rick_h_hatch: you around tomorrow? We can chat about this with kadadms00:14
hatchyeah, I'm getting the yard un-wintered :)00:14
hatchit sounds like it's on the right path though00:14
rick_h_yea, I think we had a good conversation about a good path00:15
rick_h_but I did want to make sure you were involved if you had feedback00:15
hatchI'll have to take a deeper look at it00:15
hatchbut it seems good at face value00:16
hatchrick_h_ what time tomorrow do you want to have a chat?00:27
rick_h_hatch: not sure, kadams seems to start around 10, but I've got a delivery 9-11 (eastern)00:28
rick_h_after standup maybe?00:28
hatchsure that works for me00:28
rick_h_hatch: coolio00:29
hatchhow goes the battle with the NUC?00:31
rick_h_good, have maas installed but have to figure out the network stuff00:31
rick_h_ATT isn't going to get to my new network stuff until later in the month00:32
rick_h_so might just sit on it until then when I can put them on the network and not have ot change it around00:32
hatchwth, how hard can it be for them to flick a switch? hah00:32
rick_h_well, to get business class I've got to get on a different pipe that's not been run down my street00:32
rick_h_so they've got to do that first, then schedule my install after that00:32
hatchoh haha00:33
hatchWELL THEN!00:33
rick_h_redir: qa'd and commented. One small code change request12:12
bacrick_h_: did your qa work after blowing away the ES index manually?12:31
kadams54jujugui: heading to Michigan's equivalent of the DMV to change the title on a car. Not sure when I'll be back at the keyboard, but it will definitely be before standup.12:35
rick_h_bac: I did a full emptydb and and cleared the index manaully and then I forgot to run the app so proof would pass12:35
rick_h_after doing all of that I did finally get it to ingest correcty lol, been too long since I worked on charmworld12:35
rick_h_bah, how dare he leave so I can't tab complete his name12:35
bacrick_h_: i'm looking for implications for deploy, things we may need to do in a migration.12:35
rick_h_bac: well I can't say for sure what state my old lxc container was in and such12:36
rick_h_I think it was a combo of bad things I did on my part12:36
bacrick_h_: ok.  well, perhaps we'll just wait to see what happens when jenkins lands it on qa12:36
rick_h_bac: rgr12:37
bacmy mom called b/c the internet didn't work.  took 20 minutes for her to admit she had a router and to find it.12:40
rick_h_didn't know routers are secrets to be ashamed of12:45
redircode change related to: http://bit.ly/1lsXCfv13:00
redirrick_h_: ^^13:00
rick_h_redir: cool, that's a link to a bug?13:01
rick_h_I understand that's the background of the change, but wouldn't a skip of the test do the same as commenting it out?13:01
redirI am going to a cafe for a an hour or two -- while someone works in our apt. Should be back for the stand up.13:01
rick_h_redir: rgr, thanks for the heads up13:01
redirrick_h_: I recommended a skip in that bug and abentley said he didn't think so13:02
rick_h_ok, so he's arguing the test should stand as is13:03
redirI haven't looked deeply at what test under test.ini does though.13:03
rick_h_right now it's commented out13:03
rick_h_I think a skip > commented out and a working test > skipped test13:04
redirI don't really understand what he is saying13:04
rick_h_so for this branch, I'm ok with a skip. And a card in maintance to look at this bug13:04
redirI agree with you 13:04
rick_h_but honestly, the goal if you working on the store is to remove this so I'm +1 skip and carry on for now13:04
rick_h_there's a bug noting the issue, maybe put the bug number in the skip message13:04
rick_h_and call it a day 13:05
redirgood idea13:05
redirwill do13:05
jcsackettmorning, all.13:05
redirmorning jcsackett 13:06
rick_h_delivery man is here, biab13:29
jcsackettrick_h_: got a sec to chat imp details on change summary? have a question with changing configs pre deploy, specifically.13:59
rick_h_jcsackett: sure thing14:02
jcsackettrick_h_: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gymhrqahxkwfy5tn6duz2v72yaa?authuser=2&hl=en14:03
rick_h_morning hatch, when you get settled want to run an interview presentation question by you before emailing it14:32
hatchsounds good, ha ve it in a doc somewhere?14:35
