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pittiGood morning05:25
jibelpitti, is it possible to collect arbitrary test artifacts with the qemu driver of autopkgtest?10:35
pittijibel: yes, that's not dependent on the virt-server10:35
pittijibel: tests can just put stuff into $ADT_ARTIFACTS10:35
jibelpitti, simple, thanks!10:36
pittijibel: they will appear in <output-dir>/artifacts/10:36
jibelpitti, does it keep the directory structure?10:36
pittijibel: but I'm not sure whether we actually publish them in jenkins10:36
pittijibel: yes; it makes no assumptions about what's in there10:36
jibelpitti, that's fine it's for firefox PPA and that's custom jobs.10:37
jibelI'll adjust the locations as needed10:37
jibellast on my list, after this one I think all the automated tests we have are running on utopic10:38
jibelupgrades are all green, ubiquuty is getting greener. that's a good start until people start landing new features :)10:40
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balloonsDanChapman, about?14:26
DanChapmanballoons: Heya mate how's it going?14:27
balloonsDanChapman, hey, going well. Been a bit since we spoke, I trust everything is well.14:28
DanChapmanballoons: yes everything is going good. Been rather busy with work on the trojita email client, but it's good fun. :-)14:29
balloonsso, I was looking for your old automating ubiquity with autopilot video and can't find it. I remember something about youtube removing the video (and indeed the old link I have is dead). Is it somewhere now?.14:32
DanChapmanahh yes my blog is down atm it was on there i believe, i'll see if i still have it kicking about14:35
DanChapmanballoons: i will have a vimeo link to one of the videos for you in 40 minutes.15:36
balloonsDanChapman, heh :-) Awesome. Glad to hear you are enjoying trojita. We just got an automated builder for it going15:37
balloonsI'll have to give it another play and see how far it's come along15:37
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DanChapmanballoons: I still hav played with the one in the ppa, You will probably see more features early next week as there is some large features going through review at the moment, mostly SMTP/Message composer parts.15:43
DanChapmanstill havn't15:43
* DanChapman tries out the ppa version15:44
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elfyhi    DanChapman balloons16:03
DanChapmangood evening elfy :-)16:03
* balloons waves to elfy 16:03
DanChapmanballoons: http://vimeo.com/95295326 it's not the original but it's the only one i could find without having to record a new one ;-p16:09
pleia2pitti: updated the fridge calendar to reflect 16:00 UTC timing of TB meeting on fridge (for future reference, fridge calendar admins hang out in #ubuntu-news)17:06
* elfy takes note of that useful snippet of information ... 17:28
elfyand tries to remember it17:28
elopioballoons: finally, all tests passing18:24
balloonselopio, ahh, you updated Carla's tests eh>18:34
elopioballoons: not really18:35
balloonsahh I see.. I saw the comment on her branch18:35
elopiowhat carla is testing is that the existing notes are downloaded.18:35
balloonsok, so hopefully she appears soon :-)18:35
elopioballoons: yes, I left her a comment on the MP to ping me.18:38
balloonselfy, you know I was thinking of you in sending that email.. even better I didn't make it, so you just might get it!20:41
elfyha ha ha20:42
elfyI do at least understand what it *is* - just don't code so it's all 'you do what?' :)20:42
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