infinityhallyn: So, when do I get qemu-system-aarch64, now that it's upstream? ;)00:50
hallyninfinity: ?  why don't you have it yet?01:21
infinityhallyn: Sorry, I should have specified "with full emulation".01:22
infinityhallyn: We have kvm-only right now.01:22
hallynso it depends how badly you want it i guess :)01:22
infinityhallyn: OMG SO BADLY.01:22
hallynclearly my preference would be to wait until it'sin a release,01:22
hallynbut i'll happily do buidl with the patchset if you need it01:23
infinityhallyn: Nah, I don't *need* it.  Though, if it's undisruptively backportable to 2.0, it would be shiny to have.01:23
infinityhallyn: (And if it were isolated enough to be ignorable in a review as obviously not breaking other targets, I'd even consider it for an SRU so the LTS can emulate all the arches we shipped)01:23
infinityThat might actually be a first, given that qemu-system-ppc was pretty broken until just recently too.01:25
hallynspeaking of which has openbios-ppc's mir happened yet?01:25
hallynbut anyway i'll see if i can get a reasonable patchset (at ods this week so not sure when i'll get a chance to do it justice)01:26
infinityhallyn: People emulating sane systems use qemu-slof, not openbios-ppc.01:26
infinityhallyn: (Though that's also in universe, I think)01:26
infinityYeah, it is.01:26
hallynactually taht's the one i meant, yeah01:27
infinityWe probably should have pulled it into main for trusty and made qemu-system-ppc depend on it, didn't even think about it.01:27
infinityOh well.  That one extra step of "install slof" isn't a world-ending thing to put on a wiki HOWTO or something.01:28
hallynwell i'd hoped tha tthe suggests would suffice, but it doesnt' seem to be reducing the # of bugs :(01:28
hallynyeah maybe i should add it to the community docs01:28
infinityhallyn: Oh, you actually get bugs about it?01:28
hallynyeah, suggesting more ppl are trying out qemu-system-ppc in the last few months than... ever01:29
infinityhallyn: Yeah, that's actually a positive note, other than the bit where it generates bugs. :P01:29
infinityhallyn: So, AFAICT, people who want to emulate ancient Macs need openbios-ppc, people who want to emulate pSeries (ie: newer IBM machines) want qemu-slof.01:30
infinityhallyn: I'm less fussed about the first group, but we kinda want the second group to work.01:30
infinityhallyn: And, indeed, if we decide to make trusty a viable host for ppc64el KVM guests, we'll need slof too.01:31
infinityhallyn: So, we might have to look at a sketchy promotion-to-main-in-updates for that one down the road.01:31
hallynor a fugly in-universe qemu-ppc metapackage that depends on the right things :)01:31
hallyn:)   half-joking01:32
infinityI don't think you'll find much (any) resistance from people on the points of SLOF being well-maintained upstream and a worthy candidate for main in general.  It's just the post-release promotion thing that's an unpleasant hack (as we can't/won't change it in release, so it'll be mismatched in release/updates)01:33
siretartinfinity: when do you think would be a good time to start the libav transition in utopic? https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/libav10.html01:33
infinitysiretart: yesterday?01:33
hallynis that going back to ffmpeg?01:33
infinitysiretart: More seriously, check to see if there are any other transitions in progress that you'll heavily overlap with before you start.01:34
siretartinfinity: ok, so I can certainly upload libav10 to utopic, but I currently don't have the resources and time to push this transition through in both debian and ubuntu. I would definitly need someone to keep an eye and drive that in ubuntu01:35
hallynhm,what're the odds i'll brick my vm byinstalling dh-systemd01:35
infinitysiretart: And by the looks of britney, I'd say the answer is "no", I don't see any multimedia madness currently.  So this wouldn't be an awful time to try to bang out a libav transition *is* it's going to go smoothly.01:35
siretartI'd certainly help out, but I'm not able to actually drive it01:35
infinitysiretart: Do you know how much of it will be clean rebuilds, how much needs patches for API changes, etc?01:35
siretartit's going to be pretty bad01:35
infinitysiretart: Okay, so, some numbers on what the "pretty bad" is, and if there are already patches in flight for the badness, etc, would be nice before you upload.01:36
