MooDoomorning all05:55
jussiMooDoo: morning06:12
MooDoomorning jussi how are you on this fine day?06:32
jussiMooDoo: fine day? meh. Im alive, I guess...06:33
MooDoojussi: it's nice and sunny where I am and it's HUMP day so can't grumble06:33
jussican someone just make this day go away? feels like a monday :(06:34
=== msm is now known as Guest62459
* DJones blames AlanBell for the crashed chicken transporter on the M62 near Warrington causing 2 hour delays for anybody heading onlong it towards Manchester08:11
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:13
MartijnVdSDJones: psh, as if people want to go TO manchester08:14
nigelbburrrrrn :D08:15
DJonesMartijnVdS: Can't disagree with that08:15
DJonesJust glad I was going in the other direction08:15
DJonesHopefully I won't need to go out to out Openshaw depot today08:16
DJonesIf I do, it'll be roast chicken for the next 6 months for dinner08:16
=== stevenm is now known as Fruitness
Myrttithere we go, now I've got the song in my head again09:13
Myrtti/o\  http://open.spotify.com/track/7IW8D32HseVQHeo8J67BBl09:13
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Third Shift Workers' Day! :-D09:37
mappsmorning mate09:57
directhexprotip for BT internet users: http://redirect.svc.networks.btretail.net/webredirect/?d=www.bt.com/appsconsumeraccount/ipSharing.do09:58
TwistedLucidityAny way I can tell if a release upgrade is actually running? I have no GUI or terminal output to show that anything is actually happening.10:01
TwistedLucidityWhen I try to start it again, I get a lock warning.10:02
TwistedLucidityTrying to go from Kubuntu 13.10 to 14.0410:02
mappsnot sure10:03
MartijnVdSdirecthex: what's it about?10:04
MartijnVdSFrom the URL + a bit of google.. CGNAT?10:04
directhexMartijnVdS, due to IPv4 address space exhaustion, BT have helpfully decided to use carrier grade NAT for domestic customers10:04
directhexthe URL is for opt-out.10:05
BigRedS_TwistedLucidity: "ps aux | grep dpkg"10:10
Laneywowzers I never noticed that terminator can open LP: #XXXX bugs before10:10
TwistedLucidityBigRedS_: Ah, tah much. "pgrep dpkg" seems to work too.10:10
TwistedLucidityWhy I have no indication of progress is a msytery to me.10:11
TwistedLucidityOh well, shall let it trundle along10:11
BigRedS_TwistedLucidity: yeah, I tend to distrust just pgrep and always want to know what the actual command was10:21
BigRedS_also, the content of the lock file may be a pid, I can't remember with dpkg10:22
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:35
popeypip pip10:39
popeyhows the phablet?10:39
mappshi bigcalm10:51
bigcalmpopey: the S5? It's nice10:53
bigcalmpopey: not quite into phablet sizes. Still smaller than the Note10:53
bigcalmThat said, does make my S3 feel small10:54
jussimy s3 died a horrible death...11:10
jussishe fell on the tiled floor11:10
jussiand broke her face...11:10
jussinow I cant see any expression from her, even though her heart still beats. She needs serious surgery to revive her11:11
popeyi could do with a nexus 4 with a smashes screen11:13
diploI've got my sisters S3 with smashed screen11:16
diploBut its about £90 to fix myself or £140 in the shop11:16
jussipopey: what will you trade me for mine...? :D11:16
jussiits only minorly smashed, a small break in the right lower corner... :D11:17
Myrttiprotip: get a cover for it11:18
popeyjussi: a nexus 4?11:18
MyrttiI ♥ Ringke Fusion11:18
jussipopey: yes11:18
popeythats what I have on mine11:18
popeybut replacing with an orange cover11:19
jussiMyrtti: thats why it only has a small break - i have a cover on it11:19
popeyjussi: you could donate it to me, and I'll use it for the betterment of Ubuntu phone. Thank you!11:19
popeyi need a phone I can use to run some automated tests11:19
jussipopey: my wife would be unhappy with that arrangement. can you provide some other phone to trade? :D11:19
popeyI have an HTC Hero I'm not using ☻11:20
MartijnVdSthe phone with the chin11:20
jussi*G* sorry... no :P11:21
foobarryhow do i pass an env variable to a ruby script? https://github.com/thorin/redmine_ldap_sync/blob/master/README.md11:27
