thomirobru: silo 3 is ready to land, BUT the testing is really dirty - we wrote a lengthy report to show what we've been up to though: http://etherpad.ubuntu.com/B2Wt9rUiHX00:12
thomirobru: our conclusion is that, to the bestof our ability, AP 1.5 looks ready to land. But there's so many failing tests in the image right now it's really really really hard to tell what the hellis going on00:12
thomiwhich is why we've taken over a week to get to this point :(00:13
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 26 DONE (finished: 20140514 00:25) ===00:24
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/26.changes ===00:24
ahayzenjamesh, ping01:10
robru_thomi, errrmahgerd, is autopilot really ready? I'm terrified ;-)01:33
robru_kgunn, building in silo 6: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-006-1-build/41/console01:44
kgunnrobru rocknroll01:45
jameshahayzen: pong01:49
ahayzenjamesh, me and Victor are working on the mediascanner2 conversion, we just found this issue which we think is actually us doing it wrong? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mediascanner2/+bug/131916801:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1319168 in mediascanner2 "First entry in AristsModel is empty" [Undecided,New]01:50
thomirobru: well, to the best of our knowledge it is. If you have suggestions for what else we should do, we'd be glad to doit01:51
thomirobru: we're open to suggestions :)01:51
robru_thomi, ha, no idea. I'm EOD / not at home right now so I'm not super comfortable publishing it right now, but sil or mirv should be awake in a few hours to look at that.01:52
jameshahayzen: the empty entry represents files without an artist set.  It certainly is a bug that the model filters can't distinguish between empty and not set though.  I haven't worked out a fix for that yet01:52
ahayzenjamesh, but it is due to a video existing on my filesystem01:52
thomirobru: ok, thanks01:52
ahayzenjamesh, i see there MediaType->AudioMedia is there a way of filtering just by audio?01:52
jameshahayzen: hmm.  You're right that we should be filtering out videos there.  But the same problem will reoccur once you download an mp3 without artist metadata01:54
jameshso that's two bugs01:54
ahayzenjamesh, heh yeah ... and the other blocker for us is the GenresModel and filtering other models by genre is that on your radar as well?01:55
jameshahayzen: yes.01:55
jameshahayzen: I just made sure that the stuff that was finished was released.  I haven't forgotten about the rest01:55
ahayzenjamesh, cool we also spotted this minor issue any ideas if it is an easy fix? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mediascanner2/+bug/131917401:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1319174 in mediascanner2 "rowCount is a non-NOTIFYable property" [Undecided,New]01:56
jameshthanks.  I'll look into that one too.01:56
ahayzenjamesh, it is more of a minor issue as it isn't blocking us like the others, the genremodels, filtering and empty states should be higher priority from our point of view. And what was the decision on the fallback cover art?01:57
sergiusensrobru hey, seems my changelog is whack https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-008/+packages ... it credits things already packaged to me and the new things I'm adding is credited to the CI bot ... any ideas?01:59
ahayzenjamesh, although the fallback cover art is probably lower priority as well...once the genremodels, filtering and empty states are done we'll likely be in a position to make the transition unless we find any other issues02:00
jameshahayzen: I haven't had a chance to work on that.  If anyone else wants to have a play, the code in question is fairly short: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/thumbnailer/trunk/view/head:/plugins/Ubuntu/Thumbnailer/albumartgenerator.cpp02:01
ahayzenjamesh, thanks :)02:02
jameshI haven't checked what happens if you raise an exception in the provider.  The documentation doesn't mention it, but that's the only way I can think of that might pass on an error state to the Image QML component02:03
ahayzenjamesh, Victor (vthompson) said he had worked with image handlers before so he may have an idea02:05
jameshactually, perhaps just returning a null image is the answer02:06
ahayzenjamesh, i think that is what he suspected02:06
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 27 building (started: 20140514 02:10) ===02:09
ahayzenvthompson, o/02:10
vthompsonahayzen, hey02:11
ahayzenjamesh, shall we try doing the fallback via setting to null? to lighten your load a bit02:13
vthompsonjamesh, would returning null as the fallback affect the Music Scope? Or is that independent since it is not QML?02:14
jameshahayzen: try changing all the "return fallbackImage(...);" calls to just "return QImage();" and see if that does what you're after02:14
jameshvthompson: it would be a good idea to check how it affects the dash, yes02:15
jameshthe dash is using the same QML image provider02:15
vthompsonah, I'd guess it'd be a no-go then02:15
jameshneeding to change unity8 code isn't the end of the world02:16
vthompsonUnless we want to require the dash catch image errors and provide their own fallback as well02:16
jameshand presumably it has to deal with image errors anyway for e.g. http image URIs02:16
ahayzenjamesh, vthompson, is it only us and the dash using the thumbnailer at the moment?02:16
jameshahayzen: for the album art image provider, yes.02:17
ahayzenjamesh, cool02:17
vthompsonWe're not blocked on the fallback image art or anything though. Just an item we want to be able have control over02:18
ahayzenyep ... vthompson genres and empty states are our only left blockers right?02:19
vthompsonahayzen, empty states...02:19
ahayzenvthompson, empty artist/metadata or not filtering out videos02:19
vthompsonahayzen, right, I really think we could work around "Unknown" artist data though02:20
ahayzenvthompson, yep but the filtering out of videos should probably be done?02:20
vthompsonAnd really we need a way to handle blank/unknown data anyway... so I'd hate to rush a fix without thinking this all out02:20
vthompsonahayzen, I think it's more that there is a bug in the artist model for any media type that doesn't have an artist02:21
ahayzenvthompson, yeah u've got data which is actually unknown and then what happens when u have an artist called unknown lol02:21
ahayzenvthompson, as jamesh said earlier there are two issues there really02:22
vthompsonone more item we want to fix, which is kinda minor, but is a regression--is the ability to sort the models. Songs should be able to be sorted by song title, albums should be able to be sorted by album name02:22
ahayzenvthompson, ah yes sorting forgot about that02:22
vthompsonahayzen, exactly. one reason why I'm OK just working around the 'empty state' issue if we can02:23
ahayzenvthompson, would this allow us to sort a mediascanner model? https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/sortFilterModel/+merge/21773602:24
vthompsonReally our largest blocker is Genres at the moment02:24
ahayzenvthompson, yep agreed02:24
vthompsona quick scan leads me to believe it wouldn't be a blanket fix to the abstract model mediascanner2 uses, but I'm not the one to ask02:25
ahayzenvthompson, hmm we may have to think about that further then, jamesh any ideas on sorting?02:28
vthompsonHere's a topic to discuss. Would it seem at all beneficial to have the app build ListModels and/or Repeaters for all these data types so we can sort, remove, and control all the items in the model... rather than having a list of things the mediascanner plugin needs to be? I suppose further developing the plugin/API would make it easier for other media apps to utilize the plugin02:28
