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tabbytabtabhow do you set a wallpaper on the Home04:03
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tabbytabtabcan i have some assistance?04:37
RAOFtabbytabtab: There's a think in system settings isn't there?04:39
tabbytabtabyeah but it wont actually show the wallpaper04:40
tabbytabtabwhen i set it04:40
RAOFIt's possible that's not working yet, then :)04:40
tabbytabtaboh. that makes sense, thanks :D04:41
tabbytabtabapperently, it use to work lol04:46
RAOFHm. Either (a) there's a bug, (b) it hasn't been transferred to the new Scopes stuff, or (c) we're looking in the wrong place.04:46
tabbytabtabo: it is supposed to have the ubuntu purply-red colors as the wallpaper, like the lock screen, but it just shows a 4 tone white wallpaper04:49
tabbytabtabso i don;t really know what's wrong xD04:49
RAOFYeah, that's the new scopey stuff.04:51
tabbytabtabwhat is scope :o i'm new to ubuntu touch owo;04:53
tabbytabtabwell rather, what does t do04:54
dholbachgood morning06:37
mandelogra_, morning, do you see the system settings page go white when you do an update?07:38
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ogra_mandel, yes, all the time08:01
popeyogra_: http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-05-14-090059.png how do I fix that?08:04
ogra_popey, wow, that looks bad08:05
ogra_popey, from what to what do you update ?08:07
popeythats my stable phone08:07
popeyit's currently 1708:08
popeyalan@deep-thought:~/phablet/scripts$ adb shell system-image-cli -n08:08
popeyUpgrade path is 19:20:2208:08
mzanettirobru: thanks08:10
ogra_you can surely work around by telling it that it is on version 0 ...08:12
ogra_(system-image-cli -b 0 -v)08:12
ogra_but i thought stephane had fixed that ... i wonder if you downloaded broken stuff before it was fixed08:12
ogra_so that it falls over with local pieces08:12
popeywell, my point is more that others may be in this position08:15
popeymaybe not08:15
* popey uses that method08:16
mandelogra_, we should talk with gatox about it.. is really annoying08:20
mandelogra_, one other question, do we have an image with the gc 4.8 changes?08:20
mandelogra_, I'll make sure he knows about it :)08:20
mvomardy: hi, good morning. seb128 mentioned that you might help me: the u1 account settings bit on my n4 on utopic is grayed out, so I can't add my u1 account to test a click update. do you have any pointer for me? I see in the log ""CRITICAL - findToken(): disabled account "ubuntuone" 108:20
ogra_mandel, #26 should have all gcc chganges08:20
mandelogra_, awesome!08:21
mardymvo: hi! so, you have an U1 account created, but it's greyed out? Or you don't have one, and cannot create one because the button is greyed out?08:21
mvomardy: the later08:22
mardymvo: weird, the button is greyed out when we detect that you already have a U1 account...08:22
mardymvo: try running "account-console list"08:22
mvomardy: I may have tried adding one before but canceled or deleted it though08:22
* mvo does not remember for sure08:23
mardymvo: can you run that command? ^08:27
mvomardy: account-console list says "no accounts" - sorry that it took so long termnal does not open on the n4 so I had to adb shell to it and fixup the environment08:28
mvo(I'm user phablet in the adb shell with the regular session bus)08:28
mardymvo: weird... try killing online-accounts-ui, and then removing ~/.config/libaccounts-glib08:29
mvomardy: \o/ that fixed it08:30
mvothanks a bunch08:30
mardymvo: np :-)08:31
mvomardy: ok, next question - I added the account it did not complain about my PW but the app scope says "login error". could my password be wrong (its pretty long and a pain on the onscreen keyboard). or would the account screen have told me if it was wrong?08:35
mardymvo: I'm not sure, I didn't write the U1 account plugin08:37
mardymvo: but IIRC, I was getting an error message when creating an account with a wrong password08:37
mvomardy: ok, thanks. I check the source and see what I can find out08:38
mvomardy: just fyi, turns out that after I restarted the smartscope it knew about the newly added account08:47
mardymvo: ok... sounds like there's a bug there then08:47
seb128mhr3, ^ known issue?08:50
mhr3seb128, nope08:53
seb128k, probably worth filing then08:53
mhr3mvo, pls open a bug with detailed steps08:53
mvomhr3: sure, against what package/project?08:54
mhr3mvo, unity-scope-click08:55
ubilli8hi gues please i am trying to install  ubuntu touch on my techo p9 andriod 4.2 version it is not showing the list of usb devices09:07
ubilli8hi gues please i am trying to install  ubuntu touch on my techo p9 andriod 4.2 version it is not showing the list of usb devices09:33
