geniiOnliner: I'd probably try: sudo dpkg --ad-architecture amd64     ...and then do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade   ( to install the 64 bit versions of all the stuff you already have)14:20
Onlinergenii: sounds like a plan14:20
geniiOnliner: Then after that, try to install the current 64 bit kernel14:20
Codmadnesspro_I just can't fix the error Failed to execute child. getpt failed: No such file or directory.14:20
dw1Codmadnesspro_: alt-f214:21
Onlinergenii doas that last step have a (ahem) oneliner command? :)14:21
=== Onliner is now known as Oneliner
Codmadnesspro_It does nothing14:22
Codmadnesspro_OS is xfce14:22
Onelinerdw1 am running on a system that gave me issues on the soutbridge(nvidia chipset), could that be a factor for the installer to somehow default to a generic kernel on install?14:23
geirhahitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't give you a virtual console?14:23
dw1Oneliner: as far as I know all up-to-date kernels say generic . they do for me14:23
Codmadnesspro_Nothing at all14:23
robjlorangerhurray for reverse bisecting lol14:24
helichopterhey guys, i think my hard drive just started to fail, the system went into read-only mode. i'm trying to salvage what i can by putting my important files on a usb. but because of the system's current state it won't let me mount a usb. is there anything I can do?14:24
dw1helichopter: boot a live cd14:24
mmazinghelichopter: i would boot a live cd14:24
Onelineroh ok heres another question on user case: i burnt both 32 and 64 desktop ISO images, they boot fine but, i didint mark the cds, how can i find out which is which ?14:24
dw1Oneliner: boot then run uname -m14:25
Codmadnesspro_Omg nothing works >.<14:25
Onelinerahh right14:25
robjlorangerhelichopter: you could try to remount in read/write.. sudo mount -o remount,rw /14:25
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lhelichopter: ddrescue14:25
dw1Codmadnesspro_: you broke it.14:26
Codmadnesspro_broke what -.14:26
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldo you have a second drive ready?14:26
helichopterdw1: mmazing: i'm sorry, i'm unfamiliar with this stuff, would i just shut down my current system, boot into a live cd and then be able to retrieve the files on the hard drive?14:26
dw1Codmadnesspro_: reboot doesnt help? :)14:26
helichopterrobjloranger: in the worst case, would I lose my files?14:26
Codmadnesspro_Its only the terminal that wont open14:26
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lhelichopter: not necessarily14:26
hmmwhatsthisdo|Lyou could lose data if you mounted the drive RW14:26
dw1helichopter: youd have to mount the ubuntu partition14:26
hmmwhatsthisdo|Ldo you have a drive at the ready? (i.e. one of the same size that you can copy to)14:27
Codmadnesspro_Also i have to contact my vps company to reboot it ._.14:27
dw1helichopter: like mount /dev/sda5 /mnt or something14:27
geirhaCodmadnesspro_: oh a vps, so you don't have access to its console?14:27
robjlorangerhelichopter: you need to mount it RW using a live cd then you can backup anything, so long as the drive lives that long14:27
dw1helichopter: then you files will be at say /mnt/home/user14:27
robjlorangerhelichopter: if it's even dying that is14:27
Onelinerdw1 here s a one up: poping the live cd into the tray,.. normal iso burn give the cd a word length name :D14:28
SunSoulHey eveyrone, I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04. Installatio went fine, and internet works fine. When I rune apt-get update, it says W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. Help lease?14:28
dw1Oneliner: there ya go14:28
Codmadnesspro_Ugh im never going to fix this ._.14:28
ramosI'm having major trouble with upgrading ubuntu 12.04 lts to 14.04. Can someone assist?14:28
robjlorangerwhat's the trouble ramos?14:29
geniiOneliner: Apologies on lag, work required me. ... if it doesn't automatically install the 64 bit kernel ( which with only apt-get upgrade and not apt-get dist-upgrade, it should not install new kernels)  then you can issue a line like sudo apt-get install linux-image-$(uname -r):amd64   (or specify a specific kernal version)14:29
* genii wanders back to work14:29
sakangimho, better fro fresh install Ramo14:29
dw1Codmadnesspro_: ask your provider nicely to google the error and fix it :)14:29
ubottuLTS to LTS upgrades are not offered automatically until the .1 release has been issued. Ubuntu 14.04.1 is due for release on 24th July, and you will only see an option to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 after that date.14:29
Codmadnesspro_My server isnt managed :(14:30
Codmadnesspro_My server isnt managed :(14:30
ramosrobjloranger, when I run the sudo apt-get upgrade from command line. I get errors with zoneminder?14:30
helichopterokay, so i'm currently studying for finals and don't really want to focus on this too much. I don't have a spare drive, the largest usb i have is 256 mb, i have a shoddy laptop with about 300 mb in free space, and no cds to put a live boot on. how can I best preserve my important files?14:30
dw1Codmadnesspro_: is there a serial console you can access14:30
ramosrobjloranger, I've also tried to upgrade via update manager with no success either14:31
dw1Codmadnesspro_: so you can boot it without the normal OS14:31
CodmadnessproI can use putty14:31
robjlorangerramos: as k1l and skang pointed out, a fresh install would be best as lts to lts isn't supported until 14.04.114:31
dw1Codmadnesspro_: so you can get a terminal then14:31
CodmadnessproBut I can't on the gui14:31
robjlorangerramos: which is july 24th14:32
robjlorangeror so14:32
dw1Codmadnesspro: well then you can probably fix it14:32
DrGrovHi. Any good mind mapping creation tool that anyone has used in 13.10 64-bit?14:32
k1lramos: robjloranger no need for reinstall. you can use the developer upgrade channel with -d14:32
geirhaCodmadnesspro: So do it from putty14:32
dw1Codmadnesspro: googling the error there are people who have solved that issue14:32
k1lramos: please pastebin the exact error14:32
robjlorangerooh, sorry ramos. k1l could you fill him in14:33
CodmadnessproI have already but not even the folder name is correct14:33
geirhaCodmadnesspro: what folder name?14:33
ramosk1l, ok I'll run the apt-get upgrade and paste the errors of the output14:34
k1lramos: apt-get upgrade doesnt get you to 14.0414:34
ramosk1l, ok I'll run the update manager and show the output from that then14:35
robjlorangerramos, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   will upgrade distributions14:35
ramosrobjloranger, ok will do14:35
dw1Codmadnesspro: try sudo mount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts14:35
k1lrobjloranger: but it will still not get you to 14.04. ubuntu uses the update-manager to get to a new release14:36
daveeejrcan anyone help me get hibernate back in the menu in 14.04? i am having issues with the policykit14:36
CodmadnessproOK I've done it now what?14:36
dw1Codmadnesspro: now terminal works? :p14:37
dw1Codmadnesspro: that thing is mounted by initscripts14:37
geirhanow how did that get unmounted in the first place ...14:37
dw1Codmadnesspro: so reinstall initscripts14:37
CodmadnessproDo I have to run that every reboot?14:37
dw1Codmadnesspro: not when its really fixed14:37
CodmadnessproOh ok14:37
=== bobby_ is now known as Sh0rtWave
CodmadnessproThanks :D14:38
robjlorangerk1l, oh ya.. jeeze, i need to have more coffee before helping. do-release-upgrade .. :)14:38
dw1Codmadnesspro: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall initscripts14:38
dw1Codmadnesspro: then reboot with shutdown -r now to test it :p14:38
robjlorangerk1l: i'm also trying to narrow down a kernel bug.. tesiting lots of kernels14:39
xerxasHi all !14:39
CodmadnessproWell I have to email my service because if I reboot manually the network won't work but thanks anyway14:40
robjlorangerhello xerxas14:40
ramosk1l,  I just pasted the errors of my output from the upgrade attempt...Do you see it?14:40
dw1Codmadnesspro: well you wont know if it worked til then14:40
robjlorangerwhat's the i14:40
dw1Codmadnesspro: reinstalled ok?14:40
robjlorangerlink ramos14:40
dw1Codmadnesspro: k14:40
=== lulu is now known as Guest38959
xerxasI want to mkfs.btrfs a block device that is currently ext3 , umounted but I get "device or resource busy", mount doesn't show the device mounted, lsof doesn't find nothing, the only thing I found is a kernel thread named [jbd2/xvdb-8]14:40
dw1Codmadnesspro: thank the google gods. they make me seem smart. :p14:41
CodmadnessproXD when I looked on Google I found nothing14:41
xerxasis this process culprit for the fact that I can't mkfs ?14:41
ted20xerxas: Maybe you can try kill it?14:41
xerxasif so , how do I stop it ?14:41
ramosrobjloranger, http://paste.ubuntu.com/ramos14:41
dw1Codmadnesspro: i put xfce then the error14:41
ted20xerxas: Maybe can you try kill it?14:41
xerxasted20: tried it ;)14:41
CodmadnessproOh xD14:41
CodmadnessproI never did that I just pasted error14:41
ted20xerxas: with -sig-kill?14:42
dw1Codmadnesspro: first sub-result of first result :p14:42
robjlorangerramos that link doesnt work, it's a 40414:42
xerxaskill -9 $pid / kill -15 $pid , doesn't work14:42
xerxasted20: yes14:42
CodmadnessproI c14:42
dw1Codmadnesspro: cant post the link cause its competing linux distro forum :)14:42
ramosrobjloranger, try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7452656/14:42
daveeejrcan anyone help me get hibernate back in the menu in ubuntu 14.04? i am having issues with the policykit14:43
suriyai cant view anything on facebook...help!!14:44
ted20suriya: too bad :(14:44
dw1suriya: sometimes their site messes up for a short while14:44
robjlorangerramos, this is a bit out of date but i think it will still work for you. have a look here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zoneminder/+bug/940632/comments/414:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940632 in zoneminder (Ubuntu) "package zoneminder 1.25.0-1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 [ERROR 1142 (42000) at line 10: CREATE command denied to user 'zmuser'@'localhost']" [Undecided,Fix released]14:45
suriyabut i have tried reloading several time...14:45
dw1suriya: what happens14:45
ted20xerxas: it's unremovable device?14:46
mozzarellawhere can I find ubuntu bold? (the font)14:46
xerxasted20: it's on ec2 ;)14:46
robjlorangeralso ramos, seeing as a fix was released in 2012 you might want to consider filing another bug report14:46
xerxasted20: but I'm searching if I can somehow "eject" the device14:46
suriyait says Done...but i cant see any of my post...14:46
xerxasted20: I'm not sure it's this process that makes the disk busy14:46
ted20xerxas: it's a optical device?14:46
justaquickmacqhello, I just broke my laptop and need a new one FAST. what is the current 'workingness' of trusty on macbookpro? the ubuntu wiki only shows problems with older ones. so does this mean nsw ones work? and how is hidpi support?14:47
dw1suriya: so you see part of the site not all of it ?14:47
xerxasted20: strace'ing mkfs.btrfs show open(..., O_EXCL) = -1 EBUSY14:47
xerxasted20: no14:47
robjlorangermozzarella: http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Ubuntu14:47
SunSoulA forum suggested for me to uninstall ubuntu-extras-keyring and reinstall it14:48
SunSoulI did that14:48
robjlorangernot wait, try here mozzarella, the download link http://font.ubuntu.com/14:48
ramosrobjloranger, ok I did those commands and it said Zoneminder was successful. Does that mean I can try the upgrade now?14:48
SunSouland I cannot reinstall it14:48
dw1suriya: if so, that's not uncommon.. sometimes happens.  your posts are just hidden temporarily14:48
suriyaonly the top most page,where i see my prof and home14:48
robjlorangeryes ramos, give it a shot14:48
SunSoulTrying to fix this.14:48
SunSoulHey eveyrone, I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04. Installatio went fine, and internet works fine. When I rune apt-get update, it says W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. Help lease?14:48
dw1suriya: its a facebook bug14:49
dw1suriya: they will come back after some time14:49
mozzarellarobjloranger: how do I download it14:49
suriyayes k...Then i will see it...14:49
robjlorangeron this page http://font.ubuntu.com/ on the left side there is an orange download button14:49
dw1suriya: one thing that -may- fix it, is to go into Activity Log where you will see your posts, and set one to Highlighted, then turn it back to normal14:49
dw1suriya: if that doesnt help, you'll just have to wait a while14:50
robjlorangermozzarella: the package has the whole font family14:50
justaquickmacqSunSoul, did you try a different mirror?14:50
SunSouljustaquickmacq how do I change the mirror?14:50
robjlorangerramos, i have to reboot to test another kernel. i'll be back in a minute14:51
mozzarellarobjloranger: I'm missing ubuntu bold, though…14:51
suriyayes k...thanks14:51
dw1suriya: :)14:51
robjlorangermozzarella, in the package from that page?14:51
ramosrobjloranger, roger bro, I'll be here14:51
mozzarellarobjloranger: yes14:51
justaquickmacqSunSoul, settings in software updater14:52
robjlorangermozzarella, I just d/l the package an there is both bold and bold italic. Ubuntu-B.ttf and Ubuntu-BI.ttf14:53
fearnothinganyone in here own a shuttle PC?14:55
fearnothingI'm trying to flash the BIOS and having major problems14:55
mmazingchromium has really turned into a pile of shit lately, flash refuses to work on multiple computers, and now it is crashing with segmentation faults14:55
OerHeksfearnothing, join ##hardware for such issues14:55
mozzarellarobjloranger: http://i.imgur.com/qIQuvJk.png14:56
robjloranger_i was too fast boo _14:56
justaquickmacqmmazing, flash is not supposedmto work in chromium anymore. it is no longer behind updated.14:56
robjloranger_mozzarella, scroll down14:56
robjloranger_any luck ramos?14:56
KGM70justaquickmacq, flash works fine in chromium here14:57
mozzarellarobjloranger_: it's not there…14:57
mozzarellaI have ubuntu mono bold but not ubuntu bold14:57
mmazingi suppose segmentation faults are working as intended as well14:57
ramosrobjloranger see this link http://paste.ubuntu.com/7452757/14:57
justaquickmacqKGM70, which version is it?14:57
robjloranger_mozzarella, did you extract and install the font from the package?14:58
mozzarellarobjloranger_: I just put them inside ~/.fonts14:58
robjloranger_i 'think' you might need to open the font manager to install them14:58
justaquickmacqKGM70, you probably have 11.2 unless you added a 3rd party build. There are plentt of sites that wont work properly in 11.214:59
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robjloranger_ramos: how did you do your upgrade?14:59
KGM70Adobe Flash Player - Version: Shockwave Flash 13.0 r014:59
ramosrobjloranger_,  update-manager -d14:59
robjloranger_ramos: could you try sudo do-release-upgrade ?15:00
KGM70justaquickmacq, on 14.10 here btw15:00
ramosrobjloranger_, ok will give it a shot15:01
ikoniaKGM70: how are you getting flash 13 in linux15:02
justaquickmacqKGM70, is that the pepper one?15:02
ikoniaKGM70: adobe has dropped flash before 1215:02
ramosrobjloranger_, says no new release round15:02
dw1ramos: you would need the -d as well15:03
justaquickmacqikonia, it's standard in google chrome bur he said he had chromium so it's a hack of some kind, probably the google chrome one via pepper15:03
robjloranger_ramos: did any of the three conditions apply to you in the error you got? are you running a pre release version of ubuntu? or have any unofficial packages installed?15:03
ikoniajustaquickmacq: I'd like him to explain so it's clear please.15:03
dw1ramos: i think15:04
KGM70justaquickmacq, yes pepperflash-plugin15:04
ramosdw1, ok just did it15:04
KGM70justaquickmacq, not a hack , it's in the repos15:04
ikoniait's not a solution15:04
ikoniaKGM70: which repo is it in ? a PPA ?15:04
ikonia!info pepperflash-plugin15:05
ubottuPackage pepperflash-plugin does not exist in trusty15:05
justaquickmacqKGM70, that is a hack, just someone else's hack :-)15:05
KGM70nope justaquickmacq , in multiverse15:05
OerHeks!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree15:05
ubottupepperflashplugin-nonfree (source: pepperflashplugin-nonfree): Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.3ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 9 kB, installed size 65 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)15:05
ikoniait's not in multiverse15:05
ikoniaahhh nonfree15:05
ikoniathere we go15:05
ikoniathank you OerHeks15:05