jameshahayzen: I'll have to think about it.  Ideally we'd want something that would let us pass an appropriate ORDER BY clause to sqlite02:29
jameshrather than sorting or filtering afterwards02:29
ahayzenjamesh, that would be the best solution in my opinion, if possible02:30
vthompsonAn additional sort by clause would be track number, I do not recall if items are sorted by that field or not02:34
ahayzenvthompson, they are in the SongsModel aren't they?02:37
vthompsonahayzen, most likely, but I don't recall verifying02:38
jameshcurrently the songs model is ordered by "album_artist, album, disc_number, track_number, title"02:42
jameshand albums model by album_artist, album02:42
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 27 DONE (finished: 20140514 03:30) ===03:29
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/27.changes ===03:29
Wellarkcould someone trigger a rebuild on silo9?05:57
Wellarkthostr_ is not awake yet05:57
Mirvbuilding https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-009-1-build/73/console06:00
mvohi, our (foundations) team lander is currently not around so I was directed here to ask to land https://code.launchpad.net/~click-hackers/click/trunk/+merge/219244 - can someone help me with that please?06:18
Mirvmvo: hi! ok, adding a line at the end of https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuDk72Lpx8U5dFVHQ3FuMDJGLUZCamJfSjYzbWh3Wnc#gid=0 , assigning a silo for it and kicking a build06:20
Mirvmvo: please add a commit message to the MP06:20
* mvo adds one now06:21
MirvI wonder how that'll work out though, as the assumption is lp:project is the trunk06:22
MirvI've not seen a click landing via CI Train before, but we can see what happens and wait for cjwatson to comment on its release process06:23
Mirvmvo: it might be you were guided here by default while actually click is at the moment released differently06:23
mvoMirv: uh, its my first time doing that, so far cjwatson was driving the process. I'm happy to wait until he is around to give a better answer than me :)06:24
Mirvmvo: hmm, it seems this might just work, for example https://code.launchpad.net/~click-hackers/click/trunk/+merge/214217 is similar and it was landed via CI Train06:25
Mirvassigned silo landing-019, kicking build at https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-019-1-build/33/console06:28
Mirvmvo: if you join #ubuntu-ci-choo-choo you should even get pings when build is complete etc :)06:29
* mvo joins06:29
mvothanks Mirv!06:29
Mirvyou're welcome06:29
didrockspopey: \o/06:44
Mirvsil2100: FYI I'm trying to double-validate AP 1.5 which is marked ready and had been discussed here during the night07:47
sil2100Mirv: ACK, well... I'm not sure if we should land it right now, since the smoketesting dashboard doesn't look good07:48
Mirvsil2100: if there are no regressions, there are not particular reasons not land, except for that if the currently failing tests, if fixed, would fail on AP 1.5 because of AP 1.5. so that's the thing to ponder about. nevertheless, I'll add my results when I have them, so that it can (or can not) be landed when the time is right.07:49
Mirvthen if AP 1.5 magically fixes some tests, that's a different story :)07:49
sil2100Mirv: well, I would first prefer to identify what's causing the sudden failures on the dashboard - since w can never be sure if a new AP won't suddenly cause even more trouble in  the smoketestin infra07:50
Mirvsil2100: yep07:51
sil2100Mirv: since as we know, some test failures are not easily reproducible locally07:51
Mirvfor that, I don't really know, but with AP1.5 I reproduced the same amount of messaging and dialer app errors at least07:51
sil2100Mirv: it's not that I would block on it for long, just want us to have some time to see WTF happened ;)07:51
Mirvmaybe the new address book app + service are the culprit07:52
sil2100I'll try upgrading a few packages on my old image07:58
sil2100And seeing when it fails ;p07:58
ogra_telepathy-ofono (0.2+14.10.20140512-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=low08:02
ogra_  [ Tiago Salem Herrmann ]08:02
ogra_  * Do not set the modem online08:02
ogra_sil2100, ^^^ i would put my bets on this one08:02
ogra_or on urfkill starting with the wrong defaults08:03
sil2100ogra_: might be, the failures do not directly point to this, but who knows what UI changes it does08:05
ogra_huh ?08:05
ogra_messaging-app fails nearly completely, dialer-app has 4 new errors08:06
sil2100ogra_: like, not setting the modem online might cause the app work differently than before or something08:06
ogra_and on the ML people seem to report to have no 3G08:06
sil2100ogra_: confirming that upgrading telepathy-ofono on #22 causes 3G/cellular to die08:12
sil2100Checking if this also causes the AP failures08:12
ogra_i pinged tiagosh08:14
* ogra_ gets meeting coffee08:19
sil2100ogra_, Mirv: yeah, so it seems telepathy-ofono is the culprit here, just got 13 failures on messaging-app08:23
ogra_what silo/landing wss that in ?08:27
ogra_i assume that was the flight mode ... and i assume further that urfkill needs to be seeded ... mind to try installing that package ?08:28
Mirvso the phone is now totally suitable for flights, but nothing else? :)08:31
sil2100Damn, just love google and getting disconnected ;/08:31
ogra_haha, yeah08:31
sil2100ogra_: ok, let me try that08:31
ogra_so looking at the spreadsheet at line 15 it seems these packages belong together08:32
ogra_sigh ... my connection to archive.u.c crawls ... doesnt make the meta package rebuild fast :(09:01
sil2100Mirv: oh, and btw.! Thank you for taking the lead yesterday :)09:04
Mirvsil2100: you're welcome :)09:05
ogra_*yawn* ... come on germinate ... you can make it ...09:21
popeycihelp can someone please re-trigger https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/disable-clock-hand/+merge/21790709:22
popeycihelp https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-1315318/+merge/218067 also09:22
sil2100It's time to germinate youuu09:24
vilapopey: done for the first, are you sure about the second, a lot of attempts there already09:25
vilapopey: done for the second too anyway09:26
vilapopey: but, how come you can't do that yourself ? /me looks09:26
popeyvila: I don't know how09:27
vilapopey: if you're loggen in and have the right permissions, the right button should appear09:27
popeydont think i have a login.09:28
vilapopey: you should, we've switched to sso ;)09:28
popeylets step back. which link from those branches should I click?09:29
vilapopey: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-clock-app-autolanding/15/ for your first ping09:29
popeyok, then "rebuild" on the left?09:30
vilapopey: if you're logged in, a 'Rebuild' button/link appears in the left below 'Status', 'Changes', 'Console Output' and so on09:30
sergiusenssil2100: hey, can you take a look at my weird changelog? https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-008/+packages09:30
vilapopey: exactly09:30
vilapopey: you see it ? \o/09:30
vilapopey: great ! More power to the users \o/09:31
popeyjust press that and then rebuild?09:31
popeyno other options to tweak, just hit that link then the button?09:31
vilapopey: yup, inspecting the parameters (and don't do that here, it's arleady running)09:31
vilapopey: I just re-run with the same parameters09:32
popeysil2100:  can you definitively tell me if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1316736 has landed?09:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1316736 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Tabs current selection changes when pushed down a PageStack" [Critical,Fix released]09:32
