cubed_rootthanks again David-A, that did it00:04
rincewindHello, got an Acer Aspire V5-573G(Intel with Optimus) on Xubuntu 14.04. Everything works finde, except it waking up from suspend randomly. Any ideas how to fix or diagnose the problem?00:16
rincewindOk, rephrased: do Ubuntu and Xubuntu have the same powermanagement so I can ask in #ubuntu?00:25
acpiorwhathow can i enable acpi while the system is up and running?. i do not want to enable acpi at boot because i have noticed that performance is very slow if acpi is enabled at boot time00:39
bazhang!crosspost | acpiorwhat00:47
ubottuacpiorwhat: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.00:47
cubed_rootugh, i've screwed up my xubuntu installation01:25
cubed_rootwhenever i open the ubuntu software center, i get the message "new software can't be installed, because there is a problem with the software current installed. would you like to repair?"01:28
cubed_rootwhen i click 'repair' it eventually hangs and fails01:29
dogewoodIf you were to have to transfer ~30GB or so over a link with a round-trip of about 120ms and NFS was the only option (well, except scp, but I'm already encrypted and the latency seems to kill scp), would you assume a larger wsize and rsize to be superior when dealing with multi-GB files?01:30
dogewoodI /think/ I'm getting a little better performance but there's a fair amount of jitter and whatnot so it could be noise01:31
Unit193cubed_root: What does  sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get install -f  give you?01:32
Unit193dogewood: I'd say rsync would be much, much better than scp, but I can't answer about NFS.01:32
dogewoodhm.  well, thanks for the tip about rsync01:33
Unit193Someone else might know, stick around for a bit.01:33
dogewoodyou use one network filesystem for 25 years or so and you tend to get used to it01:33
dogewoodI'm good, just thinking out loud really.  knocked it down to v3 from v4 so I knew the options....perhaps I'll try async.  Either way it just has to finish by morning and I'm on track to make that deadline.01:34
cubed_rootUnit193: thanks for the suggestion. it looks like i'm missing libreoffice-core, on which there are a lot of dependencies01:35
dogewoodWhat the01:37
dogewoodReally Juniper?  a signed long to count the bytes sent in your vpn client?  god.01:37
cubed_rootthe results of running dpkg command:  http://pastebin.com/czZLEpjJ01:50
cubed_rooti think it's the result of trying to install the gnome desktop, finding errors, and then trying to reverse the gnome desktop install (using synaptic pkg mgr)01:50
cubed_rootany suggestions?01:52
cubed_rootnot sure what to do next01:52
Unit193Right, I used &&, you'll want to just run that second command.  Looks like you're just missing libreoffice-common01:58
cubed_rooti think get:02:01
cubed_rootErrors were encountered while processing:02:01
cubed_root /var/cache/apt/archives/libreoffice-common_1%3a4.2.3~rc3-0ubuntu2_all.deb02:01
cubed_root*i then get -- sorry about posting multiple lines02:01
Unit193Can you paste the errors?02:04
cubed_rootUnit193: are you suggesting i run your same command again? or just run the 2nd part (after &&)?02:06
Unit193Just the  sudo apt-get install -f  and pastebin the output please.02:07
Unit193(Or if that's half-installed, the first will do, but I think not.)02:07
cubed_rootlooks like a package is missing?02:08
Unit193No, looks like you have some openoffice packages that you shouldn't, namely openoffice-debian-menus02:09
cubed_rootso i just read that libre office & open office can't coexist, can i remove libre office?02:10
holsteinis there something you prefer from openoffice?02:11
cubed_rooti have a couple documents i wrote in openoffice, but if they'll work in libre, then no preferenc02:12
Unit193Should just be fine.02:12
cubed_rooti guess my problem is that ubuntu software center won't let me install anything02:12
holsteincubed_root: try them.. you likely want libreoffice now, and would have a better time staying with the "in repo" packages02:13
cubed_rootcan't even open libreoffice get "failed to execute command "libreoffice -- calc "02:14
Unit193You need to remove openoffice packages as they conflict, so you can't install anything at this stage.02:15
cubed_rootok thanks02:16
cubed_rootopenoffice is no longer under development? i guess that's the problem02:18
Unit193Apache has it, it's under development but I don't know how much.02:18
holsteincubed_root: libreoffice is the openoffice you are looking for02:20