SK_Can I user ubantu-touch for my Samsung Galaxy Note N700009:33
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Third Shift Workers' Day! :-D09:38
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mandelogra_, canI trust img 25 to get a data connection, testing supl servers with no data is kinda hard09:58
* mandel wasted some time..09:58
ogra_mandel, 25 should be fine10:00
ogra_26 and 27 are known to be broken10:00
mandelogra_, great, but that one does not have gc 4.8 correct?10:00
mandelogra_, so I need to grab one with a connection and do some fiddling10:01
ogra_http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/26.changes ... has the 4.8 changes10:01
mandelogra_, yet does no have data connection over 3g, correct?10:02
mandelogra_, I need both, 4.8 and data10:02
mandelor test the gps in my house, and is no that big!10:02
ogra_then you khave to wait 2h10:02
ogra_or make your image writable and install urfkill10:03
popeythere is probably a better way of doing this, but this is how I'm removing all the user-installed clicks from my phone ..10:28
popeyadb shell "sudo -u phablet -i click list| xargs -n 2 click unregister"10:29
popeyah, bum, need another sudo there10:29
popeyoh no, click list --user=phablet \o/10:30
popeyignore me10:30
* ogra_ tries hard ... and fails 10:41
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wellsbIs there some way to sign in to Ubuntu One account from the terminal?  I keep getting network error when I try through System Settings11:38
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nik90rsalveti: ping12:14
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alecumvo: in the click test plan, I think "Install latest (trusty-proposed) image on phone" should read "devel-proposed"12:42
alecumvo: that's why the click scope didn't have the rating stars, right?12:42
mvoalecu: yes, sorry for the noise12:43
alecumvo: no problem!12:43
mvoalecu: I already invalided the bugreport, I need to be more careful next time12:43
mvoalecu: on the latest image it works like a charm :)12:44
alecumvo: well.. we still have some bugs when trying to send a second review :-)12:44
* mvo hasn't tried that12:45
wellsbmterry, how can I login to ubuntu one account using accounts-console?12:52
seb128cyphermox, hey, do you know what are the plans for bluez in U?13:01
cyphermoxseb128: so far it's still bluez 413:03
cyphermoxI'd like to move to bluez 5 but that depends on a newer kernel to some degree, and as I understand it, changing that (or maybe even just patching the right bits in) may be a rather large undertaking13:03
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seb128cyphermox, ok, so no decided plan to switch, no "we need to switch this cycle, it's an hard requirement for $project"13:05
cyphermoxnot just yet13:06
cyphermoxthere's discussion whether it's a hard requirement for certifying devices for bluetooth13:06
seb128cyphermox, ok, let me know if you learn it needs to happen13:07
cyphermoxI've been saying it's not, that it just means that if we do, we need to possibly provide more SDK code to cover some low energy features13:07
cyphermoxbut some people don't agree.13:07
seb128I'm trying to estimate what the desktop team is going to need to work on this cycle13:07
seb128if we need to do that transition I want to budget time13:07
cyphermoxI'll try to get you a timeline this week13:07
seb128because it's going to require some work13:07
cyphermoxI'll participate in any bluetooth desktop transition of course ;)13:08
cyphermoxone major blocker for bluez 5 is still pulseaudio not supporting HSP though13:08
cyphermox(that is, headset with one output channel and one mic channel)13:08
cyphermoxthat remains a blocker for touch too, until I say otherwise13:09
seb128cyphermox, thanks for the update ;-)13:09
sergiusensdoanac: hey, can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/common_scripts/+merge/219520 ?13:13
cyphermoxseb128: np.13:18
Tassadarthat's funny, for some reason, the battery charge level in the top notifications seems to be the real value divided by 213:46
Tassadarupower -d displays the correct value13:46
Tassadarooh, it thinks it has two batteries13:54
Tassadarand one is always empty, because it isn't a batter13:54
rsalvetinik90: pong13:56
Tassadarrsalveti: upower thinks n5 has two batteries because it has one extra device for something, can I somehow blacklist it or something?13:56
nik90rsalveti: hi. I wanted to ask how to update the emulator image to the latest one. Can it be done normally via the system settings?13:56
nik90rsalveti: or do I need to recreate the emulator?13:57
rsalvetiTassadar: would be nice to know why the kernel is exporting the first device as battery13:57
rsalveticlearly missing features in it13:57
