dodgervalorie: from what some of my czech colleagues were saying that should be around 35 euros depending on which stations you leave from and go to00:37
valoriethanks, dodger01:37
valorieeffing flash in chrome slowed my whole box to a crawl, so I had to quit01:38
valoriethe day of a flash update it always seems to be squiffy01:38
valorieand the bus website itself was what caused the problem I think01:40
valorieseems best to fly to Vienna and take the bus from there, rather than trying to fly into brno itself01:42
ScottKWe didn't talk about Qt5 5.2 or 5.3 for this cycle. 02:21
dodgervalorie: are you looking at this one for the bus?02:31
valorieno, it was different page02:32
valoriestudent something02:32
valorielooks like the same bus though02:32
dodgerthere's also a train from vienna to brno, which is probably quicker and more comfortable02:32
valoriehmmm, people say that the bus is better because of wifi?02:33
dodgeryeah, there is the wifi situaiton02:33
dodgerbut even on the bus you only get wifi during the travel time in the czech republic, according to the website02:33
valorieanyway, I don't have to decide now02:33
valorieI just wanted to ask Canonical for the money02:34
valorienow I've sent the form, so thank you for the information02:34
dodgerlet me know if they do it02:34
dodgerif not, i'll be happy to pitch in and sponsor you for the bus or train ticket :)02:35
valorienow to find someone I know in Vienna02:35
valorieto hang out with for a day or so02:35
valoriearen't you sweet!02:36
valoriedodger: do you live in the Czech Rep. ?02:38
dodgerno, I'm originally from Germany, but live in California02:38
dodgeruntil next week, which is when I'm moving to North Carolina02:39
valoriewow, that will be a culture change!02:39
valorieweather change, too02:40
dodgera bit, yes :P 02:40
dodgeri've lived in texas and florida before, so i'm familiar with both culture and weather :P02:40
valoriedo you live in SoCal, or in the north?02:40
ScottKFewer earthquakes though. 02:40
dodgerabout 35 miles north of san francisco, close to santa rosa02:40
valorieoh, pretty02:40
valorieScottK: so true02:41
dodgerlove the area... leaving makes me a bit sad02:41
dodgerbut i'll take a 5% salary hike combined with a 40% reduction in cost of living02:41
valoriewhole left coast is gonna shake right into the ocean one of these millenia02:41
valorieoh, well worth it then!02:41
dodgeryeah, i'm moving for a job... i think it's worth it just because of the new employer02:42
dodgeralthough i'm not looking forward to moving per se, hate doing that02:43
valorieah, I like moving02:43
valoriebut then I've not done it often02:43
dodgeri like the sort of personal adventure part of it02:43
valoriechance for a fresh start, with fresh paint02:43
valoriegood time to pitch extra belongings, etc.02:44
dodgerbut loathe the logistics02:44
dodgeri've moved 7 times over the last 14 years... i'm about ready to stop02:44
valorieyes, it's a bit of a pain02:44
dodgeroh ain't it true! it's amazing how much unnecessary stuff we accumulated over a few years02:45
valorieI've only moved 5 times total02:45
valorietrying to slim down the stuff in this house to make the next move easier, if it ever happens02:46
dodgerthe worst is packing everything and then not knowing where stuff is02:46
valoriewrite on every box!02:46
dodgerluckily this time a bunch of people will just show up, pack everything, ship it, and unpack it again02:46
valorieoh nice02:47
dodgercan't tell you how happy i am about that part :P02:47
valorieI've never had professional help, but it does sound much more worry-free02:51
dodgerthere's always the time after when you've got 80% of the stuff unpacked and are left with 30 boxes, none of which get unpacked for two years02:52
valorieoh god yes02:52
dodgeri say  if we haven't looked at it for two years, it might as well just disappear02:53
valorieright, and that "30 boxes" is what I want to unload NOW02:53
valorieso it never has to be moved anywhere but Value Village or the dump02:53
valorieok, I need to get afk and walk for a bit02:54
valoriegood to talk with you dodger, and thanks for the help and generous offer02:54
dodgerenjoy your walk, and let me know - i meant it02:55
ScottKshadeslayer: Still needs some kind of "here's now you test it" in the libkscreen SRU.03:47
soeegood morning06:10
lordievaderGood morning.06:44
soeegood morning lordievader06:44
lordievaderHey soee, how are you?06:46