vilapopey: for a given MP you may want to tweak the 'candidate_revision' param if new revision[s] have been pushed to the MP09:33
vilapopey: but for flaky tests, just push the button09:33
vilapopey: (and file bugs for those pesky flaky tests but you know that better than me ;)09:33
popeyi am not sure I do!09:34
sil2100popey: one moment :)09:35
vilapopey: ;)09:36
sil2100popey: it seems to have landed! It should be in #25 already09:52
cjwatsonmvo: Oh, I thought we were going to get the hook/framework fixes in first?  But I don't mind if you want to do two landings09:52
cjwatsonMirv: I do plan to switch to lp:click/devel + lp:click in future, just because it keeps confusing people, but it should work fine as it is09:53
mvocjwatson: I wasn't sure and thought it wouldn't hurt to do two … but I had no idea then how much effort it actually is :P09:53
cjwatsonmvo: I guess you'll find out ;-)09:53
mvocjwatson: yeah, I'm in the process of finding out :)09:54
mvocjwatson: once the other fixes land I'm happy to do the process again09:56
* mvo gets lunch first and continues with the testing then09:59
ogra_ah, finally meta migrated ...10:02
* ogra_ triggers a build 10:02
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 28 building (started: 20140514 10:10) ===10:09
Mirvcjwatson: I just hadn't noticed it before, but I thought it's all good after I found similar earlier landings.10:21
Wellarksil2100: how long does an image build usually take?10:27
Wellarkogra_: ^10:27
ogra_Wellark, 1.5-2h10:29
Wellarkogra_: ok. thanks!10:31
cjwatsonMirv: Yeah.  It does have some minor but annoying problems with bug linkage having to be done manually, though, so I have a couple of reasons to change it.10:33
cjwatson(But no rush)10:33
bzoltanMirv: I got a "new" source package joining the CI train. The Go plugin for QtC10:34
Wellarkdidrocks: what should we do with the failing powerpc test on indicator-network on silo9 ?10:37
Wellarkthe test passes on all of the other arches10:37
Wellarkand there is no clear reason why it would fail on powerpc10:38
Wellarkand I don't have powerpc to test with10:38
WellarkI'm hoping failure on powerpc is not stopping the silo from landing10:38
cjwatsonI vaguely recall that one being racy; has it already been retried?10:39
cjwatsonIf not then I'd like to try that10:40
Wellarkcjwatson: it's not racy. I though it might be, but no10:40
Wellarklooking at the test there is nothing racy about it10:40
cjwatsonMind if I retry it anyway for luck? :)10:40
Wellarkit has been failing constantly for the past 5 rebuilds or more10:41
Wellarkbasically the whole time10:41
cjwatsonHm, yes10:41
cjwatsonAs it stands it'll block landing10:42
cjwatsonUnder the general no-regression rule10:42
cjwatsonIf I were to rip it out it'd take out the whole UOA stack and require adding a bunch of explicit arch limitations to other packages10:43
cjwatsonIf you just don't care (which would be reasonable), how about disabling the test suite on powerpc?10:43
cjwatsonOr ignoring its results?10:43
cjwatsonThat way we have minimal fallout elsewhere10:44
Wellarkcjwatson: what is UOA ?10:45
cjwatsonUbuntu Online Accounts10:45
Wellarkwhy is indicator-network even part of that?10:46
cjwatsonYou can trace the deps yourself :)10:46
cjwatsonIt's basically because ubuntu-system-settings Depends: indicator-network10:47
seb128the online accounts panel depends on ubuntu-system-settings (since that's a plugin for it)10:47
seb128and the settings depends on the indicator since they use it as a backend10:47
cjwatsonWellark: You can probably just do10:49
Mirvbzoltan: there's only 1 silo free, let's ping sil2100 on what he thinks about that10:50
bzoltanMirv:  it is a new source so it will take some time, but I can add there two more MRs if it would support my case :D10:51
sil2100Right... let me take a look at that10:51
Wellarkcjwatson: ok.. I will merge that in. thanks!10:51
cjwatsonI would have expected all Canonical developers to have access to porter-powerpc.canonical.com, BTW10:52
cjwatson(And porter-$ARCH.canonical.com in general)10:52
Wellarkugh.. why does pastebin require 2nd factor auth even though the page does not even have a login functionality.. grr..10:52
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
cjwatsonYou may need to ask #is to flip the bit for that10:52
Wellarkcjwatson: never even heard about that one10:52
cjwatsonWellark: pastebin> Because it was widely abused10:52
cjwatsonAnd AIUI this defeated the strategy being used10:53
* Wellark gets his token..10:53
cjwatsonJust be careful of the literal tab, obviously10:55
sil2100dbarth: so, I'll m&c one of your SRUs, as I see it's verified10:56
Mirvsil2100: I added my notes to the autopilot 1.5 landing confirming that there are no regressions in sight compared to #26/#27 image results10:58
sil2100Mirv: o/ I would say we consider landing this today10:59
sil2100ogra_ or didrocks: packaging ACK needed - only big thing is the removal of some symbols... but pstolowski ensured me that the removed symbols were either private, or from the parts of APIs that are not yet officially 'used' and mentioned: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-015-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_unity-scopes-api_0.4.5+14.10.20140513-0ubuntu1.diff11:09
didrockssil2100: it's been tested with the other scopes without any rebuild?11:10
sil2100didrocks: the test plan is very vague, but it does mention installing the package without any rebuild and testing 'search in the dash'11:11
sil2100Which should basically show possible regressions11:11
ogra_well, it has all scopes as rdepends11:12
didrockssil2100: ok, in that case +1 ;)11:12
ogra_are we sure they are not using the dropped symbols "inofficially" ?11:13
sil2100I have been assured of that by upstream - I would prefer to force an soname bump in such a case, but I remember we already had an argument about that11:16
sil2100With upstreams11:16
ogra_well, it break packaging policy to not bump it ... i think ...11:18
gatoxseb128, hi! did you land the changes from yesterday abuot u-s-s into the image?11:19
sil2100bzoltan: has the new package been already reviewed in terms of packaging? :)11:19
seb128gatox, hey, yes11:19
gatoxseb128, ack, thx11:19
bzoltansil2100:  it is pretty much a copypaste of the other QtC plugin11:20
seb128gatox, yw!11:20
bzoltansil2100:  but no, it was not formally reviewed11:20
sil2100bzoltan: I'll assign a silo and take a look at the packaging then, since we anyway have to ask someone to do a preNEW review before releasing :)11:20
bzoltansil2100: super, thanks11:21
ogra_sil2100, but go ahead ... since didrocks acked it he can take the blame :P11:22
didrocksogra_: the lander will be to blame if it breaks :)11:22
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: /me prefers blaming the lander indeed!11:22
sil2100mhr3: just be ready for being blamed!11:23
mhr3sil2100, i test my landings :P11:24
mhr3well, at least -api ones :)11:24
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 28 DONE (finished: 20140514 11:35) ===11:34
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/28.changes ===11:34
sil2100popey: could you take a look at #28? :)11:35
mandelgatox, question, ogra_ and I see all the time the settings page going white when doing and update, do you know why is that? do you have a bug for it?11:35
gatoxmandel, do you have the last image?11:35
mandelsil2100, there is an img 28 with data? /me needs data for gsp testing11:35
mandelgatox, number?11:35
gatoxseb128, ^11:36
mandelgatox, I have 2611:36
popeysil2100: ya11:36
gatoxmandel, from today?11:36