foobarryThe tasks recognize three environment variables:11:27
foobarryDRY_RUN - Performs a run without changing the database.11:27
foobarrycannot see how to do this :S11:27
MartijnVdSfoobarry: DRY_RUN=1 ./script11:28
MartijnVdSfoobarry: or11:28
MartijnVdSexport DRY_RUN=111:28
foobarryoh. easy peasy. thanks11:28
MartijnVdSenv DRY_RUN=1 ./script11:28
MartijnVdSLots of ways :)11:28
foobarryhmm.. that works, but the dry run fails11:29
foobarrythe real "wet" run does work. weird11:30
foobarrysums up my experience of ruby on rails tbh11:31
mappsjust read that kid lost his fight with cancer11:39
mappsraised 3.5million11:39
mappsbut died today (11:39
MooDooyeah how sad11:43
MooDooStephens story11:43
MooDoohe's a legend11:43
MooDoomorning diddledan_11:48
foobarrywhat did he raise money for?12:05
MooDooteenage cancer trust12:06
foobarrywhat do they do?12:06
MooDoosupport young teenagers with cancer12:06
foobarrygood effort12:09
MyrttiI've donated over 100 pounds this year for Cancer Research12:10
MooDooI'm getting on that way....12:10
foobarryi get a bit confused about where the line is drawn between the research done by pharmas and charities12:10
Myrttieven have a policy that if anyone wishes to donate to me or a charity because I've helped them, I point them to CRUK12:11
MooDoofogive my ignorances, but pharmas research the cure, charaties deal with the people that have it?12:11
* MooDoo looks at Myrtti with the aim of giving her a big hug12:11
foobarryi dunno. i assume the human side is in the charity, but cancer research UK are massive research org12:11
MooDoofoobarry: I don't care, they want money from me to find a cure, they got it.12:12
foobarryof course12:12
Myrttifoobarry: rare cancers or cancers that can't be diagnosed early enough to be cured aren't targeted by pharma12:12
foobarryi just wonder if the pharmas just bank a profit or feed back into the charities12:12
Myrttiif 90% of diagnosed kick the bucket within 6 months of diagnosis, there isn't that much incentive for pharma's to do research12:13
diddledan_we're allowed to hug, now, MooDoo ?12:13
diddledan_I thought there was a strictly hands-off policy12:13
MooDoodiddledan_: only if Myrtti gives you permission12:13
foobarryi lost my dad to pancreatic cancer last yr. there's not a great survival rate12:13
diddledan_maybe it's just me :-p12:14
MooDoomy dad was diagnosed with blood cancer two weeks ago12:14
Myrttifoobarry: my mum went almost 6 months to the day from diagnosis for bile duct cancer12:14
* MooDoo sobs12:15
diddledan_I need a new mouse12:15
* foobarry hugs all round12:15
diddledan_:-( /me hugs MooDoo12:16
foobarryfeels inappropriate to share that dog video now12:16
MyrttiI can't remember much of 2011 - I realised when I was looking at the past results of Eurovision12:16
* foobarry waits a while12:16
foobarryym job is to provide good IT solutions to research (including medical research). feel a bit bettr about doing good work for those guys instead of my previous life in banks where it just profited the traders12:19
jussito make a user full admin, which groups should I add them to?12:25
jussiI intend to delete the main user and want to replace it with this one12:25
Wobbo It runs, but it continuously hang. I've had it before, I do not know why and I do not know how I can fix this. But, Android ADT works fine.12:28
jussiMooDoo: more info needed?12:28
MooDoojussi: I'm thinking out loud lol12:28
jussiMooDoo: oh, ok :)12:28
TwistedLucidityWell the upgrade didn't go too bad. Any fix for Ubuntu insisting I am using a US keyboard, even though every settings says GB?12:28
MooDoojussi: do they just want to be able to do everything? couldn't you just add them to the sudo group so that they can run the sudo command?12:29
diddledan_sudo is the correct way12:29
MooDoophew got that one right then :)12:30
jussiMooDoo: I dunno, is that enough? the point is that I need to give this PC back to work, and I want to delete the user so all the info disappears12:30
MooDoojussi: if they can sudo they can do anything12:31
