dholbachgood morning06:31
* dholbach moves over to the office, brb07:27
czajkowskimorning folks07:43
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!15:54
jonodholbach, night!15:54
czajkowskipleia2: feeling better this week ?17:26
pleia2czajkowski: alive and I can eat some solid foods, so progress :)17:27
elfyhi czajkowski pleia217:27
pleia2g'day elfy17:27
czajkowskipleia2: slow progress17:33
czajkowskibut progress all the same which is good17:33
czajkowskitired from timezones :/17:35
elfybut baklava17:35
czajkowskinot had any17:36
czajkowskibudapest tomorrow17:36
czajkowskihoping I get to do some sight seeing as there for hte weekend17:36
elfyooh that sounds great :)17:36
czajkowskiNot used to using Bing for maps17:40
czajkowskiso odd17:40
czajkowskielfy: exchange rate is cool dominos pizza, wings and coke  £7 quid17:44

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