sil2100mandel: yes :) 28 has 3G back11:36
sil2100At least it should have11:36
mandelsil2100, sweet!11:36
ogra_well, it is supposed to :=11:36
mandelogra_, at least they could not blame udm ;)11:36
* ogra_ doubts anyone tested it within the last 2min11:36
* ogra_ reboots to 28 ... 11:39
ogra_no 3G ...11:39
ogra_... on flo11:39
mandelogra_, let me test maco11:39
ogra_(as expected)11:39
ogra_popey, hmm, the carousel thingie doesnt always show the text for me ... do you see the same ?11:41
=== pete-woods is now known as pete-woods-lunch
ogra_especially at the first/last entries11:42
popeylook carefully underneath the tile, it might be below, i just had the text appear below on a promoted image11:44
ogra_hmm, i wonder how didrocks' TCL app differs from thiebaud2001 ones11:44
didrocksogra_: oh, there was a tcl app?11:44
ogra_same icon ... screenshots look a little different though11:44
seb128gatox, what was the question? I think the settings update was not in 26, but we don't have a mapping of version and content afaik11:45
gatoxseb128, nothing, just asking which was the last version... it works now for mandel, he had an old image11:45
popeyogra_: popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-05-14-124529.png11:45
popeyhappens for me too11:45
seb128gatox, good11:46
popeysometimes it eventually appears, like the metadata is still being gathered11:46
ogra_yeah, seems to be a visual issue11:46
popeyyeah, it just appeared for that track http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-05-14-124611.png11:46
popeywill make a note and file a bug11:46
dbarthsil2100: thanks11:49
bzoltansil2100:  the build failed with debian/rules:16: recipe for target 'get-orig-source' failed. Obviously it can not find the orig.tar.gz as it is a brand new project11:51
sil2100bzoltan: ah, ok, so we need to make some packaging changes ;) It's missing the split option most probabl11:51
Mirvbzoltan: remember to copy the .bzr-builddeb again too :)11:51
sil2100bzoltan: will prepare a branch for you in some moments11:51
bzoltansil2100:  ohh.. of course11:52
Mirvbzoltan is quite familiar with that one so probably no need ;)11:52
cjwatsonpristine-tar commit ../foo.orig.tar.gz && git push -u launchpad pristine-tar   # oh wait11:52
sil2100cjwatson: ;)11:52
bzoltansil2100: Mirv: I hit that mistake few times11:53
sil2100Mirv, bzoltan: ok then! Try fixing that and I'll anyway take a look at the packaging today to make sure all those 'small things' are complying to our standards ;)11:53
sil2100But I guess they should11:53
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
WellarkSaviq: how does the unity8 situation look like?12:01
WellarkI'm hoping that we could land silo9 today12:01
Wellarkso, what's the status with silo2 and silo5?12:01
mvoMirv: my validation for the click update is done, I ran through the test plan and it good, the issues that I hit earlier where (probably) because I used a slightly outdated image12:02
WellarkSaviq: silo2 at least is in prep. status12:04
Wellarkso that should not give any trouble12:04
Wellarkwhat about silo5 ?12:05
Wellarkwill ping mzaneeti on that12:05
ogra_heh, thats the finnish way of writing that name ...12:06
ogra_extra vowels :)12:06
Wellarkactually we are quite rich on consonants :)12:06
popeysil2100: #28 seems pretty good to me.12:09
sil2100popey: thanks o/ No visible regressions? btw. that bug that davmor2 mentioned before, like, regarding the messaging indicator getting worse12:10
sil2100popey: were you able to reproduce it in earlier images? Is it better now?12:10
popeycan you be more specific?12:11
popeymine is blue and i have a bunch of messages in it12:11
sil2100popey: let me find the bug number12:11
ogra_mine isnt blue ...12:12
ogra_nobody sends me messages12:12
sil2100popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service/+bug/131872412:12
popeydude, i send _myself_ messages!12:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1318724 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "indicator-message is not always showing new message notifications" [High,Confirmed]12:12
popeywhich is worse?12:12
sil2100uh ;)12:12
ogra_popey, cheater !12:12
sil2100bzoltan: the package looks ok in overall, just add that .bzr-builddeb directory with split and there's one typo in debian/control that I saw12:15
sil2100bzoltan: typo in the Homepage: link12:15
bzoltansil2100:  got it ... pushed the fix12:17
Mirvmvo: ok. do you think stgraber will be awake soon(ish) to land it? I wouldn't like to make the landing from beginning to end without the lander if it's not über critical :)12:18
mvoMirv:stgraber will not be around until friday - I can inquire how critical this issue is and if it can wait until friday12:19
Mirvmvo: ah, ok. maybe cjwatson can be considered a lander? it's actually only a team internal decision who is/are the landers.12:20
seb128Mirv, what's the issue with having another lander?12:20
seb128I'm fine being listed lander if you need another name12:20
Mirvseb128: the only problem I have is that I wrote the line, created the request, kicked a build etc12:20
seb128I can take over that if you want12:20
Mirvmvo: ok I think problem solved ^, I don't want to be too bureacratic12:21
cjwatsonMirv: it's mostly just because stgraber is on vacation12:21
Mirvseb128: ok, so you can probably catch mvo's test results from above and mark it as having been tested12:21
SaviqWellark, 005 is in flight12:21
seb128Mirv, look at it12:21
mvoMirv: thanks!12:21
mvoand thank you seb128 too12:21
cjwatsonI have sort of partial access to the landing system - I can handle builds/publishing and such but I don't think I can edit the spreadsheet12:21
seb128mvo, yw ;-)12:21
cjwatsonso I'm not sure I can fully act as a lander at the moment12:22
seb128cjwatson, I'm doing it no worry12:22
MirvI feel a bit silly to ask, though, but click is not my turf so I didn't want to fill both roles in the process12:26
Mirvthanks seb128, I guess the bot will notice the publication as well12:27
seb128Mirv, no worry, I'm happy to help/own that one while stgraber is on vac12:28
popeysil2100: yes, bug 1318724 is still a problem, left a comment and two videos12:29
ubot5bug 1318724 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "indicator-message is not always showing new message notifications" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131872412:29
sil2100popey: *sigh*12:29
sil2100popey: I hoped that got fixed, as I remember Bill mentioning it somewhere12:35
sil2100popey: I'll reintroduce it to the daily e-mail12:36
popeybfiller: bug 1318724 is on your radar, right?12:36
ubot5bug 1318724 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "indicator-message is not always showing new message notifications" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131872412:36
sil2100popey: bfiller mentioned in an e-mail recently that it's being looked into, so I guess it should be fixed sooner or later - too bad it's not fixed yet ;)12:37
popeywell, we have a lot of bugs ☻12:37
popeyjdstrand: paste.ubuntu.com/7462273/ see lines 1198 - 1214 - apparmor denials, is that an omission in the calendar app?12:38
sil2100nik90: hi! Any news on the clock-app failures?12:38
popeyMay 14 11:34:40 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 506.154663] type=1400 audit(1400067280.788:300): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mkdir" parent=1616 profile="com.ubuntu.calendar_calendar_0.4.269" name="/tmp/tmp2ehg9zff/.config/" pid=4484 comm="qmlscene" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=32011 ouid=3201112:38
nik90sil2100: hey...so the alarm failures reduced from 6 to 1.12:39
