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sandman13this is weird I have sources pointed to that of trusty but on tty it shows kubuntu 13.1001:41
ec__oy! I just tried trusty for the first time today, on a desktop pc. it takes way too much resources and runs really slowly.01:44
ec__much better ubuntu 10.04 that I've been using01:44
ironhoofHello, the video proprietary driver notifications, keep notifying me, although I already installed a driver, is there a way to stop it? 14.0403:23
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valorieironhoof: hmmm, that was fixed -- have you updated and upgraded?04:02
valorieI had it in the beta, but not since04:03
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ironhoofYea, i updated first thing, after the installation is complete always. It seems to have stopped though, odd04:11
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lordievaderGood morning.06:44
bukaiHi I want to work on projects related to OSGi and contribute to kde can someone please suggest me some appropiate junior jobs to get started with?08:30
valorieafter one minute?08:31
valorieoh good, you came back08:32
valoriebukai: what area of KDE are you interested in?08:32
valoriealso, OSGi?08:33
bukaii want to work on the architecture of any application using OSGi.08:35
valoriebut what is it?08:35
valoriegoogle isn't helping me much08:35
valorietoo many choices08:35
bukaiIt is used to achive modularity in a much better fashion, the problems of jar hell and related things can be avoided using OSGi08:36
valorieso, our applications and such usually do not use java as such08:41
valoriehowever, perhaps the #kde-devel channel can help you find more specificity08:42
bukaiok, thanks.08:42
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rawiHi, folks, pretty urgent matter...10:12
rawiworking on Kubuntu 14.04 64 bit10:12
rawitoday I got a full update of KDE to version 4.13.1 (PPA and backports enabled)10:13
rawinow Krusader and Dolphin kannot Copy TO a mouted saba-share any more10:13
rawiand Krusader shows all the time "Mt.Man working..." in the field for the DriveSpace10:15
rawiError is: "Could not write file, Disk full"10:16
rawibut I can do anything from commandline10:16
salserodf -h10:18
salserodf -hi10:18
rawiFilesystem               Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on10:21
rawi/xxx.yyy.36.98/xxx_y/    410M  1,6M  409M    1% /home/xxx_y/mnt/HG00110:21
rawiand, how I said, all is posible from the commandline10:21
lordievader!paste | rawi10:22
ubotturawi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:22
lordievaderIt seems to me you only have 1.6Mb free.10:23
rawisorry about not pasting10:24
rawiand sorry, this are the INodes10:24
rawidf -h gives 1.3TB free10:24
lordievaderCan you paste the full output of df -h?10:27
lordievaderHmm, I agree. I see no reason it should say the disk is full.10:34
rawiand here on the left side... http://imagebin.org/31080410:39
rawiKrusader is struggling to get the size of mounted partition10:39
hateballnice, chromium blocks imagebin10:48
hateballrawi: can you see any contents of the mounted drives at all, using GUI?10:48
rawihateball: yes, I can see files, I can open files, I can edit existing files10:53
hateballrawi: ah10:54
rawiI also can create new files with rightclick->new file and I get the new file saved10:55
rawibut cannot copy from one side to the other10:55
rawineider with krusader nor dolphin10:55
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:59
rawiand cannot paste a file in a konqueror window of the share either10:59
rawiit is something wrong with the whole underlayer of KDE for copy/paste files on samba shares11:00
BluesKajrawi, konqueror? don't you mean dolphin?11:02
BluesKajis the destination folder shared? if not then there's your answer11:04
rawiBluesKaj: I meant that copy/paste of files to the share is not working in Krusader, Dolphin and  konqueror, in all 3 not!11:07
rawiin a Konsole I can do whatever I want with MidnightCommander eg11:08
BluesKajcan you copy and paste files to a different share?11:08
benvantendehey people, i am kinda wondering how search works these days. i do not get proper results in dolphin, but strigi, nepomuk etc. also seem to be removed.  What do I need to do to be sure files are indexed?11:09
benvantendedesktop search does not seem to have any config besides disallowing folders11:09
BluesKajbenvantende, baloo is the new file index/search in system settings>desktop search11:10
