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rvbabigjools: fwiw, I just got an AMT node installed using di (Trusty).  Worked fine.  Rebooted all right, I can ssh into the node now…11:23
rvbabigjools: what was your problem again?11:23
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jefferaiWhen MAAS finishes installing to a machine, should that machine then boot up to a hard disk, or should it continue to pxe boot?13:01
jefferaibecause when commissioning is done, the machine is unable to boot off the hard drive13:01
jtvjefferai: commissioning doesn't install.  The OS gets installed when you allocate the machine.13:15
jtvBecause you get to choose the OS every time you allocate one.13:15
jtvIt's possible for commissioning to format the disks, if you want to add a script that does that; but the default commissioning process is non-destructive.13:16
jefferaiSo you commission it, which does some stuff; then you allocate it, and then you boot it up ater that13:16
jefferaiand when you allocate it, and then pxe boot after allocation, it runs the install13:16
jefferaithat sound right?13:16
jtvYes — and you can have multiple users on the maas that may all allocate machines for themselves.13:16
jtvSo think of commissioned machines as a pool of hardware waiting for someone to come in and grab it for use.13:17
jefferaiI See13:20
jefferaiI gotta say, the documentation doesn't make that very clear :-/13:20
jefferaiEven though it makes total sense13:21
jefferaiAlso, even knowing that, I don't see how you allocate nodes :-)13:21
jefferaiat least not on the web; maybe it's cli only13:21
jtvOn the web, you can go to a node's page and click "Start node."13:22
jtvOr, on the nodes listing, you can select a bunch of nodes and start them with a single action.13:22
jefferaioh, starting allocates13:22
jefferaiI did see that13:22
jtvThere is an unfortunate difference between the API nomenclature and the UI nomenclature.13:22
jtvIn the UI, "Start node" means "allocate this node, fire it up & install it."13:23
jefferaiI see13:23
jtvIn the API, it means "power up this node and let it do whatever its programmed action is, e.g. install it if it's allocated."13:23
jefferaiWill keep playing -- thanks!13:24
jtvA new, more high-level API call is planned, so hopefully we can forget about that difference later.13:24
jtvThanks for pointing out the documentation deficiency — I'll make a note that that needs work.13:24
jtvjefferai: would this documentation change make it clearer? https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/doc-allocation/+merge/21954014:14
jefferaijtv: it does, yes. Also it made me realize a part of why I couldn't start up a node: I hadn't set an SSH key14:33
jefferaiStart was always disabled for me14:33
jefferaiso the only thing I could do was commission over and over14:33
jtvYeah, conceptual frameworks are the most important part of documentation — and the most easily forgotten one.14:33
jefferainow to figure out why it's not toggling my vm over virsh :-)14:34
jtvWe fixed a bug for that last week, actually.  Though I thought that had been released...14:34
jefferaijtv: maas user wasn't added to libvirtd group14:35
jefferaitesting now to see if that's the problem14:36
jefferaibut it prevented the maas user from using virsh via sudo test14:36
jefferaiprobably it should be added to libvirtd by default...14:36
jtvThere's also the added complication there that after adding yourself to the group, you need a fresh login.14:37
jtvgmb: could I perhaps pick on you to review https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/doc-allocation/+merge/219540 ?  Yes I'm technically off today but couldn't resist.14:38
jefferaijtv: yeah -- a fresh reboot also seemed to solve my issue with postgres we talked about yesterday14:39
jefferaiseems maas wants rebooting anyways14:39
jtvShouldn't really.  :/  I'm trying to pry the postgres thing loose from my memory, but not having much luck.14:41
jefferaidon't worry about it14:41
jefferaisadly I have now added maas to libvirtd and rebooted, and "sudo -u maas virsh -c qemu:///system list --all" is happy14:41
jefferaibut starting a node from the maas ui isn't14:41
jtvOh, the weird "number out of range" exception?14:41
jefferaijtv: yeah, that14:42
jtvThis may be a matter of tweaking the power type & power parameters just right then...14:43
jefferaisudo -u maas virsh -c qemu:///system start base14:43
jefferaithat works14:43
jefferaiit's the same url as in the web ui14:44
