unicornjedicandyman, are you using a live bootcd?00:00
phuhIf man is missing on a system, should I install all of "man", "manpages", and "man-db"?00:00
candymanso yes i am00:00
Beldarcandyman, probably works there I would use te live cd however00:00
unicornjedicandyman, I only know how to use Live clonezilla. would you like me to show you how to set that up?00:00
candymanyes sure00:00
candymanbut why isnt the cloning starting?00:01
candymanit just closes00:01
candymanand leaves a process that hogs 25% CPU00:01
unicornjedicandyman, I don't know.. :( i just know how to use liveClonezilla.00:01
candymantoo bad :/00:02
unicornjedicandyman, before we start, tell me about the disks you are cloning.00:02
candymanthe first is SATA 80 GB Seagate00:02
candymanthe other is SATA III WD Black 1 TB00:02
unicornjedicandyman, haha good :) it would be troublesome to clone to a smaller disk.  Is your source the SATA 80GB SeaGate?00:03
candymani am cloning from the 80gb to the 1 tb00:03
unicornjedicandyman, okay cool. Do you know how to create a LiveUSB?00:04
unicornjedicandyman, okay let me link you to the clonezilla iso00:04
robjloranger+1 clonezilla00:05
candymanis it safe to close the ocs-onthefly process?00:05
candymanits using 25% CPU00:05
candymanmaybe its doing the cloning in the batch?00:05
darkfrogHey guys, I have a file server that has a software RAID5 array and I'm currently in the process of replacing Fedora with Ubuntu, but I'm wondering what I need to do to restore the RAID?00:05
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darkfrogthe boot / formatted drives are *not* the raid array, I just want to restore it and use the existing data on it00:05
candymanrobjloranger: is it doing the cloning in the background?00:05
unicornjedicandyman, clonezilla.org/downloads/download.php?branch=alternative00:06
candymanthank u00:06
candymanbut is it safe to close ocs-onthefly00:07
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robjlorangeri think so, ocs-onthefly is used to copy on the fly from partition to partition00:07
candymanwhat does that mean?00:07
candymanwhat does on the fly mean?00:07
unicornjedii don't know what that is... :(  I just know how to clone a source disk to target disk that are not the same size/00:07
robjlorangerit means right now, as we go00:08
candymanSO ITS CLONING NOW?!00:08
robjlorangerso basically some cloning creates first an image, then writes the image. on the fly is more like copying files00:08
robjlorangeri assume so, given it is running at %25 usage?00:09
candymanyes... so should i leave it?00:09
robjlorangeri would, you could check and see if there is anything being written. view the destination drive in a file manager or cli00:10
robjlorangerit seems lame that there is no feedback on what it is doing00:10
acpiorwhatI am running 14.04 and i can´t execute lxsession-default-apps, because it hangs at "The database is updating, please wait" I have waited over 10 minutes!00:10
candymanthe file explorer says udevil: error 64: unable to determine device fstype - specify with -t00:10
robjlorangercandyman: strange. maybe it isn't working. is the drive formatted? what program were you using again?00:12
candymanseeing the partitions with gparted says that they arent formatted00:12
candymanor are corrupt00:12
robjlorangerweren't you using parted magic or something?00:13
candymanyes, thats a linux distro00:13
candymanhas gparted and clonezilla and some other tools in it00:13
candymanits a livecd00:13
robjlorangerooh ok, i have only used clonezilla as a standalone cd00:14
robjlorangeri'm not sure why gparted can't see them.. can you view the source with a filemanager?00:15
candymanthe source00:15
candymani cann00:15
candymanand gparted can see the source too00:15
candymanbut not the target00:15
candymani will just go and burn the livecd clonezilla00:15
candymanand try it00:16
robjlorangeroh ok, yes. and make sure you format the target again to be sure00:16
acpiorwhatI am running 14.04 and i can´t execute lxsession-default-apps, because it hangs at "The database is updating, please wait" I have waited over 10 minutes! what gives?00:16
robjlorangeracpiorwhat: not sure, might want to check in at #lubuntu00:17
ctx144k_hello all00:17
ctx144k_anyone knows the follow raid-controller is running on "ubuntu-server 14.04" ?   Intel RMS25CB04000:18
Macerhm. is anybody else having a problem with compiz crashing when dragging windows between workspaces?00:18
Deihmoshow do i disable the popup for login keystring?00:19
robjlorangerctx144k_: do you have it already? you could try a live cd and see if it works00:23
ctx144k_no - im searching a good for high-end server00:24
ctx144k_this one i have had this controller00:24
NarukiCan someone provide a link to a guide for running various commands before the login screen appears?00:25
NarukiI used Synergy in Ubuntu 13.10 and managed this, but things have changed in the latest Ubuntu, 14.0400:26
Bashing-omNaruki: The key combo ctl+alt+F1 will get ya terminal.00:26
Narukiokay, but I want the commands to run automatically00:26
Narukibasically, I want to start Synergy so I can log in from my other computer00:27
NarukiFYI: http://synergy-project.org/00:27
Bashing-omNaruki: Look'n .00:28
robjlorangerctx144k_: have you checked; http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/category/RAID/00:28
antonionewGreetings Beldar ...this is designbybeck from eariler today...I'm helping a friend now. We installed Xubuntu 14.04, he was having the same problem as I was eariler. All we need to do now to get Unity 14.04 is: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ... ?00:30
ctx144k_i didnt found00:30
frank__someone familiar with rsync here? "Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character (84)" -> primary there are rrrors with #366 #264N #264s and so on. German umlauts.00:31
frank__how do i fix that?00:31
Beldarantonionew, Yeah that is the unity install.00:32
robjlorangerctx144k_: ya i'm just having trouble figuring out which chipset the card you mentioned uses00:32
antonionewRock on Beldar ....we are trying it now....catcha on the flip side!00:32
NarukiBashing-om: This is an older guide that worked for me with Ubuntu 13.10, but it just doesn't seem to apply to 14.04.00:32
NarukiBut that is probably because I am clueless about that sort of stuff in Linux00:33
unstableIs there awesome tiling plugins for unity/ubuntu? the control alt numpad stuff doesn't cut i.00:36
unstableI'd like to be able to set my own box sizes, for my screen00:36
Bashing-omNaruki: Well,The developers may not have it ready for 14.04, qnd to addrress the original question;The commands or scripts that one wants to execute should be added to the script /etc/rc.local. Is one way.00:37
Narukicool, thanks00:37
NarukiI have never played with rc.local before00:37
acpiorwhathow can i enable acpi while the system is up and running?. i do not want to enable acpi at boot because i have noticed that performance is very slow if acpi is enabled at boot time00:38
Bashing-omNaruki: Ya might drop the developers ofSynergy a line - if there is no documentation it runs on 14.04 - and see when it will be released.00:38
NarukiUnfortunately the Synergy site never seems to update their docs for this particular issue. I think those instructions are over a year old by now00:39
NarukiSomebody else has already griped at them in a forum post I saw when I was researching this, but I never saw them respond00:39
Bashing-omNaruki: If ya can wait for the login, omne can start an application from the "startup" menu. (don't run a GUI so do not know where exactly).00:40
NarukiI will give it a go, though00:40
Narukiomne? I will look for that, too00:40
Beldaracpiorwhat, a little research maybe, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/ACPITricksAndTips00:40
Narukinot seeing it. Is there a link?00:41
Bashing-omNaruki:  omne* fat fingering ! * one ....00:41
Narukihe he00:41
NarukiBut that is for starting up AFTER log in, correct?00:42
NarukiThat part I don't think will be as big a problem00:42
NarukiSynergy actually needs to start twice00:42
NarukiOnce before login so that I can actually log in (synergy lets me share keyboard & mouse across the network)00:43
acpiorwhatBeldar, that URL does not give the answer00:43
Narukiand then again after I am authenticated00:43
Narukilogged in00:43
Naruki(In case you didn't know what Synergy is  and were curious)00:43
Beldaracpiorwhat, not sure it is more than a theory of yours to be honest that you can do it.00:43
Sach_Having trouble shutting down without force shut down.  Ubuntu just stays on purple screen with  5 alternate flashing red/white dots.  I've tried to modify gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub  but to no avail.00:44
acpiorwhatBeldar, sorry i do not understand what you mean00:44
Beldaracpiorwhat, Your idea makes no sense, in a differential from a kernel start to any other.00:45
Beldarto me anyway00:46
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Connienot sure if it's ok to ask here, is there any good bittorrent client similar to utorrent?00:48
acpiorwhatBeldar, but it does since the performance difference is enormous. the downside to boot with acpi=off is that the laptop's lack of power management and the computer not powering off when executing shutdown00:48
Bashing-omNaruki: Not having used the cool tool 'Synergy' I really have no other advisement, 'till the time it is released for 14.04, not much you can do anyway.00:49
Beldaracpiorwhat, I don't see as of yet anything empirical in your rhetoric, sorry.00:50
rwwConnie: similar how?00:50
NarukiThanks for your help. I will be looking at rc.local and the Startup folder00:50
rwwubottu: torrent00:50
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P00:50
theadminConnie: qbittorrent has a similar UI design and is generally a pretty good client00:51
darkfroganyone that can tell me how to re-assemble my RAID5 http://pastebin.com/VmfJ7w7e will get a gold star and my gratitude. :)00:51
Connierww: basically something easy to use and i need to be able to add feeds00:51
theadminConnie: Deluge is pretty neat too00:51
NarukiSynergy runs fine in Ubuntu 14.04. It's just that Ubuntu's default startup script locations has changed since 13.10, so I don't know where to stick my commands. I'll keep playing with it.00:51
darkfrogI just formatted my boot drive and want to retain the data on my RAID array but can't seem to figure out how to bring it back to life00:51
Connietheadmin and rww: thanks00:52
Bashing-omNaruki: I do not have 14.04 installed, but I would be surprised if /etc/rc.local no longer existed. (systemD ???).00:54
Narukiit does exist00:54
rww14.04 doesn't have systemd.00:54
NarukiI just have no knowledge of that file. I have been following the Synergy guides for adding scripts, and they mention editing /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf00:55
Bashing-omrww: ^^ Thanks for that .00:55
NarukiI am not exactly a Linux expert. Mostly I know how to screw around with my .bashrc and follow explicit instructions for getting into bigger trouble00:56
Bashing-omNaruki: What desktop ya running ? just adapt '/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf' to the DE you have.00:56
Naruki/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf no longer exists on a clean install, so I am stumped until someone updates that doc (not likely)00:56
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NarukiIf it's not in the /home path, I am probably ignorant about it00:57
airtonixhaving problems with pulseaudio in 14.04. 1) can't stop the daemon 2) why is the daemon running in system mode (should be client) 3) for some reason, i can't choose announced sinks/sources only enable listening to multicast/receive00:57
NarukiI only know about /etc/hosts, and that one started erasing my local aliases the other day00:57
Narukiwhat a pain00:57
Bashing-omNaruki: Have you learned the value of "backups" ?00:58
airtonixmight be time to move to gentoo where i'll have no idea what i'm doing00:58
NarukiI backed up my /home folder before doing a clean install of 14.04...00:58
airtonixwhich won't be much different from ubuntu now, since they keep breaking something every release00:58
NarukiI was running 13.10 with Cinnamon, I think00:59
Deihmosthat seems to be problem with ubuntu00:59
Deihmoshow did you get cinamon?01:00
Narukifound a guide and followed the instructions01:00
Beldar!who > Deihmos01:00
ubottuDeihmos, please see my private message01:00
Narukithat's 6 months ago though, so no idea where that guide is now01:00
Sach_Having trouble shutting down without force shut down.  Ubuntu just stays on purple screen with  5 alternate flashing red/white dots.   Any help please?01:01
Deihmosi tried cinamon with mint. did not look good.01:01
NarukiI couldn't use it with mint, but found it worked well for my needs with straight Ubuntu01:01
Deihmosthe new ubuntu ui is probably the nicest looking ui i have seen for linux. they all seem to be stuck on  ugly01:01
NarukiI am a huge hater of Unity01:02
BeldarDeihmos, This is support not your soapbox.01:02
NarukiI get that others like it, and that's fine with me. But I hate it, and that should be fine with them. :-)01:02
Conniehey can someone send me a PM to test something?01:07
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brauliobohello all, i see in ubuntu that init scripts a both in /etc/init (upstart) and on /etc/init.d (init.d). For example ureadahead and apache, respectively. That means ubuntu support both??01:09
wolftunehi, I updated my BIOS, now I have a problem with my trackpad when I start fresh, but it goes away when I restart. Is there a chance that my kernel installation needs updating since it installed with the old BIOS?01:13
NarukiThanks again for the help, Bashing-om. I am off to study up on rd.local. :-)01:13
Bashing-omNaiveFrost: : ) -> reading is good.01:15
lucastthow do i update a package's version?01:17
psusilucastt, you install updates by clicking the install updates button when it pops up01:17
brauliobohello all, i see in ubuntu that init scripts a both in /etc/init (upstart) and on /etc/init.d (init.d). For example ureadahead and apache, respectively. That means ubuntu support both??01:18
lucasttpsusi, i mean with the command line01:18
Beldarlucastt, Is this package not in the ubuntu repos? the updategui is the same as a apt-get updatre01:19
lucasttyes not in the ubuntu repos01:19
lucasttit's in a ppa01:19
Beldar!ppa > lucastt01:19
ubottulucastt, please see my private message01:19
Bashing-ombrauliobo: That is a fact, but be aware, upstart is on it's way out. ubuntu will join Debian in systemD.01:19
lucastti've seen01:20
lucasttbut that's not really what i asked01:20
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Beldarlucastt, PPA's are not supported here.01:20
helloI can01:20
lucasttyou mean you won't give support to me if i use PPA?01:20
helloDoes anyone else get a 404 error code when they connect to pornhub.com/gay ?01:21
helloLike pornhub.com works.01:21
Beldarlucastt, The bots message is pretty clear. Here we don;t really support a ppa unless that is the only option, in general.01:21
helloI'm not gay, but i am just wondering why it isn't working.01:21
hellohelp im illi01:22
Beldarhello, clean up your request please this is an all ages worldwide channel.01:22
lucasttcan anyone kick this hello guy01:22
lucasttobvious troll01:22
unopastehello you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted01:23
garthkwanted: fstab mount options for swap so it’ll use the partition even if it’s blank01:23
Deihmosanyone tried ubuntu on the surface01:23
Beldargarthk, You don't know the swap line for fstab?01:24
zykotick9garthk: impossible.  it needs to be formatted as swap space, to be used as swap01:24
garthkBeldar: I have it, but the non-persistent disk I’m using loses its partition and swap headers, so I get "read swap header failed: invalid argument"01:24
garthkzykotick9: ok, then, better mark it persistent01:24
Beldaryes ^^^^^^^^01:25
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions01:25
Beldarno saved fstab otherwise01:25
justin_I want to boot from cd within ubuntu studio so i can load a different distro and can't figure out how to boot from the disc01:25
Beldarjustin_, That makes no sense, boot the disc of what you want installed.01:26
zykotick9justin_: you can't really "boot from the disc" from inside an install, that's no longer a "boot"01:26
garthkBeldar: zykotick9: thanks. (Any way to cheat with local-premount?)01:27
justin_i might have burned the disk wrong, should be an iso file for av linux  if i click dvd from the desktop it is just some files with no way to install01:29
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justin_in windows 8 i just went to advanced boot options and booted from dvd that way01:29
willgsmithI'm new to ubuntu! How do you manage the application drawer...?01:29
Ben64justin_: you can't install a distro from within an OS, you need to boot from the disc01:30
hello Espirito Santo01:30
Ben64hello: stop01:30
Beldargarthk, What are you trying to install?01:30
garthkBeldar: just trying to set up a base 14.04 image we’ll then clone for all our VMs under VSphere.01:31
Beldargarthk, cloning the setup on the live usb?01:31
justin_right i want to boot from the disk but when i restart the computer it just opens ubuntu without an option to boot from disk01:32
Beldarjustin_, What OS do you want installed?01:32
garthkBeldar: naah; already installed to a virtual HD.01:32
justin_AV linux01:32
Beldarjustin_, Go ask them, this is not a ubuntu issue.01:33
garthkHuh. /etc/network/interfaces does NOT like comments after the address.01:33
Ben64justin_: you need to set it to boot to disc from your bios, check your hardware vendor's manual for more information01:33
justin_ok from bios  I tried some of the f keys on startup but I will keep looking   used to be f12 on older machines01:34
zykotick9justin_: specifically, see if there is a "boot selection" option with your bios (easier, then changing boot order - IF it's available)01:34
melt7777i cant seem to install the amd catalyst 12.8 or 13.12 drivers on ubuntu 14.04, they both fail with dkms error. anyone?01:34
Beldargarthk, qemu? be sure what your setting up is usable in the manner you want.01:34
module000melt7777: pastebin your logs, otherwise noone has any idea what is wrong01:35
Seven_Six_Twomelt7777, It's failing because there is a problem.01:36
melt7777Seven_Six_Two, see i knew someone would know something, we're getting warmer!01:37
Seven_Six_Twomelt7777, well, you did come to the right place!01:38
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fag2994Guys, frl.01:38
fag2994My dns is really wierd.01:38
fag2994I can't cc to pornhub.com/gay01:38
fag2994that sub folder won't work, can anyone help me ?01:38
fag2994Can't connect.01:39
module000!ops fag299401:39
fag2994what does Ops do ?01:40
Seven_Six_Twofag2994, we aren't allowed to feed trolls here, sorry.01:40
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!01:40
Seven_Six_Twooops..sorry I didn't mean to hit enter...01:40
fag2994This what is wrong with society, when someone has a legit concern that might be the slightest be awkard, we all turn that individual down.01:41
melt7777fag2994 they have a hard limit where u cant download more than 2 tb a day01:41
SchrodingersScatwell, curl -I shows a couple 301's until it 200's, so no problem with the site.01:41
melt7777if you think this is gay you should try #debian!01:41
fag2994you should kys.01:41
Seven_Six_Twoit's your nickname. It's not pc!01:42
rwwfag2994: change the nick to something appropriate, please01:42
fag2994if that is how you feel.01:42
rwwYep, it is.01:42
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melt7777fag2994, the closest approximation would be turkeyburger_and_pinklemonade_brunch299401:43
rwwmelt7777: don't feed the troll, thanks01:43
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skinuxIs there a bug that makes Ubuntu warn about low disk space when it doesn't really need?01:49
module000asdfwqer: your nick makes my OCD twitch...it should be asdfqwer, the swap of "w" and "q" is like fingernails on a chalkboard :)01:50
kam270skinux, ive had an issue of beeing warned and then on reboot not being able to load ubuntu01:51
zykotick9skinux: consider pasting "df -h" to paste.ubuntu.com01:51
Beldarskinux, how full is the HD?01:54
BeldarHaffawaffle, You have a support issue?01:55
HaffawaffleIm trying to find an easy way to build an ubuntu theme, can anyone help me?01:55
module000Haffawaffle: it's easier to start with an existing theme and change what you want. did you have one you wanted to modify?01:56
BeldarAre you sure Haffawaffle is enough carbs, ;)01:56
Haffawafflefound on ubuntuthemes.org01:56
Haffawafflelol yee01:56
module000Haffawaffle: after you install it, you can find it's settings in /share/share/themes/<theme> or in your local homedir. then you can tweak it to your hearts' content01:57
zykotick9module000: i doubt it's /share/share/anything...01:57
module000zykotick9: typo =P /usr/share/themes/<foo>01:58
zykotick9module000: i figured ;)01:59
Conniedoes ubuntu have defaul sounds i can use for notifications in other places and stuff? :P02:01
BeldarConnie, Any of the notifications in the preferences of the apps you want?02:02
ConnieBeldar: i don't understand the question :o02:03
GeorgiaGreekHello there! Anybody who can answer a quick question about Server 14.04 setup?02:03
Conniei need a sound for KVirc's notifications, but i don't know where to find them in ubuntu02:04
skinuxSomething weird is yesterday I took some time to remove some applications. However, today Ubuntu has complained about disk space being lower than it was yesterday.02:04
BeldarConnie, Apps themselves have areas to tweak them, some have an notification option, IE say Thunderbird.02:04
ConnieBeldar: yeah, i just need to know in what folder the sounds are, that's all :P02:05
zykotick9Connie: try "find / -name *.wav" perhaps?02:06
GeorgiaGreekI'm trying to do a clean install of Server 14.04, and when I get to the menu for connecting to my wireless, it won't accept my passphrase - after hitting continue it kicks me back to the "select a wireless network" list02:06
GeorgiaGreekAnybody have this problem?02:06
Conniezykotick9: uhm, i type that in the terminal?02:06
zykotick9Connie: ya.02:06
Bashing-omskinux: As advised; pastbin -> df -h , df -i <- Rather then the HD full perhaps it is a piece in it that is full.02:07
RippSteakfaceDoes anyone know of a good way to adjust this line in conky? I'm displaying my fan speed in RPMs, but the command in .conkyrc (Fan Speed:${alignr}${exec sensors | grep 'RPM'}) inputs "fan1:      1140 RPM" etc. Any way to "cut" the "fan1" part out from the beginning?02:08
RippSteakfaceIn other words, just to display "1140 RPM" rather than "fan1:     1140 RPM"02:09
somsipRippSteakface: you might be better off using awk to identify 1140 then just adding RPM on as a string02:09
LinksEzAnyone want to help walk me through doing something stupid simple with xbindkeys.02:10
RippSteakfacesomsip: What's the command for that? I'm still kinda new.02:10
LinksEzNot a linux user and can't figure it out.02:10
Deihmosis there a way to enable middle mouse button02:10
=== med is now known as medberry
somsipRippSteakface: maybe something like exec sensors | grep 'RPM' | awk '{print $3}' which should select the 3rd field02:11
ianorlinDeimos are you using a touchpad? I think in my physical mouse it works out of the box02:11
RippSteakfacesomsip: Ok I can try that, what does awk do? Or, what does it stand for?02:11
somsipRippSteakface: man awk and have a read02:12
Bashing-omskinux: Look'n at /LZ2dDDHx .02:12
RippSteakfacesomsip: Thanks bud02:12
holsteinskinux: you may want to read something like http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/08/omg-5-five-ways-to-free-space-in-ubuntu ..uninstalling some applications may not be recovering the space you think, and may not be the "best" way to reclaim, or free-up space02:15
Bashing-omskinux: What release are you running ? "/dev/sda7        30G   28G  196M 100% /" need to look -> cd /, sudo du -sx * | sort -n <- pastbin that .02:16
zykotick9Bashing-om: what does that paste show?  <i'm not going to pastebin.com to find out>02:16
RippSteakfacesomsip: The only issue I have is with the parenthesis: Fan Speed:${alignr}${exec sensors | grep 'RPM' | awk '{print $3}} If I remove the { from exec and at the end, it also screws it up, I'm sure it's just something simple messing with the display, can you see what's wrong?02:16
zykotick9Bashing-om: sorry, 2 seconds to slow... i see your reply02:16
Bashing-omzykotick9: as ya suspected, sda7 is at 100% capacity -> sda7 is root.02:17
zykotick9Bashing-om: i figured something was at 100% ;)  thanks, sorry for the bother.02:18
Deihmosthought there was an ubuntu for touchscreen tabletw02:18
GeorgiaGreekOkay, I tried random-x02:18
GeorgiaGreeksorry, I tried his solution and it didn't work, anyone else have any ideas?02:18
Bashing-omzykotick9: : ) .. all in this together, how can it be a bother !02:18
RippSteakfacesomsip: Nevermind I got it, looks like this now: Fan Speed:${alignr}${exec sensors | grep 'RPM' | awk '{print $2}'}02:20
RippSteakfacesomsip: Works great, thanks!02:20
Bashing-omskinux: Ya hang'n with us ? we try and get ya out of this mess.02:26
blueingressBen64, Hi02:27
xanguaDo I need anymore packages besides gnome-panel to use gnome fallback mode¿02:28
Beldarxangua, 14.04?02:28
blueingressI have some problem when I tried "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" in ubuntu 12.1002:28
xanguaBeldar: yes02:28
somsipRippSteakface: ah - $2 was it? fair enough :)02:29
RippSteakfacesomsip: The only thing is it doesn't display RPM anymore strangely enough02:30
Beldarxangua, This is nice it shows a metacity or compiz option. http://askubuntu.com/questions/452665/fallback-to-gnome-classic-desktop-ubuntu-14-0402:30
somsipRippSteakface: awk will only return '1140' in this example, so you will need to add a label in conky to show 'RPM' after the output of the grep|qwk statement02:31
Beldarxangua, In 14.04 the shell is ubuntu-gnome-desktop to get the whole meta, the falback has changed to it seems02:31
somsipRippSteakface: so it could be as easy as "Speed:${alignr}${exec sensors | grep 'RPM' | awk '{print $2}'} RPM"02:32
Beldarbeen that way for a few releases not sure since when02:32
RippSteakfacesomsip: Fan Speed:${alignr}${exec sensors | grep 'RPM' | awk '{print $2}'} RPM02:33
RippSteakfacesomsip: Hah got it. Is grep needed?02:33
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
somsipRippSteakface: grep will select one line that has 'RPM' in it from the output of 'exec sensors' so yes, you need that02:33
RippSteakfacesomsip: Fantastic, I'm learning a lot with conky. Thanks for the help, great community  here.02:34
xanguaBeldar: thanks02:34
Beldarno prob02:34
somsipRippSteakface: you're welcome02:34
unstableWHat is the best app to take a screen video of one of my monitors?02:37
unstablethe best in the opinion of whomever wants to answer02:38
unstablegetting into semantics is a waste of time, everyone knows what I mean. I'm aware I'll get a variety of opinions.02:39
* zykotick9 wonders why !best has disappears, and possibly !enter (thought perhaps what wasn't an #ubuntu factoid, but should be)02:39
unstableprobably becaust !best is a waste of time to mention02:39
somsipzykotick9: it's still there, maybe the bot is dead02:39
somsipnot that then02:39
somsipzykotick9: my mistake "<deleted>"02:40
unstableeveryone who uses the word 'best' in the context I'm using it.. is aware of what they're asking, and they ask it anyway02:40
somsipunstable: no they don't. Polls are not encouraged here02:40
zykotick9somsip: thanks.02:40
SchrodingersScatunstable: but then when we offer a solution they'll say, "No, that won't work for me because of X" where X is the problem they're really having and should be asking about in the first place.02:40
somsipzykotick9: it seems that the ops have change a lot of factoids since 14.04. EOT02:41
unstableThere are 5+ screen recorders.. and there isn't a good rating system to find out which one is the best.02:41
unstablethe search/rating for ubuntu apps is lacking, and #ubuntu is probably one of the best places to find this information02:41
SchrodingersScatfreedom promoting software lets you try them all02:42
unstableI don't have a special use case, I just can't easily differentiate the quality of the various apps.02:42
unstableWhich one does stallman use?02:42
SchrodingersScatunstable: plus, there's so many factors, best to me might mean running in cli, someone else might find anything without a gui to be trash.02:43
zykotick9unstable: lol, stallman probably doesn't use any...02:43
Beldarthe toe fungus model02:43
zykotick9Beldar: boo...02:44
loadenhello! does someone knows how to keep the brightness when reboot? nvidia card.02:44
Beldarhehe, it's just a joke, about as valid as the question. ;)02:44
loadenI've tried indiacator-brightness, it's doesn't work.02:45
loadenbut xbacklight works for me.02:45
loadenI can use xbacklight -set 60 to change the brightness.02:46
zykotick9Beldar: <ot> i'd agree, stallman is insane.  but he's also brilliant.  and the line between brillance and insanity is often very fine...02:46
Beldarzykotick9, How true that is, thankfully I have neither, well brilliance anyway.02:47
zykotick9Beldar: nor i... ;)02:47
unstableI went with record my desktop02:48
unstableI found out on the Internet that Richard Stallman uses that one02:49
unstablehe said it was the best02:49
unstablebecause it's got all the 4 freedoms02:49
syeekickdoes the /etc/hosts do anything?02:50
zykotick9syeekick: yes, it's the first thing checked to try and resolve domain names...02:51
pavlossyeekick, hostname resolution02:51
unstablesyeekick: It maps hostnames to ipaddresses02:51
unstablesyeekick: So you could put syeekick.com as mapped to
syeekicki just deletedd the entire contents and my internet iiisi still going02:51
syeekicki was tryinig to follow that guide and got annoyed that nothiing was happening :P02:52
zykotick9syeekick: that makes sense... but is NOT a good idea.02:52
syeekickiii wiill restore02:52
syeekicki will restore it , but you know i wanted to see if it did anything02:52
zykotick9syeekick: you're not using a good test to see if it "does anything", try adding something to it - to test.02:53
pavlosecho local > /etc/hosts02:53
syeekicki added some websites i dont  want to resolve you know as it would get confused and not resolve an external site on my home network02:54
syeekickbut hell it did nothing is there a service i have to restart?02:54
zykotick9syeekick: actually, changes should be instant.02:54
karisi am new user02:54
pavlossyeekick, no, changes are immediate02:54
Bashing-omKabaka: Welcome to our world .02:55
hjkhlsyeekick you can use dnsmasq02:57
syeekicksorry for the dickish way i went about this02:58
GerowenAnybody know why the wireless card in this laptop (Broadcom B4311) wouldn't work even though both linux-firmware-nonfree and firmware-b43-installer(which lists this card specifically) are installed?02:58
Gerowensysinfo properly identifies the card, but it's not listed in the network manager and flipping the hardware switch doesn't have an effect.02:58
pavlosGerowen, some bmc chips need the ndiswrapper02:59
Gerowenpavlos: This card worked in 13.10, but I did a clean install of 14.04 and no-go, :-(02:59
syeekickrfkill unblock all try that03:01
zykotick9Gerowen: did you check the details on "/msg ubottu broadcom"?03:01
lotuspsychjemorning to all03:01
pavlosGerowen, this might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/450631/wifi-not-working-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts03:06
RalliasIf I'm using dpkg-buildpackage -b, is there any way to speed up the build process?03:08
Gerowenpavlos: Thanks, I wasn't aware of that other set of drivers being installed.  I'm giving it a shot now.  If it works I'll only have one other problem with the upgrade on this machine.03:08
dj300hi, can anybody tell me how the default "~/.config/user-dirs.dirs" file looks like in Ubuntu 14.04?03:09
pavlosGerowen, I had issues with bcm4318 so I bought an Intel 2200 card which works nice.03:09
pavlosdj300, is it different than 12.04?03:12
raul782hi guys, I have two ubuntu servers different versions 13.10 and 14.04, but I see that both servers have different UTC dates03:12
raul782how can I sync03:12
dj300pavlos, I mean in Ubuntu, what is the default file.03:12
raul782both servers?03:12
dj300pavlos, if you have it can you pastebin it?03:13
dj300pavlos, any version will work.03:13
pavlosdj300, http://pastebin.com/YDEwJXcU03:14
syeekicki am scared that my reboot will make the empty hosts file come into play03:14
dj300I am actually having some lines like this XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR="$HOME/"03:15
dj300after deleting folders.03:15
dj300pavlos, ok, thank you.03:15
Gerowenpavlos: Thanks, that seems to have fixed my wireless card, :-)03:16
zykotick9syeekick: a default hosts would probably look like http://paste.ubuntu.com/7460678/03:16
pavlosraul782, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata03:16
pavlosGerowen, nice!!03:16
raul782pavlos: thanks , is this something that will happen from time to time?03:17
syeekickzykotick9, thanks for staying in there ({)03:17
