jrgiffordthafreak: skipping 12.04?19:24
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thafreakjrgifford: yeah, why use 12.04? I'm not upgrading, I'm replacing/migrating. Trying to get everything unified19:57
jrgiffordthafreak: oh, yu are replacing, not upgrading. OK.20:02
thafreakthe servers are getting upgraded to new servers...but I'm not using the "upgrade path" :)20:05
thafreakmore than just software versions have changed since 2010...20:05
thafreakI've changed how I want things configured...default settings for stuff, etc. So I'm re-implementing everything fresh20:06
thafreakone machine at a time20:06
thafreakGoing to be using docker whenever possible too20:06
jrgiffordi'm enjoying docker, particularly the ability to destroy it and start over from scratch with a single command or two.20:47
* paultag sits back20:47
jrgiffordwell, if it isn't the Debian Docker King.20:48
paultag(and Ubuntu :) )20:49
jrgiffordHey, i like giving credit to the upstreams where I can.20:49
Unit193Pushing things upstream never tends to work so well, at least not to Debian. :P20:49
paultagthe fuck20:49
paultagthat's a super unproductive worldview and totally wrong20:50
Unit193paultag: Nah, just several maintainers have been unresponsive, nothing new. :)20:54
belkinsaUnit193, you be getting some strong storms coming up your way20:54
Unit193belkinsa: From paultag or the weather? ;)20:55
Unit193Yep, tornado warnings and all that jazz.20:55
belkinsaWeather, from the south.20:55
belkinsaOne county saw baseball sized hail.20:55
Unit193paultag: I still think collab (deb-multimedia) is weird, not used to not having a go to person.  Also means I can't bug people to review as easily.20:58
paultagyou mean deb-multimedia.org20:58
paultagbecause that's not Debian20:58
paultagthat's busted20:58
Unit193No, I mean debian-multimedia, 9:OFTC/#debian-multimedia, alioth, etc.20:59
paultagI know nothing about them20:59
paultagwhos' on the team20:59
Unit193They do kind of have a nice policy page, so that for sure helps.21:00
thafreakpaultag: speaking of docker, any news on whether 1.0 will get SRU'd or whatever the term is in 14.0422:32
paultagand likely22:53
thafreaklikely...that doesn't instill confidence ;)22:53
thafreakalright, sticking with docker.io's repo over ubuntu's then :)22:54
thafreakI think I'll need some of the features introduced in 0.11, like the more advanced networking22:55

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