pittiGood morning05:23
TheMusopitti: Good morning.05:23
pittihey TheMuso, long time no see! how are you?05:23
TheMusopitti: Very well thanks, yourself05:23
pittiTheMuso: quite fine, thanks; shepherding distro tests these days, and refining the tools for that :)05:24
TheMusopitti: Will you be in Malta?05:27
pittiTheMuso: yes I will, in the second week05:27
TheMusoThats the last week of May right? I'll be there in the last week of May.05:28
pittiright, me too; 23rd to 30st05:28
TheMusoYeah same as me, I'll probably see you around at some point.05:29
darkxstpitti, are you familiar with the sbuild launchpad stuff?07:46
darkxstis it possible to add aliases to that will pull in PPA's?07:46
pittidarkxst: I'm fairly familiar with sbuild, and I know that LP uses it; what do you mean?07:46
pittiI saw a G+ post not too long ago about someone who wrote clever hooks07:46
pittidarkxst: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ChristopherHalseRogers/posts/24T9xSgTMEF07:49
pittidarkxst: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+St%C3%A9phaneGraber/posts/KPTfpLKKF8J07:49
pittithose might be useful07:49
darkxstpitti, yeh I am using the sbuild-launchpad-chroot07:51
pittibut then again, sbuild hooks are rather simple to write07:52
darkxstpitti, right, the alias' are defined in a horrible shell script07:54
darkxstI somehow assumed they would be pulled from lp07:54
pittidarkxst: yes, that's supposed to download LP's schroot tarballs07:59
seb128good morning desktopers!08:06
didrockshey seb128!08:07
seb128didrocks, lut ;-)08:07
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:08
darkxstpitti, yes it downloads a tarball, but seems the actual apt sources are just generated by lots of awk-ish08:08
mvoseb128: hi, do you happen to know what "CRITICAL - findToken(): disabled account "ubuntuone" 1 " means in ubuntu-system-settings? I'm trying to add my u1 account on my n4 with utopic and its grayed out :/08:14
didrockshey Laney!08:14
Laneyhey seb128 & didrocks08:15
mvoseb128: it looks just like when I was playing with the u8/mir session on the desktop, not sure though the log message is the same. any hints how I can still add my u1 account on the phone? I need it to to the tests for a new click release08:15
LaneyI'm alright thanks, you?08:15
pittihey seb12808:15
* pitti waves to didrocks and Laney too08:15
didrocksI'm good, thanks! still a little bit cold here, but at least sunny08:15
didrocksguten morgen pitti :)08:15
Laneyhowdy pitti08:15
Laneywe're supposed to have 17° and sun today08:16
mvohey Laney and didrocks08:17
didrockshey mvo!08:17
didrocksLaney: waow ;)08:17
seb128mvo, hey, no, try asking mardy?08:17
seb128hey pitti08:17
seb128Laney, what happened to the rain?!08:18
LaneyI told its mum that it was being mean to me and it got sent home08:18
seb128I hope it doesn't leave around here08:19
seb128so far we have sun here as well at least ;-)08:19
mlankhorstrickspencer3: your boot failure, does it fail to boot or does it not boot into xorg?10:28
rickspencer3mlankhorst, I think it fails to boot into xorg10:29
mlankhorstcan you try utopic? it has an updated mesa10:30
mlankhorstfrom what i can tell your pc should just work, does ssh work?10:32
mlankhorstif so, try apport-collect -p xorg 131914910:35
mlankhorstrickspencer3: for the touchscreen you need qtbase-opensource-src from the sru queue :-)10:42
rickspencer3mlankhorst, I could not try utopic, as I had a lot of trouble getting the installer o run10:42
rickspencer3mlankhorst, unfortunately, I won't be able to debug much today, I have calls all day10:43
mlankhorstok you can work on utopic, that's fine10:43
rickspencer3mlankhorst, you are certain it will work utopic?10:44
rickspencer3I'm not so sure10:44
mlankhorstwhat exactly is the issue?10:44
rickspencer3mlankhorst, first, uniquity does not load 9 times out of 1010:44
rickspencer3it stops at the screen with Ubuntu and the dots10:45
rickspencer3then, when I did get Trusty to install ...10:45
rickspencer3it booted once or twice, but also several times booted to a black screen10:45
rickspencer3though I could boot into recovery mode10:45
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
rickspencer3good morning desktoppers!10:55
rickspencer3seb128, didrocks, and others in Europe who are up o/10:55
rickspencer3moin you say?10:55
rickspencer3===coffee activity===10:55
rickspencer3 * Action: rickspencer3 to sip coffee10:56
Sweet5harkrickspencer3: Its a universal greeting in northern germany. ;)10:56
rickspencer3Sweet5hark, nice to know!10:57