pavlosraul782, you can enable ntpd to keep time synced up with good time servers.03:18
GerowenNow onto my other issue.  The same computer hangs up when shutting down.  When I removed "quiet" and "splash" from the boot arguments, and then did a shut down, the "Killing all remaining processes" line failed, and when it says, "Will now halt", it just sits there.  I can't seem to find a log of the shutdown procedure or I would give more details.03:19
GerowenI posted a screenshot, albeit blurry, here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/465555/14-04-hangs-on-shutdown03:20
syeekickzykotick9, you on 14.04?03:21
SohronGerowen: do you get from that "Will now halt" with pressing the any key to reboot?03:22
zykotick9syeekick: sorry, i have NO idea about 14.04 specifically... i _certainly_ could be wrong!  N-M is a big question mark for me...03:23
Sohroneh eh03:23
GerowenSohron: I just tried it and it rebooted just fine without hanging...03:23
GerowenPerhaps the freezing had something to do with the incorrect wireless drivers.03:23
Sohronthat's what i guesed03:23
GerowenSohron: I mean I didn't press a key, I just did a reboot just to see.03:23
syeekickzykotick9, its cool its just bamboozliing03:23
Sohronah okay03:23
GerowenSohron: I'll do a couple shutdowns and reboots to verify it's behaving normally.03:24
SohronGerowen: what did you do to get it reboot then?03:24
raul782pavlos: thanks a lot, that did it, will remember to install always that library when provisioning new servers03:24
Sohronjust curious03:24
GerowenSohron: Nothing, but immediately before doing that reboot I just resolved an issue with my Broadcom wireless card.03:24
GerowenSohron: I installed that driver, hit shut down, it froze, and then on the next startup the wireless card worked properly, and then on the next attempt shut downs appear to work fine.03:25
GerowenYep, just worked again, guess it was the wireless.03:25
SohronGerowen: okay, my goddamn new workstation works flawlessly with every bit of hardware it has, it's even eerily strange :D03:25
GerowenSohron: Yeah my desktop works great with the exception that my built-in AMD card doesn't get accelerated graphics support since it's kinda old.03:26
GerowenSohron: Have meant to go buy me a good  NVidia card for a while so I can play some of my Steam games, but have never gotten around to it.03:26
archpcAnyone else trying the Utopic Unicorn alpha? It's nice03:26
SohronGerowen: okay, not even with the AMD proprietary drivers?03:26
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
Stanley00!14.10 | archpc03:27
ubottuarchpc: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/136303:27
archpcI'm using it, lol03:27
GerowenSohron: Nah.  I downloaded the fglrx .deb file and extracted it and read the documentation and my card isn't supported any more.  It is if I use Debian 6 (old stable) or a comparably really old version of Ubuntu with an older version of Xorg, but the newer driver that supports the new version of X doesn't support my card, :-(03:27
SohronI luckily have an quadro card, was reasonal enough to get one of those and not damned AMD03:28
archpcIt seems faster than 14.04, probably just placebo03:28
SohronGerowen: that's bad, what are they thinking dropping support for older cards? it's not *that* old if it's AMD and not ATI...03:29
Sohronwell, it may be "old", but still03:30
GerowenSohron: Per sysinfo: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RS880 [Radeon HD 4200]03:31
zykotick9Sohron: don't expect long support with AMD/ATI graphics...03:31
GerowenIt's not some super great card, but it does pretty good for the games I play, "if" it has acceleration.  I can play the original Half Life at about 30fps, but that's about the max.03:32
GerowenI meant I can play Half Life with the open source ones, :P03:32
zykotick9AMD/ATI also means no "free" 3d... which is reason #2 why i personally will never own one.03:33
Sohronzykotick9: agreed03:33
GerowenThat's why I'm planning on buying an NVidia card.03:33
tcstorywho had install eclim into emacs before?03:34
tcstoryi met a problem03:34
pavlosraul782, you're welcome03:34
Sohroni was wise early and bought a setup with a quadro card, i still remember the times i used linux before and the ati drivers were total crap03:34
Sohronit took just a little bit of fiddling to get the nvidia binary drivers to work, but it was easy enough03:35
Sohronbut it didn't happen magically like i think it should03:36
Sohronat least on Ubuntu03:36
zykotick9Sohron: <ot> i'm confused, quadro _is_ and ati/amd card???  i remember a time when ATI didn't even have a gnu/linux driver, even thought, at that same time - they where doing there development on gnu/linux :(  ATI should die in a fire, IMO.  why did AMD buy them?03:36
Sohronzykotick9: Nvidia Quadro 600 :)03:37
Sohroni should know, as i bought the pieces and am running the nvidia.ko binary driver with that card :D03:38
zykotick9Sohron: sorry, i thought quadro was an ATI thing...  my bad.03:38
Sohronzykotick9: i reckon it's something AMD Firesomething the AMD professional cards03:39
Sohronwell, this is getting ot really03:40
Sohronno help needed here :D03:40
Guest21240Need to ask a question about ssh and jump boxes?03:40
SachJust did a fresh install of 14.04.  I'm unable to shut down; the screen just stays purple with the 5 red/white dots in the middle.  What do I need to know to understand the error?03:41
GerowenSach: I just had the same issue.  Mine was caused by having the wrong wireless card drivers installed.03:42
SachGerowen: I upgraded from 12.04, so I imagine that my wireless card drives would not be the problem? (Having said that, my wireless is currently not working)03:43
GerowenSach: If yours isn't wireless, you can hold "Shift" as the computer first comes on, and you should see the Grub menu.  Press "e" and look for the words "quiet" and "splash" and delete them, then press F10 to boot.  This will, for that session only, give you a verbose bootup and shut down.  That way when you shut down you won't see the splash screen, you'll actually see text output of what's going on.03:43
GerowenSach: I had to follow the instructions in the marked answer at: http://askubuntu.com/questions/450631/wifi-not-working-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts for my Broadcom card before my laptop would shut down properly.03:44
SachGerowen: did your wireless work fine prior to upgrade?03:45
SachGerowen: I also have Broadcom hardware03:45
holsteinSach: you can get to tty?03:46
zykotick9Sach: Gerowen while i have zero idea what package to file it under, you should both - first look for a related bug on Launchpad, and if none exists, consider filing one.03:46
GerowenSach: Then follow those instructions in the link I shared first to get your wireless working.03:46
Pencil_some of the icons in the launcher no longer work.  where can I find the answer03:47
GerowenSach: That will probably fix your shut down issue, it did mine.03:47
Gerowenzykotick9: I may play around with installing the packages that were in place before and see if I can track down which one causes the freezing.03:47
SachGerowen: error with the second command at that link:   http://pastebin.com/kfrHRknW03:48
holsteinSach: *is* another process using it?03:49
Sachholstein: no.03:49
GerowenSach: Make sure you don't have Synaptic running, or some other package manager like an update manager, software center, etc.03:49
holsteinSach: any other package managers open/running can cause that.. close them, or just reboot the machine if you are unsure03:49
GerowenSach: +1 to what holstein said03:49
* Gerowen resumes playing "Zombies Ate my Neighbors"03:50
misingnoglicHi, I need to fix this problem with my computer but I don't have an xorg.conf file, what should I do? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#Suspend.2BAC8-Hibernation03:52
=== k0ryfi is now known as awq
Sohronmisingnoglic: run nividia-xconfing from a shell03:54
Sohronsudo nvidia-xconfig03:54
kkkkkkkkkkanyone play cs source on linux from steam?03:54
Sohronkkkkkkkkkk: i found only one game for linux from steam :D03:55
misingnoglicSohron: there's still nothing in the file03:55
Sohroni don't remember the name03:55
BelorixHey guys, how can i fix audio playing from the speakers with headphones plugged in03:55
Sohronmisingnoglic: oh, that's strange03:55
kkkkkkkkkkSohron, 3 games maybe lol03:55
Sohronmisingnoglic: do you have the nvidia drivers installed?03:56
misingnoglicYeah I do03:56
Sohronand nouveau blacklisted?03:56
misingnoglicHow do I do that?03:56
kkkkkkkkkkSohron, my system crashed when i am playing cs source, the system freezes03:56
SachGerowen: do I need to reboot after those two steps at that link?  Or can I simply reboot the network connection (sudo service network-manager restart)03:57
Sohronmisingnoglic: edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf03:57
GerowenSach: Yes, reboot.03:57
Sohronmisingnoglic: blacklist nouveau03:57
GerowenSach: It took me two reboots for it to fix the shutdown problem.03:57
GerowenSach: One reboot got the wireless working, and after that, shut downs started working normally.03:57
GerowenSach: Basically, once the driver took effect, shutdowns started working.03:58
Sohronmisingnoglic: after installing nvidia binary drivers and blacklisting nouveau reboot03:58
sasukehi guys03:58
misingnogliclet's hope it works03:59
cruisibesareshey guys im testing out juju and maas. So far things are pretty awesome. I also have an aws cluster and i have set that up with a different name in my environments file. Do i need to run an instance of juju for each envionrment with juju bootstrap or is there a way that I can have one gui/juju server that will manage both providers? If you need one juju node per provider can it be colocated with maas?03:59
Sohronmisingnoglic: or, if adventurous go to text-mode and modprobe the nouveau out and modprobe nvidia.ko in03:59
kkkkkkkkkkSohron: my system crashed when i am playing cs source, the system freezes04:00
kkkkkkkkkkSohron, my system crashed when i am playing cs source, the system freezes04:00
pavlos!sp | luca04:01
Sohronkkkkkkkkkk: me thinks that steam is a piece of junk, not only on linux04:01
kkkkkkkkkkSohron: i am using ubuntu 14.04, my graphics is nvidia04:01
whoeverSohron: why do you think steam is junk04:01
whoeveroops kkkkkkkkkk why do you think stream is junbk04:02
Sohronwhoever: it's a resource hog IMHO and it doesn't at least on linux have that many games to be worth it04:02
cruisibesaresi found this http://askubuntu.com/questions/384463/how-do-i-deploy-to-other-severs-with-juju but i dont care about the gui and it seems like it makes sense that you would want to manage multiple providers with one installation04:02
Sohronwhoever: and because it makes my friends wintendo crap out too in many ways04:02
whoeverSohron: true but what would expect from a streaming service04:03
Sohronwhoever: hahah yep04:03
Sohronokay, morning coffee04:03
whoeverSohron: and windows is crap anyway, so thats not a fair assesment04:03
=== vivek is now known as Vivek_VC
* whoever thinks whine might be better then windows :-)04:04
Sach_Gerowen: I've been trying to figure out my wireless problem out for 12hrs.  And you fixed my life in 12mins.  :)04:04
Sach_Gerowen: but shut down is still an issue for me.04:04
whoeverSach_: what did you just reset it ?04:05
GerowenSach_: Glad you got your wireless working at least.  Have you done one more reboot "after" the wireless started working?04:05
Sach_Gerowen: will try that now :)04:05
GerowenSach_: K04:06
BeldarSach_, you were given nothing here that was not told to you 12 hours ago.04:06
* whoever wow just started typing today after a 12 hour brake , and was useing the keyboard at school, and das keyboards are so much nicer then the crapy oem dell... well hell ones 04:06
ADWwhat is a DAS keyboard?04:06
whoeverSach_: why reboot, just service networking restart04:07
Gerowenwhoever: I had the same issue.  The reboot is to verify that shutting down no longer freezes after the wireless started working.04:08
SachGerowen: I'm back here without having to force shut down  :)04:08
Gerowenwhoever: My computer would hang up while shutting down until I got the correct driver installed, for whatever reason.04:08
GerowenSach: Good to hear, :-)04:08
whoeverADW: http://www.daskeyboard.com/model-s-ultimate/04:08
SachThank you good person04:08
whoeverGerowen: that is odd04:09
ADWah mechanical keyboard04:09
ADWI like it, too bad its $$$$$$04:09
Gerowenwhoever: It is.  It would get all the way to "Will now halt" and just sit there.04:09
syeekick:(){ :|:& };:   someone done that for a giggle to me :)04:09
GerowenSach: Glad I could help you out.04:09
syeekick:( ffs04:10
latigidigitalWhat's the best way to recover from mistakenly choosing to keep existing configs as opposed to updating to the maintainer's configs during do-release-upgrade?04:10
whoeverADW: if you spend enough time on the keys you'll see the benifit, and your digits will thank you04:10
* Gerowen goes back to playing "Zombies Ate my Neighbors".04:10
ADWI've heard that before. I work in IT so I sit and type all day on a shitty OEM board. $130 might not be bad considering how much I use it04:10
whoeverGerowen: i would had thaught that was a shutdown script issue04:11
Gerowenwhoever: Not sure, but removing the bmcl whatever packages and replacing them with the b43 packages so the wireless card works got the shutdown process to resume normal function.04:11
latigidigitalADW: a good keyboard is a sane investment, especially if it reduces RSI04:11
Gerowenwhoever: Oh well, I'll poke around and see if I can figure out "what" failed and file a bug report if none exists.04:12
ADWWhats the reason behind no key inscriptions? Do you add your own or just rock it no labels? lol04:12
ADWWhats the reason behind no key inscriptions? Do you add your own or just rock it no labels? lol04:12
ADWsorry, double post04:13
latigidigitalADW: no labels could be a perk for someone who doesn't really need them and/or switches between layouts04:14
latigidigitale.g., dvorak04:14
whoeveranyone  have a lcd tv for about 5 years ago?  it seems like mounting standards have changed , i have a mount that you would screw rubber ribbed bushing to tat would side into the mount and that is what would hold the tv, and now it seem to be that you screw a mounting plate to the back of the tv, and the mounting plate attaces to the wall mount either by a single bold or it slides over the lip the mounting plate04:14
latigidigitaldoes anyone have an unscathed copy of /etc/init/networking.conf from 14.04 that I could grab?04:15
whoeverADW: if you know how to type you don't need them, and you never look at the keyboard, or if your learning to type you can look at them all day long and it won't help you   and you just look like a bad ass typeing with out key inscriptions04:16
whoeverADW: they do sell them with key inscriptions if it makes you feel better04:16
ADWInteresting. Do you guys prefer the Cherry MX brown or Blue switches? Is one or the other better for a certain style (gaming, writing, etc)04:16
whoeverlatigidigital: what do you need to fix04:16
whoeverADW:  i like blues04:17
ADWhaha good point. I'm sitting in a totally dark room and realized as I read your post I haven't looked at the keyboard once tonight04:17
whoeverADW: just depends if you like the old ibm clicky sound or not04:17
latigidigitalwhoever: uncertain, I progressively upgraded a server from 12.10 to 14.04 and hairtriggered the wrong response when networking.conf came up for comparison04:17
ADWI dont mind it, but how loud are they? Would it bothers others in an office setting?04:18
latigidigitalwhoever: it looked substantially different in the diff layout, though, so i'm concerned about it04:18
whoeverADW: it requires next to no force at all to acutate a key04:18
latigidigitalwhoever: trying to avoid any unwanted network disruption down the road04:18
whoeverlatigidigital: let me  check mine04:18
whoeverlatigidigital: yes, ill paste bin it , for what its worth i am running  a static04:20
intok14.04 how do you disable tap click!? It's the most irritating thing ever!04:20
hemangpatelhi, some error on apt-get update , http://pastie.org/private/yy5c6hxmyuksdvhlihnrwg  version 11.1004:21
awqintok: settings->mouse and touchpad04:21
misingnoglicHi, I'm trying to follow this guide but my xorg.conf is blank, what do I do?04:21
whoeverlatigidigital: http://pastebin.com/hbSZbMDa04:21
intokawq theres no setting for it in there, the nly options displayed are "Primary Button and Double Click Speed"04:22
whoeverintok: you need to use an edit tool that is not included so that you can edit the mous7e04:22
=== Jake0720_ is now known as Jake0720
latigidigitalwhoever: close but no cigar, I think that's /etc/network/interfaces04:23
latigidigitalwhoever: this one is /etc/init/networking.conf04:23
whoeverintok: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221773104:23
hjkhlintok: there should be tap to click there04:24
whoeverlatigidigital: ya i gave you the wrong file04:24
hjkhllatigidigital: http://pastebin.com/NnJsmU9f04:25
hemangpatelAnyone please check errors04:25
ADWwhoever: I think I'm going to order one. Thanks for the help man04:25
whoeverlatigidigital: im digging up that file for yo04:25
latigidigitalwhoever: thanks :D04:26
misingnoglicI forgot to link to the guide..04:26
misingnoglichttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#Suspend.2BAC8-Hibernation how do I follow this if my xorg.conf is blank?04:26
whoeverADW: cool, with or with out inscriptions04:26
whoeverADW: are you a student or teacher, there are discounts04:26
awqintok: http://i.imgur.com/0mCsLf1.png04:26
ADWThats the point I'm still debating lol04:27
hjkhllatigidigital, if you want i pastebinned mine the link is up04:27
latigidigitalhjkhl: sure, two will help confirm purity04:29
whoeverlatigidigital: what is the command to send to pastebin ie: wgetpaste <somefile>04:29
latigidigitalwhoever: I was just looking into that myself, everything I saw so far was third party (e.g., clbin)04:32
Theory``wh2at m2akes 2a keybo2ard do this?04:32
Theory``h2ardw2are 0goin0g out?04:32
whoeverlatigidigital: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7460855/04:33
whoeverlatigidigital: it is pastebinit04:33
whoeverits in the repos04:33
Theory``d2an0g this is 2annoyin0g04:33
whoeverlatigidigital: night hope that helps04:34
whoeverADW: so what are you debating04:34
whoeverlatigidigital: i think you can just wget the url to file04:35
latigidigitalwhoever: got it, thanks-- and good night :)04:35
Random832Theory``: did you spill something in it?04:36
Theory``2anyone h2ae\v 2a clue?04:36
Random832buy a new keyboard, they're cheap04:37
Theory``this is 2a l2aptop04:37
Theory``no i didn't spill 2anythin0g on it04:37
Random832i don't know, is it under warranty?04:37
Theory``will 2a usb keybo2ard work on 2a 2l2aptop?04:37
pavlosTheory``, if you boot from a liveCD does it also happen?04:38
Random832how old is that computer?04:38
ADWAre we getting trolled? lol04:38
latigidigitalTheory``: Are you on a laptop?04:39
latigidigitalTheory``: what OS are you on?04:40
BeldarTheory``, Look up how to remove the keys safely individually and root around, start with the 2 key.04:43
latigidigitalBeldar: if he's not trolling and he's on Windows, it can happen from a certain function key combination -- esp. after getting remote controlled by someone behind another input type04:43
Beldarassuming this is present in any OS live or installed04:44
latigidigitalBeldar: seen it happen after netmeeting connections on XP several times04:44
latigidigitalusually involves scroll lock or fn+??? IIRC04:44
latigidigitalalso sometimes input configuration in general04:44
syeekicktell me is this gggoing  to work on oen line ?04:45
syeekickis that fine to copy and paste and it will block all said ips?04:47
Psil0Cybintrying to burn a start up cd keep getting invalid string argument 'GNU/LINUX'04:51
Psil0CybinWhen I burn using Ubuntu startup disk maker, what can i do to fix this?04:51
intokawq http://imagebin.org/31078204:52
Ben64Psil0Cybin: can you give any more information04:52
Psil0CybinSystem > Startup disk maker04:52
Psil0Cybinselecting ubntu iso04:53
Psil0Cybinburning, 54% through04:53
Psil0Cybinit says invalid argument invalid string04:53
=== karstensrage is now known as Guest66365
Psil0Cybin'GNU/LINUX' Version04:53
Psil0Cybin'GNU/LINUX' Version04:53
intoktouchpad/KB is a Logitech K400r wireless HTPC kb/touchpad combo04:53
Psil0Cybin“An uncaught exception was raised:Invalid version string 'GNU/Linux'” when creating bootable USB stick04:53
awqintok: possibly file a bug report?04:53
intokawq a more important question is why the hell is tap click enabled by default?04:54
abimaeltengo un problema04:55
Ben64Psil0Cybin: try using dd instead04:55
dsnydersabimael: this is an english chat site.04:55
Ben64Psil0Cybin: or unetbootin04:55
Psil0Cybini just am worried that i might over write the wrong thing04:55
Psil0Cybinhow can i make sure it is sdc? for me04:55
awqintok: here's a workaround  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1469754&s=1748313c961ddaff8e2cf623524b4b2c&p=9245521#post924552104:56
abimaeltengo un problem04:56
Ben64Psil0Cybin: all sorts of ways. gparted, sudo blkid, fdisk, hdparm, mount04:56
abimaelinstall skype not04:56
abimaelalguin me puede ayudar04:57
abimaelque pasa con ustedes04:57
Psil0Cybinit looks like its04:58
ejoHi.  Is there a way to sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.3, but NOT have it automatically start and create a default cluster?04:59
hemangpatelproblem in update , http://pastie.org/private/yy5c6hxmyuksdvhlihnrwg04:59
ejoI would really like to issue the pg_createcluster command myself, since this is happening headless/non-interactive05:00
Ben64hemangpatel: 11.10 is no longer supported, you need to upgrade to a supported release, preferably 14.0405:00
ejoI'm doing this during the build of a Docker container running ubuntu 14.04... although I run locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 and set my LANG and other related env variables, the automated process of apt-get install postgresql-9.3 still builds a default "main" cluster that doesn't use my locale.05:01
hemangpatelBen64, is this reason for 404 in packages  ?05:01
ejoI even tried a dpkg-reconfigure locales after the locale-gen and env settings, but that didn't change the situation.05:01
Ben64hemangpatel: yep, it hasn't been supported since may 201305:01
ejoboth the docker and postgresql channels have told me this is more of a debian or ubuntu issue than their issue05:02
hemangpatelBen64, ok. But only today i got this 404 errors05:02
Ben64hemangpatel: should have been happening for a year now, but still doesn't change the fact that you've been without security patches for a year05:03
dsnydersDoes anyone know of a good Centos channel?  #centos here is supposed to be the place, but I'm the only one logged in.05:04
Ben64!alis | dsnyders05:05
ubottudsnyders: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:05
dsnydersBen64: Thanks.05:06
SachWhen trying to install a driver from the terminal, I get this error: http://pastebin.com/rnGNtV1e05:08
cdwhi all05:09
ADWhey hey05:09
ADWAlright this is a very n00b question - but how do I see populated channels in the freenode network?05:10
cdwits like #list05:10
cdwdual booting Windows ubunte 14.0405:10
cdwI cant get a boot menu05:11
ADWnever mind, found the "channels list"05:11
cdwI have  windows 8.1 installed and ubunte 14.04 but I have to go into my uefi bois and selection one what I want to boot do05:11
cdwIm trying to set up a grub menu but no luck can any one help?05:12
cdwI mean I just want to put  grub menu in05:12
cdwa grub menu05:13
Beldarcdw, What have you tried so far?05:13
cdwafter the ubunte install I had to use the grub repair to even get grub installed05:14
Beldarcdw, Do you have a bootinfo summary from bootrepiar that shows the HD as it is now?05:15
cdwin grub customizer boot menu  it dose not show the uefi partion path to windows05:15
cdwno but I can run in once more05:15
cdwit told me there was a error of some kind05:15
GerowenRandom question that is "somewhat" related to Ubuntu.  I've asked in the "Clonezilla" channel but nobody seems to be there.  Does anybody know why they created a separate branch of Clonezilla based on Ubuntu?  Are there any advantages over the standard Debian based one?05:16
Beldarcdw, This the grub customizer in a ppa? and that is the root of the issue?05:16
cdwit takes a few mins05:16
Beldarcdw, I'm just tryig to confirm the grub cutomizer I recognize the app.05:17
cdwim sorry im not up on my terms05:17
cdwwhat do you mean by ppa?05:17
Gerowencdw: ppa = personal package archive - Basically it's a way of hosting software for Ubuntu.  You can add a PPA to your sources, and the packages in it will be available for you to install via Synaptic.05:17
Sach[01:08] <Sach> When trying to install a driver from the terminal, I get this error.  Strange because I have an ethernet connection: http://pastebin.com/rnGNtV1e05:18
Gerowencdw: That way you don't have to keep checking the developers' website for updates, because your built-in package manager will just check the PPA every time it looks for other updates.05:18
Ben64Sach: then you don't have those packages05:19
Gerowenubottu ppa05:19
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:19
SachBen64: then how do I get them?05:19
Ben64Sach: from your command it looks like you want to remove them... why would you want to get them?05:20
Beldarcdw, Sounds like you were okay till you used the grub customizer, with his being a uefi, I'm not sure the fix. Were this a mbr grub it's easy.05:20
cdwgerowen I guess you lost me05:20
cdwboth os's work fine05:21
cdwbut since its not mbr there is no clear work around05:21
SachBen64: here is an update: http://pastebin.com/PjviPUVR05:21
cdwI just want a grub menu so i dont have to go into the uefi bois to boot up my os every time05:21
Beldarcdw, No, I meant I don't know it, uefi is a bit new for some here in this scenario.05:22
SachBen64: I was able to install these packages from a different computer a few mins ago, so am not sure why they seemingly can't be located.05:22
Ben64Sach: what is the output of "cat /etc/issue"05:22
SachBen64: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l05:22
Beldarcdw, You might try the #grub channel, they must be up on this stuff ow.05:23
Ben64Sach: then it seems like you have a problem with your repositories. make sure you have the official ubuntu ones enabled05:23
SachBen64: strange.  I havent changes settings in the repos since my fresh install 60mins ago.  But I'll check.05:24
s2013i screwed up a path variable05:25
s2013how do i fix it?05:25
Ben64s2013: depends how you messed it up05:26
SachBen64: all looks good in the repos.05:26
Ben64Sach: pastebin "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter"05:26
s2013Ben64, i need to change it. i tried installing mongodb following their instructions but it fucked up05:28
=== badon_ is now known as badon
rohanhi.. how do i move the unity window controls to the right?05:28
s2013now the path is to a folder that doesnt exist so i need to change it05:28
rohanhi.. how do i move the unity window controls to the right?05:28
Ben64s2013: watch the language in here, and again, how did you mess it up05:29
Beldarrohan, No official way to do so.05:29
s2013Ben64, like i said, its pointing to a folder that doesnt exist05:29
s2013so i need to change it05:29
rohanBeldar: ouch.. not even with some tweak tool or such/05:29
Ben64s2013: i'm not sure you're understanding me. how... did you mess it up05:29
s2013i added a path variable that pointed to a folder i deleted05:30
s2013exprt PATH=.. etc05:30
Beldarrohan, There was a hack to the bottom way back, that is all I have seen, but I have not really been looking either.05:30
Ben64s2013: it's like pulling teeth. what exactly did you do to make it bad05:30
s2013Jesus. hold on05:30
rohanBeldar: ah well.. i'll poke around. thanks05:31
Beldarbest of luck05:31
rohan:D thanks05:31
s2013Ben64, export PATH=<mongodb-install-directory>:$PATH05:32
s2013http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-linux/ from here05:32
Ben64so you added that to a file?05:32
s2013no i just typed that in the terminal05:32
Ben64then close that terminal, problem solved05:33
cdwcan any one help me fix my uefi bois boot menu?05:33
s2013is that temporary?05:33
Ben64the way you did it, yes05:33
s2013k thanks05:33
SachBen64: I had to reboot, sorry.  It's the output of 'sudo apt-get update' and?05:35
Beldarcdw, Might be worth having a up to date bootinfo summary on the bootrepair developers thread, the focus on just these issues. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10871917#post1087191705:35
Ben64Sach: pastebin "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter"05:35
rohanand is there a way to move the unity bar from left to the bottom?05:37
Beldarrohan, there was a hack around 11 something, long gone now.05:38
rohanBeldar: ah :(05:38
Beldarthe beginning of the unity rule, lol05:38
SachBen64: http://pastebin.com/vQWmz3RX05:39
aumhi - I'm running the Xdmx multi-head X server, but it comes up without the RandR extension - is there any way to get RandR enabled?05:39
Ben64Sach: well the package exists now, thats good05:40
SachBen64: Yes, I see that.  Thank you.  But strange that the wireless still doesnt work.05:40
Ben64Sach: not so strange, broadcom is notoriously bad05:41
rollituphello guys05:41
rollitupI booted my ubuntu 12.04 notebook and i directly go to the terminal instead of the desktop05:41
SachBen64: oh dear.05:42
rollitupi logged in through the terminal and then did startx but get Fatal server error: no screens found05:42
assistentehi to all! someone can help me debug cups printing on a konica-minolta c350 to enable job accounting?05:42
rohanBeldar: heh.. i am really rethinking moving away from kde now :P05:43
Ben64Sach: i ended up getting a usb wireless for my laptop instead of having to deal with the broadcom.05:43
rollitupserver terminated with error (1). xinit: giving up xinit: unable to connect to X server : No such file or directory05:43
rollitupdo i need to reinstall Ubuntu-desktop ?05:43
savidWhen compiling a source package, how do I resolve errors like: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -latk-1.0"? In this case, I've installed libatk1.0-dev. I'm not sure why it can't find it.05:43
=== qxork is now known as Guest45013
dw1savid: try the non-dev ?05:44
rollitupcan someone point out whats going wrong that is leading the ubuntu desktop to not load ?05:45
Ben64rollitup: pastebin x log05:46
cfhowlettBen64 Sach I must be blessed.  I manage to configure and enable my BCM 4312 via the ubuntu ISO.  60 seconds in the console and I've got wifi - no reboot even.05:46
rollitupthe notebook that won't load the desktop is different than this one so wondering how i can paste the log from the terminal to pastie05:47
saviddw1: the non-dev pkg is already installed05:47
Ben64cfhowlett: mine worked in livecd, works occasionally on my laptop, seems to work every time i reboot after being in windows, but its still too unreliable for me, and usb wireless chips are like $705:47
dw1rollitup: google the error comes up with a few possible solutions05:48
rohanBeldar: do you use unity?05:48
dw1savid: it shouldnt normally be necessary but you might have to manually specify the include path05:48
catalaseperson of interest05:48
catalaseholy shit05:48
cfhowlettcatalase stop that.  off-topic and no profanity in this channel.05:48
saviddw1: is that during make, or configure?05:49
dw1savid: one or both :P05:50
dw1savid: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16710047/usr-bin-ld-cannot-find-lnameofthelibrary05:50
dw1savid: it might chec in configure and you can confirm its found there...05:51
dw1savid: and/or you might have to add it in the configure arguments or Makefile05:51
catalasesorry, cfhowlett, wrong channel05:51
cfhowlettcatalase no worries.05:52
saviddw1: ok, guess I'll keep digging around. was mostly curious if there was a quick fix.05:52
dw1savid: the 2nd answer at that link looks helpful05:53
MikerhinosI have an install problem : trying to install on a fakeraid+hdd like that : /boot on a small raid partition (i've read that it's necessary to avoid grub install errors), / on another raid partition, swap and /home on hdd05:53
dw1savid: ld -latk-1.0 --verbose05:54
Mikerhinoswhen clicking on install, I have an unknown error message ("?????")05:54
savidAh, nice05:54
Sachcfhowlett, Bed64: yes, I was also able to do so on a fresh install of 12.04 on this laptop.  I then did a fresh install of 14.04, followed the same commands for wireless, but nothing.05:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest14115
cfhowlettSach which BCM chipset is this?05:55
Sachcfhowlett: 431105:56
saviddw1: hmm, well ld itself doesn't seem to have trouble finding it.05:56
SachBen64: is it possible that the driver likes certian ubuntu versions and not others?05:56
cfhowlettSach there's an outdated method on the wiki "STA no internet access" method.  A few of the files mentioned are not available on the ISO as they've been rolled into the kernel or the latest edition of ubuntu.  I just skipped those files and got the connection up and running.  suggest you try.05:57