soeelordievader: im fine, second rainy day here in PL though :) how are you ?06:47
lordievaderDoing all right :)06:47
lordievaderHey jussi, how are you doing?06:49
jussilordievader: alive...06:49
valoriemore {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} for jussi06:50
valoriealive does beat the alternative06:50
valoriejust remember that06:50
lordievaderIt starts with being alive ;)06:51
valorieit does06:52
shadeslayerScottK: re libkscreen done09:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1319084 in libkscreen (Ubuntu Trusty) "Please update libkscreen to 1.0.4" [Undecided,New]09:50
shadeslayerRiddell: I don't see a plasma 5 release yet :)10:12
Riddellshadeslayer: you don't? where are you looking?10:16
shadeslayersecond one still has double panels?10:17
Riddellwait, I mean http://kde.org/announcements/announce-plasma-next-beta1.php10:19
Riddellno double panels on that10:19
shadeslayerRiddell: http://kde.org/announcements/plasma-next-beta/ss-wallies.png10:19
shadeslayerdouble panel10:19
Riddellshadeslayer: press F510:20
shadeslayercheers :)10:20
soeethis beta is/will be somehow available for kubuntu through ppa ?10:22
Riddellsoee: yep, it's going into the experimental PPA, still lots of work to be done though10:22
soeeah thought so, is it buggy atm or usable ?10:23
Riddellboth I'd say10:24
soeeok good to know ;) thank you10:26
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:59
ScottKshadeslayer: Thanks.  Accepted.11:24
sgclarkwhere are these merges suppose to go?11:33
Riddellsgclark: into the ubuntu archive11:33
sgclarkrequestsync hates me11:33
Riddellsgclark: so if you have a merged package just pass it onto someone who can check and upload it11:33
sgclarkso the kubuntu version is newer, it complains that that version does not exist in sid11:34
sgclarkRiddell: gwenview https://launchpad.net/~scarlett-7/+archive/kubuntu-ppa11:34
ScottKRiddell: Do we want to push for Qt 5.3 in Utopic?  We forgot to discuss on the call (at least when I was there).11:36
sgclarkRiddell: also libksysguard and kinfocenter are ready for you in bzr11:36
RiddellScottK: yes we do, I was taking that as assumed11:36
Riddellsgclark: lovely, I uploaded  and kinfocenter yesterday11:36
ScottKWe'll probably need to wrestle Canonical over it.11:37
ScottKI'll write a mail.11:37
sgclarkRiddell: I set up another computer for packaging, so I will work on one of each again11:38
RiddellScottK: do they not want it?11:39
ScottKDon't know for sure.11:39
ScottKThe were reluctant upgraders last time.11:39
rawiHi, folks, just coming from #kubuntu to you, the devs, with a big problem11:42
rawiI'm on kubuntu 14.04 with kde-ppa and backports enabled11:42
rawiI got today almost the whole kde updated11:42
rawiafter that I'm not able any more to copy/paste a file to a mounted samba share, neider with Krusader, nor Dolphin, nor Konqueror11:43
Riddellyofel: ↑11:44
shadeslayerRiddell: actually not in the archive11:44
shadeslayerre mrege11:44
shadeslayerRiddell: because I thought we wanted to wait for 4.13.8011:44
yofelI don't remember touching anything related to samba11:44
rawiI see the Share listings, I can open und edit files and I can even create new files with rightklick+Neew_File11:45
yofellets see if I can mount something here11:45
rawitrying to copy/paste files gives error "Disk full"11:46
rawiand Krusader shows above the panel Mt.Man: working...11:47
rawilike here http://imagebin.org/31080411:47
alketwhy did you switch from rekonq to firefox ? 11:48
yofelhm, copying to and from smb:// works for me here11:48
yofelalket: mostly because qtwebkit (which is used by rekonq) is a security support nightmare11:49
rawioh, I usualy mount the shares befor from commandline11:49
yofelok, I have that to, let me check11:50
Riddellshadeslayer: what's not in the archive?11:50
alketyofel: thank you , firefox crashes for me often , but in rekonq seems many things don't work like adblock etc.11:50
alketwhat about konqueror ? is it any good ?11:51
shadeslayerRiddell: the merges, please don't push them to the archive just yet11:51
alketfrom security side ?11:51
shadeslayeralket: hah, probably worse than qtwebkit11:51
shadeslayerRiddell: the idea was to wait for 4.13.8011:51
alketso any good KDE web browser ?11:51
yofelrawi: there we go, error11:52
shadeslayernone that I am aware of11:52
Riddellshadeslayer: wait until 4.13.80 before doing any merges? I thought you wanted to do all the merges before 4.14 alphas11:52