jussibut there needs to be a replacement user that can log in and do whatever12:31
Myrttiremember to vote! --> http://www.euvox.eu/12:53
foobarryforgot to post my vote12:55
foobarrymaybe tomorrow12:55
foobarrythe EU list is ridiculous... animal welfare party plus a load of extreme group12:55
MyrttiI was reading about the falsified eu vote ads the other day12:57
Myrttisome are trying to mislead by telling people that voting for some party will basically put their vote in the discard pile because they won't get elected anyway, but the EU vote is proportional, not first past the post12:59
bashrcso what is euvox?13:01
bashrcI would really like to vote for policies, not parties13:02
shaunothere's a pretty decent tradition of ridiculous parties.  monster raving loonies comes to mind.  we apparently have a dog running here locally?13:02
Myrttibashrc: you answer the questionnaire and it tells you which party is closest to what you've answered13:02
MyrttiI'm a bit shocked that it gave me LibDem as the closest UK match instead of something I was expecting13:03
diddledan_it gave me libdem too13:04
Myrttibut I'm not voting in the UK election yet so that's fine, I'm spared of making a decision13:04
bashrcI don't think I would vote libdem, but that's maybe a topic for a different channel13:05
shaunoweird questionaire.  it seems to spend the entire second half asking me what party?13:06
jussiI did it, got Vihrea :)13:07
jussieven though I cant vote...13:07
Myrttiah, the way the proportional vote in EU UK vote is calculated is the same as in Finland13:08
MyrttiI'm confused by the lack of possibility of voting for a candidate though13:08
Myrttibut oh well13:08
shaunoI'm not entirely convinced it actually came up with an answer for me; http://i.imgur.com/ksg6wC2.png13:09
jussiMyrtti: Im just confused.13:09
DJonesHeh, Mine came out with Lib Dem, Conservative & Labour all virtually the same, with UKIP as a negative13:09
MyrttiI should probably do the same questionnaire for the UK vote...13:09
TwistedLucidityMyrtti: Thanks for that. Apparently I am just slightly to the right to Attila the Hun. :-P13:09
jussiDJones: you really are confused.... :P13:10
TwistedLuciditybashrc: That's not a bad idea. I (sort of) agree with the Greens, but a few of their policies are IMnsHO backwards13:11
TwistedLucidityAFAICT, they're the least bad candidate. :-S13:11
DJonesjussi: Maybe not that confused, just don't trust any of the parties13:12
bashrcif there is a Pirate Party candidate I'll probably vote for them13:12
DJonesI wonder whether a vote for UKIP would be better than ending up with a Nick Griffin as MEP as we've got now13:13
bashrcgood grief13:13
TwistedLucidityI'll start an "Honesty Party". Policies #1: We're in it for own benefit.  #2 Maximise expenses claims and free trips. #3 Err...that's all.13:13
diddledan_this is me: http://imgur.com/mjZU46d13:14
diddledan_I'm a leftie I guess13:14
DJonesI bet the back end to that questionnaire is going into some poll somewhere on peoples expected voting habits13:15
TwistedLuciditydiddledan_: Put the tree-huggers at the top, shuffle LibDem and Labour down...mine had almost the same %s13:15
diddledan_lol @ treehuggers13:15
shaunohopefully they're using it to weed out the ukip voters so they can be deported appropriately13:16
bashrcI am a computationalist13:16
TwistedLucidityIf they weren't anti-nuke and anti-rail, I could vote from them with a clear conscience.13:16
diddledan_I'm completely glad that ukip scored badly. I don't want to associate with racists13:16
foobarryUKIP didn't start as racists13:16
bashrcdid they start as idiots?13:17
TwistedLuciditydiddledan_: UKIP have *nothing* on some of the moon-unit leaflets I've been getting through the door13:17
foobarrythey just started as an anti EU version of the tories13:17
foobarryeven BNP used to say "freedom of movement in EU is fine"13:17
bashrcactually my certificate unit name is "Moon Unit"13:17
diddledan_foobarry, now they're isolationist and xenophobic, which IMO equates to racism13:18
