wallyworldwaigani: hi00:02
waiganiwallyworld: could I hangout with you for 5min?00:03
perrito666nites/morning people00:45
waiganiwallyworld: just swapped two occurrences of GetMockBuildTools for GetMockBundleTools in one file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7486270/00:46
waiganiwallyworld: tests now pass00:47
waiganiI'll leave it there for now unless you/william think it is urgent to get rid of GetMockBuildTools all together.00:48
waiganiI need to start looking at identity now00:48
waiganimorning hazmat`00:55
waiganimorning perrito66600:55
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wallyworldaxw: morning, good weekend?01:20
axwwallyworld: morning, yeah not too shabby01:21
axwnever get to rest anymroe on the weekend though01:21
wallyworldi had to give my son a driving lesson, very stressful :-)01:21
axwooh :)01:21
wallyworldgood news on the house?01:21
axwmine was slightly stressful too ;)01:21
axwit is ours01:21
wallyworldgreat :-)01:22
wallyworldwe should have martin back today, so standup tonight01:22
axwcool, sounds good01:23
wallyworldfeel free to ping me before then if required. you've got some wip and i've made a couple of cards high propority01:23
axwno worries01:23
wallyworldthe cards i've bumped are the cause of the last few test failures01:23
wallyworldon jenkins01:24
thumperaxw, wallyworld: local tests are getting better, 5 times through only one failure, replicaset01:24
wallyworldyeah, getting there :-)01:24
thumperwallyworld: we need to chat, can I grab you in about 15 minutes?01:24
wallyworldsure, anytime01:24
axwthumper: glad to hear that01:24
axwthe peergrouper one was a pain in the arse01:24
thumperany plans on how to fix the replica set failures?01:28
thumperthey seem problematic01:28
wallyworldone fix has gone in already01:30
wallyworldto retry after starting mongo since the replicaset may not be ready just yet01:31
wallyworldjust need to keep plugging away at it, mongo seems quite flakey at times01:31
waigani_just spotted this in trunk: provider/openstack/storage.go:59: assignment count mismatch: 3 = 202:17
waigani_anyone on it?02:17
wallyworldwaigani_: your goose deps are wrong02:24
wallyworldgodeps will fix it02:26
waigani_wallyworld: I just filed a bug. Is there a way to delete it or should I mark it as invalid?02:26
wallyworldmark it as invalid02:26
axwwallyworld: are our architecture codes meant to match simplestreams? if not, is there a mapping somewhere?02:54
wallyworldthe codes in arch.go?02:55
axwwallyworld: yeah, i386, armhf, etc.02:55
wallyworldthere's a regexp transformation in arch.go02:55
axwwallyworld: that's for uname02:55
axwisn't it?02:55
axwyeah, uname02:56
wallyworldah, sorry was going from memory02:56
axwwallyworld: I found that the tests in environs/instances use dummy simplestreams data that has an entry for "arm", whereas we expect armhf02:56
wallyworldin that case i think the codes are meant to match02:56
axwwallyworld: ok, so I will change that dummy data02:57
wallyworldyeah, that may well be wrong02:57
_mup_Bug #1320738: constraints: gccgo test failure <gccgo> <ppc64el> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1320738>02:59
waiganiGobot reports environs/sync [build failed], but when I run the tests locally it passes... hmmm04:18
waiganiah, I see why, ignore me04:22
jamthumper: are we generally cancelling our weekly 1:1? Did you find a better time?04:50
waiganiI'm hitting this on the gobot:05:07
waiganiPANIC: sync_test.go:420: badBuildSuite.SetUpTest05:07
waigani... Panic: cannot share a state between two dummy environs; old "only"; new "only"05:07
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_mup_Bug #1320738: constraints: gccgo test failure <gccgo> <ppc64el> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1320738>06:07
davecheneythoughts, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7487106/ ?06:32
wallyworld_axw: did you confirm your mp fixes the tests on i386 by doing a test run, perhaps with version.Current.Arch hardcoded or something?07:10
axwwallyworld_: yes that's what I did07:11
axwwallyworld_: modified juju/arch/arch.go07:11
wallyworld_axw: ultimately i'd like to mature the ToolsFixure and consolidate a lot of the older code07:13
axwwallyworld_: sounds good. less reliance on version.Current would be nice07:13
wallyworld_yep. it's all very messy in that area07:14
axwwallyworld_: are you going to look at the prereq too, or leave it for fwereade?07:14
