tony-smlrrick_h_: Im trying to install the bookie chrome extension and im getting error: I could not Ping the server with your settings. Server said: API key is invalid.00:17
tony-smlrurl: https://bmark.us/api/v100:18
tony-smlrIs that correct?00:18
rick_h_tony-smlr: so that means that the api key isn't right. Check for spaces?00:18
tony-smlrCool that worked rick_h_ !00:19
rick_h_tony-smlr: woot00:19
mrgoodcatpossibly should strip input from that though?00:19
mrgoodcatcopy paste often has spaces00:20
mrgoodcatand that's how i do my api key every time00:20
rick_h_yea, I've thought about it, and with the api key being a limited scope of characters we could probably do that00:20
tony-smlryea,  I read it wrong and thought it was the password...00:20
tony-smlrbut I was able to login and find the api key.  thanks for the help00:20
mrgoodcatcould be a password input instead too00:24
rick_h_ah, yea the api key is different. You can reset it easily and this way your password isn't sent in any urls or visible shoulder watchers00:25
mrgoodcatrick_h_: gah downloaded the chrome_ext source thinking it would be a simple fix. can't even find the relevant code00:26
rick_h_mrgoodcat: lol00:26
mrgoodcatnever made a chrome extension00:26
rick_h_yea, the extension is in the process of getting moved over00:26
mrgoodcatnever used YUI00:26
rick_h_and isn't setup and easy to use atm00:26
rick_h_that's something I've got to spend some time on, but i'll be nice to get it out of the main bookie source and own thing00:26
mrgoodcatah got it. so where is the current code?00:26
rick_h_the goal is to port it to raw js https://github.com/bookieio/Bookie/tree/develop/extensions/chrome_ext00:27
bookiebothttp://is.gd/EyMqmC - Bookie/extensions/chrome_ext at develop · bookieio/Bookie · GitHub00:27
rick_h_is the code in trunk and https://github.com/bookieio/bookie-chrome is the new repo00:27
bookiebothttp://is.gd/cNvZZI - bookieio/bookie-chrome · GitHub00:27
rick_h_to port and work on00:27
mrgoodcatso i made the assumption that options.js was the relevant code00:28
rick_h_it should probably be models.js when it saves it or something00:28
mrgoodcatbut it seems like mostly boilerplate00:28
mrgoodcatah models00:28
rick_h_https://github.com/bookieio/bookie-chrome/blob/master/chrome_ext/lib/model.js#L643 might be the place to trim it00:29
bookiebothttp://is.gd/3ac1oX - bookie-chrome/chrome_ext/lib/model.js at master · bookieio/bookie-chrome · GitHub00:29
rick_h_but that's just a top of the head guess :)00:29
mrgoodcatthat's the line i was just looking at00:30
rick_h_the other thing is to make sure you can'thave a space in the api key https://github.com/bookieio/Bookie/blob/develop/bookie/models/auth.py#L37200:31
bookiebothttp://is.gd/dcAlUj - Bookie/bookie/models/auth.py at develop · bookieio/Bookie · GitHub00:31
mrgoodcatlocalStorage.setItem('api_key', this.get('api_key').replace(/ /g,''));00:31
mrgoodcatseems like it would work00:31
rick_h_mrgoodcat: right, assuming there could never be a space in the generated keys00:32
mrgoodcatah yes. so strip spaces on keys? or just code review the key generation to make sure no spaces can be used?00:33
mrgoodcator write a test to make sure it doesn't happen?00:33
rick_h_so all of the above really. Because users can sometimes get spaces by copy/paste issues aside from a space in the thing at all00:34
rick_h_but then again, he used the password, so the space isn't an issue atm :P00:34
rick_h_he actually used the wrong string00:34
rick_h_so maybe we just put it all to bed as a non-issue for now :)00:34
mrgoodcatseems fair00:34
mrgoodcattoo much work for something that affects 0 users00:34
tony-smlrrick_h_: I agree,  I just didn't read the screen right00:36
tony-smlrrick_h_: another question,  Im trying to import my bookmarks.  it says You already have an import waiting in the queue. There are currently 0 other imports ahead of you.00:38
tony-smlrHow long does it take?  there is not other status signs00:38
rick_h_tony-smlr: yea, so it's a backgroud process00:38
rick_h_it should start and run in a but00:38
rick_h_it checks every few minutes and processes00:39
tony-smlrok. thanks00:39
rick_h_you'll get an email when it's done (or should)00:39
tony-smlrOk cool00:39
tony-smlrJust got the emal,  Cool00:40
tony-smlrcan I suggest to add " you will get an email when it is complete" to the status page00:41
tony-smlror import page...00:41