cubed_rootok, attempting to remove openoffice thru synaptic02:22
cubed_rootsee how it goes...02:22
cubed_rootodd -- removed the libreoffice icons from my applications menu02:23
cubed_rooti can get into ubuntu software center, i'm happy lol -- thanks guys02:24
holsteincubed_root: i say, dont go "out of repo" unless you are ready for it02:25
holsteinmay be no reason to ever go out of repo..02:26
cubed_rootby "out of repo" you mean to go out of conventional installation/update channels?02:30
holsteincubed_root: the sources.. there are official sources that are tested02:41
holsteincubed_root: im not saying, or proposing that the default repos will not cause issues, or have bugs, or leave you with a problem after an update with certain hardware.. but, i see folks with a lot of bad times from running packages that are not intended to be used with the system02:42
cubed_rootholstein: i never modified the source of libre or open office, i just instsalled open office and then libre office was installed w/gnome desktop03:35
holsteincubed_root: sure.. but, openoffice was from tjhe default ubuntu repositories?03:39
Unit193Can't be.03:40
holsteincubed_root: AFAIK, openoffice was removed, so, you would have gotten it from a source that is not "officially supported"03:42
holsteincubed_root: libreoffice is in the repos, and an officially tested and maintained package is packaged and available there.. using a PPA version or a downloaded .deb or .debs, or building from source, or any other source will put the burden of support back on that maintainer03:43
cubed_rootinteresting, ok thanks holstein (yes i think i looked around and ended up downloaded open-office from somwhere--probably a website)03:56
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assistentehi to all! someone can help me debug cups printing on a konica-minolta c350 to enable job accounting?05:42
a2ghow to change the resolution in xubuntu? (14.04, 32bit, installed in vbox)07:04
a2gi also installed guest additions but no luck there07:04
larrypga2g, go to additional drivers07:05
a2git tells me "the device isn't working", but i do know that!07:08
larrypga2g, one sec- let me start up vbox07:09
a2gtake your time, larry07:10
larrypga2g, click on the innotech thing and apply07:12
larrypgthis is from the guest07:12
a2gi cant even select it, thats the problem07:13
a2git defaults to "do not use the device", changing it to "continue using manually installed driver" doesn't enable the apply button.07:15
larrypgfrom the main screen at the top of vbox there is a one called devices - click on install guest additions07:15
a2glarry, as i said i already installed guest additions. is vbox 4.3.4 (win) incompatible with xubuntu?07:16
larrypga2g, sorry I don't know...I run devel versions of ubuntu in vbox with ubuntu as host07:17
a2gsome other way i could force it to use a custom resolution, maybe?07:18
a2gi tried arandr but no option except 640x480 is available07:19
larrypgI just am not that familiar with how windows handles it07:20
a2gi should add that i dont suspect windows to be the problem ... debian, mint, centos all handle the resolution well07:21
larrypgjust to make sure...did you install dkms in xubuntu?07:23
larrypgalso have you rebooted?07:24
a2ghow could i forget about dkms? trying that now...07:24
a2gand this thing doesnt seem to work even with dkms. is it the plain "dkms" or iirc some other package ubuntu had like "virtualbox-dkms"?07:38
larrypgsudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms07:38
larrypgthen restart the virtual machine07:39
bazhang!find virtualbox07:39
ubottuFound: unity-scope-virtualbox, virtualbox, virtualbox-dbg, virtualbox-dkms, virtualbox-guest-additions-iso, virtualbox-guest-dkms, virtualbox-guest-source, virtualbox-guest-utils, virtualbox-guest-x11, virtualbox-qt (and 1 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=virtualbox&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all07:39
bazhanga good way to find that in future is apt-cache search term07:40
bazhangor in a PM with ubottu07:40
larrypgsounds good:)07:41
a2gnice tip bazhang, didn't know about that :)07:41
bazhangdepending on how much time you spend on IRC, of course07:42
bazhang /msg ubottu find package (no !) and then info package07:43
a2gand it works with virtualbox-guest-dkms :) thanks to everyone who helped!07:51
LonelyDanboIs there a way to view the clipboard history by default without installing any clipboard manager (since it's already too late right now08:31
LonelyDanboI found one search result that says X gets all that, but I'm not sure where to go from there...08:33