wallyworld_looking now07:14
dimiternmorning all!07:14
axwhye dimitern07:15
wallyworld_axw: i also want to get rid of the hard coded json metadata cause we have marshalling capability now also07:15
wallyworld_oh, and don't forget to update the mp covering description of the 2nd branch07:16
axwwallyworld_: hm yeah. we could just have an init() function that renders the images/tools objects07:16
axwwallyworld_: will do07:16
wallyworld_we can set up a slice of metadata structs and just marshal those07:17
wallyworld_much easier than all the json07:17
axwyeah, very finicky07:17
axwmiss a comma and it's all over07:18
wallyworld_yep, happened to me today07:20
wallyworld_had to run it through a parser to find the rrror07:20
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voidspacemorning all08:14
jammgz: good morning08:29
axwwallyworld_: I think you're going to have to merge changes for i386 fixes in provider/joyent08:35
wallyworld_axw: yeah, figured as much when i saw your work :-)08:35
axwwallyworld_: any chance  we could delay the standup for till quarter past?08:52
wallyworld_axw: no problems08:52
wallyworld_fwereade: hiya, will you be free for a chat in say 45 minutes?08:55
fwereadewallyworld_, sure08:55
wallyworld_awesome, i'll ping you after our standup08:56
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axwwallyworld_ mgz ready when you are09:13
dimiternso is it intentional that virtually all team names (except onyx) are blue stones?09:17
dimiterni didn't know how moonstone or tanzanite look like, but both are blue and the latter is almost exactly the same color as sapphire09:18
thumperjam: yes, we need to find a better time...09:37
jamdimitern: tanzanite is actually a bit more of a purple, and moonstone is white.09:37
jamemerald is more green09:38
mgzdimitern: we just won, everything is a shade of blue now09:39
dimiternjam, yeah, I forgot about emerald :)09:40
dimiternmgz, exactly ;)09:40
dimiternmgz, welcome back btw09:40
mgzthanks dimitern :)09:42
wallyworld_fwereade: you ok for a chat now?09:47
fwereadewallyworld_, yeah09:48
jamfwereade: if you're done chatting with wallyworld, I wouldn't mind an ear to bounce a couple more API thoughts off of10:31
fwereadejam, sure10:33
fwereadejam, done chatting with mgz as well :)10:33
jamfwereade: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/juju-sapphire10:34
jamwe have our standup in 10m anyway10:34
axwmgz: I think I have the instancepoller test under control, will let you know later if I don't think I will get it fixed soon10:38
mgzaxw: ace10:40
perrito666morning everyone10:45
jamvladk: dimitern: TheMue: standup ?10:46
TheMuejam: yep, lost the link :D10:47
perrito666fwereade: hi, regarding your comment in https://codereview.appspot.com/92320043/ do you have any objections regarding merging this?11:00
jamwallyworld_: have a good evening11:09
wallyworld_jam: will do, sorry long day today, very tired11:10
fwereadeperrito666, I think it's fine to merge11:12
fwereadeperrito666, this feels like one of those cases where we really need some sort of docs though11:12
fwereadeperrito666, just to make the expected usage and situations and so on clear11:13
perrito666fwereade: yup, we have doc duty too, but I did not want to propose a pull request for the docs before merging the code11:13
fwereadeperrito666, one question: does this fail properly when run against an env with a running state server that *isn't* the bootstrap node?11:13
fwereadeperrito666, I think we all agreed that docs come first11:14
fwereadeperrito666, they don;t need to be *good* but they do need to go to evilnick early so he can massage them into shape11:14
fwereadeperrito666, and so that we have some sort of idea what we're actually implementing, too ;)11:14
perrito666fwereade: agreed, specially since this use case is not all that intuitive11:14
fwereadeperrito666, cool11:15
* perrito666 pull requests first11:15
perrito666fwereade: mmm, good question about the node, it fails on non HA, Ill make a test run for that case just to be sure11:16
voidspaceperrito666: morning11:25
voidspaceaxw: ping11:27
voidspaceif you're still around11:27
voidspacenatefinch: morning11:36
voidspacenatefinch: who are you interviewing, anyone interesting?11:36
jamdimitern: did you want to talk about addressible containers with vladk ?11:36
natefinchvoidspace: Not particularly... seems an ok candidate11:36
voidspacenatefinch: cool11:36
voidspacenatefinch: I'm down a rabbit hole of rsyslog changes (again)11:37