benvantendehey BluesKaj, that kinda got in silently then ;)11:11
rawiBluesKaj: no I cannot. I have 2 samba shares mounted and since the update today I got this problem with both shares11:11
BluesKajbenvantende, are you on 14.0411:11
benvantendesure latest greatest11:11
BluesKajrawi, perhaps file a bug or search launchpad, it may already be reported11:12
rawiBluesKaj: think not, is to fresh11:13
rawibut thanks11:13
BluesKajrawi, what about ssh into the shares ?11:14
rawiBluesKaj: the shares are already mounted, sorry, I don't understand11:15
BluesKajrawi, rather than samba , can you ssh into the destination machine ?11:17
rawiBluesKaj: shure I can ssh into the server. I am the root there and I have about 40 Users on the shares now11:20
rawino other user is complaining... all are windows users11:20
rawiI'm the admin and the only one using Kubuntu or Linux to attach the shares11:21
BluesKajrawi, I wonder if the experts at #kubuntu-devel or #kde can help you11:34
rawiBluesKaj: thank you11:36
benvantendeHey BluesKay search works fine now. I fiddled with the rc file after searching for Baloo. Not totally logical what happened, but it works.11:38
benvantendeBluesKay: are there also stats of how many files are indexed etc. some status would be nice.11:39
alketIs it just me or firefox crashes often ?11:42
BluesKajbenvantende, I really don't know much about file search and indexing since I don't need it, being a home user11:42
benvantendeBluesKaj: even home users need to find a file once in a while, not? ;)11:43
benvantendeanyway with now testing it runs great11:43
benvantendethanks for the pointer11:43
BluesKajI use krunner to look for files or locate in the cli11:44
benvantendeahh right11:44
benvantendetotally forgot about krunner11:45
benvantendeok later ...11:45
BluesKajbenvantende, but i understand that baloo inexes much faster than nepomuk and uses fewer resources11:45
benvantendeBluesKaj, looking perfect so far!11:46
BluesKajindexes that is11:46
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jussito make a user full admin, which groups should I add them to?12:23
jussiI intend to delete the main user and want to replace it with this one12:23
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Dragnslcrjussi- you can check /etc/sudoers, but it looks like the default group for full sudo access is "admin"12:49
jussiDragnslcr: got it sorted, thank you12:49
silv3r_m00nhi there13:38
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silv3r_m00ni am unable to style apps running as root (using kdesudo), I run kdesudo systemsettings and set the style to oxygen (or anything), but the style is stuck at polyester13:39
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trash_hey folks, i got a question regadring sed, i would like to replace the word "Düsseldorf" with "Berlin" , but it doesn`t work. I am using the string "find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/Düsseldorf/Berlin/g' {} \;". I guess i have to escape the ü  but i don`t really understand how its done, can anybody help me please?14:40
geniitrash_: Probably better to ask in #bash14:43
trash_genii: ok thanks :-)14:43
hateballtrash_: using \ to escape doesnt work?14:44
hateballBut yeah, #bash is better14:44
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EtriaphAnyone here using Docky in Trusty?17:02
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TheFakeazneD525I have a question17:28
TheFakeazneD525will Kubu 14.10 ship with KDE SC KF5 KDE5 5?17:28
BluesKajTheFakeazneD525, ask in #kubuntu-devel, or #ubuntu+117:29
rvdvFor your interest: http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Using_Project_Neon_to_contribute_to_KDE#Using_Project_Neon_5_for_Frameworks_5_Development18:00
RisingSunHello all, I've been trying to install the MDM from Linux mint on Kubuntu 14.04 as I really like that one, but i've seemed to have run into a small roadblock, does anyone know how to switch from LightDM to MDM in Kubuntu?18:29
rvdvRisingSun: Better not mix packages from different distros18:31
rvdvmdm in kubuntu point not to a DM but to:  mdm - Utilities for single-host parallel shell scripting18:33
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whataboutmiiHi guys, can anyone help me out with some troubleshooting? Fairly new here so bear with me lol19:28
SunTsuwhataboutmii: just ask what you want to know19:28
whataboutmiifarily new to using jubuntu on my laptop and it's been great up until what i belive is an update yesterday or before yesterday that now causes the kde to crash after suspending19:29
