balloonselopio, it seems the AP docs for ubuntu-ui-toolkit have been removed from the ubuntu-ui-toolkit branch16:32
elopioballoons: I didn't know the docs where on the branch.16:36
elopioI thought you generated them manually and uploaded them to the server.16:36
balloonselopio, yes.. they were checked in and part of the build.16:37
balloonsthey were supposed to be synced to the server16:37
balloonsthat didn't happen, but it seems the docs too are gone16:37
elopiohum, balloons: in what directory were they?16:40
balloonsthere own dir.. you can see in the bzr diff there I linked16:45
balloonsi'll have to track it down later.. but I want a new build so the docs are updated16:46
balloonsback in a bit16:46
Letozaf_balloons, elopio hi19:08
balloonsLetozaf_, hello19:13
Letozaf_balloons, hello howzit ?19:13
balloonsLetozaf_, good. So elopio was hoping to help you get your branch merged19:20
balloonsLetozaf_, he put together this branch as you saw to add a notebook. https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/reminders-app/autopilot-add_notebook/+merge/21923719:20
Letozaf_balloons, yes is he about ?19:20
balloonsLetozaf_, I'm going to assume he'll show up in a second. I spoke with him about this a bit ago19:20
Letozaf_balloons, ok19:21
* Letozaf_ is looking at the branch19:21
balloonsor perhaps elopio won't appear :-) Letozaf_ did you get the sdk installed?19:30
Letozaf_balloons, yes19:31
balloonsLetozaf_, were you able to get it working at all?19:33
Letozaf_balloons, mmm... can fidle with it but I never really used it19:34
balloonsLetozaf_, I believe the idea is to use it to add a notebook and a note first, then run your tests. Does that make sense?19:36
Letozaf_balloons, yes19:36
Letozaf_balloons, I installed evernote-sdk-python but think I will need help for using it19:58
balloonsLetozaf_, well since elopio isn't appearing let me give it a whirl19:59
elopioLetozaf_, balloons: I was having lunch.19:59
Letozaf_elopio, hello :-)19:59
balloonselopio, :-)19:59
elopiohow can I help?19:59
balloonsLetozaf_, is here.. time to finish out the branch19:59
balloonsLetozaf_, this is a quick start guide, I was going to point you to here first: https://github.com/evernote/evernote-sdk-python20:00
balloonswe need a bit of code to create the note and notebook20:00
elopioballoons: can you top approve my other branch so it gets into trunk?20:00
balloonselopio, ohh yes, sorry :-)20:02
elopioLetozaf_: balloons: let me write a script to create notes using the sdk.20:03
Letozaf_elopio, ok20:04
balloonsyour branch is landing now20:09
balloonsLeo's that is20:09
thomibarry: did you get a moment to look at the sphinxcontrib packaging?20:15
* barry ties his shoes20:20
barrythomi: whu?  you talkin' to me?20:21
barrythomi: no.  i suck.  keep bugging me until i do!  i'm very close to finishing up this other big mass of hack.20:21
thomibarry: oh don't worry, I'm pretty persistent, I'll keep bugging you :)20:21
thomiif it takes too long you might find I start visiting you in person :)20:22
barrythomi: jeebus!  get off my back man!20:22
elopioballoons: we won't be able to run the reminders tests with python3 until thrift is ported.20:38
balloonselopio, that's a hard depends we have i believe. for the image, we need py320:38
Letozaf_balloons, elopio it's getting quite late here in Itlay :) do you mind if I come back tomorrow night ?20:42
balloonsLetozaf_, since I threw a brick into elopio plans, hehe, that's probably a good idea20:42
Letozaf_balloons, elopio ok guys see you tomorrow buona notte :-)20:42
elopioour options are to push the thrift port, or to do our own client that doesn't use thrift.20:42
balloonsbuona notte Letozaf_20:43
* balloons pokes barry20:43
elopioballoons: do we have any dev contacts in evernote? They should be the most interested on making their sdk work with py3.20:43
balloonselopio, we do20:44
balloonsthey've been working on it20:45
elopioballoons: oh, they include a thrift library ported with 2to320:45
barryballoons: hey20:46
balloonshey barry I was just poking you about doing porting work to python3 :-) Since I told Leo we can't use py2 modules20:46
elopioballoons: so, should we tell daniel to publish on the ppa that thrift as python-thrift?20:46
elopioballoons: so, should we tell daniel to publish on the ppa that thrift as python3-thrift?20:47
barrywhat's "py2"? :)20:47
barrypy2 must die20:47
balloonsperfect barry.. you are playing the role beautifully20:47
* barry bows... ACTING!20:47
balloonselopio, we could just use the experimental code, sure. It should be more than enough for our needs which are extremely basic20:50
balloonsI should say it's not experimental, more like not feature complete20:51
balloonselopio, and yes python3-thrift20:51
balloonsI didn't even catch on, sorry should have noticed and mentioned it sooner20:51
robotfuelelopio: https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.gagnon/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/autopilot_wait_for_popover/+merge/219601 I have a simple mp for the uitk21:23
robotfuelelopio: can you review when you have time?21:24
elopiorobotfuel: yes, I can.21:25

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