rick_h_hatch: yep14:35
rick_h_hatch: shared with you14:36
hatchcool, looking14:36
hatchjust as I get over my cold, I get allergies lol14:36
rick_h_hah! welcome to spring!14:36
redirmodified to run desctructive by default under the test make target or not under testdebug target. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7462988/ I could reverse the logic and make test nondestructive, then add a testci target that is. Then sinzui only needs to change that target on CI, IIUC.14:39
redirguihelp thoughts?14:39
redirI think I like the latter better. Then we only have to deal with thte booger once changing the ci config, rather than all developers needing to deal with it when running tests14:42
rick_h_redir: looking and rereading the bug filed14:42
redircool heading back to apt for call. hopefully they re done in my office.14:43
Makyojujugui call in 1014:50
rick_h_redir: cool, let's chat after the hangout. I think I better understand abentley's point and the issue now. 14:55
abentleyredir: watch for stray pdbs :-)14:56
redirit isn't committed. still needs doc'ed etc. but thanks for the reminder. I have been known to dangle a pdb in a commit or two15:00
rick_h_jujugui call now15:01
bacredir: but where did your Quickstart come from?  probably the PPA.  the card is for getting into main.15:06
redirOIC, tx bac15:07
tvansteenburghhey guys, when doing and api search (e.g. http://manage.jujucharms.com/api/3/search?text=mongodb), is there a way to say "only give me charms" or "only give me bundles" ?15:14
hatchtvansteenburgh at the moment you can only get 'all' bundles 15:18
hatchfixes are in the works for enhancing the search though15:18
tvansteenburghhatch: okay thanks15:19
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: charm:mongodb15:19
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: bundle:mongodb15:19
hatchrick_h_ so I think I'll trash the card that's on the board and create a series of them to 'hook up drop targets for unplaced units' 15:20
rick_h_hatch: jump in hangout to follow up?15:20
hatchin the standup hangout15:20
rick_h_hatch: rgr15:20
rick_h_hatch: fyi ^ 15:21
hatchoh that's interesting, is that new?15:21
rick_h_hatch: we did that a few months ago, so newish?15:21
hatchyikes where have I been15:21
tvansteenburghrick_h_: cool, thanks!15:22
rick_h_hatch: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/daily-standup?authuser=115:22
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: np, let me know if you hit any issues15:22
tvansteenburghrick_h_: any suggestions on how to handle this: http://manage.jujucharms.com/api/3/search?type=approved&text=charm:15:41
tvansteenburghi want "all approved charms" but this query returns bundles too15:42
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: hmmm, thinking15:42
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: http://manage.jujucharms.com/api/3/search?type=approved&text=&series=trusty and update for each series you want the data for. 15:44
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: bundles don't have series so you should get those filtered out?15:44
tvansteenburghrich_h_: will bundles ever have series?15:45
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: not that I'm aware of15:45
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: what's this for? If it's something we need to support we can look into it perhaps15:45
tvansteenburghcharmworldlib is a python library on top of this api. i'm working on adding bundle support to the lib15:46
hatchannnnnd I'm working outside!15:46
rick_h_what bundle feature of bundle support is this doing?15:46
rick_h_hatch: :P15:46
hatchok I needed a blanket, but damnit I'm outside!15:46
tvansteenburghwhen i do Bundles.search() i want to make sure i only get bundle data back15:47
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: ok, but doing bundle:term should work for that. 15:47
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: what's the recommended charm search part for?15:47
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: chat? 15:47
tvansteenburghrick_h_: yeah, chat15:47
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gzypx4siy6biijpzjj4hq2ey6ma?authuser=1&hl=en15:48