shaunoif I can just skip straight ahead to the Godlwin line, you ever wonder how the national socialists were facists rather than socialists?  they didn't start out that way either.13:18
foobarrydiddledan_: yes, they are now13:18
TwistedLucidityAnd in all faireness too them, the EU is a corrupt cesspool (bit like Westminster really). I like the idea of a united Europe, but some of the EU shenannigans makes me a sad puppy.13:18
foobarryand many BNP types fill their ranks13:18
foobarryTwistedLucidity: hence the popular vote from lots of old people13:18
foobarryat the last bunch of elections13:19
foobarrybut UKIP are now spouting lots of bnp rhetoric13:19
foobarryand are saying nasty things13:19
diddledan_my main problem with europe is that the court of human rights is an autonomous unit with no oversight13:19
diddledan_like the NSA13:19
TwistedLucidityOne of the candidates here was ejected for UKIP for being *too* racist!13:19
bashrcX all the Ys!13:19
foobarrysame here13:20
foobarrythat henwood bloke13:20
foobarrysaid bad things about lenny henry13:20
TwistedLuciditydiddledan_: They can always change the laws that the ECHR enforces....13:20
diddledan_TwistedLucidity true13:20
bashrcI think Henry will have the last laugh13:20
TwistedLucidityOFF WITH HIS HEAD!13:21
TwistedLucidityOh, wrong Henry....13:21
diddledan_bashrc, he's a comedian, of course he's going to have the last laugh :-p13:21
bashrcshouldn't that be "her"?13:21
foobarryhe hasn't been funny since i was a child13:21
TwistedLucidityI think the EU is a scapegoat for changes the politicos in the UK want to ram through regardless of any opposition (e.g. Routemasters, driving test centres etc)13:23
bashrcdriving test centres?13:26
TwistedLucidityThe UK claimed that because the EU mandated tests at 50km/h (31m/h) that they couldn't be done on roads and millions now needed to be spent on new ones with test areas13:33
TwistedLucidityThis resulted in many old ones being closed, which meant long trips for some13:34
TwistedLucidityOf course the projects over ran and weren't ready on time...a total shambles.13:34
bashrctest areas.  sounds cool13:35
TwistedLucidityTurns out, the UK could simply have varied the speed to 48km/h (30m/h) but chose not to13:35
bashrcso it was an argument over 2km/h ?13:36
TwistedLuciditySo the UK claimed, although it never was13:36
bashrcthose kinds of things aren't very important.  it would be better if they argued about something more exciting13:38
TwistedLuciditySimialr thing happened in London when the ditch Routemasters for bendies. "Oh the EU is forcing us too..." Lies.13:38
TwistedLuciditybashrc: That's the point, there was no argument. The UK made it up13:38
bashrcstill, the test centres could have been cool13:39
TwistedLucidityThey exist13:39
bashrcdo they have bits that you can swerve around?13:39
TwistedLucidityThat's part of the test, yes13:40
bashrcoh that sounds glorious13:40
TwistedLucidityI'd have to go look up all the bits again.13:40
Myrttiit's super confusing that there's a little kid with my name in the neighbourhood13:40
TwistedLuciditybashrc: It's not a skid pan13:40
TwistedLucidityThat's a thing I would love to have a go on13:40
MyrttiFinnish driving lessons have to include the skidding part13:41
TwistedLucidityI am told the UK license is much harder these days. Certainly my bike test was harder than my car test (about 5 years apart)13:42
foobarryi believe all the stories now that i have worked in public sector13:44
foobarryi didn't see how they could be true13:44
foobarrynow i wonder how anything gets done13:44
foobarrywho uses redmine? MooDoo ?13:44
diddledan_I try to know as little about redmine as I can get away with to actually work it13:45
foobarryjust spent 3 days solidly working on a new redmine server, all bells and whistles13:45
diddledan_our install is seriously outdated tho13:45
foobarrybeen quite a challenge tweaking it, getting ldap -> sync, etc13:46
foobarryfindign correct plugins for other tweaks13:46
foobarryhave one small issue remaining13:47
foobarrya stndard install would take me ~ 1hr13:47