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:57
dw1savid: you may be able to add to the include path in the Makefile or arguments05:57
Sachcfhowlett: thanks, will try now.05:58
cfhowlettSach  let us know!05:58
Mikerhinosif I want to try softraid install looks like I need alternate cd, is it usb boot capable ?05:58
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Sachcfhowlett: it says to "Navigate the install media" with the example of /cdrom as the location.  What am I looking for to know my location?06:03
cfhowlettSach needs not be on an CD.  I just used my downloaded and saved ISO06:03
casual_llamaHi, what could prevent x-swat updates from being unable to install more recent Intel graphics drivers on Ubuntu 12.04?06:05
Sachcfhowlett: I apologise.  How do I add the kernel from the restricted folder  "../pool/restricted/b/bcmwl" ?06:05
cfhowlettSach kernel?  no where in the instructions does it say: install kernel ...06:06
saviddw1: I finally just did an strace during make. It's looking for libatk-1.0.a, not libatk-1.0.so. Why would that be?06:06
cfhowlettSach ah I see.06:06
cfhowlettSach you can add the ISO as a software source in your software center settings.06:07
=== alpha is now known as Guest13360
dw1savid: that may be normal - i dont know enough06:07
Sachcfhowlett: what would the apt line be for that?  I dont see it in the doc.06:08
cfhowlettSach wait one ...06:09
dw1savid: i think as long as the path is in the include flags it should find it http://google.com/search?q=add+to+include+path+Makefile06:09
cfhowlettSach second answer at http://askubuntu.com/questions/4694/how-to-use-a-iso-image-as-a-cd-rom-repository06:10
dw1savid: and you know the right path from the ld command..06:10
cfhowlettSach sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop PATH/TO/ISO /cdrom06:10
dw1savid: so you could either add that path or symlink it to a path that is recognized by the make process06:10
dw1savid: theoretically06:11
dw1savid: assuming it shouldnt automatically be found by ld since it seems it can be06:11
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Sachcfhowlett: thanks for that.  hmmm...the 14.04 seems to not let me apply this beating around an actual cd rom. When I try to add a volume, it simply says 'cannot find suitable cd'06:14
cfhowlettSach the sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop PATH/TO/ISO /cdrom   failed?06:14
Sachcfhowlett: yes, because it doesn't let me manually apply that script.06:15
cfhowlettSach there's a way, but I've not done this in so long, the methodology seems to have changed.06:15
cfhowlettUBUNTU: how to mount and use the ubuntu ISO as a software source?06:16
=== Guest26376 is now known as Sleepnbum
MiguelAngelHi I have a dumb question about openssh06:17
cfhowlett!openssh| MiguelAngel06:17
ubottuMiguelAngel: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)06:17
ubottuA fix for the recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2014-0076 & 0160) has been pushed to the Ubuntu repositories, see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2165-1/ and http://heartbleed.com/ for more information.06:17
MiguelAngelwhat cipher is more secure when starting an ssh session? aes, blowfish, arcfour... ?06:18
rollitupdw1, I am back and here's the Xorg.0.log http://pastie.org/917411706:18
Krishnamurtiwhen i boot my ubuntu14.04,it told me some serious error happen,why and how to solve it?06:18
MiguelAngelKrishnamurti, what is the "serious error"?06:18
salseroouch, that's serious06:18
=== eduardo is now known as Guest76320
salseroMiguelAngel: aes06:19
RyNetsup guys06:19
RyNetusing weechat06:19
RyNetit's awesome06:19
Krishnamurtisystem error06:19
salserome neither06:19
MiguelAngelsalsero, but aes is being run by nsa hehe.. how are we sure there is no backdoor in it?06:19
cfhowlettMiguelAngel assume there's an NSA backdoor in everything.06:19
MiguelAngelKrishnamurti, it must be saying something more than "system error" or "serious error"06:19
salserountil government takes NSA funds for good, there's little we can do06:20
MiguelAngelcfhowlett, but let's say that RSA key is 4096... the passphrase was done with diceware lol... and besides that you are using either blowfish, aes, blah blah06:20
dw1rollitup: do you have an add-on video card?  ati?  nvidia?06:20
MiguelAngelwhich would be more "secure"?06:20
cfhowlettMiguelAngel over my head.  ##linux would probably have a more satisfactory answer for you.06:21
bazhangMiguelAngel, try ##crypto06:21
MiguelAngelcool :) thank you cfhowlett bazhang  :)06:21
KrishnamurtiMiguelAngel:yes,many errors about system...excuse me,my english is poor06:21
rollitupits the onboard card06:21
salseroaes mola!06:21
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
dw1rollitup: do you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file ?06:22
rollitupdw1, no i don't have an add-on card its the onboard card that is used06:22
rollituplet me check06:23
dw1rollitup: if so try renaming it so its not used.  its not necessary06:23
MiguelAngelKrishnamurti, yeah but I will need to get more info to help you06:23
rollitupdw1, there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file but there is one xorg.conf.failsafe file06:24
PolishPickersi am onboard card but i bought another card to use it instead06:24
dw1rollitup: you could try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:24
Sachdoes anyone know how to mount and use the ubuntu ISO as a software source in 14.04?06:24
rollitupdw1, I did that and didn't give me any output06:25
rollitupafter reconfigure i do startx still get the same error06:25
=== MiguelAngel is now known as Tuxedo
=== Tuxedo is now known as Marduk666
Krishnamurtisorry,i can't describle them in english,thank you anyway,MiguelAngel06:27
dw1rollitup: are you connected to the net06:28
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
yellowfishhow do I check if cron is running?06:29
salserops aux | grep cron06:30
dw1rollitup: running these might help.. apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg xorg lightdm06:30
rollitupok will try that06:30
yellowfishroot       653  0.0  0.1   2620   892 ?        Ss   May03   0:01 cron06:31
yellowfishDoes that mean it's running?06:31
yellowfishsalsero, I did that command06:31
salseroye red fish06:31
salseroalthought I get more processes in here06:33
dw1rollitup: try renaming your /home/user/.xinitrc file06:34
LowCuthey guys, can somebody help me with instaling and config of FRED Client?06:36
dw1rollitup: its a solution recommended when i googled the error: (EE) open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory06:37
dw1rollitup: supposedly because "If you installed Xorg before creating your regular user, there will be an empty .xinitrc file in your $HOME that you need to either delete or edit in order to start a graphical environment."06:37
shanhi, i have Ubuntu 14.04 running on this machine and i'm going to install win 8 too. I want to know What important point i must take care of before i install win 8 and win 8 partition will work fine ?06:37
shancurrently boot flag is set to sda1, do i need to set boot flag to other ntfs parition etc....?06:39
Beldarshan, Can you pastebin sudo fdisk -l06:39
=== teran is now known as teran[p]
=== teran[p] is now known as teran
shanbeldar | http://paste.ubuntu.com/7461159/06:41
Beldarshan, What is in the ntfs partitions now?06:42
shani made them for win 8 and to keep personal data.06:42
rollitupok dw1 right now i am sudo apt-get upgrade06:43
shanBeldar | 100 GiB partition is for win 8 Installaion.06:43
rollitupdw1, will try renaming it as per your suggestion06:43
Beldarshan, Ah, well you can manual install W8 to a partition, but at this point you are maxed on primary partitions, if it add an additional boot you will go dynamic is all, that is not good.  If it were me I would start over and install W8 first and have all the linux in a extended in a logical.06:45
LowCutanyone to help me :) FRED Client is returning an error, 'Certificate is not signed by a verifyed crtificate authority', im trying to install FRED Client on Ubuntu 9.04, any ideas guys?06:46
bazhang!eolupgrades | LowCut06:46
ubottuLowCut: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:47
shanBeldar | i asked Question regarding your point here but didn't get answer.... well, then i asked about both OS installation from scratch but same. so last time i installed Ubuntu first then made those partitions manually after ubuntu was installed. Now, what could happen after win 8 installation.06:47
shanBeldar | Boot lost!06:47
bazhangLowCut, 9.04 is *long* out of support06:47
salsero1st win8 2nd ubuntu06:47
dw1LowCut: 9.04 is only supported until 23 October 2010 (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ubuntu_releases#Table_of_versions) however if you google the error you might find something :)06:47
salseroLowCut: fresh install 14.0406:48
Beldarshan, sure a windows install puts it's boot loader in the mbr, easy fix, what I just described is a rather important.06:48
shansalsero | yes, but i was having UEFI issue here.... and as i mentioned above about support. i didn't get it all.06:48
salserohelmut_: guten morgan06:48
salserowell, i dont have dual boot06:48
shanBeldar | How about incase i install win 8 now. it will not mess anything other than boot right!06:48
LowCuti know guys, but it is promoted by the company that makes the software, all the documentation is for 9.0406:48
shanBeldar | grub/boot repair is possible right!!06:49
Beldarshan, Your not even close to understanding me.06:49
salseroso I am not the best person about issues with win806:49
bazhangLowCut, it's out of support, there are no packages for that.06:49
LowCutif you think that the SSL error may be because of the old version i will try with the new one06:50
Beldarshan, You need other help, best of luck. ;)06:50
shanBeldar | : )06:51
dw1LowCut: doubt it, but youll have to google or check the documentation/site for the software06:52
jerknextdoorcan anyone point me in the right direction to get ubuntu working with hiDPI (3200 x 1800)?  supposedly 14.04 supports hiDPI, so what am i doing wrong?  nothing scales at all and there is only one settting I can find that even mentions it, but it only effects a couple things.06:53
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: Have you changed the "UI Scale" option in the Display preferences?06:54
LowCutthanks dw1, its driving me nuts, and i get the certificates on friday, its issued by the national domain registrar, I doubt that something is wrong with them, and this is my very fist day in Linux in general06:55
epipercepi^^partitioning mayhem06:55
KrishnamurtiI´m trying to run a client to the ed2k network in my ubuntu14.04,but not amule or mldonkey,any suggestions?06:55
jerknextdoorJordan_U: there is a setting for "scale for menu bars and titles" and that's about all it does.06:55
dw1LowCut: perhaps when you install the 'verified' certificates it will work :)  dont know06:57
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: You don't see a "UI Scale" option as shown here: http://www.phoronix.net/image.php?id=0x2014&image=unity_hidpi_1_med ?06:57
LowCut:D i guess06:57
LowCutok, bye guys, thanks for your time06:58
Jordan_ULowCut: First lesson of your first day, you shouldn't ever use EOL software / distribution versions.06:58
jerknextdoorJordan_U: nope.  that's not what my settings look like.  http://goo.gl/bwRRtD is about what i've got.07:00
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: It may be related to the fact that you have two displays in use currently. As a test, try unplugging the external temporarily.07:02
jerknextdoorJordan_U: my bad. I don't actually have two displays currently.  That was just the first google image search that had the rest of the settings similar.  give me a second to take a screenshot07:03
jerknextdoorJordan_U: This is my display settings screen.  http://i.imgur.com/Rhrhhpn.jpg  it's quite a bit different than that screenshot you showed.  I have no UI scale.07:05
jerknextdoorJordan_U: this is a clean, fresh install of 14.04 on an XPS 15 if that helps at all.07:06
jkrxjerknextdoor: what exactly is the problem?07:07
jerknextdoorJordan_U: also keep in mind that stuff doesn't look as tiny in the screenshot because i changed my resolution to something much smaller.07:07
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: Do the options change if you configure the native resolution?07:07
jerknextdoorJordan_U: nope.  native resolution give me exactly the same thing.  I just lowered it so i could read the text in the irc channel.07:08
jerknextdoorjkrx: I don't have any options for higher DPI.  i've go a 3200x1800 screen and i can't read a damn thing on it.07:08
jkrxjerknextdoor: do u have a xorg.conf?07:09
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: Odd. I've been looking for documetation on this myself out of curiosity, and it really is frustrating that it's either hard to find or non-existant :(07:09
jkrxjerknextdoor: or have u tried kde?07:10
jerknextdoorJordan_U: same here.07:11
salserokde here07:11
jkrxJordan_U: KDE have documentation on it07:11
Hardcheesedo you know how to let each keystroke get sent to telnet instead of one line at the time?07:12
jerknextdoorjkrx: this is a clean install of 14.04 not even a couple hours old.  i haven't touched a single .conf.  no KDE.07:12
jkrxjerknextdoor: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1404-unity7-high-dpi07:12
jkrxjerknextdoor: they are currently working on fixing the high dpi issues as far as I can see07:13
jkrxjerknextdoor: so my advice is either skip unity for the time being or try unity 8 (experimental)07:14
jerknextdoorjkrx: That's from January.  HiDPI was a big part of 14.04 supposedly.  Either way, i'm confused at why Jordan_U 's settings look different than mine.07:14
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: Those weren't my settings, that was a screenshot taken by a user during the beta period.07:15
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: I'm not currently using Ubuntu so I can't view that particular settings window.07:15
jerknextdoorjkrx: Unity 8 wouldnt help at all since therei isn't a desktop UI for it, only phone.  skipping Unity is just silly since this is an LTS and it should work.  blarg.07:15
jerknextdoorJordan_U: alright, thanks.07:16
jkrxjerknextdoor: as far as I know they havent solved high dpi on unity yet and xrandr is stil the only way to go07:16
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI#GNOME_3 suggests "gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor 2" for GNOME3, may affect all GTK apps.07:16
jerknextdoorJordan_U: i'll give it a try. maybe I'll jump over to gnome 3 and see if that does anything better.07:17
Jordan_Ujerknextdoor: Apparently GNOME 3.12 is nice, https://twitter.com/mjg59/status/441467175862566912/photo/1 (Mattew Garret is particularly picky and knowlageable about this type of thing) but Ubuntu 14.04 ships GNOME 3.10.07:21
jkrxJordan_U: are u on arch?07:21
Jordan_Ujkrx: No, Currently Fedora 19.07:22
jkrxJordan_U: ah nice07:22
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[deXter]|Hi all, does anyone know where/how to install the latest Zen or Liquorix kernels?07:25
[deXter]|Or even just ck kernel07:25
ujjainwhat can explain traffic arriving with [S.] flags, but server not responding to SSH on internet ip, telnet localhost 22 works fine07:26
jkrx[deXter]|: have u installed a kernel before?07:28
jkrx[deXter]|: from source07:28
[deXter]|jkrx, Quite a long time ago, well before we had github and all these fancy tools07:28
jkrx[deXter]|: the latest zen kernel is here https://github.com/zen-kernel/zen-kernel07:29
jkrx[deXter]|: Ill advice you to read up on git and installation before experimenting with it07:29
[deXter]|jkrx, Thanks, that's what I hoped to avoid lol. The whole point I'm using Ubuntu is so that ppas etc can do the magic for me :P07:30
[deXter]|Or else I'd be using Arch or Gentoo07:30
jkrx[installation instructions is in the read me on the github07:30
salserogentoo? dont mind the power bill07:30
jkrx[deXter]|: Ubuntu has a zen-kernel in the repos07:31
jkrx[deXter]|: but I doubt its the latest07:31
[deXter]|Oh? O_o07:31
salserocompile requires a lot of CPU power in case you dont know07:31
jkrxsalsero: gentoo with i3,awesome or openbox doesnt take that long to install :P07:31
salseroyeah, but any update will require compiling07:32
jkrxsalsero: which doesnt take that long nor much cpu power on a modern system :P07:33
jkrxsalsero: specially not if u configured flags and compile options correctly07:33
salseroas you wish :)07:34
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atrioomhey guys, I think my .bashrc is giving me this error on startup:07:41
atrioom07:31 < jkrx> [deXter]|: but I doubt its the latest07:41
atrioomsry, misclicked when pasted. ignore line with jkrx please07:42
atrioomHow should I interpret this error? What does it exactly say?07:42
atrioomI get it everytime I source my .bashrc07:43
[deXter]|Sweet, found the .debs for liquorix kernel :)07:50
jkrx[deXter]|: nice07:51
geirhaatrioom: run this to debug your bashrc:  PS4='+ $BASH_SOURCE:$LINENO:' bash -xic ''07:51
Kartagislsmod says I'm using nouveau whereas software&updates > additional drivers says nvidia. which one should I consider to be true?07:51
ikoniaKartagis: lsmod does not say you are using anything - it shows what kernel modules are loaded07:52
ikoniaKartagis: it's quite common for you to blacklist the nouveau stuff when using the propitary stuff to avoid any possible conflicts07:52
Kartagisikonia: even if there is a number greater than 0 beside it?07:53
ikoniaKartagis: yes07:53
ikoniaKartagis: I would advise you to blacklist the module as it's not right that it's being loaded unless you are trying to use it07:54
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shani have installed win 8 next to Ubuntu and now i want to know how to fix Boot. Is it possible by running live ubuntu USB and type "update-grub" in termianl?07:57
Kartagisshan: chroot first07:58
geirha!fixgrub | shan07:58
ubottushan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:58
Kartagis!chroot | shan07:58
ubottushan: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot07:58
shanBoth Ubuntu & Win 8 OS are 64bit.08:00
gartralshan: that doesn't matter08:00
salseroare and must be08:01
shangartral | i can fix boot repair from within Live Usb?08:02
geirhaatrioom: found the culprit yet?08:02
shandoes Boot-repair included in Ubuntu 14.04?08:03
shanlive usb*08:03
jkrxboot repair? just reinstall the boot loader08:04
DJonesshan: Its not in the default Ubuntu repo's, you have to install it via a ppa, or use the Boot Repair Disk https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair08:06
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shanDjones | can't i repair boot without "boot-rapir". i mean by using update-grub like commands in terminal via "live USB" ??08:12
DJonesshan: I would think so, but its not something I've done so I can't say how you'd need to go about it08:14
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shanDJones | i really don't want to go for "boot-repair" download. first Os on this machine is Ubuntu and now i installed win 8. there's no dual boot menu. just want that to be fixed.08:16
qwerkushello: i have a black screen after upgrade to 14.04 - any help would be appreciated08:20
ubottuqwerkus: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:20
sgo11when I run "apt-get upgrade", I got warning: "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!". why? those packages are from official repo.08:21
qwerkus.. and another happy day08:22
cfhowlettsgo11 could be that the package maintainer hasn't upgraded/updated their hash sums.  Skip them for now and try in a few days08:22
salseroqwerkus: ctrl+alt+f2 works?08:22
niklasfihi, i have a lenovo lt-1421 (displaylink/usb screen), which is working thanks to this tutorial https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DisplayLink, however for it to work properly,08:23
niklasfiI have to adjust the refresh rate of the screen from 60.0 to 59.9 frames/s. Should I report this as a bug to the display driver? Where would be the appropriate place to do so?08:23
sgo11cfhowlett, ok. many packages (more than 40) are not authenticated. I never meet this issue before. maybe bad mirror repo. thanks.08:23
qwerkussalsero: sure. I have all the tty consoles I need - it's obviously a graphic problem08:23
cfhowlettsgo11 try a different mirror.  40 is way too many08:23
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qwerkusI tried reinstalling radeon drivers (os) from scratch: still black screen08:23
=== duncannz_ is now known as duncannz
salseroqwerkus: grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:23
sgo11cfhowlett, yeah. I use this mirror many years. never meet this issue before. maybe just wait for another day. :) thanks.08:24
qwerkussalsero: what's EE for ?08:24
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sl33k_why is / needed before home directory?08:27
niklasfisl33k_: are you talking about the very first / in /home/user-name?08:28
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hillaryubuntu 12.04 locks flash disk read only. What is the issue? it works well in windows08:28
Bilzhi. i installed ubuntu in china and now my calender and some windows menus are in chinese (ubuntu 13.10). any ideas how to fix this?08:29
jkrxfix your locale-gen08:29
Bilzive just found something in language support which ill have to restart to try08:29
Bilzback in a mo08:29
Guest4766I have a atheros usb wifi antenna which is refusing to give me a connection08:31
RoryGuest4766: Can you see your device in the output of the "lsusb" command? Do you know an actual model number for it?08:31
Guest4766since the last upgrade to -60. Any ideas?08:31
cfhowlettbilz system settings, language08:31
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Bilzhi cfhowlett , changed08:32
Bilzfor some reason an app that i installed is in chinese though08:32
Guest4766just a sec08:32
cfhowlettBilz system settings : reigonal formats08:32
cfhowlettapply system wide08:32
cfhowlettBilz and then remove Chinese language08:33
Bilzregioal formats under language support? already done that08:33
Guest4766yes, it says it is an AR9271 802.11n08:33
Bilzwhen i run apt-get install <program> in downloads from http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com08:33
Bilzmaybe thats the problem?08:34
cfhowlettBilz doubt it.  I'm in Beijing on the same mirrors and my system is 100% chinese language free08:34
Bilzmmm, hold on, im reinstalling the app to see what happens08:35
cfhowlettBilz as jkrx suggested: locale-gen08:35
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Kartagisaccording to system & updates > additional drivers, my system is using nvidia-331.38 from nvidia-331-updates. I've also been using cairo-dock and when I hover icons, they flicker. what to do?,08:36
Guest4766My machine is an Apple MacBook Pro ver. 1.2, if that helps>08:36
Bilzcfhowlett, what does locale-gen do for me running it now08:37
ikoniaKartagis: have you blacklisted noveu yet as I suggested ?08:38
cfhowlett!info locale-gen08:38
ubottuPackage locale-gen does not exist in trusty08:38
Kartagisikonia: you're saying this is related. I haven't yet because I got a phone call08:39
cfhowlettbilz https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale08:39
Kartagisikonia: I did it, but can't reboot now. I'll when I can08:40
ikoniaKartagis: then no point discussing it until then08:41
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Guest94694connection timed out; I was 476608:42
johann__Hello, this is Lawrence, Kansas... is anyone there?08:43
cfhowlettjohann__ only a few thousand.  ask your ubuntu questions.08:43
johann__Why is IRC so boring?08:44
johann__In Ubuntu?08:44
cfhowlettjohann__ you are in the wrong channel.08:44
ubottujohann__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:44
atrioomgeirha: hmm, that command (shame on me, what does it do?) produced a looooong output, many lines long. with the error at the bottom. did it work? ^^08:49
atrioomgeirha: ahh... linenumber of error in .bashrc at the bottom ^^   that's nice! :)08:50
MaxFramesI need a step by step guide about automatically run a vnc server at boot on lubuntu 14.0408:51
MaxFramesI have already installed vino-server08:51
MaxFramesnow I need to know how to do the following:08:51
MaxFrames1) have it automatically run at boot so I can wake on lan the machine, connect to it via vnc and authenticate at the logon prompt08:51
MaxFrames2) have it automatically run at _any_ user's logon, so I can reconnect to it after logging in, and if need be, assist users remotely08:52
atrioomgeirha: could this line be the culprit?   if [[ -z "$agent_pid" ]]; then08:53
atrioomat least that's what the output of your command says... I initialize the ssh-agent in my .bashrc08:54
cfhowlett!server|MaxFrames other channel?08:54
ubottuMaxFrames other channel?: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server08:54
MaxFrameswell, I am not using ubuntu server.08:55
adimitrovon ubuntu 14.04 which version of java will be better to use for phpstorm?08:55
adimitrovcurrently i had oracle java JDK 7u5508:56
ejothat one is fine, adimitrov08:56
adimitrovejo: 10x08:57
stemidanyone using the evolution-mapi plugin here? I'm trying to authenticate against an Exchange 2007+ server with Exchange MAPI in Evolution. I'm comparing the info to my Android tablet where this works. same servername, same username, but android has no domain so I've entered the AD domain. and I tried with both secure and non-secure connection (android uses tls on 443), but always the same result. password box works for minutes, then fail.09:02
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bukaiHi, what are the packages needed to be installed if i were to work on a kde application on ubuntu?09:20
qwerkus(Blank screen startup failure) Hello, I finally got the output of grep EE /var/log/X.0.log here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7461791/09:22
qwerkusany idea of what's going on ?09:22
something#join freenode.net09:23
jkrxqwerkus: seems your intel graphic drivers are broken09:24
qwerkusjkrx: i have an ATI graphic card...09:25
jkrxqwerkus: which card? and are u using proprietary drivers?09:25
qwerkusjkrx: hd 7750, no - I use open source driver since the upgrade to 14.0409:26
jkrxqwerkus: try reinstalling the drivers and see if it can boot up normally09:27
jkrxqwerkus: these are the packages xserver-xorg-video-radeon libdrm-radeon109:27
qwerkusjkrx: nothing - blank screen gain :(09:29
jkrxqwerkus: same error in xorg?09:30
yellowfishomg the cleaning ladies are here09:30
yellowfishfeeling so awkward with them shuffling around me09:30
jkrxyellowfish: this is not a chat channel09:30
qwerkusjkrx/ yes09:30
salseroyellowfish: go take a cup of coffee09:31
jkrxqwerkus: sudo apt-get purge fgrlx09:31
jkrxqwerkus: try that09:31
qwerkusjkrx: did it already09:31
jkrxqwerkus: sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx fglrx-amdcccle09:32
jkrxqwerkus: done that one?09:32
jkrxqwerkus: aswell as sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates09:32
qwerkusE: unable to locate package fglrx09:33
qwerkusit's already gone09:33
qwerkusjkrx: iirc I have an onboard intel chip also. Somehow, it seem that  ubuntu prefers that chip, an tries to boot it09:34
qwerkushow can I change this ?09:34
jkrxqwerkus: ah! that explains it09:34
jkrxqwerkus: first of all try turning of hybrid graphics in bios09:35
qwerkusjkrx: no hybrid graphics here: intel cpu with integrated graphics and pci-e ati card09:37
jkrxqwerkus: so u cant switch it off in bios?09:38
qwerkusI checked the bios: PCI-E is enabled as graphic adapter ?!?09:38
jkrxqwerkus: u could try the proprietary driver09:39
jkrxqwerkus: http://www.securethelock.com/2014/04/20/installing-configuring-amdati-drivers-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr/09:39
jkrxqwerkus: thats the best install guide for it09:39
qwerkusjkrx: sighhhht - I was hoping to get around it, because of weird bugs09:39
=== peroht_ is now known as peroht
qwerkusbut if it's the last option...09:40
jkrxqwerkus: its the only option I can think off atm... sorry09:40
qwerkusthank you anyway09:40
adimitrovanyone notice that on maximized window sometimes window controls (minimize,restore,close) are not appearing in unity panel when mouse over, instead of that window title is appearing09:42
dauntl3sshello everyone, how's it going? I am on a brand new install of lubuntu 13 and I just installed lamp. Now the reason I have a new install is because when I go to my linux internal IP port 80 I get a file called "download" downloads in my browser. I don't know why. I have literally not edited anything. The only ccomman I've entered is sudo  apt-get install lamp-server^ and when I go to09:43
dauntl3sshttp:// it still auto downloads that file and nothing shows up. Any idea why?09:43
dauntl3sswhen I go to localhost on the target machine, it gives me the "It works" apache screen09:44
salseronop adimitrov09:44
dauntl3ssso I can't figure out if it's my lubuntu install OR something on this laptop09:44
adimitrovsalsero: ah that is bad, i can't managed to close or restore maximized windows :(09:45
MaxFramesI need a step by step guide about automatically run a vnc server at boot on lubuntu 14.0409:47
MaxFramescan't find a definite source of info on the web09:47
heru-htlHi all: I am using Ubuntu 12.04. I have a problem with NetworkManager aka NM. I am using usb modem Huawei E173. NM sometime (but getting to often) cannot detect the presence of usb modem at the system start so that I mus restart the machine. Sometime mobile broadband just disconnected and cannot be reconnected via NM applet so that I must often re-plug usb modem.09:51
candymanwhy there is no Free Space Following when attempting to resize a partition using Gparted?09:52
candymanI have 800GB unallocated09:52
adimitrovsalsero: ahh.. seems that unity can't understand very well when one window is maximized or in windows, so because that sometimes i get both window control buttons on window title and in unity panel, and sometime they not showing anyway09:52
k1lcandyman: unallocated is free space09:53
salseroadimitrov: i use kde sorry not gnome/unity09:53
adimitrovsalsero: ok thank u09:53
candymank1l: I know, I want to add that space too an NTFS partition09:53
candymanbut i cant09:53
candymanthat space is not recognized when i click resize09:54
k1lcandyman: can you show a screenshot of gparted?09:54
k1lcandyman: you need to resize the ntfs partition and extend the beginning (if its the next partition after that unallocated space)09:55
qwerkusjkrx: I found it. The problem was the xor.conf file, kept from the proprietary driver. Once removed, it worked like a charm09:57
candymank1l: I can resize the extended partition sda4, but i cant resize sda2 or sda309:58
candymanwhich are ntfs09:58
k1lcandyman: please show a screenshot09:59
candymani cant09:59
pwnI have a program that depends on bzip. is it enough to copy the header files and binaries of bzip to the directories so that my program will run?09:59
candymani am using a live cd09:59
pwnor do i need to actually install?09:59
k1lcandyman: press "print" and upload that picture?09:59
candymank1l: Nvm, I am uploading it right now10:00
candymank1l: http://tinypic.com/r/r93c79/810:01
ad108Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 , Google mail account is not available in Online Accounts10:02
k1lcandyman: hmm, you need to resize (like move) the extrended partition sda4 to use that unallocatedspace and make free space in front of that sda4. then you can use that space for sda310:02
k1lcandyman: the free space is at the end of the harddisk. you cant get that space to the middle if you dont shove the partitions (with resizing) to that end10:03
pwnor do i need to actually install?10:04
pwnI have a program that depends on bzip. is it enough to copy the header files and binaries of bzip to the directories so that my program will run?10:04
candymank1l: I did10:04
candymank1l: Still no space for the sda310:05
k1lcandyman: is the unallocated space now between sda3 and sda4?10:05
candymani got it10:05
ad108Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 , Google mail account is not available in Online Account. Can anyone help?10:07
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tarelerulzI updated my  Samusung  Galaxy note 3 to Android 4.4.2 and now I can't share files with my Ubuntu 14.04.  any ideas?10:12
lixarchive.ubuntu.com (cherufe.canonical.com is down for me.10:13
lixstrange. - now up again10:14
lixhave a good day10:15
dastaantarelerulz: I do have a moto g with kitkat and it works fine.10:16
MaxFrameslubuntu 14.04: the lock screen button on the close session dialog screen does nothing. why, and how to fix?10:16
clearwaterI have an iphone which I love dearly10:16
clearwaterI use it for everything10:16
nipple-erectionI have a very large penis and am good at long gentle forelapy.10:16
nipple-erectionmy penis is throbbing10:17
tarelerulzIt seems like Android switch mtp and never worked with Ubuntu easy again10:18
k1ltarelerulz: it does10:18
k1lwhich ubuntu are you on?10:18
dastaanNow that was something you don't witness every day :D10:18