LonelyDanbohard to search for "X"08:33
LonelyDanboah, I see. "Xfce" is it's name. I've seen login options that have something like "default X session" and then "Xfce" so I thought they were different.08:35
LonelyDanbohm. if the clipboard managers just work with xfce, maybe I can install it now and still get to that data that existed before it was installed.08:37
LonelyDanbocrap. clipman shows it being empty. T_T08:38
skippezotmy software updater is asking me to update data file and libraries for nautilus08:53
skippezotbut i haven't instaled nautilus08:54
skippezotwhy does it want to download these files08:54
skippezotsoftware updater is asking me to update nautilus files an libs but i don't have nautilus installed09:25
skippezotwhy doe it want to update it09:26
cyborgcygnusI thought Light Locker was getting fixed, I fresh installed after the official stable release came out in the hopes it would fix light locker. Basically what still happens is, the computer still locks while playing music or video & some programs set to disable locking or suspending the pc while in use doesn't work either.09:34
ethermonki thought it was fixed. it's working here09:38
cyborgcygnusethermonk, Really? What the flip then, anyone know how I can fix that then?09:40
ethermonki would test by creating a test user account that doesnt lock and test it out to see if it's a user config glitch or systemwide09:44
starratsgood morning everyone!10:08
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skippezot software updater is asking me to update nautilus files an libs but i don't have nautilus installed10:26
ethermonksomething is usiing peices of it's shared library10:33
skippezotok thx10:33
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goneeuroHey guys. I asked this yesterday but ran out of time trying to figure it out. I am running 14.04 64bit and am trying to run gccg. I keep getting this error.13:23
goneeuro./ccg_client: error while loading shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:23
holsteingoneeuro: gccg from where?13:23
goneeuroI know it is a 32bit binary and I have checked and rechecked that libSDL is installed.13:23
holsteinalso, what is the overall goal? maybe a volunteer can suggest a "better" way to address the overall need13:24
goneeuroholstein: http://gccg.sourceforge.net/13:24
goneeurogccg is a program to play Magic the gathering card game on linux.13:24
goneeuroor any number of other card games for that matter. I am just interested in MTG.13:25
knomegoneeuro, since it's not from the repositories, did you check what the author said about requirements?13:26
holsteingoneeuro: you'll need to ask the developer of the application for support13:26
holsteingoneeuro: they may have some other requirements that are kicking out that error, and not being clear/verbose enough13:26
holsteinif it were me, i would go right to the game's support team though, and see about getting the game running in linux.. there may be an easier/simpler way other than gccg13:28
goneeuroI did get it to run once. But I changed something in the program so I had to reinstall it and thats when it broke. What is the best way to remove that libsdl thing and reinstall itß13:28
knomeholstein, hardly... it's a card game ;)13:28
knomegoneeuro, i'd just check that you have all the packages required installed13:30
knome"Install SDL, SDL_image, SDL_net, SDL_ttf and SDL_mixer ..."13:30
goneeuroknome: I have all those installed.13:34
knomethen i'd check the game developers13:34
goneeuroIts like the game cant find libSDL-1.213:34
holsteingoneeuro: sure, but keep in mind, nothing about xubuntu is preventing the game from running, or finding anything13:38
goneeuroI just got it.13:38
goneeuroI had to install a plugin that tells gccg to look in the right direction I guess.13:39
goneeuroThanks for the help though guys. I am new to linux and am trying to learn as much as I can.13:39
m1chaeli upgraded to 14.04 and i believe i'm experiencing this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/1283938 # do you guys have any other info on this?14:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1283938 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 blank screen after wakeup from sleep" [Critical,Confirmed]14:41
GridCubem1chael, that bug is a duplicated of https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/130373614:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1303736 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Black screen after login from suspend in Xubuntu 14.04" [High,Confirmed]14:44