siretartthere have been a lot of API deprecations and many year-old deprecated functions have been dropped01:36
Unit193hallyn: Pretty much none, it's a dh helper and that's it.01:36
siretartit will also very likely require some removals.01:36
infinitysiretart: Also, if you write up (or have a reference to) a porting guide that outlines API changes, what's been dropped, what we might want to use instead, etc, others can certainly help.01:36
hallynUnit193: cool, that was my hope01:37
infinitysiretart: We have people who are pretty good with this sort of thing, but we prefer not to work blind. ;)01:37
siretartinfinity: you mean such as https://wiki.libav.org/Migration/10 ?01:37
infinitysiretart: Exactly that, yes.01:37
siretartinfinity: I've been working on this transition by patching packages since february (no kidding)01:37
infinitysiretart: So, if you give me a bit of time to rustle up some formal resources for a +1 rotation of people who I know are solid with this sort of thing, between you working on it in Debian, and us working in Ubuntu and pushing patches back, we could probably knock it out quickly.01:38
siretartinfinity: that would be awesome.01:38
siretartinfinity: as said, I'm definitly going to assist as good as I can, but realistically, we'd better have someone else driving and coordinating this transition on the ubuntu side01:39
siretartinfinity: so just let me know when you think it would be a good time to upload it to utopic-proposed01:41
infinitysiretart: Understood.  Normally, I might be inclined to say "eh, stuff it, we'll just wait until it's done in Debian and sync it all", but if you're trying to get this done before jessie's freeze, a bit of help from us might not hurt. :P01:41
siretartkeep in mind that we do have a couple of extra packages in ubuntu that are not being taken care of in debian01:42
* infinity nods.01:42
siretartI guess we should just remove the binaries and hope for the best01:42
siretartfor some packages, such as mplayer, we might get away with using its internal copy of libavcodec, but that's certainly not going to fly in general01:43
siretartinfinity: in any case, thanks for your understanding and assistance!01:44
infinitysiretart: I'm pretty not happy about the idea of a statically linked mplayer.  Is mplayer really no longer libav-compatible? :/01:45
infinitysiretart: Does this go back to the age-old libav-vs-ffmpeg debate, and mplayer is primarily an ffmpeg project?01:46
siretartinfinity: if you are truely bored, see the fight I had with raimar here: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=73215902:08
ubottuDebian bug 732159 in ftp.debian.org "RM: mplayer - RoM - unmaintained, RC-buggy, alternatives exist" [Normal,Open]02:08
siretartinfinity: short story: we both agreed that it would be feasible to get it working with libav if you are willing to compromise on infrequently used features, but nobody could be found to actually make that happen. I am certainly pissed off enough to no longer bother.02:09
infinitysiretart: *sigh*... Is there any chance _at_all_ of a reconciliation between libav and ffmpeg people and a merge of the codebases?02:14
siretartinfinity: well, you shall never say never, and there are indeed efforts on both sides, but given the current state of affair, I certainly wouldn't hold my breath02:15
infinityWhy can't we all just get along? :P02:16
darkxstinfinity, could you upload https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-photos/+bug/1319236 (it should be in our packageset but it isnt ;( )?03:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1319236 in gnome-photos (Ubuntu) "support tracker 1.0" [Undecided,New]03:02
infinitydarkxst: Or, if I can figure out how, I could add it to your packageset.03:09
darkxstinfinity, that would work too03:09
infinitydarkxst: I'm running to the store with my roommate.  I'll figure out how to fix it when I get back.03:11
darkxstinfinity, ok and thanks03:11
infinitydarkxst: Oh, maybe I can't edit it anyway.  Weird.  I thought the TB could.  Maybe it's only the DMB.03:36
infinityThat's annoying.03:37
infinitystgraber: Halp.03:38
infinitydarkxst: I give up on doing the right thing.  Just test-building before I sponsor. :P03:42
darkxstinfinity, ok, I will get the packageset sorted later03:55
Mirvdoko_: I can take a look. some Qt packages come directly from Debian via autosync, but some have our own changes (and symbols files)04:05
