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RippSteakfaceCould someone help me with trouble getting conky to start at boot? Specific to Xubuntu.00:39
RippSteakface135 people in this channel and it's always dead. Sigh.00:43
David-ARippSteakface: what have you tried? and what was the problem?00:45
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: I followed the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpConky00:48
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: For Xubuntu, no luck00:49
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Created a new start-up application with Add+, named Conky, command "conky"00:51
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David-ARippSteakface: does conky start as you want when you type conky in a terminal?00:55
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: I type "conky &" to start it, haven't tried just "conky"00:56
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: let me try one sec00:56
RippSteakfaceyeah "conky" starts it too00:56
David-ARippSteakface: its okay either way just to test that the config is allright00:57
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: "conky" starts it as well00:57
David-ARippSteakface: is there any message in ~/.xsession-errors thay may relate to conky, right after you logged in?01:01
David-ARippSteakface: (as you can see, I have no idea what the problem might be)01:01
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: How would I check that? Noob here :)01:02
David-ARippSteakface: do you prefer looking at text files with "less" in a terminal or with the texteditor, e.g. leafpad or mousepad?01:03
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: I can do terminal01:03
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: I just want to fix it, I'm sure it's easy I just don't know why it wouldn't work according to Ubuntu's page01:04
David-ARippSteakface: less ~/.xsession-errors01:04
RippSteakfaceopenConnection: connect: No such file or directory01:05
RippSteakfacecannot connect to brltty at :001:05
RippSteakfaceScript for none started at run_im.01:05
RippSteakfaceScript for auto started at run_im.01:05
RippSteakfaceScript for default started at run_im.01:05
David-ARippSteakface: scroll forward with space and return, backward with b, go to end with >, exit with q01:05
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: That appears to be it.01:06
David-ARippSteakface: is your .xsession-errors only 5 lines? happy you, mine is 296 thousand lines.01:08
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Yeah man, it's a new install and that's all it shows me. Scrolling forward doesn't do anything.01:09
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: To be fair the .conkyrc is a custom file that I edited a bit, and it's in /home/*name*/.conkyrc01:09
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: But it runs normally just opening the terminal and typing "conky"01:10
David-ARippSteakface: it should be used when you start conky in a terminal and we have verified that it works that way01:10
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Right01:10
David-ARippSteakface: if conky fails with an error it should be in .xsession-errors. either it fails silently, or xfce hasn't even tried starting it.01:12
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Makes sense, I have it in my application autostart list as named "Conky" and command "conky" and the box is checked.01:13
David-ARippSteakface: you said "trouble getting conky to start at boot". just to verify, you want it to start at *login*, right?01:14
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Yes login :)01:14
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Is it because I need some sort of privelages?01:15
David-ARippSteakface: stupid question, but you have logged out and in after adding it to "Session and Startup"?01:15
RippSteakfacelet me try01:15
RippSteakfacewoops tabbed01:15
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Should I killall conky first?01:16
David-ARippSteakface: it should stop when you logout, but ctrl-c or kill it if you want01:16
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Nothing. It also didn't save the position and size of my IRC window :(01:18
David-ARippSteakface: I am out of ideas. If there is a checkbox by the command in "Session and Startup", it is checked, I suppose.01:21
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Yup I really have no idea. Could it be a permissions issue?01:21
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: I'm the only user but I don't know01:22