* MaxFrames is hoping at least one kind soul in the whole ubuntu community will try and help him10:18
tarelerulzI'm on 14.04 I think10:18
=== dean|away is now known as dean
cfhowletttarelerulz run a terminal command   cat /etc/issue10:19
MaxFramesI'm seriously on the verge of forgetting *ubuntu for good due to sheer frustration10:19
k1ltarelerulz: from 13.10 (iirc) mtp should work ootb10:19
cfhowlettMaxFrames less venting and more precise problem description/details ...10:19
MaxFrames"lock screen" => click => nothing. and that is on a fresh install.10:19
tarelerulzUbuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l10:20
MaxFramescfhowlett: I've already descripted the problem in detail10:20
MaxFramesthe lock screen button on the close session dialog does nothing.10:20
ejoMaxFrames: does Ctrl-Alt-L work for you?10:20
tarelerulzwhy use MTP over USB 3  or just USB 2? for Android ?10:22
MaxFramesif I do that, I get an "Openbox" window saying that the child process "xscreensaver-command" could not be executed (file or directory non existent)10:22
k1ltarelerulz: android changed from oldschool usb-mass-storage to mtp.10:23
MaxFramesat least ctrl-alt-l gives some clue as to what the problem is10:23
k1ltarelerulz: so its not ubuntus fault that you need to use mtp for android devices10:23
MaxFramesnow, how can this happen on a fresh install, and most of all, how to remediate?10:23
k1lMaxFrames: file a bug and talk to the developers in the bug comments about this10:24
k1l!bug | MaxFrames10:24
ubottuMaxFrames: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:24
clearwaterMaxFrames: include dmesg and your hardware10:24
MaxFrameswell, if it's a bug or a glitch it's still to determine10:24
tarelerulzI know Ubuntu is all Good .  Just trying to work out  how to get it working.10:25
MaxFramesanyway, when I've filed a bug, how do I work around the issue until fixed?10:25
k1ltarelerulz: mtp works with nuatilus ootb.10:25
k1lMaxFrames: first file a bug10:25
MaxFramesk1l: I am not sure it is a bug, more likely some missing configuration/file10:26
k1lMaxFrames: as you might have seen we cant help you a lot on this10:26
k1lMaxFrames: that is still a bug for lubuntu10:26
k1lMaxFrames: file abug10:26
traxysHi evryone !10:27
clearwatertraxys: (:10:27
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saeedullahHello All friend10:33
saeedullahgive me the Ubuntu all command with esay learning to use in terminal10:33
=== Germanaz0|0FF is now known as Germanaz0
saeedullahgive me the Ubuntu all command with esay learning to use in terminal10:36
rjdrsyslog respawns as soon as I kill it. I'd really like to kill it and run it with debug (no forking). Is this because of 'upstart'? If so, how can I disable the behaviour?10:36
rjdsaeedullah: ?10:36
saeedullahrjd brother i need the ubuntu commads10:37
Ben64saeedullah: which ubuntu commands? to do what?10:38
zavahey I have a radeon/intel hybrid pavilion dv610:38
zavaand switcheroo isnt working anymore10:38
zavaI want to use the open source graphic drivers10:38
zavaI updated to kernel 3.14 but that didn't solve it10:38
zavaI saw a couple of kernel patches which are supposed to solve the problem but I don't understand how I can implement those ddif patches10:39
zavacan someone give me a short explanation?10:39
saeedullahi want to learn basically unbunt 12.0.410:39
k1l!terminal | saeedullah10:39
ubottusaeedullah: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:39
saeedullahcan i help me how to learn unbuntu10:39
OerHekssaeedullah, good start https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:39
alketIs it possible to use google chromes flashplugin to mozillas ?10:39
alketin firefox10:39
OerHeksalket, chrome is closed source, use the plashplugin installer in the repos10:40
OerHeksor pepperflash10:40
tarelerulzThe only thing that seem to work is  sending files via blue tooth from Ubuntu10:41
surprisetrexhow do I set a certain terminal script to run on startup10:44
Wugsurprisetrex: the "right" way is to make an upstart job for it10:46
WugI think10:46
Wugthere's like 5 ways to do it, maybe there's a different right way now10:46
tarelerulzIs  MTP an open standard or even popular out side of Windows ?  Does  Mac use it?10:46
surprisetrexWug - thanks, i'll give that a google10:46
=== teran_ is now known as teran
Wugsurprisetrex: the first result, http://upstart.ubuntu.com/getting-started.html, is pretty good10:47
Wugbasically all you'd need is to write a file /etc/init/[yourjobname] containing "exec [command to run]\nstart on startup"10:48
Wugyou can do a ton more with it, but that will do what you want I think10:48
surprisetrexexcellent, thanks10:49
surprisetrexjust trying to get this thing to auto-mount my google drive as a folder on boot10:49
surprisetrexrather than having to run 'google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/gdrive' every time10:49
tarelerulzany of you ever use Google drive?10:49
hateballWug, surprisetrex: Not so great making it an upstart job if it's for a single user. Better off putting it in the users autostart10:51
surprisetrexyou mean under the startup applications gui?10:51
surprisetrexI tried putting that script in as the command in Startup Applications and it didn't seem to work10:52
OerHeks!info grive10:52
ubottugrive (source: grive): Google Drive client for GNU/Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.0-1.1 (trusty), package size 147 kB, installed size 535 kB10:52
hateballsurprisetrex: Is the script executable? chmod +x10:52
hateballsurprisetrex: and what does the exact script look like? pastebin if possible10:53
surprisetrexthe script is a one-liner10:53
surprisetrex"google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/gdrive"10:53
surprisetrexis all10:53
hateballwell, if it's supposed to be a shell-script, that wont do10:53
hateballsurprisetrex: start file with #!/bin/bash10:54
hateballsurprisetrex: then whatever on next line, chmod +x the file, then you can run it10:54
geirhash -c 'google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/gdrive'  should work10:54
sudonekoI can't configure a program because nopengl library was found, can anybody give me some help?10:58
surprisetrexhateball - I think I get my problem. I was using the wrong phrase, it's not actually saved as a script file. I was just trying to get it to run the line in terminal on boot10:59
hxmhello, I have this problem with apt http://paste.ubuntu.com/7462088/10:59
hateballsurprisetrex: While that should work, in my experience it's flaky. So I prefer creating a proper script file as described and then just running that11:00
hxmand apt-get install -f wont resolv it11:00
ubottuhxm: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:00
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:00
hxmwhat did i talk?11:00
cfhowletthxm what did you write ...11:00
k1lhxm: you got PPAs active?11:00
hxmwhat did? I wrote in english11:00
hateballhxm: The paste is in Spanish tho :)11:00
cfhowletthxm yes, but your paste is NOT english11:01
hxmah, the paste11:01
hxmsorry, the is critical messages in english11:01
hxmit just says udev is not being installed  because these dependencies are not being configured11:01
sudonekothis is the output I get when configuring, can anybody help?11:06
cfhowlettsudoneko no.11:06
cfhowlettsudoneko put that in a PASTE not in a downloaded (possibly dangerous) file11:07
sudonekoOh sorry, ok11:07
cfhowlett!paste > sudoneko11:07
ubottusudoneko, please see my private message11:07
zetheroo1I need help with an openVPN connection .. I can connect but I cannot access any of the resources on the remote network11:08
zetheroo1this is what the output of route looks like :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7462177/11:10
sudonekoHere, sorry.11:10
basverhaakHe i got windows 8.1. but since i have ubuntu studio i cant go on windows 8.1. What is the problem windows of ubuntu?11:11
basverhaakeeh help anwser my quistion please/11:12
unopastebasverhaak you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted11:12
cfhowlettbasverhaak you need to stop that now.11:12
ubottubasverhaak: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:12
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zetheroo1I have been struggling with this issue for weeks now ... tried following the official ubuntu docs as well as forums and blogs ... but nothing seems to work past the connection point11:14
zetheroo1I have tried now through the Network Manager and have got it to connect, but still no access to hosts on the remote network11:15
zack__what should i do?11:16
cfhowlettzack__ you should state the issue ...11:17
hxmis 14.04 lts too new for use as server?11:24
ActionParsniphxm: not at all :)11:25
hxmi only have probelms with dependencies11:26
ActionParsniphxm: are the packages from the official ubuntu repos?11:26
hxmis udev11:27
hxm * udev requires hotplug support, not started11:27
hxmi found it goes to /sys/kernel/uevent_helper but that file does not exists and I can write in that directory11:27
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llutzhmpf, with 13.10 they started to use polkit instead of gksu/gksudo and took gksu out of default installation. what's the official recommended way to start graphical apps as diferent user now? people have to manually install gksudo because pkexec doesn't suppport it?11:41
cfhowlettllutz gksudo is in ubuntu.  no need to install.11:42
cfhowlettllutz or am I stuck in my 12.04 time lag?11:43
llutz!info gksu | cfhowlett11:43
ubottucfhowlett: gksu (source: gksu): graphical frontend to su. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-6ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 26 kB, installed size 172 kB11:43
llutzcfhowlett: "optional" since 13.1011:43
cfhowlettaluno20 ask your ubuntu questions11:44
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fmergeshi, any tip for linux desktop becomming very very slow after viewing some flash videos? it doesn't matter which browser in use, the whole system becomes unusable. Ubuntu 12.0411:47
=== Sway is now known as Sway|away
OerHeksfmerges known issue, restart your browser and the memory-hog should be gone11:49
OerHeksfmerges, i have less memory issues with chrome.11:49
fmergesOerHeks: so basically i have to restart the browser from time to time in order to see some streaming right?11:50
OerHeksfmerges, and it depends on the source of your videos, i guess11:51
=== z_ is now known as Guest48356
fmergesOerHeks: funny do, is lately chrome always wants to use html5 player, which doesn't work most of the time in my case but this is a different story...11:51
OerHeksfmerges, "chrome always wants to use html5 player" ? never noticed that11:52
really_ciiI am installing Ubuntu Gnome into a virtualbox VM. It keeps aborting after account creation  (I think during the file copy) . I have confirmed the md5 checksum for the ISO is correct11:52
really_ciifmerges: Likely you have turned on html5 in youtube settings11:53
fmergesreally_cii: haven't changed a thing in the youtube settings... where can I check that?11:53
fmergesbut anyway, i have this slow down with html5 and flash, so it has to be something else...11:54
really_ciifmerges: If you are signed in to youtube, you can look in your account to see if you have it set for HTML5. if you haven't signed in to youtube, this isn't the issue11:54
really_ciifmerges: I know nothing about flash, it's not installed on my system11:55
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ActionParsnipreally_cii: did you select to install updates or codecs at install time?11:58
zhangbiansomebody here?12:00
ActionParsnipzhangbian: nobody at all12:00
CatKillerzhangbian: Imagine arriving at a crowded concert all, and shouting "is somebody here"?12:01
ActionParsnipCatKiller: like it12:01
llutzActionParsnip: /j #facebook12:02
pillo_se scrivo qui mi leggete?12:02
OerHeks!it | pillo_12:02
ubottupillo_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:02
really_ciiActionParsnip: No I did not. I will try that again doing so, just in case it needs something there for the VM.12:02
ActionParsnipreally_cii: are there any known issues with the ISO and virtualbox? I'd ask in #vbox12:03
ActionParsnipreally_cii: you could install mini ISO, then install the metapackage to get the session you desire12:04
really_ciiActionParsnip: Not that I am aware of, however I'm grateful for your assistance, and will look into what you have suggested12:04
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:04
* Hayro pingme12:04
ActionParsnipreally_cii: installs from the web, saves having to install then update. Its not a million miles away from Arch12:05
ActionParsnipreally_cii: in method12:05
really_ciiActionParsnip: I believe I need ubuntugnome for their PPA to get gnome 3.12 but i'll definately look into this, again thanks (maybe UbuntuGnome has a minimal installer)12:06
ActionParsnipreally_cii: you can add that once you get installed12:06
really_ciiActionParsnip: I was told it breaks unity on a regular ubuntu12:07
ActionParsnipreally_cii: I use the mini ISO when I install too. Mini ISO + OpenBox + LightDM :)12:07
BlackDeathmorning gents... curious to know that if i do a "ip addr" and i get 1: lo, 2: eth0 does that mean my instal doesnt have drivers for my wifi card12:07
really_ciiActionParsnip: You're both amazing and helpful.12:08
shanhi, how to edit grub for dual boot. i want only OS to be mentioned there....!!12:08
ActionParsnipreally_cii: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2mpttq6khg5pxvi/7thJan2014.png   :)12:08
ActionParsnipshan: that is default12:08
shanActionParsnip | so, i can't edit ??12:09
=== stranger is now known as Guest98345
llutzshan: you'd need to edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom  for customizing the menu like that12:11
shanllutz | by removing/hiding other options from menu other than OS will not harm anything??12:13
ActionParsnipshan: yes you can edit it, but what you want is the default behaviour12:13
llutzshan: then disable os-prober and the other *-linux files and run update-grub. be sure about what your're doing, it might break your grub-menu12:13
cyborgcygnusI've formatted a 500GB HDD in gparted to ext4 to use as my linux steam game drive. It says I only have read access to the drive when I try & set it in Steam as my game drive. How can I give my user account read & write access, in the properties it's all blanked out to change those settings & it says it's owned by root.12:13
ActionParsnipshan: do you want to remove the  old kernels from Grub by any chance?12:13
ActionParsnipcyborgcygnus: chown it to your user12:14
really_cii_ActionParsnip: The VM crashed my machine after your dropbox link but i think i know what the problem is related to. In the error log for vbox it said keyboard error. so i did KB autodetect in the installer. It asked me to press certain keys to ID my keyboard, and crashed as soon as I entered the locale specific key "£"12:14
shanActionParsnip | i don't know much about grub, either about linux itself. i just want grub/boot menu to show Win 8 and Ubuntu to show there.12:15
cyborgcygnusactionparsnip, Umm so in a terminal would I type "sudo chown (media directory location here) (user name here)? I'm still a bit noobish in the ubuntu multiverse12:17
* Hayro NEW CANAL #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv /Ame #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv #cvv 12:17
ActionParsnipcyborgcygnus: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /mount/point       (you only need to change '/mount/point' in that command)12:17
ActionParsnipshan: you are offered the older kernels as a fallback, there is also a useful memory tester which is default installed.12:18
cyborgcygnusactionparsnip, oh geez lol, see that to me doesn't compute, not sure what I'm supposed to mend it to. I wish I could change it in Gparted.12:18
ActionParsnipshan: if you can pastebin the output of:    lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | grep linux-image        I can advise12:18
Hayro  #cvv  New  canal     #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal   #cvv  New  canal12:19
ActionParsnipcyborgcygnus: would be nice but makes sense, cant have random filesystems owned by folk, so its given to root to distribute12:19
hxmwhen installing apache2 it wants install more extra packages that I dont want12:20
hxmcan I disable that?12:20
really_cii_ActionParsnip: Sorry, to be more specific. It crashed when I responded to the question: Do you have this key (£)12:20
shanis there any plugin i can use for pastebin12:20
llutzhxm: use apt-get --no-install-recommends install ....12:20
really_cii_ActionParsnip: I'll look into the alternative installer as you suggested, thank you12:21
hxmnot the recommended packages12:21
hxmit says it will install the next extra packages12:21
hxmand appears udev in the list, and I dont want that12:21
cyborgcygnusactionparsnip, $USER:$USER, do I change that to my user name in one of those $USER,12:21
hxmthe recommended packages is other list12:21
really_cii_shan: There is 'pastebinit' in the Ubuntu repo but it uses paste.ubuntu.com and not that mess called pastebin12:23
Homely_GirlGreetings Brainiacs! :)12:25
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shanActionParsnip | http://paste.ubuntu.com/7462470/12:27
Wobbo It runs, but it continuously hang. I've had it before, I do not know why and I do not know how I can fix this. But, Android ADT works fine.12:28
=== Rynofear is now known as Rynomster
ActionParsnipshan: ok then you will only see one kernel and Windows12:30
ActionParsnipshan: so you will see WIndows and Ubuntu (1 kernel) and Memtester12:30
ActionParsnipWobbo: what runs? What is 'it'?12:31
=== Rynomster is now known as rynofear
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
=== med_ is now known as Guest1095
shancan't i remove both memtest and advance option? @ ActionParsnip12:31
WobboIt start how it shot. But after a comple min. it get black.12:31
ActionParsnipshan: you'll need the advanced options for if your system goes belly up12:32
=== calp_ is now known as calp
ActionParsnipshan: you can uninstall the memory tester if you want, it can be useful if your system is misbehaving and you want to remove bad ram as a cause12:32
ActionParsnipshan: it is on the liveCD, so you could run it from that12:32
llutz!details | Wobbo12:33
ubottuWobbo: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)12:33
shanActionParsnip | yes, i got Live CD.12:34
Homely_GirlI used to have a dual boot system which meant I got a menu when turning on my pc, I deleted 'doze but still get the boot manager menu, how do I remove it please? :)12:35
amdphi if I locked with passwd -l my root account and can only login with normal user how can I su to root back?12:35
llutzamdp: use sudo -i12:35
ActionParsnipshan: then you can use that if you want to test RAM, remove memtest if you like, you'll find it's package in software centre12:36
ActionParsnipshan: considering Grub is on the screen for only a second or two I'm surprised you care at all12:36
amdpllutz I can't because I have no sudoer users12:36
ActionParsnipamdp: then you will need to drop to root recovery and add your user to the sudo group12:36
llutzamdp: cat /etc/issue12:36
ActionParsnipamdp: as llutz  says, what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue12:38
ActionParsnipamdp: users can run the command, it is user readable12:38
shanActionParsnip | i'm not gonna use this machine. the person who'll use this machine. these boot options could confuse him. that's why i'm thinking to hide/remove them.12:38
llutzbut some  prefer not to show the result ...12:38
amdpllutz, ActionParsnip I'm on a remote server, Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l - after disabling root and creating first user I lost connection12:39
ActionParsnipamdp: then you will need a smarthands to do it, or login as a user with sudo access12:39
llutzamdp: use rescue-system to fix your system12:39
ActionParsnipshan: there is BURG which is a prettier bootloader and simpler too, but its not supported here or made by the folks who make Grub12:39
amdprescue-system ?12:40
shanActionParsnip | i sure will prefer more safe and stable thing.12:40
=== gnu is now known as Guest50935
ActionParsnipamdp: you can use a chroot from liveCD to then manipulate your system12:40
amdpActionParsnip I have no physical access12:40
ActionParsnipamdp: then you'll need a smarthands12:41
amdpllutz what is a rescue system?12:41
ActionParsnipshan: the Grub entry for Ubuntu does say the word 'Ubuntu' right?12:41
amdpsmarthands means somebody to do that?12:41
shanand Windows 8 too.12:41
llutzamdp: your remote machine is a hosted server somewhere? most provider have a rescue console to access machines not reachable from net12:42
amdpllutz thanks : )12:43
ActionParsnipshan: so, where is the problem? One is Ubuntu, one is Windows12:43
llutzamdp: check providers server-panel, if it has one12:43
=== medberry is now known as Guest49330
amdpllutz thanks :D12:44
amdpthat should do. have a good day!12:44
ActionParsnipamdp: yes a smarthands request is where you get the local datacentre team to fulfil a task for you12:45
ActionParsnipamdp: does the system have an iLO / DRAC equivelant?12:45
llutzand some more hands for writing the bill ...12:45
amdpthanks everyone12:45
shanActionParsnip | i only want to hide/remove "memtest" & "advance option", so it won't confuse the user of machine.12:46
ActionParsnipshan: i dont know about advanced options, but if you uninstall memtest it will vanish12:46
ActionParsnipshan: maybe the guys in #grub can advise too12:47
amdpActionParsnip how do I check that?12:47
shanActionParsnip | thanks for Channel advice. : )12:47
ActionParsnipamdp: i'd imagine you will have been told it at some point12:48
ActionParsnipamdp: if it has one12:49
amdpActionParsnip what is that?12:49
ActionParsnipamdp: youve not worked in IT have you12:49
amdpActionParsnip nope12:49
ActionParsnipamdp: iLO and DRAC are remote access technologies for servers, even if the server is off you can still power on the server as well as remotely manage BIOS settings. Stuff you cannot do via RDP or SSH as the service is not up yet12:50
ActionParsnipamdp: because the OS isnt on12:50
amdpI got it12:51
amdpActionParsnip I understand yes I used somthing like that once ago12:51
ActionParsnipamdp: using iLO / DRAC you can mess with Grub and use root recovery mode. Without it an engineer has to walk to the data centre and attach a console to the box and do stuff12:51
amdpActionParsnip alright12:51
ActionParsnipamdp: they also do other stuff  like hardware health reporting, raid config, reportng and other nicenesses12:52
amdpActionParsnip thank you very much for the information12:52
ActionParsnipamdp: so if you dont have access to this, then you'll need a local monkey to go and do stuff for you12:52
cyborgcygnusActionParsnip, worked out the chown thing, cheers.12:53
ActionParsnipcyborgcygnus: np dude12:54
amdpActionParsnip I used I drac I guess when I remotely changed a CentOS into a debian12:54
cyborgcygnusactionparsnip, ;)12:54
amdpActionParsnip and there was a boot problem12:55
ActionParsnipamdp: yes, like that. If your remote server doesnt have that then you will need a remote guy to attend the server and dig you out12:55
amdpActionParsnip thanks again.. going to call the monkeys.. :D12:56
ActionParsnipook ook12:56
llutzamdp: next time you lock a root-account, make sure you have a sudo user _before_ you press enter...12:58
amdpllutz that's the main mistake, I know12:59
mary_hey i am using postfix to send mail from remote machine, and i am getting this error: send-mail: fatal: parameter inet_interfaces: no local interface found for ,  can any one help me, i got stuck here12:59
amdpllutz thanks again13:00
hateballmary_: if you run "ifconfig" does it show the "lo" interface ?13:00
mary_hateball: i am checking13:00
llutzmary_: postconf |grep interfaces ;  grep 127. /etc/hosts13:00
ActionParsnipmary_: https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4236213:01
ActionParsnipmary_: change from to the actual IP of the server (make it static IP not DHCP)13:01
hateballNot having a lo interface isnt so great tho13:02
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llutzActionParsnip: no need to make postfix listen to WAN, just for sending mails13:02
mary_llutz: it results inet_interfaces = all local_header_rewrite_clients = permit_inet_interfaces postscreen_whitelist_interfaces = static:all proxy_interfaces =13:03
mary_hateball: i dindn't see lo13:04
llutzmary_: set inet_interfaces =            and make sure you have an localhost entry for that loop-ip.13:04
llutzmary_: or: inet_interfaces = localhost13:06
hateballmary_: your /etc/network/interfaces should have: auto lo <linebreak> iface lo inet loopback13:06
llutzmary_: and /etc/hosts needs "127.xxxx localhost"13:07
mary_hateball: something like # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback13:07
mary_llutz: i m just adding13:08
MaxFramesabout the problem with the not working screen lock feature in lubuntu trusty (due to xscreensaver being missing): https://www.mail-archive.com/lubuntu-qa@lists.launchpad.net/msg04093.html13:08
murosaiis  there a way to install ubuntu on a remote machine over ssh in to a harddrive/ssd?13:08
mary_llutz: its alredy there13:09
MaxFrames6 months ago... seriously?13:09
user_you fookin' conts13:09
ubottuuser_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!13:09
ikoniaalready gone13:09
cfhowlettikonia random drive-by idiot ...13:09
ikoniayeah, hit crunchbang too and then was on his way, sorry13:10
MaxFramesso... how to fix the problem with the lock screen feature not working in lubuntu trusty?13:10
MaxFrames"known bug" since (at least) 6 months ago so no, I am not waiting for a fix, I need a workaround13:11
mary_hateball: what should bein my /etc/postfix/main.cf file in mynetworks13:11
MaxFramesto sum it up: the lock screen feature does not work regardless of how it is triggered (hotkeys, command line, idle timeout, gui buttons) because it still relies on xscreensaver which is missing from lubuntu 13.10 and 14.0413:12
llutzhttp://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html mary_13:12
MaxFramesnot being able to lock the screen on a business machine is not acceptable, so this is preventing me to deploy lubuntu machines13:12
mary_thanks llutz13:12
MaxFramesif you need further details/checks to help me iron out the issue, please do tell13:13
dhaval2712popey: Hey13:14
MaxFramesdetail: the gui button just does nothing (no errors), while all the other methods throw out an error about xscreensaver not being found on the system13:14
bulliconhelp, trying to get my ssh forward agent to work on my computer13:14
popeydhaval2712: yo13:14
dhaval2712So how well does Cinnamon work on Ubuntu, and does come in ISO form?13:15
MaxFramesthe #lubuntu channel is totally idle, been this way for days, no use looking for help there13:15
_ynkI am looking for a way to develop software using specific, old packages, while keeping my current packages up to date. that is, I want to have an environment to work in (that could be via virtualization or something similiar) that would have package X which is an old package, and my main system will remain unaffected. Any suggestions?13:15
_ynkp.s. with all the old dependencies as well, that could be built by source.13:16
kkkkkkkkki suggest you to update the kernel to 3.14.413:16
cfhowlett_ynk virtualbox.13:17
kkkkkkkkkif your vga is nvidia then it is very recommended13:17
llutzMaxFrames: xscreensaver -> Candidate: 5.15-3ubuntu1      haven'tfollowed your issue, but it's there, install it13:17
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: Why?13:17
_ynkcfhowlett: for CLI only system too?13:17
dhaval2712Anyone? Ubuntu 14.04 and Cinnamon? I am thinking of installing it on a lenovo G500 which has about 2 Gigs of RAM and not a lot of processor power.13:18
cfhowlett_ynk sure.   install an old server - 12.04 and develop away13:18
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: in my case the system crashed while i was playing cs source from steam for linu13:18
MaxFramesllutz: will it not conflict with whatever lubuntu is using now as the lock screen/screen saver module?13:18
cfhowlettdhaval2712 lubuntu or xubuntu.  2 gigs will run slow with ubuntu/unity13:18
ArmadillosWhat nvidia driver are you using?13:18
slopjonghi, i want to install this package: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ruby-sass/3.2.12-113:18
slopjongwhat exactly must i do?13:18
slopjongadd-apt-repository ???13:18
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: linux, today i have installed the kernel 3.14.4 and the crashed stopped13:18
MaxFramesllutz: I think it is called "light locker"13:19
slopjong'???' should be three placeholders13:19
_ynkcfhowlett: fair enough . I already use virtualbox anyway so that would make it convenient. I don't know why I didn't think about that :)13:19
llutzMaxFrames: check dependencies or better, conflicts13:19
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: Are you using the open-source driver, or the driver from Nvidia?13:19
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: i believe it's a ACPI crash13:19
kkkkkkkkkARmadilhos: nvidia proprietary13:19
dhaval2712cfhowlett: So you don't recommend it then? I ask because Cinnamon with Mint works fine on a very old 1GB RAM/Core2duo machine.13:19
Picislopjong: That is in the regular Ubuntu repositories.  You should be able to just do: sudo apt-get install ruby-sass13:19
MaxFramesllutz: right, I wouldn't know how to. can you tell me?13:19
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: What version of Ubuntu? I'm on 13.10, and haven't had any issues so far.13:20
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: i believe the bug is in the kernel13:20
llutzMaxFrames: apt-cache depends xscreensaver13:20
dhaval2712The reason I want to go for Ubuntu is obviously because it's LTS.13:20
cfhowlettdhaval2712 I've no experience with cinn.  If you like it, run it.13:20
slopjongehm, Pici i missed the little but important information that i'm using precise13:20
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: ubuntu 14.04, and i had this bug on 12.04 too13:20
cfhowlettdhaval2712 lubuntu/xubuntu 14.04 are LTS13:20
dhaval2712LXDE and XFCE are a little TOO minimal I think.13:21
MaxFramesllutz: ok, the output is very long, but I see several packages listed as "conflicting"13:21
dhaval2712cfhowlett:  This is not for me, this is for a cousin that lives quite far away.13:21
cfhowlettdhaval2712 ah.  good challenge!13:21
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: Weird, I had 12.04 too, but never had that problem.13:22
slopjongPici, aptitutde install ruby-sass installs an old version in my case, so that won't work13:22
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: for that reason i suggest you to upgrade. I am using nvidia 331.67 driver version13:22
dhaval2712Anyway, thanks a lot though. I have to run. Take care, and I'll see you around popey.13:22
Picislopjong: then you will not be able to install that version.  Unless you can find a (unsupported) PPA for it.13:22
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: are you using what kernel and what driver version??????13:23
MaxFramesllutz: so I cannot install it without it causing conflicts can I?13:23
=== daniel is now known as Guest97417
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: I'm on 13.10 running 331.2013:23
llutzMaxFrames: if one/some of the packages listed under "conflicting" are already installed, no13:23
slopjongPici, that's exactly what i'm trying to do, the question is how I use the source package to install 3.2.x (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ruby-sass/3.2.12-1)13:24
slopjongwell in the meantime i'll compile it myself but i'd prefer installing it via the package manager13:24
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: i read about this isssue a lot on google and nvidia forum13:26
kkkkkkkkkARmadilhos: are you on default ubuntu 13.10 kernel???13:26
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: Kernel version 3.1113:26
MaxFramesllutz: to find out if a package is installed: "dpkg -s [package name]" ?13:26
kkkkkkkkkARmadilhos: Weird13:27
llutzMaxFrames: apt-cache policy package13:27
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: in my case, the only kernel that works perfect was 3.14.413:28
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: Yeah that is kind of weird.13:28
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: i am using nvidia 331.67 driver13:28
FeigrimIs it at all possible to upgrade glib2.0-0 to version >= 2.37.3 on Ubuntu 12.04?13:28
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: I'm using the 331.20 driver13:28
MaxFramesllutz: two of the "conflict" packages are enclosed in "<>" ("<xscreensaver-gnome>" and "<xscreensaver-nognome>"), what does that mean?13:29
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: are you on pc or notebook???13:29
kkkkkkkkkArmadilhos: desktop or notebook???13:30
studentsudo logout13:31
llutzMaxFrames: those are "provides-packages". packages might contain anything but tell the system they provide "xscreenserver-gnome" for other packages depending on that (like apache, lighttp, nginx all are <httpd>),sry cannot explain very good13:31
studentanswer please13:31