Mirvcould someone with powers mark https://code.launchpad.net/~israeldahl/ubuntu/utopic/lmms/lmms_1.0.1/+merge/217857 as having been merged (at the latest revision)?05:16
TheMusoMirv: WIll do, that was my fault, forgot to do that after having to work on the package outside of UDD.05:21
pittiGood morning05:22
MirvTheMuso: thanks!05:28
pittidoko_: btw, bzr-builddeb's test is fixed in debian, just waiting for LP to import it and sync06:16
pitti(one of the two remaining things that hold back python-default)06:17
RAOFpitti: Would you like to upload colord to experimental at your leisure?06:18
pittiRAOF: sure06:18
RAOFWhile I'm waiting on a transition slot.06:18
pittiRAOF: do you want to dch -r/debcommit -r or want me to?06:19
RAOFpitti: Done so.06:23
pittiRAOF: hm, were you missing git push --all? pristine-tar/upstream seems outdated06:24
RAOFpitti: Quite possibly; now done.06:25
pittiRAOF: ah, all there now; building06:25
dholbachgood morning06:31
pittiRAOF: aaaand uploaded06:36
mvohey dholbach06:37
dholbachhey mv06:37
dholbachhey mvo06:37
pittimvo, dholbach: guten Morgen!06:37
mvohey pitti, good monring06:38
dholbachhey pitti06:39
dholbachna Jungs, wie läuft's?06:39
RAOFpitti: Danke06:39
nanderssonHi cjwatson, reported a package problem yesterday with respect to samba-common-bin - looks like it is a bug in the version of PackageKit that trusty comes with.07:11
nanderssonso, it is not related to apt or packaging, but PackageKit rather :-/07:11
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dokoxnox, are you able to reproduce the unity issue with pch? if yes, a stacktrace of cc1plus would be nice07:53
darkxstLaney, a while ago I asked (on devel-permissions list) for gnome-photos to get add to our packageset, did you miss that one?08:04
Laneydarkxst: maybe08:16
stgraberstgraber@castiana:~/data/code/ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-tools$ ./edit-acl add -P ubuntugnome -s gnome-photos -S utopic08:28
stgraberinfinity: ^08:28
Laneywhy infinity?08:29
Laneyalso, I was checking if it was seeded and it's not08:29
Laney→ desktop-extra08:29
darkxststgraber, Laney, yes it should have gone into desktop-extra!08:31
Laneyunless you do plan on seeding it in which case it might not be worth the effort to change :-)08:32
darkxstLaney, probably not this cycle, its not quite feature complete yet08:35
stgraberLaney: I'll move it. I guessed ubuntugnome based on the earlier discussion with infinity but I apparently guessed wrong ;)08:36
Laneyah I didn't see any earlier one08:36
LaneyI think desktop-extra is for the random gnome-y additional bits and ubuntugnome itself for the image08:36
Laneybtw, we should make some time at $sprint to look at fixing that script if possible08:37
Laneyas it's clear that I'm failing to do it on my own08:37
stgraberLaney: yeah, we can do that08:40
stgraberLaney: I'll add an item for that to the foundations malta agenda so I remember :)08:41
Laneyput my name or something so that I can legitimately go away for a bit :P08:42
stgraberLaney: "fix the packageset/seed generator (stgraber, Lantey) "08:42
* Laney nod08:42
darkxststgraber, thanks!08:45
Laneydarkxst: btw codesearch should be back08:47
Laneywell, as back as it ever was08:47
darkxstLaney, great!08:49
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mlankhorsthm can someone put mesa in utopic? seems to fail on an unrelated autopkgtest, probably because of gnat12:28
pittiright, the ada stack is broken in utopic-proposed (and debian unstable), so libgtkada can't work12:39
pittimlankhorst: the release team can override the failure12:40
mlankhorstis this enough of a ping or should I ask in #ubuntu-release?12:40
seb128tjaalton sort of asked earlier12:41
pittiLaney: ^ ?12:41
seb128well, he asked what was the issue, not to override12:41
seb128but overriding it seems fine to me12:41
mlankhorstah goodie :)12:41
pittiyes, to me too12:41
Laneywill look in a min12:42
pittidholbach: we changed the time of the tech board meeting; how can I get http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ updated?12:48
dholbachpitti, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar12:48
pittidholbach: right, I found that, but it doesn't link to a particular google cal, or say how I can update an existing event?12:49
dholbachpitti, for the event you're looking at, can you see who created it?12:50
pittiooh, I can click on it on fridge.u.c.12:51
pittidholbach: mdz apparently12:51
pittidholbach: so, I'll ask him to update that12:52