* rickspencer3 presumes Sweet5hark refers to "moin" and not * to sip coffee10:57
didrockshey rickspencer3!10:58
* Sweet5hark sips his sugar-and-caffeine based coffee surrogate ...10:58
rickspencer3bonjour didrocks10:59
* rickspencer3 wonders why seb128 is avoiding him11:01
rickspencer3must be trying to figure out a way to get the Unity 8/Mir Desktop image off the plans11:02
* rickspencer3 starts escalating the requirements11:02
Laneymust self drive my car11:03
Laneyactually we have some prelimenary images there11:04
Laneynext step is that (IIRC) seb128 was going to boot one of them on his machine and see what more stuff we need to add to get it to work11:04
Laneythen see about getting it built in the normal way with dailies11:04
seb128rickspencer3, salut11:11
rickspencer3moin, seb12811:11
seb128rickspencer3, sorry but there was food before you in the line ;-)11:12
rickspencer3seb128, maybe I should install a web cam in my house so you can see when I am getting coffee and be ready for my jokes in the morning?11:12
seb128rickspencer3, I'm still amazed you manage to get up that early btw!11:13
rickspencer3seb128, it's 7:15am11:15
rickspencer3I live on teh East Coast now :)11:15
seb128rickspencer3, right, but I saw joining like an hour ago11:15
seb128saw you*11:16
* didrocks notes that seb128 put food before manager. Bad for you review dude!11:16
seb128didrocks, next reviews are in a year right?11:16
rickspencer3when I get up I check my email for irc for fires first thing ;)11:16
seb128but then we are going to have a new manager anyway :p11:16
didrocksyeah, you can "too late!" :)11:16
rickspencer3seb128, knows he can do no wrong in my eyes11:16
* seb128 hugs rickspencer311:17
* rickspencer3 hugs seb12811:17
seb128Laney, testing the iso on real hardware and tweaking the seed is still on my todolist11:18
seb128I didn't manage to get to it after the meeting yesterday, I had accumulated some pings and backlog11:18
seb128I hope to do that this afternoon ;-)11:18
rickspencer3seb128, when you do you think we can install that?11:18
rickspencer3couplle of weeks?11:18
seb128rickspencer3, boot and test, by Malta11:18
rickspencer3seb128, sweet11:18
rickspencer3I'll have my new 11.6 inch dell with me11:19
rickspencer3we can convert it11:19
seb128install ... let's see, with some luck that's working without needing to tweak too much11:19
Laneyinstall should work if live does ...11:19
seb128which one is that? inspiron 11?11:19
* Laney makes a bold statement11:19
* Laney regrets it11:19
seb128Laney, I was thinking the same but I went for the "with some luck" statement ;-)11:20
Sweet5harkLaney: to boldly go where no unittest has gone before!11:25
rickspencer3seb128, yeah, I got the inspiron 1111:25
rickspencer3I was told that it "just works"11:25
seb128rickspencer3, it does indeed ;-)11:25
rickspencer3my plan is to be all Unity 8/Mir asap11:26
seb128rickspencer3, that's the machine I'm testing unity8/Mir on btw11:26
rickspencer3so, I will need chromium11:26
rickspencer3which supposedly already has a Mir backend11:26
seb128qengho probably knows about that11:26
rickspencer3and I will need Qt, which supposedly already works :)11:26
rickspencer3seb128, I'm setting up a call so that a few of us can discuss Gtk11:26
rickspencer3I'm getting slightly different stories from different people, so I thought we could just work it out on a call quickly11:27
seb128would it make sense to wait for Malta to discuss it more?11:27
rickspencer3seb128, no, I would like to have at least a rough plan by Malta11:27
rickspencer3so we can work the plan at the sprint :)11:27
* darkxst is also wondering what is happening with gtk+11:30
seb128you mean?11:31
darkxstseb128, no, I know what is happening upstream! in utopic!11:32
seb128what do you want to know about GTK in utopic?11:35
darkxstseb128, what is blocking 3.12 would be a good start!11:40
seb128it's being tested, we discussed it at the weekly meeting here (logs are available if you are interested)11:43
seb128the main problem at the moment in GtkHeaderBar use in dialogs11:43
seb128larsu is working on that to see what we can do to make them work on e.g Unity11:43
seb128one of the changes required is to update our themes11:44
seb128Lars said he's going to work on that11:44
seb128we might need some Unity work as well11:44
seb128then we need to decide if that's going enough or we need to patch GTK as well11:44
larsuwe definitely need support from unity for border-less windows11:45
larsuit can't resize them right now11:45