jdstrandpopey: no, it isn't an ommision, whatever is creating /tmp/tmp2ehg9zff/.config/ isn't honoring TMPDIR12:39
popeyballoons: bug 1319373 filed for calendar.12:39
ubot5bug 1319373 in Ubuntu Calendar App "AP test fails on flo, image #22 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131937312:39
popeyjdstrand: hmm.12:39
jdstrandlet me look at the rest of the paste12:40
popeyjdstrand: thanks12:40
sil2100nik90: excellent! Indeed, I see only 1 failure in the latest test results - is there any chance that one additional failure getting fixed this week as well :) ?12:40
nik90sil2100: however that 1 alarm failure is something I am currently investigating..it looks like a regression.12:41
nik90sil2100: I am currently discussing this with zsombor, will let you know by the end of the day :)12:41
jdstrandpopey: yes, something isn't honoring TMPDIR (or the calendar is being launched under confinement without TMPDIR being set, but that seems unlikely)12:42
sil2100nik90: \o/ Thanks!12:42
psivaasil2100: ogra_: Just seeing wifi setup issue on manta with image 28. the other two devices dint have this issue12:44
psivaanot sure if anyone be able to manually check on that12:44
sil2100Mirv: let's publish autopilot, what do you say?12:52
ogra_psivaa, my manta is dead atm12:54
ogra_but i can test if it ever charges again12:54
psivaaogra_: ack, thanks. 2 devices two attempts each on the lab and all failed12:55
sil2100psivaa: hm, do you have any ideas what could be the problem there?12:56
psivaasil2100: not really but i dont think it's an issue with the wifi network in the lab since the other two devices have connected12:58
bzoltansil2100: I am not sure if my split setting helped ... I fixed a bit and restarted the build.... and requested a new landing for the UITK :)12:59
psivaacurious if it anyway related to the latest uploads of urfkill12:59
sil2100bzoltan: will look in a moment12:59
sil2100brb, quick lunch12:59
ogra_psivaa, i suspect cyphermox doesnt have a manta to test urfkill on it13:00
ogra_so the flight mode might come in your way there13:00
cyphermoxogra_: indeed I don't13:02
cyphermoxpsivaa: what's the issue on manta?13:02
cyphermoxare you installing urfkill? it's still not seeded yet13:02
ogra_cyphermox, btw you forgot to update the seeds ... we had a funny morning in europe :)13:03
popeyballoons: also filed bug 131937313:03
ubot5bug 1319373 in Ubuntu Calendar App "AP test fails on flo, image #22 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131937313:03
psivaacyphermox: i guess image 28 has urfkill in it13:03
cyphermoxogra_: why the seeds?13:04
psivaacyphermox: ogra_:  Installed: 0.5.0+20140512.223520.8d05071-0ubuntu1 in the device that had the issue13:04
ogra_cyphermox, telepathy-ofono didnt init the modem anymore and urfkill wasnt seeded13:04
cyphermoxof course yes. urgh13:04
ogra_all fixed now13:04
cyphermoxogra_: thanks. sorry about that13:04
=== pete-woods-lunch is now known as pete-woods
cyphermoxpsivaa what's tje ossie13:05
ogra_cyphermox, np13:05
cyphermoxwhat's the issue13:05
psivaacyphermox: the issue is 'Network connection failed to become active.'13:05
psivaaonly on manta devices in the lab13:05
cyphermoxdo you have anything in the syslog to indicate why?13:05
cyphermoxurfkill should never interfere with that in normal behavior if you don't touch it13:06
psivaacyphermox: NetworkManager[1267]: Error: ignoring out-of-block data 'source-directory /etc/network/interfaces.d' is seen but may be unrelated. please see the syslog here:13:09
bzoltansil2100: finally the Go plugin builds fine13:15
bfillersil2100, popey: tiago is looking into that indicator bug, hopefully will have a fix soon13:15
ogra_yay, messaging-app is back to green13:16
ogra_dialer-app has a new error though :(13:16
cyphermoxpsivaa: I think it would be better to investigate the kernel crash you got there13:17
cyphermoxbut from what I can see, wlan0 is just waiting for scan results at the time13:17
cyphermoxwhat does nmcli dev say?13:18
psivaacyphermox: wlan0      802-11-wireless   unavailable13:20
cyphermoxand /usr/share/urfkill/scripts/enumerate ?13:20
psivaacyphermox: as per the kernel crash i *think we used to have this slowpath crash and was known to be unharmful13:21
psivaacyphermox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7462674/ is the content of /usr/share/urfkill/scripts/enumerate ( i assume you were interested in the contents :))13:23
cyphermoxno, it's a script you should run13:23
ogra_a python3 one :)13:23
cyphermoxI write the contents ;)13:23
ogra_(as the paste tells)13:24
cyphermoxwell, to be fair tony wrote a large part of it13:24
psivaacyphermox: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7462681/ is the output from that script13:25
ogra_looks all unblocked13:26
cyphermoxoh, right, this is the manta with it's sad sad drivers13:26
didrocks /whois sil210013:26
sil2100Uh oh?!13:26
didrockssil2100: CCed you an email for the catchup13:27
cyphermoxdidrocks: you don't know who sil2100 is?13:27
sil2100didrocks: ok :)13:27
ogra_cyphermox, perhaps he wanted to find the IP to hack him13:27
didrockscyphermox: there are always fake! (and stuff written in your prompt channel when you switch to others)13:27
cyphermoxpsivaa: so I guess we'll need to restart network-manager and enable more debugging13:27
didrocksogra_: yeah, the webcam disconnected, sure :p13:27
cyphermoxogra_: you got a manta?13:28
ogra_cyphermox, yes, still charging ...13:28
ogra_it was dead13:28
cyphermoxthen I'll probably need your help to find out what's up13:28
ogra_and i think i made the mistake to install the trusty channel on it ... so it needs a reinstall too13:28
cyphermoxpsivaa: do you get this every time you boot?13:28
psivaacyphermox: yea, the way its done is  that the wifi is setup after flashing the device and then it happens all the time (2 device two attempts)13:30
cyphermoxunavailable means the device is in some kind of bad state13:31
cyphermoxmm, maybe let's see: what does nmcli nm say?13:31
ogra_aha, it is charged enough to boot now13:31
ogra_and indeed it is on trusty 30313:31
* ogra_ switches channels13:31
bzoltansil2100:  any chance to get a Silo for the UITK landing (line 32)13:31
* ogra_ watches dots being printed in his terminal ... 13:32
sil2100bzoltan: looking now! :)13:32
psivaacyphermox: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7462717/13:32
cyphermoxpsivaa: so the options are, either urfkill interfered with wifi bringup by even reading the rfkill states, or something other crashed in the bringup13:33
cyphermoxbut NM doesn't consider the device blocked, neither does urfkill13:33
bzoltansil2100: super! Thanks!13:34
psivaacyphermox: if it helps, this issue is only present after the inclusion of urfkill. we dint have this issue before13:35
cyphermoxpsivaa: maybe, but I see no explanation for that circumstance13:35
sil2100seb128: I'll m&c your silo now, since we're low on those13:35
sil2100seb128: nevermind!13:36
sil2100seb128: I see you already triggered it ;)13:36
seb128sil2100, yeah, thanks to the nice bot ping13:37
ogra_sil2100, wow, 28 looks pretty good, apart from the new dialer-app failure13:43
ogra_we went even down to only three crashes13:44
bzoltansil2100:  darn ... I got a merging conflict on the changelog https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-015-1-build/44/console13:44
sil2100ogra_: indeed13:44
bzoltansil2100:  ^13:44
sil2100bzoltan: lemme look13:44
bzoltansil2100:  ARGGHHHNH :) me stupid - ursency13:45
sil2100Oh my, that's something I would have missed most probably ;p13:45
bzoltansil2100:  Do I need to reconfigure the Silo or just rebuild?13:46
sil2100ogra_: I'll be landing autopilot now though, let's kick an image after that maybe13:46