redirthat causes an error, so I skipped the test committed, will look at the test separately.15:53
redirso now I change status to approved? rick_h_ bac?15:53
rick_h_redir: ok, yea skip and land and add a follow up kanban card for the test15:58
rick_h_redir: make sure to put that bug number into the new card as the "card id" field15:58
redirhaving never landed before I am guessing I change the status to approved15:58
redirthen magic happens, rick_h_ 15:58
rick_h_redir: yep15:59
rick_h_then if all goes well CI will pick it up and try to land it. That CI tarmac stuff is still running the show right bac?15:59
redirand where would you like the card added15:59
rick_h_redir: might as well stick it in Maint. branch start 15:59
rick_h_redir: but time box it. Look at that test update for today, if there's no advancement let's move it back as a todo item and get you back onto the core store stuff please16:00
redirk. approved revision == 515 but the skip is in 516, does that matter?16:03
rick_h_hmm, it might complain about revisions not approved. sec16:04
rick_h_redir: ah, yea you need to fill out the commit field16:04
rick_h_see the landing bot being all helpful like that16:04
* redir likes robots.16:05
* rick_h_ goes to get lunchables16:07
* rick_h_ is back from lunchables16:24
hatchmmmm lunchables16:25
tvansteenburghrick_h_: after looking at the charmworld code i realized the error of my ways. http://manage.jujucharms.com/api/3/search?type=approved&text=charm works just fine16:35
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: ooh, good call. I didn't think to ditch the :16:35
rick_h_the source always wins16:35
tvansteenburgh+1, thanks for your help16:35
hatchchickadees are out :-)16:47
kadams54In the saddle for the afternoon16:55
kadams54guihelp: looking for eyeballs on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/32016:55
rick_h_kadams54: can help look shortly16:56
bacoh no, leankit has hired all of those little bastards from vegas: http://leankit.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/8-WIP-Personas1-570x1024.jpg17:12
kadams54Minions. They're called minions. ;-)17:15
hatchhaha minions rock17:18
hatchkadams54 I think it was you who said the container tokens get the data-id attribute set somewhere so it didn't need to be in the template17:26
hatchdo you remember where it is set?17:26
kadams54If I had a time machine I'd go back and punch past-me in the mouth for saying that.17:27
kadams54Oh, yeah, that's right17:27
rick_h_kadams54: I've put some feedback in that I think drives this a bit deeper. Can you give it a read through and we can try to figure out if it makes sense and break the work. Maybe some this branch and some as a follow up?17:28
kadams54hatch: here: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/blob/develop/app/widgets/machine-token.js#L12917:28
kadams54Will look through17:29
kadams54Thanks rick_h_ 17:29
rick_h_kadams54: thank you, it's a good start on the work we need.17:29
hatchkadams54 ohh it was the machine token, not the container token17:29
hatchok the container token maybe didn't ever have an id set17:29
kadams54Yeah, container token doesn't right now, but machine and unplaced unit do17:31
hatchgot it17:31
kadams54Both of those work the same way now17:31
kadams54Used to be machine had it in the template and unplaced unit didn't… or the other way around17:31
rick_h_redir: what's the card in tracking you've got there?17:33
redirin which?17:33
redirin Proj A17:33
redirone of the store bugs I started on17:33
redirrick_h_: 17:33
rick_h_redir: ok, I'm going to move it back, tracking is for stuff outside of our control we're monitoring17:34
* redir looks to see where it should be17:34
rick_h_redir: like getting quickstart updated in trusty. We've handed off the work and are watching others who do the final landing bits. So we're tracking their progress towards our goal17:34
rick_h_redir: I'm just moving it back into ready to code17:34
rick_h_and tomorrow then just move it to 'branch start check list"17:35
rediror later today!17:35
rick_h_redir: or later today :)17:35
redircan't reproduce anyhow17:35
redirbut more on that later17:35
redirrick_h_: are you rharding on lp?17:37
rick_h_redir: yes17:37
hatchso....containers don't have unique id's?17:38