rsalvetithe real battery is the second one13:57
Tassadarit says "Unknown" in type file in /sys13:58
Tassadar(battery says "Battery")13:58
rsalvetinik90: not yet, we will be working on system-image updates over the next few days, atm you need to recreate or run apt-get update/upgrade13:58
sergiusensnik90: create again with the same name for now13:58
nik90rsalveti, sergiusens: ah ok13:58
rsalvetiwonder if the first battery device is used by android somwhoe13:59
rsalvetiI think you could either disable it in your kernel, or blacklist it in upower14:00
TassadarI don't think upower has any reason to think it's a battery Oo14:01
Tassadarit doesn't say it's batter14:01
rsalvetiTassadar: right, first we need to understand why upower wants to track this device14:04
Tassadaralso, it started a while ago (month maybe?), it wasn't always like this14:04
Tassadarare there some upower logs?14:04
rsalvetihm, maybe a newer upower? let me see when that was uploaded14:04
rsalvetiguess you can start it by hand with -v14:05
rsalveti/usr/lib/upower/upowerd -v14:05
rsalvetino, latest upower upload was last year14:06
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rsalvetimaybe you enabled a new kernel config or such?14:07
Tassadarhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/upower/master/view/head:/src/linux/up-device-supply.c#L1020 it seems to default to battery14:10
Tassadarmaybe the power-indicator just ignored it or somethin14:11
cwaynehm, black screen on latest -proposed on flo14:12
TassadarI'm not sure defauling to battery when it doesn't even have "capacity" sysfs file is a good idea, but I guess I can just disable that device in kernel config, it has only "current_now" sysfs file14:15
Tassadarrsalveti: where should I submit that change? To gerrit for ubuntu/kernel/trusty repo?14:17
rsalvetiTassadar: yeah14:19
dobeyTassadar: ooh, awesome! :)14:28
Tassadardon't celebrate just yet, gerrit refuses to give me the code, git pull ends with 503 :/14:28
doanacsergiusens: looks like you got that MP reviewed. you want me to run it through the CI loop or anything? https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/common_scripts/+merge/21952014:29
sergiusensdoanac: just want to make sure it doesn't break anything from you; we can do the ci loop once it's in a silo14:29
doanacsergiusens: sure. sounds good. did you see my MP for phablet-click-test-setup? not sure if that fit strategically with where you wanted that module to go, but it got me going on x86 for now14:30
sergiusensdoanac: oh, I might have missed it; let me check; if you are checking for arch et.al, it's good for now14:31
sergiusensdoanac: I don't really want to own the direction of QA, let's leave that to balloons since he started a thread wrt :-)14:31
ogra_so does that mean we'll finally get pee-in-a-box ?14:32
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ogra_or however that thing was called ?14:32
sergiusensif they want it14:33
sergiusensogra_: but I also think autopilot should be tied to the framework14:33
ogra_and finally rip the whole autopilot stuff out of the image14:34
sergiusensto the click framework that is14:34
sergiusenswelll either or14:34
sergiusensthis is the perfect scenario for golang and it's static linking; write the tests; build a standalone binary and run14:34
sergiusensno dep issues aside from dbus stability :-)14:34
balloonsogra_, I agree with ripping AP out.. it should either we tied to framework and made part of everything (which I don't think make sense), or removed and not treated as special14:34
ogra_cyphermox, ok, i can confirm no more WLAN on manta14:35
ogra_(on #28)14:35
cyphermoxthat's very weird14:35
ogra_wlan0      802-11-wireless   unavailable14:35
cyphermoxogra_: could you edit /etc/init/network-manager.conf to add --log-level=debug to the exec line, and reboot?14:35
cyphermoxthen send me syslog14:35
cyphermoxit's hard to say what this is when there is little baseline to compare14:36
balloonsogra_, sergiusens can one of you do the simple review and get this merged? https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/phablet-tools/default-to-1404-fixed/+merge/218191 It would be handy to default to the new framework14:36
ogra_cyphermox, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463044/14:40
ogra_cyphermox, oh, additional observation ... WLAN is unchecked in the UI14:47
ogra_cyphermox, and just checking it manually makes all being fine14:47
cyphermoxof course14:51
cyphermoxbut why does it ever go disabled there14:52
cyphermoxcould you also add --debug for the urfkill exec line and reboot and send me syslog again?14:52
cyphermoxfrom what I got from psivaa it shouldn't have been toggled off at all: urfkill was seeing the devices up14:52