David-ARippSteakface: the process use/have the same permission as in the terminal when you try it. it's you in both cases.01:23
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: So odd. Thank you so much for trying to help me I'll just do it manually I guess.01:23
David-ARippSteakface: if you rename you .conkyrc to .conkyrc-temporarly-moved, then you should get a default config. see if that works better?01:25
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Ok01:25
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: .conkyrc has a command in it that says "total_run_times 0"01:26
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Would that effect it?01:26
David-ARippSteakface: see "man conky". man normally lets you read the text in "less", so scroll and quit like mentioned before.01:29
David-ARippSteakface: in the man page (and in less) you can search using / to enter a search pattern, and n and N to search for next and previous match.01:30
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: ok01:31
David-ARippSteakface: in man conky you can search for /configuration settings01:31
David-ARippSteakface: then scroll forward using space to see all keywords, millions of them01:32
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Hah ok01:32
David-ARippSteakface: or search for /total_run_times if you are inpatient01:32
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: Trying now01:33
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: 0 makes it run forever, that's it01:33
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: It's ok man, maybe I'll post on the forums or something - thank you so much for spending your time helping me.01:34
RippSteakfaceDavid-A: I have to go for now, thanks! :)01:34
David-ARippSteakface: so here we are scratching eachothers head. it should be fine, but isnt.01:35
David-Aok, forum is good01:35
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meek_geekhow to configure dnscrypt in xubuntu ?05:50
xubuntu567i m using xubuntu 14.405:54
xubuntu567but m not able to use bluetooth on my laptop05:55
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xubuntu567m using Dell Latitude D41005:56
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JarekMkproblem with brother dcp 315j06:42
JarekMkI've downloaded drivers from brother site, installed but on printer list there's no 315 - why?\06:43
JarekMkin 13.04 worked perfectly06:43
JarekMkany suggestion?06:44
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p1ro30.02382910.135.0.1010.135.4.30TCP6652830 > telnet [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=29312 Len=0 TSval=70630082 TSecr=23129349  <---python08:28
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xCiccio986hi all09:36
xCiccio986how to get support here?09:37
koegsxCiccio986: just ask and try to give as many details about your problem as you can :)09:39
xCiccio986my browser "Opera" does not work well with facebook09:40
xCiccio986I think I have a problem with the plugin adobe flash player09:41
xCiccio986ii  flashplugin-installer                      amd64        Adobe Flash Player plugin installer09:42
xCiccio986i don't have any problems with firefox09:43
xCiccio986the pages are very slow.09:44
xCiccio986there are no solutions?09:52
koegsso you dont have problems with firefox but with opera?09:52
xCiccio986the pages are blocked, you load with difficulty... with opera09:54
koegsi am not an opera user, but the wiki offers some help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser#Very_slow_to_start_loading_pages09:54
Ergo_ProxyWait how do I open a folder as root?11:46
slickymasterWorkErgo_Proxy: To open the folder as root in the grapical file manager, run the following command: sudo -i11:48
slickymasterWorkErgo_Proxy: and after that thunar &11:48
Ergo_ProxyAlright, thanks slickymasterWork11:51
koegswell, it is not recommend to use sudo with graphical apps for a reason: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Graphical_sudo11:56
slickymasterWorkkoegs: you're absolutely right, but since 14.04 onward gksu and/or gksudo isn't shipped anymore, hence the necessity to use sudo -i11:58
slickymasterWorkthat way you'll be launching the graphical application from a root prompt, not using sudo with graphical apps11:59
koegsok, nice info, i just installed gksu :)12:01
xubuntu051who am i12:22
Guest47470how do I shutdown x, not just lightdm on xubuntu13:35
baizonGuest47470: http://www.manpagez.com/man/1/xkill/13:39
baizonis it this what you search for?13:40
Guest47470baizon: I mean the whole server13:40
Picishutting down lightdm does kill x though...13:41