larsuand we'll need a patch if we want traditional title bars on dialogs11:45
darkxstseb128, right, I see, can't really help with unity/theming issues11:46
darkxstbut gtk patches are more probable11:46
darkxstI would actually attend your meetings... if they weren't at a god awful time for me!11:47
larsudarkxst: what do you mean by "more probable"11:47
darkxstlarsu, that I could probably help there11:48
larsuah, right11:48
darkxst(as long as it doesn't involve theming!)11:48
larsuyou're really afraid of theming ;)11:48
larsutbh, most of this work involves theming at least a bit11:49
darkxstlarsu, nope, just find C much more readable than CSS!11:50
larsuha, it's almost the same syntax man ;)11:51
darkxstlarsu, syntax is not the problem, it just feels like I end up wasting hours anytime I start messing CSS11:54
darkxst(same for the couple of websites I have written)11:54
larsuright, I know the feeling11:55
larsuit's possible to write good css, but almost noone does it11:55
darkxstlarsu, its possible to write good code in any language, but there are a bunch where no-one does!11:56
larsuC isn't necessarily a good example of that, though11:57
darkxstI think GNOME C is pretty good in general11:59
ogra_so i just got a firefox update that told me to restart the browser with a popup ...11:59
ogra_when i clicked it didnt restart11:59
ogra_and now trying to start FF i only get a message about FF already running12:00
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
darkxstbut certainly I have seen horror code in many languages12:00
* ogra_ wouldnt like to lose the ~300 tabs he has open across various windows12:00
larsuogra_: firefox should keep those even if it crashes (it shows you a "restore last session?" tab)12:00
larsudarkxst: fair enoguh12:00
ogra_larsu, well, it shows me "another instance is already running" ...12:01
larsuogra_: ya, kill -9 it first12:01
ogra_i'm looking for a safe way out of that :)12:01
larsudon't make me responsible12:01
larsuif you loose all those tabs12:01
ogra_to late ... now i will blame you :)12:02
darkxstogra_, why do you need 300 tabs?12:02
ogra_oh, wow12:02
ogra_ 3188 ?        Sl   1799:52 /usr/lib/firefox/firefox12:02
larsuhaving 300 tabs open is some kind of insanity anyway12:02
ogra_that did run since quite some time12:02
ogra_well, i do actual work on my machine :P12:02
larsuhm, new gtk also loses images in messages dialogs and centers its labels...12:03
* larsu wonders in how far we want to go to revert those12:03
larsuseb128: ?12:03
ogra_all fine ...12:03
larsuogra_: awesome :)12:03
ogra_it always restores all windows on one workspace though ... but thats something to blame unity for i guess ... not FF12:03
seb128larsu, the less reverts the better, maybe check with design/mpt, what they don't flag "no no no" can stay?12:04
larsuseb128: good idea. I'll note those down and schedule a call / session in Malta with mpt12:05
seb128larsu, looks like mpt should be in Malta the same week as we are, good ;-)12:06
* Laney tries g-t with the transparency patch12:14
Laneyit's a bit buggy12:15
Laneyit doesn't live update12:15
Laneyyou have to toggle "use colours from system theme" to make changes take effect12:16
larsuthat's annoying12:16
Laneyyeah probably just some missing signal bindings though12:16
larsuI can have a look at that later12:18
Sweet5harkseb128: would there be a chance in Malta for me to present a widely a crazy lunatic vision for Ubuntu?12:31
mlankhorstlibreoffice replacing unity as shell?12:32
seb128Sweet5hark, to who? the team? Mark? ;-)12:34
ogra_will you show us the LibO click packages finally ?12:35
Sweet5harkseb128: the team, not (yet) Mark. It would be about packaging, so foundations would likely be the ones to consider it ultimately ...12:37
seb128Sweet5hark, yeah, I'm sure we can organize that12:37
seb128Laney, would you take your rain back, please?12:38
ogra_no ! ... keep it in france ... we dont want it up here north12:38
Laneyplease put your request in writing and it will be filed and processed in due course12:39
* Laney sets up the special processing area12:39
mlankhorstmore red tape!12:39
Sweet5harkogra_: hah, actually, it will most likely say click-packages are not the solution as they only solve a subset of the problem. ;) The idea goes much deeper, but might solve issues on a more fundamental level -- but it would be really something for the long run.12:41
ogra_Sweet5hark, well, the phone image will eventually take over the desktop12:41
ogra_i woudl actually expect us to move away from debs over the next few years12:42