ogra_cyphermox, after the meeting14:54
* ogra_ left the mako downstairs14:54
aquariushrm. dpm, ping about dualboot installation being hun14:55
dpmhey aquarius, let me see if I can grab someone to help in case I can't. What's up?14:55
aquariusdpm, I removed Ubuntu from the Android app, downloaded dualboot.sh, and ran dualboot.sh -- it's done a bunch of stuff, but now it seems to be hung at "cannot read 'sideload'"14:56
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dpmondra|, can you help aquarius with his question about installing dualboot? ^14:57
dpmI think I saw a bug about that14:57
aquariusdpm, ondra|, current log from my machine is at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7463139/14:57
dpmaquarius, ondra|, looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/humpolec/+bug/131737114:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1317371 in The Humpolec project "It shows "cannot read 'sideload' " message during installing" [Medium,Confirmed]14:58
aquariusindeed it does14:58
aquariusBug says "You will need to press "go back" and then it will retry to complete the sideload"14:59
aquariuswhere's there a "go back" button? :)14:59
aquariusand I have my device in this state right now, so I'm happy to try some things out to help with debugging if that'd be useful14:59
aquariusdpm, ondra|, maybe I should just kill dualboot.sh and reboot the phone and start again?15:06
aquariusor will I break the world if I do that?15:06
dpmaquarius, otp atm (sorry!)15:07
aquariusdpm, that's cool, no worries :)15:08
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ondraaquarius: sorry was in the meeting, looking now15:17
aquariusondra, no problem :)15:18
ondraaquarius: hmm what do you see on your phone's screen?15:19
ondraaquarius: are you able to reproduce this?15:20
aquariusondra, the text at the bottom of the pastebin, and "ADB Sideload" at the top with a "Cancel sideload" and "***Go Back***" (aha!) menu at the top15:20
aquariusand what looks like an orange circular arrow with a top hat on it. :)15:20
aquariusso I suspect I should highlight Go Back and try it and then the script will retry the sideload?15:21
aquarius(I didn't notice the menu!)15:21
ondraaquarius: can you please file another terminal and run "$ adb devices" there?15:21
aquariusI haven't reproduced this; this is the first time I've tried.15:21
aquariusondra, that's the output of adb devices.15:21
dobeyTassadar: ah, well, i was curiously poking at /sys about the asme problem a couple nights ago, so that you've found the actual issue and know how to fix it, it's worth celebration :)15:22
ondraaquarius: OK so looks like time issue, when script is waiting for sideload, it got error "* cannot read 'sideload' *"15:22
ondraaquarius: let me check script and see what we can do there15:22
Tassadarthe git server seems to be out :/15:22
ondraaquarius: for you, just cancel sideload from menu and try whole thing again15:23
aquariusondra, yeah. I can try the "Go back" thing (and the already-filed bug suggests that that's the correct approach), but I wanted to give you the chance to ask me to try things out if that would be useful :)15:23
dobeyTassadar: :-/15:23
ondraaquarius: yeah, I think I got idea now15:23
ondraaquarius: cancele dualboot.sh before going back15:23
ondraaquarius: it will not install things properly otherwise15:23
aquariusondra, so, I should ctrl-c dualboot.sh, then choose the "Go Back" menu item on the phone, then run dualboot.sh on my machine again?15:24
ondraaquarius: yeah, preferably reset phone back to android from recovery menu15:24
aquariusondra, what should I choose from the recovery menu to do that? I don't really want to factory reset because then I'll lose my android setup. I can just reboot from the recovery menu and wait until Android comes back up and then restart dualboot.sh?15:26
ondraaquarius: you can reboot from recovery menu or just run $ adb reboot15:26
ondraaquarius: I think top menu in recovery is reboot15:26
aquariusondra, hrm. I said "reboot system" in the recovery menu, and it says "Root access possibly lost. Fix? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE", with lots of "No" options and one "Yes - Fix root (/system/xbin/su)" option15:27
aquariusI'll tell it to fix it. :)15:32
ondraaquarius: that is fine. either response it fine15:33
aquariusok, trying dualboot.sh again :)15:33
ondraaquarius: also no would do, since we did not temper with anything anyway15:33
ondraaquarius: cool15:33
aquariusondra: OK, I got the same problem15:36
aquariusondra, I tried saying "Go Back" (more quickly this time) but it didn't work -- I'm now at the recovery menu on the phone. dualboot.sh thinks that it's finished15:37
ondraaquarius: damn it15:37