baizonthats why i dont understand hes question13:41
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AkeifHey guys, one of my coworker keep saying to use Debian instead of Xubuntu because of : 1. Ubuntu is not fully open sourced. 2. Ubuntu is insecure.14:26
AkeifI still kinda think he might be sold out :p14:26
xubuntu720hello, i can't find in settings how to auto-login with a user at boot ?14:29
ElderDryasxubuntu720: http://askubuntu.com/questions/51086/how-do-i-enable-auto-login-in-lightdm has several options.  I just usually just edit the .conf file myself, two lines and you're done :)14:37
xubuntu720thanks ElderDryas14:42
xubuntu720but is it OK for 14.04 ?14:43
goneeurocan someone help with this error?15:26
goneeuro./ccg_client: error while loading shared libraries: libSDL_net-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:26
goneeuroIm running 64bit. I found this lib in usr/libs so I know its on the system.15:27
slickymasterWorkgoneeuro: http://askubuntu.com/questions/133602/error-trying-to-run-gccg-while-loading-shared-libraries-libjpeg-so-62-cannot-o15:30
slickymasterWorkgoneeuro, sorry that's not the right link15:31
slickymasterWorkgoneeuro: see this one instead -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/143393/shared-libsdl-library-fails-to-open15:31
geniiLikely it's a 32bit binary and you have 64bit libraries, so it's looking for them in the wrong place15:32
goneeuroThats what I am guessing also. I just cant figure out the command to install the correct binarys15:33
geniigoneeuro: I'd probably do: sudo dpkg --add-architecture  i386 ...then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade    ( which should pull in all the 32 bit apps and libraries of whatever you already have installed)15:35
eugene_hey to everyone, I have couple of problems with xubuntu-desktop on ubuntu-14.04, that prevent me from using it. Maybe somebody know how to resolve this: 1. Keyboard shortcuts take long time to react, especially after login (seconds), 2. Logout doesn't se.em to work all the time, even when shortcuts start responding15:37
goneeurogenii: Tried that and it didnt pull anything down. I have all the libs installed I believe. Its just that gccg is not finding it.15:37
eugene_I did some search on this topic, and didn't find anything useful, maybe someone would have ideas how to resolve this. Thank you.15:37
goneeuroslickymasterWork: Thanks for the links, but im still stuck.15:39
geniigoneeuro: Maybe try: sudo apt-get install libsdl-net1.2 :i38615:40
goneeurogenii: E: Unable to locate package15:41
geniigoneeuro: What version of Xubuntu are you using?15:41
genii!info libsdl-net1.215:41
ubottulibsdl-net1.2 (source: sdl-net1.2): Network library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2, libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.8-4 (trusty), package size 11 kB, installed size 64 kB15:41
geniigoneeuro: Do you have universe repository enabled?15:42
goneeurogenii: yes I do. But the wife just called me so I have to go out now. Thanks for the help and I will be back on in a little while. Thanks again.15:45
geniigoneeuro: I'll be here for about another 5 hours if you need asistance later :)15:45
tropoMobiHi! Today 2 of my computers died suddently and they won't install ANY OS no more. Can i be so unlucky or is there something going on right now?16:35
tropoMobiBoth had xubuntu 14.0416:35
drctropoMobi: You have more than 2 computers?  i.e., some of them are still working?16:37
geniiMaybe you had a power mains isue that damaged both systems at once16:38
drcthat was my next point :)16:38
tropoMobiThe other computer is 400 km away16:38
tropoMobiThe issue is same16:39
drctropoMobi: so you have 2 computers 400 km apart and both basically died at the same time?16:39
tropoMobiBoth loads Grub and i choose Ubuntu and then nothing else but power off16:39
tropoMobiNot exact time but same day16:40
tropoMobiThis is very weird16:40
drcDid you make <any> changes to the machines before thy started acting strange?16:41
tropoMobiI try to install for example win 8.1 or other Linux distro and they just hangs up at the very beginning of the instalation like loading UI16:41
tropoMobiJust normal update & upgrade from lates official xubuntos repos16:42
tropoMobiI really can't believe for bad luck but maybe i should...16:43
tropoMobiI just wanted info this if there comes more broken computers16:43
drcI just re-installed and updated this machine about an hour ago, so (for me) they systems works fine.16:44
tropoMobiI ran hdd test and memtest from both and they were ok16:45