shadeslayerRiddell: wait till 4.13.80 to do uploads11:52
rawiyofel: I just tryed with direct protocol smb:// and it works that way11:53
Riddellshadeslayer: so you want to merge it in bzr but not upload? why?11:53
rawionly not if the shares were already mounted before11:53
yofelright, here too, lets see if the logs tell anything11:53
ScottKalket: We decided having a browser with reasonable security support was more important than having a KDE based browser.  There are zero choices that are both.11:54
alketok , thank you all 11:54
yofel 29 13:51:26 dolphin(9005)/kio (KIOJob)^[[0;34m KIO::CopyJobPrivate::statCurrentSrc^[[0m: Stating finished. To copy: 125920 , available: 011:54
yofellooks like kio is doing something wrong11:55
rawiyofel: sorry, this is a bit to high for me, but I'm glad that you could see it11:56
shadeslayeryofel: mind sending it upstream if you can reproduce it?11:58
yofelshadeslayer: I'm already looking though b.k.o11:58
ScottKRiddell: Mail sent re Qt5 5.3.  Let's see what people say.  It may turn out to be easy.11:58
shadeslayerkubotu: newversion kdeconnect 0.5.212:03
shadeslayerargh :(12:07
shadeslayerkdeconnect_0.5.2-0ubuntu1_source.changes rejected12:07
rawiyofel: is anything I could help with in the kio issue?12:11
yofelI don't think so, I'll give you the report after I'm done filing it if you have anything to add12:12
rawiyofel: thank you very much!12:13
yofelrawi: kde 33476112:13
ubottuKDE bug 334761 in general "Can't copy a file to a manually mounted samba directory in dolphin" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33476112:13
rawiyofel: would it help to say, that the same is happening in Krusader and Konqueror as well? Probably not, because is the same infrastructure...12:21
yofelwell, won't hurt if you do, but I would assume they all use kio12:21
rawithanks again12:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/kdeconnect/trusty/kdeconnect_0.5.2-0ubuntu0.1.dsc && http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/kdeconnect/utopic/kdeconnect_0.5.2-0ubuntu1.dsc12:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: apply for motu12:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: apply for motu12:29
shadeslayerScottK: ^^ plz12:34
shadeslayerwon't work12:34
shadeslayerwho's going to approve then :P12:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: apply for motu12:34
shadeslayerRiddell: plzz ^^12:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: apply for motu12:34
shadeslayerwon't become one in 1 hour12:34
apacheloggerif you apply for motu now, I may feel more like uploading that package12:35
shadeslayerI shall apply tomorrow?12:35
Riddellshadeslayer: what what?12:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: I'll have to write a wiki page ufff12:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: how about I do this when I have time tomorrow12:41
shadeslayerI'd rather be packaging sddm for neon now :P12:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: plus, I've missed the 1 week window for the meeting on the 19th12:42
apacheloggerI am sure you can ask nicely12:43
shadeslayerrawi: fwiw imagebin is on the badware blacklist12:44
rawishadeslayer: sorry, I'm new to IRC and that's what ubottu in #kubuntu recomended to me...12:47
=== soee is now known as L
=== L is now known as soee
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1319085 in ktp-contact-list (Ubuntu Trusty) "KTP Contactlist crashes when mission-control is not running and a user tries to add a friend" [Undecided,Fix committed]13:50
shadeslayercould someone check if that's fixed in trusty for them ^^13:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^^13:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: dude, did you see the amarok valgrind I sent you yesterday13:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: I did not because the paste was deleted14:00
apacheloggerALSO I remembered that I saw this crash too14:00
apacheloggerit's fairly reproducible when quickly switching through equalizer presets14:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.kde.org/phfkfgjhg14:00
apacheloggerconsidering it doesn't crash with gst0.10 I'd say it is a gst bug, OTOH gst could also fall apart because pgst is shit14:01
apacheloggerdem debug symbols14:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah, afaict there's nothing in there about pgst, however, could be that pgst is being mental14:01