dholbachpitti, I pinged pleia2 and jose - maybe they have fridge calendar super powers12:52
dholbachI have no idea, sorry12:52
pittidholbach: ack, thanks12:52
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jtayloris there anything we can do about the incomplete tcl/tk transition in trusty?13:08
jtaylorlike finishing it up post release or adding new source packages?13:09
jtaylore.g. blt is linked against 8.6 and itcl3 still against 8.5, use them together and boom13:09
jtaylor(both libraries so they affect a fair share of applications)13:10
jtaylorinfinity: you ported blt to 8.6, we still need a 8.5 blt for e.g. skycat13:14
jtayloras the shared library is luckily versioned I would suggest adding a new source package blt8.5 to trusty which builds against 8.513:14
dokojtaylor, can't we just link itcl3 with 8.6?13:15
jtaylordoko: yes but then we have to change a whole stack of applications too13:15
rbasakjtaylor: thanks for digging into this. Can I suggest a dep8 test too? This would catch the same issue next time I think, right?13:15
dokojtaylor, how many?13:16
jtaylordoko: direct dependencies about 913:16
jtaylorbut some of them look like bases of other stuff13:16
jtaylorlike plplot13:16
jtaylorsome apache stuff even13:17
dokough, ugly package anyway13:17
jtaylorrbasak: well looking at build logs would have been enough in this case already :)13:17
dokoso can we build these in utopic first using 8.6 and then decide what to do?13:17
jtaylorone could try13:17
jtaylorI tried buildint itcl3 against 8.6 but still didn't get it to work13:18
jtaylordon't know why yet13:18
jtaylorbuilding blt against 8.5 worked13:18
jtaylorI may have forgotten some other library thats still linked against 8.513:20
jtaylorassuming we get utopic to work with 8.6 only, can the fixes be all SRU'd to trusty?13:25
dokohonestly, that would the right thing to do. but others may disagree ...13:26
jtayloradding new 8.5 would be less invasive13:28
jtaylorbecause building is one thing, but actually working is another13:28
jtaylorand its too much stuff to test13:28
mterrypitti, how do I retry a failed autopkgtest run from proposed-migration?13:29
pittimterry: answering in the distro channel13:31
psusipitti: I was wondering if I could pick your brain for a second on udisks.. I'm trying to have it grab the IO counters for the drive and stash them so it can compare it on the next 10 minute poll and skip the smart update if there has been no IO... but I can't find a "regular" struct somewhere to stuff it in.13:38
psusiit looks like all of the structs are auto generated from xml files and their contents is intended to be exported over dbus13:38
psusiso how can you store some private data like this, that isn't supposed to go over dbus?13:39
pittierr, I was about to say "hi!"13:39
pittipsusi: so you can't put it into one of the private structs like struct _UDisksLinuxDrive?13:39
psusihi ;)13:39
psusihrm... I didn't see that one, let me go look13:40
psusiahh, it's not in a header.. it's defined in udiskslinuxdrive.c13:41
pittiright, it's a private struct13:41
psusihrm... I was looking at adding the code to udiskslinuxdriveata.c, which wouldn't have access to that13:41
pittipsusi: if you need to access it from someplace else, you need to add some internal API to it, like udisks_linux_drive_{get,set}_whatever13:41
psusihrm... maybe I can find a way to add it to udiskslinuxdrive.c instead... I'll look it over some13:42
psusithanks for the pointer13:42
pittipsusi: ah, struct _UDisksLinuxDriveAta then? :-)13:42
pittipretty much every class has its private data struct13:42
* psusi facepalms13:42
psusiit never occured to me that they would be defined in the source instead of the header ;)13:42
pittipsusi: that's the standard GObject approach to ensure it stays private and doesn't leak into any headers or PAI13:43
pittimterry: but yes, those "hash sum mismatches" during apt-get are mighty annoying; we get them very often, I don't really know what that means13:51
pittimvo: ^13:52
mterrypitti, :(  I get them occasionally on my own devices, but they go away13:52
pitticould it be that apt-get starts with downloading Release, then the publisher runs and pushes out new indexes, and apt catches those new ones in the middle of the update run?13:52
pittiI almost never see them on my workstation13:52
cjwatsonYes, I believe it's roughly that13:52
pittimterry: yes, I just restart these, and it usually works then13:53