natefinchvoidspace: ug11:37
voidspacenatefinch: whilst flowing host ports around I discovered one serious bug in our current implementation11:37
voidspacenatefinch: previously it was only port/cert that could change - so in the worker handler there's a shortcut that doesn't render/restart if those haven't changed11:37
axwvoidspace: I'm here atm, but may disappear at a moment's notice11:37
voidspacenatefinch: whereas now we can add a new state server without the port or cert changing11:38
voidspacenatefinch: that was easy to fix11:38
voidspaceaxw: are you normally around until about this time?11:38
voidspaceaxw: I can ping you earlier tomorrow11:38
axwvoidspace: no, not normally11:38
axwvoidspace: usually clock off about 1h40m ago11:38
voidspaceaxw: ok, I'm usually on well before then11:41
voidspacenatefinch:  fwereade: FTR axw says that the rsyslog port and cert are in the environment "at the time the environment is bootstrapped"11:44
axwooh wait11:44
voidspacenatefinch: fwereade which means that we are fine to only watch APIHostPorts in the general case11:44
voidspaceaxw: haha, ok...11:45
axwvoidspace: I may have brain farted11:45
voidspaceaxw: would you rather continue this tomorrow - I have plenty of other stuff in the meantime11:45
natefinchjam: FYI - I have to skip our meeting today to get the kids prepped early so I can be ready for the interview in a little over an hour.11:46
axwvoidspace: probably better, I don't want to keep feeding you lies11:46
axwvoidspace: I think the rsyslog-ca-cert is actually generated post-bootstrap11:46
voidspaceaxw: hmm... ok11:47
axwthat doesn't need to be kept like that though11:47
axwwas just to consolidate bootstrap/upgrade logic11:47
voidspaceaxw: you can point me to the code tomorrow11:47
voidspaceaxw: so long as it is *before* the rsyslog worker is created we're ok, but that may not be the case11:48
axwvoidspace: it's not, it's created by the rsyslog worker11:48
axwvoidspace: see "ensureCertificates" in worker/rsyslog/worker.go11:48
voidspaceaxw: ah, which also doesn't matter then11:48
voidspaceit sounds like we're good11:49
voidspaceaxw: I'll spelunk that code a bit more11:49
axwfwiw I think we could extract that bit out to bootstrap time, and make rsyslog-ca-cert immutable in 1.2011:50
perrito666voidspace: you have the most random lunch pattern ever11:59
jam1perrito666: I've got 10 minutes before my next meeting… Lunch!12:03
voidspaceperrito666: yup12:03
voidspaceperrito666: I *aim* for 1pm (now) - but often miss it by a couple of hours12:03
jamnatefinch: one thought, the test here: http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/local-deploy/1309/console is running on a Precise machine. which *might* be why it would be seeing different results.12:04
voidspaceperrito666: although moving our standup to 3pm made that harder12:04
voidspaceperrito666: so this sort of time will probably be more normal for me now12:04
perrito666voidspace: good luck then :)12:05
perrito666fwereade: nice spot there, turns out that restore will restore if there are other state-machines as long as machine 0 is dead12:38
fwereadeperrito666, cool12:38
fwereadeperrito666, well, not cool12:38
perrito666hehe, yep12:39
fwereadeperrito666, is it that we're not storing the current set of state servers on the provider now?12:39
TheMuejam: I have to step out for some minutes. there are some open questions in our doc, could you please take a quick look? tia12:45
perrito666fwereade: I think it is the way restore checks if stateservers are up, as long as one is down it will consider that it is safe to restore12:45
jamTheMue: I tried to respond to them, there are a few more "comments" in the dropdown box that seem to be related to stuff you've already deleted.13:14
jamespagefwereade, fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1314686 is blocking any SRU activity of 1.18.x into trusty right now13:32
_mup_Bug #1314686: Please add support for utopic <packaging> <juju-core:Fix Released by wallyworld> <juju-core 1.18:Fix Committed by wallyworld> <juju-core (Ubuntu):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1314686>13:32
wallyworld_jamespage: we can't help unless the extra mongo logs are attached as requested so we can see what is going wrong13:34
jamespagewallyworld_, rbasak is just reproducing again to get that13:36
wallyworld_great, thanks :-)13:36
wallyworld_we may need to set up a utopic vm to test with13:37