apacheloggershadeslayer: the grind looks useless14:01
shadeslayerneeds debug symbols?14:02
apacheloggerno, I don't see where it crashes14:03
apacheloggerplus it does not list any bogus mem access, whereas one of the pastes was talking about writing to unalloced memory or some such business14:03
apacheloggergenerally I guess it would help the grinding to turn off all amarok scripts though14:04
apachelogger(that way the qtscript rubbish should be less or gone complete)14:04
shadeslayerapachelogger: line 85514:04
shadeslayer Address 0x384bd000 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd14:04
shadeslayerbogus mem access right there?14:05
apacheloggerthat's in qtscript though14:05
apacheloggerplus that seems to be normal14:05
shadeslayerwell it crashes shortly afterwards, which is why I thought that's what you were looking for14:05
apacheloggerit's not impossible14:06
apacheloggerthat would be a different crash then though14:06
shadeslayerapachelogger: so what else do you need14:06
apacheloggeras I said, grinding without scripts would help14:06
shadeslayerdisable amarok scripts14:06
shadeslayeranything else?14:06
apacheloggera backtrace from the grinded crash xD14:07
apacheloggerbecause that grind suggests another bt14:07
* shadeslayer will ask the user who can reproduce the crash reliably to join here :P14:07
apacheloggerthey should just file a flipping bug report14:08
shadeslayeron bugs.kde.org?14:09
apacheloggerI guess14:09
apacheloggerthe endless pit of pgst is not really cared for \o/14:09
shadeslayerI need to figure out what to do with the bugzilla for pgst14:09
shadeslayerflipping mental it is14:10
apacheloggersomeone shoudl rewrite pgst in ruby14:10
* shadeslayer would rather everyone just use Qt MM14:11
apacheloggerbecause that makes gstreamer less crashy? :P14:11
shadeslayerDarthFrog: ok, please provide a valgrind log with amarok scripts disabled here, or just report a bug on bugs.kde.org14:12
DarthFrogshadeslayer:  so that would be "valgrind amarok  2>output.txt"?14:14
apacheloggerno, I mean you need to run amarok with --nofork14:14
DarthFrogso "valgrind amarok --nofork"?14:16
DarthFrogAmarok didn't launch, only that output.14:19
apacheloggerDarthFrog: it's already running, you need to quit it and then run valgrind14:21
DarthFrogapachelogger:  Please give me the sequence of commands that I would enter at the console.14:22
DarthFrogI killed the existing amarok instance and am running "valgrind amarok --nofork 2>out.txt".14:24
DarthFrogNothing.  No return to the command prompt, no amarok window.14:29
shadeslayerprobably going to take a while14:30
DarthFrogshadeslayer: No, it just launched to the systray. :-) 14:31
DarthFrogHowever, now using the equaliser doesn't crash it.  I did turn off all scripts. 14:32
apacheloggerI guess it could be a qtscript issue after all then14:39
DarthFrogOh lovely.  Now restarting Amarok crashed my session, kicking me back to the display manager login screen. :-(14:48
DarthFrogI'm re-enabling scripts, one at a time.14:49
DarthFrogThat one did it! 14:50
DarthFrog(amarok:24283): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: write map requested on non-writable buffer14:50
DarthFrogThe BBC Radio Streams is at least one of the guilty parties.14:52
DarthFrogat least, it is with Script Console and Lyrics enabled.14:52
DarthFrogLyricWiki, I mean.14:53
DarthFrogHmm, not so quick there.  It still crashes after disabling the BBC script.14:54
DarthFrogAll scripts disabled and it still crashes.  14:56
kdeuser56yofel: Do you recommend using the neon iso or will the normal isos together with the neon ppa do as well?14:59
kdeuser56(in order to get plasma next)14:59
yofelthe iso should provide a better experience as restarting the session on live is a pain15:00
yofelshadeslayer will know more15:00
kdeuser56I did not understand your first sentence15:00
kdeuser56session on live = session on neon live cd?15:01
kdeuser56yofel: the iso ... which iso? :D15:01
yofelwell, != obviously as plasma next is not plasma current15:02
kdeuser56am I drunk?  ... I do not get you at all sorry15:03
kdeuser56of course I know that the utopic daily iso ships current plasma while the neon iso ships plasma next15:04
kdeuser56you said restarting a session is a pain ... where is it a pain?15:04
