MooDoomorning all05:55
lubotu3In #ubuntu-gr, eliasps said: !eliasps is <reply> test14:18
lubotu3In lubotu3, eliasps said: forget eliasps14:18
IdleOnehello eliasps14:19
eliaspshello IdleOne14:19
joseIRCC: ping, need some help from you20:47
hggdhjose: how can we help you?21:02
josehggdh: hey, could you please give me founder flags in #ubuntu-et?21:02
hggdh-et? wht is -et?21:03
joseethiopia, LoCo Team21:03
hggdhstaff -- there?21:04
Fuchshggdh: the wonderful Mrs erry and the Magical Mr. Pricey just have been active, maybe poke one of them21:05
Unit193Pricey is on call.21:05
* Fuchs sings the ghost busters theme song, replacing them with Pricey21:06
hggdhPricey: good afternoon/night/morning/ah hell, good day. I need some help on setting an #ubuntu- channel to standards21:06
josethat reminds me, I need to watch jeopardy21:06
Priceyhggdh: Sure?21:07
hggdhPricey: pvt, if you do not mind21:07
Priceyno need to ask permission21:07
hggdhnever hurts to ask for it :-)21:08
=== wazery is now known as wazery[away]
hggdhjose: just to be sure -- done21:43
josehggdh: thank you!21:43

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