dholbachgood morning06:31
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dholbachpleia2, jose: do you have fridge calendar super powers?12:52
dholbachpitti just asked on #ubuntu-devel if a TB meeting can be moved12:52
acid_lets start im ready )))13:57
Dogewow hi13:57
Dogesuch welcome13:57
justCarakaslots of people here13:57
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Guest41712many wait13:58
acid_Im with win9 such a shame :))))13:58
acid_win8 sorry13:58
gondaliyalove u all13:58
justCarakasstarting soon :p13:58
BNugentlove you to.13:58
acid_i love you too dude hahaaa13:59
justCarakasI love code13:59
acid_Is there any Golang developer?13:59
BNugentGolang looks almost like a Java/C++ mix.14:00
acid_Yeap something like that14:01
BNugentI'll have to learn that one.14:01
acid_Yeap i have one project on github if u you want u can join )14:01
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BNugentI'd love to join.14:02
BNugentJust need the link.14:02
acid_lekishvili@outlook.com contact me14:02
acid_oh here we go14:02
justCarakasits live14:03
Guest22982Hi, I'm a computer science graduate looking for a job in london14:03
mhall119if you have any questions you can ask them here, just start with the word QUESTION in all caps like that14:06
peopleIs this a new version of Ubuntu?14:07
BNugentQUESTION How would I become a Ubuntu developer? I'm vary interested, specificaly the Ubuntu phone project.14:07
acid_Nino sorry where are you from?14:10
Guest22982QUESTION How is Mir superior to Wayland for the Ubuntu project?14:10
BNugentMissoula, MT.14:10
BNugentThat wasn't for me. Oops14:11
acid_no worries14:11
Ninois ubuntu edge going to come on the market?14:12
Ninoi wan't to be a memeber aswell14:14
SaviqNino, no, the project didn't get funded14:14
mhall119if you want to ask a question, please start it with "QUESTION" so I get a highlight on it14:15
SaviqGuest22982, also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec#Motivation_-_Why_Mir.3F14:15
onetempiQUESTION:  Thanks for your help last time--I installed Lunbuntu on my Dell Optiplex 740 and it is more stable.  Each time I boot it, it goes longer without freezing.  The last time it worked well for the entire time.  I suspect the video driver--do you think it was updated while I was online and that's why my computer is performing better after two reboots?  Thank you.14:16
mhall119#ubuntu for tech support14:23
Guest22982QUESTION Does Canonical have any software developer jobs available in London?14:23
SaviqGuest22982, http://www.canonical.com/careers14:23
Saviqbeat ya!14:23
kgunnmhall119: sorry about my absence, had a little family emergency this morning14:26
mhall119kgunn: no worries, we'll get you next time :)14:26
pritzsorry i just logged into the irc channel, can anyone post the shuttleworth keynote video link please?14:27
popey15:24:51 < jcastro> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsYdIJrJRLQ14:27
popeyhello n4uah14:28
n4uahi have a dought.14:28
mhall119if you have a question you want to ask us, you can ask in here starting with "QUESTION" and we'll answer it before the end of the broadcast14:28
mhall119remember there's a minute or two delay on the video, so don't wait until the last call for questions to ask yours or it might not make it in14:29
n4uahwhy dont u name the ubuntu a birds name while it have the cloud. :)14:29
mhall119n4uah: we had the Quantal Quetzal and Hardy Heron14:30
n4uahbut it 12.1014:30
mhall119we have a few letters left, so there might be another bird :)14:31
Aki-ThinkpadIt is annoying that all on air sessions don't use this channel14:31
Aki-Thinkpadwhat is the current onair chat?14:31
popeymost do14:32
mhall119Aki-Thinkpad: Ubuntu Engineering live updates14:32
n4uahthe cloud comes now?14:32
n4uahis it?14:32
justCarakasAki-Thinkpad: they are using it :) hi btw :)14:32
Aki-ThinkpadjustCarakas, ah my mistake14:33
Aki-Thinkpadubuntu classroom still doesn't :P14:33
mhall119they have #ubuntu-classroom14:33
mhall119which pre-dates ubuntu on air14:33
nash_why the chrome takes somuch ram?14:35
mhall119if you have a question you want to ask us, you can ask in here starting with "QUESTION" and we'll answer it before the end of the broadcast14:35
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nash_QUESTION:why the chrome uses so much ram??14:36
SaviqQUESTION: will apps get updated in the pioneer list?14:37
SaviqQUESTION: why can't you click on the apps to find out about them?14:37