aquariusbut... I don't know whether it actually finished *correctly* or not!15:37
aquariusor whether it skipped the "sideload" step, whatever that is.15:37
ondraaquarius: no it failed15:37
ondraaquarius: let me check something15:37
ondraaquarius: but your system has different timing than my machines so good testing15:38
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ondraaquarius: OK can you run one test for me pls?15:42
ogra_bug 131921315:44
ubot5bug 1319213 in The Humpolec project "keeping user data keeps files in /var/crash which makes little sense" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131921315:44
aquariusondra, happily15:44
ondraaquarius: can you edit dualboot.mk and replace every occurrence of "$(adb devices | grep $DEVICE_ID)" with "$(adb devices 2>&1 | grep $DEVICE_ID)"15:44
ondraaquarius: and then rerun it please15:44
aquariusondra, dualboot.sh, right?15:45
ondraaquarius: yeah15:45
aquariusondra, trying now.15:46
scottsdeskHello I need help to put ubuntu on my android samsung galaxy sii gt-i910015:47
ondraaquarius: hmm, actually I think i won't help. will have to add trap15:47
aquariusondra, well, I'm trying, just to test; I'll let you know in a few minutes whether it helped ;)15:47
ondraaquarius: sure, thanks :)15:48
aquariusondra, nope, you are right, it did not help; same sideload problem.15:48
ondraaquarius: OK I will need to commute home, but I will prototype solution15:49
aquariusondra, OK15:49
ondraaquarius: sorry for the problem15:49
aquariusondra, what do you think the problem actually is?15:49
ondraaquarius: when we call "adb devices" it returns error15:50
ondraaquarius: adb deamon on your machine hits device in state when it is just getting from recovery state to the sideload state15:50
aquariusondra, and we're not handling the error correctly? I'll try poking the script in a few ways15:50
aquariuswhile you're commuting :)15:50
ondraaquarius: and instead returning no device it throes error15:50
ondraaquarius: we need to catch the error, so script just retry in 1 second15:51
aquariusondra, yeah; I'll have a go at fixing it myself :)15:51
aquariusondra, when I fail pathetically, you can fix it after you get home ;)15:52
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aquariusondra, OK, the problem is not that we're trying to adb while rebooting. I think it's that UPDATE-UbuntuInstaller.zip has not actually been downloaded!16:03
aquariusI'm trying to work out why.16:03
aquariusondra, right, yeah, that's the problem. If I explicitly specify "update" as a parameter, then (line 361) we call download_app_update, then install_ubuntu_installer. However, if I don't specify a parameter, we call auto_mode, which works out that I need to update, and then calls install_ubuntu_installer without actually calling download_app_update. I'll write this onto the bug.16:06
KlashDevIt's strange.. I'm geting white wallpaper on my Nexus 4 after installing Ubuntu-Touch 14.10 on my device.. =[16:09
KlashDevAnyone knows how to fix that?16:09
KlashDevIt seems that the image is too small for my phone screen (?)16:10
ogra_you mean the default wallpaper ?16:11
KlashDevnot the "Orange " one16:12
ogra_the default is white now16:12
KlashDevit has the same texture, but has no collors16:12
ogra_(and you cant change it currently)16:12
KlashDevoh, I see16:12
KlashDevthe "change wallpaper" setting is suggesting that old default image, so I should ignore that?16:13
KlashDevok =)16:13
ogra_seb128, do we have any info what to do with that yet ? ^^^^16:13
seb128ogra_, no :/16:14
seb128ogra_, Mark didn't reply to Laney's email afaik, and we didn't get real replies from design either16:14
ogra_did you ask mpt ?16:15
KlashDev=/ that's okay, I was just wondering if thas was just my Phone  ^^16:15
ogra_he could probably forward the request to colleagues if he cant make a decision himself16:15
ogra_KlashDev, well it is an issue ... thanks for bringing it  up :)16:15
ogra_helps to get reminded of it from time to time16:16
LaneyI remember about it every time I use the phone :P16:16
LaneyI think if there's no answers by the end of the month then we should give up and implement the new design16:16
KlashDev^^ Me thank you guys for taking the project foward =]16:16
KlashDevgoin' now, good bye and thank you again16:17
seb128ogra_, yes, he went to ask John, who said it was discussed between Mark and some other designer and neither were around to check out what's going on16:17
seb128achiang said he would try to get answers as well16:17
seb128not sure how that went16:17
ogra_ah ... well, i guess we'll have to wait til the cloiuds are out of marks head again16:17
aquariusblimey, there are about a million different channels to install. Which should I choose? utopic?16:18
