Kilosmorning all05:09
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 05:28
Kiloslo nuvolari 05:28
Kiloswinter is hier05:28
bushtechmorning Kilos, others05:45
JabberwockyA19morning all05:49
JabberwockyA19Maaz: coffee on05:49
* Maaz flips the salt-timer05:49
MaazCoffee's ready for JabberwockyA19!05:53
JabberwockyA19thanks Maaz06:00
Kiloshi JabberwockyA19 Spekko altus 06:44
Kilosmorning superfly ThatGraemeGuy 06:44
superflymorning Kilos06:44
* Kilos had compiz crash and nvidia card crash this morning06:44
Kiloshad to reseat the card to get it going again06:45
Spekkomore kilos06:48
mazalMorning everyone06:52
Kiloshi mazal 06:54
mazalGaanit oom ?06:54
Kiloskoud maar anders ok dankie en jy?06:55
mazalWoe en oes , maar ons gaan aan06:55
mazalGeld , vrouens en drank is alles te min :)06:55
bushtechdit sal nooit verander nie06:56
Kiloswas altyd en sal altyd so wees06:56
bushtechtake it from the old ballies who know06:57
Kilossoos die engelse sê get used to it or grin and bare it06:57
Kilosbushtech, is jy meer toppie as ek?06:58
Kilosek sal bly wees as jy is. baie jare wat ek die ballie hier is06:58
bushtechwell, ek is 5806:58
Kilos63 volgende maand06:59
bushtechjy hou nog die rekord06:59
Kilosek sal maar moet aanhou soek06:59
bushtechhou duim vas vir jou06:59
bushtechmaar jy gaan dalk lank soek07:00
Kilosdaar is n ander toppie wat ouer is maar hy kom net as daar nie hulp in die pos lys is nie07:00
Kilosgebruik jy ons mailing list?07:00
Kiloskom kom boet07:01
Kilosdaar is baie slim mense daar ook wat nie hier uitkom nie07:01
bushtechkoekeloer net die saak07:02
Kilosnee man word lid van ons gemeenskap07:03
bushtechoor die algemeen hoeveel postings/dag?07:03
Kilos5 of so07:04
Kilosmeer as iemand vra vir hulp07:04
bushtechhmmm, not too bad07:04
JabberwockyA19môre Kilos, bushtech07:06
Kiloshet jy studeer gisteraand JabberwockyA19 ?07:06
Kilosons het n ander kanaal waar ons net nonsens praat07:10
JabberwockyA19ja, elke dinsdag aand groep studie. Lekker ek hou van nonsens praat07:12
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:53
Kilosmôre inetpro 07:55
Kilossame old08:02
Kilosjust another day08:02
Vince-0ya ek ook08:02
Kiloshi bduk 08:19
bdukMore kilos08:37
bdukAnd every one else08:40
Kiloshmm... such reliable power08:51
bdukTesting testing, Annybody out there????11:58
mez_Hello Guys11:59
ThatGraemeGuynobody's home12:03
Kilosoh my12:03
Kiloshi mez_ 12:04
Kilossorry i was outside12:04
Kiloswhats with the nick change mez_ 12:04
Kilosbduk, what toets jy12:05
mez_hello it's old somaunn12:05
Kilosyes i know wassup?12:05
bdukThanks looks like the channel is working12:07
Kiloswb somaunn 12:12
MeZ_i'm back12:14
MeZ_network issues12:14
Kiloseish there as well12:14
MeZ_i have this issue with my updates12:14
MeZ_can someone help here12:14
ThatGraemeGuyno idea, i don'12:22
ThatGraemeGuyno idea, i don't fedora12:23
Kilosi wonder if he isnt trying to update a 32bit system with those 64bit packages12:24
KilosSquirm, is the fedora man12:25
MeZ_i use a 64bits system12:26
MeZ_i don't think the distro will try to update with 32bits stuffs12:26
MeZ_sorry my mistake12:26
KilosMeZ_, lets see if Squirm answers12:26
=== Rynofear is now known as Rynomster
Kilosis gnome-initial-setup-3.12.1-1.fc20.i68612:28
Kilosand gnome-initial-setup-3.12.0-1.fc20.x86_6412:28
Kilosbnoth 64bit packages somaun12:29
Kilosi mean MeZ_ 12:29
MeZ_not sure12:30
Kilosthey look different to me12:30
Kilosi686 and x86_6412:30
=== Rynomster is now known as rynofear
Kiloshi rynofear 12:31
rynofearsupp Kilos12:31
Kilosjust watching you in and out12:31
rynofearMaaz: what drugs do u take?12:31
Maazrynofear: If you say so12:31
Kilosbad connections rule12:31
rynofear:( yea I hate my connection... telkom is just stuffing things up12:32
rynofearI've been banned from so many channels cos of my connection12:32
Kilosyou on adsl?12:32
Kilosmy telkom mobile is very lekker12:32
Kilosis dynamic.isadsl direct from telkom or someone in between12:35
mazalBye everyone12:36
bdukBuy buy12:39
Kiloshi Private_User 12:53
Private_Userhi Kilos12:54
=== Private_User1 is now known as Private_User
rynofearKilos: yes on adsl.. had adsl since 2004, and its never been this bad13:04
