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applepiHi all..  I seem to be having trouble building an armhf trusty image, is 14.04 supported for armhf yet?  I keep getting the "Failure while configuring base packages.  This will be re-attempted up to five times." while running debootstrap or mk-sbuild, and while it finishes, when i try the finished product on my evk board, I get no console.14:56
applepi12.04 works..  I've checked to make sure I've got a getty session on the usb uart that *should* be starting.14:57
ogra_yes, 14.04 armhf is supported and used by many people14:57
ogra_(in cloud setups as well as on phones for example)14:58
applepiMaybe I'm not setting up the terminal correctly then after all, but I'm just copying what I have in 12.04...15:00
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infinityapplepi: What are you running debootstrap on?16:55
infinityapplepi: Also, if in doubt, you could try unpacking ubuntu-core and configuring it, instead of debootstrap itself.16:56
infinityapplepi: (But if debootstrap fails, looking at the log is also helpful...)16:56
applepiinfinity: Mint 1416:58
applepiinfinity: I can build 12.04 just fine but I get several configuring errors when during --second-stage when making 14.0416:59
ogra_use qemu-user-static ... then you can use qemu-debootstrap ... and wont need all that crap like foreign and second stage16:59
ogra_(well, if mint didnt break their kernel to much)17:00
applepiI'm not entirely sure what the issue is honestly, I can see in the dmesg logs that it IS finding ttymxc0 when booting...  right now the last thing I get is 'Mount failed for selinuxfs on /sys/fs/selinux:  No such file or directory' but looking around online that seems like it shouldn't stop it from booting..17:01
ogra_apt-get install qemu-user-static; sudo qemu-debootstrap --arch armhf trusty myarmchroot17:02
ogra_do that17:02
ogra_probably you need a reboot after installing the package, depends on the mint kernel17:03
applepiodd, I swear I tried that before, but I'm watching it run now and it does look like it's behaving MUCH better17:09
ogra_the nice thing is that you can just chroot into it now and prepatre your rootfs as you need it later ... no need for doing that on the device17:11
applepiBugger...  right at the end.  "Configuring udev..."  "Failure while configuring base packages.  This will be re-attempted up to five times."  Four times, but then it says "Base system installed successfully."17:14
applepiI suppose it succeeded?17:15
applepiBah...  I can *not* get trusty to give me a friggin login prompt...17:52
infinityapplepi: Are you setting up a console job in /etc/init/ttymxc0.conf ?17:53
applepiinfinity: yes.  and i've checked that ttymxc0 is being set up in dmesg..17:54
arg 21:03
argA question regarding upstart- "When 2 or more upstart files start on the same event, how to make sure one of them always start before others" Ex: JobA.conf --> start on ALPHA . JobB.conf --> start on ALPHA. How do I make sure JobB.conf always start before JobA.conf ??21:05
infinityarg: If the order matters, you have an undeclared dependency.21:07
arginfinity: Here is what I am trying to do -21:09
argI have a firstboot script /etc/init/firstboot.conf which starts on "filesystem". This file creates some symlinks to some libs in /usr/lib21:09
argIssue is , /etc/init/lightdm.conf also starts on "filesystem".21:10
argIf I traverse backwards, mountall.conf is the file which emits "filesystem" event and when this event is generated, lightdm.conf as well as my custom firstboot.conf both try to execute their scripts but the ordering is not guarenteed and you can never tell which one runs first. Now I want to always ensure that firstboot.conf runs before lightdm.conf . How can I ensure this without editing lightdm.conf ( I know I can create a dependency by emitting an e21:10

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