sil2100bzoltan: if you only changed things in that branch, only a rebuild is needed :)13:46
sil2100bzoltan: reconfigures are generally needed only if merges are added or removed13:47
bzoltansil2100: good to know, thanks....no I triggered a new build13:47
* bzoltan should change the nick to typo_bzoltan13:47
sil2100didrocks: what's that Ubuntu Engineering Live about ;p ?13:48
didrockssil2100: basically a status update13:48
ogra_sil2100, ok, just ping me if its in the archive13:49
bzoltansil2100: so the Silo11 is done with the qtcreator-plugin-go build and in my view it is good to go. Who's signature it needs to move on?13:51
bzoltansil2100: since it is a brand new source13:51
sergiusenssil2100: how can I control the changelog? I don't like how it looks https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-008/+packages13:52
sergiusensunless I can mask all my landings under the ci bot and delegate the blame as well :-P13:53
ogra_you want to steal CI bots credit ? ...13:53
nik90sil2100: I have an update for the clock app alarm failure that is remaining..We have a bug reported at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1319401. Zsombor is planning to investigate in the SDK this week. I cannot promise when exactly the fix will land since we are still looking at where the issue lies at.13:53
ogra_he did so much work !13:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1319401 in Ubuntu Clock App "Clock app alarms ignores the day set by the user" [Critical,Confirmed]13:53
sergiusensogra_: well I made the changes; if the ci bot wants the credit it should also take the blame13:53
ogra_it will also steal all your launchpad karma !13:53
sergiusensI just want an authoritative way of overriding the changelog13:54
ogra_well, use dch13:54
sergiusensogra_: it did not work well with multiple branches last time; I can try again though; but this is a big time waster13:55
sil2100bzoltan: I'll have to find someone willing to preNEW it, I'll ask didrocks later on maybe ;)13:57
bzoltansil2100: OK13:58
sil2100sergiusens: looking13:58
sil2100sergiusens: ok, let me fix that, will tell you what's up14:00
nik90anyone here have a link to a doc of the upcoming silos? I just want to see what's coming up in the silos.14:24
sil2100nik90: what do you mean upcoming silos?14:25
sil2100nik90: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuDk72Lpx8U5dFVHQ3FuMDJGLUZCamJfSjYzbWh3Wnc&pli=1#gid=0 <- this is the silo spreadsheet ;)14:26
nik90sil2100: ah yes that's what I was looking for..thnx14:26
sil2100I guess you can fetch all you need from there14:26
sil2100sergiusens: is the changelog better now?14:52
sergiusenssil2100: yeah, I'm smiling too :-)14:52
sil2100ogra_: so... I'm not so sure about landing autopilot now a bit14:58
sil2100ogra_: I was looking through the diff of the packaging changes, and since they remove python-autopilot completely, I guess not all applications in the archive are ready for that15:00
sil2100ogra_: reverse-depends says that dialer-app-autopilot still depends on python-autopilot15:00
sil2100And some few other -autopilot packages as well15:00
sil2100So for now I leave it as it is15:02
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: 2 packaging ACKs needed:15:08
ogra_didnt you just say before "blame the lander" ? so just let autopilot in and blame them :P15:09
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-009-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_connectivity-api_0.0.1+14.10.20140514.1-0ubuntu1.diff <- some general clean up, there are a few deps added (and one commented out, urfkill)15:09
ogra_sil2100, why is urfkill commented there ?15:09
ogra_cyphermox, ^^^^15:10
ogra_maybe you can take a look at that one ... feels like you might know more about it15:10
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: aaaand https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-009-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_indicator-network_0.5.1+14.10.20140514.1-0ubuntu1.diff <- here is more, as they added an -autopilot package, powerpc test results ignored (which has been generally discussed with core devs already)15:10
cyphermox it's on purpose15:10
sil2100cyphermox, ogra_: right, pretty please with cherries on top :)15:10
cyphermoxI had asked Wellark to postpone enabling the urfkill part until we could land15:10
ogra_well, it is landed ...15:11
cyphermoxwe'll turn it on in a later small landing15:11
sil2100We anyway have urfkill in the seed now15:12
cyphermoxdoesn't matter15:12
cyphermoxthis is commetned because it was taken out of this landing, postponed until later15:12
sil2100cyphermox: are you anyway familiar with the packaging changes made during this landing (for connectivity-api or indicator-network)? Could you ACK it by any chance? :)15:15
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
Wellarksil2100: cjwatson said it's ok to disable the powerpc test results for now15:17
Wellarkand indeed urfkill is commented out as it will land on the next landing15:18
cyphermoxI'm not familiar with the exact changes but yes I can review it15:18
Wellarkcyphermox: just direct any questions to me15:18
ogra_Wellark, urfkill is landed and in use ... you are so behind there up north :P15:20
ogra_sil2100, apart from the commented urfkill the package changes look fine to me for the first one15:22
Wellarkogra_: yeah, like what, yesterday?15:25
cyphermoxWellark: why is there so much commented out stuff? shouldn't it just be dropped instead? we do have source control15:27
cyphermoxalso, does indicator-network still work on desktop?15:27
cyphermoxwhy excluding the .pyc/__pycache__ files? those should probably be dealt with by python-setuptools, I think15:28
Wellarkcyphermox: unity8 also excludes them. they were included in the package if not explicitly excluded15:30
Wellarkcyphermox: indicator-network has been disabled on unity715:31
kgunncyphermox: per discussion with asac, i'm slowly adding team members to lander list....can i add camako (cemil azizoglu), greyback (gerry boland), AlbertA (alberto aguirre) ?15:33
cyphermoxkgunn: I think you need to ask sil2100 about that ;)15:33
kgunnsil2100: when you get a chance15:34
sil2100kgunn: are those people trained in the train? ;)15:34
kgunnsil2100: yes, and i will do some hand holding on their first attempts15:34
Wellarkcyphermox: apart from the flightmode stuff there are like two things commented out. I would not call that "much" :)15:34
cyphermoxit's many lines15:34
asackgunn: yeah, so we found that its iomportant that you shield sil2100 and the LT during the first week or two to avoid many pings :)15:35
asacso mentor :)15:35
cyphermoxWellark: indicator-network used to work in unity7 if you installed it.15:35
kgunnabsolutely...i will be the funnel asac15:35
cyphermoxseb128: you know about this? ^15:35
sil2100kgunn: ok then, let me add them to the spreadsheet and jenkins permissions then15:35
asacsil2100: kgunn: while training up, maybe note down questionst that feel like good candidates for an FAQ :)15:36
Wellarkcyphermox: well, it didn't really as unity7 panel service does not implement the accesspoint item properly15:36
sil2100asac: hah, that's a good idea :)15:36
Wellarkand anyway there was complains from people who didn't want to see "two network indicators"15:36
asacthough CITrain is intermediate, having a list might lighthen the load on support pings15:36
sil2100Well, having docs would be nice in overall15:36
Wellarkas they were seeing nm-applet and indicator-network15:36
Wellarkcyphermox: you can still start it explicitly by "start indicator-network"15:37
asacsil2100: yeah, but real docs always has high entry barriers, while just an FAQ is veyr low entry15:37