drcI'd concentrate on what happened to the first machne (I'm guessing whatever it was also affected the second).16:45
tropoMobiIt's very weird because the hardware is damaged some how now16:46
starratsbeen reading this back and forth, there's a 'bug' in one of the machines16:48
drcIf you are sure the hardware in damaged, then I'd say replace the damaged hardware and start over.  If it is truely damaged, no tinkering will fix it.16:48
drcstarrats: are you talking about tropoMobi's problem?16:49
starratsespecially if the comps are 400 clicks away from each other.16:49
drcand that's klicks...clicks are for mice :)16:50
starratsold Army term click = kilometer16:50
drcI agree...my guess is whatever happened to the first machine he/they/gremlins also did to the second.16:50
drcstarrats: I know, I spent 22 years there :)16:51
starratslol, ok16:51
drctroposphere: Tell us exactly what you/someone did that led to the problem (install, update apps, upgrade...whatever)16:51
starratsdrc could the disc he used be corrupted some how, to me that's the gist of it16:52
troposphereok, both had team viewer because the other cpu is 400 km as i said and my mother uses it16:52
tropospherevery basic installation in both16:53
tropospherei rw16:53
drcback in ~2 minutes...dog wants outside.16:53
troposphereupdates and cobfiguration was also defaults from default repos16:53
troposphereokies :)16:54
troposphereboth computers are about 6 years old so atleast i didn't lose so much money... i also have 2 dedicated servers with Ubuntu server 14.04 but they are different story.16:55
troposphereupdated and rebooted normally today those 2 dedicateds. Those 2 computers died on the fly... First one was at Grub menu today when i switched the monitor on and the other died meanwhile using Chromium16:59
troposphereI leave this client here and wish that this will not happend to anybody else. Now i start to watch a movie. :)17:06
vabihello, is there any way to set "long" - two displays wallpaper without editing it and setting different parts on both displays?17:19
vpilypick cancel instead of star upgrade while upgrading xubuntu, how can i upgrade it now?18:31
xanguaHi, how can I restore the notifications position or reset the configuratin? even when I have slected notifications popups to appear in the upper right corner they appear kind of in the middle http://i.imgur.com/UkOE6cN.png18:43
drcxangua: Works fine for me (big help I know)...is there anything special about your display...effects, dual screen, etc?18:48
xanguaIt was working fine this morning until  I started to try themes, set up conky and plank dock18:49
drcxangua: I'd set the display back to the defaults then make one change at a time until you find the problem (unless someone has an answer for you now)18:50
drcThat's assuming that setting it back to defaults cures the problem.18:51
cavacI installed xscreensaver and removed light-locker in a new 14.04 install. Clicking "Lock screen" in the Action Buttons applet locks the screen, but suspending the laptop does not. Any guesses on how to fix this?18:51
cavacPower Manager/Extended has the "Lock screen on hibernate/suspend" checked.18:53
drccavac: Well that answers the question I was typing.18:53
xanguaI just played with the notifications position and restored it to the upper right, this was weird18:54
cavacI'm not sure how Xubuntu does suspend. Upstart script?18:55
drcxangua: gremlins :)18:55
cavacAh, found it!19:10
cavacIn addition to checking the lock screen checkbox in Power Manager/Extended you *also* have to go to "Session and Startup/Advanced" and under "Shutdown" check "Lock screen before sleep".19:11
cavacSomehow it doesn't make sense that you have to active the option in two completly different Settings dialogs to do essentially the same thing.19:14
cavacHere's the link to the instructions i followed: http://askubuntu.com/questions/259190/xubuntu-no-password-request-after-suspension19:15
KekaiI ha ve a circle with an exclamation mark in it in my tool bar for updates19:19
KekaiHow do I make it go away?19:19
xanguainstall secutiry updates┬┐19:19
KekaiI did19:19
nispr0where is the workspaces in 14.04?19:27
xanguarigh clic panel-add-workplaces19:28
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dreamerKekai: reboot19:46
Kekaiits gone now19:46
Kekaianyone know of a mass id3 tag editor where It changes files tags for ubuntu19:47
drcI use Easytag19:48
drcBut a quick check shows at least a dozen during a search for id319:49
Picipicard is good too19:50
drcI have also used Ex Flaso in the past, but prefer Easytag19:50
drckirk was better :)19:51