jamespagewallyworld_, sure - we have pubished cloud images on the daily stream for utopic now13:37
wallyworld_the initial fix was for the core issue with juju which was lack of utopic knoledge13:38
wallyworld_juju now knows about utopic but i guess mongo is unhappy13:38
jamespagewallyworld_, maybe - I'm just upgrading a server to utopic to repro as well13:39
wallyworld_ok. i was hoping teaching juju about utopic would be enough13:39
wallyworld_a new bug may be pertinent as there are 2 separate issues to address13:40
TheMueback again13:40
TheMuejam: thx, will take a look13:40
voidspaceis there any way of building all test packages *as well*13:47
voidspaceI would like to find compile errors in the tests (I've changed some apis) and "go build ./..."13:47
voidspaceomits test packages13:47
voidspacehmmm... maybe it has a flag13:47
perrito666fwereade: you where right13:53
perrito666<fwereade> perrito666, is it that we're not storing the current set of state servers on the provider now?13:53
fwereadeperrito666, cool13:55
perrito666fwereade: not really :p13:55
fwereadeperrito666, on this occasion, I men it's cool that my psychic debugging skills are still here13:56
fwereadeperrito666, and at least there should be a path to fixing that, right?13:56
perrito666yep :)13:56
voidspacenatefinch: you still interviewing?15:03
natefinchvoidspace: sorry, no, got caught up in writing down my thoughts about it.  I'll be right there15:04
voidspacenatefinch: cool15:04
natefinchwwitzel3: standup?15:06
mattywnatefinch, perrito666 Hi guys, I've been working on other things today so I'll be taking a look at the ensureavailabilty command tomorrow, just wanted to let you know15:07
natefinchmattyw: cool, no problem15:07
natefinchmattyw: we're doing a standup right now, would you like to join?15:07
mattywnatefinch, I certainly can do15:07
mattywnatefinch, moonstone?15:08
natefinchmattyw: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/moonstone?authuser=115:08
voidspacenatefinch: this is a diff against Wayne's branch15:18
voidspacenatefinch: this is before fixing the old tests that are now broken and adding new tests for the changed behaviour15:19
voidspacenatefinch: lines 339-343 of that diff is the removal of the obsolete check (without which the existing CL is broken)15:25
perrito666uff, I just missed dimitern15:42
fwereadeI have https://codereview.appspot.com/12841044 and https://codereview.appspot.com/94540043/ up and would appreciate reviews16:15
fwereadeyes, that is a 9-month gap between the prereq and the followup :/16:15
mgzfwereade: looking16:16
perrito666fwereade: we love you anyway16:20
mgzhuh delete(someMap, keyNotInMap) doesn't have any error-y-ness16:25
* perrito666 gets scared to death when her wife is followed by a twitter botnet and her tablet, next to him, starts making sounds as if being possessed 16:26
mgzher? is there something you're not telling us?16:26
perrito666mgz: her tablet?16:27
perrito666next to me?16:27
perrito666its interesting what 150 notifications make to android16:28
mgz"/me gets... when her wife is"... the her has the wife, clearly16:28
voidspacenatefinch: this is the mp for just removing the "dangerous check" (plus a "now obsolete and failing" test)16:41
natefinchvoidspace: thanks16:58
voidspaceright, off to krav maga16:58
voidspaceback shortly16:58
natefinchvoidspace: kick some butt16:59
voidspacenatefinch: I'll talk to wwitzel3 about that branch16:59
natefinchvoidspace: cool16:59
voidspacenatefinch: he might as well merge it into his before landing16:59
voidspacewe don't kick butts much16:59
voidspacenot an effective place to kick16:59
voidspacegroin or the back of the knee16:59
voidspaceor the chest if someone is coming towards you16:59
voidspacec'ya later all17:00
natefinchvoidspace: and this is why I'm glad you're on my team and not someone else's :)17:00
* perrito666 is glad you are all 14k of his but, groin and back of knee17:00
voidspacehehe, nice17:00
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perrito666fwereade:  doc/architectural-overview.txt line 118 , care to tell me the end of that tale? :)17:47
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jcw4dumb bzr question18:45
jcw4if I'm in a cobzr branch and merge in juju-core18:45
jcw4and commit18:45
jcw4and then do go get -u ./...18:45
jcw4should I expect to lose my locally committed changes irretrievably?18:46
natefinchdon't use go get when developing on a branch18:46