rick_h_hatch: machine containers? They should. 17:39
hatchthe object passed into the container token doesn't have anything resembling an id17:40
hatchcontainers = this.get('db').machines.filterByParent(parentId);17:40
rick_h_ok, well a container is just a machine and machine's have ids17:40
hatchok I'll look into this filterByParent method then17:40
rick_h_so the machine id of the containers should be their id17:40
rick_h_it might not be passing back all the data you need17:40
hatchso my neighbour just asked me if I have the day off...I said no....this is work17:41
hatchwould like this screen to be a little brighter though17:42
hatchthis is pretty darn cool https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/octotree/bkhaagjahfmjljalopjnoealnfndnagc17:43
hatch^ shows the github repo in a tree format17:43
redirguihelp easy review -> https://code.launchpad.net/~reedobrien/charmworld/reindex_test/+merge/21956917:47
bacredir: on it17:47
hatchzomg that's HUGE17:47
bacredir: would you like your branch to the bug?17:48
bacredir: recall the --fixes=lp: thing on commit will do it for you...17:49
redirlink branch to bug17:49
redirI put it in the commit message17:49
redirdidn't realize it was cli time req't17:50
hatchrick_h_ oh I think I found the issue - if the filter returns an empty array it renders the token as bare metal17:51
hatchso no id17:51
rick_h_hatch: ah, right well that's true17:51
hatchwell NOW you tell me!17:52
rick_h_well you said a container, bare metal isn't a container :P17:52
hatchokI'll let it slide......this time!17:52
bacredir: sorry, if i confused you.  if you do 'bzr ci -m "my wonderful changes" --fixes=lp:123456' the branch will be linked to the bug on LP the next time you push.17:53
redirbac how do I link them after the fact?17:53
redirjust stick it in a comment/17:53
rick_h_redir: in the UI in the upper right there's a link for it17:53
rick_h_On the bug page there's a "Link branch" and in the branch there's a "Link to bug" or something like that17:53
hatchYou need to do it from the bug page17:54
bacgo to the branch page and click 'link to bug report'17:54
hatchyeah what rick said17:54
bachatch: or the branch page17:54
hatchor that17:54
hatchLP is a little confusing sometimes17:54
bacthey are ambidextrous17:54
bachatch: how would you suggest rewording "Link to bug report" to be clearer?17:54
hatchbac I don't think it could be clearer17:55
hatchI mean, it's confusing because you can't do it from the merge proposal 17:55
bacwhen did LP merge proposals get in-line comments???17:55
hatchI don't see said comments17:56
bachatch: on https://code.launchpad.net/~reedobrien/charmworld/reindex_test/+merge/219569 do you not see several places that reference "inline comments"?17:56
bachatch: it could be that it is a feature only enabled for beta testers or LP devs or something17:57
redirI see link in bug -> branch, but not in branch -> bug17:57
hatchI see your comment which references the inline comments but there are no inline comments17:57
bacredir: did you make the change i requested?17:57
bacthere should be an in-line comment below line 2117:58
redirI didn't se a requested change17:58
redirbut yes I just saw that17:58
bacredir: so maybe in-line comments don't work so well17:58
redirlooks like it is there now18:00
rediryou prolly  need to reapprove for the new commit18:01
bacredir: and you must put the commit message into the merge proposal before sending it on18:01
redirI did but didn't save before clicking see inline comments18:01
bacredir: done.  you can toggle the approve now and it should be happy18:02
kadams54rick_h_: had a chance to read through your comments and digest. Let me know when you've got a few minutes to chat about it.18:02
rick_h_kadams54: k, otp atm and will get back18:03
redirguibot doesn't miss a beat18:03
redirthanks bac18:03
rick_h_kadams54: got time?18:16
rick_h_kadams54: join me in the standup hangout?18:16
hatchrick_h_ do you use google play music?18:22
rick_h_hatch: yep18:23
hatchit's suggesting me songs from you hah18:23
hatchI just started using it and man I'm confused18:23
rick_h_sorry about that, I listen to a lot of kids stuff and a lot of soundtracks on there18:23
rick_h_yea, it can be confusing. 18:23