ogra_probably not the week to expect any phone stuff from him16:18
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ogra_aquarius, ubuntu-touch-devel16:18
ogra_aquarius, never use a named channel, they are dead ends16:18
aquariusogra_, is "devel" all the super-latest bleeding edge stuff?16:19
aquariusgood. :)16:19
ogra_thats devel-proposed16:19
ogra_devel is the QAed version of -proposed16:19
* aquarius installs devel.16:19
aquariusthat's what I'm looking for. cheers ogra_16:19
* aquarius updates https://bugs.launchpad.net/humpolec/+bug/1317371 to describe what the problem is :)16:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1317371 in The Humpolec project "It shows "cannot read 'sideload' " message during installing" [Medium,Confirmed]16:20
achiangseb128: i got unsatisfying answers about that thread... i think it needs to be raised at upcoming sprint16:21
seb128achiang, ok, that was our conclusion as well16:22
seb128achiang, thanks16:22
achiangsorry i wasn't more effective16:23
seb128no worry ;-)16:24
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scottsdesk Hello I need help to put ubuntu on my android samsung galaxy sii gt-i91016:30
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scottsdeskhelp please16:45
ogra_scottsdesk, talk to the person who did the port for your device16:46
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:46
ogra_there should be a link on that wikipage16:46
scottsdeskI have a stock rom for my samsung galaxy gt-i9100, and just need to know how to flash it using ubuntu 12.04 my os16:47
ogra_oh, no idea about that ... there is a special tool for samsung phones ... heimdall ? odin ? some nordic thing16:48
ogra_i guess google is your best friend16:48
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ondraaquarius: that makes sense17:37
ondraaquarius: since I have it here already downloaded17:37
ondraaquarius: yeah you are right, just checked script and it's missing for auto mode, not downloading anything17:41
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Tassadargit pull from https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/p/ubuntu/kernel/trusty.git returns 503 or 502 errors, is there somebody I can bug about that?17:51
scottsdeskwill someone please point me to the best direction to flash my original rom for my samsung galaxy sii gt-i9100 using ubuntu 12.04? Please, Please, Please, with suse on top17:59
doanacmterry: i'm on my way out for the day, but wanted to share my idea for unlock-device: https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/unity8/unlock-device-emulator/+merge/21957317:59
mterrydoanac, commented18:04
rsalvetiTassadar: I'm getting that as well, trying to investigate what is going on18:04
Tassadarcool, thanks18:05
rsalvetiTassadar: gerrit should be working fine again18:41
Tassadaryeah, works, thanks18:41
Tassadarrsalveti: looks like the device is actualy part of a code which changes charging current according to battery's temprature (hight temprature -> lower current), and the "current_now" file it exposes through sysfs is just the minimal charging current it will switch to if temprature is too high18:55
TassadarI don't want to remove that, I think18:56
rsalvetiright, then it's actually used for something18:56
Tassadarwell not the sysfs entry itself I don't think, but I really think upower shouldn't consider it a battery by default18:57
rsalvetiright, then it might be better to blacklist, or just not add it when matches the same condition18:58
rsalvetiunknown with no useful property18:58
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TassadarI mean, it sets "POWER_SUPPLY_TYPE_BMS, /* Battery Monitor System */" type for itself, dunno why kernel says "Unknown when I cat the type file18:59
Tassadargeneric the sysfs which converts the type id to text is missing text for that type19:06
Tassadarhow did that results in "Unknown" I don't know19:06
Tassadarno, I know, the next array after this one starts with "Unknown"19:06
rsalvetihm, right19:07
Tassadarbut it doesn't matter19:07
Tassadareven if it will say "BMS", upower will still make it battery19:07
Tassadarrsalveti: where can I blacklist it?19:10
TassadarI mean, I can try to fix upower, but I don't know very much about things like UPS and I suppose it would take quite a while for that to get into ubuntu touch19:11
rsalvetiyeah, would need to dig upower to know19:12
rsalvetiif you get a patch fixing upower I can review and sponsor the upload19:12
TassadarI'm kinda worried I'd break something, there is a comment with that defalt-to-battery code "/* this is a good guess as UPS and CSR are not in the kernel */"19:13
Tassadardo UPS things have capacity? I dunno19:13
