kichigaiHello all. I'm trying to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04, but the network upgrade method leaves me in like a mid-version limbo because of some weird issues involving third party packages (I haven't added any repos, but I did enable the non-free stuff, like MP3).00:15
kichigaiIs it possible to leapfrog from 12.04 to 14.04 using the install DVD?00:15
tgm4883kichigai: I usually recommend a backup/restore over an upgrade01:43
kichigaitgm4883, how do I do that? I read up on how to backup my databases, but does that preserve my recording schedules, recoding data, etc?01:50
kichigaiMy recording drives are external, so I'm not worried about that, but all the info about my recorded shows, etc.01:51
tgm4883kichigai: Should just need to: Backup the DB, install fresh, restore DB, and as long as the storage is mounted in the same location it should pick all that back up01:55
tgm4883kichigai: also backup any custom files you have (eg. lirc, etc)01:56
kichigaitgm4883, well, fortunately the only ones of thsoe I've messed with was my Samba config, so I think that ought to be pretty easy to recreate.01:56
tgm4883should be pretty easy then01:57
tgm4883kichigai: oh, and when you reinstall, make the hostname and IP address the same01:57
tgm4883save yourself some hastle there :)01:57
kichigaiI've got an assigned address for this sucker on DHCP, so that ought to be hard to screw up ;)01:58
kichigaitgm4883, thanks for the help. That's exactly what I needed to know.02:02
hR13Hi all, I have just installed 14.04 on a new disk inorder to upgrade my old 10.04.3 system, but my novo t-500 cards dont load, and i cant find any modules for it to load... have I missed something ?13:11
hR13I had accidently got the card tinted, now its firmly attatched to the mobo and its visable :-)13:24
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gedakcpsusi:  Hi Phillip :)15:37

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