ogra_(for endusers that is)12:42
ogra_using image based updates on the desktop (which means readonly rootfs) etc etc12:43
Sweet5harkogra_: yeah, the phone image might be a starting point of what I had in mind. And also yeah: debs are not part of that way to deploy anymore.  ;)12:43
seb128ogra_, that's going to be challenging12:43
seb128ogra_, did you read https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2014-March/001856.html ?12:43
ogra_seb128, why ? just drop debs12:44
seb128ogra_, if we "just drop debs" we don't have an usable desktop anymore12:44
seb128we need to find a way to convert those to clicks first12:44
ogra_we just need to leave the old cruft behind ... use debs for building images, give them to developers that run in rw mode and perhaps to server people12:44
seb128ogra_, except if you don't care for libreoffice, firefox, chromium, gimp, inkscape, etc12:44
ogra_for the rest just make the desktop identical to what we have on the phone today12:45
ogra_seb128, right, then you switch your image to writable mode and use it like you did before12:45
seb128I though that was not supported?12:46
ogra_for the typical desktop user the image based approach works better ...12:46
ogra_it is not supported in the specific image design we use on the phones12:46
seb128I guess you mean "if we include libreoffice, firefox, etc in the base image"?12:46
ogra_if you have an actual readonly partition instead of a bunch of loop mounted img files you can indeed do it in a supported way12:47
ogra_seb128, no, these should be clicks12:47
ogra_built from plain upstream ... without distro hacks we have to care for etc12:47
ogra_no more maintainer scripts ...12:47
ogra_system upgrades done in minutes instead of hours with predictable installations etc12:48
seb128well, we "just" have to convert our archive to clicks12:48
asacif we feel we are facing this question: we could reach out to firefox and libreoffice and i am sure with some moderate convincing power they might be happy to feed into our clickstore if that gives them the ability to ship what they want12:49
Sweet5harkseb128, orga_:  are you both in Malta? from what I see you are both wrong ;)12:49
ogra_we only have to convert the UI apps to clicks12:49
seb128Sweet5hark, lol12:49
seb128ogra_, it's still a large stack of apps12:49
ogra_seb128, sure12:49
ogra_thats why i said "within the next years" :)12:50
seb128right, fair enough12:50
seb128asac, and sure, engaging with upstream to ramp that up is going to be useful/needed12:50
asaci think the ones that have upstreams that distribute binaries its not that hard. for those that only distribute sources and are not into the binary business like gnome, its indeed a bit more tricky12:50
ogra_why would you use binaries ?12:51
seb128do we have a good story on "how to get your app published in the click store" for upstreams?12:51
=== mjohnson151 is now known as mjohnson15
* didrocks sees clouds now… wonder if it's because of juju or seb128 sending them my way now…12:51
ogra_just use the source ... we have it already ... you just need to make the archive build a click package alongside12:51
asacseb128: yes, just upload :)12:51
Sweet5harkasac: using upstream binaries is insane for anything nontrivial12:51
asacseb128: i know mozilla has been waiting for this ability for ages12:51
ogra_seb128, yeah, just push your locally built binary12:51
asacmozilla etc. have infrastructure to validate that their build works on ubuntu12:52
asacthey dont have many users, but if they would have thea bility to really distribute their stuff alongside our distro12:52
asacthey surely would even invest more to make their experience shine by default on ubuntu12:53
asacanyway, its clear we probably need a deb story in the click/syustem image world somehow. afaik mvo and foudnations are working on that12:53
ogra_we dont :P12:55
ogra_we need to make sure that if you switch away from system image you can use debs12:55
asacogra_: we dont?12:55
didrocksone source tree to rule them all :)12:56
ogra_imho we dont need any deb support in system-image setups12:56
didrocksbut I have already made the point multiple times :p12:56
seb128didrocks, well, the source tree is orthogonal to the apps distribution problem12:56
asacogra_: well, so guess we could say that and pair it with the ability to convert things into your own system image12:56
asacto re-lock down12:56
asaclie what was on canoni-tech12:56