asaceven a single entry is worth creating sucha page :)15:37
asacsil2100: like the question i saw yesterday "my package got stuck/rejected in proposed, can i merge my code?"15:37
ogra_asac, we urgently need more landers in the indicators team btw15:38
ogra_approved merges are piling up for them15:38
cyphermoxWellark: but would it still have the same features right now if you explicitly started it?15:38
cyphermoxWellark: I'd like to avoid regressing this if possible15:38
asaclet me arrange a sync with thostr_15:38
asacogra_: anything else you know?15:38
ogra_nope, but that one i had on my list ... ted recently pointed me to an overview of their approved branches15:39
Wellarkcyphermox: yes.15:40
cyphermoxthen I guess it's fine15:40
sil2100cyphermox: is it a +1 then? :)15:40
Wellarkcool. thanks!15:40
cyphermoxsil2100: nothing jumped out at me. maybe ogra can review too, just to be safe15:40
=== ted is now known as tedg
ogra_i already acked the first one15:41
sil2100cyphermox: ogra_ did a +1 on connectivity already15:41
sil2100Not sure about indicator-network though, for me it was a bit messy but nothing unsafe15:41
sil2100So I would +1 it15:41
ogra_go for it15:41
cyphermoxgo for it15:42
sil2100Thanks guys :)15:42
Wellarksil2100: if it breaks you can keep both pieces15:42
cyphermoxI agree it's quite messy though15:42
thostr_sil2100: ogra_: I did three testing rounds on that myself... it's not more broken than what we have right now... but it's a base to get things better15:42
cyphermoxWellark: actually, if it breaks we get to give you both pieces ;)15:42
ogra_thostr_, yeah, its fine15:43
sil2100plars: hi! Could you maybe re-run dialer-app tests for mako?15:54
plarssil2100: sure, looking15:54
ogra_sil2100, is someone looking at why it failed ?15:59
seb128cyphermox, back16:15
seb128cyphermox, that being i-n on unit7?16:15
seb128cyphermox, we tweaked the upstart job to not start it there, it was creating dup icons with nm-applet and confusing users, easier to start by hand/tweak the job for hackers though16:15
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
cyphermoxseb128: yes that's what I meant16:21
cyphermoxI was just telling Wellark I wanted to make sure that was still possible, and that the desktop code hadn't been ripped out.16:22
Laneyyeah it's just been changed to not start automatically16:23
Laneyshould still work16:23
ogra_FYI i had two seed changes piled up over the last week ... uploading meta to get that off my plate (only sdk-libs changes)16:34
cjwatsonbuilders will be going down soon for a rollout16:35
cjwatson(the LP ones)16:35
Laneycjwatson: is that why in-progress builds have been restarted?16:42
cjwatsonyes, they'll probably stop again, sorry16:42
Laneypoor webkit16:42
cjwatsonsorry about that, waiting for webkit would've pushed the rollout out another day and webop coverage is such at the moment that I'm taking opportunities where we find thm16:43
ogra_who ises that anyway16:43
ogra_use oxide :P16:43
Laneyit's okay16:43
cjwatsoneverything else was only a few minutes old16:43
Laneythere will always be builds going on16:43
cjwatsonyeah, exactly, I did a quick scan for anything that looked massive and vitally urgent16:44
sil2100ogra_: remember about promoting #28!16:45
* sil2100 sends out the e-mail16:45
ogra_sil2100, oh, thanks for the reminder, yeah .. nearly forgot16:46
sil2100ogra_: there's a lot going on so it's easy to miss16:46
sil2100I feel like laying down now!16:46
* sil2100 has some fixes pilled up that he can't finish working on because of context switching16:47
ogra_promotion script running16:47
sil2100kgunn: so, I added the 3 landers you requested, they should have all permissions required16:49
ogra_=== IMAGE #28 Promoted ===16:53
* ogra_ upgrades to #28 and notices it is completely broken ... all available apps are french !!17:04
seb128didrocks, \o/17:11
bzoltanogra_:  something broke the qtdeclarative5-friends0.2 on Trusty and so implicitly the ubuntu-sdk too ...17:38
robrubzoltan, broke how? I know friends has started bitrotting somewhat...17:39
bzoltanrobru: like this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7463880/17:40
robrubut but... but17:42
bzoltanrobru: what I can do is to apt-get source ubuntu-sdk on a trusty chroot, remove that crap and push the new meta package to the SDK PPA17:42
robrubzoltan, works for me in utopic....17:42
bzoltanrobru:  shoot ...17:42
bzoltanrobru: I am sure it does :)17:42
bzoltanrobru:  but it does not work on Trusty17:43
robrubzoltan, I have absolutely no problem with you dropping friends out of the SDK17:43
sergiusenssharing won't work then, will it...17:43
bzoltanrobru: I do that .. but we need to investigate this case17:43
bzoltansergiusens:  note, that nobody can install the SDK right now on Trusty ... and breaking the SDK on the LTS sounds a sever problem :) I assume17:44
robrusergiusens, i don't think this will break sharng because we're just talking about the -dev stuff, not what ships in the phone17:44
sergiusensit is a problem, won't say it's not17:44
robrukenvandine, ^^ what happened to qml-friends? I don't understand how it became uninstallable on trusty17:44
cjwatsonubuntu-sdk-libs-dev appears to be installable in a trusty-updates/armhf chdist instance17:44
sergiusensrobru: people testing their apps from a desktop that is17:45
cjwatsonditto amd6417:45
cjwatsonbzoltan: what architecture is this and can you run "apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev ubuntu-sdk-libs qtdeclarative5-friends0.2"17:45
cjwatsonyou basically need to keep adding packages from the error message until you get useful output17:46
bzoltancjwatson:  it is i386 and I am running that command right now17:46
cjwatsonlooks installable here, on trusty-updates/i38617:46
cjwatsonat least starting from zero17:47
cjwatsonalso with -proposed enabled17:47
bzoltancjwatson:  I got that...  gir1.2-freedesktop : Depends: gir1.2-glib-2.0 (= 1.40.0-1) but 1.40.0-1ubuntu0.1 is to be installed17:48
cjwatsonbzoltan: OK, but the version of gir1.2-freedesktop in trusty-updates Depends: gir1.2-glib-2.0 (= 1.40.0-1ubuntu0.1)17:49
cjwatsonbzoltan: Is the system in question fully upgraded - that is does apt-get dist-upgrade have anything to do?17:49
bzoltancjwatson:  let me check it again... better twice17:50
cjwatsonbzoltan: And perhaps add "-o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true" to the most recent apt-get install output you have, and pastebin the result17:50
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=== fginther changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard: fginther | CI Train support - US: robru, cyphermox, rsalveti - EU: sil2100, Mirv, didrocks | CITrain support no answer: use mup bot after 30 minutes, but choose right timezone | Known issues: -
bzoltancjwatson: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7463929/17:51
bzoltancjwatson:  I am doing it in a cowbuilder i386 trusty17:52
cjwatsonbzoltan: The debugging option needs to go on the apt-get install, not the dist-upgrade17:52
kenvandinerobru, uninstallable on trusty?17:53
bzoltancjwatson: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7463942/17:53
robrukenvandine, well, apparently? read some scrollback17:54
cjwatsonbzoltan: "apt-cache policy gir1.2-freedesktop"?17:54
robrukenvandine, false alarm maybe. apparently it's actually glib or something17:54
robrunot sure17:54
cjwatsonI really can't reproduce this at all17:54
bzoltanCandidate: 1.40.0-117:54
cjwatsonbzoltan: silly question but have you run apt-get update recently?17:55
bzoltancjwatson:  I did17:55