Tassadaror I can add support for that class of device ("BMS"), but It kinda looks like it's just for hammerhead19:14
rsalvetithat would at least not break anything19:15
Tassadarupower doesn't know a lot of named power_supply things actually19:17
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Tassadarokay, I'll try to add them and make a merge request19:17
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Tassadarhm, that "default to battery" thing probably makes all those unhandled types work :D19:26
Tassadarwell, I'll make them handle as a battery and remove that default behavior19:27
Tassadarrsalveti: do you know anybody who works on upower?19:32
Tassadaroh, wait, that's not canonical's project19:33
rsalvetiTassadar: pitti, but he's only on #ubuntu-devel19:33
rsalvetiright, that's a normal upstream project19:33
rsalvetimaybe they got an irc channel or similar?19:34
Tassadaruhg, that code is five years old19:37
t1mpbzoltan: I'm still here but my connection to canonical irc broke :s19:47
t1mpbzoltan: I'm having a deja vu, or we had these errors before? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7464458/19:47
Tassadarrsalveti: I've uploaded fix for that type sysfs to gerrit. I will send an email to upower's mailing list, but it will probably take ages to get fixed, so I'm tempted to just hack it in the kernel by making the device provide also "online" file, which will make upower think it's A/C adapter19:52
Tassadarwhich will fix the incorrect percentage in battery indicator19:52
rsalvetiTassadar: alright, sounds good19:53
Tassadarokay, I'll submit that to gerrit too once I'll test it19:53
dobeyhmm, should things like unity-api, unity-scopes-api, and ubuntu-download-manager not be in the ubuntu-sdk-team ppa?19:55
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Tassadarrsalveti: okay, I've send the e-mail and the hack is in gerrit now too. The online file even reports not-random value (it is 1 if the charger is plugged in, otherwise 0).20:33
rsalveticool, will check your patch later today, thanks20:33
Tassadaroh, this is why it was working correctly some time ago: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-power/trunk.14.04/revision/23720:35
rsalvetiright, makes sense now20:43
Tassadarby the way, lots of kernel bugs getting revealed by not using "the right way")20:52
sergiusenspopey: still around? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/507/changerequest/ and https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/506/changerequest/20:56
mibofrahi guys, two little questions. 1)I've an arm device, a tablet, arm v 7 mounting an allwinner tech a13, can I install ubuntu touch on it? 2)even if I use adb to boot to the bootloader with adb reboot bootloader, that's only reboot the devices so I can't use fastboot, I can boot normally or in recovery mode (android 4.0.4). Do you have any suggestion for this? Thanks to everyone for every answer will be given.21:24
dobey!devices | mibofra21:30
ubot5mibofra: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices21:30
dobeyuh oh21:54
* dobey wonders what package is missing in #2921:54
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popeydobey: people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/29.changes22:11
ahayzen_popey, my indicator-network disappeared is this related to the package drop or the update in indicator-network itself?22:12
dobeyyeah, no network indicator22:14
dobeyoh well22:14
popeycyphermox: ^22:14
dobeythough i am clearly on the network22:15
ahayzen_popey, dobey, it is there in the tabs but the icon is missing22:15
dobeysending sms and getting data22:15
popeyahayzen_: can you file a bug pls? - ubuntu-bug indicator-network ?22:17
popey(on the device)22:17
ahayzen_popey, how will i be able to open the web browser link....oh do it through terminal app?22:19
popeyadb shell ubuntu-bug indicator-network22:19
ahayzen_popey, yep done that... then S ?22:19
popeyyou'll see the link spat out on the command line, click it on your desktop22:19
popeyassuming its on the network?22:19
ahayzen_popey, yep QtCreator sorted that out22:19
ahayzen_popey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+bug/1319587 ?22:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1319587 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "Indicator-network icon missing on device" [Undecided,New]22:23
popeythanks ahayzen_22:23
ahayzen_popey, np22:23
thomiSaviq: awake?22:51
thomiI wonder if some friendly unity8 devs could review this for me please https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/unity8/trunk-fix-import-location/+merge/21961622:52
Randy_OANyone have any experience packaging a QML app on launchpad?23:34

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