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dongleihello everyone, how to map right-alt to capslock key08:08
exaltHello, is this the channel for ubuntu gnome edition ?08:27
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napnapHello all16:01
napnapOne question Ubuntugnome use same repository than Ubuntu  ?16:02
hiren90i believe so, for the common apps16:02
hiren90and packages16:03
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napnapmmm...so I don't understand why LTS is supported 3 years against 5. :-s16:04
DASPRiDnapnap, because the gnome-specific packages won't be updated16:05
napnapDASPRiD, ok, so security update will run 5 years ?16:06
napnap(security of kernel and not gnome reated packages)16:06
DASPRiDnapnap, i think so, yes16:07
hiren90i heard and read from ubuntugnome.com that support is 3 years for ubuntu flavors such as ubuntu gnome. But the base ubuntu will get 5 years.16:12
napnapok, but, if I choose  ubuntu then I install gnome-shell, I got 5 years for all... no ? or it make a difference ?16:15
napnapor simply is the same 5+3 but without knowing16:16
napnapnot5+3 but 5(and 3 for gnome shell)16:16
mgedmingnome-shell is in universe: Canonical doesn't support it16:17
mgedminthe ubuntu-gnome team will provide support for 3 years16:17
napnapmgedmin, oh right16:19
napnapthnaks for your answer !16:20

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