David-A-KenobiI think Easytag has better user interface than Exfalso. but I have experienced that Easytag may update files in a dir I visited without the intention to actually change any tags there.19:52
David-A-KenobiKekai: I don't remember the details, but maybe it was easytag decided by itself to copy ver1 tags to ver2 tags on files that did not have ver2 tags.19:55
KekaiI used to use one in windows20:08
KekaiI forgot the name of it20:08
Kekaibut during the move frm windows to ubuntu my songs got messed up.20:08
KekaiI been meaning to do it sooner since its been a year, but stuff came up20:09
Israphel2easytag is the way to go20:12
Israphel2and yes it does auto-update tags20:12
waldirHi, I'm running 12.04 but the update manager isn't showing me the notice to upgrade to 14.04 ... is there something I need to set manually?20:33
drcIIRC, it will when 14.04.1 is released, not 14.04 itself20:34
waldiroh, really? why?20:34
drcI suspect that they want to ensure any remaining problems are ironed out before updating the LTS/stable release.20:37
drcand there are <always> problems :)20:37
waldirlol even after the LTS :P20:38
waldirbut I thought that was the point of the RCs...20:38
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waldirbesides, in my other laptop I did get prompted to upgrade (although I think it told me to upgrade to 13.10, but ended up actually upgrading all the way to 14.04.. at least that's what lsb_release says20:39
drcThe problem is that the pool of testers (and their hardware) at all stages is small...no way catch <everything>...after a release there are always problems no one even thought of.20:39
vladimir_hi guys, i would like how to set full numix theme on 14.04 xubuntu, I mean full because when I set it it only change the panel theme, and not the entire interface like menus, icons  or menu manager20:41
vladimir_so I;m stuck with greybird20:42
drcI have no idea what a "full numex" is, but did you also change the Window Manager to numex?20:43
waldirdrc: I guess in the other laptop I wasn't using an LTS so I did get prompted, but in this PC I'm on 12.0420:43
vladimir_numix theme20:43
waldirdrc: I'm saying this because of this quote: "Upgrades between LTS releases are not enabled by default until the first point release" from here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/110477/20:44
waldirthat would explain the discrepancy between the two machines20:44
drcwaldir: That's what I was refering to.20:44
waldirgot it :)20:44
Kekaieasy tag is a tar.XZ20:46
KekaiI got it unzipped, but what do I run20:46
junkais there a script to make xchat notify me with xfce notifications when someone highlight my nickname20:46
drcKekai: Use either the Software Center or Synaptic...it's in the repos20:50
drcjunka: It's internal to xchat20:50
KekaiI was using the tar20:50
drcjunka: Preferences>Chatting>Alerts, IIRC20:51
junkathanks drc !20:53
drcjunka: np20:53
* starrats prefers hexchat for notifications and weechat for a lttle notifications, lol20:55
vladimir_so could anyone have a clue how to set numix ?20:55
vladimir_i mean I want even buttons on vlc to be numix20:55
vladimir_and I can't set it20:55
junkastarrats, hexchat does not appear in indicator-messages :(20:58
drcvladimir_: No real idea (seeing as how I'm totally ignorant of numix) but this might be a start  http://numixproject.org/#artwork20:58
Dry_Lipsvladimir_ have you downloaded and installed the numix icon theme? Or just the gtk?20:59
skribblezatchapidgin does junka.20:59
vladimir_no just21:00
vladimir_the default21:00
vladimir_numix after I installed 14.0421:00
starratsI was just on FB and hexchat lit up like a beacon and i came over here to read what you just posted junka21:01
drcvladimir_: There is also this:  http://www.noobslab.com/2014/04/install-numix-icon-packs-in-ubuntulinux.html21:01
Dry_Lipsvladimir_ you're referring to the actual buttons in the VLC program?21:01
Dry_LipsBecause I don't think those buttons are in the icon theme21:02
Dry_LipsThey are native to VLC21:02
drcvladimir_: Some apps have their own icons/button/etc that are (calibre and vlc come to  mind).  No matter what icon set you have they won't change.21:03
vladimir_see the play button21:03
drcvladimir_: That's parole, not vlc21:04
vladimir_ohhh... I see.. I'm sorry21:05
vladimir_i'm newbie21:05
drcBeing a newbie is not a crime...staying one is :)21:06
starratsjunka maybe because I have 4 workspaces and hexchat is dedicated to a workspace and it lights up that way.21:07
rasmus_hi, is there anyone out there whos got a fair bit of knowledge regarding A2DP and xubuntu ?21:08
junkastarrats, :)21:09
starratsFacebook beeps at me to lewt me know someone is posting something i'm following21:10