mvopitti: yeah, its this race condition usually13:53
pitticjwatson, mvo: ok, thanks for confirming13:53
mvopitti: there was talk about a "by-hash" fetching to avoid this race condition some time ago we are working on some code in the abi-break branch that might help too, if its a problem for you we can make it (more of) a priority13:54
pittimvo: well, clicking the retry button 10 times a day isn't a big problem for me personaly13:56
mvopitti: well it is13:56
mvopitti: i mean, thats a lot13:57
pittibut it creates these "nice sets of "jenkins failed"/"jenkins fixed" things which hold up promotion a bit and annoy people13:57
pittiI'm quite sure we can work around this in adt-run somehow, too13:57
pittior in the machinery above, to auto-retry stuff13:57
pittijust didn't get to that yet13:57
pittimvo: so in essence, it's really far from easy to fix on the apt-get side, so we should fix it in the layer(s) above? (i. e. wait and auto-retry)13:57
mvopitti: I think we should give it a shoot on the apt side, its annoying too many people for too long already :/13:58
* mvo puts it on his list13:58
jibelpitti, we used to auto-retry these jobs, but the regex to detect the retry condition must have changed with the new autopkgtest. Do you have an example, I'll adjust it.13:58
pittimvo: I mostly wanted to understand why it happesn -- by the logic above, retrying immediatel actualy shoudl work, right?13:59
mvopitti: yes, a retry should fix it. its fetch old-release file, packages and release file gets replaced on the server so new release file, new packages files but apt downloaded the previous one14:00
pittijibel: e. g. http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-upower/13/ARCH=i386,label=adt/console14:00
pittimvo: ok; I wouldn't want to "sleep 1800" in adt-run, but retrying immediately once in adt-run seems fine to me14:00
pittijibel: ^14:00
pittijibel: ah, it was in bin/testbed/run-adt14:01
cjwatsonpitti: FWIW I applied a similar workaround in launchpad-buildd a little while back14:01
pitticjwatson: ah, with immediate retry?14:01
cjwatsonpitti: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~canonical-launchpad-branches/launchpad-buildd/trunk/revision/106?compare_revid=10414:02
pittiah, 15 s counts as "immediate", that's fine14:02
cjwatsonpitti: While I agree with mvo that it's a pain to have to work around this everywhere, in practice I don't think I've seen a single problem in LP builds since I applied that14:02
cjwatsonAnd IIRC your autopkgtest builders are talking to ftpmaster.internal directly?14:03
cjwatsonSo should have basically the same constraints14:03
pittijibel: so, I think it might be best to just apply a similar workaround to adt-run like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~canonical-launchpad-branches/launchpad-buildd/trunk/revision/106?compare_revid=10414:03
pitticjwatson: yes, they are, to ensure we see (by and large) the same archive as britney14:03
cjwatsonBefore that I'd had a pretty much daily routine of looking for chrootwait builds14:04
cjwatsonIt got more frequent when we made publisher runs much more frequent last summer14:04
pittijibel, mterry, mvo: ok, filed as bug 131941614:05
ubottubug 1319416 in autopkgtest (Ubuntu) "Auto-retry on apt-get update failures" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131941614:05
mterrypitti, ah nice14:06
pittijibel: that'll be much cheaper than re-running the whole test (as that means to re-build a VM etc.)14:06
mterryhallyn, hello!  I'm seeing occasional crashes in cgmanager in Touch when testing my split greeter branches.  But the .crash files don't have usable stacktraces.  Is there a good way to get logs or some such from cgmanager?14:22
labsinhi, I have a merge proposal for click. But I'd like to first build a package. How can I build the source from the ppa?14:24
mterryI guess it logs to /var/log/upstart already...  seems to be a double free14:27
mvolabsin: build the click package? you can just run bzr-buildpackage in the source tree of click14:27
labsinmvo, I'll try14:28
jtaylorhow would one add a new source package to trusty?14:28
mvogood luck!14:28
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nanderssonHi, what package does aptd belong to?15:14
ogra_dpkg -S $(which aptd)15:14
nanderssonogra_, Thanks!15:15