OerHeksor this ppa > https://launchpad.net/~skunk/+archive/pepper-flash15:05
justaquickmacqikonia, iy's a 3rd party ppa, it;s the same player g.chrome has, nothing surprising just nonstandard for chromium15:05
ikoniajustaquickmacq: yeah, I'm not interested in that stuff, it's too dirty a product15:06
ikoniaOerHeks: thank you15:06
justaquickmacqubuntu wiki does not cover compatibility with NEW macbooks pro. do they work and how is hidpi/retina support? in trusty15:07
ikoniajustaquickmacq: still seems to be the font bug15:08
ikoniajustaquickmacq: other than that seems supportible,15:08
KGM70still works fine ikonia ..and I call it clean if itdoesn't do any damage, since FF can't handle flash on some sites that chromium can15:08
neccs_adminHello Ubuntu Community, Im new to the linux environment and represent a school. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a free program that can help me manage several student edubuntu computers from a centralized computer?15:08
neccs_adminany help is appreciated?15:08
ikonianeccs_admin: there are many tools, but they are not a two minute job, they require a little bit of experience to setup15:08
OerHeksneccs_admin, first that comes in mind is edubuntu-server?15:09
ikonianeccs_admin: I suggest you pay a consultant local to you to set it up, then you can manage it easy15:09
justaquickmacqikonia, font bug?15:09
ikoniajustaquickmacq: there is a bug where the fonts don't render properly due to the retina resolution15:09
neccs_adminthanks ikonia and oerHeks, so you both sugest using an edubuntu server?15:10
ikonianeccs_admin: the server doesn't matter, the tool being used to manage the clients does15:10
justaquickmacqikonia: thank you15:11
robjloranger_mozzarella: did you have any luck? had you previously restarted your session after copying the fonts into your directory?15:11
neccs_adminok, thank you ikonia. I'll search for some tools and see what I can do.15:11
justaquickmacqneccs_admin, how many workstations?15:12
mozzarellarobjloranger_: yes I did restart, no, no luck15:13
mozzarellaI still can't find it15:13
robjloranger_did you try the font manager?15:13
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robjloranger_any progress ramos?15:14
mozzarellarobjloranger_: http://i.imgur.com/5BUzA0W.png15:14
neccs_admin18 workstations for now15:15
mozzarellait's there apparently… but I can't find it in gnome tweak tool15:15
ramosrobjloranger_, its still running15:15
robjloranger_ramos: ok15:15
robjloranger_mozzarella: that is weird, maybe an issue with gnome tweak15:16
neccs_adminjustaquickmacq, we have 18 workstations15:16
mmazingin chromium-browser package, in every computer i own, flash plugin is completely missing from chrome:plugins ... has anyone here had any experience manually adding libflashplayer.so to chrome?15:17
OerHeksmmazing, happens only on a 64 bit system with 32 bit flash AFAIK15:18
mmazingyeah, that seems to be my problem, running 64-bit 14.0415:18
OerHeksmmazing, just make a softlink15:18
justaquickmacqneccs_admin, ok you should be fine - good luck with the project (had you said several hundred it would a much harder problem)15:18
robjloranger_mmazing: i am running 64bit. let me check chromium15:19
mmazingi copied libflashplayer.so into the plugins directory but it is ignoring it15:19
robjloranger_mmazing: mine works15:19
robjloranger_14.04 here too15:20
mmazingrobjloranger_: in "chrome:plugins" where does it list the location of the .so file?15:20
robjloranger_mmazing: one sec15:20
=== circ-user-NRI1L is now known as Soul_Sample
robjloranger_i don't have a flash plugin15:20
justaquickmacqmmazing, stupid question but do you really need flash? if just youtube, they have html5 now. flash doesn't work on newer mobile devices and they get by ok15:20
mmazingjustaquickmacq: pandora :)15:22
mmazingi think i found a workaround15:22
robjloranger_mmazing: so it seems i have to the same problem. no flash player. let me check firefox15:22
mmazingrobjloranger_: does pandora work for you?15:22
onelineri got told how yeaterday but i forgot, what is the location i need to add a conf file to make changes i made with rmmod and modprobe permanent?15:22
mmazingfirefox works perfectly fine for me15:23
robjloranger_mmazing: if i were in usa :(15:23
robjloranger_mmazing, i personally don't use chrome15:23
timbhi everybody. i'm  trying currently to use an ipv6-address in the config file of xl2tpd as a listen address. but everytime xl2tpd says that it can't find the ip-address. does anyone have already experience with xl2tp and ipv6?15:23
SchrodingersScat!info pianobar | mmazing15:26
robjloranger_mmazing: have you tried gnash?15:26
sursWhich linux version is best suited for my old intel celeron pc??15:26
ubottummazing: pianobar (source: pianobar): console based player for Pandora radio. In component universe, is optional. Version 2013.09.15-1 (trusty), package size 36 kB, installed size 123 kB15:26
robjloranger_it's in the repos i think15:26
justaquickmacqmmazing: the streamidng service? aren't they html5 now?15:26
SchrodingersScatmmazing: pianobar trumps all other pandora delivery methods15:26
masin1hello! we use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS among other OSses at our NGO. our employees should be able to log into wifi networks without being sudoers. I found a polkit rule that enabled all NM actions for members of a specific group but this then allowed our users to display the network secret for the network at our main office. as I see it, the problem lies within NetworkManager or nm-applet in trying to set up new wifi networks for all users instead of just 15:26
robjloranger_mmazing: i think it's mozilla-plugin-gnash15:27
OerHekssurs, try xubuntu or more lightweight Lubuntu15:27
robjloranger_mmazing: or pepperflash15:27
robjloranger_be back again, yet another kernel to test :)15:28
sursk...I will try it...15:28
foofoobarln -s /foo/bar foobar; rm -rf foobar/; <-- Does this really remove all the files in /foo/bar and not just the symlink?15:31
mmazingpianobar you say. i've been using pithos occasionally15:33
SchrodingersScatmmazing: yeah, pithos uses pianobar, afaik15:34
SchrodingersScatfoofoobar: yes, in fact that seems to preserve the symlink and symlinked folder on my machine, removing only the internal files15:34
SchrodingersScatfoofoobar: but rm foobar seemed to take out the symlink only.15:35
foofoobarSchrodingersScat, yeah I do not know why I used that -rf here.. I just deleted 60GB of images..15:35
phuhQuestion --> What's the difference between "reload", "reread", and "update" in supervisorctl?15:36
foofoobarI'm trying to recover them since a few hours now. They were on a ssd (ext4), looks like I cant recover them.15:36
shancannot install Ubuntu on win 8.15:36
foofoobarI think I have 80% of them backed up to an external disk.15:36
mmazingso this is a bit off-topic, but i really don't like the interface for things like pithos, it would be so much nicer as a "panel" icon like the volume control or the messaging center in unity, anyone have any info on developing stuff like that?15:36
mmazingdoes unity in 14.04 still use dbus?15:37
foofoobarI did not know that rm -rf symlink/ acts like a hard-link15:37
KGM70shan, using a vm?15:37
SchrodingersScatfoofoobar: oh wow15:37
shanno, i'm currently in live session.15:37
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: if yuou use recusion then probably, why are youusing force too?15:38
shanKGM70 | i somehow booted linux from USB but on step where to choose partition. it won't show partitions but a single partition as free space.15:38
robjlorangershan, no. you can however install ubuntu on your computer15:38
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: you can test by making dummy data then test15:38
neccs_adminthanks you justaquickmacq15:38
shanrobjloranger | it's not detecting any OS on machine.15:39
ramosrobjloranger, check this out  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7452895/15:39
robjlorangershan: what is the device name that is does show? sd* or hd*15:39
KGM70shan, recommend you prepartition your drive with gparted live media, before installing ubuntu15:39
foofoobarActionParsnip, yeah, anyway it's too late now.. The data is lost15:40
foofoobarI managed to do a dd of my whole partition. But the sdd seems to be really fast, I dont know how 60GB can be deleted in less than a second.15:40
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: this is why I asked why force and recusion was used.....15:40
robjlorangerramos: hmm, and you don't have any unofficial packages installed?15:40
geoffw8_Hi all - wondering if you can help - how might I add this PPA to using the command line? It doesn't follow the usual format does it? http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntugis/ubuntugis-unstable/ubuntu/15:40
foofoobarActionParsnip, yeah it was a mistake15:40
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: I always question it, its a really bad habit users get from i dont know here15:41
ramosrobjloranger, don't think so15:41
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: people love learning the hardest ways possible15:41
sursim currently in ubuntu 5.04.i386...how to update it??15:41
rypervenchefoofoobar: I have done that before. The final slash makes a different when you're using -r. Without the / it removes the symlink. With it, it removes the contents of the directory. Next time don't use -r when you want to remove a symlink. Very important.15:41
foofoobarActionParsnip, yes.. I got used to use -rf nearly always15:41
rypervenchefoofoobar: Always take backups. :)15:41
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: not wise15:41
foofoobarSo it was a "lets delete this symlink", and a second later it was gone15:41
shanrobjloranger | sda15:42
foofoobarrypervenche, the sad thing is: I was configuring my backup folder for sync with a remote store15:42
robjlorangerramos: i'm not sure. you might want to try a bug report. unless anyone else here has any ideas15:42
foofoobarWhile doing this I wanted to remove the symlink and removed all files15:42
shanrobjloranger | SDA as a free space.15:42
robjlorangershan, not sure why it isn't showing up. are you intending on keeping windows?15:43
shanyes, i'm trying to keep that.15:43
shanrobjloranger | it's maybe UEFI thing issue.15:43
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: the symlink is a file, so deleting it as a file will work, if th symlink is to a folder it will recursively delete if you use '-r'15:44
foofoobarYeah, I think I understood what I have done wrong :/15:44
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: time to break out the backups15:44
foofoobarActionParsnip, yes. But I will try getting the missing 20% I have not backup'd15:45
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: d'oh15:45
foofoobarAny other ideas isntead of extundeleted I can use?15:45
shani have now downloaded ubuntu latest version, so maybe will not face this parition issue again. but here i'm again. same free space issue.15:45
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: foremost, will take ages and will 'recover' the existing files too15:46
foofoobarSome years ago when I was still using a HDD I could recover files easy. With this SSD now I have the sad feeling that this is not going to work?15:46
foofoobarActionParsnip, ages = hours?days? its a 194GB backup I did with dd15:46
dw1foofoobar: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk maybe. apt-get install testdisk15:47
robjloranger_sorry shan, if i missed anything after asking if you are keeping windows. my connection froze up. i'm testing for a network bug in the kernel :(15:47
foofoobardw1, tried the photorec from testdics, but it also just found about 1% of the files15:47
shanyes, i'm trying to keep win 8 too.15:48
shanrobjloranger | i have now downloaded ubuntu latest version, so maybe will not face this parition issue again. but here i'm again. same free space issue.15:48
shanrobjloranger | it's maybe UEFI thing issue.15:48
SchrodingersScatThought ssd made file recovery like that harder..15:48
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: any data area which has had new files made on, that once had the data on then the data is gone15:48
robjloranger_shan, ok. i would download and burn a gparted cd. use that to resize windows and leave some empty space for linux. the ubuntu cd can format the empty partition you create.15:49
foofoobarActionParsnip, after removing I emidiatly shut down and booted via livecd, then did the DD15:49
=== Guest4046 is now known as sc_
foofoobarbut still bad results with extundeleted. I will try foremost now!15:49
shanrobjloranger | i have unallocated space around 5 Gb and also 25 Gb ext3.15:50
swdevwhat can i do with Linux ???15:50
robjloranger_shan: so you already have windows and free space?15:50
robjloranger_swdev: what can't you do?!15:50
shanyes, i do.15:51
sudormrfhey guys, I received a rather troubling message from my 12.04 server today saying that I had basically no free space left on the main drive.  Basically nothing gets stored on the main drive.  Using disk utility I don't see where the storage is being eaten up at.15:51
robjloranger_shan: and when you run the ubuntu installer it only shows one free space?15:51
SchrodingersScatsudormrf: I would say 'Install ncdu' but you don't have any free space :/15:51
geniiswdev: Almost anything, it's just a matter of how much time and/or effort you want to put into it15:51
robjloranger_shan: no windows or others15:51
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, I was able to remove some things and free up a few GB of space15:52
swdevi have no idea...plzz help me do something useful??15:52
shanno, only free space.15:52
shannothing else.15:52
justaquickmacqsudormrf, double check with df -h and df -i15:52
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, just not sure why this happend all of a sudden.  installing ncdu now.15:52
ActionParsnipswdev: what can you do in Windows?15:52
geniiswdev: "something useful" is pretty vague :)15:52
robjloranger_shan: that is very strange. what did you use to resize/create partitions?15:52
bobinHi folks. Can someone help me with setting Java_home? I have googled and googled and cant get it to work?15:53
SchrodingersScatsudormrf: ok, yep, that might give you a clue15:53
ActionParsnipbobin: what is the output of:   file `which java`15:53
shanrobjloranger | a friend of mine installed win8. so basically it's done from within the win 8 setup.15:53
Armag3dd0n1anyone know of a good vpn for ubuntu that doesn;t keep logs?15:53
sudormrfjustaquickmacq, df -h says the disk is 90% used.  df -i shows something different I think?15:53
bobinActionParsnip: /usr/bin/java15:54
ActionParsnipArmag3dd0n1: why not disable logging in the solution you have now....15:54
sudormrfjustaquickmacq SchrodingersScat df -h gives me this: /dev/sda1       103G   87G   11G  90% /15:54
swdevoh no...i dont know how to make linux useful??im a beginner...15:54
Armag3dd0n1what you mean?15:54
ActionParsnipbobin: ok, what is the output of:   file /usr/bin/java15:54
sudormrfjustaquickmacq SchrodingersScat df -i gives me this /dev/sda1        6823936 785776   6038160   12% /15:54
sl33k_I can't run heroku. After the wget here https://toolbelt.heroku.com/debian if I type heroku login, I get command not found. Any help?15:54
ActionParsnipbobin: this is trhe actual output of the command I gave, which you didn't run15:54
dw1sudormrf: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/find-large-files-linux/15:54
robjloranger_shan: ok. well then i would still create a gparted cd, boot that and see if you can recreate your partition setup. being careful not to touch the windows partition of course. maybe the partition map is messed up, it was microsoft after all :)15:55
justaquickmacqArmag3dd0n1 freenode on login claims to be sponsored by privateinternetaccess vpn company15:55
sl33k_whereis heroku shows /usr/bin/heroku15:55
ActionParsnipsl33k_: I suggest you contact the package maintainer15:55
sudormrfdw1, hmm.  good find, let me see if that will help15:55
bobinActionParsnip: Sry, did not know that:( /usr/bin/java: symbolic link to `/etc/alternatives/java'15:55
dw1sudormrf: id check /var/log first15:56
shanrobjloranger | what exactly you are suggesting? : )15:56
sudormrfdw1, for largeness?15:56
dw1sudormrf: yeah15:56
Armag3dd0n1yeah, £20 for a year.15:56
ldiamondsl33k_, and I assume 'which heroky' returns /usr/bin/heroku ?15:56
ActionParsnipbobin: ok and the output of:   file /etc/alternatives/java15:56