Saviq(in the pioneers list)\14:38
Aki-Thinkpadohhhh I want my app in14:38
Aki-Thinkpadits... incomplete, but functional!14:38
nik90popey: did you check stuart's picture in the pioneers list? lol14:38
dkgrammingWill the Ubuntu hardware certification be updated for 14.04?14:38
popeyi think that used to be on his twitter14:39
nash_whats his irs ?14:39
mrbrownstone3gQUESTION:  Will there be voice symphasis as a core service in unity 814:40
iBobXWith some cams the ubuntu logo with the person description get blocked by the camera video thumbnails of the people participating in the hangout. You should move that logo/description to the top/right coner, and make it smaller maybe?... Just a suggestion...14:40
justCarakaswhoohoo I'm being mentioned :D (BE Mobile)14:42
Saviqmrbrownstone3g, you mean synthesis? for accessibility?14:42
justCarakaspronunciation was good :)14:43
nik90QUESTION: Why is Ubuntu Core App Developers part of the pioneer list :) ?14:43
mrbrownstone3gYes sorry14:43
mrbrownstone3gtext tto speech is what i meant14:44
dkgrammingyou skipped my question ;'(14:45
mrbrownstone3gI use a mobile to write messagers and my android phone will read themout14:45
mrbrownstone3gQUESTION: Sorry foor the confusion I meant text to speech14:46
Aki-ThinkpadQUESTION: Any Go Apps yet?14:46
nash_Question:where can i contact the team?14:46
mhall119nash_: which team?14:46
nash_the ubuntu.14:46
nash_the following.14:47
SaviqAki-Thinkpad, I don't believe there's any in the store yet14:47
SaviqAki-Thinkpad, you can follow http://blog.labix.org/category/go for all-kinds go+qml goodness14:47
mhall119nash_: #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-app-devel14:47
Aki-ThinkpadSaviq, what was that comment about the first 200 apps?14:48
Aki-Thinkpadis that just a hall of fame?14:48
SaviqAki-Thinkpad, you mean http://developer.ubuntu.com/pioneers ?14:48
justCarakasAki-Thinkpad: yes it is :)14:48
dkgrammingTHANK YOU14:48
nash_hmm ok14:49
Saviqmrbrownstone3g, there's no plans currently to expose text-to-speech as a system service, but once we have accessibility (and hence voice synthesis), I'm sure we can think of something14:49
SaviqAki-Thinkpad, http://www.jonobacon.org/2014/05/13/announcing-ubuntu-pioneers/ here's the announcement blog for the pioneers14:49
nash_by the way where u guys from?14:49
Aki-Thinkpadwow, that is neat; I should get my app finished... or at least functional :P14:49
sainoke thanks14:50
Aki-Thinkpadnash_, who you asking?14:50
nash_all of u..14:50
aquariusQUESTION for popey (sorry, I'm about half an hour behind!). You're bumping the core apps framework requirement to 14.10. But, as an app dev, I want to be able to support multiple versions of the frameworks in my apps. How can I do this, dynamically? If I'd like to optionally take advantage of a 14.10 framework feature, do I have to unconditionally depend on 14.10 and so lock out all 14.04 users? This is OK now, i14:50
aquariusn dev, but not OK once we have phones on the market14:50
Aki-Thinkpadnash_, Canada, British Columbia14:50
popeyaquarius: right now, you can't14:50
justCarakasAki-Thinkpad: would be sad if you wouldn'g be in there14:51
popeyaquarius: i filed a bug this week asking to allow multiple versions of apps on different frameworks14:51
Aki-ThinkpadjustCarakas, ;_; I could probably finish it today14:51
aquariuspopey, ouch. What are the plans to change that? Once there's a phone on the market it's potentially a problem, no?14:51
aquariuspopey, ah, man, the solution is "release two versions of my app which share a name in the click store?"14:51
popeyno, thats an option I am suggesting14:52
aquariuspopey, to clarify... the latest phone builds provide both 14.10 and 14.04 frameworks, right?14:52
popey14.10 is not on the device yet14:52
aquariusah, sorry. I meant: they will do14:52
aquariusthat is: once the 14.10 framework is out, all 14.04 apps will continue to work unchanged because the 14.04 framework is still on phones, right?14:52
popeywe should have this conversation in -app-devel14:52
aquariusOK, then I'm basically OK14:53
aquariusalso, woo! sound effects in dropping letters!14:53
rimdekerQUESTION: Am I stupid enough to not be able to distinguish a live stream from a YouTube video?18:27
rimdekerANSWER: Stupid enough to believe I'm watching a live stream for the first 10 minutes...18:28
RyanKennyX'-' huehuehue19:44
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