ogra_fi you have system-image you go with clicks ... if you want debs you switch to readwrite ... and cant go back12:57
seb128didrocks, having one unified source tree doesn't give you libreoffice packages in the click store12:57
ogra_but then debs need to be properly supported indeed12:57
asacdisable system image, use apt to fiddle, snapshot a system image, easy distribute :)12:57
didrocksseb128: you should the subdirectory built binary and project that to the installed system12:57
asacogra_: the part of the story where you cant go bad just doesnt feel good enough for our standards :)12:57
ogra_asac, and how would that work with the server side generated deltas ?12:57
asacsounds like a technical detail12:57
asaci am not saying that story is fully developed12:58
ogra_well, the design wont allow that12:58
asacbut its one vector to maybe look at this12:58
ogra_my vector is that 80% of the users should be fine with s-i12:58
asacyes, for thtat i agree :)12:58
ogra_and the other 20 will happily just go with apt-get dist-upgarde12:58
asacactually 95% at least12:58
ogra_and stay there12:58
ogra_we just need to make sure that both work fine and that the switch works properly12:59
ogra_i wouldnt provide a switch to go back ..12:59
asacmaybe its the right way to look at it12:59
asacbuit lets see; the more we think the better our solutions get12:59
Laneylarsu: I uploaded it to ppa:laney/experimental if you want to take a look13:00
* Laney biab13:00
asacand we have just started thinking :)13:00
seb128ogra_, well, your 80% of users being happy assume that we have clicks for libreoffice, chromium, firefox, gimp, pidgin, etc?13:01
asacseb128: of course13:01
asacseb128: we want t store full of useful killer apps13:01
asacopen source, proprietary, games etc.13:01
ogra_seb128, yes, which means our builders need to roll clicks alongside the debs13:01
seb128that seems like a pre-require13:02
asachow they get into the store and who is doing that is kind of secondary and technical detail i think.13:02
seb128before using system images for desktop13:02
mdeslaurI'm not sure anyone will be happy about rebooting their desktop for daily security updates13:03
mdeslaurI sure hate as hell when I need to reboot my phone for updates :)13:03
mvoogra_: building them alongside seems to be tricky given that e.g. the file layout will have to be different for clicks (different sysconfdir for example)13:03
ogra_mvo, static builds ;)13:03
mvoogra_: right, but even then /etc will be different, plugin loading location, support files (like images)13:04
ogra_they will all be relative to the click root13:04
mvo ./configure with the right options can do that, but it would be a build for click and a build for deb13:04
ogra_build a static deb ... dpkg -x into the click root ... roll a click package from that root ... done13:06
mvoindeed, its totally doable, but "build alongside debs" sounds nicer than "repackage them"  :)13:06
mvobut why would we use deb in this case? we could as well skip this step13:06
ogra_but we still want to provide the deb13:06
ogra_and we build it already13:07
ogra_the click creation should just happen alongside13:07
pittitjaalton, mlankhorst: is the provisional mesa MRE still a requirement from somewhere? we reviewed it during the last TB meeting13:07
mdeslaurogra_: uhm, no, we're not going to start building everything statically13:07
ogra_indeed it could just build it differently or in aa separate way13:07
mvoso debs would be for older distro releases? or why would we keep building it in this future?13:07
ogra_mvo, for people wanting to use a traditional setup13:08
pittitjaalton, mlankhorst: it provably caused at least one regression in a stable update (bug 1134974) which was never triaged, and in general it's by and large impossible to regression test that on all the world's hw13:08
ubot5bug 1134974 in mesa (Ubuntu) "compiz and other display misbehavior on HD4000 after xatracker/mesa components upgraded to 9.0.2-0ubuntu0.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113497413:08
ogra_mvo, the idea is: everyone gets a system-image install ... people that want to still use debs switch that over to an apt-get based design with a single command ... they cant go back but still use the system like debian or the former ubuntu ... so you please developers13:09
seb128pitti, aren't those updates required for new hardware enablement sometimes?13:09
pittiseb128: well, that's the tension -- breaking existing systems vs. enabling new ones13:09
pittiso I'm asking where that request comes from (OEM team, etc.?)13:09