dw1sudormrf: maybe some arent being rotated...15:56
sudormrfdw1, that was the first place I was thinking this may have been an issue.  I have an idea of what that may be, too.15:56
shanrobjloranger | you want me to merge/change the size of windows partition.??15:56
nick0r0Greetings humans15:56
bobinActionParsnip: /etc/alternatives/java: symbolic link to `/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle/jre/bin/java'15:56
robjloranger_shas: using a gparted live cd; i would remove all the extra partitioning other than windows, then in that free space create an ext* partition and maybe a swap too.15:57
SchrodingersScatsudormrf: -i is inodes15:57
robjloranger_shan: no. just fix the other partitions.15:57
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, I don't know what that means, unfortunately :S15:57
justaquickmacqActionParsnip: I think he was referring to the VPN provider doing tne logging15:57
sl33k_ldiamond: Does not return anything15:57
=== felipealmeida_AW is now known as felipealmeida
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, I just looked it up15:57
robjloranger_shan: how much ram do you have?15:57
shanother partitions !15:57
shan2 G.b15:58
ActionParsnipbobin: getting there, what is the output of:  cd /usr/lib/jvm; ls15:58
ldiamondsl33k_, echo $PATH | grep /usr/bin15:58
ActionParsnipbobin: you may need a pastebin for that one15:58
ldiamondsl33k_, seems to me that /usr/bin isn't in your PATH for some reason.15:58
ldiamondsl33k_, maybe you override PATH somewhere.15:58
ActionParsnipsl33k_: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:58
robjloranger_shan: yes, the etx3 that is there. when you boot gparted you will see - windows, ext3, unallocated space. so delete the ext3 and create another in the empty space, and also maybe about 1 gb for swap space.15:59
bobinActionParsnip: Im getting this: java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd64  java-7-openjdk-amd6415:59
bobinjava-6-openjdk-amd64      java-7-oracle.15:59
bobinActionParsnip: Patebin?15:59
ActionParsnipbobin: nar thats good enough :)15:59
sl33k_ldiamond: that gave /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games15:59
robjloranger_shan: the reason is that i suspect the partition map is screwy, so using something reputable like gparted to remake it should fix the issue15:59
shanrobjloranger | i already have created swap.15:59
bobinActionParsnip: Sometimes I get lucky:)16:00
sl33k_ActionParsnip: Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS \n \l is the o/p16:00
LeMikehello. at startup the screen shows the same error hundred times but I can't find it in the kern.log . where might it be and how to find it?16:00
ActionParsnipsl33k_: is this a desktop OS?16:00
shanrobjloranger | is it possible to install gparted in live USb right now.16:00
ActionParsnipbobin: try:    export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle/bin/java16:00
robjloranger_shan: i know, but with a windows partitioning tool. so i am recomending trying again with gparted. just removing and recreating the linux partitions. leaving the windows one alone16:01
ActionParsnipsl33k_: with mouse pointer and Firefox web browser?16:01
robjloranger_shan: you can try to run gparted16:01
shanit will be easy for me, incase someone help me with that. i'm not much of linux guy. : )16:01
robjloranger_shan: type in the search16:01
foofoobarso I have two folders A and B. B is a subset of A. The filenames are not the same and the structure inside is also not the same. Some files in them are the same. I want to get a list of files which are in A but not in B. How can I do this ?16:01
sl33k_ActionParsnip: yes16:02
mmazingfoofoobar: you want to do a comparison of the file contents or just filenames?16:02
bobinActionParsnip: only that?16:02
PeanutHi, when installing a new machine with 14.04LTS, its network interfaces are now called p255p1 and p255p2 - why the odd number, and how to correct it?16:02
ActionParsnipsl33k_: then its no longer supported16:02
ActionParsnipsl33k_: Lucid is no longer supported on the desktop16:02
LeMikefoofoobar: find . -type f -exec basename {} \;  will give you a list of filenames only. play around with that16:02
LeMikefoofoobar: sort them and then diff them e.g. ;)16:03
sl33k_ActionParsnip: Is the upgrade smooth to 14.04?16:03
ActionParsnipsl33k_: you will need to upgrade to 12,04 first16:03
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: http://www.unixcl.com/2008/03/compare-two-directories-using-diff-bash.html16:03
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, this is really bizarre to me.  I am thinking it is what dw1  had suggested about a log not being properly rotated, but still investigating.16:03
foofoobarActionParsnip, but diff does not work if the structure of the folders to compare are not the same16:04
ActionParsnipsl33k_: I'd just do a clean install on 14.04 you will get to the goal quicker and you wont have the fluff from the old install16:04
SchrodingersScatsudormrf: did 'ncdu /' give you any clues?  if it's your logs, then you would expect /var/ to be near the top of the list.16:04
LeMikefoofoobar: didn't the diff on filenames work?16:05
seeme1i cant watch videos in linux also games...16:05
sl33k_ActionParsnip: Will my data be safe? How would I backup?16:05
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, well....I am using greyhole which is making it hard to sort out.  /var is at the top, but this because that is also the mount point for the greyhole drives.16:05
giannellohi everyone - is there a way to disable PERMANENTLY systemd-udev from renaming network interfaces?16:05
ActionParsnipsl33k_: the same way you backup now....16:05
ActionParsnipsl33k_: you do have a backup, right?16:05
SchrodingersScatsudormrf: ah, I see16:05
bobinActionParsnip: No Java in specified path in JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle/bin/java16:06
bobinSet the variable to a valid Java installation16:06
bobinIs what i get after only that when i try to run a java file16:06
giannelloit's horribly BROKEN, every time the machine boots some interfaces are renamed as "renameX" (with X being a number), and you can imagine what happens if that interface is part of a bond (it's a freshly installed firewall with 10 NICs)16:06
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, so I am drilling down in to each item looking at the actual space used.  It says /var/ is 4.2TB.  The main drive is a 120gb SSD, the current size of all the files in the pool is 4.2TB so that is accurate. so I am subtracting that and seeing what is going on.16:07
ActionParsnipbobin: then you can run:  unset JAVA_HOME   and undo the set :)16:07
giannelloI tried adding "net.ifnames=0" to /etc/default/grub and running update-grub - no effect16:07
sl33k_ActionParsnip: I'm clueless about it. What do you recommend? Does the backup mean only my hardrive or also file system config. Pardon my ignorance.16:07
LeMikeagain: I got multiple errors at startup that are shown before lightdm is there and the splash screen is shown. hundred times the same error. where might I find that error message in the log?16:07
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: just worked here, the diff command showed the files which were unique16:07
ActionParsnipsl33k_: copy the files you want to keep, this is what a backup is16:07
giannelloI also _deleted_ /lib/udev/rules.d/71-biosnames.rules (the only rule which supposedly renames interfaces) and IT STILL RENAMES16:07
bobinActionParsnip: Okay, Can I do something else?16:08
seeme1I have photos etc in my pendrive with a ubuntu iso mage...can i still make my pendrive succesfully bootable and install new os??16:08
sl33k_ActionParsnip: Would you trust your harddrive?16:08
giannelloright now ubuntu 14.04 LTS is not able to survive a reboot - and that's extremely wrong16:08
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, I think I found the problem! :D16:09
ActionParsnipbobin: its that kind of folder you need to set. Maybe the guys in #java can help16:09
ActionParsnipsl33k_: no and having more than one copy of your important data is wise16:09
sl33k_ActionParsnip: Is there any way I don't have to install my software again and again after backup?16:09
geniigiannello: Maybe give each a persistent name in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules according to MAC16:09
ActionParsnipsl33k_: too many times do I see people bleating about their 'important' data when they dont have a backup. Their system doesnt boot or gets corrupted then they want their data. Its mind bogglingf16:10
bobinActionParsnip: thanks for the tip, i can allways ask:)16:10
ActionParsnipsl33k_: the software will all need updating and installing from the Trusty repos16:10
foofoobarthanks, I will try this!16:10
ActionParsnipsl33k_: you can make a package list to reinstall16:10
compdocgiannello, you can turn off that Consistent Network Device Naming stuff. Im not a fan16:11
giannellogenii, maybe there should be an option to disable that _random_ behaviour - because YES, it's random, and IMO this is a regression16:11
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, so I have a cron job setup to rsync one of my directories over to my other NAS.  It looks like the NAS isn't mounted (not sure why...:S) and the rsync happened.  This generated 76GB of data on my local drive16:11
giannellocompdoc, _how_ ?16:11
SchrodingersScatsudormrf: oh, nice, good thing you found that.16:11
giannellothere's at least 5 different ways to do that, according to the internet - and most of them don't work16:12
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, now to figure out why it isn't mounted.  lel16:12
=== kirk is now known as Guest14393
compdocgiannello:   sudo nano /etc/default/grub     add:   GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="biosdevname=0"              then: sudo update-grub          then reboot16:12
sudormrfSchrodingersScat, annnddd I see why.16:13
strHi everyone!  I installed a clean 14.04, did all the updates and I'm trying to use Empahty. When I get a message, I see the blue icon on the corner, but when I pen the chat dialog, the message is not shown and I can't see what the message was. Does this happen to everyone?16:13
compdocConsistent Network Device Naming is an abomination16:13
Peanutcompdoc: My p255p1 and I agree with that.16:14
giannellocompdoc, I'm not that drastic, it could be a nice feature16:14
giannellobut in my case is not Consistent at all16:14
giannellomost of the interfaces are correctly named pXpX (2 PCI cards with 4 ports)16:14
giannellosome of them, randomly, are simply "renameX"16:15
ActionParsnipfoofoobar: was I right, or was I correct?16:15
giannelloand it changes at every reboot16:15
squidlyI'm trying to kill mysql server but it keeps restarting. Is there something I need to stop to stop the mysql server from restarting?16:16
Peanutsquidly: how are you stopping it?16:16
squidlyPeanut: /etc/init.d/mysql stop is not working. I've tried to kill -9 $pid_of_mysql.16:17
geniisquidly: mysql uses upstart16:17
Peanutsquidly: which OS release are you on?16:17
squidlyI also have looked at stopping the mysql_safe process.16:17
ActionParsnipsquidly: try:  sudo service mysql stop16:17
strI joined #empathy but no one is there, why do we use empathy?16:18
ActionParsnipstr: i don't16:18
squidlyPeanut: I'm on 12.04.4 LTS16:18
SchrodingersScatstr: I prefer 'finch'16:19
squidlyI was trying out mariadb.. but decided to go back to mysql-server16:19
ActionParsnippidgin here16:19
Peanutsquidly: where did you get your mysql from, the packages or built it yourself?16:19
KGM70str, what would you use empathy for anyway?16:19
squidlyPeanut packages from the mariadb site16:20
sl33k_ActionParsnip: Are there steps for making package list for re-install?16:20
Peanutsquidly: you're confusing me know. Is it mysql that fails to stop, or mariadb? What do you have currently installed?16:20
squidlymariadb. they set it to be a dropin replacement of mysql-5.516:21
Peanutsquidly: Ok, so it is mariadb that won't stop?16:21
ActionParsnipsl33k_: dpkg -l | grep -v ^rc | awk {'print $2'} > ~/Desktop/packagelist.txt16:22
Peanutsquidly: where did the /etc/init.d/mysqld come from? Is that from Mariadb or Mysql?16:24
Peanutsquidly: ok, so exactly what happens when you do "/etc/init.d/mysql stop" ?16:24
squidlyit just says failed.16:25
Peanutsquidly: ah ok, so it doesn't stop and then start again, which you mentioned before. Is it even running?16:25
ActionParsnipsquidly: tried the 'service' command?16:25
squidlyActionParsnip: yes I did. Before I even came in here.16:26
squidlyPeanut: yse16:26
ActionParsnipsquidly: cool16:26
r2d2___after fresh install, xscreensaver crashes on my secondary monitor. error related to apport-gtk.16:26
squidlyok that worked.. I hated to do it but a shutdown of the system.. and a boot in to a recovery console lets me remove mariadb.16:29
r2d2___it seems as if it would try to show the screensavers of both monitors in one... it looks distorted and after stopping it, the monitor is unusable until reboot16:30
benfesIve just upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 however it just loads to a blank screen unless i pish the up arrow key during startup Nd it loads to the terminal. How can i get it to load the normal ui?16:31
dumbasssssMy Ubuntu is fucking up16:31
unopastedumbasssss you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:31
khaxcalmdown plz16:32
designbybeckwhat is it doing or not doing dumbasssss16:32
squidlyPeanut: thanks.16:32
benfes(benfes) Ive just upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 however it just loads to a blank screen unless i pish the up arrow key during startup Nd it loads to the terminal. How can i get it to load the normal ui?16:33
geirhabenfes: Why would you upgrade to 12.10 and not 14.04?16:34
giannellocompdoc, that did the trick, thanks16:34
KGM70guess the nick was appropriate16:34
CodmadnessproWhat happend.16:34
compdocgiannello, use 70-persistent-net.rules to set your devices how you like16:35
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CodmadnessproHey schaap16:35
=== ` is now known as Jamazia
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sudormrfcrisis averted :D16:36
r2d2___anybody??? after fresh install, xscreensaver crashes on my secondary monitor. error related to apport-gtk.16:37
giannellocompdoc, the default, old-school naming is _fine_ - I'd never imagined that in 2014 I have to _manually_ name my network interfaces because of some brain-damaged software trying to automagically rename them16:37
compdocgiannello, my system nicely named them eth0, eth1, eth2, etc, and then renamed them all to something unuseable16:38
squidlyupgradeing to 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS is not yet supported?16:39
Picisquidly: not until 14.04.1 is released.16:44
nestle21is it normal for a raid10 resync check or whatever to take so long ?  [===============>.....]  check = 75.8% (8843852288/11658029568) finish=965.8min speed=48560K/sec16:44
nestle21been going on for like 4 days16:45
nestle21software raid*16:45
squidlynestle21: size of the disks?16:48
squidlyAlso if you use the disk at all during the resync it takes a VERY long time.16:49
squidlyPici: thanks. I though so16:49
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Blue_KnightAustneal: Hi!16:55
AustnealHi :/16:56
AustnealI dont know you xD16:56
Austnealbut HI! :D16:56
Blue_KnightAustneal: I know nobody. So not surprised.16:57
sl33k_what does grep -v ^rc mean?16:57
sl33k_and also awk {'print  $2'}16:57
Blue_Knightgrep --help16:57
Blue_Knightman grep16:58
Austnealisn't ^rc regex?16:58
Austnealor am I dumb?16:58
Blue_KnightAustneal: read the documentation...16:59
heipahey folks how long it takes for a record to propagate itself?16:59
AustnealI'm not on Linux16:59
heipaif I set val to min aka 6016:59
Blue_KnightAustneal: Then why are you here?16:59
darky_How to enable wired connection from recovery mode?16:59
AustnealI'm on a windows tablet :P16:59
darky_eth1 ....?16:59
AustnealEnable networking, darky_17:00
robjlorangerwired should just work17:00
darky_Austneal: Just that?17:00
Blue_Knightassuming he's connected...17:00
=== guampa_ is now known as guampa
geniidarky_: mount -o remount,rw /  ...and then ifup ethX where X is the adapter number you want to enable. Then usually from here dhcp most systems with: dhclient ethX17:01
darky_Austneal: I meant in text mode? I'm not in that screen with this option.. I want the command!17:01
AustnealListen to genii17:01
darky_genii: Ok.. Thank you.17:01
Austnealhes a genii17:01