kkkkkkkkkArmadillos, desktop or notebook????13:31
llutzstudent:  Do you have any ubuntu support related question?13:32
MaxFrameswell, it looks like no one of the conflicting packages is installed on my machine at the moment13:32
studentHow do I linux?13:32
MaxFramesI just wonder if all will magically start working by just installing xscreensaver. and I am prepared to bet no.13:32
llutzstudent: do what? use, write, spell, sell?13:32
MaxFramesmost likely there will be some configuration done to tell the system to launch/use/enable it13:33
llutzMaxFrames: install it, check it, keep fingers crossed13:33
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: Desktop13:34
studentjust, how to ubuntu13:34
ubottustudent: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:34
studentI currently do not know how to ubuntu13:34
cfhowlettstudent you don't "do" ubuntu.  you USE ubuntu.13:35
llutzstudent: ubuntu is not a verb13:35
studentOooohh, how do I use it?13:35
cfhowlett!manual|student READ !!!!13:35
ubottustudent READ !!!!: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:35
mintgreen__is zfs filesystem supported?13:35
MaxFrames"to ubuntu: the act of someone or something releasing a new version every six months regardless on if it's ready or not"13:35
studentI'm currently using arch linux, but ubuntu is just waay too difficult!13:35
llutzMaxFrames: :D13:36
BrewNoubuntu too difficult?13:36
cfhowlettstudent then stay with arch.13:36
studentYeah, with all the guy and stuff13:36
llutzdon't feed the troll please13:36
studentFEEDZ ME13:36
cfhowlettstudent go play elsewhere.13:36
BrewNoanyways, anyone has experience with rosegarden?13:36
module000elsewhere==trash compactor?13:36
cfhowlettBrewNo a bit.13:36
MaxFramesllutz: lol. Installed xscreensaver, rebooted, and now there is a difference. no more errors about xscreensaver not being found on the system. now I don't get any error. anything. the screen does not lock, nothing happens, period.13:36
studentNo, only with tulps13:37
BrewNocfhowlett, i'm not really looking to use it, just wanted to check it out, and apparently, whenever i start rosegarden, my running vids are suspended, as if they're buffering13:37
BrewNothe moment i close rosegarden, they start running again13:37
llutzMaxFrames: the whole screensaver/locking stuff with Xorg is ... odd13:37
kkkkkkkkkArmadillos, the people that are reporting the bug are using notebooks13:37
kkkkkkkkkArmadillos, that's my case13:37
BrewNobug, or is it on purpose?13:37
cfhowlettBrewNo sounds legit.  if you run ardour with jack, it seized your audio functions.13:38
BrewNoah, so it's on purpose?13:38
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: Interesting.  I'll have to look at my laptop.  It's running 12.04, but can't remember what version of the Nvidia driver it's using.13:38
cfhowlettBrewNo I'd guess so, but you'd have to check the documentation for confirmation13:38
MaxFramesllutz: ok, there is a screensaver entry in the start menu now, launched it, told that the daemon was not running; told it to run it, now screen lock works13:38
BrewNook will do, thx :)13:38
llutzMaxFrames: until next reboot?13:39
MaxFramesthe question now is how to make the daemon run automatically, for all users13:39
MaxFramesincluding new users I might create tomorrow13:39
MaxFramesthe good news is that everything works w/o configurations.... all the vectors (idle time, lid close, hotkey, gui...)13:40
MaxFramesI just need to launch xscreensaver at boot time13:41
MaxFramesunfortunately I'll need help for this too13:41
llutzMaxFrames: locking should be part of xorg, not depend on wm/de or any userspace app. doesn't your display-manager have a confg to start that with the session?13:42
MaxFramesllutz: I can only figure out half of that :D13:43
MaxFramesby all means, I think lubuntu is now using a different lockscreen module, but they forgot to implement it fully13:44
MaxFramesso to all practical purposes it does not work and one must use a userspace app until fixed13:44
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MaxFramesI need to launch this app on every user's session, automagically13:44
=== boolean_ is now known as boolean
llutzMaxFrames: i won't be any help with that, i'm not very good with GUI-things. i'd look at lightdm and the xsession files13:45
llutzMaxFrames: supposing lubuntu uses lightdm13:46
MaxFramesit does, to my knowledge13:47
alban_hi guys13:47
MaxFramesjeez. I can't help feeling very frustrated by the level of knowledge required to solve even the most trivial issues13:47
alban_I am currently working on a project for league of legends players13:48
alban_we are 413:48
alban_we need a spanish translator13:48
alban_and also, a german dev13:48
whoeverMaxFrames: what trivial issue are you trying to solv13:49
ubottualba: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:49
whoeveralleyoopster: why do you think you need a spanish translater13:49
whoeveralleyoopster: sorry wrong nic13:50
MaxFrameswhoever: please see the backlog, in short lock screen is broken in lubuntu13:50
MaxFramesfixing it requires installing xscreensaver (ok) but now I need to figure out how to make it so that it starts automatically for every user13:50
kkkkkkkkkArmadillos, install steam for linux and test13:50
kkkkkkkkkArmadillos, my crash occured only when i play cs source13:51
Armadilloskkkkkkkkk: I have linux on that box.   Granted, I don't play CS:Source13:51
MaxFramesI can add it to autostart from the lxsession defaults control panel, but that's on a per user basis13:51
MaxFrameswhereas I need it to be started and available to all users of the machine13:52
whoeverMaxFrames: is this what you refering to http://www.webupd8.org/2012/04/things-to-tweak-after-installing-ubuntu.html13:52
MaxFramessame goes for nm-applet which is similarly broken i.e. the package is installed but it doesn't start by default13:52
MaxFrameswhoever: no, it's lubuntu (and 14.04)13:53
MaxFramesthere surely must be a way to configure the system to autostart an app for all users13:54
MaxFramesthis does NOT work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160421113:54
whoeverMaxFrames: i goodled for lubuntu and ubuntu links come up, well the links lead to ubuntu docs13:54
MaxFramesI've put @nm-applet there, but it does not start13:55
whoeverMaxFrames: there is13:55
whoeverMaxFrames: what have you tried13:55
MaxFramesthat approach.13:55
MaxFramesit claims that putting an entry like that in that file, will launch the relevant file at boot13:55
MaxFramesnot true. I've entered "@nm-applet" for instance, and still no nm-applet at boot13:56
MaxFramessame goes for @xscreensaver13:56
MaxFramesit might have worked before 14.04, it surely doesn't work on 14.0413:56
whoeverMaxFrames: copy programe to /etc/xdg/autostart/13:56
llutzMaxFrames:you may have a look https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/XScreenSaver13:57
MaxFrameswell, not exactly, the /etc/xdg/autostart approach implies creating a .desktop file with informations on how to start and what13:57
module000MaxFrames: placing a file in /etc/xdg/autostart that adheres to the proper spec(http://standards.freedesktop.org/autostart-spec/autostart-spec-latest.html) will cause it to start for all users13:57
MaxFramesdid that as well. no avail.13:57
=== graingert__ is now known as Guest73204
whoeverMaxFrames: or just make an entry into /etc/startup13:57
junkadoes installin laptop-mode-tools still have the laptop mode off by default?13:57
module000MaxFrames: also, your .xsession-errors will report why your autostart file didnt' behave the way you wanted it to, such as syntax errors13:58
whoeverjunka: i think13:58
MaxFrameshttp://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-0.9.2.html => this is basically what I did13:58
module000MaxFrames: you want to follow the autostart spec, not the desktop one. they are similar but not identical13:59
whoeverMaxFrames: are you testing that xscreensaver starts for root, if so it won't work that easy13:59
junka!info laptop-mode-tools13:59
ubottulaptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.64-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 84 kB, installed size 407 kB13:59
brianblaze420what is the best way to stop this from happening on my ssh server :13:59
brianblaze420reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for [] failed - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!13:59
brianblaze420i have iptables to limit the amount of times people can attack at least i thought i did14:00
cfhowlettbrianblaze420 might want to ask ##linux and/or #ubuntu-server14:00
k1lbrianblaze420: what about fail2ban ?14:00
brianblaze420havent tried it14:01
brianblaze420oh u know what I think after updating I broke my iptables14:01
brianblaze420that would explain it14:01
MaxFrameswhoever: I didn't quite get that last question14:03
MaxFramesI am testing that xscreensaver runs automatically for my current user who is a sudoer14:03
whoeverMaxFrames: make an entry into /etc/rc.local for the app you want to start at login14:05
=== medberry is now known as Guest73002
k1lrc.local is root rights at start.14:06
k1lMaxFrames: why dont you just install xscreensaver? do you have a special setup? did you change a lot?14:07
MaxFramesk1l: just installing it won't do cause it does not run automatically14:07
whoeverMaxFrames: do you want you at to start at login and your always loging in with lightdm, or do you want tty login14:07
=== felipealmeida_AW is now known as felipealmeida
MaxFramesdidn't quite get this as well. anyway, I am logging in via lightdm if this was the question14:08
whoeverMaxFrames: and are you testing that xscreensaver auto starts as root user ?14:08
MaxFramesafaik root is disabled by default in ubuntu14:08
whoeverMaxFrames: yes that was thx -14:08
MaxFramesI am testing with a sudoer user14:08
k1lMaxFrames: what does that mean? you are running everythign with sudo?!?14:09
MaxFramesno, of course14:09
MaxFramesit just mean that the user is a member of the sudoers14:09
k1lMaxFrames: did installing xscreensaver and removing gnome-screensaver not work?14:09
whoeverMaxFrames: http://askubuntu.com/questions/48321/how-do-i-start-applications-automatically-on-login  I know this works because I have done it, then got rid of it14:10
MaxFramesgnome-screensaver is not installed... it's lubuntu not ubuntu14:10
whoeverMaxFrames: why do you want a screensaver14:10
MaxFrameswhoever: I don't want a screensaver. I want a screen locker.14:10
whoeverMaxFrames: they really arn't needed, since the original purpose really isn't an issue any more14:10
junkadoes laptop-mode-tools conflicts with pm-utils?14:11
MaxFrameswhat? locking the screen isn't an issue?14:11
whoeverMaxFrames: so what is your problem, i am on 14.04 and just activated it without a prob14:11
MaxFramesthat link is for ubuntu and anyway I _can_ autostart stuff for the current user. I need to autostart it for _any_ user14:11
ragggcan someone recomend me a good book for learning about linux system architecture? something that covers system processes, init, systemd, cron, filesystems the kernel etc..14:11
MaxFrameswhoever: are you on _lubuntu_ 14.04? repeat _lubuntu_14:12
whoeverMaxFrames: ubuntu but process is the same14:12
MaxFramesit is not! this of the lock screen not working on lubuntu 14.04 (and 13.10) is a known issue14:12
MaxFramesthere is no issue in _ubuntu_14:13
MaxFramesthey use different lock screen modules14:13
whoeverraggg: well how much computer experience do you have, also how much linux experience do you have14:13
MaxFramesplease read the backlog if you can, I've really already stated it all multiple times14:13
cfhowlettraggg http://www.linuxine.com/linuxbooks14:13
whoeverMaxFrames: then try #lubuntu14:14
MaxFramestried and retried... in a bunch of days, no one ever wrote anything, the channel is basically idle14:14
ragggcfhowlett: thanks14:14
whoeverraggg: or the best way is to install a disto and google for what your tring to do , you may get up to speed faster that way then just by reading a book14:15
MaxFramesI guess there aren't that many lubuntu users around, and even less go to irc14:15
ragggwhoever: i've been playing with linux for a long time, always had a home server etc, but am now studying computer science so want to know more about how it all works14:15
whoeverraggg: if you really wanna learn, and I stress really  , then install gentoo and grab the install docs, you will need them14:16
ragggwhoever: i had no problems with getting arch running to a useable state, havent attempted gentoo yet14:16
k1lMaxFrames: did you file bugs for your issues yet?14:17
MaxFramesno because there are already at least three identical bugs filed14:17
MaxFramesI have subscribed to those to get notifications14:17
whoeverraggg: well i can say gentoo is definetly a learnig exp with the make file and keeping that up to date, since it contains the make and compile against info when building pkgs14:17
k1ldid you mark yourself affected and tried to give more input in comments to help fix that?14:17
whoeverk1l: i told him to try lubuntu channel14:18
MaxFramesmarked affected, yes14:18
MaxFramesone of the bugs is 6 months old... that is definitely not encouraging14:18
ragggi've also just finished reading art of unix programming, which had alot of really good info on the design philosophy and history i thought14:18
MaxFrames"lubuntu users don't need to lock their screens" ?14:19
ragggwhoever: that sounds like quite an experience, i'll give it a go thanks14:19
k1lMaxFrames: instead of blaming others what about you help lubuntu to get that sorted?14:19
=== jtrucks_ is now known as jtrucks
MaxFramesk1l: I have done all I can do14:20
MaxFrameswhat would be the point of posting again what others have just posted, verbatim?14:21
whoeverraggg: and don't cheat and use the gui installer either that will deminish your exp14:21
MaxFramesI've marked myself affected so they will know there is one more14:21
SlapsadCould somebody shed some light as to why I wouldn't want to use "sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/lampp/htdocs" to make my life easier?14:22
k1lSlapsad: you would not want to use lampp anyway14:22
k1l!lamp > Slapsad14:23
ubottuSlapsad, please see my private message14:23
SlapsadWell, it's actually XAMPP...14:24
=== Ryan is now known as Guest8250
whoeverMaxFrames: it looks like some where able to solve by installing xscreensaver, then were able to lock screen after reboot14:24
k1lSlapsad: that doesnt change that ist a bunch of security issues. ubuntu ships all you need in the ubuntu repos14:24
MaxFrameswhoever: yes, for the current user. me too14:25
SlapsadSo, what do I use as a local server?14:25
whoeverMaxFrames: and AFAIK is still an active bug14:25
whoeverand that is still "the fix"14:25
k1lSlapsad: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP14:26
SlapsadThe default LAMP stack?14:26
anunakkiok, so i've been having an issue with my ubuntu-servers i've updated, i've googled, i've tried just about everything i can find to prevent this but it continues14:26
MaxFramesyes. no real fix anyway for multiple users machines, as each user should add xscreensaver to the autostart list by herself14:26
anunakkii'm having an issue with my sshd login timing, it works fine, but there is a long hang before it prompts for password14:27
anunakkiand then a long hang before full authentication14:27
anunakkiand login14:27
anunakkianyone have any suggestions or have experience with this issue?14:27
anunakkii can paste an ssh -vv if it would help14:27
neccs_adminHello, does anyone know why a newly installed edubuntu computer would hang on the edubuntu  logo while shutting down?14:28
whoeverneccs_admin:  I saw last night, that it can be caused by some weird issue with the nic .so14:29
neccs_adminwhoever: thanks, that makes sense14:30
Aurigae1hello, im looking for cloud solutions like owncloud / seafile that are linux & windows compatible and have encryption like arxshare which is windows only14:30
neccs_adminthe only thing is that I have another machine, the same exact hardware and Im not getting the problem.14:31
Aurigae1arxshare seems like a nice solution but sadly the snc client is winos only14:31
whoeverneccs_admin: all i can say is it was extreemly odd and  didn't make since to me at first, my first thaught was a shutdown script issue14:31
whoeverneccs_admin: same nics ?14:31
FeigrimIs it at all possible to upgrade glib2.0-0 to version >= 2.37.3 on Ubuntu 12.04?14:33
omg_scoutHi;) Is there a cloud that will integrate with Ubuntu as good as the Ubuntu One did? I am looking for something effortless, as my grandparents will use.14:34
shunya_chakraWhazz up guys14:34
shunya_chakraplz can anyone tell me alternative of Internet download manager in open source14:35
BeldarFeigrim, If you are updated you have the latest versions available for 12.04, that may not be what you want exactly.14:35
Beldarshunya_chakra, The web, this is support not polling.14:36
neccs_adminwhoever: yes14:36
virai was missing my Documents folder in homr directory, any body has idea to solve my trouble ?14:36
shunya_chakraOk Beldar :) :D I was just searching a good download manager14:36
Beldarvira, Context?14:36
whoeverneccs_admin: same mobo and other hardware14:37
neccs_adminwhoever: yes14:37
FeigrimBeldar: the program I want to run is made for 14.04, so it needs newer versions of some stuff. I was just wondering if there is any chance of still making it work on 12.0414:37
viraBeldar . what do you mean with Context  ?14:37
neccs_adminwhoever: excuse me, whats mobo?14:37
BeldarFeigrim, In general here it would not be advised, your on your own there basically support wise.14:38
cfhowlettneccs_admin as Samuel L. Jackson would say; it's your Mother ... Board.14:38
FeigrimBeldar: makes sense :)14:38
whoeverneccs_admin: do an lshw on each box to make sure , you can by a batch of boxes and still get different components14:38
whoeverneccs_admin: mother boart14:38
BeldarFeigrim, Might be a ppa though, same support scenario is all basically, people do help outside the channels rules though. ;)14:39
neccs_admincfhowlett: lol...14:39
FeigrimBeldar: yeah I'll look to see if there is any ppa related solution14:39
neccs_adminthank you, Im fairly new to the linux community so I'm trying to catch on14:40
Beldarcfhowlett, ot, but have you seen Samuel J in the movie fresh, very good watch.14:40
pip__when I do a fresh install & tick the install third party software box proprietary graphics drivers are not installed.  Is this regular behaviour or is there something I need to do to make that happen?14:40
Beldarpip__, what is the graphic hardware?14:40
pip__nvidia gtx76014:41
pip__zoyac amp edition14:41
Beldarpip__, I suspect you have several options in the additional drivers is this correct?14:41
Beldarpip__, This a optimus, dual card deal?14:42
pip__yeah, that's not the issue.  I keep reading in the forums that a driver will be installed if I check the box.  That is not & never has been my experience.  I actually prefer to use additional drivers after the system is installed14:42
whoeverneccs_admin: so I assume your running lshw on each box14:42
pip__nope, single gtx76014:42
Beldarpip__, I have no real exact answer, but this happens, not sure of the regularity, much less than drivers getting installed I suspect.14:43
pip__Beldar, thanks for trying I'd just like clarification14:44
Beldarpip__, Hehe, no problem, I assume you are on the net when you install.14:45
pip__as I say I've never had a proprietary graphics driver installed during the installation process, boxes checked or not14:45
neccs_adminwhoever: no, I'm not runnign lshw14:45
pip__Beldar, yes, I always tick the 3rd party & download updates boxes14:45
neccs_adminwhoever: I've never heard of it until now.14:46
pip__Beldar, I'm just getting irritated over nothing really :)14:47
whoeverneccs_admin: ok , what is you packe manager14:47
Beldarpip__, proprietary will not get installed in general even if in the repos I believe, the box you tick is 3rd party, not exactly the same.14:47
Beldarsounds the same I know14:47
whoeverneccs_admin: sudo apt-cache search lshw14:48
pip__Beldar, I've always regarded the 3rd party as stuff for mp3 etc, not amd or nvidia graphics drivers14:48
whoeverneccs_admin: also are your boxes wired or wireless P14:49
pip__Beldar, I'm basically getting wound up by people telling others that proprietary drivers will be installed if the 3rd party box is ticked14:49
dilluI am using Xubuntu 13 and want to upgrade to 1414:50
Beldarpip__, Yeah me to, codecs. You can't believe what others say or post, or at least use a little scientific inquiry in it's analysis.14:50
module000pip__: you are correct, the 3rd party driver box in installation is for codecs. that won't cause something like the nvidia binary drivers to be installed14:50
dilluis there a way this can be done using the command line14:50
dilluI don't want to download the ISO14:50
Beldardillu, 13? what 1314:50
pip__module000, thank you! I can rest easy now :)14:51
neccs_adminwhoever: my boxes are wired14:51
whoeverneccs_admin: what happens when you type "which lshw"14:51
Hanumaanunable to update with sudo apt-get update it just stops at 0% the computer requires proxy when I set the proxy in the Network connections I am able to have internet but from command line update is not working14:52
dillu@Beldar xubuntu 13.1014:52
neccs_adminwhoever: not sure how to determine my package manager, I usually get my software from ubuntu software center14:52
neccs_adminwhoever: I typed "which lshw" on the terminal and got back /usr/bin/lshw14:52
Beldardillu, Make sure the upgrade is set for all releases, not sure where that is in xubuntu, or use the terminal commands, others here know that terminal command.14:53
whoeverneccs_admin: ok, so then  try "sudo lshw -C network"14:54
pip__thanks guys, tata for now14:54
Beldardillu, sudo do-release-upgrade is the command, be sure to be backed up is all I would say.14:54
whoeverthat will return your network card(s) info manufacture  and all that fun info about the card14:54
neccs_adminwhoever: ok, I got alot of information now.14:55
anunakkiguess not14:55
dilluthanks a lot14:55
m1dnightAnyone here who can help me quick with the couchpotato installation? (running from source)14:56
bobin89Hi folks, I followed a guide on the forum. And No my computer dont boot. Getting that iwlwifi has No suitable firmware found, and Then the boot stops, How can i go on?14:56
Beldardillu, THe software updater has a settings that allows you to oick the type of distro-upgrade you will see as well.14:56
kkkkkkkkki read  the readme file from kernel tree14:57
whoeverneccs_admin: so now you can compare the nic info on both boxes, and I bet they are not the same14:57
kkkkkkkkki said to not put kernel sources in /usr/src/linux14:57
Beldarkkkkkkkkk, Honestly having a degree in black studies that nick and all your K based nicks are really offensive to me.14:57
kkkkkkkkkwhy not??? i dont understand the reason14:57
Beldarto others I suspect as well14:57
kkkkkkkkkso sorry14:58
whoeverneccs_admin: i think you only will need to compare product and vender14:59
neccs_adminwhoever: they are actually the same "82566DM-2 Gigabit Network Connection"15:00
ActionParsnipBeldar: i dont follow, its just a load of Ks to me....15:00
neccs_adminwhoever: the machines are both the same exact models15:00
BeldarActionParsnip, 9 k's 3 times KKK the klan my friend15:01
whoeverneccs_admin: is there a dns issue that might cause it to hang , yes i know odd , it would normaly complain at statup15:01
ActionParsnipBeldar: i think you are readiing too far into it15:01
whoeverneccs_admin: did you install from an image or did you do each my hand15:02
neccs_adminwhoever: no dns issue that I'am aware of, I installed both by hand15:02
=== l is now known as Guest19643
BeldarActionParsnip, That may be, however no one I know would even think of using a nick like that, I only made the comment I had not intended to discuss this again.15:02
ActionParsnipBeldar: didnt even come to my head, though s/he had just picked a character and pounded it.15:03
whoeverneccs_admin: ok, this seems a litle weird, what if you image the working box, and then deply it to the non working box15:03
ActionParsnipBeldar: probably because I'm not continually looking for stuff like that in what I see15:03
BeldarActionParsnip, It's a recurring nick I have seen it many times, I have to wonder why that is the choice is all.15:03
whoeverand correct the ip and box name as needed15:03
neccs_adminwhoever: that sounds like an option for sure if I cant get it to shutdown properly15:04
BeldarActionParsnip, ignore is where it goes always here.15:04
whoeverneccs_admin: that won't matter on the non working box15:04
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=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
ActionParsnipBeldar: as you wish, as long as they are patient and so forth I dont really mind :)15:04
whoeverneccs_admin: just hit power on the non working box15:04
Seramoncan someone tell me what is this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463174/15:05
neccs_adminwhoever: ?15:05
whoeverneccs_admin: do you have an external hdd, I would place the image on that then, take that hdd over to the non working box15:05
ActionParsnipSeramon: what is the output of:   ls -al /home/sebastian/.config/ibus/bus15:05
ActionParsnipSeramon: yes, run the command, what is output?15:06
neccs_adminwhoever: that sounds like a good troubleshooting step. I'll check it out15:06
Seramonmy firefox browser15:06
whoeverneccs_admin: you said "get it to shut down correctly" , and before that you said you had one box that worked fine and the other didn't , so just kill the non working box by hitting power15:06
Seramonoutput is opening my firefox browser15:06
ActionParsnipSeramon: no, run the command I gave in a terminal, hit ENTER,  copy the output, what is the output?15:07
ActionParsnipSeramon: the output may be caused by your Firefox browser, but I gave a command to run15:07
ActionParsnipSeramon: that is the output I want15:07
neccs_adminwhoever: will have to shut down this machine to accomplish that step, thanks for the help chat whoever15:07
whoeverneccs_admin: not exactly trouble shooting it is more , box doesn't work corretly, as an admin how can i get it up and running the fastest way15:07
whoeverneccs_admin: befor you do15:08
ActionParsnipSeramon: its one line, so is ok to paste in here15:08
whoeverneccs_admin: do you have another box or even a smart phone that you can keep a chat on15:08
whoeverneccs_admin: that way if you need help durring the process you can ask15:08
whoeverneccs_admin: use clonezilla se to image , burn the iso  and boot it15:09
ActionParsnipSeramon: you can launch a terminal with CTRL + ALT + T15:09
whoeverneccs_admin: use default , and beginner mode15:10
neccs_adminGood point whoever: I'll try to get the chat on  my android smartphone15:10
Seramon ls -al /home/sebastian/.config/ibus/bus15:10
ActionParsnipSeramon: yes, run it in a terminal, what is the output?15:10
Seramonls: invalid option - - '/'15:11
whoeverneccs_admin: you want to work with a disk, and you want to image that disk(probably /dev/sda)  , you will be asked to mount the target first15:11
Seramontry 'ls - -help' for more information15:11
whoeverneccs_admin: ok15:11
whoeverneccs_admin: try andochat15:11
ActionParsnipSeramon: did you COPY and paste the command>15:11
Seramoni type in15:12
whoeverneccs_admin: i also assume that both hdd in bothe boxes are the same size .. correct ?15:12
ActionParsnipSeramon: why do you think I gave you the exact command?15:12
ActionParsnipSeramon: copy the command I gave15:12
neccs_adminwhoever: yes15:12
ActionParsnipSeanWang: it will work15:12
Seramonoops, sorry15:12
Seramon3 lines of output15:12
whoeverneccs_admin: ok that makes it a little easier15:13
Jenny__Installed 14.04 last night. Wireless was working fine. However, today I have no wireless at all. My wireless chipset is Qualcomm Atheros AR9462.15:13
ActionParsnipSeramon: ok, pastebin the output15:13
whoeverneccs_admin: is you chat installed yet15:13
gglitchUbuntu 14.04 question - I have tried to install a gedit plugin by putting it in ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins, but it doesn't show up. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.15:13
ActionParsnipgglitch: did you close gedit then reopen it?15:13
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whoeverneccs_admin: for what it is worth i estimate the image process at about 10 minutes15:13
moparsthbestwhat is the package that lets you run 'git' or something and if it's not installed it says 'ask your administrator to install the git package'15:14
BeldarActionParsnip, Apparently that set of letters in brazil, the home of the ip, means lol, however when looking this up I found others out of this culture wondering what I did. Just shows to some extent the importance of intercultural communications.15:14
koelli just installed lubuntu on my thinkpad X41. anything works fine, but i dont get the sound to work. if i want to listen to music, there is no sound. =(15:15
Rorykoell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting15:16
ActionParsnipSeramon: ok and what command generated that output?15:16
Rorykoell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems is better15:16
Seramonthe command u gave me to paste15:17
neccs_adminwhoever: wao, 10 minutes, thats fast15:17
koellRory: thank you, i will take a try on it15:18
whoeverneccs_admin: yep15:19
neccs_adminwhoever: you did you mean "andchat"?15:19
=== matthijs is now known as Guest34839
whoeverneccs_admin: it is because unlike winblowz only the data that on the drive is on the image15:19
whoeverneccs_admin: yes15:20
neccs_adminwhoever: thanks!15:20
lapionHello, I am having problems with the installation of trusty on a mac book pro 3.1 ( late 2007) whenever I boot the usb stick I get a black screen.15:21
Jenny__Installed 14.04 last night. Wireless was working fine. However, today I have no wireless at all. My wireless chipset is Qualcomm Atheros AR9462.15:21
whoeverneccs_admin: after you make the image and while your deploying it, just power off the box that you took the image from , and this way you can test wheater or not it works witout having to make changes15:22
whoeverneccs_admin: and if it does then just change node name and ip as needed15:22
NeedWeez1Anyone here familiar with adding profiles to Shrew Soft VPN?15:23
neccs_adminwhoever: thank you, I will15:23
whoeverneccs_admin: are you a net admin or is that just part of your nic15:24
whoeverneccs_admin: i'll pm you if that will make it easier for your follow15:24
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Seramonerm... did i do anything wrong Action Parsnip?15:27
cwage_anyone know why i'm getting a 404 from all the mirrors trying to download ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64+mac.iso ?15:33
barathHi guys, I'm looking for some help I'm an complete novice with ubuntu so my question may sound stupid. I'm trying to download ubuntu for a friend as a torrent but then I click the link in firefox I get the choose a program window with no programs please could someone help me find transmission which is installed15:34
OerHekscwage_, not sure why, this one works for me > http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/releases/trusty/release/ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64+mac.iso15:35
OerHeksbarath, known issue, save the url first, then reopen from filemanager15:36
satelliteHi, What the best book to learn Ubuntu security.15:37
Jenny__Installed 14.04 last night. Wireless was working fine. However, today I have no wireless at all. My wireless chipset is Qualcomm Atheros AR9462.15:37
barath@0erHeks is I right click to save link as is open the same thing?15:37
OerHeksbarath, clicking the torrent link, downloads it too. but somehowe it cannot be opened from the browser, so do it from filemanager15:38
satelliteRecommend Internet Download manager, Please!15:39
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Seramoncan someone tell me why my firefox is giving me problems?15:40
=== ted is now known as tedg
satellite!details | Seramon15:41
ubottuSeramon: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)15:41
xangua!details | Seramon15:41
Seramonit kept closing on me15:41
Seramonand i can't find my ubuntu update icon since yesterday15:42
Piciare you/7015:42
satelliteIs there any Internet Download manager for linux.15:42
BeldarSeramon, Have you run the OS in root?15:42
Seramonsomeone recommended me to uninstall python 3.3 that time15:42
SeramonBeldar: how do i do that?15:43
pvl1fresh install of 14.04 server on an old tower. im getting ata errors. dead disk?15:43
BeldarSeramon, I'm not saying you should, just a question.15:43
SeramonBeldar, then i think i haven't as i don't even know how to do that haha15:44
BeldarSeramon, can you pastebin the output of running in the terminal lsb_release -a15:44
Beldarpvl1, ubuntu has a smartdisc check in disks, top right corner dropdown.15:47
cfhowlettsatellite check firefox plugins for download managers15:48
lapiongparted for mac15:48
BeldarSeramon, On the Firefox issue I would reset it with a new user, it saves the bookmarks.15:49
lapionoops sorry wrong keyboard15:49
satellitecfhowlett | Thanks, is there any security book you can recommend?15:49
