oneWhat keys does the in kernel keys hold ssl keys or something else?05:36
oneWhy is pappy shut down?05:36
* apw yawns07:39
oneHi apw 07:55
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ppisatiogra_: any reason why "link_in_boot = yes" in /etc/kernel-img.conf for ARM?10:19
ppisatiinfinity: ^10:19
ogra_define "for ARM" :P 10:20
ogra_i think we disabled it on the arches that didnt support it 10:20
ppisatiogra_: arm boards and servers (i checked on calxeda) have that variable set that way10:20
apwogra_, does our installer/image side for ARM pre-create /etc/kernel-img.conf at all do you remember, i have a feeling it might10:21
ogra_well, depends how you set them up ... on pandas we always treated the uboot partition separately so it doesnt matter if there is a link in /boot or not ... on ac100 it was the same ... the fastboot partition was not mountable 10:21
ogra_if you actually want to mount a vfat under /boot instead of handling that bit via flash-kernel separately you need to modify that 10:22
ogra_(but we never defaulted to such nonsense)10:22
ogra_apw, i thought the kernel postinst does it ... 10:23
apwogra_, it does, but doesn't appear to put the specific values ppisati finds in his10:25
ogra_hwo did ppisati install than ? 10:26
ppisatiogra_: i check an ubuntu-core+manual kernel installaion, an old panda installation and a calxeda server10:26
apwppisati, did you find the file in ubuntu-core without the kernel?10:27
apwif not then it clearly must be us 10:27
ogra_well, whatever creates it needs to be depending on the fact if someone was crazy enough to mount a vfat under /boot ... 10:27
ogra_though the link wont break anyway ... simply because it breaks long before it can create it ... when unpacking the kernel package 10:28
ppisatiogra_: nope, ubuntu-core doesn't have it10:28
ogra_if flash-kernel is involved the setting is moot anyway btw ... it uses the full version string and wont use a link (unless that changed recently)10:28
ppisatii'm playing around with the new uboot10:29
ppisatiand they have two nice fatures:10:29
ppisati1) they can read file from ext4 and can boot from regular zImage10:29
ppisati2) a function that, given a couple of env cars, can detect which dtb this boards needs10:30
ppisatiso, actually 3 features10:30
ppisatii was able to put together a uEnv.txt that can exploit all those three10:30
ppisatiand if we can make a symlink (that's where that variable came into play...) to the dtbs directory10:31
ppisati/lib/firmware/$kernel-version/device-tree/blabla -> /dtbs10:31
ppisatiwe can:10:31
ppisati1) drop flash-kernel as a dependency when installing kernel (since we load the zImage directly)10:32
ppisati2) always load the correct and most up to date dtb for the specific board10:32
ogra_right 10:32
ogra_but only for platforms that fully support the new uboot 10:32
ppisatiogra_: yep, talking about arm boards here10:33
ogra_and for platforms that dont use a dedicated flash partition (that would finally make flash-kernel again what you expect from its name :) )10:33
ppisatihere is the uEnv10:33
ppisatidedicated flash partition?10:34
ogra_ppisati, well, there are still plenty arm boards that need/use mtd devices for their booting etc 10:34
ppisatiall the boards i have: panda, beagle, beaglebone, exynos5, imx6, etc10:34
ogra_for these you will still need to use flash-kernel 10:34
ppisatiwe don't support them10:34
ppisatiso it's not a problem10:34
ppisatieven the exynos i received boot from sd10:35
ppisatifirst partition u-boot, etcetc10:35
ppisatianyway, my main point is that the board can choose which dtb to load10:35
ppisatiusing the findfdt() function that it has10:35
ppisatiso i was trying to add a symlink (the /dtbs above)10:36
ppisatiand that's when i notced that x86 do all the symlinks in /10:36
ppisatiwhile arm does it in /boot10:36
ogra_right 10:37
apwis it because /boot is separate ?  is /boot separate ?10:46
ppisatiapw: /boot has never been separated, they probably added that option to hanlde that case, but we never separated /boot10:47
apwnot that then10:48
ogra_but if you use d-i you are allowed to 10:48
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rtgapw, what dkms packages are missing for the transition to 3.15 ? Anything particularly important ?12:09
apwrtg, i think we are still waiting on actual testing of the two graphics ones, ie do they do anything12:12
apwrtg, otherwise i think the package set was there, but let me double check the testing results12:12
apwtseliot, did you get a chance to modprobe the graphics stacks yet ?12:13
rtgapw, ok, I think I can test nvidia at least, perhaps fglrx as well12:13
apwrtg, ack12:13
rtgapw, if those drivers basically work, then it feels like its time to introduce 3.1512:16
apwrtg, yeah i know what you mean, i assume we'll fork 3.16 onto unstable when it comes 12:51
rtgapw, or just drag our feet about uploading much like we've done with 3.1512:52
apwor that12:55
tseliotapw: no, I haven't tested those drivers yet13:14
bjfjsalisbury, can you see if the person that wrote comment #19 on bug 1305522 is willing to bisect?13:55
jsalisburybjf, sure 13:56
bjfjsalisbury, thanks13:56
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tjaaltonso I need to provide a test kernel for an oem image build, but what version number to use that is newer than the next kernel and such that it builds? tested -26.48foo1 and it failed, now testing -26.48.1 but will it fail too?15:21
apwtjaalton, -26.48foo1 should work just fine, i use similar shapes often15:31
apwtjaalton, what was the failure15:31
smagounbjf: Hi, I verified bug 1305133 - the fix does what's expected but it's not really complete. There is another related patch upstream but not in our kernel. Rather than fail verification of 1305133, I filed bug 1319457 as a follow-up. 1319457 has a link to the upstream patch we need15:36
tjaaltonapw: II: Checking modules for generic...previous or current modules file missing!  /build/buildd/linux-3.13.0/debian.master/abi/3.13.0-26.48tja1/amd64/generic.modules  /build/buildd/linux-3.13.0/debian.master/abi/3.13.0-26.48/amd64/generic.modules15:38
tjaaltonmake: *** [module-check-generic] Error 115:39
apwtjaalton, so did you add a new version on the top of the changelog ?15:40
apwif so you need to update the ABI files in those directories, or what most of us do15:40
apwis to just change the version of the latest entry rather than making a new one15:40
tjaaltond/r clean isn't enough?15:42
tjaaltonI added a new entry after 3.13.0-26.48 yes15:43
rtgtseliot, apw: no joy with nvidia-304 and 3.15 kernel15:50
rtgdoes not compile15:50
tseliotrtg: ok, I'll have a look at it15:51
apwtjaalton, so best to just change the version of the last one, and then go for it16:17
jsalisburybjf, Looks like we have an answer for bug 1305522 in comment #29.  It appears the two HID: rmi: SAUCE patches are what caused the touchscreen to regress.  Reverting them allows the touchscreen to work again.16:42
infinityppisati / apw: link_in_boot = yes is the "right" setting for pretty much everyone who doesn't use lilo, IMO.  So, anyone !x86 !ia64, or x86 from the last decade.16:50
infinityppisati / apw: The fact that it's probably still the inverse on default x86 installations doesn't mean ARM is wrong (why does anyone care, BTW?)16:50
jsalisburyrtg, if you have a chance, can you take a look at bug 1319471 ?  I'm not sure if I should ping the HWE folks about this?16:52
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lesshastehi.. how can you boot into single user mode in 14.04? It seems "sudo telinit 1" doesn't work and nor does adding "single" to "ro quiet splash $vt_handoff19:21
lesshastein the grub options19:22

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