geniirobjloranger: Wired connection does not just work in recovery boot :)17:02
robjlorangerreally? :) thats not so helpful is it lol17:02
nestle21<squidly> Also if you use the disk at all during the resync it takes a VERY long time.17:02
nestle21when i first installed the system it did do a sync and then it was finished17:02
nestle21but 4 days ago it started back up somehow17:02
nestle21and they are 4 tb x 6 drives17:02
AustnealRylee... Are you the same Rylee I know? >.>17:02
robjlorangeri should shush up17:02
Ryleedepends Austneal17:02
nestle21but yeah ok cool i guess ill just wait it out17:03
Ryleeis the rylee you know a female Ruby programmer taht's an Atheme member?17:03
nestle21i take it i should not reboot17:03
AustnealYES :O17:03
AustnealRylee, is the name "Akki" familiar?17:04
Ryleenot particularly, i presume it should be though17:05
Ryleedrop me a pm wherever i should recognize it from17:05
Ryleei need tro go17:05
Austnealmaybe not the same ruby programmer named Rylee then :/17:05
Ryleei meet lots of people and sometimes the name isn't what leaves an impression17:06
Ryleehttps://www.rylee.me/ might confirm/deny me being who you think i am17:07
Ryleeadios for now, though17:07
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Ryleeag-ing my entire logset reveals no trace of an Akki so i am afraid you have found the wrong person17:10
=== Guest66768 is now known as Blue_Knight
Beldar!away > Blue_Knight17:12
ubottuBlue_Knight, please see my private message17:12
sysroot000hey, is there a command in bash to select the network interface to go through for the specific shell session ?17:14
=== cancer is now known as shan
Blue_KnightBeldar, I understood nothing...17:15
=== rafael is now known as Guest25794
sysroot000how can i specify an interface that will be used on a specific bash window for the commands i enter, for example bash window x goes throught eth0 and bash window y goes through wlan017:20
SchrodingersScatsysroot000: is that a thing?17:20
sysroot000SchrodingersScat: what thing ?17:21
regnoI like where this is going :)17:21
SchrodingersScatsysroot000: I think that's my point.17:22
daftykinssysroot000: i don't think you can. they're relying on the kernel routing table17:22
daftykinssysroot000: you could chroot a fake install and reconfigure that though17:22
sysroot000daftykins: what about 3g modems ? its the same about them ?17:23
daftykinssysroot000: it doesn't stop being networking.17:23
daftykinssysroot000: what are you *actually* trying to achieve?17:23
sysroot000daftykins: 2 python scripts that each of them goes throught distinct adapters17:24
nick0r0Why won't this run? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7453365/17:24
daftykinssysroot000: why? :)17:24
nick0r0Terminal is saying its an invalid op17:24
daftykinssysroot000: you could install virtualbox and get a VM running that bridges over one interface only, but overkill to get there but it'll work17:25
sysroot000daftykins: thats what im trying to avoid17:25
daftykinsnick0r0: because you're not meant to have all those backslashes, heh17:25
daftykinssysroot000: sorry then :) i think you're out of luck17:25
nestle21sysroot000 you so weird man. good luck.17:26
nick0r0daftykins: If I remove backslashes and just leave a space will it work?17:26
sysroot000nestle21: why am i weird ?17:26
sysroot000daftykins: are you 100% sure about that ?17:26
sysroot000daftykins: isnt that what vpn tunnels does ?17:27
daftykinsnick0r0: probably. if those are all package names they should be space delimited yeah. if you copied them from somewhere, \ is just a way of saying it's an ongoing single command but it has to be wrapped to new lines17:27
daftykinssysroot000: well you'd need another endpoint to achieve that, so your setup starts getting ridiculous to achieve this one crazy idea :)17:27
sysroot000daftykins: like, when i connect a VPN, i can connect websites inside the vpn subnet .. and surf the internet17:28
daftykinssysroot000: yes i understand how VPNs work, they probably contain some configuration to tell what interface to go out over - but that tends to be system wide again, not per-application17:29
=== shan is now known as cancer
nestle21maybe u can bind a socks server to both eth0 and the other interface and then use tsocks to run your (applications?) through it ? im probably not helping17:31
SchrodingersScatsysroot000: individual programs can select interfaces when it's an option, not sure if python has something similar or not, like curl --interface eth0 should pick eth017:33
ben_g_I have a problem related to display drivers17:33
sudormrfDo you guys recommend WebMin or is there something better to use? :)17:33
Beldarsudormrf, You seem to not understand this channels role.17:34
ben_g_I've recently tried to install nvidia drivers, (from the nvidia site, then by bumblebee because the nvidia ones didn't work) and now I don't have any 3D acceleration anymore17:34
ben_g_And the desktop also uses a simplified mode witout annimations (which I think is the failsafe mode)17:35
daftykinsben_g_: sounds like an nvidia optimus laptop17:35
daftykins!webmin | sudormrf17:35
ubottusudormrf: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.17:35
daftykinssudormrf: let it never be spoken of again17:36
ben_g_daftykins: It's possible.17:36
sudormrfdaftykins, haha ok.  So what should I use instead? :)17:36
daftykinsben_g_: possible that it is? intel i-series processor with on-die graphics coupled with an nvidia mobile chip?17:36
sudormrfBeldar, I fully understand the role of this channel.  I am asking because I am running ubuntu server.17:36
=== avis is now known as Guest98622
daftykinssudormrf: you should learn to do things the proper way first, if you start using software that holds your hand you will only make life difficult for yourself when things go wrong and you don't know how to manage it17:37
sudormrfBeldar, looking for suggestions from the community :)17:37
sudormrfdaftykins, I do them from the CLI typically17:37
daftykinssudormrf: i think his point is that #ubuntu-server exists17:37
ben_g_I have an on-board intel HD graphics 4000 GPU and a dedicated nvidia geforce 710M graphics card17:37
sudormrfdaftykins, ah.  didn't know that :).  will jump into the server channel :D17:37
daftykinsben_g_: yep, ok which ubuntu are you running?17:37
ben_g_12.04 LTS17:37
Beldarsudormrf, I would argue you don't; this is not a what's best or suggestions from the community.17:37
daftykinsben_g_: if you want good optimus support, i highly recommend running 14.0417:38
sudormrfBeldar, I am not going to argue the point with you.17:38
ben_g_=i'd already be happy if I can just use my dedicated card17:38
Beldar!best | sudormrf argue with the bot17:38
Beldar!best | sudormrf17:38
ben_g_but, is 14.04 a long time stable?17:39
daftykinsben_g_: optimus doesn't work like that, in 99% of cases. you can check your system's BIOS for GPU options, *if* they exist, that let you pick which GPU to use primarily17:39
daftykinsben_g_: 14.04 is Long Term Support yes17:39
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)17:39
daftykinsben_g_: if you want to get back to a working configuration as-is, "sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia* "17:40
ben_g_And very recent then? When I installed ubuntu (a month or two ago) 12.04 was the most recent I found17:40
ben_g_Ok, I'll try that17:40
nick0r0daftykins: I space delimited then tried a comma and it's still not working http://paste.ubuntu.com/7453452/17:41
daftykinsnick0r0: the command is "sudo apt-get remove --purge <package>"17:41
ben_g_But since my bios doesn't have a GPU setting, I'll be stuck with my on-board card unless I update to 14.04?17:42
daftykinsnick0r0: also you now have new lines in your command instead of spaces which is why they're going on new lines ¬_¬17:42
daftykinsben_g_: what i said is 14.04 is the best choice to begin setting up an optimus system, so if you clean install 14.04 and come back then we can carry on :)17:42
ben_g_I'll try that after my exam period then17:43
daftykinsben_g_: lol, doesn't sound like a good time to be messing with your computer17:43
ben_g_I still have 3 weeks before they start17:44
ben_g_I just don't want to mess up realy badly now17:44
ben_g_anyway, brb. I'm going to reboot to see if it's fixed17:44
bertiebHey all, any idea why minidlna would not want to read an nfs-mounted directory (minidlna account is in group of user who has it mounted) ?17:45
daftykinsmaybe its' logs tell you?17:46
bertiebdaftykins: Was just typing that bit up ;)17:46
geniisysroot000: This looks interesting: http://daniel-lange.com/archives/53-Binding-applications-to-a-specific-IP.html17:46
bertiebThe logs don't say anything helpful - minidlna just plain refuses to scan if the 'root' folder is the nfs mount. If the mount is mounted as the only thing in a directory which is set to root, it will 'scan' and say 0 files found.17:47
michaelaguiarwhen setting ranges for a dhcp server, can it be any amount of ips?17:48
ben_gIt didn't work :(17:48
bertieb(Even with the log level set to most verbose [debug] I don't get much useful info)17:48
nick0r0daftykins: I tried that but nothing happened http://paste.ubuntu.com/7453487/17:48
ben_gThe desktop still is on that simplified mode, and I still don't have 3D acceleration17:48
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nick0r0Can you please paste an example17:48
geniimichaelaguiar: On most class C type capable servers/routers anything from 2 to 25417:49
daftykinsnick0r0: lol, you have a $ at the start, remove that17:49
michaelaguiargenii: ah ok.  What if I need more then that?17:49
daftykinsben_g_: removing the nvidia packages? well i could've done with more feedback after running that command ran17:49
daftykinsben_g: two choices: continue messing around with making your existing install work on the intel only, or you go clean install 14.0417:50
ben_gAre all my files safe if I install 14.04?17:50
bekksben_g: Ddid you back them up?17:50
ben_gMost of them17:51
ben_gBut I especially don't want to hurt my windows partition, since I don't have the windows CD17:51
nick0r0daftykins: The $ wasn't me it's just the token that comes after my computer name17:52
daftykinsben_g: depends what your partition layout is17:52
geniimichaelaguiar: If the netmask on the server allows more than 255 addresses, then it should automatically assign more than 255 numbers if a starting IP is given it just increments it until second-lat number17:52
daftykinsnick0r0: no look at your paste, there are two17:52
daftykinsnick0r0: username@pc:~$ $sudo17:52
michaelaguiargot it, thanks!17:52
ben_gthe default windows format on the windows partition, and ext4 on ubuntu's partitions17:52
daftykinsben_g: right but do you have a separate /home or is it all in one / ?17:53
JoeyJoeJoI've got a cron job that has output and tries to mail it to a user on my system. How do I check that mail?17:53
nick0r0daftykins: Weird -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/7453520/17:53
ben_g /home and / refer to two seperate hard drive partitions17:53
daftykinsnick0r0: is a package manager running? or the update manager? you can't have two things managing packages at once.17:54
ben_gbut they are on the same physical hard drive17:54
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daftykinsben_g: cool, so you could format / and clean install 14.04 then just tell the installer you want to mount the /home as your /home17:54
nick0r0daftykins: Yeah I totally have update manager running in background17:54
stemidI forget where I am, how do I check which radeon driver I'm using? I have fglrx fglrx-amdcccle and xserver-xorg-video-radeon installed. here is my fglrxinfo http://sprunge.us/JjGG17:54
daftykinsnick0r0: :P close it17:54
ben_gI'll try to find a flash drive then17:55
stemidmistawright: open source is supposed to say callium?17:55
stemidor something17:55
daftykinsstemid: apt-cache showpkg fglrx17:55
mistawrightsounds like you are unsure of the driver you are using currently17:56
bsdbanditgood  afternoon  i have applied a patch to my apache server from the ubuntu repo is their a way to roll back patches in ubuntu using apt-get17:56
daftykinsbsdbandit: as in the apache2 package had an update?17:57
nick0r0daftykins: They are there! I know their there! -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/7453544/17:57
daftykinsnick0r0: i told you to use spaces not commas17:57
daftykinsnick0r0: do you have any idea how painful this is? :)17:58
daftykinsnick0r0: also you have 'friends twitter' which probably should be friends-twitter if that's even a package17:58
nick0r0daftykins:  OK : /17:58
daftykinsnick0r0: i don't know if you're new at this, but you really need to READ what you're typing in, don't just try and rush these kinds of tasks - else as you've seen command line will say 'DENIED'17:59
ben_gI can't find a flash drive anyware, so I can't really install 14.04 now17:59
pkpHow do i find out which driver to install for my wireless connection to work?18:01
ben_gBut I'm pretty sure my default drivers should still be okay, since I didn't remove them. Is there any way to re-enable them?18:01
=== nnyk_ is now known as nanyaks
daftykinspkp: first identify what hardware it is - if it's internal, try "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "lspci | pastebinit" and paste us the link. if it's USB, do "lsusb | pastebinit"18:02
daftykinspkp: or are you already being offered some in the additional / hardware drivers tab of software ? :)18:03
daftykinspkp: you'll have to be online for these commands, so hopefully you have a wired network interface that'll work temporarily18:04
pkpdaftykins, that's the problem. Both wired and wireless are not working.18:04
daftykinspkp: can you take a picture instead and upload it online? :)18:05
mr-tech-guyhello all18:05
pkpdaftykins, I think I figured out the company of the chipsets. For wireless, its realtek and for wired its intel18:06
pkpBut am not getting the exact model and other details18:06
daftykinspkp: from lspci ?18:06
pkpdaftykins, yes. and from lshw18:07
daftykinspkp: they should be a fair bit more specific than that, which ubuntu version did you install also?18:07
mr-tech-guyI am trying to setup DHCP for my Ubuntu server I have one question how do I fine what my subnet config. I herd of the subnet mask.18:07
new0hi everyone, i would like to know what is wrong in my code and i guess i don't know how the parent::__contruct() work. http://pastebin.com/09ppWqd918:07
new0hope something help me. tnx18:08
pkpdaftykins, er.. am using elementary. But its based on ubuntu and use 3.2.0 kernel, I think18:08
daftykinsah, sorry - we don't support that here18:08
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.18:08
JMonhey guise, can anyone suggest a channel for stupid newb Ubuntu questions18:08
daftykinsJMon: that's here! ask away with as much detail on one line please18:09
pkpdaftykins, okay. thanks anyway18:09
DJonesJMon: No such thing as a stupid question, just ask here & see ifanybody can help18:09
daftykinspkp: a newer version with a newer kernel would likely help a lot18:09
pkpdaftykins, Yeah probably. I was just trying with the one I had. Will install the newer one.18:09
kdzbusy as ever here18:10
mr-tech-guyI am trying to setup DHCP for my Ubuntu server I have one question how do I fine what my subnet config. I herd of the subnet mask.18:11
d4rkt1m3sI'm trying to port my app from another linux distro to Ubuntu, does anyone have any resources on building packages by hand?18:11
Mikerhinostomorrow I should receive my 2 SSDs 40Go, was thinking of making a bios RAID-0 to get max performance to install my "/" partition, and use my actual 500Go as /home and swap, is it a good decision ? Some people told me to use a soft RAID solution, some LVM...I'm becoming a bit lost lol18:12
daftykinsmr-tech-guy: for a standard home network with 254 hosts max, stick with 192.168.0.x as the IP scheme and as the subnet mask18:12
daftykinsMikerhinos: i'd say no, but even if you setup that RAID in BIOS Linux will likely see the two disks separately18:13
mr-tech-guybut Iam on a network comcast18:13
daftykinsmr-tech-guy: is that your internal IP or your internet facing IP?18:13
mr-tech-guyinternel facing IP18:14
daftykinslol facing18:14
vaskozlI have a 7 year old computer with old intel audio, which doesn't apper in the settings18:14
vaskozlis there any package I can install that provides me with the drivers?18:14
daftykinsmr-tech-guy: so copy the IP schema and subnet from your existing settings, read them from ifconfig -a18:14
