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frankbanhi rick_h_ 11:15
rick_h_howdy frankban, welcome back. 11:22
rick_h_hopefully had some fun while away?11:22
frankbanrick_h_: thanks, yeah, I was able to relax a bit, and my grandma surgical operation went well11:24
rick_h_oh, very good to hear11:25
frankbanrick_h_: quick chat after my lunch?11:38
rick_h_frankban: sure thing11:39
frankbancool thanks11:39
* frankban lunches11:39
jcsackettrick_h_: any chance i can ask you to look at part 1 of 3 of tests for token rendering? https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/328/11:56
bacahoy monday people12:03
rick_h_jcsackett: sure thing, can in a few min12:03
jcsackettrick_h_: awesome, thanks.12:03
jcsackettmorning, bac.12:03
rick_h_jcsackett: can you take a peek at huw's branch while I look at yours?12:36
jcsackettrick_h_: sure.12:37
jcsackettrick_h_: happy to chat, but i'll have to ping you when i'm back from the doc.12:50
jcsackettrick_h_: i'll say now though, that doing the "render, test output" approach is exactly what i meant when i said we *weren't* directly testing method, and instead just doing implicit testing.12:50
jcsackettif that's what we *want*, ok, but we're not unit testing.12:51
rick_h_jcsackett: yea, understand. This one I think hits the nerve a bit because all these tests are "render" tests12:51
frankbanrick_h_: I am available when you want12:51
rick_h_I think there's a time/place for both but this one sure feels like the wrong side of it to me12:52
rick_h_frankban: cool, hangout url?12:52
redireveryone have a good weekend?13:02
frankbanredir: yes thanks. so, how is the store dependencies investigation going? After a quick look, I saw we'd have some indirect dependencies to handle (utils, schema, environs) and maybe some others. Also we'd need the testing package for testing.13:05
redirfrankban: Ididn't get too far. I only saw a direct dependency on juju-core/charm but didn't look at it's dependencies.13:08
redirfrankban: I have one last think on CW to finish so it can be migrated with ngrams.13:09
frankbanredir: ack13:10
rediralso it didn't occur to me until you mentioned it that 'go list' probably wouldn't list test dependencies by default.13:11
frankbanredir: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7488514/13:25
redirfrankban: right and XTestImports for test deps?13:33
frankbanredir: AFAICT tests depends mostly on the "testing" package. unfortunately it does not seems we have a Deps for tests, so we need to check each individual package. There is stuff like launchpad.net/juju-core/environs/config (for charm tests) but I guess we can fix that.13:35
frankbanredir: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7488568/13:41
redirfrankban: XTestImports []string // imports from XTestGoFiles lists imports from external packages AFAICT. Albeit not recursively13:41
redirfrankban: nice13:41
lucarick_h_: should I start QA’ing the URL now? or wait for a later build?13:55
rick_h_luca: you can qa now. I'll triage stuff that's still todo and such13:56
lucarick_h_: ok13:56
lucarick_h_: should I just file bugs?13:56
rick_h_luca: maybe just notes in a google doc? And I can reply/note and we can create bugs from that 13:56
rick_h_luca: probably less work on your end than filling out the bug form over and over13:56
lucarick_h_: ok, sounds good.13:57
rick_h_jujugui call in 614:55
redirthink I have the migration test done. will commit after running fill suite15:00
rick_h_jujugui call now15:00
* rick_h_ gets in the call15:00
jcsackettrick_h_ I hadn't realized it was 11, still not back home. 15:01
rick_h_jcsackett: gotcha15:01
rick_h_Makyo: ^15:01
bacrick_h_: paste it here please15:14
kadams54As long as that was, it's still shy of the marathon 3 hour meetings I've done in the past.15:49
bacredir: do you have a branch you want me to look at?15:52
redirbac: gonna make lunch then hit you up but there is a branch at ~reedobrien/es-migration15:52
redirbac: if you can sanity chech that, I'd appreciate it. And i'll update the docs after lunch15:53
bacredir: cool.  will lunch now too.15:53
bacredir: i think you mean sanity czech15:53
hatchkadams54 3h meetings? lol ouch15:55
hatchit was kind of funny that there was a 'reed' column and an 'agreed' column :D15:56
rick_h_kadams54: yea, still a sucky way to start off the week. "Yay 45min planning poker meeting"15:57
rick_h_we have too much stuff 'on deck' I need to do some more cleaning15:57
kadams54The best part was that at the end of the 3 hours we had to schedule another planning meeting because we'd never gotten to the actual planning poker part.15:57
rick_h_lmao, that seems like a can of fail15:58
jcsackettrick_h_: i am finally back; want to chat?16:00
rick_h_jcsackett: sure thing16:01
rick_h_hangout url?16:01
jcsackettrick_h_: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g3c2nla25fgahq4pm3h7w5ocdua?authuser=2&hl=en16:01
redirbac I can be a real slav when it comes to typing16:32
* rick_h_ goes to make some lunchables16:37