jcw4yeah... :(18:46
natefinchor rather: don't use go get when developing18:46
jcw4I usually switch to master and do that to get updated dependencies18:46
natefinchyou shouldn't ever be able to lose your changes forever18:46
natefinchit's version control, that's what it's for18:47
jcw4natefinch: that's what I would expect18:47
jcw4natefinch: but I can't find the revisions and don't know enough about bzr innards to know where to look18:47
natefinchso, after doing a go get -please-screw-up-my-workspace .... hopefully a simple bzr revert would put you back in the right spot, but I'm not 100% sure18:48
jcw4sadly bzr status looked happy and I switched to master and back and that's when I noticed my missing revisions18:48
natefinchdid you push the changes or just commit locally?18:49
jcw4just local18:49
jcw4if I'd pushed them I'd just blow my local branch away18:49
jcw4If I'm in a branch and merge in juju-core... and juju-core has new dependencies... how should I retrieve them if not go get -u ./...18:50
jcw4manually for each import error?18:50
perrito666jcw4: godeps18:51
natefinchso, the proper way to update dependencies in juju is to go to the root directory of juju-core and do godeps -u dependencies.tsv, which will sync all external branches.  Occasionally that'll return an error like "abc1234 is not a valid revision on branch foo" which just means that you need to go do a bzr pull on that repo, because dependencies.tsv references a revision that exists on launchpad but not on your local machine18:51
jcw4godeps is what gave me the error18:51
jcw4because I didn't have the new errors package downloaded18:51
jcw4so; manual get of dependencies in that case...18:52
jcw4sigh.  so much to learn18:52
natefinchyeah, it's a failing of godeps18:52
jcw4tx natefinch perrito66618:52
perrito666natefinch: jcw4 yep, godeps falls short in a few very common cases :(18:52
natefinchthere's two failings - one is repos it's never heard of before, like the errors packages.... that doesn't happen very often since we don't add dependencies very often.  The one about revisions not existing locally happens all the time, unfortunately.  We should really spend some time fixing it up so it just does the right thing all the time.18:53
natefinchneither of those two problems is really that hard to fix, since the solution is blatantly obvious each time18:53
jcw4If I didn't misunderstand it looks like internal Google teams use godeps too?18:53
natefinchthey may use godep .... which has a very similar name, but does very different things18:54
jcw4natefinch: oh.  Interesting.  Maybe that's what I saw.18:54
natefinchwell, they don't use godep, they use something LIKE godep, which they aren't sharing ;)18:54
jcw4teh suk18:54
natefinchYeah, Google doesn't open source enough of their stuff, unfortunately.18:55
jcw4I imagine that that tool would be getting ticklishly close to their competitive advantage in managing vast complex code-base18:57
natefinchprobably. They do just have everything in one hugely massive repo.... so all third party code is also in the repo (which means it needs to have its import statements fixed up to point at google's repo and not github or whatever)18:58
jcw4hmmm; the 'vendor' folder approach18:58
natefinchexactly.  Honestly, that's the only way to be 100% sure your code will always build.  We've avoided that with juju because all our dependencies are really controlled by us, or people who work at the company.  So if Gustavo's mgo package suddenly breaks, we can go hound him about it ;)19:00
jcw4dependencies in juju haven't become tedious enough for us to adopt that approach I suppose.  right19:00
niemeyernatefinch: No need to change imports for that.. a controlled GOPATH environment would work fine19:01
natefinchniemeyer: yeah, that requires a little more futzing with the local environment, though19:02
jcw4niemeyer: so... using a vendor folder + GOPATH that points to it?19:02
niemeyernatefinch: Well, just using a GOPATH with content that is under your control rather than arbitrarily taken from the net19:02
jcw4niemeyer: I see.  Makes sense19:03
niemeyerThat's what godeps does, for example19:03
niemeyerErm godep19:03
natefinchahh, ok, I was mistaken about how godep works, I thought it was rewriting import paths.  I know camlistore has a tool they use to do that.  It's hard keeping all these tools straight :(19:05
bodie_how exactly does it expect the dependency entry to be formatted?19:05