whataboutmiiany particular reason why this might be happening now? i'll close the laptop and when i open it all lights come on but screen stays black19:32
SunTsuwhataboutmii: is your swap larger than your RAM?19:35
freinharddoes/should network-manager save wifi passwords in kwallet? here it doesn't.19:35
whataboutmiiyes, set it to 8gb whereas my ram is 4gb19:35
SunTsuwhataboutmii: did you take a look into the logfiles to see what is going on?19:36
whataboutmiino sorry, but i could do it if you point me in the right direction. where are the logfiles?19:37
SunTsuwhataboutmii: /var/log - maybe /var/log/syslog, /var/log/dmesg19:38
depeszHi. can't load the faq, so maybe someone can help me - what do I have to do to be able to build software raid while *installing* kubuntu?19:40
depeszfor ubuntu it seems i should use "alternate iso", but there is no alternate iso for kubntu, as far as I can see19:40
whataboutmiiokay i'm got the logfile in front of me but what should i be looking for? an error?19:41
SunTsuwhataboutmii: yes, something after the suspend19:41
depeszI take it it's impossible to install on raid :(19:45
whataboutmiiis "Hibernation mode set to 'suspend'" normal?19:47
SunTsuwhataboutmii: Yeah, there's multiple hybernation mode, suspend is suspend to disk19:47
whataboutmiiah, so it's not suspending to ram?19:48
SunTsuwhataboutmii: Er, frankly, I don't know19:48
whataboutmiithe only thing i can spot in the logfile that looks like an error is "May 14 15:15:53 thinkpad kernel: [  111.204764] ------------[ cut here ]------------ May 14 15:15:53 thinkpad kernel: [  111.204777] WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 540 at /build/buildd/linux-3.13.0/drivers/base/firmware_class.c:1089 _request_firmware+0x5d9/0xb10()"19:51
ovidiu-florin_hello world20:18
ovidiu-florin_can someone please help me set up my pppoe connection on 14.0420:18
soeesomeone tested nvidia 337 with Trusty ?20:20
geniisoee: I'm running 337.19-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.1 without issue20:22
soeegenii: are you using maybe laptop with nvidia optimues tech ? (nvidia-prime installed) ?20:22
geniisoee: No, laptop with 9300M GS 512MB20:23
* TheFakeazneD525 slides genii some Oxygen Coffee20:24
TheFakeazneD525it has a very unified look and feel across many systems and programs20:24
* genii sips20:24
TheFakeazneD525genii: so, Oxygen Font20:24
soeegenii: by any chance are you using 2 screens ? :)20:25
alketdo you know any good file encrypter ?20:25
geniisoee: Not at the moment, but sometimes I have the HDMI on at the same time as my builtin20:25
geniiTheFakeazneD525: Sort of reminds me of Times Roman20:26
TheFakeazneD525genii: huh20:27
TheFakeazneD525I got a Segoe UI feel from it20:27
geniiI'm not a font connoisseur :)20:27
TheFakeazneD525genii: Also Plasma Next is in testing now!20:28
TheFakeazneD525QML and Qt5~20:28
jjsb95Hello, I have a problem to enter kubuntu forums not allowed me access20:42
jjsb95not allowed me access to https://www.kubuntuforums.net/20:43
jjsb95thanks for your not help20:45
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janos57Hi everyone23:05
janos57is anyone around23:08
janos57I am having a problem23:09
janos57Muon discover is not working on my fresh install of Kubuntu 14.04. I cannot use it to download VLC23:10
janos57I see many users and nicks but no one is chatting23:11
valorieeh, why do people ask then leave?23:22
TheFakeazneD525valorie: time?23:32
TheFakeazneD525*time constraints?23:32
ScuniziAnyone around? suddenly after the last update my sound had ceased to function either through speakers or usb headset.  No other settings changed in Pulseaudio or kmix. Any idea how to diagnose it?23:38
Scunizirunning 12.0423:39
valorieScunizi: you might check alsamixer23:43
valoriesounds like something is muted that you can't see23:44
valoriealsamixer runs from the cli23:44
valorieand you use your arrow keys to move23:44
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valorieTheFakeazneD525: sure, but it seems more like people have no clue how best to make use of IRC to get help23:52
* TheFakeazneD525 slides valorie some Oxygen Coffee23:53
TheFakeazneD525for a unified look and taste!23:53
valoriebetter: going to get dinner!23:54
SimonJ[Tense]I have a question, I'm trying to install a game, it's in a tar.gz, i've extracted it and it has .bin files. Any idea what I should do to get it to run in Kubuntu?23:58

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