SeramonBeldar, so how do i do that?15:49
cfhowlettsatellite ask about linux security in ##linux15:49
pvl1Beldar: im on ubuntu server15:49
BeldarSeramon, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/reset-firefox-easily-fix-most-problems15:50
satellitecfhowlett | linux/ubuntu are same!!15:50
cfhowlettsatellite I don't engage in theological debates.  you are free to ignore my suggestion.15:50
Seramonso i have to reopen firefox first?15:51
BeldarSeramon, On the update icon issue, is this the unity desktop, and have you modified it in compiz or with themes...etc?15:51
Seramonthis is unity desktop but i never modify it except for uninstall the python15:51
BeldarSeramon, Is FF not opening at all, that was a terminal output you posted from running firefox?15:51
Seramonit opens but it closes after that15:52
BeldarSeramon, Ah, not sure exactly. What all was removed when you removed python, and how did you do it?15:53
OerHeksSeramon, see line #3 >> The owner of /home/sebastian/.config/ibus/bus is not root!15:53
OerHeksSeramon, did you changed anything ?15:53
OerHeksAh, removed python, so you wonder why FF uses python?15:54
Seramoni use sudo uninstall python 3.3 i think15:54
Seramoncos that time my update was having problem with python 3.3 or 13.3 i couldn't remember15:55
xanguadid you try to install ubuntu-desktop metapackage¿15:55
Seramonsomeone suggested i tried to remove the python and i did15:55
Seramonnope i didn't xangua15:55
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Seramonshould i do that now? cause after that day, i couldn't even find my terminal through the search15:56
Seramoni need the hotkeys to bring my terminal up15:56
majodi just watched my ssd being filled in gigabytes, without any interesting program running...i ran the system monitor and had 20GB free...in just a minute i had only 16gb free...i rebooted and still had only 16gb free, but now suddenly i have 30gb free...can it be because i use ssd ?15:57
Beldarmajod, You trim the ssd manually or in a cron?15:58
majodBeldar: im not 14.04, so it should be automatic, no?15:58
Beldarmajod, Not in linux per-say, there is a setup for ssd some differ from others. Could be other issues as well.15:59
Seramonhave I destroyed my ubuntu?15:59
majodBeldar: do you have something specific on mind? should i check something? i have ubuntu installed only few weeks and had windows 8.1 before, no problem with my ssd16:00
BeldarSeramon, When you removed the python were you looking at what else was removed IE dependencies?16:00
OerHeksSeramon, try the suggestion from xangua, reinstall that metapackage16:00
satelliteSeramon | why not reinstall python to check!!! :p16:00
Seramonwhat is the latest version of python anyway?16:01
Beldarmajod, windows auto-trims is all, here is one I use, https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd16:01
OerHeksSeramon, you don't need to know the version number for the metapackage16:02
Seramon erm... my linux was unable to locate the package (metapackage)16:02
Seramonit says my python is the newest version16:03
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majodBeldar: thanks, ill take a look...altho im not very happy with this, things like this should be working out of the box...its 201416:04
b00blickHey, do anyone knows how to deal with DisplayLink on ubuntu?16:04
Beldarmajod, That is a very weak rhetoric.16:05
Beldara projection really16:05
Seramonand my search still can't do anything to pull out my programs16:06
Lucaxhello, my ubuntu freezes occationally, would there be anyone to assist?16:07
Seramonhow do i set myself as the root?16:07
majodBeldar: not sure what you mean, but thanks anyway. maybe we can try talking in my native language and see if the rhetoric gets better :)16:07
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xanguaSeramon: what package¿ metapackage is not the package, ubuntu-desktop is the metapackage}16:08
b00blickLucax: just try to press crl+shift+printscreen+b16:08
Beldarmajod, I only meant that "im not very happy with this, things like this should be working out of the box...its 2014" is not a valid argument is all. ;)16:08
Beldarwe all get frustrated though, I understand16:09
majodBeldar: well i dont think an user should be taking care of how OS will trim his ssd...16:09
Jenny__My wireless chipset, Qualcomm Atheros AR9462, is not working today.  Was fine last night after a fresh install of 14.04. How do I get it working again?16:09
craigbass1976anyone ever gotten the output from diff to open up nicely in a spreadsheet?16:09
canonsWhen I plug in a USB mouse some of my laptop keyboard keys stop working16:10
canonsHow do I fix this16:10
Seramonoh thanks xangua, now it seems to be processing16:10
Seramonand beldar and otheres for the help16:10
Beldarmajod, There are probably linux OS's that do this automatically, however linux in general is a is setup for people to tweak easily. You might also realize that there are numbers of apps and packages and drivers that have to be reversede engineered as open source is not supported by some major providers.16:11
keevitajahi, what is good remote desktop app?16:11
OerHekscanons, why would a mouse takeover keys ,  seems like a hardware-problem.16:12
Beldarmajod, Apple and MS are more hands free in general probably, but you do not hae the control you have in open source.16:12
canonsOerHeks: It worked fine for several months without any problems16:12
canonsOerHeks: It's a Logitech G9X16:13
canonsOerHeks: This happened as a result of a software update.  Which one I have no idea, but it's driving me nuts16:13
canonsOerHeks: The Zero, Minus, and Forward Slash keyboard keys aren't working16:14
Seramonwhy am i getting this in my installation of ubuntu desktop? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7463520/16:14
OerHekscanons, odd, then more of us should have this issue16:14
poisonarmsHey all. How do I set up a daemon to run at start-up? From what I can find, as long as I include a .conf file for the daemon I want to run at start-up inside of /etc/init, upstart/init will execute the commands in the conf. Is that correct?16:15
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canonsOerHeks: I thought it might be related to the built in trackpad the laptop has, maybe it's conflicting with the USB mouse, even if I turn off the trackpad with xinput set-prop $i "Device Enabled" 016:15
canonsOerHeks: Still fixes nothing16:15
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Jenny__Wireless not working in fresh install of 14.04. Touchpad also inoperable in each session unless I restart touchpad.  Could these two issues be related?16:18
sl33k_I had sudden spurt of top most menu opening. All opening without touching anything. I hope you understand what it means. Not spooky though.16:18
sl33k_What issue is this?16:19
canonsOerHeks: I believe I'm running 12.1016:19
poisonarmscanons: sudo cat /etc/*release*16:20
sl33k_Is dropping down like this in a cycle with great speed. I don't know how to describe it right. If you know the proper terms please enlighten me?16:20
poisonarmsWill tell you which version you're running16:20
canonspoisonarms: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=vBZdZyUW16:21
BeldarJenny__, Have you looked on askubuntu with the computer model and wireless in the search?16:21
canonspoisonarms: I'm completely up to date on the software packages16:21
BeldarJenny__, and or actually, that wifi card has a history of problems at times.16:22
jabba_usa BuDuScRiPt [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript ]16:22
jabba_Version 3.7.8616:22
jabba_By  U D A ' S o f t w a r e16:22
Jenny__Beldar: is it possible that the wireless and touchapad isues are related?16:23
canonsOerHeks: I happen to be running a laptop that has nvidia optimus and I do have nvidia drivers installed, maybe it's messing up something in xorg.conf?16:23
BeldarJenny__, I can't say, not likely would be my guess though, here is a askubuntu link, http://askubuntu.com/search?q=AR946216:24
BeldarI assume this is an onboard pad not a external wireless.16:25
lucasttis there anything that can show the frenquency spectrum in the desktop for the music playing?16:25
bazhanglucastt, audacious16:26
lucasttbut can it appear live in the desktop?16:26
lucasttlike a widget16:26
not_roastedHello friends. Is there a way to adjust the length of time with Unity's "urgent animation"? For example, the wiggle only happens for all but a second. It'd be nice to make it last longer, or perhaps wiggle for 2-3 seconds every x amount of seconds/minutes that pass. Is there a way to adjust this?16:28
OerHekscanons, i cannot find any related bugreports, maybe it is an optimus issue as you suggested16:29
Jenny__Beldar: thanks.  I'm researching at the link you provided.16:29
Jenny__Beldar: in the meantime, could you help me figure out why the touchpad is inactive?  I have to reset it in each session.16:30
BeldarJenny__, I would if I could, I don't use mine it is off, I basically know what I have had to repair, and a few extras.16:31
canonsOerHeks: I'm going to add this to grub: i8042.dumbkbd=1 i8042.nopnp=1 and see what happens, from here: http://lightrush.ndoytchev.com/random-1/i8042quirkoptions16:31
john_doe_jrI need to select a string from a file and then get characters to the right of a certain character…how would I do that?16:31
john_doe_jrI'm trying to use cut16:31
ubottujabba_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:32
v0lksmancan anyone make a suggestion on vid cards for 3 monitors?  Every time I buy a card I always end up with something that is not friendly with Ubuntu/Linux.  Hoping to avoid that...No gaming, just pure desktop on 3 screens16:34
bazhangv0lksman, try ##hardware16:35
v0lksmanbazhang: thanks!16:35
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pvl1is there a way to test a hd from terminal16:42
geniipvl1: What sort of testing did you have in mind?16:42
prachhi all16:43
pvl1genii: it seems like im getting fs errors16:45
Beldarpvl1, Did you look at the smart check?16:46
geniipvl1: Then you probably want to first boot up into recovery and run fsck on the partitions it has. Additionally, if it is SMART capable, check in your computer BIOS to enable that. If it's just some corruption, fsck will fix it. If the drive is beginning to go bad, the SMART will report it.16:46
pvl1meh its probably too old for smart16:49
pvl1ill see how it works today16:49
pvl1gotta brush up on my ubuntu. ive been expirementing iwth other distros recently16:49
=== yura is now known as Guest35502
geniiAdditionally there's smartmontools/smart-notifier16:49
SchrodingersScatwow, how old is it then?16:49
geniiIf it's that old, it's likely due to be replaced anyways :)16:49
geniierase: Yes, we see what you type.16:51
eraseooh hehe thx16:51
=== fred_ is now known as Guest79221
eraseso why some names grayed out ? on the name list16:56
lucastthow do i know which packaged created a command?16:57
lucasttbecause i'm trying to uninstall java 7 to install java 816:57
lucasttand i still have the java command16:57
lucasttbut i don't know which package i used16:57
skinuxWhat is keyboard shortcut in 14.04 to restart X?16:59
skinuxI've tried searching, but I'm only finding information for old versions of Ubuntu.17:01
SchrodingersScatsicretor: thought it was ctrl-alt-backspace17:03
Tammy18 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://bitly.com/1gAh6Jy17:05
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Beldarskinux, Desktop?17:05
Beldarthe gnome shell is alt-f2-r17:06
nszcetaI can't get Ubuntu to work with Hyper-V internal network17:08
nszcetaIs there any guidance on how the hell to get my Ubuntu VM an IP17:08
nszcetaI have been unable to do this for 8 hours no matter what I try17:08
greggowhat you try?17:08
nszcetaDocumentation regarding Hyper-V networking with regards to Ubuntu is almost non-existent17:09
nszcetaI made external network coupled to a physical NIC17:09
nszcetaI made an internal network using default settings and all the time the NIC shows up in Ubuntu but dhcp fails 100% of the time17:10
tbdis there any way to get the scrambled graphics and the crashes gone on a macbook air 13 late 2010 with 14.04 installed? i tried to get the nouveau off and the nvidia driver on but had no luck with that. can anyone help?17:10
nszcetait's a step up from when I tried CentOS and it failed to detect the NICs completely17:10
nszcetakernel shows hyper-v stuff is loading more or less correctly17:10
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BluewolfHi, I am installing Ubuntu alongside windows on drive sda, drive sdb is 8GB so could I use that as my swap or just leave it as is?17:14
BeldarBluewolf, Your choice, why do you ask?17:15
bozeI don't get this ./autogen.sh command http://www.privatepaste.com/b0b2e7a087 I installed hamster with the Ubuntu Software Center... does that matter?17:16
BeldarIs sdb a flash or internal?17:16
arenashi everybody. How I installl flash player for chronium? I have Xubuntu 1417:17
BluewolfBeldar: Well its on my laptop which was preinstalled with Windows 7 and I did not want to casue any problems, its current status is free. Also would it not be a problem having /home and root installed on sda while swape is on the 8GB sdb?17:17
=== ss__ is now known as s2013
BeldarBluewolf, is the sdb a internal or external, there is a speed differential.17:18
tbdany with knowledge on macbook air installation here?17:18
surprisetrexis it normal for ~2gb of ram to be taken up running a browser, skype and a few other small apps like empathy?17:20
BluewolfBeldar: Its an internal on my Laptop, my guess is that is was a Windows 7 cache (Which I wiped out by the looks of things)17:20
BeldarBluewolf, AS far as I know swap on a separate internal should be the same, others might have info.17:20
not_roastedAnybody know of a way to customize the time length of the wiggle urgent animation for applications needing attention? You know, to more than a second so I can actually tell something needs attention?17:21
michaelaguiarIf I have a DHCP server, what is a good time to set the max / default lease time for each IP?17:21
BeldarBluewolf, Is sdb a ssd?17:21
BluewolfBeldar: Not sure about what speeds the two are. The 8GB is Disk 0 in the windows installer while sdb on the ubuntu?17:21
rypervenchemichaelaguiar: 12 hours17:21
BluewolfBeldar, sdb17:22
teratogenafter I install xfce how do i "change" the desktop environment to xfce?17:22
michaelaguiarrypervenche: is this a standard time?  I have an office of about 40 people, with multiple devices totaling around 120 - 150 connections17:22
BeldarBluewolf, This a newer computer, we have seen ones with W8 that have a small ssd and a regular HD.17:22
rypervenchemichaelaguiar: That is what most DHCP servers use at the default. You can choose any time that works for you.17:22
michaelaguiarrypervenche: Maybe I’ll switch to 12.  Does adding more time increase the risk of IP conflicts?17:23
rypervenchemichaelaguiar: You shouldn't have any conflict.17:23
BeldarBluewolf, I think your fine with swap anywhere internally basically, you might look up the hardware if you are not sure on theses HD.17:24
Beldarthese* lol17:24
BluewolfBeldar: Does it change from ssd to sdb when the partition is formated or deleted. Reasoning being is when I first got the computer I cleaned it completely of windows and started a fresh with Linux Mint?17:24
michaelaguiarrypervenche: Ok cool.  Another DHCP question.  How do the ranges work?  How can I tell what the limit is that I can set?17:25
=== Germanaz0 is now known as Germanaz0|0FF
BeldarBluewolf, the read as a sda or sdb can be backwards on a live usb, kinda strange, what ever is first read in the bios should be sda I believe.17:25
rypervenchemichaelaguiar: It depends on the software that you are using. But there is an option that you can see which has the beginning IP and the ending IP of the possible IPs that can be given to a client.17:26
WolfLambertHey everyone, anyone knows some good mail clients except Thunderbird? Not too much functionality needed, I prefer to have it lightweight, simple and fast.17:27
michaelaguiarrypervenche: let me pull up the server quick and check17:27
jp___hey im running ubuntu 12.10 with wordpress on it and was looking to configure fast-cgi... anyone have experiecne here or can point me to a good tut, cant find a good one. thanks in advance.17:28
BeldarWolfLambert, We don't do polling here, although some may suggest, just a heads up. ;)17:29
ratherDashinghas anyone gotten google-talkplugin to work on chromium on 14.04? works fine with firefox for me17:29
deemyBoyhey guys17:29
haakym@WolfLambert, if you want it really light you could check in the terminal17:29
deemyBoyi tried to install lamp on a fresh ubuntu vm17:29
BluewolfBeldar: So it okay to make the 8GB sdb free space the Ubuntu swap while I set the /home and root to sda alongside windows?17:30
deemyBoyit hit problems with mysql17:31
deemyBoyso i then found an official method on help.ubunut.com/community....blah...blah17:31
BeldarBluewolf, I don't see why not, but if it were me I would just test it. It should not cause a problem, it is just another partition mounted through fstab.17:31
deemyBoyit says first remove packages17:32
deemyBoyhow do you unisatll packages?17:33
deemyBoytrying to do a fresh install of lamp - how do you remove old packages please?17:34
BluewolfBeldar: Any idea how I would test it and is it much of a problem to do so as I am currently in the install?17:34
BeldarBluewolf, IN gneral the swap should be just slightly larger than the memory amount, how much do you have?17:34
deemyBoytrying to do a fresh install of lamp - how do you remove old packages please?17:35
vamadirhow to use nvidia-prime on 14.04? If i want open only one aplication on nvidia card?17:37
BluewolfBeldar: 8GB or 7.5GB in real terms, the size of the partition is 8012MB. As far as I know the swap is ether the same as the RAM or double it?17:37
BeldarBluewolf, I'm getting the feeling you may not be up on what swap does in general. Two main uses, allows hibernate, and is used when the memory is used to a point the swap is needed. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq  There are other incidental swap uses.17:37
xubuntuDaveanyone know about how to set up a epson printer? Tried to download the drivers but stops halfway..17:37
SquarepyI myself use a swapfile17:38
BluewolfBeldar: Yeah i know its needed for Hibernation and assists the ram. But one never knows enough :D17:39
vamadirhow to use nvidia-prime on 14.04? If i want open only one aplication on nvidia card?17:39
BeldarBluewolf, Used to be 2X's now just above ram amount, however there are computer uses that people use a much higher swap to memory, like I believe in compiling17:39
BeldarI figured you knew just being sure is all. ;)17:39
=== jack is now known as Guest24029
BluewolfBeldar: The consideration is appreciated as I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff, I learn't that a little while ago when I had to install Mint manually and decided not to forget as it was a pain at the time:D17:44
BluewolfBeldar: So that 8012MB partition is enough Swap for my 8GB ram?17:44
BluewolfBeldar:  I am not an advanced user but I do use Hibernation.17:45
BeldarBluewolf, I think so yes. The test idea was really to see if there would be a performance difference, should not be, but if one was concerned they could try either HD.17:46
BluewolfBeldar: One is always concerned about computers because its always a mission to fix them when there is a problem, but there again one does not over extend themselves when it gets difficult :)17:47
BluewolfBeldar: Now the problems grow! - On sda there is 881987MB free space and when I make ether the root partition or home the remainder of the space changes to unusable?17:54
BeldarBluewolf, Can you pastebin sudo fdisk -l17:55
=== eduardo is now known as Guest84886
BluewolfBeldar: I can't, because I am in the install. Should I go onto the live CD, what could be the problem?17:56
vamadirhow to use nvidia-prime on 14.04? If i want open only one aplication on nvidia card?17:57
mrhoggleHow would I go about updating to 14.10 from 14.04? I can't find a tutorial anywhere.17:57
BeldarBluewolf, How are you installing, this not from the desktop?17:57
DJonesmrhoggle: Probably best asking in #ubuntu+1 for that, 14.10 is still in development so any support will be in that channel until release17:58
BeldarBluewolf, If this is a msdos partition table, uses the mbr you have limitations on the amount and type of partitions, are you familiar with this?17:58
mrhoggleDJones, thanks! I'll head over there now. Being a lazy git, I didn't read very far in the IRC channel list.17:59
BluewolfBeldar: No its not from the desktop. I did not go into try Ubuntu as I went straight into install as it should be a simple install. msdos partition table, im in Ubuntu?17:59
mmazingi'm getting "Tree connect failed (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)" when trying to print to a network printer (which I know I have access to, as I can print to it from windows) anyone have any troubleshooting ideas?17:59
mmazingi was able to browse the network, find, and add the printer to my machine17:59
mmazingafter authenticating, and this is with cups17:59
BeldarBluewolf, You recognize the question on "limitations on the amount and type of partitions" and are you aware of this?18:00
BluewolfBeldar: I have just discovered something, drive sdb is ATA SanDisk iSSD P4 (8.0GB). No I am not aware of "limitations on the amount and type of partitions"?18:01
UbuntuBoyhey all..18:01
Sohronhey, i don't know if CUDA is enabled on my 14.04, how can i find out? i've installed the runtime libraries and boinc-nvidia-cuda18:02
Sohroni have a quadro 600 card18:02
BeldarBluewolf, In  msdos it ie 4 primaries, or 3 primaries and a extended that would have more logicals,18:02
UbuntuBoynew to ubuntu here18:02
daftykinsSohron: run something that uses CUDA :)18:02
Sohrondaftykins: i'm running boinc, enabled GPU use, but i don't know if it is using it...18:03
Sohronare there any packages for testing cuda?18:03
BeldarBluewolf, My guess without actually seeing the HD, nor knowing the partition table is your trying to add to many partitions, which if succeeds will make the HD dynamic and that is bad.18:03
BluewolfBeldar: I only have 3 Windows NTFS partitions - 100MB - 50GB and 60GB. How can that be a problem because what I am doing now is nothing different to what I did before?18:04
=== BalkM is now known as bMalum
BeldarBluewolf, Are you sure, only 3? Is that what ubuntu shows? If that is the case you want extended as the 4th and logicals inside that for ubuntu.18:05
UbuntuBoyjust installed Ubuntu 14.04 and have been playing around with it for a a week.. had to refer to youtube for how to get all the add-on and what not. after messing with it i find my self using it more then my windows 8.1 as i have is installed side bby side.. and tips for a novice..18:05
BeldarBluewolf, Honestly, without seeing the data I asked for I'm a bit uncomfortable in this, miss understood posts are easy from both ends.18:06
ratherDashinghas anyone gotten google-talkplugin to work on chromium on 14.04? works fine with firefox for me18:06
BluewolfBeldar: Only three Windows Partitions and your right, I have just made another partition using logical and is allowed me to make another. If you need me to explain more about what I am doing I can?18:07
jp____anyone know if i need to have nginx to have fast-cgi?  (sorry if the q is retarded)18:08
BeldarBluewolf, If you understand this partition limitation then you are fine, I was worried on you making the HD dynamic, or damaging the other OS is all.18:08
BeldarThat logical is in a extended right?18:09
BluewolfBeldar: I understand the partition limitation but as I say I did this very same partitioning type and there was no problem. What do you mean by "That logical is in a extended right?"18:10
BeldarBluewolf, I have to see what is there now, from a command line or a picture of gparted.18:12
BeldarI don't think we are on the same page, I want to get to the point with understanding18:13
mmazingstrangely enough ... i can only print from chrome18:14
SerialDreamerHi everyone. I have a small issue during DF2012 installation. The game automatically installs itself in a /home/me/bin/ folder, but this folder doesn't exist apparently (even in hidden folders...) someone can explain me this mystery ?18:14
BluewolfBeldar: Okay let me try and get a picture to send to you.18:18
SchrodingersScatSerialDreamer: so that folder doesn't exist but DF said it installed there? does the game work?18:19
hltbraI have some Chef code that installs nginx-full=1.4.7-1+precise0 in my machines, but that version is not available anymore (it can find nginx-full=1.6.0-1+precise0). I cant bootstrap new machines if I dont change the version. How can I make sure my machines can find old package versions?18:19
roelHallo. How can I install TCL ? Installation description doesn't work.  : http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/general/tcl.html18:19
SerialDreamerNope SchrodingersScat , I can't launch it. When I try to cd to the folder, I can't find it. Even with the search button.18:20
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest23754
BeldarBluewolf, THe sudo fdisk -l would be best18:20
SchrodingersScatSerialDreamer: try changing it to a folder you make?18:21
SerialDreamerSchrodingersScat, yes I tried, but for some reason I can't explain, I can't erase the default folder in the terminal... I install it using the lazy newb pack's script.18:22
=== MattsTechUK is now known as shdwknght
SchrodingersScatk, so make the /home/you/bin/ ?18:22
BluewolfBeldar: Okay that would be better for me18:22
BeldarBluewolf, cool just pastebin it18:22
SerialDreamerSchrodingersScat, done, what do I do after that ? :)18:23
SchrodingersScatSerialDreamer: I'm just guessing here; then i would try the install, now that it has the directory it might be looking or18:24
BluewolfBeldar :http://pastebin.com/Ysfw452018:24
=== andre__ is now known as Guest82015
BluewolfBeldar: So should I just set all the Ubuntu Partitions to Logical - That would work?18:26
BeldarBluewolf, Thanks so for that 4th partition it should be an extended, now this is a container partition for logical's to be put inside. What this allows is up to I believe 12 logical's in that extended, that is the advantage.18:26
BluewolfBeldar: extended meaning?18:27
BeldarBluewolf, extended is a container partition, look it up.18:27
Beldaryou put partitions inside it18:28
SerialDreamerSchrodingersScat, installation seems to work but I had an error message "ls : access impossible to /home/my_name/bin/Dwarf Fortress : no such file or directory...18:28
BluewolfBeldar: So extended is sda - for eg?18:28
BeldarBluewolf, I don't know what that means18:28
Key9guys i tried to install ubuntu on a dualboot system UEFI but the dualboot will not start18:29
BeldarKey9, Tried? what wont boot exactly?18:29
BluewolfBeldar: Sorry I am not understaning what you mean, Extended (Container Partition) - Is that meaning /dev/sda ?18:30
BeldarBluewolf, This might help, http://askubuntu.com/questions/151968/what-does-the-term-extended-partition-mean-is-it-safe-to-use-this-type-of-par18:30
Key9you have created the partitions and everything but I can not start the DualBoot18:31
BluewolfBeldar: I need to go and do something quickly - 15 min -  Will you still be here?18:31
satelliteehow to install Utorrent18:31
BeldarKey9, What happens when you power on?18:32
Beldar!info Utorrent18:32
ubottuPackage Utorrent does not exist in trusty18:32
Key9only starts windows18:32
Beldar!find Utorrent18:32
ubottuPackage/file Utorrent does not exist in trusty18:32
BluewolfBeldar: Be back in a moment18:32
BeldarKey9, Is the windows imaged/cloned off the computer, or you are fully prepared if it bricks windows, just making sure you are prepared for anything.18:33
Key9please hel me18:35
roelnevermind: solved.  :-)18:35
Beldarsatellitee, Does not appear to be in the ubuntu repos, I see all kinds of install stuff on the web though.18:35
BeldarKey9, Can you answer questions?18:36
bozeis it a bad idea to use gnome shell exstentions with unity?18:36
Beldarsatellitee, Handfulls of torrent clients in the repos however.18:37
Key9sorry My english is not very well18:37
BeldarKey9, NO problem, we want you to get good safe help is all.18:37
=== shdwknght is now known as MattsTechUK
Pessimistcan someone mention my nick? ty18:40
rwwPessimist: no18:40
lesshastehow can I boot into single user mode?18:41
lesshasteI don't even see grub appear when I reboot18:41
Beldarlesshaste, try tapping shift right after powering on or just pressing it to see grub18:41
lesshasteBeldar, as in the right shift button?18:42
lesshasteor the right arrow?18:42
Beldarlesshaste, That is the one I use I'm right handed, does not matter I believe.18:42
lesshasteBeldar, ok thanks18:42
UbuntuBoy_hey all.18:43
nathanesau1i installed lubuntu-desktop, but now i want to go back to default ubuntu desktop. right now when i boot, it shows "lubuntu" and the login screen is the lubuntu login screen.18:43
nathanesau1will remove lubuntu make ubuntu go back to default?18:43
Drognanathanesau1: yoi shoild be able to select ubuntu from one of the dropdowns there18:43
nathanesau1i can drogna. but when i login all my desktop settings are changed from what they were originally18:44
nathanesau1i want to go back to default-themes, etc from original installation18:44
=== WolfLambert is now known as WLM|weg
Beldarnathanesau1, You want the ubuntu splash and login right?18:45
Drognanathanesau1: Oh you configured the UI and changed window borders and stuff? and it's done it to unity too?18:45
WLM|wegnathanesau1: just install the Ubuntu-desktop package from the software center18:46
nathanesau1yes beldar18:46
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:46
nathanesau1and yes drogna all the windows borders and stuff were changed. i want to go back to default18:46
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Drognanathanesau1: i would try apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop. may not need the --reinstall. unsure.18:48
JARECKIchicago here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,18:49
aminquick way to resize all images in a directory keeping aspect ratio and quality?18:49
Beldarnathanesau1, post 2 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1989879 for the splash and login, as far as themes can you be clear what you might have changed?18:49
BluewolfBeldar: Okay I'm back, Confirm I set Up the three Linux partitions as Logical?18:50
BeldarBluewolf, inside a extended?18:50
nathanesau1i changed whatever is changed by "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop"18:51
Beldarnathanesau1, Have you looked in unity to see if it is actually different, it should not be unless you tweaked something.18:51
Beldaramin, resize to look at? you can make them bigger and smaller with the mouse while while pressing ctrl, probably not what you mean though.18:53
trismamin: for I in *; do convert $I -resize 50% $I; done; assuming you have imagemagick installed18:53
BluewolfBeldar: In /dev/sda after the Windows partitions, so that would be sda4, sda5 and sda6 right or am I still getting it wrong?18:53
zubuntuyour offtopic room is banning me for fun18:54
zubuntucan somebody do something ?18:54
zubuntuas it is offtopic room18:54
zubuntui can talk or ask anything right ?18:54
zubuntureally rude18:54
rww#ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. hardware problems are not Ubuntu technical support.18:55
rwwGo ask ##hardware. Not here. Not #ubuntu-offtopic.18:55
BeldarBluewolf, can you go to the desktop, open gparted and make a screen shot? you HAVE to have an extended for more that 4 partitions, the logical go inside the extended partition.18:55
zubuntuhey shut up rww18:55
zubuntui came to offtopic room desperately18:55
zubuntuand u banned me for fun18:55
rwwzubuntu: Do you have an Ubuntu technical support question?18:55
zubuntuu idiot geek18:55
rwwzubuntu: No, I banned you because you can't follow basic instructions.18:55
zubunturww: i didnt ask here18:55
rwwzubuntu: Do you have an Ubuntu technical support question?18:55
zubuntuit was ubuntu-offtopic u idiot !18:55
zubuntu,shut the f. up leave me alone18:55
zubuntuu fucking geek18:56
rwwzubuntu: If not, please keep the channel free for people who do have Ubuntu technical support questions, thanks.18:56
rwwor that18:56
DevmeLove you so much Linux...18:56
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
BluewolfBeldar: How do I make a an extended in the installer, I can't take a screen shot unless there is a direct site I can upload it to?18:58
BeldarImagebin | Bluewolf18:59
Beldar!Imagebin | Bluewolf18:59
ubottuBluewolf: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.18:59
BeldarBluewolf, Are you using the installer to resize windows?19:01
jerknextdoorI have an XPS 15 with a native resolution of 3200x1800.  14.04 supposedly has support for highDPI screens, but I'm not seeing anything other than scaling the title bars.  Is there anyway for me to use this screen at it's native resolution and keep Unity (kde and gnome supposedly have support)?19:02
nathanesau1i tried that link to fix the splash screen but it hasn't changed19:02
Beldarnathanesau1, Did you choose ubuntu from the choice as suggested in the thread?19:03