jefferaiand same name14:44
jtvAnd without the sudo it should work as well, right?14:44
jtvOh wait14:44
jtvSorry, wasn't all there.14:44
jefferaiunless it's running as a user that isn't maas14:44
jefferailike www-data14:44
jefferaidoesn't seem so though14:44
jtvAnd I guess the reboot made the group membership for maas in virsh take effect...14:44
jefferaibtw, using maas from trusty repos, is there some newer version I should be using?14:45
jefferaia ppa?14:45
jtvThere's ppa:maas-maintainers/dailybuilds — which can include the latest breakage, but will also have the latest improvements; and there's the cloud archive.14:45
jtvSee: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/CloudToolsArchive14:47
jefferaithe cloud archive I think I trid adding but it said it was for precise only14:47
jefferaiso when I hit Start on the node in the web UI, there is nothing in the libvirtd logs14:47
jtvThere's the "cloud archive" and the "cloud tools archive."14:47
jefferaiwhen I do it from the sudo line above, it's what you'd expect14:47
jefferaisomewhere along the way the command never makes it to libvirtd14:47
jtvA similar command line _should_ be issued from /etc/maas/templates/power/virsh.template.14:48
jtvBut the version you  have would still have that bug where it got confused about the previous state of the VM (on or off).14:48
jefferaierror: Failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': Permission denied14:48
jtvOoo interesting indeed.14:48
jefferaiso one bug is that when it fails to start the vm, it doesn't note that14:48
jefferaiand makes the web ui think it's been started14:48
jtvYeah.  Another thing that's scheduled for improvement: verifying that these things actually happen.14:49
jefferaiso ls -al /var/run/libvirt is what you'd expect14:49
jefferaiwhich suggests that the wrong user is being used to try to start the machine up14:50
jtvThat would be interesting.14:50
jefferaiI will have the script dump that out14:50
jtvThe command gets run from the provisioning server's celery worker...  Better check that those actually run as the user you expect!14:51
jtvAnd now I'm afraid I must leave.  Thanks gmb  for reviewing the  documentation branch.14:51
jefferaiwhoami in the script returns "maas"14:51
jefferaiso this is jsut getting weirder14:51
jefferaiunless it's not inheriting its groups properly14:52
jefferaior something14:52
jtvBTW note that this gets run on the cluster controller.14:52
jefferaiit's all on one box right now14:52
jtvMaybe it's not the actual socket operation that gets the error.14:53
jtvMaybe it's something like "I need to read a config file which I'm not allowed to do" or something along those lines.14:53
jtvBear in mind that "sudo" keeps using your home directory, but as a different user.14:54
jtvThe maas user doesn't have a home dir, only a GPG home dir in /var/lib/maas.14:54
jtvAnd now I'm _really_ leaving.  Will check in later.14:54
jefferaijtv: heh, ok, thanks  :-)14:56
jefferaijtv: for when you're back, here's the output of "groups" in the template: maas root14:56
jefferaiand here's the output when I run sudo -u maas groups: maas libvirtd14:57
jefferaiso apparently it's running as the maas user but with a different set of groups -- and this is after a reboot14:57
jefferaijtv: the only thing I can think of is that the daemon starts as root, which is not in libvirtd; then drops privileges but when it does it doesn't then inherit any new groups15:06
jefferaiand if so, then I would think it shouldn't have "root" as its current groups15:06
jefferaiso I think something is very wrong here15:06
jefferaieither root shouldnt' be in the current groups, or libvirtd should15:06
jefferaior both15:06
jefferaiI'm going to try adding root to libvirtd15:07
jefferaijtv: that did it - adding root to libvirtd15:10
jefferaithat's a really weird thing to have to do considering that root is the owner of the socket :-)15:10
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jtvjefferai: turning your notes into a bug report, thanks.  Probably low priority but we have to have a note somewhere.19:38
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jefferaijtv: I'm not sure the libvirt group stuff should be low priority. If you can't take an off-the-shelf maas install and use it with the virsh bits as shown in the installation guide, then something is rather wrong. Especially when it takes listing groups inside of the template to figure out what the problem is21:26
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