cprovwgrant: here I am00:07
wgrantcprov: Hi00:07
wgrantcprov: What's the status of https://code.launchpad.net/~cjohnston/launchpad/fix-word-break/+merge/219285? I think that can land, can't it?00:08
cprovwgrant: I've landed the working bits from it yesterday00:08
wgrantcprov: What about the pending publish_inline_comments default change?00:09
cprovwgrant: it will be better fixed by my WIP branch00:09
wgrantGreat. Should that be Rejected?00:09
wgrantcjohnston, cprov: I know it's getting late, but do you guys have time for a quick status call? If not, your tomorrow is fine.00:39
cprovwgrant: sure00:39
cjohnstonsure.. give me 5 min00:40
cjohnstonok.. maybe only 2.. ready whenever00:41
wgrantcjohnston, cprov: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpjfd54idrcghi0or1q0ia4o00:43
wgrant(finally worked out how to create one)00:44
cjohnstoncprov: ^00:51
cjohnstonwgrant: are you good with marking bug #918284 as wontfix now?12:38
_mup_Bug #918284: Use Ubuntu Mono webfont so all users see it <css> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/918284>12:38
wgrantcjohnston: Good point, done.12:39
* cjwatson writes a somewhat hair-raising caching wrapper for various launchpadlib objects for cdimage12:40
cjohnstonwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjohnston/launchpad/883258/+merge/215332 can also be rejected12:41
cjohnstonsince I don't have the ability12:41
wgrantcjohnston: Huh, you should be able to reject your own.12:42
wgrantBut done.12:42
cjohnstonAll I see is WIP, Needs review, Merged..12:42
cjohnstonI guess because I'm not a part of ~somelpteam12:42
=== danilo_ is now known as danilos
danilosheya all, how do I get to see/use inline comments? I know I used to be a part of launchpad-beta-testers team, is that still what it takes?12:50
cjohnstondanilos: it isn't available yet12:51
wgrantHopefully some time next week for some internal teams that nag a lot :)12:51
daniloscjohnston, interesting, somebody seems to have used it yesterday and now I can't see their comments on the MP12:51
daniloswgrant, heh, can I nag a lot too? :)12:52
wgrantdanilos: Bah, they weren't meant to use it outside the CI/LP projects, to avoid this :)12:53
daniloswgrant, well, I can read emails about it, so there is a work-around to get to the comments :)12:56
cjohnstonwgrant: with the changes that are happening at a decent pace and the fact that we are doing the testing of IC, do you think we should release LP more frequently right now to allow more testing of the newer changes before next week?13:13
wgrantcjohnston: When we have relevant changes to deploy, sure.13:15
cjohnstonwgrant: I was thinking that both the empty lines around IC and the FF issue were both something that would be nice to get out sooner rather than later13:16
cjohnstonthe first is a nice usability thing, the second could potentially just cause issues13:16
wgrantOh, I'd forgotten about the linebreaking fix.13:17
cjohnstonI just marked the monospace bug as qa-ok, were you wanting to QA it as well, or are you good with it13:19
wgrantI've seen it in action already :)13:19
wgrantcprov: Hangout when you're around?22:54

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