rasmus_wait.. was that a response to me, or is this because i entered the channel midway through a conversation ?21:13
Unit193rasmus_: He was talking to someone else.21:16
starratsnot you rasmus_21:16
rasmus_thought so aswell :P21:16
Unit193Whoever was looking, hexchat does have an indicator plugin, but it's mainly cp xchat-indicator hexchat-indicator21:17
KekaiI need help21:30
rasmus_go on .. ?21:31
KekaiI was changing my workspace settings and the counter got stuck scrolling through the numbers21:31
Kekainow my work space switcher is freaking out21:31
rasmus_which panel are you using ?21:32
rasmus_no i mean like xfce or .. ? :P21:32
rasmus_Could you revert to defaults ?21:32
Kekaiit stpped once I removed the switcher21:33
KekaiI dont need it21:33
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starratsloves his workspaces!21:40
* adrenaline_ +121:41
starrats4 workspaces for me21:42
starratsall dedicated to individual opearations21:42
adrenaline_I have 4 works spaces and on one of my workspaces I have a nx session to my home where I have 4 more workspaces.21:44
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starratscool adrenaline_21:50
starratsI have had no trouble with the 'switcher', 3 of my workspaces include hexchat/weechat, firefox, thunderbird, the 4th I leave open fo other apps or terminal.21:52
starratslearn this from the old gang i hung out with back in the my early days of linux.21:53
adrenaline_Ya I have 3 workspaces dedicated for work then my fourth is dedicated for home. Works out pretty good.21:54
starratsIf I didn't have 'workspaces' then i probably wouldn't be using Linux that much.21:57
eegoreis there an apt command to remove older versions of the kernal?22:36
eegoreboot is full and I can no longer update22:37
adrenaline_I always run a cli command to do that like if this is an old kernel vmlinuz-3.2.0-54-generic I would do a sudo rm -rf *.54-* and it will take out all of the kernels and maps etc that are that have that number in the name22:41
adrenaline_You may need to do it to a few kernels if you have a lot22:41
adrenaline_sorry it isn't *.54-* it is *-54-* and it works I just tested it as I actually do have that kernel22:43
adrenaline_Then do a df -h to see how much space you have now.22:44
adrenaline_do you have any questions?22:45
eegoreI was thinking of trying apt-get autoremove22:47
adrenaline_try it22:48
eegoreLooks like that is working22:48
adrenaline_I do mine manually is why I scripted it, but if that works too go for it22:48
adrenaline_Looks like autoremove takes all of them out but two. I wonder if there are options to how many you can keep22:49
adrenaline_actually it looks like autoremove only removes headers22:51
adrenaline_maybe not I am testing it now22:52
adrenaline_It is Erroring out like crazy22:52
David-Aeegore: see if Computer Janitor (in the software center) has an option to remove old kernels or set a limit how many to keep.22:53
eegoreThis is an ultra book UX71A, biggest hard drive I can get for it is 256 GB22:54
adrenaline_Ya auto remove didn't clean it up as good as I do manually22:54
David-Aeegore: I think the sudo rm think 1) requires a preceeding cd /boot and 2) does not save as much space as actually un-installing the kernels.22:54
eegoreand it is smaller than some USB stcks22:54
eegoreI have to keep the software in it as minimal as possible22:55
adrenaline_You are right you do have to cd /boot but it does remove all of the kernels you specify plus the maps and configs so It does create lots of disk space22:55
eegorethe drive itself is about the physical size of 5 postage stamps end to end22:56
adrenaline_I have to use it a lot because my boot is 229M and it fills up about every 3 months or so I go ahead and delete about 5 kernels and keep about 3 to be save22:56
adrenaline_If cd /boot and ls you will see what I am talking about22:57
adrenaline_if you rm -rf *-55-* it will delete any directory of fill with -55- in the name.22:58
eegorethe i7 cpu, memory and mobo take up only a third of the laptop22:58
eegorethe rest is all battery22:59
eegoreand weighs only pond and three quarters22:59
David-Aeegore: forget my comment about Janitor. it seems it is not available for recent ubuntus.23:02
eegoreI am running an encrypted drive as well as an encrypted home directory23:03
starratsjust got this link on the xuvbuntu page on FaceBook should we as Linux usrs be concerned or just bow down and start using chrfome/chromium?    http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/flash-linux-future.html23:54

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