infinitydarkxst: Do we not intend to get 3.12 into utopic?00:00
darkxstinfinity, yes, but will likely be a while00:01
infinitydarkxst: Sure, but does it do any harm to have those packages sitting there in dep-wait until then?00:01
darkxstinfinity, it will block tracker transisition won't it?00:01
infinitydarkxst: Ahh, yeah, that would be a valid reason.00:02
infinitydarkxst: Alright, I can punt 'em out so you can upload the 3.8/3.10ish versions for the transition.00:03
infinitydarkxst: Done.00:04
infinitydarkxst: When you want them back, if the versions haven't revved in Debian by then, we may need to be clever using "copy-package -e <exact_version> -s utopic-proposed --to-suite=utopic-proposed' to resurrect the old ones.00:04
infinityOr something.00:05
infinityBut we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.00:05
darkxstinfinity, thanks!00:08
ScottKIs there a way to review the diff on CI train based syncs that doesn't involve manually downloading old package, new package, and debdiffing them?03:42
RAOFScottK: Only by improving cjwatson's recent improvements to sru-review.03:45
ScottKJust tried that.03:45
ScottK./sru-review -b -v  qtdeclarative-opensource-src03:45
ScottKERROR: queue does not have a debdiff03:45
ScottKMaybe I need to update.03:46
ScottKNope.  Was already current.03:46
RAOFScottK: Oh, Colin's improvements to sru-review explicitly do not include getting a debdiff.04:26
RAOFScottK: You can pass --no-diff to it and get the bugs, accept/reject options, and bug twiddling stuff, though.04:26
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tjaaltonwhat's blocking mesa transition from utopic-proposed?07:58
tjaaltonit was successfully built on all archs07:58
tjaaltonon monday07:58
apwtjaalton, autopkgtest on libgtkada failure by my reading07:59
tjaaltonwhere should I be looking for those?08:02
apwtjaalton, i am looking at the info in update_excuses in the proposed-migration output08:05
tjaaltonok so some thing run on the servers?08:06
tjaaltongot it08:06
apwlooking at that libgtkada log i think (and stressing think here) that there is something gnat-4.9 related going on08:08
tjaaltonlibgtkada2.24.1-dev depends on gnat & gnat-4.6, how clever..08:22
tjaaltonso should libgtkada2.24.1-dev drop gnat or gnat-4.6?, or migrate to gnat-4.908:30
tjaaltonlooks like there are others too with similar dependencies.. wonder what the point was, maybe to break on transition08:33
apwyeah i guess it would ensure that it no longer works when gnat changes meaning08:34
tjaaltondoko: any opinion on that ^, should packages depending on "gnat, gnat-4.6" migrate to -4.9?08:34
dokotjaalton, migrate to 4.9. this is in progress in Debian. I didn't watch08:35
tjaaltonthere should be a new gtkada "soon" as of Apr 24, wonder what happened to it08:55
tjaaltonoh it's in NEW08:56
tjaaltoncan we sync from it? :)08:56
cjwatsonScottK: It really needs https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/851562 to be fixed before we can do any better.09:56
cjwatsontjaalton: Can't sync from NEW; NEW hasn't been reviewed for legal-to-distribute, so the files in it aren't published.09:56
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dokopitti, did you need further hinting for python-defaults?12:50
pittidoko: no; bzr-builddeb got fixed for the changed quilt behaviour (see my #u-devel ping this morning), and I fixed kazoo yesterday12:50
pittidoko: the rest was pass or "always failed"12:50
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jamespagebdmurray, ^^ new ceph point release :-)15:15
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