kdeuser56My initial question was the following: I want to use plasma next in production, but I want my system to be based on uptopic and not on trusty, so I am thinking of adding the neon ppa to utopic ... what I wanted to know was if that will end in a mess so that I should probably use the neon isos?15:05
apacheloggerneon5 doesn't support utopic15:06
kdeuser56oh okay ... pitty :-(15:08
kdeuser56the current neon iso lags extremly on nouveau for me ... repaint issues all the time ... now the question is, if its kwin or plasma next ...15:09
mgraesslinkdeuser56: use nvidia15:10
kdeuser56mgraesslin: the blob? 15:10
kdeuser56is the nouveau performance regression a known issue?15:11
kdeuser56mgraesslin: or do you just recommend me to try it with the blob and see if the problem persists? 15:12
mgraesslinwe (kwin devs) do not recommend to use nouveau15:13
kdeuser56in general? 15:14
kdeuser56for kwin4 everything is fine with nouveau15:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463252/15:22
shadeslayerScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463274/15:26
sgclarkRiddell: or shadeslayer: amor merge https://launchpad.net/~scarlett-7/+archive/kubuntu-ppa/+packages15:26
sgclarkRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463301/15:30
Riddellsgclark: binary-without-manpage we can ignore (it's debian policy but we're not too fussed about it in ubuntu)15:46
Riddellsgclark: and the kdeinit ones I know needs to be fixed, dh_movelibkdeinit needs adapted for kdeinit5 but live with it for now15:47
Riddellshadeslayer: so what was that about not uploading merges? surely we should upload merges now, the issue I've always been worried about is trying to merge at the same time as updating to the new version which is excessively complex15:47
Riddellagateau: on https://code.launchpad.net/~agateau/ubiquity/kde-fix-keyboard-selection-glitch/+merge/218569 I'm afraid I don't understand the problem, it seems to work ok with keyboard navigation, and I don't see any difference after applying your patch15:48
EtriaphWhat TZ is ovidiu-florin in?15:48
RiddellEtriaph: UTC+315:48
EtriaphRiddell: Ah, OK15:48
shadeslayerRiddell: <yofel> well, as I told you, we'll have to bump breaks/replaces when we do a new version, so going straight to << 4.13.80 would be easiest15:53
agateauRiddell: you can reproduce the bug by selecting a keyboard layout with the keyboard, then pressing the down arrow key15:55
yofelwell, I don't mind either way, but if we upload now we'll break the dev release upgrade for anyone that's running 4.13.1 in trusty right now15:56
agateauRiddell: it should select the next layout and immediatly come back to the previous one15:56
yofeland I don't see how that's complex, it's 2 different work items15:56
yofelyou don't do both at the same time15:56
* yofel throws keyboards at joomla in the meantime15:57
shadeslayerjoomla .. hahaha15:57
shadeslayerRiddell: can you upload kdeconnect for me16:00
shadeslayerRiddell: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/kdeconnect/trusty/kdeconnect_0.5.2-0ubuntu0.1.dsc && http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/kdeconnect/utopic/kdeconnect_0.5.2-0ubuntu1.dsc16:00
shadeslayersgclark: you dropped the dbg package?16:03
sgclarknot me personally, perhaps debian did? Still  not confident on merges16:04
sgclarkshadeslayer ^16:04
shadeslayerright debian doesn't have the dbg package, but the question is, do we want to drop it?16:05
* Etriaph is a fan of dbg packages16:08
sgclarkI am guessing no? so do I add those back in all the packages and add to remeaing changes? I did not realize they do not have those.16:09
sgclarkshadeslayer ^16:09
Riddellshadeslayer: we don't want it if debian doesn't have it16:09
sgclarkhow many bugs can a floating ball of sunshine have? :)16:10
EtriaphIt depends on how many programmers it took to build the floating ball of sunshine :)16:10
Riddellamor is a work of programmatic perfection16:10
EtriaphThe most amazing code, in any language, I ever read, is Rails.16:11
Riddellcor, ubuntu forking itself https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2014-May/002859.html16:12
Riddellnot unlike kubuntu I guess :)16:12
shadeslayermy thoughts exactly16:12
Riddellthey stole our idea!16:12
shadeslayermy thoughts exactly16:13
sgclarkok so, what is the verdict on dbg package16:15
shadeslayer*shrug* drop it16:15
Riddellin merges, if in doubt: follow debian16:15
shadeslayerit's fine16:16