jcsackettjujugui: we're still doing 2 space indents, right? i've found some objects (tokens) appear to have 4 space, wondering if those should be cleaned up or not.17:09
rick_h_jcsackett: yes, 2 space indent though in line breaks in () I think the linter wants 417:10
rick_h_jcsackett: we just make the linter happy :P17:10
jcsackettrick_h_: yeah, in line breaks i know are 4--i've upset the linter before. :p17:11
jcsackettbut this is like "var thingy = Y.base.create(..." and events line is 4 space, which i think should be 2.17:12
jcsacketti'll clean 'em up as a separate trivial branch while i'm working on them.17:12
jcsackettrick_h_: pushed the changes we chatted about in review/chat. i think between that and follow up we're set, if you want to take another look at the PR.17:17
rick_h_jcsackett: looking17:18
rick_h_jcsackett: lGTM17:20
jcsackettrick_h_: thanks.17:20
jcsackettis CI still going bananaballs? it sent a failure back "connection reset by peer" against my PR earlier that seemed to involve the last 12 branches.17:22
Makyojujugui tiny docs branch: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/329  Currently, the icon shows unknown, which I'm looking into, but I want opinions on removing -W from SPHINXOPTS17:27
redirBradCrittenden: back?17:31
jcsackettMakyo: can things sphinx warns us on bork the docs? or just result in them being kinda ugly?17:35
jcsacketti'm usually good with warnings *not* being errors, so as long as they don't include this option b/c warns can be particularly bad, i'm +1.17:35
Makyojcsackett, Worst case would be a broken link, I think.  Things that are actual errors will still be errors and cause make docs to fail.17:35
jcsackettMakyo: seems fine to me then.17:36
* jcsackett goes to comment as such on PR.17:37
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bachey redir17:38
Makyojcsackett, thanks.  Just need to see if saucelabs will ever show anything but 'unknown'.17:38
Makyorick_h_, do we have saucelabs creds somewhere so I can investigate this real quick?17:39
rick_h_Makyo: sec17:39
redirbac: thoughts17:41
bacredir: oooking now17:42
bacer, looking now17:42
bacredir: have you tried locally spinning up and populating a version 26 of the db and then applying this migration?17:59
redirbac how do I populate a version 26 of this locally?18:00
redirand where are versions 1-25?18:00
bacredir: oh, don't ask that.  :(18:00
redirbac the short answer is no18:01
redirbac but if I understand the migration code, it shouldn't touch mongo18:01
redirversion 2718:01
bacredir: shelve your 027, blow away the ES, then load it back up.  that should give you v26.18:01
bacingest some stuff.  then run the 027 migration18:02
redirI can do that. Are you verifying?18:02
bacredir: that's true18:02
bacredir: i will.18:02
rediralso shouldn't I then start at version 0 and ensure all migrations work18:02
bacredir: i'm also confused by your 'exists_in_index'.  seems overly complicated.  why not just call get(id, kind) and let it handle the charm/bundle differences?18:03
redirbac I borrowed that from another test18:04
bacredir: it can go from 0 directly to 26.  the way migrations work kind of got messed up a while back18:04
redirbac understood18:05
bacredir: ok.  it may be required but seems too complicated to me18:05
redirthere are gaps in my understanding, too18:05
redirbac initially I thought I'd write a few tests, but then realized there wasn't that much to test...18:06
redirbac: would you like me to remove the helper?18:07
bacnot yet18:08
redirbac: I dropped everything am re ingesting with code @ revno 511. Then will initialize db versioning, update to tip, and test migration18:13
bacredir: i'm doing the same but going back to r508, since that is the version on production, which is what we care about18:15
rick_h_jujugui anyone have time off in the next 2 weeks that's not submitted they know about?18:15
bacredir: see manage.jujucharms.com/heartbeat to check the revno18:15
bacrick_h_: i'm comtemplating either this friday or next tuesday.  will decide rsn18:15
redirbac: thanks will revert to 50818:15
rick_h_bac: rgr thanks18:16
jcsackettrick_h_: pretty sure you saw my moving swap day from may 9th to this coming friday; also memorial day which i'm not sure i filed yet.18:17
rick_h_jcsackett: rgr, yea got the holiday on everyone18:17
Makyorick_h_, Part of Friday the 30th for closing.18:17
rick_h_Makyo: cool thx18:17
MakyoLike, two hours in the afternoon, closing is at 4, EOD is at 5.18:17
rick_h_Makyo: understood 18:17
bacMakyo: congrats.  hadn't heard it was all going through18:18
rick_h_just trying to pick out how many cards to assign over18:18
Makyobac, thanks. Things got pushed up by the seller.18:19
bacredir: i completed a 026 - 027 migration and it all went well.  you want to do a hangout to discuss the steps?  it's kind of non-intuitive18:21
redirI shouldn't follow intuition if it isn't intuitive so yes, I think that sounds like a splendid idea:)18:22
bacredir: can you spin one up and invite me?18:22
redirbac sure18:22
redirrick_h_: you mean in the team calendar or in the canonical admin thing?18:22