GridCuberead this bug to the end and youwill see that we are working on a fix, please try elfy's post and see if that fixes your issue, report back to the bug tracker14:44
dilluI am using xubuntu 1314:48
dillucan anyone help me in upgrading to 1414:49
dilluI don't want to download the ISO14:49
dilluis there a way this can be done through the command line?14:49
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:50
GridCubedillu, ^14:50
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.14:50
GridCubelol no, i assumed that one would not be there14:51
geniiNo factoid, but yes that's the command14:51
dilludist-upgrade will remove some of the applications right14:51
geniiNot normally.14:52
geniiAt any rate, if you're on 13.04 you need to do the process twice, once to get to 13.10 and then another time to get to 14.04 ( with do-release-upgrade method)14:53
vrkalakhey, guys15:22
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RajumeaziI need help about compiling programs18:07
Rajumeaziplease any programmer here?18:07
RajumeaziI am a starter level programmer18:07
RajumeaziI have installed Code::Blocks18:07
Rajumeazibut that developer package is compiling only the Desktops files18:08
Rajumeaziwhen I save codes in the another directory except Desktop then this is not compiling the prgram18:09
Rajumeaziot shows the problem "Permission denied"18:09
GridCubeRajumeazi, what lenguage is this? maybe there is a channel dedicated to that lenguage that you can get proper advice?18:20
RajumeaziC and C++18:20
GridCubeRajumeazi, there is a channel called #C with more than 500 participants, same for a channel named #C++18:24
Rajumeazithanks a lot :)18:24
Piciits ##c and ##c++18:24
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ironhoofI cannot seem to compile my realtek r8168 driver it spits out a bunch of errors20:22
ironhoofit worked in 12.0420:22
alex72grhello! I have one hard disk and I installed both xubuntu 14.04 and windows 7. the disk has the following partitions: 1) boot loader (or I think so) for windows 7, 2) windows 7 operating system, 3) xubuntu 14.04, 4) xubuntu home directory, 5) swap partition and 6) ntfs partition for storage. since xubuntu has some little problems I would like to re-install it, without doing any harm to the other partitions. so... if I just install xubunxu 14.04 WITHOUT for20:26
alex72grmating the other partitions, is it going to work?20:26
ironhoofokay, they had .038 version that compiled, nvm20:35
elfyalex72gr: should be ok - make sure to select the / and /home partitions and to to only format the / partition20:38
might_get_loudguys, i have problem when my pc is trying to wake up from suspend, it's just go black screen and it wont move from there. i have hybrid system with amd/intel graphic card im using xubuntu 14.0422:01
might_get_loudand also, sometimes, but this is newer problem, sometimes wont get into grub menu, it just freezes after showing how to get into bios and stuff when turning on from complete shutdown22:02
knomemight_get_loud, did you read the release notes?22:02
might_get_loudnope? :D22:03
knomemight_get_loud, try reading those for the note that it is a known issue...22:03
might_get_loudany idea how to fix this?22:08
knomethe workaround is to remove light-locker and xfce4-power-manager until it's fixed22:09
knomewe have a potential fix on a PPA and i hope it doesn't take too long to land into trusty22:10
zleapif I click on a pdf link on a website in firefox it tries to open in scratch,  however there is a pull down that says other, if I select thatr all i get is a folder with my home directory in,  with the heading select helper application22:12
zleapwhat am i meant to be doing here,  surely it should present a list of what applications are installed on the system22:12
zleapso i have that page open in firefox22:12
knomezleap, that shouldn't happen, but you can select /usr/bin/evince22:13
knomeunless you removed evince, in which case i guess that was expected22:13
zleapevince is document viewer22:13
zleapwell that is installed,  and firefox has pdf associated with document viewer22:14
zleapcan someone else try it on that website please, i tried what you suggested and it opened in evince,  but then closed that and tried again and22:17
zleapit won't let me tick the box that says do this every time22:17
zleapwell do this automatically for files like this22:17

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