olywonder if anyone can tell me why depends on numpy (>=1:1.5)  fails ? i have tried it with numpy (>=1.5) and that also fails, on 14.04 seems the version is 1:1.812:05
ScottKYou probably want python-numpy, not numpy.12:10
olydoh, thanks ScottK i think you might be correct12:10
olywhats with the 1: in the version number should i use that or not ?12:11
ScottKThat's an epoch and yes.12:11
ScottKLook it up in Debian policy manual for details.12:11
olyokay cheers, thought it would be documented some where but never found the debian packaging docs easy to use :p12:12
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zygaI'm looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~checkbox-dev/+recipe/checkbox-ng-daily17:22
zygaand I see that there are 'No suitable builders'17:22
zygawhat does that message mean?17:22
cjwatsonzyga: That we're upgrading our build farm17:23
zygaah, thanks17:23
zygais there an ETA on that process?17:23
cjwatsonIt's in progress, I don't have an ETA17:23
cjwatsonYou can see it coming back up on https://launchpad.net/builders/17:24
cjwatsonzyga: Looks like at least some are coming back up now.18:39
zygacjwatson: thanks18:48
labsin_Is launchpad down for anyone else?19:46
robindvjep it was19:46
robindvbut now live again19:46
labsin_robindv, I'll check19:47
PierrePaulto me it's back on19:47
dobeyworks fine here19:47
dobeynever went down19:47
PierrePaulit went down for 5min19:47
PierrePaulaccording to my CI19:47
geniiTiming out here.19:47
dobeytime outs happen occasionally19:48
geniiGuess I'll wait a few then try again.19:49
geniiOK, good now.19:50
beunowell, he's gone19:54
beunobut yes, there's a problem in LP19:54
beunoand other services19:54
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