Mikerhinosdaftykins: it's an Intel Matrix sata controller (MB=Asus Sabertooth 55i), if I setup my RAID in bios why would Linux see the 2 drives ? :s18:14
daftykinsMikerhinos: because it doesn't tend to follow the fakeraid setup. once you get it assembled boot a LiveUSB/DVD and you'll see :) look into mdadm if you really want RAID but i'd advise against it with SSDs18:15
JMonI  am copying folders from my linux box to a NAS (buffalo HD-CELU2)  the copy on NAS has the same number of items in the folder, yet shows different amount of space used... original folder size is 3.0 gig, copy says 1.8gig. even weirder still,when I checked from an alternate box (newer dist of ubuntu) It shows copy as 3.3 gig. I want to wipe the drive on computer but am hesitant to do so without being sure the copy is exact18:15
daftykinsJMon: is it just files in your /home ?18:16
mr-tech-guyI have know problem with my configration the problem is every video I am looking at the subnet and subnet mask is diffent18:16
daftykinsmr-tech-guy: but you asked what to put as the subnet mask...18:17
mr-tech-guyI just trying to fined out where are they getting it form18:17
mr-tech-guycheck this out18:17
Mikerhinosdaftykins: performance in RAID-0 is really interresting, I don't search reliability as my important data will be on a SATA HDD on a separate /home. Anyway problem with RAID seems to be the no TRIM capability :s don't know if I use LVM to "merge" the drives18:17
daftykinsmr-tech-guy: well, it differs depending on the network and how many hosts you want to be able to support18:17
daftykinsMikerhinos: yeah no TRIM would mean their performance would drop very quickly and not return18:18
daftykinsMikerhinos: i know nothing about LVM to know if it'd be useful though18:18
Mikerhinosdaftykins: but I know that LVM is like 20% behind soft RAID-0 in performances18:18
JMondaftykins: no its a folder within  /home18:19
daftykinsJMon: yeah that's what i meant, was any program likely using any files in there at the time?18:19
mr-tech-guyi hear you subnet netmask
mr-tech-guywhat is the subnet and where did they get that from18:20
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daftykinsmr-tech-guy: i'm afraid this isn't the place for a networking 101, i'd advise you look it up online.18:21
Mikerhinosdaftykins: oh, looks like TRIM is supported in a RAID configuration with ubuntu 14.04, problem is, I'm on Mint Petra, so equivalent to 13.10 I believe :s I like Mate desktop it's very light and efficient...Gnome Shell is ok, but Unity... :(18:23
daftykinsyeah we don't support mint here.18:23
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:24
JMondaftykins: no18:25
Mikerhinosyeah I know, but it's very similar to 13.10 I believe. Is Ubuntu Gnome supported here ? I had it a few days and it was quite cool, switched to Mint only because my sons have old hardware and I wanted to have same OS for easy help when they are in trouble18:25
infowolfewhere would I go to inform a packager that they're doing it wrong?18:25
daftykinsMikerhinos: similar but not supported here :)18:26
bekksinfowolfe: you could just file a bug on launchpad18:26
mmazingMikerhinos: try #linux too, it seems like a pretty general question you have, not really mint-specific18:27
Mikerhinosmmazing: trying right now thx :)18:27
ceed^I am not able to turn Bluetooth back on in 14.04. It immediately turns off again. It was on after install and worked. Then I disabled it once and now it won't turn on again. Ideas?18:28
rafael2kpeople, sdl2 package seems badly broken. the same app, compiling with debian jessie sdl2 works fine, compiled with ubuntu sdl2 I get a segfault18:29
meccoollfgl_glxgears show 1800FPS when it's on monitor off of GPU1 but about 310FPS when i drag it to monitor off of GPU218:29
daftykinsceed^: did you use rfkill?18:29
mmazingceed^: do you have the bluetooth settings window open or clicking on the indicator icon? i had some trouble earlier where it wouldn't turn back on via the settings window, but i just tried the indicator now and it worked fine18:29
ceed^daftykins, I didn't use anything other than the bluetooth on off18:32
ceed^daftykins, I had added my bluetooth speakers and the work fine, the only problem is that I am not able to turn bluetooth on18:32
daftykinsceed^: did you see mmazing's reply?18:33
JMondaftykins: no,i t is highly unlikely that any other programs are using the files. I just checked again and the NAS still shows copy of folder to be 1.8 gig from one box, 3.3gig when viewed from another box, yet the original folder is 3.0gig18:33
daftykinsJMon: is that NAS new?18:34
ceed^daftykins, I saw it yes. I do have the bluetooth settings open and try to turn it on, but it just goes back to off again18:34
JMonits about 6 years old18:34
nick0r0daftykins: I think it worked18:34
daftykinsnick0r0: after that long i really hope so ;)18:34
nick0r0daftykins: Can you show me a way to confirm this18:34
JMondaftykins: its about 6 years old18:34
nick0r0:) lol18:35
daftykinsnick0r0: dpkg -l | grep <packagename> would show if a given package is installed or not18:35
nick0r0daftykins: Ok may be it really didnt work :( Some of the packages show as still there18:37
ceed^daftykins, rfkill says my device is "soft blocked = yes".18:37
daftykinsceed^: sounds like you want to remove that!18:38
daftykinsnick0r0: are you seeing two letters beside the package name?18:38
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nick0r0daftykins: yes ii18:38
ceed^daftykins, did "rfkill unblock 0" and I can turn it on again! How did it get "soft blocked" in the first place?18:39
daftykinsceed^: no idea, sorry. just seen people use that command18:39
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sullivanhttps://gks.gs/blog/?id=142 => Dites moi que c'est une blague ! Hein ?! Dites moi que c'est une blague !18:49
sullivansry wrong channel.18:50
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ben_gI'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04 LTS right now by updating from 12.04LTS, but the installer complains about an EFI boot partition missing.18:50
hpa620nits irc; doesnt anything go?18:50
yutongwhich package contains the GL headers/18:50
ben_gWhat should I do? Can I safely ignore it and continue the installation?18:51
JMondaftykins: would that make a diff?18:51
daftykinsJMon: not sure18:52
JMondaftykins: ok well thanks for your input, much appreciated18:53
ben_gDo I have to create that boot partition in the installer or should I ignore the error?18:54
nick0r0daftykins: What do the two letters mean?18:54
ben_g(I have 1GB of unallocated space on my hard drive, so it is possible to create an other partition)18:55
daftykinsnick0r0: have a read up by typing 'man dpkg' in the terminal18:55
ben_gI'll ask it in an other way: can it do harm if I create the boot partition from unallocated hard drive space if the installer asks for it?18:57
daftykinsben_g: do you know if your windows and ubuntu install are currently installed as EFI or legacy?18:58
=== comp is now known as computerxpds
ben_gI heard that legacy was rather bad and/or unsafe18:59
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bekksben_g: And both isnt true.19:00
ben_gWell, UEFI was the standard on my system, and I'm sure that windows works on it19:00
ben_gAnyway, do I need that partition, or would it be a bad thing to add that partition?19:03
mrkent2Is there a simple diagnostic tool for ethernet problems? I am running lubuntu 12.04 on xps 8700 desktop connected to linksys 900E. It detects the connection, but cannot connect to network. The same connection works on a laptop running archlinux19:03
raubmrkent2: It depends on what you mean by simple19:05
raubmrkent2: Did you try ip?19:07
mrkent2raub, nope.19:09
mrkent2Perhaps I can just turn off network-applet and just connect via a script, and look at output of command line19:10
daftykinsben_g: if they're installed as UEFI, you should already have an EFI FAT partition at the start of the drive19:11
raubmrkent2: wireless or ethernet?19:11
ben_gso I can safely ignore the error?19:12
daftykinsben_g: possibly, try it and see!19:12
ben_gOk, thanks19:12
ben_g"the attempt to connect a vfat-filesystem at efi/boot has failed" Does that mean that I do need that boot partition?19:14
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kdzhow can i block dc++ on my network without block the ports19:21
designbybeckdoes ccsm worth with Ubuntu 14.04?... things like wobbly windows and such?19:24
designbybeckthat was suppose to say ccsm compiz work with Ubuntu 14.0419:30
xanguaunity uses compiz, yes19:31
designbybeckxangua, but with the ccsm does wobbly windows and things like that work with 14.04?19:32
escyllit works19:33
designbybeckok thanks escyll  and xangua19:33
junkahow can i make xchat to use notify-osd when they highlight me?19:33
xanguajunka: install xchat indicator19:33
xangua!info xchat-indicator19:34
ubottuxchat-indicator (source: xchat-indicator): XChat Indicator Plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.11-0ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 7 kB, installed size 53 kB19:34
escylldesignbybeck: of course you'll first have to install ccsm19:34
junkaxangua, it is installed. I get xchat in indicator-messages19:35
junkawhat about a notification bubble19:35
arooni-mobilehey folks; thinkpad 420 with a Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250  card.. upgraded recently to ubuntu 14.04 .... wifi is broken; i can't connect to new networks.  wifi was working fine before the ugprade.  what do i do now?19:40
ParaDebianHow can i install Ubuntu with the shared /home on Debian?19:40
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Canadian22Hey guys, I am using php-5.3.10-1ubuntu3.11 from the Ubuntu 12.04 repositories. I have been given a list of php vulnerabilities in php 5.3.10 by my security team. How can I found out if those vulnerabilities were or were not addressed in Ubuntu's 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.11? Thanks in advance19:40
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daftykinsParaDebian: that's a really bad idea19:40
=== Guest45954 is now known as ubilli8
daftykinsbecause they're different19:41
brontosaurusrex_ParaDebian, dot files will mix19:41
ParaDebianamazing, any idea how to avoid this?19:41
brontosaurusrex_ParaDebian, better make one /fatfiles that both can see and separated homes19:41
ParaDebiani have a separeted home19:42
junka!info xchat-gnome-notify-osd19:42
ubottuPackage xchat-gnome-notify-osd does not exist in trusty19:42
ParaDebian!info python319:42
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.4.0-0ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 8 kB, installed size 100 kB19:42
ParaDebian!info python3.419:42
ubottupython3.4 (source: python3.4): Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.4). In component main, is important. Version 3.4.0-2ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 159 kB, installed size 325 kB19:42
=== aaron is now known as Guest62302
Guest62302Hey all!19:42
ParaDebian!search python3.419:43
designbybeckescyll, when I look in the software center I don't see ccsm? Use to have the "Show Technical Items" but I don't see that either19:43
escylldesignbybeck: euhm, you're right, gimme a second19:44
mrkentraub, ethernet.. had network problems on other comp so apparently message didnt reach u19:44
escyllapt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager19:44
escyll@ designbybeck19:44
Guest62302I just installed Ubuntu Studio 14.04, with all of the extras (graphics, audio, publishing, the works) and did the usual post-install updates, and now it is taking about 3 minutes to boot! anyone else having this problem? The xfce mouse flashes for minutes... then it springs to life.19:45
escylldesignbybeck: after installing that package you can use it via the ccsm command19:46
escylleuhm, you may need to download one extra package for wobbly windows19:47
designbybeckescyll, I got into ccsm but looks like they did take out wobbly windows and such19:47
escyllapt-get install compiz-plugins19:47
designbybeckah the plugins as well19:47
escyllye, install these plugins and you can use wobbly windows again19:48
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Guest62302anyone know how to troubleshoot slow boot times?19:49
escyllGuest62302: I was reading about that today and read something about preload, not sure if it helps with slow booting or not, but might be worth to dig into it19:50
genii!bootchart | Guest6230219:50
ubottuGuest62302: bootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot19:50
=== ParaDebian is now known as Paradiseee
escyllGuest62302: what you also could concider is let several programs in your startup list start after several seconds19:51
escyllfor example instead of starting skype you could start skype after 20 seconds via sleep 20; skype19:51
LonnieI've never really seen much of a gain using preload in boot times I actually think it makes boot times slower because it loads commonly used programs into memory so they start faster after the machine has started19:51
robjlorangeranyone know a simple way to share a desktop across the web?19:51
LonnieI've never used it much though19:51
escyllhmm, you could be right on that Lonnie19:51
escyllwell not really simple, but... teamviewer19:52
escyllnot sure if it runs on linux :O19:52
LonnieI thought about trying to hack something together with ffmpeg for that19:52
escylldesignbybeck: is it working?19:52
michel11hello, I installed xchat-gnome and then uninstalled it through the ubuntu software center. however the xchat-gnome entry still remains in the notification menu (the menu that opens when you click the mail icon on the toolbar), any way to remove it19:53
Canadian22@robjloranger: I don't know about simple but https://www.nomachine.com is very good.19:53
Armadillosrobjloranger: No Machine19:53
robjlorangerthanks i'll check it out19:53
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Guest62302escyll: thank you - that is the best lead I've had as of yet. I can see the LED go solid for about 30 seconds right before it actually boots, so I'll see of I can tell by the chart what it is loading during that time.19:54
Armadillosrobjloranger: That's what I'm using to be on IRC from my linux workstation at home19:54
Canadian22@robjloranger: TeamViewer is also very good and easy to install. They have a Linux client.19:54
robjlorangerok cool, it makes helping people much easier than typing19:55
LonnieI use teamviewer often as that is what my windows using friends use.19:55
robjlorangerespecially when it gets confusing19:55
pavlosI second TeamViewer on linux; works well.19:56
robjlorangerthanks :)19:56
escylldoes one of you have experience with converting windows 8 from uefi boot to csm/legacy boot? Or do you guys discourage it :P19:57
escyllmy boot menu now is changing from uefi to legacy or the other way around in the bios menu19:58
dididodohi ... can you recommend a package suited for capturing embedded flash (rtmp?) video streams?19:59
designbybeckyes escyll it did work19:59
designbybeckThank you.... it did have some hiccups, but it did work19:59
designbybeckI was testing it out for a newbie who was asking. He saw lots of videos with it and liked it20:00
designbybeckI think that is what got him to want to try Linux in the first place20:00
arooni-mobilehey folks; thinkpad 420 with a Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250  card.. upgraded recently to ubuntu 14.04 .... wifi is broken; i can't connect to new networks.  wifi was working fine before the ugprade.  what do i do now?20:00
shanWhat should i do: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7454124/20:00
escylllet him press ctrl + alt + F1 for the first time20:00
escyllhe will cry20:00
junka!info firefox20:01
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 29.0+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.2 (trusty), package size 28361 kB, installed size 74674 kB20:01
escylldididodo: not really suited for it, but I remember using vlc for it :P20:01
cruisibesareshey all i have a lvm that is essentially setup as a raid 0 with three disks. when i cat /sys/block/xvdf1/queue/nr_requests its set to 1024. but when i cat the lvm device /sys/block/dm-0/queue/nr_requests it says 128 if i try to echo 1028 into sys/block/dm-0/queue/nr_requests it errors out with -su: echo: write error: Invalid argument what am i missing here?20:02
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pdo_fn14What's plugdev?.20:07
SchrodingersScat!info plugdev | pdo_fn1420:07
ubottupdo_fn14: Package plugdev does not exist in trusty20:07