shadeslayerRiddell: kdeconnect uploaded ? :P16:16
EtriaphWould someone still be able to produce the bugging symbols from the source package?16:16
shadeslayerRiddell: also, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeconnect/+bug/1319365 < please accept nominations16:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1319365 in kdeconnect (Ubuntu) "Please update kdeconnect to 0.5.2" [Undecided,New]16:16
EtriaphJust curious as to how this is put together.16:16
shadeslayerEtriaph: my guess would be that LP creates dbgsym packages16:16
* Etriaph nods.16:17
Riddellshadeslayer: is there a MRE for kdeconnect? or how do you plan to get it into trusty?16:18
BluesKajyeah Unity8 sounds too much like MS desktop clone16:18
shadeslayerRiddell: well, talked to upstream and checked the diff, code has some new features, but cmake isn't installing those things16:19
shadeslayerso we're good16:19
shadeslayereverything else is bug fixes16:19
shadeslayerso it should be fine?16:19
Riddellshadeslayer: I'll let you fight that out with the archive admins then :)16:19
Riddellshadeslayer: uploaded!16:19
Riddellon merges I think we can do a mass update of breaks/replaces/conflicts if that's what is needed16:23
RiddellI don't think we should wait for merges, get them over with quickly is best16:23
Riddellshadeslayer: will you look at sgclark's merges or shall I?16:25
shadeslayerRiddell: please go through them16:25
Riddellshadeslayer: do you know what you need to do to get permissions to nominate bugs for series?16:32
Riddellthat seems like a slightly weird thing to restrict16:33
Riddellwould applying for MOTU help?16:33
yofelbug control can noimnate IIRC, any dev with upload permissions can then accept the task16:36
Riddellyep, so apply for MOTU shadeslayer!16:39
Riddellsgclark: looking at amor I think you can drop both those changes16:48
Riddellsgclark: the exact versions in build-deps doesn't matter too much for kde depends as long as kde-sc-dev-latest is updated (which I see it isn't)16:49
Riddellsgclark: and installing a manpage with .install rather than with .manpages might be mildly less elegant but makes no real difference16:50
Riddelland it's always best to remove any changes compared to debian where there's no real advantage (make them do all the work so we don't have to)16:50
Riddellalas we can't sync it as there's no 4.13 package in debian16:50
Riddellsgclark: so yeah, no changes need kept there16:51
Riddellsgclark: gwenview same thing, just keep the debian build-dep versions16:52
Riddellsgclark: also your changelog entry should mention that we add kubuntu_install_kipi_plugins.patch16:52
sgclarkRiddell: yes I am a bit confused as most of these I am doing , we are at 4.13 and they are at 4.1216:55
Riddellsgclark: right, which means we can't just simply sync the packages, but we can still drop any unnecessary changes16:58
Riddellsgclark: for membership, go for it, write yourself a wee wiki page then make a doodle poll with some dates and times on it so we can get a meeting of kubuntu council17:03
sgclarkok ty17:03
sgclarkRiddell: ok so if debian has a newer version than we have in depends, I do what?17:04
Riddellsgclark: just stick with whatever debian has unless there's a reason not to17:04
Riddellstick with the newer version if that's what they have yes17:05
sgclarkI can't build it because that version is not yet in kubuntu17:05
Riddellah well there's an issue :)17:05
Riddellsgclark: what's the package?17:05
sgclarkkde-sc-dev-latest they have -v 4:4.1217:05
Riddellah hah, so we need kde-sc-dev-latest merged17:06
sgclarkwant me to try that?17:06
Riddellsgclark: take it on if you want to yes17:06
sgclarkon it17:07
RiddellI quite forget what the delta is in that17:07
Riddellwe can't rely on kde-sc-dev-latest to bring in the latest versions as debian do because launchpad is a bit crap at knowing when to set off a rebuild in that case, but for merges I don't think that's important, it's only an issue when doing a KDE SC mass upload17:08
shadeslayerRiddell: yeah will do tomorrow17:11
* Riddell out for a few hours17:13
shadeslayerRiddell: btw do you think we should send out a similar request as the Unity 8 flavor ?17:15
sgclarkCan anyone tell me if this still stand true for kde-sc-dev-latest: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463828/17:28
sgclarkand this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463837/17:29