BluewolfBeldar: http://imagebin.org/31085219:03
nathanesau1the problem with my display configuration is that everything is tiled (i.e. in google chrome tiled menu)19:03
nathanesau1and the top back everything is dark grey background and hard to read19:03
Drognajerknextdoor: i can't get it working either. gnome 3.12 has support.19:04
ragggdoes updating the kernel usually require recompiling/reinstalling all software or is it usually just a few edge cases?19:04
Drognaraggg: usually it breaks my video driver but the user stack works ok19:05
jerknextdoorDrogna: so what have you been doing? siwtched to gnome 3, dropped your resolution, or just started using magnifying glasses? :)19:05
BluewolfBeldar: Okay so I creat a new partition in Gparted of the Unallocated space or the installer?19:05
Drognajerknextdoor: dual screen sadly :-(19:05
ragggDrogna: thanks19:05
Drognajerknextdoor: chrome os has support: pixel has retina :-)19:06
jerknextdoorDrogna: alright.  at least I know I'm not the only one.  I didn't even question it when I bought this guy since 14.04 said it had hiDPI support.19:06
BeldarBluewolf, either works, make all that unallocated a extended partition than put logicals inside.19:06
jerknextdoorDrogna: haha.  That's what I keep saying!19:07
Drognajerknextdoor: it does have support, but it's a bit dodgy and new.19:07
jerknextdoorDrogna: other than scaling the title bars, I'm not seeing anything else.19:08
Drognajerknextdoor: look on the bright side: it won't work on windows either!19:08
BeldarBluewolf, You can put more ntfs partitions in the extended as well, and windows will see them, as ubuntu does.19:08
=== Guest31271 is now known as ezhik`_
jerknextdoorDrogna: I know, but that's the problem.  I remember people mocking windows for not scaling properly....which means that OS X is the only one doing it right.  and I refuse to let apple win!19:08
Drognajerknextdoor: and chrome19:09
Drognajerknextdoor: you might want to test gnome 3.1219:09
jerknextdoorDrogna: I'm okay with chromeOS doing it because it's a sweet OS and it's linux, but it is a bit annoying that chrome browser doesn't support it well on non-chromeOS linux.   I'm installing gnome right now.19:10
Drognajerknextdoor: i believe it needs to be 3.1219:10
BluewolfBeldar: No need I just need to get Ubuntu up and installed not (Windows is just gaming) Okay I will do it in Gparted (Looks easier) What are the settings I use here - Free space preceding (MiB) - New size )MiB - Free space following (MiB) - Align to: - and Label?19:11
ragggjerknextdoor: i hear somewhere firefox has a setting for supporting hidpi screens19:11
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ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:12
lesshastehow can you go into single user mode in 14.04?19:12
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"19:12
daftykinsugh that's outdated19:13
BluewolfBeldar: Do I really have to to the extended partition, would it not work the same is I just went and made up my partitions as normal and set them all as Logical.19:13
lesshastedaftykins, I tried sudo telinit 1 but it never gave me a prompt19:13
lesshastewhich is very odd19:13
=== Viggen is now known as Seth
daftykinslesshaste: probably holding left shift at boot to get the GRUB menu then selected advanced options and recovery of some kind19:13
daftykinslesshaste: i'm not familiar with that but i know of runlevel commands which of course don't apply to ubuntu19:13
lesshastedaftykins, which runlevels don't apply to ubunty?19:14
daftykinsany, it doesn't use them afaik19:14
lesshastedaftykins, ah.. well that explains that19:14
lesshastedaftykins, it's odd as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpstartHowto has telinit 1 in it19:15
daftykinslesshaste: last updated 28th Jan 201319:15
jerknextdoorraggg: It does, it's just the rest of the OS that  doesn't want to scale.19:15
lesshastedaftykins, oh it changed recently?19:15
daftykinslesshaste: lol that's not recent in my book19:15
lesshastedaftykins, also I tried adding single in grub but that didn't work either19:15
jerknextdoorDrogna: that's a lot to install on my internet connection so I'll see how it goes later today.19:15
lesshastedaftykins, are you < 12 :_19:15
lesshaste:) ?19:16
jerknextdoorDrogna: thanks for letting me know i'm not alone out there.19:16
BeldarBluewolf, No19:16
daftykinslesshaste: i assume you're not intending to be rude.19:16
lesshastedaftykins, no it was a silly joke19:16
lesshastewhere can I find the grub options I would see at boot?19:16
BeldarBluewolf, There are limitations, we are going in circles here, I'm not fond of that to be honest, I have explained.19:16
daftykinslesshaste: to know what they look like ahead of doing what i suggested?19:16
lesshastedaftykins, the problem is that they don't look like the ones at http://askubuntu.com/questions/132965/how-do-i-boot-into-single-user-mode-from-grub19:17
lesshastedaftykins, there is something like $vt-handover19:17
lesshastedaftykins, so...yes19:17
daftykinslesshaste: tell you what i have a 14.04 64-bit desktop VM here, let me try out single19:17
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lesshastedaftykins, thanks19:18
BluewolfBeldar: Yeah pardon me, I am unsure of what I am doing not to mention finding it difficult to understand something I don't know as well as communicating over the chats where there is loss of communication.19:18
daftykinslesshaste: ah yes i see "ro quiet splash $vt_handoff" so i'm putting single in after 'splash' for a test19:19
lesshastedaftykins, thanks!19:19
lesshastedaftykins, for me it never then fully boots up19:19
daftykinslesshaste: ok i had a flashing cursor for a bit, then kernel messages, now back to the flashing cursor...19:19
lesshastedaftykins, :)19:20
lesshastedaftykins, so it also doesn't boot up?19:20
daftykinsindeed! i never get a TTY19:20
BeldarBluewolf, You have a msdos setup you can only have 4 partitions period, unless one of them is an extended, which you can put up to 12 logical's in.19:20
lesshastedaftykins, right..so the problem is reproducible :)19:20
BluewolfOkay now working in Gparted What are the settings I use to create this extended - Free space preceding (MiB) - New size )MiB - Free space following (MiB) - Align to: - and Label?19:21
lesshastewhich is good19:21
=== hid is now known as tapissier
daftykinslesshaste: just retrying having placed the 'single' parameter elsewhere19:21
daftykinsthis time i got an error O_O19:21
lesshastedaftykins, I wonder where to ask about this19:22
daftykinslesshaste: this time i went into advanced options, highlighted and edited the top entry in there instead, and added single at the end. i got an error "sda1: WRITE SAME failed. Manually zeroing."19:22
lesshastedaftykins, :(19:23
daftykinsthat's probably more VM related though19:23
BeldarBluewolf, In the unallocated area right click, than hit new and choose extended from create as.19:23
BluewolfBeldar: Okay done, what about the other tabs now?19:25
BeldarBluewolf, Other tabs, not sure what you mean.19:25
lesshastedaftykins, can you copy and paste the grub options you see?19:25
daftykinsnot from a VM19:26
BluewolfBeldar: These ones: Free space preceding (MiB) - New size )MiB - Free space following (MiB) - Align to: - and Label19:26
lesshastedaftykins, ok.. I don't see how to see them on my system19:26
lesshastedaftykins, I mean so I can copy and paste19:26
BeldarBluewolf, At this point screenshots are our best tool I think.19:26
woof-woofthe guy who invented screenshot.... genius19:27
daftykinslesshaste: you know if you hold left shift to get to GRUB, then select 'advanced option's and pick 'newest kernel: recovery mode'... you get: http://www.sysads.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/recovery-pswd-03.png19:28
=== tapissier is now known as hid
daftykins*options, not sure why i apostrophe'd that 0o19:28
lesshastedaftykins, ok so I suppose that is an option19:28
daftykinslesshaste: anywho 'root' there would probably do the same as you're after19:28
lesshastedaftykins, thanks19:28
daftykinslesshaste: although note that the disk will be in read only mode, so if you want to make any changes you have to remount as rw19:28
daftykinslesshaste: as per: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode19:29
lesshastedaftykins, argh :)19:30
lesshasteI just want single user mode! :)19:30
BluewolfBeldar: Understood - http://imagebin.org/31085719:30
daftykinslesshaste: i don't see what the difference is? what do you want to do exactly?19:30
BeldarBluewolf, Cool thanks as I thought, just making sure. you are trying to fill that whole unallocated space, so as is you can hit add then run it with the green checkmark. The free space following and preceding are if you wanted to adjust the size. You can label at any time, and the align to MB is correct.19:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:33
Drognarek: You've done that twice now. What was offtopic?19:34
Humeanur mom is offtopic19:35
Hammerhead2011-Sdude...what the hell? where is syslog-ng-smtp-mod for Saucy?19:36
Beldarwho is dude?19:37
Hammerhead2011-Swell, everyone I guess.19:37
BluewolfBeldar: Okay its done, Now onto the Installer to set up the partitions?19:37
Hammerhead2011-Sno one19:37
mithranhow  make my ubuntu faster19:37
mithranhow  make my ubuntu faster 14.0419:38
BeldarBluewolf, Sure, just choose the other option for manual, and put the logicals in and have the mount as / for ubuntu19:38
mithran ubuntu booting faster 14.0419:38
Beldarsomething other*19:38
mithranmy ubuntu boots up 1 minute aproximately19:38
Beldarmine two but I have a ssd less than really19:39
daftykinsmithran: look into enabling boot graph, look at what's slowing down then try to correct it19:39
BeldarHammerhead2011-S, Takes some time to get an answer here is all, pop a cold one and enjoy. ;)19:40
mithrani installed boot chart  how can i show you my boot chart log19:40
CyberGabbermithran: 1 minute? what kind of system do you have than, SSD etc?19:40
BluewolfBeldar: Okay so in the install its still coming up as free space as before wich is okay?, Now I just create the logical partitions?19:40
mithrandaftykins: not ssd19:40
mithranCyberGabber:  not ssd19:40
daftykinsmithran: first result on google - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86818919:41
BeldarBluewolf, Open a terminal and run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin it just to be sure here.19:41
BluewolfBeldar: In Gparted the extended is /dev/sda4 but in the install its just free space?19:41
BeldarBluewolf, even better image gparted again19:41
Hammerhead2011-SThanks Beldar, how is France?19:44
BeldarBluewolf, I do all this automatically having done it 100's of times, many if the questions I have to stop and think about, these are issue you are concerned with that is okay, I have to just try and remember what is exactly in the gui when I am so used to it I rarely look at this stuff.19:44
mithranwhere should i past the boot chart to show you all19:44
PagosHello, I'm having problems installing ubuntu on my computer. GRUB doesn't seem to be installing, or at least not correctly. What can I do? This is what boot-repair spits out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7464386/19:44
BeldarHammerhead2011-S, Heh, almost as good as remulack, phonetic spell19:44
NinjaJediRobGuys i am looking to change the splash page and logon screens in ubuntu studio////how do i do that?19:45
BluewolfBeldar: http://imagebin.org/31085919:45
BeldarBluewolf, You did not install the extended.19:46
mithranplease how can i share my boot chart19:46
daftykinsmithran: imgur.com19:46
PagosHello, I'm having problems installing ubuntu on my computer. GRUB doesn't seem to be installing, or at least not correctly. What can I do? This is what boot-repair spits out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7464386/19:47
BeldarBluewolf, Sorry I was looking at the previous screen shot I see the extended there.19:48
BluewolfBeldar: Okay so good to proceed?19:48
BeldarBluewolf, If you are clicking on that sda4 partition to manually build logicals inside you are correct.19:49
PagosHello, I'm having problems installing ubuntu on my computer. GRUB doesn't seem to be installing, or at least not correctly. What can I do? This is what boot-repair spits out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7464386/19:49
BeldarBluewolf, I just don't remember if it's called free space is all.19:49
abaddonPagos, how is the drive formatted?19:50
BluewolfBeldar: Okay and that is in the installer as it is just simply free space. Would it be best to partition in Gparted?19:50
Pagosabaddon: I've tried a few different ways, how should I do it?19:50
abaddonPagos, ext4 for both i'd say19:51
NinjaJediRobNo takers?...trying to change out the log-on windo and splash pages in ubuntu studio...how is this done?19:51
Pagosabaddon: tried that. it still didn't boot when it said it installed19:51
mithranCyberGabber:  http://imgur.com/CFu9Ec419:52
mithrandaftykins: http://imgur.com/CFu9Ec419:52
BeldarBluewolf, Your choice really, you would want the installer to reformat the ext4 is all, if making them in gparted makes it clearer, sounds good.19:52
abaddonPogos, have you tried using another bootloader other than grub?19:52
Pagosabaddon: I think I fucked up the partition table or something, is there any way to "reset" my disk?19:52
Beldar!language > Pagos19:52
ubottuPagos, please see my private message19:52
Pagosabaddon: I haven't tried anything but what the xubunutu or lubuntu installer did19:52
abaddonPogos, del the partitions and re-partition19:52
Pagosoh boo hoo Beldar19:53
abaddonPagos, mmmk19:53
Pagosabaddon: I did that19:53
Pagosabaddon: I can't seem to get anything to work haha19:53
abaddonPagos, are you using the default settings or building each partition from the advanced section19:54
Pagosabaddon: tried both19:54
BluewolfBeldar: Im more farmiliar with the installer, I will make the partitions and take a screen shot?19:54
abaddonPagos, mmmmm19:54
BeldarBluewolf, Sounds good, give me one at least of the gui that pops up when you chose the sda4 and open it or a logical.19:55
mithranplease help me to improve my boot up speedhttp://imgur.com/CFu9Ec419:55
abaddonPagos,  BWAHAHAHAHAHA Line 431 ays no partitions19:56
mithranplease help me to improve my boot up speed http://imgur.com/CFu9Ec419:56
BeldarBluewolf, Sorry for a logical19:56
Pagosabaddon: yeah there's nothing right now because I just restored the partition table in gparted19:56
BluewolfBeldar: Is that okay as the installer still show it as free space not sda4?19:56
Snake2kHey guys, how I do I activate 2 external monitors at once on my laptop? I have a HP Pavilion DM4 1160us ... It can detect both external displays (one on VGA and one on HDMI) using xrandr but I can't enable both of them at the same time... It times out :|19:56
abaddonPagos, ahhh, ok19:56
Sally_gHello everyone, I've got a quick questions about Terminal. I'm trying to launch Thunderbird from the terminal. I thought I could just type /usr/share/applications/thunderbird but I get a no such file or directory message. What am I doing wrong?19:56
bekksmithran: Boot two more times, please, then recreate that graphics.19:56
abaddonPagos,  which os you using? ubuntu, lubuntu, or xubuntu19:57
PagosI'm trying to install xubuntu right now19:57
Pagosbut it's all the same, right? just the de is different?19:57
DrognaSnake2k: Are you sure the laptop can do that? Drive TWO external displays at once?19:58
BeldarBluewolf, I think you will be better with other help here, you are good where your at so far.19:58
mithranbekks: it always looks the same speed19:58
llutzSally_g: just type "thunderbird"19:58
abaddonPagos, roughly yeah, they're the same19:58
abaddonPagos, You try Linux Mint?19:59
Snake2kDrogna: Hmmm, I think that may be the problem... I'm using the internal Intel HD Something chipset... any idea how I can find that out?19:59
llutzSally_g:  /usr/share/applications/  contains *.desktop files, those aren't to be run from terminal19:59
Pagosabaddon: alright, why not19:59
bekksPagos: Mint isnt supported in here...19:59
DrognaSnake2k: Don't know. Do you have windows on it?19:59
NinjaJediRobguys. how do you change the login sreen and the splash page in ubuntu studio?20:00
Pagosbekks, of course it isn't...20:00
abaddonPagos, Well, Mint is Debian based. So it's close to Ubuntu in many ways. Though others will argue that20:00
Snake2kDrogna: Yep, I'll see if windows is able to pull this off20:00
Sally_gllutz: is there a command to launch the app without changing to the directory first?20:00
BluewolfBeldar: Am I going Okay here - http://imagebin.org/31086020:00
DrognaSnake2k: also maybe ##hardware20:00
Snake2kDrogna: Okay, thanks!20:00
bekksPagos: And basically there is no need to try it - since grub is the same ;)20:00
abaddonPagos, I'm just curious how it'll respond to a non ubuntu20:01
Pagosabaddon: I'm not the biggest fan of debian, I just wanted something easy. I'm considering just installing arch or windows 8, at least they work lol20:01
llutzSally_g: most apps are in your $PATH, no need to change into any dir at all20:01
Sally_gllutz: too easy. Thank you sooooo much for your help20:01
abaddonPagos, BWAHAHAHAHA Arch...easy...20:01
Pagosabaddon: I have been an arch user for 3 years...20:02
abaddonPagos, -Shrugs-20:02
PagosIt's not easy to install but it's easy to maintain20:02
abaddonPagos, My arch sys breaks every time i build it up with the apps I want20:03
abaddonPagos, Hence using ubuntu base atm20:03
Sohroncan anyone here instruct me with some kind of CUDA test utility?20:03
Sohroni've installed the boinc-nvidia-cuda package, but i don't know if CUDA is working20:04
nomrqmy Ubuntu on asus UX31E is coming slowing down... such a shame, I really loved the combo, any suggestions to fixing intermittent ui freeze, wifi only coming up every second time.. ?20:04
Bluewolf Beldar: Am I going Okay here - http://imagebin.org/31086020:04
abaddonPagos, You installing from disk or usb?20:05
NinjaJediRobAnyhone able to change the theme for login page?20:05
Pagosabaddon: usb20:05
BeldarBluewolf, Problem here for me is this. I have been helping you, my first concern is do no harm. Now like I said I do this so often and automatically so seeing that freespace there I never look for, however you have an extended there we saw that in gparted.  My concern is that we confirm all this with someone who remembers exactly every gui and what it shows or says.20:06
abaddonPagos, Have you tried re-burning the img to the usb?20:06
=== sl33k is now known as sl33k_
abaddonPagos, What are you using to put the iso on usb?20:07
BeldarBluewolf, as an example, you get on your bike and pedal away without thinking of the complex process that it is, if you had to explain every minute detail you would feel like I do. ;)20:07
nomrqhelp, my ux31E seems to freeze every now and then :(20:08
NinjaJediRobNo talkers to my questions?20:08
nomrqit's weird, the freeze is over after a second or so, very annoying20:09
Bluewolf Beldar: Okay I got I think, I am sure I can take it from here. Thank you so much for your patience help and time as it is appreciated. :)20:09
abaddonNinjaJediRob, Yeah, use slim and forget whatever is curently handling the login page20:09
NinjaJediRobi am sorry what?20:09
BeldarBluewolf, Cool, I think you have it, I have never bricked an OS in 7 years of use or advising, I'm just a stickler for making sure I don't. ;)20:10
NinjaJediRobi am trying to get the splash and login changed to something else that fits better my iron man theme i am going for...20:10
abaddonNinjaJediRob, I was kidding20:11
NinjaJediRobabaddon:whats slim?20:11
NinjaJediRoboh....durrr.. lol20:11
abaddonNinjaJediRob, It's a light weaight login mngr20:11
NinjaJediRobabaddon: useful?20:11
abaddonNinjaJediRob, To a degree it's easily theamable20:12
NinjaJediRobahhh....ok how do i roll it then?20:12
abaddonNinjaJediRob, -shrugs-   I like it. Gdm looks flashier though. which is what ubu uses to my nknowlege20:12
NinjaJediRobabaddon...comand line ?20:12
abaddonNinjaJediRob, ????20:13
NinjaJediRobwhats the call for the program?20:13
abaddonNinjaJediRob, sorry, what?20:13
Bluewolf Beldar: Well thank you again very much. Got to rush - another time.20:13
abaddonNinjaJediRob, sudo apt-get install slim20:13
abaddonNinjaJediRob, then nano /etc/slim.conf to chnge it's settings20:14
NinjaJediRobabaddon: it asking me to choose between lightdm and slim?20:15
abaddonNinjaJediRob, the themes are in /usr/share/slim/themes20:15
abaddonNinjaJediRob, yup, id recommend more reserch into it b4 choosing slim20:15
Sohronabaddon: Ubuntu uses lightdm these days20:16
abaddonSohron, XD Oops20:16
NinjaJediRobcan i skin lightdm?20:16
NinjaJediRobor change it look?20:16
SohronNinjaJediRob: i guess so, change the background at least :p20:16
track0x5i am trying to run vsftpd but it keeps crashing. if i delete the config file /etc/vsftpd.conf it runs, but if a config file is present it crashes. any idea?20:16
NinjaJediRobsohron: how?20:17
Sohrontrack0x5: well, maybe the config is bad?20:17
track0x5Sohron, even with a blank config file it still crashes20:17
abaddonNinjaJediRob, http://www.tuxgarage.com/2011/10/customizing-appearance-of-lightdm.html20:17
llutztrack0x5: read "man vsftpd.conf", check logs and repair your conf.file20:17
track0x5Sohron, it's so bad that even if i purge vsftpd and reinstall it still won't work20:18
NinjaJediRobabaddon: looking now thank you20:18
Sohrontrack0x5: well, that's strange, i used to have vsftpd some years back, but switched to sftp later20:18
abaddonNinjaJediRob, np20:18
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magnus^phttps://gist.github.com/magnusp/af6cd4480db3daa91f6f got some issues with macvlan and dhcp.. anyone with a clue on to why dhclient doesn't work (it does for eth0)20:31
antithesisWhat size is an Ubuntu system immediately after installation?20:31
alex72grhello! is there any way to reinstall ubuntu without doing any harm to the other partitions of the disk?20:31
antithesisDoesn't need to be very precise20:31
abaddonantithesis,   roughly 3gigs20:31
abaddonantithesis, Last i chkd20:32
abaddonalex72gr, like keep home folder presnt but redo /20:32
abaddonantithesis, np20:32
k1lantithesis: for a desktop with common programs installed think about 10GB space20:33
antithesisalex72gr the installer has an option to do manual partitioning. Use it.20:33
abaddonkll, seen it less than 1020:34
k1lalex72gr: the installer offers to reinstall in the same partitions. "over the old ubuntu"20:34
k1labaddon: yes, i have seen that too, but it doesnt help if you make room for 4GB and then get problems afterwards while installing programs20:35
alex72grabaddon: so... if I re-install ubuntu 14.04 and I keep the same home and swap mount points (without formating the home partition), is it going to work correctly?20:35
wad350мамку твою ебал20:35
alex72grabaddon: or I'm going to destroy my data?20:35
k1l!ru | wad35020:35
ubottuwad350: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:35
abaddonkll, XD True dat. I was just giving the rough size after a fesh install. And that's if you don't add the extra bits during install and update20:36
abaddonalex72gr, yes20:36
dw1php-apc only contains the php apc user cache not the system cache..20:37
dw1guess ill use pecl install20:37
Drognachrubuntu on a 16gb ssd uses 9gb partition and has about 2.5g free after insgall20:37
abaddonalex72gr, i've done that many times. it's the best feature of linux20:37
nastjuidis there a clean way to restart ibus-daemon when ibus claims it's not running? I've got ibus-daemon --daemonize --xim running, but ibus restart just says Can't connect to ibus.20:38
abaddonalex72gr, I recommend removing most of the stuff in the home folder though. a lot of settings are stored there.20:39
abaddonalex72gr, just keep your pics, music, n docs but del the rest20:39
abaddonalex72gr, the sys will be new and fresh settings will be applied without you having to re-add all the standard data20:40
alex72grabaddon: thanks a lot20:40
abaddonalex72gr, no probs20:40
alex72grabaddon: is there ANY way to "reset" all the settings and the entire installation and bring them to their initial state?20:41
alex72grabaddon: without re-installing ubuntu?20:42
alex72grabaddon: i.e. let's say a command...20:42
abaddonalex72gr, quick tip: ctrl+h will show the hidden folders. when in the live enviro press that combo and just remove all but the stuff you want saved20:42
=== legend is now known as Guest93051
alex72grabaddon: thanks a lot!20:42
abaddonalex72gr, mmmm, not rly. you can remove everything in the /home/userName/.config folder20:43
wad350vi pidori20:43
whoeverneccs_admin:  you still here20:43
abaddonstandard settings you applied to your progs n window mngr will be reset.20:43
whoeverneccs_admin:  you get it done ?20:45
azmHim im not able to install wine on ubuntu TT64 bit20:46
azmI googled, tried everything20:46
azmSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have20:47
azmrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstabl20:47
=== Guest12317 is now known as Argentino
k1lazm: please run a "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" then run a "sudo apt-get install wine" and put all the output into a pastebin20:49
Argentinohola todo bien??20:49
abaddonArgentino, asi asi20:50
unstablea certain hotkey is causing a window to move into another screen, I'm typing alt + 2, or if I click on the second tab on a gnome-terminal.. the whole window moves into another screen20:50
unstableI can't figure out why20:50
unstableor get it to stop20:50
unstableany ideas?20:50
Argentinoabaddon hola20:50
aumdoes Xdmx support RANDR, and if so, how do I enable it when running Xdmx?20:50
abaddonArgentino, hola, como esta usted?20:51
k1l!ar | Argentino abaddon20:51
ubottuArgentino abaddon: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe20:51
abaddonkll, ok ok20:51
azmkil http://pastebin.com/u3Bku7uy20:52
adamcunningtonHi, I'm trying to install a python module; beautifulsoup4 but I'm getting an installation error when installing through pip and I think it relates to ubuntu permissions. Can anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7464747/20:52
Argentinoabaddon bien y usted?20:52
azmadamcunnington, install modules via apt-get install20:52
unstableadamcunnington: type the command with sudo20:53
azmits safer and better20:53
abaddonArgentino, doin ok. What's your prob mate?20:53
unstableazm: Not all the modules exist in apt-get, pip is necessary. just like gem, npm, bower, etc are necessary20:53
abaddonArgentino, need some hlp fixin smthn?20:53
Drognaadamcunnington: You need sudo BUT you're supposed to use a virtualenv so you dont mess up the system python environmeny20:54
unstableyea, +1 on virtualenv. I use that.20:54
adamcunningtonunstable: Drogna i thought that using sudo with pip was a bad idea?20:55
azmI would use pip only when absolutely needed20:55
Drognaadamcunnington: Look up 'venv' or 'virtualenv' in python and use that. If you break thr sysfem python interpreter with your own modules, you will break ubuntu20:55
unstableI use virtualenv + virtualenvwrapper + ohmyzsh, so when I cd into certain directories .. my python environment changes. each project requires a different python environment.. so this is super handy.20:55
azmkil, any input on that ?20:55
adamcunningtonDrogna: i've looked up virtualenv but couldn't figure how to use it20:55
unstableadamcunnington: Then setup virtualenv20:55
championofcyrodiCould someone assist me with a preseed installation of 14.04 using UEFI linux kernel?  I am able to get the preseed installation working with Virtual Box, but no matter how I configure grub.cfg, i just get dropped to the busybox when trying the install on an actual PC.20:55
whoever neccs_admin you get it done ?20:55
adamcunningtonunstable: don't understand how, all the tutorials i've read are confusing20:55
championofcyrodiWith VirtualBox I believe it was using SYSLINUX via PC BIOS, instead of GRUB via UEFI20:56
Drognaadamcunnington: You are right, using sudo with pip is bad. #python can help if you don't understand venv.20:56
unstableadamcunnington: yep, it is a bit confusing I agree.20:56
azmk1l, sorry, here it is20:56
Argentino abaddon not only with a view20:56
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: Differences between BIOS and UEFI aren't really important when it comes to the kernel mounting the root filesystem, which is where you're getting stuck.20:56
unstableadamcunnington: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBAJ7VKyEpI20:57
unstableTry that video.20:57
adamcunningtonunstable: thanks20:57
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: Is the installer failing to boot, or the installed system?20:57
abaddonArgentino, Sorry, what view?20:57
championofcyrodifailing to boot20:58
championofcyrodiJordan_U: (the installer is failing to boot)20:58
k1lazm: that is just the wine install20:58
Argentinoabaddon I'm just a cybernauta20:58
championofcyrodiJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/6J4c26wT20:58
azmk1l, I ran the command before20:58
DevmeUbuntu Linux...Its Great....Enjoying20:59
azmk1l, there are zero packages to update20:59
championofcyrodiJordan_U: that is my grub.cfg which adds an entry to the Grub menu when doing the UEFI boot from the netbootin created thumbdrive using 14.04 ISO20:59
azmanything to try ?20:59
k1lazm: did it give any errors? do you have PPAs enabled? can you pastebin a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d"20:59
championofcyrodiJordan_U: but ultimately I get dropped into busybox and the tty7 is blank21:00
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: How does it differ from the /boot/grub/grub.cfg included in the iso?21:00
abaddonArgentino, and that's where my spanish fails21:01
azmk1l, yep21:01
Devme#azm what anything to try??21:01
adamcunningtonThat tutorial helped a lot thanks. Once virtualenv is installed, can i just use the pip command to install packages?21:01
championofcyrodiJordan_U: The one in pastebin i linked has a 'custom' entry at the top in which i point to my custom.seed (preseed configuration)21:01
abaddonArgentino, como es cybernauta/ what's that?21:01
k1lazm: so i bet the PPA for wine is causing that error21:01
azmadamcunnington, yes, each virtualenv has separate pip21:01
azmk1l, nope, I got the same error even before adding that ppa21:02
k1labaddon: Argentino please speak english in here. you can go to the -ar channel if you dont want to speak english21:02
splintorhey all, hello from Dublin :)21:02
k1lazm: i doubt that.21:02
championofcyrodiJordan_U: i will disable the quiet and splash options and see if there are any errors... one moment.21:02
k1lazm: wine depends only wine1.6 see: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/wine21:03
azmk1l, I will try to uncheck it21:03
abaddonArgentino, I agree withh kll at this time. I'm ok with it to a point but if you need help it'd be easier if it were all in english your questions21:03
splintorlooking for some help with some strange desktop goingss on with 14.04 if anyone is free? menubar and launcher are missing but i can see the desktop and folders on it21:03
abaddonArgentino, I can try n help you if you need it?21:03
Argentinoabaddon I'm a cyborg Traveller21:04
championofcyrodiJordan_U: but i feel like it has something to do with the installer being UEFI, since the SYSLINUX preseed was not a GUI installation, but console with ascii progress bar, etc.21:04
azmk1l, I get the same error, but without the dependecies http://pastebin.com/XLKTddSv21:04
k1ldid you run apt-get update?21:04
abaddonArgentino, Ahhh, ok, coolio. What can we do for you today good sir?21:04
OerHeksazm unchecking wine ppa does not do the job, use ppa-purge21:05
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
azmguys I added wine ppsa because the one which was in the repos did not work21:05
azmthe error is same in all cases21:06
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: If you're starting with a 14.04 Desktop iso, then the only result you'll ever get is the installer itself being a GUI. ubiquity doesn't have a non-X based front end, and the 14.04 Desktop iso doesn't contain Debian-Installer (used in the server and minimal isos).21:06
k1l_azm: try to install the wine1.6 package and see why that gives an error.21:06
Argentinoabaddon I appreciate anything just enter curious21:06
azmk1l,I tried that ofc21:06
azmI tried everything21:07
Argentino abaddon but if I'm annoying21:07
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: If you use a minimal iso then you're guaranteed to never get this particular problem of failing to mount the root filesystem.21:07
azmit has dependecies for libs for 868 architecture21:07
championofcyrodiJordan_U: perhaps the preseed i tested with virtualbox was 12.04 Alternative21:07
k1l_!ot | Argentino21:07
ubottuArgentino: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:07
k1l_azm: please pastebin21:08
championofcyrodiyea, the error on the 14.04 attempt with that grub config is target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init.  No init found. try passing init= bootarg.21:08
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: That would explain the differences you're describing.21:08