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pdo_fn14SchrodingersScat: package?. So i can't do "adduser MYUSERNAME plugdev"?.20:09
SchrodingersScatpdo_fn14: oh, is that a group?20:10
llutzpdo_fn14: sure you can20:10
pdo_fn14ShrodingersScat: I'm ask what plugdev group purpose?20:12
pdo_fn14llutz: Thanks.20:12
Armag3dd0n1flareget is only limited to 10 downloads per day, OMG! next best download manager for ubuntu???20:12
LinksEzHi, I installed ubuntu on a chromebook. The battery power indicator does not update and drains while the book is closed.20:13
robjlorangerwhats a download manager? lol20:13
LinksEzDoes anyone know if this is fixable?20:14
geniiArmag3dd0n1: fatrat20:15
new0when working with subClass can i change the visibility of public $a of the parent to protected $a in the child? or protected to private?20:16
new0and also when can i found about it in php.net?20:16
Picinew0: this is #ubuntu, were you looking for ##php ?20:16
geirharobjloranger: Not sure, but people coming from a Windows background seem to think it's something important.20:16
new0Pici, sorry wrong channel :)20:17
robjlorangergeirha: ya no idea.. does it make my internet faster?20:17
robjlorangergeirha: should i install hdd sweeper too?20:17
nfshrHi all! I want to install a vpn between two machines connested over the internet. Now i unfortunately can configure only 1 machine in regards of port forwarding. Is it still possible to install a full vpn?20:18
SchrodingersScatrobjloranger: if the server throttles or is otherwise slow, sometimes multiple connections can help, otherwise I don't think they can do much that wget can't do.20:18
robjlorangeroh tricky, is that what they do? like torrents20:18
SchrodingersScatrobjloranger: right, I think there's an add-on for firefox that acts similar, downthemall or something, can have it use multiple connections, so one gets the file from 0%-10% then the next is working on 10%-20%, etc.  I think there's some projects that do this for curl and wget, but using the actual tools normally suffices for me..20:20
Beldar Armag3dd0n1 Why are you using a 3rd party download manager?20:21
pdo_fn14SchrodingersScat: Does it work http://www.tincantools.com/wiki/Accessing_Devices_without_Sudo ?20:22
SchrodingersScatpdo_fn14: never worked with that, did you try that line adding the user to the group? useradd -G plugdev USERNAME ?20:24
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skinuxIs './configure' generally deprecated?20:25
=== dati____ebammm is now known as soLameitsSOshame
SchrodingersScatskinux: ??20:26
pdo_fn14SchrodingersScat: I'm can't do now cause my laptop were dual booted, and still using Fedora session.20:26
skinuxI'm trying to build 'LMMS', a music synthesis software.20:26
skinux'./configure' said it's deprecated and to use cmake instead20:26
genii!info lmms20:27
ubottulmms (source: lmms): Linux Multimedia Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0+bzr2569-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 4599 kB, installed size 12270 kB20:27
geniiskinux: Why build it when it's already packaged?20:27
SchrodingersScatskinux: ok, so did you try cmake? lmms is in repos, not sure why you'd build.20:27
skinuxI found it by searching online, I didn't know it was in repo20:27
trismskinux: I'm sure they mean it is deprecated for lmms because they'd rather use cmake in the future, not autotools in general20:28
rwwfua: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Something we can help you with?20:28
rwwguess not20:28
heipaso nice20:28
xRanieriThat was definitely Bill Gates20:29
SchrodingersScatskinux: normally only need to build when you're missing a feature from what's in the repos, first you can check 'apt-cache search lmms' to see what your distro has access to, which will search your repos for anything with lmms strings.20:29
skinuxWhy is CMake preferred over autotools?20:30
heipasorry why u banned Bill_20:30
skinuxSorry, I'm actually a programmer, but I let IDEs do the heavy-lifting for compiling20:31
pdo_fn14SchrodingersScat: But when I saw in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Privileges, I guess mount with standard user need admin group?.20:31
heipahe was just making some speach about windows20:31
BeldarxRanieri, Ah yes, a man who would actually loose money by stopping to pick up a lost 100$ bill is going to come here.20:31
SchrodingersScatskinux: like trism mentioned, I don't think it's a software-wide change, but lmms project must think it's better for them.20:31
xRanieriBeldar, lmao.20:31
Elephantmanhi :) what software would you recommend to take distant control over a desktop ? (to support users in configuring their computer right)20:32
xRanierihe hates linux enough to go to ever irc channel that promotes it and spamming it.20:32
skinuxWell, one reason I might still build is that my boot partition only has 1G free space. At the moment, I wish there were a way to install from repo, but to a different partition.20:32
skinuxEven more interesting, I just looked in panel menu and found LMMS is already installed. I wonder if CMake did installation as well as configuration.20:34
SchrodingersScatElephantman: openssh20:34
* skinux just realizes...'make' is in CMake...so 'make' and 'make install' probably happened already20:34
SchrodingersScatskinux: it is possible?20:35
ElephantmanSchrodingersScat: no I'm looking for a graphical remote desktop thing here20:36
skinuxIt must have, because I'm trying the program as we speak.20:36
AlexPortableHow long is 14.04 LTS supported?20:37
AlexPortablewikipedia says until 2019, which is 5 years20:37
AlexPortablebut the text below it says 'for desktop 3 years and for server 5 years'20:37
k1l_AlexPortable: it is 5 years20:37
AlexPortabledesktop 5 years?20:37
skinuxAs I mentioned, '/' partition is nearly full. Is there any way to set it so future software will be installed to appropriate directories on another partition?20:37
k1l_AlexPortable: that is the old support rule. since 12.04 it is 5 years for desktop too20:37
compdocElephantman, I like xrdp or vnc4server, but I dont think they work with the new Unity20:37
Elephantmancompdoc: using kde actually, so may be ok20:38
compdocas long as theres a 2d desktop option20:39
compdocI use Mate20:39
frisanyone have a ppa handy for ubuntu 14.04 for varnish 4.0, can only seem to find 3.0.520:39
Beldar!ppa > fris20:41
ubottufris, please see my private message20:41
nfshrHi all! I want to install a vpn between two machines connested over the internet. Now i unfortunately can configure only 1 machine in regards of port forwarding. Is it still possible to install a full vpn?20:42
bekksnfshr: both machines are behind a router? or are both machines directly reachable?20:43
user_Hey, anyone have had experience with snort ?20:43
nfshrbekks, both are behind a router20:43
compdocnfshr, think so. as long as you can connect out from the place that doesnt allow forwarding20:43
nfshri know that vnc works.. but vnp idk20:44
k1l_user_: network hacking is not in the focus of this support channel20:45
genii!info varnich utopic20:46
genii!info varnish utopic20:46
ubottuPackage varnich does not exist in utopic20:46
ubottuvarnish (source: varnish): state of the art, high-performance web accelerator. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.0-1 (utopic), package size 451 kB, installed size 1440 kB20:46
bekksThat bot is joking, isnt it? :)20:47
bekksDoes the package exist or not? :)20:47
Veil_Hi, I've installed Ubuntu on a Compaq Laptop, which has built-in wifi, how would I go about configuring that?20:47
geniibekks: typo on my part the first time :)20:47
Orioa_go to network connections20:47
bekksgenii: ah ok :)20:47
Veil_list of wifi bssid's not shown :/20:48
shancannot install ubuntu.20:49
geniiAlexPortable: All LTS releases are now 5 years whether they are desktop OR server.20:49
bekksWhats the channel to ask some questions about how automated package building for utopic is done actually?20:49
Orioa_do you have a icon on your task bar for network?20:49
terminalmageI'm trying to run a 14.04 LXC container installed using the "download" template for lxc. However, booting the container hangs for several minutes when running the upstart-socket-bridge upstart job. There's no log for this in /var/log/upstart, so I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting further. Any ideas?20:50
geniibekks: If they don't know in #ubuntu-devel , they might know where to point you20:50
Veil_yes, but wireless connection is not an option yet, do I have to configure something?20:50
terminalmageeventually the container boots and runs fine20:50
bekksgenii: thank you :)20:50
shancannot install ubuntu, "Reserved BIOS boot area".20:50
Orioa_you will have to add it20:50
shanhow, i just made new parition.20:50
Veil_I've added it, still is showing no options for wifi.20:51
shandon't know, that partition space for it have to be the first partition or....??20:51
AlexPortablehow do i get classic gnome back?20:51
Beldarshan, pastebin sudo parted -l20:51
Orioa_is your wifi turned on?20:51
k1l_!info gnome-panel | AlexPortable20:51
bluezonewhat could cause ssh <amazonaws ip> to just hang after i enter the command? (nothing happens, except for a newline and a carriage return)20:51
ubottuAlexPortable: gnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.8.0-1ubuntu12 (trusty), package size 332 kB, installed size 1358 kB20:52
Veil_I pressed the wifi button, and it will not enable it.20:52
Orioa_go to network connections in system settings20:52
k1l_Veil_: what does "rfkill list" tell you? (-> pastebin)20:52
bekksbluezone: DNS resolution of ssh. It might take up to 30-60s.20:52
BeldarAlexPortable, centos is gnome 220:52
bluezonebekks, well does that also happen when i use the direct ip address?20:52
AlexPortableBeldar: i want a debian based distro20:52
module000bluezone: disable UseDNS in your sshd config20:52
bekksbluezone: Yes. Reverse DNS resolution.20:53
k1l_AlexPortable: since gnome stopped with gnome2. use gnome-panel20:53
shanBeldar | http://paste.ubuntu.com/7454345/20:53
Veil_ok, now what?20:53
bluezonessh: connect to host <ip address redacted> port 22: Connection timed out20:53
k1l_!paste  | Veil_20:53
ubottuVeil_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:53
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raubHas anyone had issues with sudo-ldap and kerberos in 14.04?20:54
Orioa_does anyone know why my ubuntu software center is showing apps installed in a different language and how do i change it to english20:54
bekksbluezone: that means that there is no reverse route set.20:54
BeldarAlexPortable, Heh, it's all the linux kernel, gnome 2 is not supported by gnome even.20:54
AlexPortableE: Package 'gnome-panel' has no installaton candidate20:54
k1l_AlexPortable: which ubuntu are you on exactly?20:54
raubIt is segfauting for me20:54
bekksbluezone: the package (ssh connection request) hits the target which is listening on port 22, bit it never gets an answer because of broken routing on the target.20:54
AlexPortablek1l_: 14.0420:54
raubMay 12 16:48:09 testfirewall kernel: [  151.052911] sudo[1498]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fccc86ea92a sp 00007fff85070a28 error 4 in libc-2.19.so[7fccc8661000+1bc000]20:54
shanBeldar | i can create new partition, just need guide. how to?20:55
k1l_AlexPortable: is universe disabled?20:55
AlexPortablehow can i check?20:55
Orioa_im using ubuntu gamepack 13.1020:55
Beldarshan, You have 4 partitions, that is the max in your partition table type=msdos, are you trying to make a 5th?20:55
AlexPortablenvm found it20:55
Veil_Can someone plz, link me to a guide that shows how to configure built-in wifi card?20:55
k1l_Veil_: what about the output of the command i gave you?20:55
shanBeldar | No, i'm just trying to install Ubuntu and when i press Install Now button it ask mefor "Reserved BIOS boot area".20:56
Veil_true, one sec.20:56
Beldarshan, Install at what gui?20:57
AlexPortablek1l_: how do i start gnome-panel ?20:57
k1l_AlexPortable: choose that on the login screen20:57
AlexPortablegnome flashback (compiz), gnome flashback (metacity), ubuntu (default)20:57
shanBeldar | I don't know. I have just deleted everything from machine. it's new install. ubuntu 14.04 lts i think.20:57
k1l_AlexPortable: go with the compiz one.20:58
Beldarshan, The pastebin you showed me shows 4 primary partitions taking up the whole HD, is this not correct now?20:58
shanyes, that is correct.20:58
shanBeldar | i don't know how to setup partition from with in gparted. that's what i tried from Gparted.20:59
Veil_rfkill list shows nothing.20:59
Beldarshan, Is there anything on the HD you need? Or you are just trying tio reuse the partitions?20:59
shanBeldar | No.20:59
AlexPortablek1l_: how can i customize those panels?20:59
k1l_Veil_: if there is no output in a terminal that is a very bad sign.20:59
Beldarshan, That was two questions, that just a ni means nothing.21:00
Veil_okay, great?21:00
k1l_AlexPortable: there is not really something for customization. that is just a fallback21:00
AlexPortableyes but i want the top bar at the bottom21:00
k1l_AlexPortable: why dont you go with lxde or xfce in the first place?21:01
Beldarshan, Can you just install ubuntu to the whole HD?21:01
AlexPortablek1l_: xfce is ugly. lxde lacks features21:01
shanBeldar | yes, incase it will not ask me for "Reserved BIOS boot area"....21:01
shanBeldar | I can do that.21:02
k1l_AlexPortable: ok, then talk to gnome21:02
shanBeldar | but will i be able to create other partitions?21:02
trismAlexPortable: alt+right click the panel21:03
bluezonebekks, so amazon aws is at fault?21:03
AlexPortabletrism: nothing happens21:03
trismAlexPortable: actually in the compiz session you might need alt+super+right click21:03
AlexPortablei only get 'always on top'21:03
Beldarshan, That error is tied to UEFI, however I see no gpt partition table, Was this a computer with W8?21:03
shanBeldar | Yes.21:04
shanBeldar | Secure boot/UEFI is disabled in BIOS now.21:04
Beldarshan, Might need legacy ticked as well.21:05
shanBeldar | Current option is set to "CSM" instead of "UEFI" and Usb Legasy is "enable".21:05
user_Can I get help with snort ?21:05
k1l_user_: read the documentation. network hacking is not in the focus of this channel21:06
Beldarshan, Hard to say what the issue is for me, but the info we have shared is very important for helpers to know so keep it all in your queries. ;)21:06
user_its not hacking , or is it ?21:06
user_Its intrusion detection system, that i have put on my server .21:07
shanBeldar | ask me and i'll say all. : )21:07
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foofoobarSo I'm using extundelete to restore deleted files. Doing a extundelte mydrive --restore-directory /home/foo/Pictures does only restore a few pictures. I remembered a sub folder: --restore-direcotry /home/foo/Pictures/XYZ works, too!21:08
foofoobarMy problem is: I dont remember all the subfolders.. Is there a way to restore all subfolders with this path?21:08
user_k1l_,  maybe you can suggest where to search for help ?21:09
iDevelop_This channel is insanely active21:09
Beldaruser_, /j morale-turpitudes21:09
=== iDevelop_ is now known as iDevelop
shanBeldar | i have chosen the first option from installer other than "something else". i hope, i can resize partition later.21:10
Beldarshan, Don't tell me, I have no specific suggestions and fear youb are just clicking and hoping, that is not good.21:11
user_All I need is to help figuring out, why snort is not writing data in its log files.21:13
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bluezonebekks, i'm not even able to ping the server O.o21:14
=== shan is now known as cancer
xRanieriWhere is my gcc?21:17
skinuxAnyone had a problem with ALT+TAB not showing list of programs?21:17
WugxRanieri: is it installed?21:18
sl33k_how to figure out if my distro is 32 bit or 64bit?21:18
xRanieriWug: yea.21:18
bluezonesl33k_, try uname -a maybe21:18
k1l_sl33k_: uname -a and we can tell you21:18
WugxRanieri@host$ which gcc21:19
sl33k_i686 GNU/Linux. 32?21:20
xRanieriWug: If I run the python interpreter, i get [GCC 4.8.2] on linux221:20
xeonidsl33k_: yep , its 32bit21:20
bluezonebekks, ok the problem was that for some reason my security group was setup only for port 32 -.- and i was trying to connect on the default ssh port21:21
WugxRanieri: that probably just refers to the version of gcc used to compile that python binary21:21
xRanieriPython binary?21:21
k1l_sl33k_: for 64bit it lists x86_6421:22
xRanieriThat's getting too technical for me. Explain like I'm 5 years old. xD21:22