rick_h_cool, so now it's going a fetching the content of those web pages and getting the readable content of them00:41
rick_h_so the eyeball links should start to work over time here00:41
rick_h_sure, will look at adding some notes there.00:41
shakes808rick_h_ and cmaloney, I was watching your guys' presentation via the YouTubes.  Congrats rick_h_ it seems like Bookie is making it to the Double A leagues ;)01:01
mathomastechWhat shakes808 said!  I had some lag and buffering on my end but you guys did a great job!01:32
rick_h_mrgoodcat: shakes808 thanks for the nice words there03:06
mrgoodcatI think you meant mathomastech03:07
rick_h_bah sorry03:08
rick_h_tab completion fail03:08
mrgoodcatHappens to the best03:09
cmaloneyGood morning11:26
rick_h_whee, working from the camper in the driveway today12:56
mrgoodcatinteresting place to choose to set up12:56
rick_h_clearers are going at the house so normally I go to the coffee shop for a bit12:57
rick_h_but couch delivery today so have to wait for them, so, the camper is a nice spot to chill12:57
rick_h_and since I added the new AP upstairs I can reach the wifi from the driveway nicely now bwuhahaha12:57
mrgoodcatlol AP my stupid family. We have 3 APs in my house. One of them is in the kitchen which is clearly the one that you're connected to most of the time. For like a week it was unplugged because every time one of my family members connected to it "the wifi would crash". Turns out, the ethernet cable for that AP had become unplugged from the router13:01
mrgoodcatI never noticed because it was always unplugged and nobody ever told me about the problem13:01
brouschWhat do you think of this improved PyOhio color scheme? http://feralrooster.com:9000/14:41
bookiebothttp://is.gd/MBKne3 - PyOhio [local] | Welcome14:41
brouschDon't hit it too hard, it's running the django built-in server14:41
rick_h_Not a fan of the yello14:41
rick_h_but like the blue/white/grey14:41
brouschthat's maize you fool14:41
rick_h_yea, well it doesn't fit the rest of the muted pallete imo14:42
brouschusing http://vpcomm.umich.edu/brand/style-guide/design-principles/colors14:42
bookiebothttp://is.gd/TCwjHB - Style Guide: Colors | Global Marketing & Communications14:42
rick_h_ yea, but you're using a primary color as a highlight for a selected tab14:44
brouschhm, it does look better with umma tan14:44
rick_h_and it's the only bright color used14:44
rick_h_I think if you used the yellow as a backgrund on the circles with the blue text that'd be ok14:45
brouschtry it now14:45
brouschHm, maybe switch the navbar grey to maize. Would make it nice and bright14:45
rick_h_it's definitely muted14:46
mrgoodcatlol UM?14:49
brouschoh, baby, the maize everywhere rox14:50
cmaloneyI think you should go with hot dog stand colors.14:50
brouschOh yes, look at those colors14:59
mrgoodcatbrousch: should make compatible with stylish and add it to userstyles.org15:02
brouschSubmitted the PR15:06
mrgoodcatD: http://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2014/05/13/stuff-freak-yes-really-whiskey-shortage/15:17
bookiebothttp://is.gd/gp4zgv - Stuff To Freak Out About: Yes, There Really Is A Whiskey Shortage | Foobooz15:17
greg-gumm, aren't all the Ohioans going to revolt with these colors?15:18
rick_h_greg-g: I was going to ask about that but I prefer it this way to happy to give my feedback :)15:21
brouschIt's obviously not going to fly. I'll modify it later to something reasonable.15:27
brouschWell my trolling is apparently too subtle17:02
jrwrenwow, first major issue with trusty :(   samba is crashing like a TON17:03
brouschFirst time using Samba4 maybe?17:03
jrwrennot "First" exactly.17:11
mrgoodcatmy samba isn't crashing...17:15
mrgoodcatoh trusty17:15
mrgoodcathaven't switched my fileserver yet17:15
jrwrenso... hte issue is partially my fault.17:22
mrgoodcatwhat were you doing17:26
brouschSo I looked at a real color scheme for Pyohio. Here is a gem from their branding page "When choosing complementing blue tones, keep in mind our sensitivity at Ohio State to that particular color. Blue should never be visually dominant."17:37
brouschfrom OSU's branding page17:37
rick_h_we're not very good friends17:37
greg-g:( :( :( https://hacks.mozilla.org/2014/05/reconciling-mozillas-mission-and-w3c-eme/17:38
bookiebothttp://is.gd/TIX5cT - Reconciling Mozilla’s Mission and W3C EME ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog17:38
rick_h_greg-g: yea, talk about a rock and a hard place17:41