rick_h_redir: well more that I'm not aware of :)18:22
rick_h_redir: which is mostly canonicaladmin18:23
redirrick_h_: OK then quite possibly18:23
redirbut it is in the team calendar18:23
redirrick_h_: I'll follow up after chatting with bac18:23
rick_h_redir: okie dokie. I'm free whenever you're ready18:28
jcsackettso...i should probably have asked this weeks ago...but can anyone explain why shipit is a squirrel in a hat?18:46
MakyoGithub ¯\_(ツ)_/¯18:47
rick_h_lol, much better answer than mine18:47
* jcsackett laughs18:47
rick_h_yay kanban board is updated and ready for 2wk cycle again. 18:49
rick_h_Feels good, like cleaning up that messy garage that's been fugly for too long18:49
Makyojujugui pausing the saucelabs indicator card, since they don't seem to show anything but unknown for us without further config.  Any suggestions on a next card?18:51
rick_h_Makyo: the world is our oyster? ghost config, new machine UI controls, the bug around the relation lines in maint. 18:53
MakyoAha, sounds good.  Will do.18:53
rick_h_oh hmm, should have subtracted some card points for today. Oh well, we're a bit over subscribed18:54
rick_h_Makyo: your expenses and done right? Just catching up on the misc end of the board18:54
MakyoOops, yeah, sorry, those are done.18:55
redirrick_h_: prolly after your call at this point18:58
rick_h_redir: I'm all good, my call is cancelled18:59
rick_h_redir: so whenever you're free18:59
redirrick_h_: OK  gimme 10 19:00
redirrick_h_: ring19:08
rick_h_Makyo: did you see the email from Menno regarding unit status?19:47
MakyoOops, no wonder email was quiet, 2FA time.19:48
MakyoChecking now.19:48
rick_h_Makyo: cool, it's from last night. If you get a few min can you read that over and make sure we're cool and maybe reply back. 19:48
MakyoSure thing19:48
rick_h_Makyo: and if we need to build up any todo's we get that in19:48
rick_h_Makyo: ty much19:48
* rick_h_ runs away. Have a good day everyone. 19:51
redirlater rick_h_ 19:51
redirbac yt?19:51
bacredir: yes19:51
redirthoughts on where to put migration helper files19:52
redirbac: I dumped the pre 027 mapping. so we can load it in the tests19:52
bacredir: in a tests/data (or similar) subdir?19:53
redircw.migrations.versions.tests.data ?19:53
redirbac, what exception was raised on staging?20:21
bacthat was on qa.m.j.c  -- haven't rolled it to staging yet. </pedantic>20:22
redirfrom __magic_errors__ import NumberParsingFooThingy20:22
bacit is an ES exception20:22
redirhow do  I look at the specifics:)20:23
redirnot sure where qa.m.j.c is20:23
bacredir: actually NumberFormatException20:36
bacqa.manage.jujucharms.com is the system we maintain on canonistack20:36
redirbac is there a traceback?20:37
redirI have a test and it doesn't reproduce20:37
bacredir: no, this is all from memorty from the failed deploy last week20:37
redirbac, not sure how to reproduce then. I can put the mapping right over the old one and search and it still works20:38
baci can try to reproduce it by going back to r508, resetting the version to 026, and going forward20:38
redirbac that wouldbe cool I think20:38
bacredir: it may be data driven20:38
redirI don't know what I am trying to reproduce20:38
bacredir: i mean, there are charms that cause it to be thrown20:38
bacredir: success (in failing) http://paste.ubuntu.com/7490215/20:47
rick_h_jcsackett: did you get anywhere with huw's branch?21:39
jcsackettrick_h_: i left comments; did you want me to fixup and land it?21:39
jcsackettit only needs one other test, which i can absolutely add and land this evening.21:40
rick_h_jcsackett: ah missed the comments in my email today 21:40
rick_h_jcsackett: did you give it a +1 otherwise so he can land it after the test?21:40
jcsackettrick_h_: no, but i will now.21:40
rick_h_jcsackett: awesome thanks21:40
rick_h_Makyo: the pull request with the icon, should we close then then since that turned into paused slack?21:41
Makyorick_h_, sorry, was dogwalking.  Yes, I say close it.  It's going to take more work than is worth for a slack task right now.21:59
rick_h_morning huwshimi 23:18
huwshimirick_h_: The card "Wire existing containers and machines into the unit token." has been done unless I misunderstand the card.23:21
bachi huwshimi23:22
huwshimibac: Hey :)23:22
* bac not really here, just saying hi23:22
rick_h_huwshimi: it needs to be live updating and should be selectable when you click on the placement button 23:22
rick_h_huwshimi: clicking on the placement icon in an unplaced unit token doesnt' do anything atm23:23
rick_h_huwshimi: there's some html there, but it's not in final form23:23
huwshimirick_h_: Oh, I see, it's the placement that needs to be done. Nevermind me :)23:23
rick_h_yea, we've concentrated on drag-n-drop, but now we need to start looking at the click/form/drop down UI 23:24
redirbac: that is totally different than NumberFormatException. 23:32
redirBut I have a test for MapperParsingExceptionError now23:33
redirof course I feel like this now: http://bit.ly/TnzYrY23:36

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