WugxRanieri: python is a program.  gcc was used to compile that program21:22
Wugif you think you have gcc installed, type 'which gcc'.  If it shows a file, it's installed correctly. if it shows nothing, it's either not installed or installed incorrectly21:23
OerHeksmars_rulez, please don't spam, thanks21:23
Wugif it's not there try 'sudo apt-get install gcc'21:23
AlexPortablehow to remove all influence by canonical like amazon n stuff?21:23
OerHeksAlexPortable, all influence? choose an other distro. or just amazon ? disable it in privacy21:24
AlexPortableif i dont use unity is there also no amazon?21:24
AlexPortableidk what they all added21:25
SchrodingersScatAlexPortable: all influence = !debian21:25
AlexPortable=! ?21:25
SchrodingersScat!debian | AlexPortable21:25
ubottuAlexPortable: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!21:25
AlexPortabledoes debian haves gnome fallback?21:25
SchrodingersScatAlexPortable: this is #ubuntu support..21:26
sl33k_How do I upgrade to 12.04 from 10.04? I am assuming it is supported till 2017.21:26
OerHeksgood question, AlexPortable, FOR #DEBIAN21:26
AlexPortablesl33k_: 12.04 to 10.04 is downgrade21:26
k1l_sl33k_: "do-release-upgrade"21:27
OerHekssl33k_, go into softwarecenter>sources and select lts > lts21:27
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=== ]-[ is now known as vifino
k1l_sl33k_: or do you mean: 12.04 to 14.04 ?21:27
sl33k_no 10.04 to maverick21:27
geniisl33k_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades21:28
bekks!maverick | sl33k_21:28
ubottusl33k_: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.21:28
sl33k_Does upgrades prone to be messy in the sense that boot screws up?21:28
k1l_sl33k_: maverick is no support21:28
k1l_sl33k_: if you are on 10.04 you can only go to 12.04.21:28
AlexPortableSchrodingersScat: OerHeks they dont know what gnome fallback is21:28
sl33k_I wanted to say Pangolin21:29
k1l_sl33k_: upgrades work in general. but for murphys law better have backups21:29
ZacHackDoes anyone know a jailbreak for linux 7.0 Iphone 5, or any informtion on it?21:29
k1l_ZacHack: iphone jailbreaks are not in the focus of this channel. please see the iphone/apple community for that.21:30
ZacHackalrighty then21:30
shanhow to install "Gparted"?21:32
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!21:32
compdocsudo apt-get install gparted21:32
=== felipealmeida is now known as felipealmeida_AW
k1l_shan: iirc that is already installed. but if not just "sudo apt-get install gparted"21:32
LOLOLOLTrolls 4 u21:32
=== felipealmeida_AW is now known as felipealmeida
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!21:34
genii!cookie | k1l_21:35
ubottuk1l_: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:35
sl33k_I don't have lts option in my software center. Where to look for?21:35
ubottuThe only dumb or stupid question is the one not asked. Please do not tell people off for asking something, just because it seems simple or obvious to you -- we discourage this attitude in all our channels.21:35
shanunable to locate package "gparted"21:36
Blue_Knightshan: did you do apt-get update?21:36
k1l_sl33k_: what does "lsb_release -r" gove you?21:37
sl33k_Could anyone show me how to upgrade to 12.04 from software center?21:37
shanBlue_knight | i just have installed ubuntu.21:37
Blue_Knightshan: sudo apt-get update21:37
Blue_Knightshan: to retrieve package list21:37
shanBlue_Knight | ok. How to check Partition table?21:38
sl33k_k1l_: 10.0421:38
k1l_sl33k_: "sudo do-release-upgrade" offers you an update to which version?21:39
Blue_Knightshan: To check in what sense?21:39
shani was having 4 patitions of this drive, but was getting issue while installing to one specific location. so i installed ubuntu to whole disk. now i want to check drive partition status. so i could resize partition for win 8 installation.21:41
foofoobarSomeone experience with extundelete? The --restore-all method is working (it finds most of my files), but they are in completly wrong directories21:41
foofoobarAny ideas what I can do here?21:41
sl33k_k1l_: it did not offer. it is installing seemingly21:42
Blue_Knightshan: I don't know.21:42
k1l_sl33k_: no, it will ask you to make the upgrade21:42
shanBlue_knight | and how to check how many partitions are there?21:42
khbjkihkuI'm back bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!21:43
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unopastekhbjkihku you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:43
unopastebiugbuyuyg you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:45
unopastebiugbuyuyg you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:46
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shanBlue_Knight | still "sudo apt-get install gparted" is not working after update.21:48
peyamDoes anybody know if they released anyfix for black screen after resuming from suspend issue?21:49
peyamThe only work around that is working for me is TTY1 och restart the lightdm but it forwards me to log in session21:50
unopasteheyimbob you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:52
sander__How come I have probems copy pasting something sometimes on ubuntu 14.04?21:53
sander__Happened on two diffrent PC's.21:53
sl33k_I think I am running on the root account and have not created a normal user. How do I verify? If I am root itself how do I add a normal account?21:53
sander__But suddenly it worked.21:53
k1l_sander__: can you be more specific?21:53
shan"sudo apt-get install gparted" is not working after update.21:54
phaoHi. I'm using xfce here, and then, I believe after some ubuntu updates, some keyboard shortcuts I've set like alt+f2, ctrl+alt+T don't work anymore. Any clues on how I can solve this problem?21:54
phaoNot all though.. Ctrl+alt+d still works.21:55
Bashing-omsl33k_: is the end of your terminal prompt like ":~$" ? then you are as a "normal user".21:58
AlexPortablewhere can i download all wallpapers that ever have been in ubuntu?21:59
BananaManhiya, how can I remove something from ubuntu unity?21:59
sl33k_Bashing-om: sl33k@sl33k-laptop:~$ but I have no clue how there is a sl33k-laptop?22:00
BananaManI installed something but didn't like it so I removed it but it's stillin unity22:00
BananaMani right click it and it just says sh22:00
beefmanhow do i install the innodb plugin for mysql?22:01
shancannot find gparted from software center and through terminal.22:01
sl33k_k1l_: sudo do-release-upgrade prompted me for some options. I am not sure there is a version indication.22:01
fishhead2567good evening. i was curious as to whether or not there was a known issue in 12.04 related to inteface bonding. when i create a bond with two interfaces, one wired one wirless, the wireless interface never works. if i set to active-backup, it will not fail over, and load balancing reaks havoc. if i remove the wired (eth0) and reboot however, the wireless runs just fine.22:01
sl33k_Is it ok to hit enter22:02
Bashing-omsl33k_: The "laptop" is the name you gave the system at install, and yeah, you are as a normal user at this time. details,-> do terminal command -> uname -a <-.22:02
Bashing-omsl33k_: what version are you attmpting to version upgrade from ? That version do make a difference in the expected result of the command.22:03
sl33k_Bashing-on: 10.0422:04
Bashing-omsl33k_: That the server or DeskTop edition of 10.04 ?22:05
sl33k_Bashing-om ^22:05
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Bashing-omsl33k_: Bad News for you, 10.04 DeskTop is End-Of-Life, and has no support, is a trial and error to version upgrade that far back to a current release, can be done, but real real iffy that it will complete .22:07
Bashing-omsl33k_: The recommended course of action is the back up your personal data, and do a clean install, else:22:08
Bashing-om!EOL | sl33k_22:08
ubottusl33k_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:08
cancerWhat software do i use to make partition?22:08
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Bashing-omcancer: Many ways, ya want the GUI or terminal way ?22:09
shanBashing-om | GUI.22:10
sl33k_Bashing-om: clean install means I have to install my softwares over again while upgrade does not require it?22:10
Bashing-omshan: Fire up the liveDVD, and from the dash activate the utility GParted .22:11
shanBashing-om | thanks for the tip. i'll try that now. Be right back. : )22:12
Bashing-omsl33k_: Well, yeah - you have it correct, However so much has changed since 10.04 there is a very high degree of probability that you will not come out on the other side.22:13
ryan-canyone know how to get a list of extensions available from the x server?22:13
sl33k_Bashing-om: I cancelled the download. thanks for the heads up. BTW my ubuntu is dual boot. IS there a way to make it all ubuntu?22:19
Bashing-omsl33k_: If you have not started the version upgrade process, Suggest ya back out of it now. With no repository to access (EOL) will fail.22:19
sl33k_Bashing-om: I killed the download process. does not make a difference?22:21
Bashing-omsl33k_: The easy easy way to make ubuntu the sole operating ystem is to install ubuntu and in the installer pick "erase disk and install ubuntu" over and done with. The install wizard will take care of all details. -> standard no frills install !22:21
Bashing-omsl33k_: killing the process, I can not see how it can make any difference .22:22
sl33k_Bashing-om: this is a clean install from cd-rom or pen drive it seems?22:23
System0x11I have some to do with radeon IGP 340M ion Ubuntu - with gala from elementary has some error with texture size22:23
Bashing-omsl33k_: Yeah, ( DVD, as the .iso no longer fits on a CD ).22:23
sl33k_Bashing-om: Sorry I meant I am safe by stopping the download of packages.22:23
sl33k_Are we on the same page?22:24
AlexPortablewhen i play a fullscreen game from steam22:24
AlexPortablethe launcher and all hotkeys seem to crash22:24
AlexPortablelike alt+f1, alt+f2, ctrl+shift+t22:24
AlexPortablehow can i get them back?22:24
sl33k_Bashing-om: I had my files on drives on windows before? Are they taken care of?22:24
sl33k_Do I need to have any knowledge of ext4 or mounting?22:25
Bashing-omsl33k_: Well, depends on where the installion process was when it was terminalted - the 10.04 packages as still available on the repository. Maybe the install process has already done some installing ? ..(???) .. just depends on where it was at .22:25
Bashing-omsl33k_: 10.04 server continues to have support. so, can not say what might transpire at the time you terminated.22:27
sl33k_Bashing-om: Any way to verify? I think it was downloading 1334 MB so am I correct it was not installing?22:27
Bashing-omsl33k_: Windows will not be touched .22:27
phaoHi. I'm using xfce here, and then, I believe after some ubuntu updates, some keyboard shortcuts I've set like alt+f2, ctrl+alt+T don't work anymore. Any clues on how I can solve this problem?22:28
phaoNot all though.. Ctrl+alt+d still works.22:28
System0x11 [drm:r100_cs_track_texture_check] *ERROR* Texture of unit 0 needs 3145728 bytes but is 303104022:28
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sl33k_Bashing-om: How are windows drive files made visible? The drives are called xxsize File System. What explains this?22:29
Bashing-omsl33k_: You may look in the logs and see what took place, The process is to sync the data bases, then if possible upgrade the installed packages to what is current on the repository miiror.22:30
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shanBashing-om | i want to make extra partition for Window 8. currently 'gparted' is showing (/dev/sda1 - ext4  296.50 GiB >> /dev/sda2 extended 1.5 GiB >> /dev/sda5 linux-swap 1.59 GiB) would you please guide how to ?22:32
Bashing-omsl33k_: The Windows drives should be able to mount from the file manager ( left pane), from terminal " xxsize File System" spaces in the file name presnt a small problem to work around.22:33
sl33k_Bashing-om: apt.log in dist-upgrade for logs?22:34
Bashing-omshan: Windows tools for Windows problems !!!! use indows to manipulate any Windows partitions, Windows 8 == UEFI == GPT partitioning, and that is the extent of my Windows knowledge ( I do not do Windows) .22:34
sl33k_Bashing-om: mounts are automatic. I am thinking too much about it I think.22:36
AlexPortableI've set my desktop background with ubuntu tweak22:36
AlexPortablewhere does it stores those backgrounds?22:36
Bashing-omsl33k_: To look at the log, try /var/log/dpkg.log ....22:37
eegoreis there an apt command to remove older versions of the kernal?22:37
eegoreboot is full and I can no longer update22:37
AlexPortablewhat is the command to run the run dialog?22:39
sl33k_Bashing-om: I've pasted it here. http://pastebin.com/Dpy3fmSG What do you make out of it?22:39
Bashing-omeegore: A bunch at once ? something like ->sudo apt-get purge linux-image-2.6.32-{24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32}-generic-pae <-. do same for the headers.22:40
Bashing-omsl33k_:  I will look at /Dpy3fmSG . brb22:40
Bashing-omeegore: Humm, take it under advisement that ap-get "may" not have operating head room in that instance, may take drastic actions to get that "head room" .22:42
eegoreapt-get autoremove maybe?22:42
Leenooxnoobi need help, please...22:43
LeenooxnoobAnyone wanna help me please?22:43
OerHeksautoremove does not remove old kernels, eegore, use synaptic for that22:44
nuser_hi everyone22:44
Leenooxnoobhi nuser22:44
nuser_i use ubuntu 14.04. ker nel 3.14.3, nvidia gtx 580m driver 331.6722:45
nuser_my ubuntu is crashing when i play cs source22:45
GarHello all. May I ask about the stable ppa for VLC, to use in Ubuntu 14.04 (in order to get stable updates)? Thx!22:45
nuser_the system freezes and i have to press shutdown22:45
nuser_an turn on the computer again to be back22:46
nuser_any idea?22:46
OerHeksnuser_, decrease the cs screen options in wine22:46
nuser_OerHeks. i use native cs source from steam22:47
nishanthso when i do sudo apt-get upgrade.... i get ....You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these.22:47
Bashing-omeegore: If ya running 13.10 and above, yeah "autoremove" will remove the old kernels.22:47
nishanthbut i do it and still do not fix it22:47
nishanthany ideas or suggestions?22:47
eegoreJust tried it and it seemed to do the job22:48
nuser_OerHeks, i saw the kernel log  has NVIDIA has fallen22:48
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OerHeksnuser_, still most likely the detail setting/screen options cause that, maybe #ubuntu-steam is a better place for tips22:49
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Leenooxnoobit's possible connect lubuntu 14.04 and windows 8.1 with the Home group (Windows)?22:49
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.22:49
nisaxaxaam unable to run updates22:50
nisaxaxacan someone help?22:50
daftykinsnisaxaxa: can you paste.ubuntu.com the output in terminal of "sudo apt-get update" ?22:50
Bashing-omsl33k_: Looks like it was in the install process -> do -> sudo apt-get autoclean , sudo apt-get autoremove , sudo apt-get clean , sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade , sudo apt-get dist-upgrade , sudo apt-get -f install , sudo dpkg --configure -a // see what happens.22:51
nisaxaxadaftykins : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7454784/22:51
Bashing-omeegore: Developers do great work ! Ask and thou shalt receive ! ...That ability was added in 13.10.22:52
nisaxaxadaftykins: i ran the -f install but it did not fix it either22:52
daftykinsnisaxaxa: can you pastebin what it said?22:52
nuser_OerHeks, thanks22:52
eegoreI think I am running 14.xx22:53
daftykinsnisaxaxa: that was the same22:53
nisaxaxadaftykins: i dont understand, this is the output i got when i did sudo apt-get upgrade22:54
daftykinsnisaxaxa: i'd like to see what 'sudo apt-get -f install' did22:54
nisaxaxadaftykins: oh ok22:55
nisaxaxadaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7454797/22:56
nisaxaxadaftykins: did you see it ?22:58
daftykinsnisaxaxa: yep, i just needed a moment. can you try "sudo dpkg -r gnome-settings-daemon-schemas" and pastebin output?22:59
nisaxaxadaftykins: sudo dpkg -r gnome-settings-daemon-schemas23:00
nisaxaxadpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove gnome-settings-daemon-schemas which isn't installed23:00
daftykinsah, fair enough23:00
daftykinsnisaxaxa: sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove23:00
nisaxaxadaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7454822/23:02