championofcyrodiJordan_U: So if preseed is not supported with 14.04, is there a way to automate an installation still?21:09
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: Who said that preseed is not supported with 14.04?21:09
atengesdalGood afternoon, having issues with Lynx via Pidgin/SIP. Anyone care to help?21:10
championofcyrodiJordan_U: Nobody told me directly, but I'm inferring that from your comment about the 14.04 desktop iso not containing a debian installer.21:10
atengesdalRunning on 14.04, error keeps returning SSL connection lost21:10
abaddonArgentino, I can understand your curiosity. But if you just wish to talk then as kll has mentioned, #ubuntu is the support channel. #ubuntu-offtopic would be better if yopu just wish to talk. to join the channel just type "/join #ubuntu-offtopic" without the quotation marks21:11
azmk1l_, http://pastebin.com/nmYfyjzG21:11
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: The 12.04 Desktop iso doesn't contain Debian Installer either.21:11
splintoris anyone aware how to fix issues using ccsm? i'm getting 'nonetype' has no attribute 'get_default_screen'21:12
azmk1l_, its neverending set of dependencies for 386(I have x64)21:12
championofcyrodiJordan_U: I was under the impression that the preseed configuration was used by 'anaconda' debian installer... i kind of lost at this point.21:14
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: Anaconda is Fedora's installer, and is never (and has never) been used for Ubuntu installations.21:15
azmgo now. bb21:18
foistCan someone tell me how to properly manage a dotfiles folder/repo?21:19
k1l_azm: see this : http://askubuntu.com/a/215965/3126021:20
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest21487
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  okay, so the preseed configuration works when i modify isolinux.cfg in /isolinux/isolinux.cfg to include the preseed/file=...21:20
championofcyrodiJordan_U: on version 12.0421:21
championofcyrodiJordan_U: is there a similar way to configure the 14.04 distribution?  you mentioned a minimal installation earlier (which im familiar with in centos)21:21
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: 12.04 Desktop, 12.04 Alternate, or 12.04 minimal?21:22
championofcyrodiJordan_U: but I have only seen two ISOs available for 14.04, desktop and server.21:22
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  My target version is 14.0421:22
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: But what were you using previously, and what did you test in the VM?21:23
championofcyrodiJordan_U: it was a few days ago, and I thought it was 14.04.  But after my failed attempts to replicate on an actual PC with 14.04, and your information about the 14.04 installer.  I now think it was 12.04 I had tested in the VM.21:24
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  this site https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-using.html shows one using the boot parameters.  But specifies the use of syslinux.cfg21:26
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: You think it was 14.04 Alternate? There is a huge difference between the "12.04 Alternate" and "12.04 Desktop" isos. If you're not sure that's fine, but for you to keep just saying "12.04" as if it answers the question is frankly getting frustrating.21:28
rabrolHi all.  I've just put together a simple Ubuntu 14.04 desktop box running samba and am having some file-sharing / permission issues.  Is this a good place to ask questions for help?21:28
Jordan_Urabrol: Yes, ask away :)21:29
surprisetrexanyone know why my nvidia-prime thing won't switch over to intel graphics?21:30
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  14.04 Alternate is not available here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/, so if i was using alternate, it would have been with 12.04.  Let me try to summarize briefly, it is not my intention to be frustrating.21:30
surprisetrexwell, the icon in the indicator won't, the actual settings won't switch it to Nvidia21:30
championofcyrodiJordan_U: My users are using 14.04 LTS.  I would like to create an automated process so that I can configure the installation to be automatic. (the installation of 14.04)21:30
rabrolBasically the box is running fairly well.  I can SSH in and use VNC to remote my desktop.  I have 2 ntfs drives full of media (from my old Windows box).  I want read only access for most people, but write access for 2 users.  So far everyone can have read access, but you don't seem to need a password.  I'm unsure if I have the correct permissions set in fstab.21:32
ActionParsnipRabrol: using ntfs makes things harder if you want to share it ohut21:33
championofcyrodiJordan_U: I used virtualbox to 'develop' the preseed configuration, since it took a few test runs to get it working properly.  When using virtualbox the virtual machine utilized what appeared to be PC BIOS firmware.  Because of this, SYSLINUX kernel was loaded, and my preseed configuration specified in isolinux.cfg was found, and it worked as expected.21:33
championofcyrodiJordan_U: Now, I am trying to use the preseed configuration on an actual desktop. (Not a virtual machine)21:34
rabrolAh. Maybe that's why I'm running into issues.  I don't think it would be easy to convert the drives through without a third 2TB drive would it?  Don't want to take any chances with the data!21:34
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  The desktop PC does not show the USB thumbdrive I have loaded the ISO on as 'legacy bootable', but rather shows it as UEFI: USB.21:34
championofcyrodiJordan_U: And when selecting that option, I am presented with the GRUB bootloader, and only the option of installing or trying linux.21:35
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: I recommend that you first do a test in your virtual machine with the same iso you plan to use on the real hardware. Note also that there is no different "Syslinux" or "BIOS" kernel. The same kernel is loaded no matter how you're booting it (BIOS via syslinux, BIOS via grub, UEFI via GRUB, or anything else).21:35
championofcyrodiJordan_U: So, I'm just trying to find out how to get 14.04 LTS to install using my preseed.cfg21:36
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  There a vmlinuz.efi kernel that is loaded instead of the ubnkern21:38
championofcyrodiJordan_U: (when the system is using UEFI)21:38
ertyuhello there21:39
ertyui would like color the dmesg, how to make that posible ?21:39
championofcyrodiJordan_U: for example, kernel=/ubnkern and initrd=/ubninit works with my preseed, but kernel=/casper/vmlinuz.efi and initrd=/casper/initrd.lz does not.21:40
=== legend is now known as Guest547
ActionParsnipRabrol: convert then restore to the new fs from your backups21:41
rabrolOK - so I'd need another drive for the backups then.  Basically one of the disks is almost full, the other about 50%.21:42
ActionParsniprabrol: why do you not have a backup now?21:42
ActionParsniprabrol: what if the drive motor or IDE fails, where is your data?21:43
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  perhaps the issue is the unetbootin configuration of the thumb drive...21:43
rabrolActionParsnip: no backups for these drives :-(  My NAS (Raid 5) is full, and these are my extra drives.  If it fails, it is gone!21:44
ActionParsniprabrol: how much is an extra 2Tb drive?21:44
ActionParsnipRabol: not a lot, yeah?21:45
rabrolActionParsnip:Just looking now!  Basically a 3TB is $140.21:45
ActionParsnipRabrol: is your data worth $140 to you?21:46
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: There is only one kernel image in the Ubuntu iso, casper/vmlinuz.efi. Unetbootin copies this file to ubnkern, but it's the same file (and is used for BIOS based systems as well).21:46
ActionParsniprabrol: if your data was irretrievable and someone offered to give it all back to you for $140 would you take it?21:46
greggoso long as they guaranteed refund if they fail21:47
ertyuokay how to convert upper case letter to lower case letter ?21:47
ertyuusing command line ?21:47
rabrolActionParsnip: Maybe. But even if I purchase another drive I would still need to set up another raid array or NAS box anyway to keep it safe.21:47
ActionParsnipGreggo: just trying to make people think. To educate21:47
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: The issue with your particular problem of being thrown to an initramfs prompt is probably related to the initrd not containing the modules needed for your machine's USB controller, or the kernel's drivers simply not working with your machine's USB controller at all. That said, I still think that the first thing you should do is test your VM with the same iso you plan to use on the actual hardware.21:47
greggoso it was hypothetical?21:48
ActionParsniprabrol: yes, and you should. Can you not see what i am getting at here. I'm trying to make you think about the actual value of backup which in money is very very little but the actual value is massive21:48
ActionParsniprabrol: sadly most dumb users don't have backup then whinge when their data is lost or inaccessible21:49
ActionParsniprabrol: you can imagine how much pity I have for them21:49
championofcyrodiJordan_U:  It's not a module compatibility issue.  there are ~60 of these exact same HP Envy's w/ i7 series CPUs running 14.04 in the building now.21:51
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: How was 14.04 installed on them?21:51
championofcyrodi14.04 desktop iso burned to a CD21:51
championofcyrodiJordan_U: than manually configured21:52
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: That means that it could still be a problem with the initramfs not containing the needed modules, as I assume the CD drive was not connected via USB.21:52
championofcyrodiJordan_U: And the installer works when using the ISO written to USB as well21:52
championofcyrodiJordan_U: it just when i specify a different .seed file, i get dropped into ramfs21:52
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: Ahh, that's interesting.21:53
championofcyrodithe ubuntu.seed file which resides with ltsp.seed is utilized with a normal installer21:53
Jordan_Uchampionofcyrodi: I still definitely think that you should test this in the VM with the same iso you plan to use for the actual hardware. Are you going to do that?21:54
rabrolActionParsnip: Yes - I see what you are getting at.  Mostly the data on those drives is easily replaceable.  Just would be time consuming.  Only valuable data is family photos, but I have them backed up to the cloud once a day.21:55
championofcyrodiYea, I'm going to have to I guess.   I'm pretty sure I was using 14.04 on Sunday night when i tested with VM.  And I had to make the change in /isolinux/isolinux.cfg... but it seems there might be an issue with the way unetbootin does things on USB, since the VM is a virtual CDROM drive utilizing the .iso21:55
ActionParsnipRabrol: perfect :-)21:55
championofcyrodiJordan_U: If i get the ISO working... i'll just burn it to disc, and try that.21:56
rabrolActionParsnip: So there is no way to easily use samba to share write permissions with ntfs drives?21:56
qwerkushello, since upgrade to 14.04, each time I boot win 7, it screws up my efi, and I get "error symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found"21:56
championofcyrodiJordan_U: and if that works, it will verify that unetbootin is doing something very different than the traditional ISO boot21:56
qwerkusany chance to fix it ?21:56
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Surkow|laptopHi, I connected the following usb3/sata expresscard to my laptop: http://www.amazon.de/Express-USB3-0-eSATA-ExpressCard-Windows/dp/B00F876QJ4 . I get the following output from lspci -v: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7464997/ . It wrongly states that it's only a USB host controller (the usb part works fine). I found someone that has a similar card/chipset where lspci does show the sata controller http://askubuntu.com/questions/187644/error21:59
Surkow|laptop-no-room-on-ep-ring-with-usb-3-0-device ("ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1062 Serial ATA Controller"). Any suggestions?21:59
Surkow|laptopI know hotpluggin esata can cause issues in linux, but the controller isn't recognized at all.22:00
championofcyrodiJordan_U: thanks for dealing with my lack of understanding about the ubuntu boot process.  I recently setup LTSP for Intel NUCs using 14.04, and the PXELINUX kernel worked fine for tftp boot.  Heading out for the day, i'll pop back in here and update you whenever i get it resolved.22:01
ActionParsnipRabrol: its hard. I did it ages ages ago but making it into a linux filesystem will allow you to use sftp22:03
ActionParsnipRabrol: then you can specify access as if they were local users22:03
ActionParsnipRabrol: do you dual boot the system?22:04
ningusorry, seem to have gotten disconnected, in case anyone responded.22:05
=== _dv_ is now known as dv_
Beldorkningu, hi. what is the problem?22:06
ninguBeldork: I was wondering what the general advice is on doing unattended security updates22:06
ninguand how I can limit unattended upgrades to just security updates22:06
rabrolActionParsnip: It is currently a dual-boot system as I am trying to decide whether or not to transition away from Win7 and to Ubuntu. That would be my hesitation to reformat the drives - in casr I go back to WIN.22:06
CoinHeavyis there a best practice for adding/managing services on 14.04 server?  (to easily start/stop scripts and also have them run at startup?)22:07
ninguCoinHeavy: ubuntu has used upstart for that for several years, but I believe they recently decided to switch to systemd. not sure if that's actually happened though.22:07
Beldorkningu, ahhh... http://askubuntu.com/questions/194/how-can-i-install-just-security-updates-from-the-command-line   scroll down to a reply that beings "replace /etc/apt/preferences with the following:"22:09
Beldorkningu, might be a start22:09
ninguBeldork: thanks. this would be for *unattended* upgrades but I'll take a look. :)22:09
ninguit looks like I need to do it in:22:10
ninguUnattended-Upgrade::Allowed-Origins {22:10
ningu"${distro_id} ${distro_codename}-security";22:10
Beldorkningu, maybe do a pastebin post22:10
CoinHeavythanks ningu - I’ll take a look22:10
ninguBeldork: it was just two lines, I figured that would be ok22:11
Beldorkningu, agreed...... sorry22:11
ninguso hopefully, trusty-security contains all security updates for trusty but not feature updates22:12
Beldorkningu, but there is the unattended-upgrades package....22:12
ActionParsnipRabrol: i dont think you'll be able to manage access ntfs access from ubuntu with windows.22:12
Beldorkto install security updates automatically.... maybe I'm totally missing the point here22:12
ninguBeldork: right. I think that's what I want to do, but I still need to do some manual configuration in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d22:13
ninguI think I've tracked down the documentation for that now22:13
Beldorkningu, which version of ubuntu are you running......22:15
ningu14.04 LTS22:15
Beldorkningu, did you do an upgrade or a fresh install? and if an upgrade did you have problems? I have a couple boxes that could use a version upgrade but my only success is with a fresh install every time22:16
OerHeksningu, what "feature updates" are you pointing at?22:16
ninguOerHeks: I think if you configure Unattended-Upgrade::Allowed-Origins to have "Ubuntu trusty-updates" it will do regular package updates too22:17
ningubut if you just do "Ubuntu trusty-security" it will only do security updates22:17
ninguit seems unnecessary to me to update _everything_ automatically, it could cause problems -- but there is a better case for automatic security updates22:18
bromanGuys Someone help me please!!! I have a ubuntu with dnsmasq. I Have an entry on /etc/hosts that says " mesa" (its the machine ip) and another one " mesa.com" ... when i tipe ping mesa.com, it goes well but when i "ping mesa" it doesnt resolve.. can someone shed me a light here?22:18
bekksbroman: Sure, easy thing:22:18
bekksremove both lines mentioned, and add this line without "": " mesa.com mesa. mesa"22:19
bromanstill not working22:20
bekksRestart dnsmasq as well22:20
bromanwhen i ping mesa. it goes22:20
bromanbut not without the dot22:20
bromani did22:20
bromanany thoughts?22:21
=== runnermp is now known as runnermp_
bekksWhich IP is ping going to use as target when running "ping mesa"?22:22
cyborgcygnusAre there no more ubuntu & derivatives iso's for netbook computers? Or do the regular iso's work for netbooks?22:23
bromanthe one specified... or
k1l_cyborgcygnus: the regular ones work there too22:23
cyborgcygnusk1l_, Okay sweet. So no problems with only having like 1gb of ram? Does the install detect the hardware capabilities & setup the os to suit the available resources?22:24
geniicyborgcygnus: It's a single install now, it tries to figure out which one is appropriate to install and then goes with that22:24
bromanthe one specified... or
cyborgcygnusgenii, Cheers, that's what I was wondering.22:24
lizard_can someone point me to the steam help xchat?22:33
lizard_yes no maybe so22:35
lizard_steam... you know the thing you use to play games22:35
pavlossorry, dont know that22:35
geirhalizard_: Maybe #ubuntu-steam22:36
bromanGuys Someone help me please!!! I have a ubuntu with dnsmasq. I Have an entry on /etc/hosts that says " mesa" (its the machine ip) and another one " mesa.com" ... when i type ping mesa.com or mesa., it goes well but when i "ping mesa" it doesn't resolve.. can someone shed a light here?22:37
pavlosbroman, how's your resolv.conf?22:37
pavlosbroman, you can fix your /etc/hosts to say    mesa.com     mesa    Then both names will resolve22:39
BillyBag2Can anyone help me with an issue with eclipse.22:40
SohronBillyBag2: what?22:40
pavlosthis is the ubuntu channel22:40
Sohronit's not about ubuntu, but go ahead22:40
Sohronokay, don't go ahead :D22:41
BillyBag2The "check for updates" menu has disappeared from the help menu.22:41
pavlosgo or not go, there is no try22:41
SohronBillyBag2: read the help on www.eclipse.org22:41
BillyBag2It may be related to updating Ububtu.22:43
SohronBillyBag2: Ubuntu provides updates to eclipse, no need for an update button in eclipse itself22:44
gjgfuj /server irc.esper.net22:45
BillyBag2It is the version that comes with the android development stuff. It was OK and I could check for updates. Now this option has gone?22:46
bromanpavlos, ill try this now!22:50
=== felipealmeida is now known as felipealmeida_AW
bromanpavlos, strange... mesa. still works and mesa doesnt22:52
pavlosbroman, you can have many names to an ip22:52
bromanpavlos, i mean.. the line now is " mesa.com mesa"22:53
pavlosbroman, your /etc/resolv/conf should be nameserver
bromanbut when i ping (from other machine) mesa, it doesnt work22:53
bromanit is already22:53
bromanim breaking my head in this for a few days now.. tried everything22:53
pavlosbroman, so ping mesa.com works but ping mesa does not22:54
bromanpavlos, yes and also mesa. works22:54
bromanwith a dot22:54
pavlosbroman, does the 'ping mesa' give an error?22:55
mckenneth1Hi, does anyone know why I can't see any files in a folder? I Already enabled "view hidden files" in Nautilus22:56
mckenneth1I know the files are there22:56
pavlosmckenneth1, who's the owner of that folder?22:56
mckenneth1I am,22:57
mckenneth1create and delete files22:57
pavlosmckenneth1, the perms of a folder should be 755 please verify22:57
bromanpavlos, only ping request could not find host mesa22:57
bromanalso, i get a response with nslookup22:58
bromanmy intent is for it to work in a browser22:58
mckenneth1I set it using  "find ./files -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;"22:58
pavlosbroman, something strange with your net setup22:58
bromanthats how it works:22:59
bromanits a virtual machine  connected directly to the router22:59
bromani deactivated the router's dhcp and used the one from the virtual machine23:00
bromanit uses the machine as gateway and dns server23:00
bromaneverything is working, except the http://mesa/ from other computers23:00
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nith1210mckenneth1: find ./files -ls23:02
nith1210mckenneth1: also, is ./files a symlink?23:02
qin_mckenneth1: "-type d" stands for directory.23:02
metalbrickanyone could help me herer23:04
bromanpavlos, any ideas?23:04
metalbricklast time I asked here, I do the MemTest as someone told me23:04
metalbrickbut no help23:05
pavlosbroman, nope, I dont know what the virtual is doing, probably the dns setup is not correct23:05
bromanpavlos,  but it works with mesa.com23:05
qin_metalbrick: how you figured that 80% of memory is a problem, it may be overheating?23:06
pavlosbroman, add another name the the /etc/hosts .... foo    Does it ping foo?23:06
metalbrickI have desktop widget show the instant Memory usage23:07
pavlosbroman, then add a foo.com and see if that resolves23:07
qin_metalbrick: oh, you would want to skim logs to support that theory, probably.23:07
metalbrickand I would think that is something concerning with the disk IO and memory, not overheating23:08
metalbrickthis issue like has bugged me for more than one years23:08
nith1210metalbrick: two questions; 1st, which version of ubuntu are you now experiencing this on? Second, is this a laptop?23:09
metalbrickyes it's laptop23:09
dnew440does strace show the result of output parameters?23:09
dnew440I want to get the result of the status parameter in a waitpid call23:09
qin_metalbrick: using different memory (size, speed) could be usefull test23:09
nith1210metalbrick: Do you know what video card you have?23:10
metalbrickand since ubuntu 12.10 , now I am using  14.0423:10
metalbrickand never miss a single update23:10
metalbrickit's ATI Radeon 60xx23:10
bromanpavlos, it does23:10
metalbricksorry , it's 630023:10
bromanpavlos, only with the dot it doesnt work23:11
metalbrickthe system hang on is obviously and directly caused by some overloaded disk IO23:12
nith1210metalbrick: Here's my guess: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shared_graphics_memory23:12
metalbrickand I do a lot disk check, there's no such bad sector or something like that23:13
StolenToastHey, is anyone here familiar with openvpn and samba?  I'm having firewall troubles23:14
nith1210metalbrick: I don't remember if graphics cards with shared memory grab a bunch on boot and keep it or scale up to some cap. If the later, then when the OS needs memory, it might reduce the ram the graphics card gets resulting in lag.23:15
nith1210metalbrick: but that's a guess and it doesn't help solve your problem. You may want to check out your BIOS and see if there are any specialized settings for the video card.23:15
CapitalSigmahey all23:15
metalbrick6300 do have its own memory as I recalled, but I keep using intel HD3000 the internal GPU23:15
StolenToastI'm using 12.04 as a server, and I'm pretty sure I've forwarded the right samba ports (137-139 and 445) but I am not able to connect to the samba server with the firewall enabled23:16
PraxiI have a removable drive that always gets a random drive device letter, such as SDF or SDG, etc....  What commands/terminology do I need to be looking up to insure its always getting the same one? (its not USB if it matters)23:16
StolenToastif I turn the firewall off I can23:16
metalbricknith1210: I think your guess might be some kind right23:16
CapitalSigmai lost power the other day (my building periodically gets 15-30 second blackouts) and since turning my machine back on, it doesn't recognize that i have a 3rd monitor attached23:16
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)23:17
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nith1210!uuid | Praxi23:17
ubottuPraxi: please see above23:17
StolenToasttcptracker also shows activity on the samba ports over the VPN network even when the firewall is enabled23:17
CapitalSigmaanyone have any advice?23:17
Praxiahh udev I think.  I already added the UUID to Fstab, thing udev was what I am missing23:18
Praxithanks nith121023:18
unicroni need to set a hostname manually in 14.04, but nothing works, even removing network-manager.  what do?23:18
nith1210Praxi: np, have fun :)23:18
unicron(using /etc/hosts)23:19
nith1210unicron: /etc/hostname ?23:19
metalbricknith1210: I'll switch to the ATI GPU and to see if your theory is right23:19
nith1210metalbrick: ok, good luck. Do you have a way to generate the issue?23:19
belak51Is there a way to remove the delay between hitting enter on the dash and the program actually starting? Even for something like gnome terminal it takes a second or two from when I hit enter for the dash to close and something to happen23:20
metalbricknith1210: could be very simple23:20
belak51Is there a delay being added in, or is it just that slow?23:20
metalbricknith1210: just open enough applications23:20
unicronno, i need to override the resolution of another machine's hostname...  can't specify the IP address in the URL because it relies on oauth, and i'm trying to test a new deployment of our web app23:20
metalbricknith1210: actually a bunch tabs in chrome will do23:20
ckindleyHi folks. I'm having a problem with NFSv4 mounts.23:21
unicronit seems cruel to leave /etc/hosts in the filesystem if it no longer does anything23:21
lizard_can someone help me with opengl?23:21
bromanpavlos, added foo and foo.com... foo.com works and foo doesnt. the server is in one machine the ping is coming from other machine23:22
ckindleyOn the server, I've got rpcbind, rpc.idmapd, and rpc.nfsd going. Exports are set up right and valid only for clients on the subnet. Attempting to mount gives "access denied by server while mounting" and tcpdump shows lots of "reply ERR 20: Auth Bogus Credentials (seal broken)"23:22
nith1210unicron: ahh, ok. sorry, I misunderstood you. We modify /etc/hosts for that but admittedly I haven't had to in 14.04 yet.23:22
lizard_anyone?? please??23:23
lizard_i have all info needed for it23:23
nith1210!help | lizard_23:24
ubottulizard_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:24
bromanpavlos, any thoughts?23:26
lizard_opengl used to work with direct rendering, but it does not anymore. i cannot play portal 2 like i used to23:26
lizard_here is the error i get (i did steam >> error.txt to get this)23:27
pavlosbroman, no idea ... but since the ping comes from another machine that tells me there is some fwd happening on the virtual machine23:27
lizard_i am on ubuntu 14.0423:27
bromanyes.. there is a fwd..23:28
immesyshey, so simple question: should a sudoer connecting to a machine with a private key be able to connect as any user with that key or is that strange?23:28
immesysI mean I know they could technically become any user anyway, but would ssh directly let them connect as anyone? It's weirding me out23:29
xMopxShellhey, how do you install 32 bit libraries on ubuntu server 14.04? i thought it was just apt-get install ia32-libs, but that doesnt seem to exist?23:29
belak51immesys: they can connect as anyone who has that key in their authorized_keys23:29
immesysbelak51, yeah, but they don't23:30
StolenToastok I have narrowed it down to openvpn =|23:30
belak51immesys: sudo doesn't do anything in this case until after the login23:30
immesysbelak51, that public key is only in the one user's authorized keys23:30
StolenToastwhen the firewall is enabled openvpn connections are limited or blocked it seems23:30
immesysbelak51, in which case there might be some major bug in my openssh, or it got backdoored23:31
StolenToastthough port 1194 is open23:31
nith1210immesys: do you have a special sshd config?23:31
immesysnith1210, nope. Vanilla 13.10 openssh and config23:31
lizard_here is my glxinfo http://pastebin.com/zYS9hHBj23:31
rwscarbanyone: there is a security vulnerability with python-lxml in Ubuntu 12.04 that needs a backported patch. Where to go?23:34
nith1210immesys: Well, that's terrifying. Does it work with a new key?23:34
bromanGuys Someone help me please!!! I have a ubuntu with dnsmasq. I Have an entry on /etc/hosts that says " mesa" (its the machine ip) and another one " mesa.com" ... when i type ping mesa.com or mesa., it goes well but when i "ping mesa" it doesn't resolve.. can someone shed a light here?23:34
nith1210broman: pastebin the conf?23:35
bromannith1210, dnsmasq.conf?23:35
Randy_OAnyone have any experience packaging a QML app on launchpad?23:35
nith1210You're the second person to talk about /etc/hosts not working...23:36
bromannith1210, do you know how to copy paste from vmware? :P its a terminal only23:36
glisignoliHello, I'm trying out ubuntu 14.04, and I was wondering what the prefered method of managing xen vm guests is.23:37
nith1210broman: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; cat dnsmasq.conf | pastebinit23:37
bromannith1210, installing23:38
nith1210broman: also, have you configured your server's dns to point at your dnsmasq?23:39
nith1210lizard_: was that portal or portal2?23:39
lizard_portal 223:39
bromanthe machine has a dhcp server23:39
lizard_portal works... ish... its slow23:39
bromanits working, man23:39
bromanwhen i type mesa.com it goes swell but the "mesa" doesnt work23:40
nith1210broman: with the entries in your /etc/hosts, things are going to get very confused very fast.23:40
immesysnith1210, so scare averted *phew*, there was a file contained merged authorized keys in /etc/ssh... so expected behavior....23:40
immesysnith1210, man was I confused... wow...23:40
bromannith1210, http://paste.debian.net/960523:40
nith1210immesys: Excellent; but how did it get there?23:40
bromannith1210, its ok.. i only need this particular entry23:41
immesysnith1210, some other helpful admin23:41
Praxinot quite getting where I want with UDEV, or missing a piece.  If I want a drive to appear as the same device every time I insert it, can I do that by UUID in a UDEV rule?  If so anyone have any examples I can look at?  I'm not seeing how the udev rules let me do that23:41
Praxilots of really old information out there23:41
nith1210broman: I'm fairly certain thats the wrong paste23:42
nith1210immesys: well, better than the alternative23:43
nith1210immesys: I'm guessing your home directories are encrypted with ecryptfs?23:43
intok14.04, Logitech K400r ireless KB+touchpad combo, can't disable Tap-Click, there are no touchpad options under pointing devices options http://imagebin.org/31078223:43
* Gaming4JC notes that tomorrow may be D-Day for the internet... http://www.savetheinternet.com/net-neutrality-what-you-need-know-now (FCC trolls) :|23:43
ChaserPraxi: http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html#udevinfo ? I use it for udevinfo but it has examples on how to name devices etc.23:43
bromannith1210, http://paste.debian.net/99605 sorry!!!23:44
Praxiudevinfo -a23:44
immesysnith1210, nope, but they might be soon :-)23:45
Praxithe thing that throws me off with that chaser, there isn't a udevinfo anymore23:45
Praxiis 'udevadm info' the same thing as udevinfo?23:46
nith1210broman: ok, please pastebin your /etc/hosts23:46
bromannith1210, http://paste.debian.net/9960723:47
nith1210lizard_: sorry, it's apparently 6.6GB more to install. I haven't run steam since I've upgraded (atleast not without wine)23:47
anonymous_he y23:48
ChaserPraxi: yup its the same.23:48
nith1210broman: try changing line 3 to: mesa.com.br mesa foofoofoo foo.com23:48
nith1210broman: then delete 4 and 523:48
Praxity chaser, that helps quite a bit23:49
bromannith1210, http://paste.debian.net/9960823:50
nith1210broman: yessir, any luck?23:50
bromanpavlos, same result23:50
bromannith1210,  same result23:50
bromanwhen i ping mesa.com it works... but when i ping only mesa it doesnt23:51
bromannith1210, also, when i ping mesa. it works too23:51
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Gaming4JCCoryFail_: welcome! Don't ask to ask, ask and someone will help you - ubottu23:54
CoryFail_I'm making a simple media server for personal/home use. I would like to SSH to it and add an external harddrive to it. Would Ubuntu Server fit this need?23:54
Praxihmm Chaser, when I do a udevadm info -a -p /sys/block/sdf what differentiates that device from any other sata drive thats the same model?23:54
Gaming4JCCoryFail_: yes it can. You may refer to #ubuntu-server (or try Debian it runs way less resources)23:55
nith1210CoryFail_: yes.23:55
CoryFail_Hm. I do us Debian for all of my web servers.23:56
bromannith1210, any ideas?23:56
nith1210broman: Try making mesa the first name on that list instead of the second23:56
bromannith1210, still not working23:58
nith1210broman: My only other guess is that your machine is configured to hit the dns servers before /etc/hosts23:59
GerowenCoryFail_: I would also recommend, if you have any media devices like a PS3 or XBox 360, looking at "PS3 Media Server".  There's a linux version of it and it functions the same way Windows Media Player does for streaming media on your computer to those devices.  If you configure it right, it even supports transcoding files normally unsupported by the devices into formats they do support, as the content is streamed.23:59
GerowenCoryFail_: PS3 Media Server isn't the OS, it's just a piece of software you can run on whatever OS you happen to be running.23:59

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