pittiand whether these could rather live in e. g. backports13:09
seb128we can't really have an LTS that doesn't run on newer hardware though13:10
pittiwell, we can't really have an LTS which breaks underneath you either :)13:10
seb128indeed, a tricky balance as always ;-)13:10
pittiso we either a way to do proper regression testing (but I think that's practically impossible) or confine the impact to new installations13:11
pittiof course if we put it into the lts-backports pacakges or into the -backports pocket you'd have the same problem one update later13:11
tjaaltonpitti: yes, they're needed13:11
pittiso if it's e. g. enough to backport them for the 14.04.X releases, the -lts-backport approach seems better13:12
pitti(even though it still doesn't guarantee regressions)13:12
pittiso the TB is leaning towards revoking the MRE until we get a better approach here13:12
pittiat least a plan how to catch regressions (and at the *very* least, triage incoming regression reports)13:13
pittitjaalton: by whom? for what targets?13:13
pittiah, meeting time, will catch up later13:13
pitti(just an invalid noise from hangouts, still listening)13:16
tjaaltonI tried to find the regression bug from the mesa bug list but couldn't13:28
tjaaltonand the noisy list is only 177 bugs long13:28
mdeslaurtjaalton: do mesa updates get testing on our whole lab of certified hardware before they are pushed out to a release? (just curious)13:31
mdeslaurie: how are we making sure we don't regress certified hardware from oems?13:32
tjaaltonwe use piglit13:32
tjaaltonand used wider testing only when doing a major release update post-ff13:33
tjaaltonhaven't received a bug via oem projects due to an update13:34
mdeslaurhrm, I gather most oem projects use intel hardware13:35
tjaaltonand blobs13:35
tjaaltonon nvidia/amd13:35
tjaaltonbecause they are sooo much easier13:35
tjaaltonreally :)13:35
tjaaltonstill, upstream point releases get tested by others too, we're not in a void13:36
tjaaltonand it's mostly intel updates in them anyway13:36
tjaaltonhmm I lied13:37
tjaaltonso we've done 11 point-release sru's, and got one regression that fell through the cracks?13:41
tjaaltonwhich probably got fixed by the next point-release13:41
tjaaltonpitti: by me for instance who's waiting for some of the broadwell diff in 10.1..10.2 to get in the next point-release13:45
mdeslaurtjaalton: well, the regression that fell through the cracks was worrisome13:45
=== mjohnson151 is now known as mjohnson15
tjaaltonwhich bug was it?13:45
tjaaltoncouldn't find it13:45
pittibug 1134974 (see above)13:46
ubot5bug 1134974 in mesa (Ubuntu) "compiz and other display misbehavior on HD4000 after xatracker/mesa components upgraded to 9.0.2-0ubuntu0.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113497413:46
seb128(thanks to whoever got the bot back here)13:46
tjaaltonah so it didn't even have severity set13:47
pittiyeah, as I said it wasn't triaged at all13:47
tjaaltonwell it's a hybrid so dunno13:47
tjaaltonstill, 12.04.2 got the same update and most machines that used it were IVB based, so I'd say this was something that went wrong on his install only13:51
tjaaltonand I've been using IVB on my desktop for two years now, since it was beta13:51
tjaaltonwe'd know if it was something widespread13:52
Sweet5harkHey guys, its really simple: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/1253620/comments/77 so who of you will SRU all dependencies of glib on precise for once?14:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1253620 in LibreOffice Productivity Suite "Can't open a LibreOffice native file via CIFS share" [Critical,Confirmed]14:02
Sweet5harkseb128: ^^ volunteering?14:02
Sweet5harkseb128: *sigh* the joke just got serious.14:24
ogra_stop making jokes !14:24
seb128Sweet5hark, sorry, was in an hangout, reading backlog14:25
Sweet5harkseb128: you have mail ;)14:25
seb128saw that!14:25
Sweet5harkseb128: can we agree on ogra_ SRUing all of gnome?14:26
ogra_thats scriptable ...14:27
Sweet5harkogra_: the SRU team will likely script back though ...14:28
ogra_yeah, thats what i fear14:28
Sweet5harkogra_: ... a drone that finds and kills you with a spoon.14:28
ogra_gnome is dead anyway :P14:28
ogra_(until the QML re-write)14:28
seb128ogra_, it's not friday yet!14:29
LaneyI wish boring trolling was dead14:29
ogra_seb128, ah, damned ... just noticed14:29
Sweet5harkogra_: well, "gnome" was a simplifcation. actually its all that depends on glib-2.014:29
Laneyall that uses those macros, at worst14:29