bluezonehow do i force an application to use SOCKS (if it doesn't have built-in settings for it)23:02
daftykinsnisaxaxa: sounds like you're using ubuntu-gnome and did an upgrade?23:03
UbuntuBoyhey all23:04
nisaxaxadaftykins: yes i am using gnome23:04
nuser_nuser_> hi everyone23:04
nuser_<nuser_> i use ubuntu 14.04, kernel 3.14.3 and gtx 580m driver 331.6723:04
nuser_<nuser_> my system is crashing23:04
nuser_<nuser_> when i play cs source23:04
nuser_<nuser_> from native steam23:04
nuser_<nuser_> any idea?23:04
unopastenuser_ you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:04
UbuntuBoydoes anyone know a good site to stream free movies on??23:04
daftykinsnisaxaxa: have a look at this, i know you're not on 14.04 but it's useful - http://askubuntu.com/questions/451254/dpkg-trying-to-overwrite-gsettings-gnome-settings-daemon-convert-also-in23:04
UbuntuBoyanybody know of a good free site to stream free movies on??23:05
daftykinsUbuntuBoy: that's not appropriate conversation for this channel23:05
UbuntuBoywhy is that?23:06
OerHekstry #ubuntu-offtopic :-)23:06
daftykinsUbuntuBoy: this is not open for discussion23:06
UbuntuBoyhmmm okay then23:07
Datanyone using pipelight on 14.10?23:07
daftykinsDat: 14.10 is discussed in #ubuntu+123:07
OerHeksDat, i did in 14.04 but i can confirm pipelight for netflix and such, is broken since saturday.23:08
rrrre445534 #hhvm23:10
cyborgcygnusCan you or how would you run a file as/with adobe flash player from a terminal? I know you can run the minecraft file from a terminal by telling it to open with java, how would you do the same with an exe meant for windows?23:11
daftykins!wine | cyborgcygnus23:11
ubottucyborgcygnus: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:11
daftykinscyborgcygnus: what .exe are you trying to run?23:11
Timhhi, can anyone help me with a nvidia driver problem?   I switched to a new card and now the desktop freezes upon boot up....23:12
TimhI was using legacy drivers23:12
cyborgcygnusdaftykins, It's an exe that opens a training dvd which brings up a white blank adobe flash player 11 screen, I've been trying to run it with wine already23:13
fabiomy printer dos not print23:13
daftykinscyborgcygnus: i doubt you're going to get far with that23:14
daftykinsTimh: what's the new card? is it supported by non-legacy?23:14
Timhanyone use nvidia cards?23:14
Bashing-omTimh: Can you boot to the desktop in "recovery" mode ?23:14
Timhgtx 75023:14
daftykinsTimh: uninstall your nvidia package and put a newer one on23:15
TimhBashing-om: nope23:15
TimhI tried23:15
TimhI purged nvidia23:15
Bashing-omTimh: 750TI card ?23:15
TimhI get msgs like cinnamon has failed23:15
daftykinsTimh: is this Mint?23:16
Bashing-omTimh: Might try booting from grub with the "nomodeset" boot parameter, and see what Additional Drivers" has to offer.23:16
OerHekscinnamon is removed from ubuntu repos23:16
amyhensoni am new to ubuntu and I could really use some help.  I tried to load a game but it was a .exe file and so I found out I need WINE.  I tried to download that but it asked me what program I want to open WINE.  What should I use?23:17
Datoh well glad I have virtualbox23:17
TimhBashing-om:  can you explain how?23:17
daftykinsamyhenson: what's the game?23:17
Timhis there a 'how-to?'23:17
cyborgcygnusdaftykins, Far with trying to get adobe flash working in wine? I just made an iso of another training dvd & this one is working, it says it's using a slightly lower version of adobe flash player.23:18
Bashing-omTimh: set "nomodeset" -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 <-.23:18
daftykinscyborgcygnus: i don't follow23:18
amyhensondafty SimCity3000.  I have never loaded anything on this laptop it is brand new. :D23:18
daftykinsamyhenson: and it came with ubuntu?23:19
Bashing-omTimh: Keep in mind OerHeks' advisement. Cinnamon is no longer supported.23:19
amyhensonI ordered it from Linux Certified.23:20
cyborgcygnusdaftykins, I meant are you doubting that I will get far with that exe all together?23:20
daftykinscyborgcygnus: yeah, though i don't really understand why anyone would have a .exe to run a DVD 0o23:20
Timhi am using gnome23:20
Beldarcyborgcygnus, Wine has very limited use, not sure why people bother to be honest.23:20
amyhensonit came with umbuntu.  I think I am in over my head with it though.23:21
cyborgcygnusdaftykins, Well it's a number of large files which doesn't fit on a cd & the exe runs an interactive training dvd.23:21
TimhI boot two OS's23:21
sl33k_Bashing-om: why is /etc/apt/sources.list edited? Is it any use for older releases?23:21
Timhalmost same problem23:21
Timhubuntu - gnome and lmde - cinnamon - both crash23:21
aguitelTimh, use  xorg-edgers ppa to install 334 series driver23:21
daftykins!wine | amyhenson23:22
ubottuamyhenson: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:22
daftykinsamyhenson: have a look at the links above23:22
Bashing-omsl33k_:  ?? In respect ot doing the release upgrade ? then ya got to redirect the package manager as the repository for 10.04 DeskTop is turned down.23:23
fishhead2567question: is there a way to know which of the various wireless network managers is actually running and in control of a console-only machine?23:24
aguitelTimh, or use from nvidia.com :http://www.upubuntu.com/2014/03/install-nvidia-display-driver-33421-new.html23:24
sl33k_Bashing-om: yes. was reading this http://askubuntu.com/questions/91815/how-to-install-software-or-upgrade-from-old-unsupported-release23:24
amyhensonthankyou dafty23:24
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Timhnot helping23:24
Beldaramyhenson, You can tab complete nicks so they are correct23:24
daftykinsdafty works for me ;)23:24
TimhI didn't do anything with xorg-edgers and that is a post about how to remove it?23:25
daftykinsfishhead2567: a GUI-less system doesn't tend to have a network manager23:25
Timhsudo ppa-purge ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa23:25
amyhensonbeldar ?  i don't understand?23:25
=== amyhenson is now known as Amy_Lu_Who
Timhthat's the page I used23:26
Bashing-omTimh: use the link from before ->https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades <- page 2 .23:26
Beldar!who | Amy_Lu_Who23:26
ubottuAmy_Lu_Who: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)23:26
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sl33k_Bashing-om: I find the os goes unresponsive many times and requires a hard restart. Which version are you using? Do you experience unresponsiveness. Also is there a technique to work around when no key responds?23:26
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, Half of a nick does not inform the other you are talking to them, like this does you as I used your whole nick.23:26
Amy_Lu_Who!tab Beldar like this?23:27
ubottuAmy_Lu_Who: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:27
Bashing-omTimh: OOPps, sorry my wires are crossed ! .. for sl33k_ !23:27
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, no type the first few letters of the nick then hit tab to complete the whole nick.23:27
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, like this23:27
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, You got it. ;)23:28
Timhcan i install from the repo?23:28
Timhhow do I do that with no X?23:28
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, whew! thanks!23:28
Bashing-omsl33k_:  use the link from before ->https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades <- page 2 .23:28
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, Yeah, it is easy to get lost is all.23:28
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, i get that.  i was lost the second I arrived here... or maybe before23:29
Beldarheh, I feel that way sometimes too23:29
Bashing-omsl33k_: I am running kernel 3.11.0-20-generic, on a core install.23:29
Amy_Lu_Whodaftykins, wine is not working23:29
daftykinsAmy_Lu_Who: that's a shame, gonna need a bit more than that to go on though23:30
Bashing-omsl33k_: The problems are present, or a situation that has been ongoing ? the gracefull method to backdown in a frozen situation -> key combo ctl+alt+Prt_Scrn and slowly press wile holding those 3 down reisub - to reboot ,, reisuo to shut down.23:32
Amy_Lu_Whodaftykins, right.  um... the Ubuntu Software Center all turned to grayscale and is not responding and wine is about 75% completed with downloading23:32
daftykinsAmy_Lu_Who: give it some time, it may recover23:32
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, how much memory do you have, how fast is your pc, do you have other windows open?23:33
aguitelTimh, remove all traces of nvidia and install nouveau ,then install nvidia propietaries23:33
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, 1 tarabite, 16 g ram, firefox is open (tutorials!), xchat open and the Ubuntu Software center.23:34
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, open a terminal and run     top   to see cpu use23:35
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, bear with me.  how do I open up a terminal?23:35
* fergal32 waves hello23:35
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, do you use Unity desktop?23:36
Amy_Lu_Whowill the task manager show me CPU use?23:36
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, I suppose. I don't use it.23:36
fergal32how do i open ubuntu 14.04 from stick ? i can choose try before installing and after that i only see a black screen23:36
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, will the task manager show me CPU use?  I use Unbuntu and I do not know what unity is.23:36
Beldar!nomodeset | fergal32 try this23:37
ubottufergal32 try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:37
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, the cpu is at 2%23:37
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, it's the default desktop environment for ubuntu (but not the only one (see: kde, gnome, xfce, lxde)).  If you use unity, you have a left-side panel with squarish icons23:38
kkkkkkkkkhow to disable a cpu core in unbuntu23:38
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, I do have that.  Unity it is then23:38
Seven_Six_Twokkkkkkkkk, you want to throttle for power management?23:39
pavloskkkkkkkkk, sudo sh -c "echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu7/online"23:39
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, to open a terminal, click the dash icon (top of launcher panel) and type "terminal" and it should appear. It's a black screen with a prompt.23:39
kkkkkkkkkpavlos, thanks23:40
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, got it. thanks!  (Now what?)23:41
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, you'll be asked to use this if you ask for help. Alternatively called "shell", "console", "command prompt"23:41
fishhead2567daftykins: i figured... but i keep getting file-exists warning when i try to ifup my wlan0 connection and not configured when i try to ifdown. something is turning it on =(23:42
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, oh, that's where you'd type "top" and hit enter to get a better task manager.23:42
daftykinsSeven_Six_Two: nice of you to throw a new user in at the deep end ;)23:43
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, WOAH.  that is better23:43
Seven_Six_Twodaftykins, only one way to learn!23:43
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, guess I can uninstall the other. :)23:43
professor_soapUbuntu Server 14.0.4, can't access CUPS web interface remotely.23:44
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, if you're ever told to do a command, put "man" in front of it first to get the "man page" or manual. e.g.  "man top"23:44
rcmaehl_webchatI'm an idiot and haven't labeled my Ubuntu CD's in years, now my 14.04 cd is lost in them. What's the quickest way other than Reboot -> Enter CD -> Boot CD to check which version each cd is?23:44
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:45
professor_soaprcmaehl_webchat: download and burn new cd?23:45
professor_soapI'm trying to set up CUPS on Ubuntu server 14.0423:45
rcmaehl_webchatprofessor_soap: I was afraid of that .-.23:46
professor_soapCan't access CUPS web interface remotely form browser.23:46
professor_soapany ideas?23:46
professor_soapI have 'Allow all' in cups config file23:46
professor_soapand 'Browsing On'23:46
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap, you need an entry is hosts.allow23:46
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap, /etc/hosts.allow23:47
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap, there's also /etc/hosts.deny23:47
professor_soapSeven_Six_Two: ah thx, let me check!23:47
Amy_Lu_Whodaftykins, what should I do about this geryscale ubuntu software center?23:48
daftykinsAmy_Lu_Who: still hasn't come back, huh?23:48
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, kill it.23:48
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, and then use the terminal to do upgrades. It's faster and easier23:48
professor_soapSeven_Six_Two: how to allow anyone on local network?23:48
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, *gets out a shotgun* you sure?  j/k23:48
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, here's the one command to do it (no quotes):     "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade"23:49
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, yes, as long as you finish the upgrade and fix any errors before you try to restart.23:49
=== felipealmeida is now known as felipealmeida_AW
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, brb23:51
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap,   just leave the last octet off the ip. eg.
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap, assuming your lan's subnet is
professor_soapSeven_Six_Two: hmm so 'ALL: LOCAL @192.168.0.' looks fine?23:52
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap, * s/subnet/netmask23:52
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, back.  i can't type anything into the terminal it is still running the top command?  can i kill it and reopen it?23:53
fergal32ubottu: still doesn´t work23:53
ubottufergal32: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:53
fergal32Beldar: still doesn´t work23:54
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap, don't use @   just do          ALL:
fergal32still get a blank screen23:54
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, hit q to quit23:54
Bashing-omAmy_Lu_Who: With that terminal with 'top' having focus, 'q' key to quit.23:54
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, in your terminal. q is how you get out of "top"23:54
Yelurcmaehl_webchat, each CD has a file README.diskdefines on it, which contains the release information23:54
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, "unacceptable floating point23:55
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, hit escape first, then q23:55
rcmaehl_webchatYelu: thanks23:56
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, certain letters enable a prompt for actions that you can do. eg.  "k" while in top is to kill a program, and it prompts for the program's pid23:56
professor_soapSeven_Six_Two: MANY THANKS! you saved our night :)23:56
Seven_Six_Twoprofessor_soap, that did it? awesome.23:56
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, ok.  now i type the command you gave me earlier?  (btw thank you for your excessive patience)23:56
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, yes. that will update your package database and do a system upgrade.23:57
KuroshitaHey, so I've been wondering if I actually own my install of Ubuntu or does Canonical retain rights or licenses over it of any description?23:58
Seven_Six_TwoAmy_Lu_Who, Kuroshita they own the name.23:58
Bashing-omAmy_Lu_Who: Hint: Copy/paste works in IRC also. lessens typos !.23:58
KuroshitaTo your knowledge is that it? Just the name?23:59
Seven_Six_TwoKuroshita, yes. everything else is either open-source or third party.23:59
Amy_Lu_WhoSeven_Six_Two, i tried copy paste but it showed up as "V" in the command prompt.  :/  oh, i typed it in and stuff is definitely happening.23:59
KuroshitaSeven_Six_Two, thanks :)23:59
Seven_Six_TwoKuroshita, unless you subscribe to their partner channel and have purchased something proprietary that I don't know about.23:59
kiorkyhi i was used to start my install from a usbstcik but this wont work with 14.04 anymore, the only supported method seems to be unetbootin which is not an option for me23:59

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