foobarrybut this has been a beast13:47
awilkinsfoobarry, I use / admin Redmine13:57
awilkinsfoobarry, My install wiki page takes about 20 minutes13:58
awilkinsWe have LDAP and Mylyn integration plus the "Add managers to P1 tickets as watchers" plugin I wrote.13:58
awilkinsOndrej Sury's PPAs help immensely13:58
foobarryawilkins: what ppas?14:00
awilkinsfoobarry, https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/redmine14:01
foobarryalso, my particular setup requires creating of tickets from anon users, which i have done, but14:01
foobarrythe anon users don't get sent the emails14:01
awilkinsHe used to support back to precise, but that seems to have gone14:01
awilkinsOh, goody, the packages are still there14:02
foobarryso i use the redminecrm plugin, and i can send a note to the anon user but i still can't get them added as a watcher by default which is what i want, because i want techies to reply via email to tickets and the anon user gest the mail14:02
awilkinsOh, criminey, no they are not14:02
foobarryi'm on 14.0414:02
awilkinsfoobarry, Yeah, I think we will be too soon at this rate :-)14:02
foobarryany ideas about my issue?14:03
awilkinsNot used that plugin.. and we don't allow anonymous access.14:03
foobarrysounds similar to your plugin, was it a lot of work?14:03
awilkinsIt's about 20 lines of Ruby?14:04
foobarryi sync my ldap users but new-not-yet added potential users need to converse via email tickets14:04
awilkinsfoobarry, https://github.com/awilkins/redmine_priority_mail_watcher14:04
* foobarry looks14:04
foobarrywhich version does this support? could be handy for us14:05
awilkinsSupports ermmmmm 2.x up to 2.4.3 at least14:05
awilkinsAnd as mentioned in the comments, it's rubbish14:05
awilkinsThe config is "edit the source code"14:05
foobarryi see.14:05
foobarrydo u change the UI theme at all?14:06
awilkinsAnd I lied, it's about 50 lines of Ruby14:06
foobarrywonder if default is best14:06
foobarryi just had a lok14:06
foobarryredmine is so awesome yet always something a little missing14:08
foobarryfor your needs14:08
awilkinsYeah. And I kinda wish it was written in Python14:08
foobarryi feel so shonky doing this ruby rake stuff14:08
awilkinsRuby is blech14:08
foobarryfeel outta my depth14:08
diddledan_ruby scares me14:08
diddledan_I think it's because it's so completely different to anything I've used before14:09
awilkinsI sat down with a Ruby on Rails book and felt a bit better afterwards14:09
awilkinsit's just sort of framework-by-convention14:09
foobarryi should do that, which boko?14:09
awilkinsCan't remember, it was at my local hackerspace in manchester...14:09
awilkinsI should have borrowed it14:10
awilkinsThere's the Ruby Koans too14:10
awilkinsHelps with the syntax14:10
awilkinsIt's just a bunch of broken unit tests and you learn Ruby by fixing them14:10
foobarryi just get confused about user permissions14:11
foobarrywho can run rake etc14:11
foobarrywho *should* run it too14:11
awilkinsI think that's just about who has the access rights to the folder14:11
shaunoI feel we should offer hugs.14:12
shaunohah, sorry, I was scrolled up to "I use / admin redmine".  whoops14:12
awilkinsRedmine Survivors Network14:12
foobarryi need chocolate14:12
foobarryfound out my wife has been chomping my chocolate14:12
foobarryshe ate 2 of my flake bars yesterday, 1 day after finding out i had a stash14:12
shaunoI fear you didn't read the fineprint on the vows.  if you're married, the chocolate is no longer yours14:13
foobarrythats why i have secret stashes14:13
foobarrybut i popped one on my strawberry dairy ice cream and her eyes lit up14:13
foobarryshould have munched it secretly int he kitchen14:13
awilkinsThe world here is too hot15:17
awilkinsJust in this office I suspect15:18
awilkinsWe lease it so they have no incentive to make us comfortable15:18
Myrttishould I go and get more laundry to wash? done three loads already today...15:20
diddledan_Myrtti, you're doing well then15:32
diddledan_I need to do some, too15:33