seb128I don't understand14:30
seb128returns neither gvfs nor libreoffice14:30
Sweet5harkseb128: is that searching on precise?14:31
seb128it doesn't return glib either14:31
seb128Laney, codesearch is busted!14:31
seb128Sweet5hark, http://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=GUINT32_SWAP_LE_BE seems better14:32
Laneyit's re-running on utopic now14:32
seb128means rebuilding an index/currently incomplete ?14:32
LaneyI guess it could explain it, could also be buggy though :(14:33
Sweet5harkseb128: ... which shows on the first page that this macro is used in macros, so a simple search wont do ...14:33
seb128Sweet5hark, one solution might be to put a "fixed define" in gvfs to fix that specific issue14:34
seb128though I'm unsure how likely that's going to create interaction issues with other component using the wrong macro14:34
Sweet5harkseb128: yes, but that might break as client code of gvfs migh do the swap too: swap twice in a broken way => no error, swap correctly once (in fixed gvfs), incorrectly again (in lib linking against gvfs) => busted14:36
seb128Sweet5hark, https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2013-March/180325.html doesn't bring confidence14:41
Sweet5harkyep. When I read that back in the days, I felt for Stephan. Imagine debugging a networking issue vs. windows shares from LibreOffice down to glib ...14:43
Sweet5harkseb128: what we maybe could do, is putting these in officialish PPA and see if there are any issues for 6 months or so ... but even then. The audience (and thus test coverage) for that PPA would be very small (only people hitting this problem on a LTS, while there is a newer LTS already) ...14:46
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seb128Sweet5hark, that might be a good enough solution for those users though14:47
seb128which would be the best way to make everyone happy14:47
jagannathhi can any body help me14:52
ogra_was that a trick question ?14:55
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kenvandinempt, where do you stand on adding custom ringtones and notification sounds in system-settings?  Could we get something on the wiki about that?15:03
kenvandinempt, like using the content picker to select sounds from your music library, or handle downloaded ringtones15:04
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tjaaltonI have two firefox profiles running, and when trying to open a link from thunderbird I get a prompt asking which profile to start, it doesn't let me open the link on an open profile15:45
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didrocksqengho: hey, in case you don't really remember our discussion, but now, I got multiple confirmation that the "lost tab" bugs is fixed in 3616:26
didrocksqengho: I hope it's even fixed in 35 so that your work for getting the fix in chromium will be easier…16:26
qenghodidrocks: Yes, thanks.16:27
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seb128qengho, do you know when 35 is becoming stable?16:31
qenghoseb128: Probably end of this month.16:35
tedgLaney, How about "ubuntu-unicorn"! :-)16:36
seb128no wm either though atm :/16:47
seb128unity8 on a desktop feels like a tablet UI16:48
Laneyvery early days16:50
ogra_just bribe the filemanager app guys into adding a desktop :)16:50
stgraberwe could also call it ubutnu, that'd be in line with what we use for our pre-release services :)16:57
stgraber(just to confuse the hell out of everyone)16:57
seb128Laney, thanks for the work on bootstraping and sending that email btw ;-)17:05
seb128Sweet5hark, what happened to your normal you?17:37
Sweet5harkseb128: normal me being "Sweetshark"?17:37
seb128Sweet5hark, yeah17:37
seb128Sweet5hark, you are also not on the Canonical IRC it seems17:38
Sweet5harkseb128: did a "do-release-update" to trusty on the pandaboard where that was running, and the machine didnt come up with a sshd :/17:38
seb128Sweet5hark, anyway, real question for you ... ;-)17:39
Sweet5harkseb128: yes?17:39
seb128Sweet5hark, what do you see as your focus on lo for u-cycle?17:39
seb128the packaging changes you mentioned, keeping up with upstream, bugfix I guess17:40
seb128GTK3/Mir work maybe?17:40
seb128Sweet5hark, I'm just trying to wrap my head around what the team is doing this cycle ;-)17:40
Sweet5harkseb128: yes, thats roughly the agenda. plus (but thats more upstream) getting more unittesting and CI in there ..17:40
seb128ok, makes sense17:41
seb128Sweet5hark, thanks ;-)17:41
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