rick_h_it's nice though, if you subscribe, to just get to anything. I almost always live in "listen now" area18:23
hatchwell apparently I can upload my music to it? But I have to pay to do so?18:24
hatchmaybe not?18:24
hatchI can only download a song twice18:24
hatch.....It's just confusing when it's not a streaming service18:24
rick_h_hatch: yea, there's the music manager app you can get18:27
rick_h_I used that to do my uploads18:27
rick_h_I think you only have to pay over 20k songs18:27
rick_h_and OMG yay my tablet is back from Delta!18:27
hatchI think it needs some better onboarding18:27
bacredir: hey, guess what i found.  bin/sync-index18:27
hatchhaha it was actually your tablet??18:27
bacrick_h_: you left it in the seatback pocket/18:28
rick_h_bac: heh, no I pulled it out of that pocket and put it on my seat so I wouldn't forget it18:28
rick_h_then I pulled my bag down from the storage above and left it18:28
bacrick_h_: i was thankful to get back my stainless water bottle18:28
rick_h_so I was just stupid, while being thoughtful to make sure I didn't forget it18:28
rick_h_but yay, because there's not a good tablet I'd buy and don't want to pay full price for another N1018:29
redirbac does it do what you think?18:29
rediror work?18:29
bacredir: it seems to!  miracles.18:29
redirI saw it and think it wasn't doing what I wanted18:29
redirbut that could have been me breaking shit18:29
* redir likes miracles nearly as much as robots18:30
bacredir: it seems to just put the charms in mongo into ES.  perhaps it doesn't index bundles...i haven't looked18:30
redirtrumpets blare, angles sing:)18:30
redirangels even18:30
redirme runs car^H^H^Hbike to shop18:31
bacredir: yes, it does not know about bundles18:31
redirgrrr flamingo double charged me19:15
hatchhmm, I should take a look19:16
hatchthx for mentioning that19:16
rick_h_redir: :(19:16
hatchlooks like they charged me for  the internet19:17
hatchjujugui ^ did they charge anyone else for their room internet?19:18
kadams54hatch: No19:18
hatchugh that place is such a bess19:18
* bac looks19:18
kadams54hatch: Though I should re-check my credit card just to verify - is this a charge you just noticed show up?19:18
bachatch: did you check out at the desk?19:18
hatchkadams54 it went through on saturday19:18
hatchbac no.....you still have to do that? I didn't know it was 1990 still :P19:19
hatchthe saturday we left that is19:19
bachatch: i did it so that i'd know if there were outstanding charges19:20
hatchMakyo how about you? Did they charge you for your internet in the room?19:20
kadams54hatch: Verified. No charges for internet.19:21
kadams54rick_h_: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/320 is ready for another round of review + QA.19:22
rick_h_kadams54: rgr, thanks. 19:22
hatchok I'll check with sarah to make sure we aren't being double charged thx19:22
redirThey tried to bill me for the internet service, but I refused to pay it before I left. I had them remove that and a call to hotel tech support. So they agreed, then billed me. And then billed me again a week later for roomservice a second time.19:23
hatchlol 19:24
hatchI hope that place is stricken from the sprint list 19:24
hatchstricken with prejudice 19:24
Makyohatch, checking.19:26
bachatch: by 'that place' i hope you mean 'nevada'19:27
hatchbac lol, there are some really nice places in Nevada 19:27
baci can't see us sprinting at any of them19:27
bacbandwidth at the bottom of the canyon is miserable19:28
hatchhaha....well that may be valid19:28
Makyohatch, no, because they used your card for incidentals/19:28
kadams54rick_h_: just submitted my expenses. Should I send you the receipts for when you approve, or should I just send them along to expenses@canonical.com? Is there any other info I need to include in that e-mail so that they can connect my receipts to my expense report?19:44
rick_h_kadams54: you can just send them along. 19:45
* redir redoes math and they only overbilled me by a dollar. Amazingly, the receipt is pretty inscrutable.19:46
rick_h_kadams54: please make sure to rebase down the 3 commits. 19:46
kadams54rick_h_: I'd rather not… they're not related commits19:46
kadams54Or rather, they're distinct units of work within themselves19:47
kadams54"Logical commits" per hatch :-)19:47