jrwrenwhen I upgraded to trusty, all samba related init scripts failed, so I said screw it and just ran smbd -D and nmbd -D as root.17:53
jrwrenso when that package gets upgraded, things like pid for start-stop-daemon doesn't exist.17:54
jrwrenso the service doesn't restart17:54
cmaloneyThere's a perfect way to view DRM content via Firefox18:28
cmaloneyMuch like the "Know your rights" drop-down I think they need to put something in there that shows that the content that is being viewed is protected under DRM18:29
greg-gctrl+l, piratebay.se18:29
cmaloneyand suggest alternatives.18:29
cmaloneyThat's perfectly legitimate, and a "teachable moment"18:29
cmaloneysomething like "The content industry has a thumb-sucking reliance on using DRM to control your viewing experience. Learn more about how you can regain control of your own viewing by visiting http://mozilla.org/drm_is_a_bag_of_dicks18:31
bookiebothttp://is.gd/QSCd0v - 404: Page Not Found18:31
cmaloney404, for now.18:31
mrgoodcatdamnit cmaloney18:33
mrgoodcatyou got my drink on my computer18:33
cmaloneyHonestly it wasn't a question of how DRM was going to get implemented, but when.18:33
cmaloneyAnd frankly I think we should give the content industry all the DRM they can handle18:34
greg-gthe same strategy as voting for the most crazy jerk possible, to show how bad things can get?18:34
cmaloneymake it so people can't watch shit on their computers without the CEO of Hollywood giving explicit permission18:34
cmaloneygreg-g: I prefer to think of it as giving a gasoline shower to the jerk trying to self-immolate.18:35
cmaloneyGet them to the inevitable destination quicker.18:35
cmaloneyWe've tried to save the industry from themselves.18:35
cmaloneyOnly a handful listened.18:35
mrgoodcatthe ceo of hollywood18:36
cmaloneyThe CEO of Hollywood, the president of the RIAA, foolscap of ASCAP.18:37
cmaloneyThere's only so many ways you can tell them that piracy is the result of a missed marketing opportunity18:38
cmaloneyAnd it sickens me when bands, studios, publishers, and "the industry" try like hell to keep people from sharing.18:39
cmaloneyWhich is one of the fundamental lessons we teach kids when they're young18:40
cmaloney"This is a good song." "Oh, what is it?" "Fuck you, you freeloading freak."18:40
cmaloneyGreat message.18:41
rick_h_is it bad of me that I'm nervous about people that don't like to go by their name?18:42
mrgoodcatdo they go by something completely unrelated?18:43
mrgoodcatcall me highlander..18:43
mrgoodcatyour name is greg tho....18:43
cmaloneyrick_h_: Some have bad connontations with their given name18:43
cmaloneyWhich is why Wolf changed his name to "Wolf"18:44
mrgoodcatthere's a kid on my brother's lacrosse team whose name is Paul Hitler18:44
cmaloneyI wouldn't be nervous about it18:44
mrgoodcater. his dad is paul18:44
mrgoodcathe's Justin18:44
cmaloneyrick_h_: However I would be nervous if someone changed their name to something that's offensive.18:45
cmaloneyLike "My given name is John Doe, but folks call me [insert rather offensive term here]"18:46
* cmaloney is trying to show restraint. :)18:46
rick_h_So the guy's name is paul, he uses the online name violet, and prefers to be called Vi18:46
mrgoodcathrm... that is rather odd18:46
cmaloneyI think that's indicitive of someone who may be planning to become female.18:47
mrgoodcati didn't know we were talking about online names though18:47
mrgoodcatmy real name isn't mrgoodcat....18:47
* cmaloney knew a Chuck that became a Christie18:47
rick_h_cmaloney: yea, I had that thought. But I guess I'd just consider you changed your name?18:47
cmaloneyCOuld be a personal as well18:48
cmaloneypersona, rather18:48
rick_h_I'll try to keep an open mind on it I guess. I can dream up legit reasons, it just makes me think a couple of times.18:48
cmaloneyWelcome to being a geek. :)18:48
cmaloneyIt took me a while to realize that Nuri Gocay (chairman of Penguicon 2014 / 2015) was actually his real name.18:49
cmaloneyIt sounded like a pen-name.18:49
cmaloneyand hey, at least he wants to be called "Vi" and not "Emacs".18:50
mrgoodcatwhat about vimacs? http://www.algorithm.com.au/code/vimacs/18:52
bookiebothttp://is.gd/JMdIrO - Vimacs18:52
bookiebothttp://is.gd/55w0MC - AT&T’s GigaPower plans turn privacy into a luxury that few would choose — Tech News and Analysis20:04
mrgoodcatseriously at&t20:04
mrgoodcatWHAT THE FUCK20:04

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