Myrttiwell it's a pretty day and we don't have a dryer15:34
Myrttiso laundry day it is15:34
daftykinsso you guys know Specsavers?17:52
daftykinsi was at the owner's house today O_O17:52
daftykinsanywho looked at a clients system today...17:58
daftykinsover 2 million bad sectors on an 80GB HDD, seems legit17:58
funkyHatAssessment: OK :D17:59
DJones80Gb HDD, how old is it17:59
daftykinswell it came in a dodgy deal PC, running all kinds of questionable software18:00
daftykinsas the SMART info there reads, it's been powered on for 2 years at least18:00
daftykinsfunkyHat: yeah i love that bit, apparently everything's fine if you ignore 2 million sectors have gone 8D18:00
daftykinsthen the second disk in the system is a 1TB WD... checking its' warranty i learn that it was pulled from a WD My Book Essentials unit, so likely an external HDD enclosure - and was out of warranty back in Jan 201218:02
DJonesAnd thats running Specsavers :) ?18:04
daftykinslol no totally unrelated18:04
DJonesDon't answer that, client confidentiality etc18:04
daftykinsthe system was at a building firm who are working on the owners place18:04
daftykinswhy does tzdata always get these updates 0o18:05
daftykinsok i have to restart my host for patch tuesday ho-hum ;_;18:06
daftykinstalking of knackered HDDs, now zeroing my 2TB one that went wonky :O!18:23
daftykinsi just worked out with some basic maths that this 80GB HDD that has 2 million bad sectors... has 8.5GB bad space :)18:37
shaunotzdata gets updates because timezones are crazy.  eg, http://www.worldtimezone.com/dst_news/dst_news_egypt05.html  (Egypt announced on may 8th that it's starting DST on may 15th.  changing your timezone with 1 week warning requires out-of-cycle updates)18:48
daftykinsty sir18:51
shaunoits' nice to think of it the other way around - it's impressive that given one week warning, your machine is already all set.  yaknow, just in case you go to egypt tomorrow18:51
shaunoseriously :)  all the XP machines are going to get it wrong18:52
daftykinsi was disappointed to see that XP still gets the Malicious Software Removal Tool each month18:53
shaunoI'm disappointed that "malicious software removal" doesn't remove XP18:53
daftykinsnow now18:54
daftykinsi'm doing these Western Digital warranty extension card things18:54
daftykinsthey've got the silver scratchcard style strips with the code under...18:54
daftykinsonly scratching with a coin also scratches off the code underneath18:55
shaunoso you didn't win anything :(18:57
daftykinsnah :(19:03
daftykinscrikey, there we go 6 scratched and codes entered19:04
daftykinswewp wewp19:04
daftykins£18 to extend 6 disks to 4 year warranty from 319:04
shaunoincluding shipping?19:04
daftykinsalas no :(19:05
daftykins£4.95 shipping from ebuyer19:05
daftykinsin fact good call, have to ask for the VAT back now19:05
daftykinsguys, 14.04 desktop - should single user mode by submitting the extra kernel boot parameter of 'single' work or not?19:22
shaunoit does on server.  I know it's not an answer, but it's an awkward silence19:36
daftykinsty sir19:38
daftykinsit fudges up on desktop, all you get is a blinking cursor and no TTYs19:38
daftykins(tested in a VM)19:38
SuperEngineerSteam's todo list [no completed : 1/ have major foul up 2/ keep absolutely silent about it 3/ treat customers [wage-payers] as if they do'nt exist.  Job complete.19:40
SuperEngineersub no/now19:41
daftykinsLinux edition? :)19:42
SuperEngineerdaftykins: yup, all versions, & it is major. [sorry for late reply - listening to UUPC]20:42
shaunobah, humblebundle sending emails titled "ACTION REQUIRED" is not cool, at all.  'action required' means I've done something wrong, something's broke, or I owe you money.  It does not mean you want me to sign up for moar lists20:56
shaunoman, there is nothing more annoying than trying to convince people that isps, harddrives, etc don't use kilo=1000 just to trick you21:24
diddledan_shauno, it's all a scam, though, isn't it?21:32
shaunoone of these days, I will hunt you down21:36

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