rick_h_kadams54: ah, I just saw the dupe tests and assumed it was gardening19:47
rick_h_kadams54: all good then, nvm19:47
kadams54That was drive by19:47
rick_h_kadams54: reviewed19:48
kadams54Thanks! I'll make the comments changes and then land it19:50
rick_h_kadams54: ty much19:50
rick_h_kadams54: and you're in a good place for the follow up then?19:50
kadams54Follow up being to setup the array of machine token and improve rendering logic to only redo the changed bits19:51
rick_h_kadams54: rgr19:51
kadams54I'll setup a card for that shortly.19:51
redirerm should expenses show up in canonical admin under my expenses after submitting, but before approving?20:06
kadams54redir: yeah. Did you hit the Update link at the bottom before sumitting?20:06
redirI thought I hit update20:06
redirbut I see nothging in the anywhere20:07
redirI hope I am not submitting 20 copies of this:)20:07
kadams54Hmm… I had that happen once when I tried to save a draft, but I think I forgot to hit update.20:07
kadams54Fortunately it took when I re-entered everything, hit update, and then submitted20:07
rick_h_redir: have to check with mramm, I think your stuff goes to him atm20:08
rediryou update then save20:08
redirrick_h_: it does according to this20:08
redirjust want to put some receipts away...20:08
* rick_h_ thinks that's a nice way of saying...not my problem! :P20:09
redirrick_h_: noted20:09
* redir prepares to bother the ramm20:09
rick_h_and with that, I think I'm going to run away for the day20:11
rick_h_have a good night all20:11
* rick_h_ runs fast as fast can be...trips over the dog...doh20:11
hatchwoah....apparently the ecs can brick chrome20:18
kadams54Ah yes, I did that a few times.20:20
hatchI filed a bug on it20:33
hatchthat definitely shouldn't happen20:33
redirwhat's the ecs?20:39
hatchenvironment change system20:42
rick_h_environment change sets20:42
bacrick_h_: how did DL know it was yours?  just from the seat, label, constant phone calls?20:47
hatchlol oh right I forgot it was renamed to sets from system20:48
rick_h_bac: so I filled out the form, told them my seat, described the item, listed the movies and such on it, and they just replied "we think we found your item"20:48
rick_h_so not sure which item made my case20:48
* Makyo dogwalks20:49
hatchI'm surprised someone didn't steal it20:49
hatchlike the clean-up crew or something20:49
hatchmaybe there is still SOME good in the world lol20:49
bachatch: they thought about it, but stole the lost iPad instead.20:49
hatchprobably the truth20:50
hatchMakyo does the 'ghost' machine need an id that is representative of it's end position..... ie) container vs machine style id's?21:03
Makyohatch, no, I don't think so. Just something that can be deleted later/21:35
hatchok - I'm just trying to track down a bug and trying to narrow down the issues21:35
hatchhow hard is it to run charmworld locally? 22:26
rick_h_hatch: in an lxc not bad. Just make sure it's a sauce or precise lxc22:28
rick_h_hatch: just takes a while, why, what's up?22:28
hatchdoing this machine view stuff requires a lot of refreshing22:29
hatchso I'm hammering on CW and it's slowing me down22:29
rick_h_how would charmworld help?22:29
rick_h_try setting the url to http://qa.manage.jujucharms.com/ ? 22:30
rick_h_it's non ssl at least22:30
hatchahh that's a good idea22:32
hatchI have everything working but placing onto an already created container22:32
hatchI'm very close to calling it a placeUnit bug22:32
hatchyep placeUnit bug22:33
hatchthis ecs + mv stuff is a house of cards right now22:35
hatchok adding to an already existing container is broken22:43
hatchI'm guessing in the add_unit stuff22:44
hatchbut I'm pushing that to another branch22:44
hatchjujugui anyone able to take a peek at my branch before I write the tests? https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/32123:00
hatchthank yas23:01
kadams54Nothing jumps out at first glance. Unfortunately I just got a phone call and gotta make an emergency jacket delivery, but I'll look at it more when I get back.23:04
MakyoI'll take a quick look too.23:04
Makyohatch, yeah, that looks like a good path to move forward with.23:07
hatcheggcelent thx for looking23:08

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