bodie_e.g., launchpad.net/tomb      bzr     gustavo@niemeyer.net-20130531003818-70ikdgklbxopn8x4    1719:05
bodie_I'm not sure what the third and fourth entries are19:05
bodie_or where to look for that info, anyway19:05
jcw4I'd hazard a guess at #3 (timestamp + hash?), but #4 defies even guessing :)19:07
bodie_I think it's specified in CONTRIBUTING19:08
bodie_line 23419:09
jcw4according to godeps source it looks like #3 and #4 are vcs specific19:10
jcw4revid, revno19:10
bodie_godeps -t $(go list launchpad.net/juju-core/...) > dependencies.tsv19:10
jcw4and a #5 an optional 'clean' flag19:11
jcw4oops optional revno19:11
bodie_this doesn't want to work properly19:25
mattywnatefinch, ping?19:26
natefinchhere is but in a meeting19:27
mattywnatefinch, I've got my leankit account setup, was trying to find the ensureavailability more logging card on the board19:31
mattywnatefinch, ah, I see it19:32
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fwereadeperrito666, there's an orphaned line 20 or so further down20:14
fwereadeperrito666, fixed in followup (actually just removed)20:14
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menn0morning ppl21:23
perrito666menn0: morning :p21:25
waiganimorning all21:35
waiganiI'm getting this panic from gobot that I can't reproduce locally: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/749038721:40
waiganiPanic: cannot share a state between two dummy environs; old "only"; new "only" (PC=0x414311)21:40
perrito666waigani: poisoned env?21:46
waiganiperrito666: what does that mean?21:47
perrito666The env where that is being run is dirty?21:48
perrito666waigani: you might want to go in there and clean the bot's env by hand21:50
waiganiperrito666: right, I've never done that.21:51
perrito666waigani: neither did I21:51
waiganii assume Its sshing in and rming go/pkg21:52
perrito666waigani: yup21:52
waiganibut I might wait and check with wallyworld_ (I also don't know where to ssh into)21:52
waiganihey :)21:52
perrito666wallyworld_: aha, lurking21:52
wallyworld_coding :-)21:53
waiganiit's early for you right wallyworld_ ?21:53
wallyworld_not toooo early21:53
waiganiwell in that case ...21:53
perrito666waigani: waigani has tarmac shouting him stuff that he can reproduce21:53
waiganilooks like I need to kick the bot, but I have not done it before21:53
perrito666I meant wallyworld_21:53
waigani*can't reproduce21:54
wallyworld_what do you mean "ick the bot"21:54
waiganiwallyworld_: Panic: cannot share a state between two dummy environs; old "only"; new "only" (PC=0x414311)21:54
wallyworld_right, but what does "kick" mean21:54
waiganido I need to ssh in a rm go/pkg?21:54
wallyworld_not sure21:54
waiganikick means ^21:54
wallyworld_i'm landing a branch at the moment21:55
wallyworld_we can see how that foes21:55
waiganicool, sounds like a plan21:55
wallyworld_so far so good, stil running21:55
wallyworld_after 10 minutes21:56
wallyworld_my guess is it's a bug in your code :-)21:56
waiganiwallyworld_: okay I'll look harder21:57
wallyworld_my branch will befinished soon so we can see for sure then21:58
perrito666heh dont rub your code correctness on the man22:00
wallyworld_waigani: my branch just landed so bot is ok22:03
waiganiwallyworld_ perrito666: I just reproduced it on my machine! So yep my fault. Sorry for the red herring. Weird that I couldn't reproduce it the first time.22:05
wallyworld_no problem22:05
wallyworld_arosales: g'day, you around?22:09
arosaleswallyworld_: hello22:11
wallyworld_hi, i was hoping you could help. i have some pull requests on github for the joyent libraries we need landed for core. the've been there a week and no one has looked at them. i tried emailing danile also. is there any contact in joyent we can prod?22:12
arosaleswallyworld_: for sure can you point me to the pull requests I can send a mail and cc you.22:13
* arosales looking around https://github.com/joyent . . .22:14
wallyworld_arosales: sure, i'll email you - there are 4 of them22:14
arosaleswallyworld_: thanks, I'll look for your mail.22:14
wallyworld_arosales: thanks, email sent22:17
arosaleswallyworld_: thanks, we should hopefully have some folks taking a looks soon. Thanks for finding those fixes and perf. improvments.22:46
wallyworld_no problem22:46
wallyworld_thanks for helping22:47
arosaleswallyworld_: anytime.22:48
* wallyworld_ bbiab23:00
* arosales grabs some dinner23:58

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