nanderssonBug is filed :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/aptdaemon/+bug/131945415:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1319454 in Aptdaemon "Dependencies break when dealing with multiple sources" [Undecided,New]15:32
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rbasakLaney: [flavor name] how about ubuntu-desktop-dev, or ubuntu-desktop-preview?16:47
rbasak(no response required)16:47
Laneyrbasak: thanks, all suggestions are going into the pot ;)16:49
dobeycan someone *please* accept ubuntuone-client into saucy-proposed?17:06
cjwatsondoko: The problems you ran into with cancelling builds early should be fixed by the launchpad-buildd that's rolling out now17:20
dokowhich reminds me to re-run ruby-moneta locally17:21
hallynmterry: that double free is something we've seen very occasionally before, especially from some of stgraber's build machines.  if you can catch it in a debugger that woudl rock.17:26
mterryhallyn, no luck so far  :(17:27
hallynmterry: you'll get more output by adding 'cgmnager_opts=--debug' to /etc/default/cgmanager, but probably not enough to debug it17:27
mterryhallyn, I set MALLOC_CHECK_=3 which I *think* is supposed to help prevent the stack from dying?17:27
hallynmterry: so in your case you didn't have any proxies at all right?17:27
mterryhallyn, I don't know17:27
hallynmterry: cool, hopefully you can track it down, this oens' been bugging me, and i have nto been able to reproduce17:27
mterryhallyn, can you explain the difference between cgroup, cgmanager, and proxies?17:27
hallynmterry: cgmanager allows configuration of cgrousp through a dbus api over a unix socket17:28
hallynmterry: cgproxy is a cgmanager proxy which can run in containers, and only forwards requests along to the host's cgmanager17:28
hallyn(the cgamanger mounts the cgroup filesystems privately;  the proxies don't have to)17:28
mterryhallyn, I'm debugging some weird race during startup between sessions logging in, registering with logind, and cgmanager.  So I'm a little confused about what is *supposed* to happen vs what is happening sometimes17:29
hallynlogind should be sending dbus requests to create your cgroup, then chown it, then move you into it, one cgroup at a time17:30
xnoxpitti: i haven't done anything else yet. I've chatted with steve, and the next steps are to introduce back dropped init.d scripts from e.g. initscripts package but in a way that don't change anything under e.g. upstart (if init_is_upstart; exit 0/1 as needed as per current debian policy)17:56
xnoxpitti: after that is done, we should be able to enable insserv & thus drop the guard from dh_installinit and thus start calling update-rc.d for all packages that have init.d scripts.17:57
xnoxwschmidt: infinity: thanks for the emacs24 bug, will look into it.17:59
xnoxpitti: or more complete follow-ups from vorlon on the bug you investigated =)18:01
infinityxnox: Don't thank me, I just SEPed the bug to you. :P18:03
infinityxnox: AFAIK, the correct fix is "apt-get --purge install vim emacs24-"18:03
xnoxinfinity: SEP stands for... ?18:03
infinityxnox: SEP = Somebody Else's Problem.18:03
xnoxinfinity: ah, that ok =)18:03
slangasekxnox: "more complete follow-ups"?  I think I've laid out the necessary steps on this most recent debhelper bug, no?18:10
xnoxslangasek: yeah, that's the one i meant.19:34
geniiIs there more current documentation than https://wiki.ubuntu.com/systemd  ?  "Status as at December 2010" doesn't lend much confidence20:20
sladengenii: done upstream in systemd20:27
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sladengenii: done upstream in Debian20:34
geniisladen: I think I found it now, thanks.20:36
xnoxgenii: look at history, that page has been edited recently, there is ongoing work in utopic to get systemd support on-par with debian.20:37
xnoxgenii: and match the current user-experience & integration that upstart has reached in ubuntu.20:38
geniiThere seems to be an older doc with a bit of history: https://wiki.debian.org/Debate/initsystem/systemd   and a current one: https://wiki.debian.org/systemd20:38
xnoxgenii: what are you after?20:38
* genii gets ready to read for a while20:38
geniixnox: Basically how to use it, write startup files for it, etc, and how it compares to sysvinit and upstart20:39
argeshallyn: if I want to clone and LXC container for another host machine. I assume I copy the rootfs and then do I need to add something else to ensure the container is setup properly?21:50
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