cjwatsonbzoltan: because http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463954/17:55
cjwatsonbzoltan: "find /etc/apt -name sources.list\* -type f | xargs head -n-0"?17:56
bzoltancjwatson: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7463955/17:56
cjwatsonbzoltan: ah, that's the problem, you only have trusty-proposed in there not trusty-updates17:57
cjwatsonadd "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty-updates main restricted universe multiverse"17:57
cjwatsonand you probably want corresponding deb-src lines for -proposed and -updates17:57
cjwatsonrobru,kenvandine: false alarm17:57
kenvandinegood :)17:58
robrucjwatson, thanks17:58
bzoltancjwatson: how did that happen?17:58
cjwatsonbzoltan: dunno, fault of whatever set up your cowbuilder17:59
cjwatsonbzoltan: having trusty-proposed but not trusty-updates means you get updates currently undergoing verification, but not those that have been verified and released since 14.04 GA17:59
cjwatsonbzoltan: I wouldn't expect any real installations to be like this17:59
bzoltancjwatson:  I jumped on this problem because a chap pinged me with the same issue on #ubuntu-app-devel18:00
bzoltancjwatson:  I made the cow way before Trusty was out18:01
bzoltancjwatson:  anyhow, thank you for your quick help!18:01
cjwatsonbzoltan: well, by "any" I mean "more than a negligible number" :)18:02
cjwatsonyeah, it's possible, but our standard installers don't set it up that way18:02
sergiusensrobru: silo 8 is ready for landing (seems bot is down)18:19
robrusergiusens, yep, I'm just quintuple-checking this massive autopilot landing, then I'm gonna kick an image, then I can start releasing other stuff18:20
dbarthhello robru18:36
robrudbarth, hey18:36
dbarthrobru: i have a new request on line 3318:36
dbarththis is download mgr support for html5 apps18:37
dbarthalex_abreu's latest cool stuff ;)18:37
robrudbarth, ok, I can assign it18:37
robrudbarth, any chance we can just roll that into silo 17 and land those together?18:39
robrudbarth, or is silo 17 ready to publish?18:39
robrubecause unity-webapps-qml conflicts18:39
dbarthah maybe then right18:40
dbarthi could just rebuild this one and re-test the 2 in one go18:40
robrudbarth, sounds good18:42
robrudbarth, yep, you should be able to reconfig & rebuild the silo yourself once you copy the URL over.18:43
plarscjwatson: ogra_: do you know where the tar.xz files come from for the ubuntu part that feeds into system-image? I've been playing with the ubuntu-cdimage stuff that cjwatson showed me + s-i server, but it doesn't seem happy with any of the files I get from running ubuntu-cdimage18:51
kgunnif i could get a silo on line 35 i'd be grateful....its a preparation activity, will coordinate/retest as needed when we turn it into a landing silo18:52
robrucyphermox, hey, you busy? can you do a packaging review for silo 11? it's a new source pacage18:53
robrucyphermox, thanks19:03
robrubregma, I published silo 12. soon it'll show up in UNAPPROVED. Then you have to go through the standard SRU channels to get it accepted into trusty-proposed and finally trusty-updates19:06
bregmayes, thanks19:06
cjwatsonplars: pretty sure .tar.xz is an output of s-i ...19:52
plarscjwatson: what I'm looking at wants to take 2 parts it seems 1. the device specific bits (which I can pull from the official s-i server) 2. the ubuntu part, I tried pointing it at a locally hosted copy of the generic image that comes out of ubuntu-cdimage but then get an exception when I run import-images19:53
plarsit appears to looking for a tar.xz file, but I'll keep digging19:55
robruogra_, rsalveti, cyphermox: whoever's around, I need an image build kicked, please & thanks19:55
rsalvetirobru: alright, doing a build19:57
robrursalveti, thanks!19:57
plarscjwatson: I may be using the wrong generator - not much documentation on it but I'm starting to piece it together I think19:59
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 29 building (started: 20140514 20:05) ===20:04
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balloonsfginther, have you got something on the schedule for the coreapps discussion?20:42
dbarthrobru: 17 verified20:55
dbarthi'm just rebuilding u-w-qml to clear the merge conflict20:55
dbarthrobru: in the end we need to land the other branch separately20:55
dbarthwe'll do that tomorrow once 17 is landed20:55
dbarthgood night20:55
cjwatsonplars: I'm afraid I don't know anything about the internals of system-image, but I do know that it produces xz files (because there was some work on making that faster at one point)21:05
cjwatsonplars: hopefully stgraber can clear things up for you when he's not on vacation21:06
plarscjohnston: np, I think I found where I went wrong. There's a different generator I can configure it to use that seems to take cdimage output, but in this case it's now looking for utopic-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz which didn't seem to get generated either21:06
plarscjwatson: : np, I think I found where I went wrong. There's a different generator I can configure it to use that seems to take cdimage output, but in this case it's now looking for utopic-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz which didn't seem to get generated either21:07
plarscjohnston: :)21:07
cjwatsonplars: Well, that certainly exists, I can see it right there21:12
cjwatson$ ls ~/t/www/full/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/ | grep 'tar\.gz$'21:12
plarscjwatson: I only ended up with the i386 one, but maybe that's a byproduct of having to download some of the files via the script you suggested? perhaps I missed something21:13
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 29 DONE (finished: 20140514 21:15) ===21:14
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/29.changes ===21:14
sergiusensrobru: should I merge the packaging branch before requesting a silo?21:38
robrusergiusens, which one?21:39
sergiusensrobru: launchpad.net/udm21:39
robrusergiusens, yeah, since the original branch doesn't have a debian/ directory, ci train will get confused. best to merge that and then make a new null merge to shove through ci train21:40
sergiusensrobru: I'll shove it in with a couple of other MRs21:40
robrusergiusens, cool21:40
popeydropped pm-utils?21:49
popeythat looks odd21:49
robrupopey, yeah i was wondering about that21:49
popeyany idea what removed it?21:51
robrupopey, nope ;-)21:51
robruwell, there's a seed change21:51
popeyfor syncmonitor, yeah21:52
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popeyrobru: isnt that going to make the image somewhat unusable?22:08
robrupopey, seems fine here.22:09
robrupopey, I mean let me know if you find something ;-)22:10
robrupopey, but screen blanks, so power management seems unaffected22:10
popeyrobru: see #ubuntu-touch22:15
robrupopey, oh indeed. no idea what caused that to go away...22:16
sergiusensrobru: I'm going with empty commit for now, I added line 3622:23
robrusergiusens, ok you got silo 322:26
sergiusensty, let's see how it goes22:29
fgintherballoons, I do not22:44
balloonsfginther, ok, I'll try and get it added so we don't miss it :-)22:45
fgintherballoons, thx22:47
fgintherballoons, I may end up chatting you up throughout the week :-)22:47
alecuouch! I just flashed --wipe image 29 on a mako, and there's no network icon23:17
alecuI can get via tabs, but the icon is not even a pixel wide23:17
popeyalecu: pls confirm bug 131958723:19
ubot5bug 1319587 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "Indicator-network icon missing on device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131958723:19
alecupopey: done, thanks.23:20

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