Kiloshaha maybe they robbing you to keep my mobile connection good13:05
Kilosrynofear, if you run a ping to www.google.co.za or com does it still drop off13:32
Kilostry in the morning13:32
rynofearmy internet is stable now, there's just a few times of day when its not... mainly between 10am and 2pm, then again from 5pm to 10pm13:33
rynofeari've got 3 accounts at different ISPs, so its not my ISP13:34
rynofearits the line13:34
Kiloswill a running ping not help it stay alive13:34
Kilosoh all 3 drop same time13:34
Kilostweet telkom13:35
Kilosthen other peeps can see the complain as well so they sort it13:36
Kilosbad for their image to have unhappy clients13:37
Private_Userwow MaNI has done exactly what money does now you see it now you don't and within seconds14:03
KilosMeZ_, did you come right?14:05
Kilosone would think that the OS would choose the right repos14:09
MeZ_Kilos: not yet14:26
MeZ_i've done a yum clean all then yum update14:26
Kiloslets hope Squirm sees us14:26
MeZ_still need to check when it done14:26
Kilosoh ok maybe you lucky14:27
MeZ_my updates are almost 400meg at this stag14:27
Kiloshi Xethron 14:29
MeZ_but i've downgraded gnome-initial-setup just to see how it will work this time14:31
Kilosstrange error that14:32
Kilosstrange things happen here too. today i did an upgrade and aptitude downgraded firefox without me doing anything14:37
Kilosso maybe the new firefox sucks14:37
MeZ_Kilos: yeah maybe15:02
MeZ_let me checkl mine we never know15:02
Kilosbut your error looked like it was trying to use the wrong packages15:03
MeZ_i really like what mozilla have done with firefox 29 under linux; I now have no complex using firefox on windows or linux15:03
MeZ_they look the same since v29 is out15:03
MeZ_Kilos: my error was coming from rhuges repos from what i've seen up to now15:04
Kilosoh i found why mine downgraded15:04
Kilosi locked it to ver 2815:04
MeZ_i used that repo to install gnome 3.12 in advance which is like a lot 15:04
Kilosoh does fedora also use gnome15:05
MeZ_yeah. 15:05
Kilosor is that your mod15:05
MeZ_i prefer gnome 15:09
MeZ_i found unity a bit unstable on old ubuntu15:09
Kilosthe new one is very stable15:09
Kilosthey reckon its their best release so far15:09
MeZ_yes i've tested 14.04 after it was released15:10
MeZ_i foudn ubuntu quite fast on vbox15:12
Kilosim quite used to unity now and kde is solid15:12
MeZ_what i couldn't do with last versions15:12
MeZ_yes KDE is solid i'm okay with you but i really found it similar to Win15:13
Kilosits just the start button in the bottom left corner that makes you think its like win15:14
MeZ_my point of view, if i use win i know what to deal with but if use linux, it must be something 100% different15:14
MeZ_Kilos: that update issue is sorted15:27
Kilosnow what caused it15:28
MeZ_i guess it was that gnome-initial-setup thing that was causing problems15:28
Kilosya but why15:28
Kilosit should just overwrite the init setup with a new one15:28
MeZ_i don't know and can't explain it but at least it works now15:32
Kilosyeah anything working is good15:33
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inetprogood evening evryone 18:08
inetprooja en goeie more Kilos18:08
inetprowho killed our repo again?18:09
inetproHEAD http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/t/tzdata/tzdata_2014c-0ubuntu0.12.04_all.deb18:10
inetpro404 Not Found18:10
Kiloslol hello inetpro 18:16
Kilosi had the same thing and then opened synaptic and it showed them as needing upgrades and it worked finew18:17
Kilosonly from cli it gave the error18:18
Kiloslook in muon and im sure it will work18:18
Kilosmuon package manager not update manager18:18
Kiloshey inetpro im talking to youuuuu18:21
Kilosi go sleep now. night all sleep warm18:28
inetprokilos talking bollie again?18:40
superflyinetpro: I've moved away from za.archive, it's always buggy :-(18:42
inetprosuperfly: looks like a good idea18:42
inetprosuperfly: which server do you use?18:43
superflyI think I usually just go for "archive"18:44
* inetpro just took the 'za.' out for now18:44
* JabberwockyA19 zzzz20:02

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