TheFakeazneD525will Kubu 14.10 ship with KDE SC KF5 KDE5 5 or whatever it's called?17:29
sgclarkpretty sure that is still in discussion17:31
shadeslayerTheFakeazneD525: probably as a separate ISO17:32
TheFakeazneD525Hmm, another question17:32
TheFakeazneD525KDE now has the Oxygen font, will Kubu ship with that in the future?17:33
apacheloggerprobably on a separate ISO17:38
TheFakeazneD525ah, thanks for clearing this up18:05
TheFakeazneD525take care guys~18:05
ScottKshadeslayer: What's a "KDE desktop"?18:16
ScottKAlso baloo should not be a user facing thing.18:17
ScottKshadeslayer: This kdeconnnect release is not a bugfix release.18:59
ScottKDid we ever explicitly include kdeconnect in our MRE?19:00
shadeslayerScottK: re kdeconnect MRE not that I know of, no, and can you give me a reason why it's not a bugfix release?19:38
ScottKshadeslayer: Did you look at the diff?  New cli capability.19:38
ScottKDefinitely not bugfix.19:38
shadeslayerScottK: not installed anywhere19:38
* shadeslayer double checks19:39
shadeslayerargh, my internets is so slow :/19:40
shadeslayerScottK: okay, I was wrong, so, if I remove the kdeconnect-cli binary, what other problems would there be?19:47
shadeslayershould be relatively easy to do that19:47
ScottKshadeslayer: Since there's no MRE for this, please go through the rest and figure out what fixes actual bugs.19:48
shadeslayerroger, looking through https://launchpadlibrarian.net/175544677/changelog19:48
ScottKI think it'd be more sensible to do a patch update to the current version then do the new version with stuff wripped out.19:48
ScottKYou'll need to review the diff in detail too.19:49
shadeslayerScottK: actually this is weird19:50
shadeslayercommit log talks about disabling it19:50
ScottKDidn't look disabled when I looked at the diff.19:51
shadeslayertalking to upstream now19:51
ScottKIn any case the fact that it's there tells me they don't have a release strategy that's compatible with MRE.19:51
shadeslayerScottK: roger, I'll talk to upstream and sort it out19:52
ScottKshadeslayer: You might point them to http://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Minor_Point_Release_Policy for a good example of what to follow.19:54
ScottKOf course it'd be nice if KDE itself hadn't abandoned that for KF5.19:55
shadeslayerScottK: passed on to upstream, he's fixing the tarball20:07
ScottKPlease he gives it a new number.20:07
yofel... by not appending -1 or so20:08
ScottKshadeslayer: 0.5.2 is already used in the archive, so how about
shadeslayeror 5.2.120:11
shadeslayerScottK: ^^20:13
ScottKThen you upload that to uptopic too.20:14
ScottKThat'd be fine.20:14
shadeslayeryeah, was going to do that20:14
ScottKMay as well doe 0.5.3 at that point though.20:14
ScottKInstead of a PPA for Plasma 5, could we just do something like this: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2014-May/002859.html20:20
yofelwasn't the reason for the PPA easier updatability? Otherwise that's pretty  much what we're trying to do20:25
ScottKWill we care about post-release updates?20:26
shadeslayerif we don't want to give a bad rep, yes20:27
ScottKWe can get an FFe all the way up to release.20:27
shadeslayerand a faster release cycle is why we wanted to use a PPA AFAIK20:27
ScottKYou probably won't be able to keep updating anyway.20:28
ScottKKF5 will keep updating and P5 will use stuff from the new KF5.20:28
soeedriver manager after installing 337 http://wstaw.org/m/2014/05/14/driver_manager.jpg20:36
shadeslayerthat's still happening?20:37
soeebut with xorg edgers ppa20:38
soeei had all fine, than i installed 337 and this showed up, after list refresh i have one list again as it should be20:39
soeeand 337 marked as installed20:39
soeebrb reboot20:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^^20:40
shadeslayerScottK: not necessarily20:41
shadeslayerScottK: though I reckon there might be problems which are fixed in KF5 and then cause issues in PN520:41
ScottKshadeslayer: There is zero indication that upstream really cares about distros in their release policy.  So I think it's safe to assume at this point we'll get screwed.20:44
ScottKAs nearly as I can tell every single distro pushed back on the KF5 release plan and the most it got in feedback is maybe we should make some stable branches.20:45
ScottKIf they want stuff to get updated, then they ought to release stuff we can update with.20:46

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